"Think about it now that they should thank me. Otherwise, if they continue, whether it is forcing Er Gouzi to marry the girl, or the angry Er Gouzi return to the mountain, you will not be able to bear it. At that time, I am afraid it will be our whole The Li family can't stand your anger." Li Ji told the truth.

A group of reckless people forced the marriage of the county magistrate's only son, and the agricultural status forced the scholarship. This matter was a crime. As long as the county magistrate pursued it, none of them could escape.

Although Er Gouzi is now a farmer, but the blood is there, the county magistrate is there, and his birthplace is just a sentence.

"What are you taking me for?" The county magistrate smiled.

Although the county magistrate will be furious, but it will not be to the point of hurting people. If Er Gouzi has a daughter-in-law that he doesn't like, he can rule them off or even invalidate their marriage. In the future, there will be time for Er Gouzi to choose a better one.

"Er Gouzi has found you now, and I will avoid such chaos in the future. But I don't know what you think, and I wonder if you will seek him out in the name of being good for Er Gouzi. If a good girl wants him to marry, Er Gouzi reluctantly said that Er Gouzi was young and ignorant. When he became married and had a baby, he would know your good intentions."

This is where Li Ji said so much. Er Gouzi is already so old, the first thing any dad sees anxiously is Er Gouzi's marriage.

Therefore, Li Ji needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible. It doesn't matter if he is selfish, or his purpose is not pure. Er Gouzi's father is anyone, and the other half must be him Li Ji.

The county magistrate was taken aback. He really wanted to find a daughter-in-law for Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi was already in his early twenties, and he had given birth to several children after he changed other people.

How can a father not worry about his son's marriage? If it weren't for Li Ji, the county magistrate would really be able to pick a girl from IKEA who is honest and good at marrying her first. After giving birth to a child and becoming a father, Li Ji will be able to fully understand what family is.

As reminded by Li Ji, the county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi never looked at the county magistrate, almost where Li Ji went, Er Gouzi followed his gaze. If so, I'm afraid it will only arouse the disgust of Er Gouzi, so let Er Gouzi go away.

The county magistrate knew the stakes and said: "You said that, but you ordered me. Even if I treat him wholeheartedly, I always listen to his opinions."

"I'm relieved if you say that. You are an enlightened county magistrate, and you will also be an enlightened father in the future." Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and said, "I don't know how many fathers and mothers act unscrupulously under the banner of being good for their children. My own thoughts force myself. But I don't know that the happiness of my child's whole life is based on this. I have never been a father, and I don't know what mood it is, but from a child's point of view, some are too heavy and will overwhelm others. Out of breath."

This is the case with ordinary parents, especially in the special relationship between the county magistrate and Er Gouzi. Originally Er Gouzi had no feelings for the county magistrate. If he did something to make Er Gouzi directly disgusted, it would not be worth the loss.

Therefore, the county magistrate wanted to understand that, at least until Er Gouzi really got off his father, he couldn't make any decisions for Er Gouzi privately.

The county magistrate thought thoroughly before and after, and then remembered Li Ji's address to Er Gouzi: "Take it back, what is his name on the household registration?"

"Li Ergou." Li Ji said truthfully, "Er Gouzi didn't have a big name. When he was born, he was thin and small, and sister Yan had no decent face to eat. The children in the village are not all the same. I grabbed a handful, so I named him Er Gouzi. A crooked name is easy to support, and I didn't give a big name until I was five years old. When I went to the household registration, I couldn't think of it, so I used Ergou. word."

The name is crude and tacky, but it carries Li Yan's simple expectation and love as a mother.

Thinking of Li Yan, the county magistrate felt a pain and looked at the jade pendant on Er Gouzi's neck: "Is the name Er Gouzi considered a serious name at all? It's okay to be a breast name. After you register for the household registration, you must have an official name. She takes it. A crooked name hopes that he will grow up safely. This name is called Chang'an. Shen Chang'an, this life is safe."

The majesty of the county used to be the top three Tanhua Lang, full of resources, of course, can get a more decent name. Think of Li Yan, think of Er Gouzi's suffering over the years. Sometimes a simple name can best entrust the purest ideas of parents.

"Shen Changan." Li Ji muttered the name, then looked at Er Gouzi, and smiled, "This name is really good."

Li Ji walked up to Er Gouzi and said, "From now on, your name is Shen Changan, and your surname is Shen."

Er Gouzi found a follower and recognized his father. This is an excellent thing.

Er Gouzi read three words: "What is the name?"

"It's the name on the household registration. Now you are Li Ergou on the household registration. You will soon become Shen Changan. This is your real name. Er Gouzi is your breast name?"

Er Gouzi was a little confused: "Why are there so many names?"

"This is normal, as long as you remember that this name is called you." Li Ji said.

Er Gouzi think about it: "It's like calling you Xiao Ji, Li Ji, Fourth Uncle, Fourth Grandpa, all mean the same thing?"

Li Ji twitched his lips and said, "It is true that all people are here to call me, but different people call me Li Ji. People who are unfamiliar call me Li Ji, people who are familiar call me Xiaoji, and my next generation is called me. My fourth uncle and grandchildren call me fourth grandfather. These are all calling me. The occasion is different."

"Then why can I call you Fourth Uncle or Xiaoji?" Er Gouzi asked again.

"Because we are very familiar, you are my junior again." Li Jisheng was afraid of going on and Er Gouzi shook his arms out that shouldn't be said, and hurriedly changed the subject: "The scenery here is good. Let's get better while it is not dark. Let's grow up. I have never seen such a place before."

There is a set of stone tables and chairs in the front, and the chairs are cushioned. A group of people walked over and sat down. The master in the bamboo forest is blocking the sun, and there is no heat and it is very cool. After sitting down, a maid brought fruit plates, desserts, and three iced bird's nest soups.

"It's still cool here in the middle of summer. Let's add some ice to cool down. If you wear too much, you won't get too hot. There was a lot of ice in the ice cellar last year, so I won't save it this year. The fruits are all iced. It's refreshing and refreshing. Try it."

Er Gouzi first reached out and picked up a strawberry. The strawberry was picked and just put it directly in his mouth. First hold it, then stir it and swallow it, nodding: "It's very cold, it tastes very comfortable."

After listening to Er Gouzi's evaluation, Li Ji couldn't help picking up a piece and tasting it. It was very cool when he swallowed it. It was indeed a good thing to cool off the heat when he swallowed it.

Li Ji knew that it was normal for people like the county magistrate to have an ice storehouse for ice storage. In fact, the private sector also specializes in this kind of business. In the winter, the ice is cut and stored, and when the heat is hot, it is sold out.

The more tertiary the weather, the better the business, especially some wealthy people who don't have ice storage at home, buy it almost every two or three days.

Some hawkers sell ice back and make popsicles with milk and sugar to yell along the street, always attracting a lot of greedy children.

In the first year in the village, there were not one or two hawkers going back to buy them. Once they were remote, there were almost no people willing to buy popsicles with copper plates. Li Ji had never eaten them once. In the dog days of previous years, I could hardly wait to stay at home and not go out, and I couldn't get to the city, so I never met those who walked the streets and alleys selling popsicles.

From entering this mansion, everything is fine inside and out, nothing Li Ji has ever seen. Li Ji was full of freshness. This is a completely different world from Li Ji. Li Ji likes it here, but it doesn't belong here.

Er Gouzi ate a few fruits and looked at the bird's nest soup in the cup.

"This is a bird's nest, iced with rock sugar, you can try it." In fact, this is also a good thing for the county magistrate. The price is one aspect, the most important thing is that it is rare. It has been picked, and it is all close to the palace. The rest is a gift for senior officials, and there are very few that can be sold in the private sector.

Does Er Gouzi know that it's really not precious? Regardless of whether it tastes good or not, he dug up a spoon and put it in his mouth, biting his head without much chewing, and swallowed it directly.

"Soup? Sweet."

Er Gouzi had never heard of it. Li Ji heard about bird's nest supplements when they were telling stories. He knew such a name, but I don't know what it means, or how precious it is.

Seeing Er Gouzi eating, Li Ji took a bite too, with an unspeakable taste, swallowed it into his stomach and smashed his mouth, and couldn't give a comment, but the one who didn't come felt delicious.

Maybe it's because I haven't eaten it, maybe I think it's a good supplement.

Seeing the two eating the bird's nest, the county magistrate began to use his own one. There are still two taels of bird's nest in the house, which is enough to eat a few times. If you like to eat, you have the opportunity to buy more in the future.

The three of them ate snacks and chatted for a while. Every time Li Ji talked about Er Gouzi, the county magistrate listened very seriously, and Li Ji saw them all.

If it weren't for the vacancy of these two decades, the county magistrate would be a very good father. This is Li Ji's evaluation of him.

"Er Gouzi is actually very smart, but most of the time he doesn't bother to think too much, so he simply returns everything to me and uses me as a military officer. Basically teach him something once or twice and he will remember it. Sometimes I remember it better than I am. When many people hear that Er Gouzi is in the mountains all the year round, it is unreasonable, they think that he was a half fool when he was in fact completely different. He is smarter than anyone else."

Li Ji didn't know the word Dazhiruoyu, but it couldn't be more appropriate for Er Gouzi.

"On normal days, Er Gouzi does not take care of me less, but there are also times when people worry about it. That is, he can't help but go hunting in the mountains. There are many animals in the family, and it is not practical to hunt and live in the mountains. There are many dangers in the mountains. Every time he goes, I have to worry about it. But if I want to stop it, I can't stop it. This is his nature and I can't hold it down."

Li Ji was a pun, and the county magistrate had some thoughts in his heart. After Li Ji finished this, he smiled and said, "But think about it from another angle. I definitely missed the sudden departure from the place where I lived since I was a child. I tell you that, but I also want you to be mentally prepared. If Er Gouzi wants to When you go up the mountain, you should prevent him less. It is best to prepare him with good protection and try to ensure his safety."

The county magistrate said: "Then you don't tell me, I don't know everything. Although the mountains are dangerous, Er Gouzi has lived from childhood to adulthood, it is not difficult to get out. I will wear a good armor and keep it tomorrow. Going up the mountain in Chang'an."

The name of the county prince Er Gouzi is a bit hard to call, not because of someone else. I just feel that it is enough to call people, which is a bit strange as a scholar. However, this name was obtained by Li Yan, so he would not change it.

Li Ji talked to the county magistrate for a while, from Er Gouzi's preferences to habits. This is the last road left by Li Ji. If the two have a way to go in the future, it's okay. If there is no way to go, at least the Er Gouzi who is familiar with the county magistrate will not let Er Gouzi hate him. Even if the two are separated in the future, at least Er Gouzi will live well with his father.

As it was getting late, Li Ji specifically asked where the kitchen was, and made three dishes as toppings. The kitchen in the mansion is very large, there are only eight stoves, which is not even the small kitchen in the courtyard next to the mansion.

After Li Ji made the dishes, he stopped making trouble in the kitchen. He handed the cooked dishes to the chefs. After a while, they all finished them and served them to the table together.

I don't eat inside. There are a lot of mosquitoes at night, and the mosquito repellent spice in the room is just right.

Instead, a lot of candles brightened the room deservedly. The three people were seated, and the table in the dining room was bigger. The maids first gave wet silk towels to wipe their hands, and then offered two cups of light tea. It stands to reason that these two cups of tea are mouthwashes, but there is nothing special about them, they are only used as an appetizer.

Some have you for dinner, and I am afraid that it will be difficult to digest. The snack before the meal is a few hawthorn balls. Li Ji grew one, his sour face wrinkled together, Er Gouzi couldn't eat sour, so he left the remaining half of one bite.

Li Ji's face wrinkled for a while, and he was really sour, and he couldn't help but eat another one in his stomach.

Waiting for this side to be hungry, and then start to pass the food.

The previous meal was eaten at noon. All three of them are not considered hungry, that is, Er Gouzi still has an appetite at this time, but if he eats two or three bowls of rice, he will be full.

Er Gouzi glanced around, and he could see Li Ji's cooking. It wasn't that Er Gouzi's eyes were so unique, but it was really conspicuous. The dishes made in the mansion are all delicious and delicate, and the dishes that Li Ji cooks are much rougher in comparison, which can be seen at a glance.

Li Ji is very embarrassed, if it weren't for Er Gouzi to eat, Li Ji wouldn't be ashamed of putting his craft here.

But in the end it was Er Gouzi who was in favor, and Er Gouzi focused on Li Ji's dishes. The maidservants were very considerate and specially selected Li Ji's talents.

Er Gouzi eats exquisite dishes with taste, and eats dishes made by Li Ji, with the aftertaste that he has imprinted on his bones.

Er Gouzi was so sweet that the county magistrate couldn't help but taste it. To be honest, Li Ji's income is not good, but it is not bad, and it tastes a little different. Maybe it's the taste of home.

"Eat slowly, don't worry." Li Ji wanted to get him some vegetables, but when the distance was too far, the raised chopsticks were put down again.

Er Gouzi wanted to pick up vegetables for Li Ji, check the distance, but didn't stand up, and asked the maid to put a ball into the bowl with his eyes, Er Gouzi picked up the ball and threw it in Li Ji's direction, just to throw it into Li. Season's bowl.

The corners of Li Ji's lips twitched, how could it be so like that there is still a copper plate in a broken bowl of beggars.

Li Ji picked up the meatballs and ate them: "I don't have to do it myself if I eat your own."

Er Gouzi doesn't know anything, don't blame him. Li Ji comforted himself in his heart, Er Gouzi had never seen how people throw money at beggars, and this is meatballs, not ashamed…

The county magistrate looked at the funny interaction between the two, somehow jealous.

After a meal, Li Ji's cooking was not bad at all. Er Gouzi ate most of it by himself, and the remaining county magistrate ate some, but Li Ji didn't eat much.

After a meal, the dessert is a bowl of white fungus and lotus seed soup. It's getting dark. It's time to rest. Staying up late hurts the body. Although the county magistrate often stays up late, he doesn't feel anything, but the two children sitting opposite.

After eating, I personally sent them to the yard arranged in advance. Maybe it was because they were not used to dividing them far, in a yard, but not in a house.

In the yard, there were six maids and four family members, all bowing their heads obediently. There is a small rockery in the yard, the flowers and plants are neat, and at first glance, it is often taken care of on weekdays.

In the courtyard, the main hall is connected to me. There are wing rooms. There are three big rooms where the masters live. There are still a few small rooms prepared by personal servants.

"When I first came to this yard, I was frightened. Several times I thought that no one would live in this life. The quilts were all sun-tanned, they were very fluffy and not sultry, and they were thirsty and hungry. If you wake up at night, you can also order people to bring the chamber pot. There are not many people in the mansion who excite the spirits, so tomorrow you will find the dentist to come over and take care of it. Let's make do with it tonight."

If this is still called improvising, Li Ji really couldn't imagine what improvising would be like.

According to the county magistrate, the master bedroom belongs to Er Gouzi, and Li Ji lives in the east wing. Under normal circumstances, guests have no reason to live in the master bedroom, and they are usually in the wing room. Things are respected inside things, and letting Li Ji live in the East Wing is also a good example of Li Ji.

After listening to the assignment, Er Gouzi was a little strange: "Shall we live separately? Why don't we live together?"

Li Ji understood this arrangement, but Er Gouzi did not. And even if they understand, Er Gouzi will not live separately from Li Ji, because the two have realized that they have not been separated for a day.

Li Ji was a little embarrassed, but didn't know what to say.

The county magistrate knew that they were nasty, but thought that Li Ji's family was in bad condition and lived on a kang. As a child, I slept in a room with my stomach, and I should feel that it is a kind of grievance to squeeze on a kang with others, indifferent, except for my wife.

The county magistrate explained: "It's good to have one bed for one person, and you can move around freely. You are all young and old, and it's a bit inconvenient to live together. It's a long time to get used to it."

It's really inconvenient for bloody young men to live together, provided that the two of them don't mess around together.

After the county magistrate said that, Li Ji couldn't say anything. But obviously Er Gouzi is not a person who is embarrassed by this kind of thing.

"It's no inconvenience. I want to sleep with Fourth Uncle." The name of Fourth Uncle in front of outsiders, and Xiaoji when there is no one, Er Gouzi still remembers.

The county magistrate did not expect Er Gouzi to stick to Li Ji so much. If the juniors simply stick to the elders, it would be excusable, but Er Gouzi is two years older than Li Ji.

Li Ji didn't speak up on this matter, and Er Gouzi told the county magistrate to influence the county magistrate's decision. If it is said that after two months of familiarization, the county magistrate would definitely not agree to his son's unreasonable request. However, the son who has just been found, the county magistrate must follow Mao.

"That's it, the bed in the master bedroom is quite big, and it's enough for either of you to stay together. It just so happens that people don't need to be separated, it's easy to get together to serve you two. You can wash and sleep first. I have some official duties on my side. I slept after solving it."

The son is already in the house, even if there are a million words in his heart, he is not in a hurry. Lao Tzu looked at his son, the more he looked at it, the more pleasing to his eyes, he could see with this look, even if he didn't recognize him as a father, he felt comfortable in his heart.

The county magistrate does not have a wife or children after Li Yan, how to be a father is just a concept in the books. For Er Gouzi, it is entirely due to the instinct of blood connection. No one is born to be a dad. It is from the moment a child is born to become a dad.

It's just that the county magistrate has been absent for the past 20 years. Suddenly facing such a big son, it is understandable that he is at a loss for what to do.

The county magistrate has official duties to do. Being able to spend an afternoon with my son is already very extravagant.

I advanced to the bathroom to take a shower and change clothes. There was only one tub in the bathroom. The family moved in another one and began to pour hot water into it. The maid brought a few baskets of seasonal petals and asked them what kind of flowers they liked.

If you have come, you will be at ease. I don't know how to take the road in the future, and now I will enjoy what I have now.

Li Ji said casually, watching them match them by themselves, and when the tub was ready, the towels and soap were ready, and the room was full of the fragrance of petals.

Li Ji saw that he was ready, and the family and the maids were there, and said to others: "Don't be here when you are ready, we also have to take a shower."

The leader in the maid looks bigger, in her early twenties. She bowed her eyebrows pleasingly and said: "The slaves and maids wait for the boys to change and bathe. After a hard day's work, a massage during the bath is just right."

Li Ji's face blushed, and he shook his head repeatedly: "No need, no need, which one is needed where the skin is thick and thick. Neither Er Gouzi nor I were born with a golden spoon, and I can't enjoy this. You all go out and get a change. Just leave the clothes, there is no need to wait."

Li Ji picked up the soap on the shelf. In Li Ji's eyes, he reminded of the tangy pancreas, but it was not the same as the one at home. The milky white color looked exquisite. From this look, Li Ji knows that it is not available here, even if it is, it will definitely not make Li Ji willing to buy it, or even unable to buy it.

Er Gouzi leaned forward and took a look: "Use it to take a bath?" There is a pancreas in the house, but it is different from this. 

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