Being able to say such a thing proves that he has let go of all his wealth belonging to the county magistrate.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi didn't know when to put down his chopsticks. He felt Li Ji's gaze. Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji with no expression on his face, waiting for Li Ji to speak.

Ergou loves pure temperament. Although he does not understand some things, he has discovered something wrong from the dialogue between the two.

The two looked at each other, Li Ji only felt that something was blocked in his throat, and it took a long time to show the courage to laugh and say, "Er Gouzi, he is your father."

Li Ji's smile was too stiff, and he couldn't see the slightest happiness. Er Gouzi didn't like this kind of Li Ji. To be precise, he didn't like seeing Li Ji smiling like this and looked uncomfortable.

Er Gouzi turned his head and glanced at the county magistrate, Zaixian grandfather shook his head in expectant gaze, and his tone was surprisingly calm: "I don't know him."

The meaning of this sentence is too much, don't you know this person? Still don't know this dad? Or simply don't even know what Dad is.

Li Ji looked at the county magistrate who seemed to be there, but he didn't feel happy.

Li Ji himself could not understand this. He still looked at the face of the county magistrate and said to Er Gouzi: "He and your mother gave birth to you. He and your mother gave you this life. Important person."

Er Gouzi said: "I haven't seen him."

From childhood to adulthood, he crawled out of Li Yan's belly, lost the forest at the age of five, went down the mountain at the age of eighteen, and now. The person sitting opposite was so strange, so Er Gouzi showed no interest in him.

It's just such a simple five words, like a sharp knife to dig the heart of the county magistrate, what kind of cause is planted, and what kind of result is obtained. The county magistrate had already had such an idea in his heart, but he didn't expect that such bitter fruit would be so hard to swallow when he really took it.

The county magistrate closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Er Gouzi's words didn't have any emotions, and they didn't seem to care. This was the most hurtful thing. Whenever Er Gouzi's mood fluctuates a bit, even gnawing his teeth, it means that he cares.

It's this kind of calm attitude that makes people feel that there is no possibility of a turn around this matter.

Li Ji saw the county magistrate crying. Li Ji, who had never had a child, couldn't realize the feelings of the county magistrate at this time. But speaking of it, does it make any difference whether the county magistrate has children? When Da Er Gouzi was still in her mother's womb, the county magistrate never appeared again.

He did not accompany Li Yan to conceive, give birth, or raise children. The only thing he did was to make Li Yan scolded all night.

What qualifications does he have to claim to be a father?

Li Ji thought this way, with a sense of aspiration in his heart, but he knew that he could not prevent the county magistrate from acknowledging his relatives.

The four words "recognizing ancestors and returning to ancestors" are too heavy.

After stimulating the county magistrate's connection, Li Ji felt more comfortable, and then he said: "Human hearts are grown in flesh. If you have the thoughts of compensation, my lord, it depends on you. Don't think what Er Gouzi is saying is He deliberately irritated you, in fact, he didn't know what Dad was. He was not a hard-hearted person. Don't look at the tall man, he was actually a child's disposition. If you treat him well, he will treat you well."

These words are undoubtedly only pushing Er Gouzi outside, Li Ji understood in his heart. Li Ji took a deep breath, recalling the bit by bit with Er Gouzi. It suddenly occurred to him that he could not help but step up the feelings between the newcomer and them.

Er Gouzi is not only dependent on him, but also because Er Gouzi loves him, and their feelings are more than that of getting along with anyone. If this is the case, can the county magistrate really separate the two of them?

not necessarily. Every word and deed can tell that the county magistrate is not a rigid and pedantic person. If you conceal the relationship between the two, it is not impossible to stay together for a long time in the future.

The county magistrate was very excited and didn't have time to answer Li Ji's words. The maid put on a veil, and the county magistrate wiped her face, but her tears couldn't stop, and she just wiped it dry and wet.

When I saw my son, the guilt and longing for his wife and children gathered together and pressed on this man, enough to make him let go of everything and cry.

The county magistrate is in his thirties, but he is less than forty. Because he is well maintained, he looks like he was just thirty years old. At this time, he doesn't know if he is young or old when he cries. It's just the emotions in his eyes, the vicissitudes of life. A bit.

"Er Gouzi, pick up the wine glass and stand up." Li Ji said.

Er Gouzi stood up obediently, and Li Ji said: "I know you don't know this person in front of you, and you don't know what Dad represents. No one will force you to understand, but this person in front of you will It's nice to you, so don't reject him, okay?"

Er Gouzi had no objection to Li Ji's words, nodded and said, "Okay."

Li Ji said, "Then raise the wine glass and toast him."

For toasting, Er Gouzi often sees others toasting to Li Ji, so he can learn to draw a gourd.

Er Gouzi raised his wine glass and looked at the county magistrate, with a calm expression on his face, as if he was merely satisfying Li Ji's request.

Even so, it is also a luxury for the county magistrate.

The county magistrate hurriedly stood up, looked at Er Gouzi in a daze, and picked up the wine glass.

Er Gouzi held the wine glass, touched it in the air, said I toast you, then raised his head and drank the wine in the glass.

"Okay, okay." The county magistrate nodded repeatedly and drank the wine in the glass.

Li Ji said, "You should see that Er Gouzi is very dependent on me, although I don't know why this is the case. If I want him to teach you a dad, he won't refuse. But even if he really yelled, he might I just think that the word daddy is your name, without any other meaning."

Er Gouzi obeyed Li Jiyan. If he changed his father, he would definitely hate Li Ji to death. It would feel that Li Ji poured ecstasy soup on Er Gouzi, which became an obstacle between father and son.

Fortunately, the county magistrate has his wisdom. He didn't think that Li Ji would be an obstacle to their father and son, but a great opportunity for their father and son to reconcile. Right now, Li Ji is the closest person to Er Gouzi. As long as there is Li Ji in the middle, Er Gouzi will not repel him too much.

Only in this way can the county magistrate have the time and opportunity to cultivate feelings.

"You're right, he grew up so old, I didn't live him for a day, he didn't hate me and reject me, it's already a good result." Although the county magistrate would rather Er Gouzi yelling at him.

Er Gouzi did not regularly talk about what they were saying, but just sat back in his position, holding the wine glass, and asked Li Ji, "We should go home." He was homesick.

This sentence was too sad, Li Ji only felt that his head was cut.

Li Ji could reprimand the county magistrate for so many years of inaction and non-existence, but he could not really take Er Gouzi out.

The county magistrate is the root of Er Gouzi, and Li Ji is not qualified to take him away because of emotion and reason.

If you want to be together in the future, you can only stay in this mansion. It's just that there are so many people in this mansion, how long can the relationship between the two of them be hidden?

From now on, it's really going to be one step at a time.

The county magistrate looked at his son intently. As a son, Er Gouzi could feel the county magistrate's gaze anytime and anywhere, and only felt uncomfortable.

The county magistrate hurriedly said, "Leave it today. The first-class wing is ready. A tailor will come later. You will measure the size. It is good to cut more than a few people."

Er Gouzi is full, and the county magistrate and Li Ji are not eating it. This meal has come to an end.

Li Ji has a reason to disagree.

Li Ji nodded and said yes, then turned around to persuade Er Gouzi and said, "This will also be home in the future. Let's live here tonight, okay?"

If in normal times, Li Ji nodded whatever Er Gouzi said, but this time, Er Gouzi hesitated.

"There are still animals in the house, as well as Little Tail and Taotao Songsong. They will be hungry if they don't go back. They were starved last time."

The two of them lived in the city for the night, and when no one in the family came home to feed them, they cried out hungry.

"I asked Li Jin to help feed. Don't worry about that." Li Ji said, "And the food here is so delicious, it's better than both of us cooking."

"I like what you do better." Er Gouzi said.

In this sentence, Li Ji didn't recognize Er Gouzi reaching out for a hug. Some choked up and said: "I can cook it for you here. And here is everything. I will cook it for you at night whenever you want."

"Kimchi fried pork moo." In fact, this is Li Ji's favorite.

"Okay, let's add a chicken stew with potatoes. Okay?" Li Ji didn't let go of Er Gouzi, for fear that he couldn't help crying when he saw Er Gouzi's face.

Obviously it is not that there is no way out, there is obviously still the possibility of going past.

But when he thought of Er Gouzi's classification, Li Ji felt that there was a vacancy somewhere in his heart.

In this world, Li Ji is no longer the only one who enjoys Er Gouzi alone, and the county magistrate can enjoy the attention and filial piety of Er Gouzi more as it should be.

Li Ji hid his face, sniffed the smell of Er Gouzi, and sorted out his mood. When I finally got better, I raised my head and smiled to face the magistrate: "I will add two dishes tonight, and you will try my craft. Although it is not as good as the cook in your house, the taste is different. It's fresh."

Without Li Ji, Er Gouzi would never stay, and the county magistrate was reluctant to force him. So the county magistrate is very grateful to Er Gouzi. Just watching them hug each other, something faintly felt something wrong in my heart.

But at this time, most of my heart was filled with the joy of successfully staying with my son, and the county magistrate did not have that energy to think so much.

The county magistrate walked out of the dining table and said, "I'll show you around. The scenery in this yard is good, and it's good to walk around after dinner."

The county magistrate personally led the way, followed by Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Just walking out of the lake pavilion and looking at the lake view under your feet is a great enjoyment. There are not many lotus flowers in the lake, most of them are small lotuses with sharp horns, and the clear water under the open lotus leaves can see the koi swimming.

Li Ji hadn't looked at these before, and the county magistrate smiled: "If you like it, you can feed the fish here for a while. This fish is used to being fed. Every time you feed it, you will scramble for food, so it's easy to watch."

Ordering people to bring fish food, the county magistrate brought it to Li Ji, the county magistrate pinched a bit of fish food and fed it to the fish, the fish rushed to snatch, the red koi wandering in the water splashed, it was very beautiful.

No matter how stable Li Ji is, in the final analysis, he is still a half-year-old. He also learned to pinch some fish food and threw it in. Seeing the fishes open their mouths vying for food, Li Ji also had a strange smile on his face.

Looking at Li Ji, Er Gouzi smiled, and relaxed a little, grabbed a handful and threw it in. Suddenly, the surface of the water was flooded, and more and more koi fish ran over for a good meal.

Li Ji looked at the fish, Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji, and the county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi. Because Yu'er amused Li Ji, the successive reflections brought about it eased the rigid occasion a lot.

At this time, Er Gouzi opened his mouth untimely and said:

"Is the red fish delicious?"

"I haven't eaten it, but it's quite fat." After Li Ji finished speaking, he heard a lot of suppressed laughter behind him. A group of young maids laughed nicely, and Li Ji suddenly understood that this was a shame.

The county magistrate couldn't help but say: "This is for watching. It's just a thing to feed. It's okay to eat, but it's a pity to eat such a good-looking fish. If you like something that can be eaten, I will ask someone to find some delicious fish tomorrow. Come and put it in to feed, a pond of this size will definitely be able to feed a lot."

The county magistrate knew that the two grew up in the village and would not understand the hard work to raise good-looking things. Therefore, the county magistrate tried his best to follow their words, so that they can adapt as soon as possible without making them too embarrassed.

Li Ji thought of Taotao and Songsong at home, didn't he also look good to feed him? It's just that there are only three fish in the house with small tails. The fish in this pond is used to close, not to mention tens of thousands, at least thousands of them.

Li Ji smashed his mouth and continued to feed the fish with fish food.

After feeding for a while, I got tired after watching too much, and the county magistrate took the two people around the yard again. There are two rockery caves in the rockery, and candlesticks are placed inside the caves, so you are not afraid to miss you when you come to play at night. There is also a spring water behind the rockery. The spring water is not big. It converges into a gurgling stream and flows into the pond with lotus koi. Occasionally, you can see a few small koi flowing up and swimming near the spring.

Li Ji didn't hold back the itching in his heart, squatted down and stirred in the water with his hands. The water splashed all over, and the fish fled around.

A few birdsong came from the bamboo forest over the spring water, and the sound was so good that Li Ji's eyes were attracted to him, and the county magistrate took the two with him.

For the first time, Li Ji saw bamboo or bamboo, only the dry bamboo with a pole. Seeing the bamboo upright and the bamboo leaves swaying, Li Ji looked fresh and reached out to touch it.

A small intestine path led to the depths. Li Ji saw several bird cages standing in them. Some were iron net cages, and some were just shelves. The birds could both rest and fly away at any time.

A bird saw people coming, flapped its wings, and cried, "Auspicious adults, auspicious adults, auspicious adults."

The grandfather of the county used to let go of the restraints on its feet, and the colorful bird flew up and fell into the hands of the grandfather of the county, tilting his head to look at the grandfather of the county.

"On weekdays, when business is busy, it is inevitable that there will be times when I feel upset. The scenery here is just right. It is good to come and relax when I am fine. This bird has been trained and is very sensible."

As soon as the county magistrate handed the bird in the direction of Li Ji, the bird flew towards Li Ji. Li Ji hurriedly reached out to catch it, and the bird stopped on Li Ji's hand and looked at Li Ji with his head tilted.

Li Ji tried to reach out and touch, the bird avoided, and said: "Gongxi get rich, congratulations get rich."

"What a smart bird, it can speak." Li Ji looked at the county magistrate curiously.

The county magistrate smiled and said: "This is a parrot. Youdao is a parrot. This parrot speaks to him repeatedly. Under certain circumstances, it will say it. It doesn't know what it means. Keep a gadget. Right."

Li Jiming nodded: "Although it is so, it is very rare for birds to speak human words."

"Fortunately, I don't know the parrots, starlings can also learn. Of course, not all such birds can speak, two or three out of ten can't speak. If you like it, it will be given to you. That's fine. To feed, don't cut off the water on weekdays, just feed some millet and wheat." The county magistrate said.

Li Ji shook his head repeatedly: "How can this be done? This bird can speak human words, you can save it to relieve boredom, I have a rough head at home, I am afraid that I will be wronged by raising it."

Li Ji put his hand down, and the parrot flew back to the cage and continued to tilt his head to look at them.

Li Ji turned around and asked Er Gouzi: "Do you like it?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "There is too little meat."

Li Ji laughed and said: "This is for raising and playing, just like our family's Taotao Songsong."

Er Gouzi thought about it: "I still like our house."

Well, what a good word to use. Li Ji heard something strange in his heart, and reached out to touch Er Gouzitou.

The county magistrate watched the interaction between the two, lowered his eyebrows for a moment, and said with a smile: "It is inconvenient to live in the countryside. It's okay to live here because of the beautiful scenery. You are so young that it is not suitable for too much hardship."

Listening to the county's grandfather, he wanted to keep Li Ji with him.

In fact, this is the best result, both for the county magistrate and Li Ji. Because Li Ji couldn't take Er Gouzi back with great fanfare, he could only stay.

Li Ji lowered his eyebrows and responded without speaking.

The county magistrate continued: "You and Li Yan are of the same surname, the same family, and the same generation. They are my uncle. Now in Er Gouzi's household registration, you are his nominal parent. So, you are in this mansion. It's my brother. It's justified to stay here. If you still feel wrong, you can find a time to set up the Xiangtang, and I will form a friendship with you, so you can rest assured."

Is Li Ji willing to do this? He shook his head repeatedly and said, "I don't dare to do this. I'm just a grassroots, where I dare to let the adults call me a younger brother. It is good fortune to have fate with Er Gouzi, and I don't dare to think about it."

"You are too polite." The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi and said: "In that case, you were the only one who left him. If you weren't there, he might be driven back to the mountain to continue. Suffer. You are the benefactor of my family because of emotion and reason. Since you are a benefactor, you should do everything you want."

Li Ji still shook his head: "There are no benefactors or benefactors. I didn't leave Er Gouzi for this. In fact, what I thought in my heart…" It's just to be with Er Gouzi forever.

This is the case Li Ji cannot say, and it may be hidden for a long time.

"What do you think?" the county magistrate asked.

"It's nothing." Li Ji tried to hide his bitterness with a smile, "It is a good thing for Er Gouzi to fall and return to the roots. You know, because Er Gouzi can hunt, there are always special gifts brought down from the mountain, and they are almost the head of the village. Many people want Er Gouzi to be their golden tortoise son-in-law."

Hearing about Er Gouzi from Li Ji's mouth is a kind of happiness for the county magistrate. The county magistrate sarcastically said: "What did you think about before?"

To be honest, if Er Gouzi is adopted by someone else, the family will marry their daughter to Er Gouzi. After the county magistrate finds it, even if the daughter-in-law is a rural woman, they will recognize it, but they were Er Gouzi before. It's cumbersome to hide away, and wait until you know what you have to turn back. What's this?

"I think so too." The more you care, the less you can see that others don't see rabbits or scatter eagles like this. "At that time, I also asked Er Gouzi what he meant. He didn't like those things, so I just let them go. Guess what methods they later used to treat me, a person who monopolized the treasure?"

Li Ji has never found a wife for Er Gouzi, so it's not hard to imagine how unpleasant it would be in the village.

The county magistrate is used to people who are accustomed to disputes, and of course he can guess: "Look for an elder who is bigger than you to hold him down?"

Li Ji nodded: "The old man in my family. I am the only elder in the whole village. It is also reasonable to say. Since Er Gouzi is registered with the Li family and he cries too much for eating snacks, the family should be responsible to him. Find him a good girl. At that time, the old man was reliant on his generation to give orders, and the angry Er Gouzi almost went back to the mountain."

Li Ji's remarks are half-truth and half-false, and they are clearly Er Gouzi instigated by Li Ji.

The county magistrate furrowed his eyebrows with a little irritation: "It's a good thing, but I don't know how much benefit I received behind it."

You can't blame the county magistrate for thinking people badly. In common sense, Li Yan is a model of women's innocence in the village. The children born are generally regarded as evil ones. It is good to be registered as a household register. Can he really kindly marry a wife? But it was the family who saw that Er Gouzi was an orphan and could make money, and gave the old man a great gift, and he pressed it with the old man, even if Li Ji wanted to stop it, he couldn't stop it.

If you really gritted your teeth and stopped it, it would be unfilial.

"It's true. Later, I called the grandfather's eldest son and grandson and talked about the truth. The mouse was a clever man and convinced the old man. I said two things at the time. One is that Er Gouzi is in the mountains. The temper that I bring down is different from ordinary people, but I don't understand the principles of nature and relationships. If you are anxious, you can go back to the mountain. If you get anxious and catch someone beaten and run back to the mountain, you will be beaten in vain. This second is Er Gouzi's roots have not been found, so if you talk about your relatives, you should be bothered by your parents. If you force Er Gouzi because of your own thoughts and force Er Gouzi to return to the mountain, it will be unpleasant to spread the matter."

Li Ji's words clearly stated the stakes, and the county magistrate couldn't help but nodded: "Well, you're a smart person. If you change to another person, you will either have no masters or begging, so you can clearly explain the pros and cons. They will weigh it by themselves." 

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