"That's how this looks like a pancreas." When he looked up and saw that the people hadn't left yet, Li Ji knew that this meant waiting for Er Gouzi. After all, Er Gouzi was the decent son of the mansion.

"They listen to you, just tell me." Li Ji said helplessly.

"What are you talking about?" Er Gouzi was unsure.

Li Ji teased: "Do you still want to show them naked?"

Er Gouzi immediately shook his head, and said seriously to the people: "Don't watch me take a bath."

The people immediately saluted and left. Li Ji laughed out loud. Er Gouzi laughed as he saw him. When the two of them laughed enough, they couldn't remember why they laughed.

After taking off his clothes, Li Ji stepped on the small ladder outside the bathtub to enter the bathtub. There is also a small ladder inside the bathtub for easy entry and exit. The water temperature just relaxes with the fragrance of flowers.

As soon as Li Ji narrowed his eyes, he heard movement next to him, and raised his head to meet Er Gouzi's eyes. Er Gouzi had already taken off his clothes, looked at Li Ji with a smile, and immediately jumped into the tub.

"Don't make trouble, you have your own bathtub." Li Ji reached out and pushed.

It's not ashamed, there are maids and Jia Ding at the door, if they hear something, the county magistrate will know that they can beat him out.

Where does Er Gouzi know what Li Ji is thinking? Reluctantly said: "Why use two? Let's wash them together."

"Be obedient." Li Ji's wet hand touched Er Gouzi's hair. "This is different from home. Let's be obedient and don't make any noise. Don't let people listen to the jokes. Let's wash our own. ."

Coaxing Er Gouzi to take a bath by himself, Li Ji sniffed the fragrance of the flowers and made soap in the water. He didn't know how this thing was made. After washing his body, I really felt that it took a lot of money. He used to be rough and rough. Looks a lot more delicate.

Li Ji is a man, but it doesn't mean that men don't pay attention to appearance. Those who say that men pay attention to women like little girls are just making excuses for their laziness and sloppy. Li Ji is a person who likes to be sloppy and likes to see a better self.

This one wash can make the skin much better, and every day after that, it will definitely be as slippery as tofu.

Li Ji thought so, and then teased herself inwardly. I don't know how long I can live here, or even if I leave alone or two. I really know how to settle down.

After taking a shower and putting on a nightgown, Li Ji still carried warm water vapor on his body. The bathroom leads directly to the bedroom, and the two go through the door to the bedroom by themselves.

The outside maid Jiading heard the news and came over to arrange others.

Some spices are added to the incense burner, which can repel mosquitoes and soothe the nerves. The flowers in the vase were sprayed with some water to make them look more vivid.

I visited a few plates of desserts and fruits on the table in the bedroom. A large basin of ice was placed on a small table on the right, and I could feel the slightest coolness as soon as I entered the room.

No matter where you look at it, it's extremely delicate.

The place in the room is perfect. Two maids holding fans seem to be waiting for the two to sleep. They will keep fanning them to sleep because they are afraid that they will be hot.

Last year, the drought and sweltering two had never enjoyed this. Li Ji opened the mouth and threw them out. Seeing that Er Gouzi had no objection, they went out.

The person finally left. The nightgown on his body is made of silk and satin. Satin is just a general term for fabric, and it can also be distinguished by high or low. The same silk and satin, such a nightgown is much more comfortable than Li Ji and Er Gouzi wear at home, and it is also very breathable and not hot at all.

People are clean, Li Ji lay on the bed first. The bed is not very soft, at least it is harder than the bed in the inn, but it is very comfortable, moderately hard and comfortable.

The quilt is very light, lighter than the eiderdown quilt at home, and I don't know what it is made of. Li Ji lay on the bed and stared at Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi ate a few snacks and grabbed a handful. Feed Li Ji in the past.

"Don't eat anything on this. This doesn't need our kang. If it is dirty, it will be dirty. These are all fine fabrics, and it will hurt the fabrics after washing." Although he knew that the county magistrate did not lack this, Li Ji still couldn't see it spoiled.

After Er Gouzi had eaten a large plate of snacks, he wiped off the snack residues in his hands, and then he blew the lamp and lay on the bed.

The bed space is quite large, but no matter how big it is, it can't beat the big Kang at home. But it was quite comfortable to lie down, and they didn't feel uncomfortable cuddling together.

"Everything here is a good thing, and everything is something I would never be qualified to know in my entire life. Er Gouzi, you have a good father." Lying on the bed, all kinds of thoughts came up, Li Ji hid not open.

Li Ji spoke with an irritating voice, and Er Gouzi was uncomfortable listening: "I don't know him."

"You will always know. You keep his blood, and the blood is continuously connected." Li Ji rubbed Er Gouzi's chest and buried himself. Even if it was already dark, Li Ji still couldn't lift his head, for fear that Er Gouzi would see him with some real emotions.

"Do you want me?" Er Gouzi asked himself.

Er Gouzi's tone was still calm, as if talking about irrelevant things, he trembled Li Ji's body and shook his head: "No."

"You are very strange. Today is very strange today." Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and hugged Li Ji tightly. "It's really good here. The food is delicious and the yard is beautiful. You don't need to do anything. Someone will bring it."

"Yeah." Li Ji's voice became more muffled.

"But there are too many people here. You hide from me if everyone is there. I like our house, you said, we just close the door and live our own little life quietly. Only the two of us, Is it not good?"

"But…" Li Ji choked a little, and could barely say a complete sentence after sorting out his emotions. "But that's your father. You may not have a concept, but that's your only blood relative in the world you know, so you are. A dad."

"I only have you." Er Gouzi said, "I said. You said you can't replace him, but no one can replace you. I can't see anyone, but I can't see you."

The longer you follow Li Ji, the more Er Gouzi thoughts and the more mature his thoughts. Still that sentence, there are many things he doesn't understand, but it's not that he doesn't understand everything. In some cases, Er Gouzi's perspective is better than that of "normal people".

Hearing Li Ji's eyes burst into tears when he was caught off guard, Li Ji even had a bold idea. If the two people can insist on choosing their feelings, one will not leave, and the other will not abandon, maybe they can really pass the county magistrate's pass and be together for the rest of their lives.

As long as two people can stick to it.

Now it is basically impossible for the two to return to the village to recover from the previous days. Either go to the mountains with Er Gouzi, or gain the understanding of the county magistrate, and be together in an upright manner in the future.

The former is no alternative, and the latter is as difficult as letting Li Ji go hunting in the mountains and then come back without incident.

That road is not easy to follow, and there is no smooth road no matter how it looks.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that there was no way out, and Li Ji didn't want to go anymore. Anyway, if you stand on the goal and move towards it in the future, then no matter what kind of changes you will be able to survive in the future.

If you can't survive, you'll just get through, and if you can't, you'll get out. When I really think about it, there is nothing to entangle.

Li Ji adjusted his mentality and hugged Er Gouzi: "Sleep."

Although it was in a completely unfamiliar environment, the other party was on the pillow, and no one left, so he fell asleep quickly.

The two slept until dawn, and no one came to call them. Because Li Ji had calculated too much yesterday, it was too exhausting, so he slept for a while. Er Gouzi watched Li Ji was not awake and he had nothing to do, so he lay with Li Ji.

When Li Ji woke up, it was already bright, so he hurriedly sat up and looked around. After reflecting for a while, he remembered that this was the mansion of the county magistrate.

Looking at the Er Gouzi who stared at him, Li Ji felt calmer and got off the bed directly.

"Okay, let's put on clothes." Although the two of them are capable of doing nothing in this mansion, the habit of sleeping late can't be cultivated. Laziness is addictive, and Li Ji finally develops himself into a diligent person, but he doesn't want to be lazy anymore.

After all, laziness is the source of poverty.

"No clothes." Er Gouzi said.

Li Ji was stunned. He looked at the room and found that there was indeed no slipper. The only clothes he used was the nightgown that he was wearing.

Li Ji went out and opened the door. The two maids at the door didn't know how long they had been standing. When they saw Li Ji, they saluted Master Li.

Li Ji was not used to this, nodded, and went back to the house.

The two maids directly followed in, first saluted Er Gouzi, called the big man, and then went to clean up the rest of the dim sum on the table, and then went out, and soon six more maids filed in, respectively. Holding the tray, there was a sound of line on it.

The window opened, and the sun shone on the clothes. Li Ji looked at it and felt dazzling. The outfit of the little young master's Xiao Baiyu at the beginning can be said to have opened the eyes of the whole village, so it was so easy to deceive. People, and the one on the tray in front of him was even more decent than Xiao Baiyu's.

The maid came over to wait on dressing, where are Li Ji and Er Gouzi willing? They were all driven out, and the two helped each other put on their clothes.

This dress looks gorgeous, and it is troublesome to wear. However, the fabric is very light and breathable, and it is not very hot.

Putting on the clothes, Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to do it in front of the mirror. Li Ji picked up a comb and combed Li Ji's hair. The comb feels very strange. It doesn't look like wood or a nearby one. It feels comfortable to hold and combs the hair smoothly.

He combed Er Gouzi's hair to the top of his head into a bun, and then took the crown with jewels on it. What does it mean to rely on clothing? When Er Gouzi found him, Li Ji asked him to stand up and turn around. Er Gouzi shook Li Ji's eyes.

Er Gouzi was originally strong, with good-looking features, and wearing such a gorgeous dress, he really looked like a young man standing here.

Li Ji stared blankly. Such Er Gouzi are well-dressed, good-looking, and really good-looking. It just faintly felt that such Er Gouzi was too far away from him.

Thinking about it this way, Li Ji's eyes dimmed, and he stretched out his hand to tidy up the corners of Er Gouzi: "It's so beautiful."

Er Gouzi touched Li Ji's uncombed hair, told Li Ji to sit down, and he combed Li Ji's hair.

Obviously, Er Gouzi didn't have that profit, and the hair he got out was fluffy, which was not decent.

In the end, it was Li Ji who loosened his hair and fiddled with it. He didn't wear a hair crown, so he used the red rope to tie his hair to make do with it. The clothes are originally made of good materials, even if they don't wear a hair crown, they look good.

When I was done, I went out with Er Gouzi. The maid at the door and the family stood in two rows. The maid at the front stood curtly and said, "Master, Master Li, there is still business to do with the master, yesterday. I just rested in the mansion and didn't come back for dinner in the morning. Do you want to use it in the bedroom or the dining room this morning? Or where is the scenery in the mansion pleasing to your eyes?"

This is not to be polite, it is to make a choice, otherwise it is difficult for them.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi had no plans to speak. Li Ji decided for Er Gouzi: "Go to the dining room."

There is a small dining room in the yard, so there is no need to go to the big house where the family eats.

Large families are very particular about eating. The meal in the morning is soup and two eggs, which tastes good. Even if you are full, you are not hungry.

As the old saying goes, eat early, eat full at lunch, and eat less at night. It's not easy to eat more sooner or later.

The two chatted for a while, and it was useless for the maids to wait and eat. They were sitting in a chair while pulling a chair. In fact, they were not very comfortable.

With so many people standing there, they can't even speak decent self-expression, not to mention the close relationship between the two people. If you want to say something private, you must not let others listen.

After having breakfast, the two were bored, so they simply found someone to show the way to the bamboo forest to see the birds. The birds there were beautiful and colorful, all that Li Ji had never seen. As for Er Gouzi, he grew up in the mountains. There are many hundreds of birds in the mountains. Although he may not have seen the birds that feed here, he has also seen some beautiful birds.

Li Ji grabbed a handful of millet and teased them one by one. He still liked the one who could only talk, because as soon as Li Ji fed it, he would say auspicious words, and he talked in several different ways.

After listening to the good things, I feel comfortable being flattered. Li Ji is a layman, so good.

Waiting for the birds to finish feeding, I went to feed the koi again. The koi in the pond was splashing on the water. They were so beautiful. The two of them passed the time until noon. A family said that they could take a boat to pick the lotus and lotus. It's just that there are few lotus plants at this time and it is not easy to find.

Just because they were tired of feeding the fish, Li Ji and Er Gouzi agreed. Yiye Bianzhou will seat three people, Li Ji and Er Gouzi, as well as a punter.

This is Li Ji's boat ride since childhood, and Er Gouzi, too, bringing full curiosity and freshness.

The surface of the water was ups and downs, watching the ripples left by the boat passing in the water, Li Ji stretched out his hand and stirred the water in the pond. The water was cool and comfortable.

Man Man went into the depths of the lotus again. The leaves of the lotus leaf were very large. Li Ji reached out and touched it. It felt very slippery to the touch, with a layer of very fine fluff. Among them, not many lotus blossoms. Li Ji reached out and touched two of them. This flower is so beautiful that I am reluctant to take it off and take it as my own.

After driving in for a while, Li Ji found a lotus. Li Ji didn't quite understand it, so he relied on Jia Ding's explanation.

"This lotus is good-looking, and it has many practical uses. After the flower has faded, it will grow a lotus. The lotus seeds are the most delicious. If the lotus heart is peeled, it is delicious even if it is eaten raw. The white fungus and lotus seed soup stewed at home, used lotus seeds They are all picked from here in autumn. When the flowers are full of flowers, this lotus root growing in the silt is delicious."

Not to mention Er Gouzi, Li Ji is greedy.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and took off the lotus seedlings, and directly opened the lotus seeds to find the lotus seeds inside. Listening to Jiading's prompts, he set aside the lotus seeds and ate them.

Fresh things are to add a few more layers to like, there are not many lotus seeds in a lotus.

After eating smoothly, I continued to search and picked a few more.

But this is not the time for the lotus harvest. Until Li Ji became seasick, he picked up four lotus plants.

Li Ji didn't rush to eat either, thinking about waiting for the county magistrate to come back and eat together.

When he arrived on the shore, Li Ji was seasick and uncomfortable. He sat in the pavilion on the head of Hu and drank tea to suppress his nausea, and then followed Er Gouzi personally to get the lotus seeds out.

As a result, when the two of them peeled the lotus seeds, they couldn't help but eat some, and when the seeding was over, there were only three lotus seeds left.

There is not much in total, and it is not enough if you share it. Simply send them to the kitchen, let them stew these lotus seeds in white fungus and lotus seed soup, and use them together when the grandfather of the county comes back to have a meal next time.

The county magistrate still didn't come back at noon. The two of them were really fine in the afternoon, so they got into the flowers to recognize the flowers. They all knew everything about the servant who didn't know him and asked casually.

Li Ji asked if there were fruit trees in the house, and the maid led the two directly.

Opposite the direction of the bamboo forest, there is a small orchard with fruit trees of various colors, and in a remote place, there is a plum orchard. There is only winter in all seasons, and there is nothing to look at in other seasons, so no one likes to go, it is even more indifferent.

At this time, it was not the fruit harvest season. Li Ji could recognize a few trees when he went in. He stood beside a plum tree and looked up. He saw that some plums were already green and yellow, which meant it had already begun. When ripe, the plum tastes best at this time, with moderate sweetness and sourness.

Li Ji hasn't eaten it for two years, and the fruits he ate during these two years were either preserved fruits or wild fruits from the mountains.

Li Ji wanted to pick it up, but it was someone else's house. It seemed impolite to climb the tree when he was a guest at someone's house.

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji and looked at the fruit on the tree, and he was drooling. He didn't care about the ones, and went straight to the tree. He stood on the tree that was not too thick in a few jumps, and stretched out his hand to pick the fruit.

Li Ji was startled, and the people who followed almost knelt down.

In order to come here to practice and seek the truth:

"Master, don't scare me, come down quickly, don't fall!"

"Lord, you are careful with this, don't climb above dangerously."

"Master, you are the living ancestor of the slave, come down quickly."

Li Ji, who wanted to dissuade, was almost amused by them, and the worry in his heart was gone.

"Come down, look to scare them." Er Gouzi's skill Li Ji knew in his heart, this tree is short, even if it does fall, he is not afraid.

Er Gouzi took off a few plums, jumped down, reached out and handed them to Li Ji.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and smiled helplessly, and said something meaningfully: "You are not afraid to scare them, it's okay, just this time."

Er Gouzi nodded in response. Li Ji then took a plum, wiped it with his hand, and divided a plum into two pieces with a pinch. The nucleus jumped out and threw it under the tree, and the other half was given to Er Gouzi.

The two ate a plum with sweet and sour flesh, which was used as snacks.

If there were only two people, Li Ji would definitely let Er Gouzi pick more, and chew when he was fine at night, but he swallowed the thought into his stomach again by looking at the appearance of the people. They also take money to do things, and if Er Gouzi really has something to do, they wouldn't be fine enough.

Regardless of whether it is a living contract or a death contract, or a family-born child, the master has the right to beat and scold someone at any time. Even if he is killed, the people will not sue the officials and no one will control them, so this is for the officials. People at the moment are honest and can't tolerate the slightest sloppy.

Li Ji didn't want to embarrass them.

Li Ji ate too much and went out of court twice. When I went to the toilet, I couldn't help but the toilet here was clean, almost tasteless, there was a bucket under the toilet, and someone immediately poured out the excrement and urine to clean it.

This is a good thing, so I don't even look at it when I look back at the one I used before. Li Ji thought, if he can go back to live his life in the future, he can also refer to this method to save the stinking odor when it is not convenient, especially in summer, when there are maggots in it, and the nausea is gone.

I have never felt that there is anything wrong with these before, mainly because there is a contrast to set off.

He waited until the grandfather of the county came back in the afternoon, and went straight to the yard where Li Ji and Er Gouzi lived.

At this time, the two of them had been watching the whole yard for a day. Li Ji was still getting seasick. He lay on the bed and rested for a while. Hearing the outside sound, Li Ji hurriedly got up from the bed and saw the county magistrate opened the curtain and walked in.

"Where to rest? I heard that you have been playing in the mansion for a day, and it is time to take a good rest now."

The county magistrate lifted up his robe and sat at the table opposite the bed, and then the maid brought in tea.

Li Ji was very embarrassed. He got off the bed and put on his shoes and went to the opposite side of the county magistrate: "I haven't seen anything, so I looked around. You know my home is a small stream, and a fish pond is not big. I never took a boat when I was young, so I asked a little brother to take me and Er Gouzi to sit for a while. As a result, I didn't live up to it and fainted all afternoon."

"This is normal. Some people will stay on the boat for a lifetime of fainting. Some people will be fainted at the beginning. If they are used to it, they won't. If they don't like it, they will eat whatever they like in the lake in the future. I do things with money, so I don't have to worry about troubles." The county magistrate's eyes were a little blue, and he was obviously not well rested, but he looked pretty good.

Having said this, the county magistrate turned to Er Gouzi again: "Are you still used to it?"

The county magistrate's voice was much gentler, waiting for Er Gouzi's answer.

In the expectation of the grandfather of Zaixian County, Er Gouzi thought about it carefully, did not nod or shook his head, and said, "I'm homesick." 

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