This sentence hurts more than the unsuitable. If it was not for adaptation, the county magistrate asked what he could not adapt for later adjustments. Others said that Er Gouzi's words meant that he did not regard this as his home at all, so Er Gouzi didn't stay there anymore, regardless of whether he could adapt to it or not. Plan.

The county magistrate's eyes darkened, nodded reluctantly, and smiled: "Human love, at least a lover of family." The county magistrate looked at Li Ji, "Brother Li, how about you?"

This brother called Li Jihu's body shocked, and looked up at the county magistrate. Li Jixin said that I treat you as your father, but you treat me as your brother.

"Where do I know what adaptation is? Everything is new here. I still can't get my eyes. I haven't had time to think about whether I am adapted to this kind of thing."

The answer given by Er Gouzi is unfeeling, while the answer given by Li Ji is ambivalent. The grandfather of the county sighed inwardly and smiled on his face for every one of the two who was satisfactory.

"I also heard that you were climbing trees, which scared the people down."

"It's my fault. I want to see if there is an orchard here, but I looked more greedy at the fruit on the tree, and Er Gouzi went up to the tree and picked it. I knew Er Gouzi reached out and couldn't fall on the tree. He, but others don't know, he scared them in vain." Li Ji took the remaining three plums out of his arms to the county magistrate, "I left two of them. This fruit just disappeared. Feed it, eat it. Sweet and sour is not bad."

Picking fruits by his own son is a rare thing for the county magistrate.

Er Gouzi's cooking, hunting, crops and livestock raised, these things that Li Ji can enjoy every day, the county magistrate has never had it once. The only thing related to Er Gouzi is The white fox skin bought for 22 taels of silver is still hanging in the bedroom of the county magistrate.

In fact, there was no guarantee at that time whether it was from Er Gouzi, but it was the only thing that might be related to Er Gouzi in the past two decades. Even if it was only possible, it was very precious to the county magistrate.

The county magistrate took the green and yellow plum, wiped it with a kerchief and took a bite. The sour and sweet taste spread across his lips and tongue. The county magistrate nodded, "But it's not bad."

Li Ji can imagine the state of mind of the county magistrate at this time. The more unavailable things become more precious. The county magistrate has the son Er Gouzi in his heart, so he will cherish everything that Er Gouzi brings.

Li Ji: "I also picked lotus seeds in the lake with Er Gouzi, but they were too few. We sent them to the kitchen for stewing. We should be able to eat them at night. Er Gouzi is delicious, which is the best time to eat. spirit."

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji, and didn't make a difference. He didn't care most when eating, but when he ate Li Ji.

The county magistrate nodded and looked at Li Ji with a deep meaning. To be honest, if it were not for Li Jizai, there would be absolutely no such progress between the county magistrate and Er Gouzi, and they would not even be able to speak. With Li Ji's help, the county magistrate can eat the fruits and lotus seeds picked by Er Gouzi himself.

Although Li Ji's words were a bit mean, for example, yesterday when he scolded the county's grandfather, he didn't speak a lot of affection, but he was a knack for tofu. In just a day's effort, they have not lessened their father-son relationship.

"Only a tailor will come over and tailor your clothes for you. You wear the clothes you took off yesterday and bought them at the clothing store. It's not too fit. You can make a decent sound after measuring the size and making it comfortable to wear. "The county magistrate said.

The corners of Li Ji's lips twitched. Does this mean that the body he is wearing is not decent? It's not clear if you haven't been an official, how much luxury it is.

Of course, in the final analysis, Li Ji has never seen the world. It's like being in the village. Li Ji's family eats meat on a vungee meal. For other people in the village, it is a life that gods can live by, but for Li Ji, it is just the blandest thing in life.

"Then don't take me with me. I don't need to be meticulous if I have thick skin. For me, I don't have to have one piece of clothing in my life. Er Gouzi will make two more. It is you. The young master at home has never been decent before, so he should have more enjoyment."

The county magistrate is kind to him. Since entering the house yesterday, everything has Er Gouzi, including Li Ji. But Li Ji has this self-knowledge that he is not Er Gouzi, much less Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi is the only son of the county magistrate, and the future master of this mansion. Li Ji can comfortably enjoy everything the county magistrate arranged, but he is not qualified to be greedy for more.

The county magistrate said: "You are too polite. In this mansion, you are the same as my own brother. The younger brother's is not polite. What is short and what you want, just say what you want, the family is rich and rich. It's expensive, but it's easy to have enough food and clothing."

This is true. First of all, the county magistrate really admired Li Ji. The two had a lot of ideas and tempers. Li Ji took in Er Gouzi at the beginning and never treated Er Gouzi badly. Now he is bringing together their father-son relationship. For the county magistrate, Li Ji is his great benefactor.

The benefactor is at home, there is no reason to neglect?

Li Ji, who just called his brother, felt bitter in his heart. God knows that he doesn't want to be the brother of this Raoshi, he wants to be his son-in-law.

"You say that, I don't dare to do this." Li Ji sat directly opposite the county magistrate, "I am out of the mud, and I will go back to live my own life in the future. You are already insightful enough. Yes, if you are accustomed to enjoying it, what should I do when I go back? If I get rotten in the future and I don't even bother to take the hoe, I'll wait to starve to death."

Here the headwear comes to stretch out your hands and open your mouth, and a good person can be lazy. Diligence is the cost of the people's food. In the past, Li Ji was too greedy for enjoyment, lazy and greedy, and lazy to move. If he hadn't met Er Gouzi, he was still too poor now.

Li Jineng sat directly opposite the county magistrate, which meant that he hadn't seen outsiders, and all he said was sincere.

"If you like it, just stay here. You will be my brother from now on. No one else can tell if you are not. Seeing that you are not too old anymore, I will kick you and tell you about your family in the future. A good girl. It's better to say a kiss as the official younger brother than to go to the village."

The girls in the village are at best delicate and beautiful, you can't find the really beautiful ones, and even the fairer ones are impossible. Because there is no other girl who grew up enjoying the blessing, even if she is favored, she will inevitably work. After going out to work in the sun, there is nothing that is not dark on the face, and there is nothing that is not rough on the hands.

Whoever is white in the village is relatively speaking. No matter how white the girl is in the village, there is no man who enjoys the blessing of the big family. He doesn't work and he doesn't go out often. The food, clothing, housing and transportation are all fine. Just the delicacies of the mountains and the sea are more refined than those who grew up eating miscellaneous grains and noodles.

If it goes back two years, Li Ji will definitely be moved. That guy doesn't want to marry a young and beautiful one? But now Li Ji doesn't want to marry a wife, let alone spend time with a girl, just like living with Er Gouzi.

"Daughter-in-law, forget it, my life is not good. The fortune teller said I was rich and wealthy, but I can't be a woman in this life. After marrying a daughter-in-law, it will be equivalent to becoming a broom star. You can come to your door for any bad luck. I have a lot of elder brothers and grandchildren above me, so I won't be investigated for one of them."

The county magistrate knew that Li Ji's thoughts were different from those of others. If it's someone else, the county magistrate will have all two sentences, and when it comes to Li Ji, the county magistrate can't say anything.

"Even if you don't get married in the future, it's the same if you stay with Er Gouzi's children and grandchildren to support you. You and Er Gouzi are the same age, and you will get old together in the future, and you won't be able to give you the end of the care. You can wait. Er Gouzi has a child, so it's easier to give it to you by the age difference. Not to mention the delivery of incense, this old-age delivery also requires someone. You are comfortable and I know it, but if one day you get old and lie in bed, It is also an enjoyment to have someone who can do his filial piety in the near future.

The county magistrate also persuades him to say that, and I won't say anything more. Li Ji passed the left and right days, and the road was also chosen by Li Ji. The county magistrate can't interfere with what his life is like.

The county magistrate said that Er Gouzi would have children in the future. Li Ji was unhappy in his heart, but he did not dare to express it. Right now, the county magistrate did not dare to know anything.

"This is too far to say, how old I am. Even if I live only 30 years old, I still have eleven or two years to live. At that time I didn't know what I was there. No matter how much I calculated, there was no change from God. Quickly." After saying this, Li Ji said, "My lord, the fruit tree in your house is very good. I don't know if there are any nuclei or seedlings that have grown under the tree in previous years. I want two to be planted in In the back yard. I have planted some in my yard, but it's not better than here."

Lizishu Village is almost extinct there. Li Ji asked many people who didn't know who had it. This time I ate something fresh, and Li Ji remembered it.

"It's so troublesome. If you like it, just dig the tree in the middle of the picture. I have the intention to keep you, and you will have a copy of you when you buy it. Even if you leave in the future, you can come back anytime, and the place will be given to you. You keep it. I used to be the only one in the former mansion, and there were not many people in the family. After that, when people get busy, the manpower is not enough. I still think that in the future, I will find more family members to come in and give birth to a child. The family gives birth to children, and the children who serve the Er Gouzi will be more trustworthy when they grow up together. If you are a daughter, you won't be afraid of more troubles when you get married and take away."

Maybe it's getting older, like to think more, like to do more preparation. In the past two days, the grandfather of the county has used all the longings of the past so many years.

When I didn't see it, I was thinking of Li Yan's hard work with the children, and the hardships she suffered over the years. The child finally found it, and began to think about the future. Thinking of father's kindness and filial piety, thinking of the full house of children and grandchildren, thinking of Chenghuan's knees, thinking of Hanyu and grandchildren.

The more I think about it, the more I hope for the future in my heart. At this point, the county magistrate is an ordinary father.

Li Ji knows this, so the more this happens, the less Li Ji can't let him know his relationship with Er Gouzi.

Most of the business of the maid's family is from the dentist, because she knows the roots, and the dentist can explain everyone's origin and experience clearly, even if there is something to be concealed, the gap will not be too big. And those who take the initiative to bring people up to sign the deed, part of it is to avoid debts and illnesses, which will leave behind troubles.

And if there are any problems with people entering the house, there is nowhere to find them. And if you buy someone from the toothwoman, if there is any problem, the toothwoman can't run away as long as she wants to do business.

Among the three teachings and nine liu, the tooth woman belongs to the ninth liu, and is also the most unpopular one. Because some horrible dentists don't have enough people in their hands, or they see that the girls are good-looking and can sell for a good price, that is, they are tricked into their hands, under the guise of dentists, rushing to abduct people, time Over time, the reputation of this industry will be bad.

In fact, there is a record in the official dentist's office, and people are also traded through formal channels. Most people who want to sell themselves but have no way of knowing the price in the industry will take the initiative to find the dentist to ask him to help.

This is similar to a matchmaker. It was originally a good job to raise the moon and pull the red line, but some people who took a few more coppers and praised the money to death, said that it became a marriage. As a result, I waited to see after entering the bridal chamber. It was either a handicapped or a sick child. It just happens that the household registration and the genealogy have already been registered. This marriage is fixed and cannot be destroyed.

Over time, no one can do without a matchmaker, but this matchmaker has become synonymous with inverting black and white. Whoever is the one gets scolded.

"Speaking of this, I almost forgot. There was a girl in the village who was bought into the county's Chengren's mansion. Yesterday I saw him give Er Gouzi a certain crown. I want to come and be an acquaintance with you." Topic, raised a mouth.

The county magistrate thought of Zhao Ruyue, who was utterly eloquent on that day, and her eyebrows frowned. He was not a careful person, and said: "There is indeed such a person. To be honest, I can be sure that Chang'an is my child. It's the housekeeper Zhao Ruyue's newly admitted into the house. If you know that child, I will redeem her for her tomorrow and let her go back to the village to live a good life."

Li Jigang was about to nod, but after another thought, Zhao Ruyue might not really be willing to return to the village. The two times that Zhao Ruyue went back in these years, did not that time go back in the face of his father and mother? That is to say, her parents are dull, or she thought of it as if she hadn't seen it, just enjoying the benefits brought by Zhao Ruyue.

If Zhao Ruyue was redeemed and returned to the village. She is no longer a little girl. The city may think that Zhao Ruyue used to be a woman of the county and would rush to ask for it, but for closed villages, whenever there is a choice, she will choose a yellow girl, otherwise she would even marry. Won't treat her well.

Then Zhao Qian can sell Zhao Ruyue for the first time, or for the second time. Even if you don't sell it, looking at the gift, it's still possible to marry anyone who gives more gift, and it's possible to give it to any crooked melon.

Li Ji shared his thoughts with the county magistrate, and added a sentence after saying: "Why don't we just listen to her? If she wants to choose, it will be her how to live in the future."

"I've seen that girl, she's a very thoughtful master." The county magistrate said, "You are a little too kind, but your kindness, I'm afraid it will be a pole to climb up when you drive around. If we really said that. That person would only beg the officer to keep her, and keep her to serve Chang'an. When she enters the mansion, she is our distant relative. We shouldn't neglect her. It takes a long time for her to find her a few times and get close to Chang'an. Regarding matters, as a relative, you must have a position, not a serious grandmother, but also an aunt."

The county magistrate had been in the capital, and he had heard of all kinds of things. When I saw Zhao Ruyue that day, I could feel that Zhao Ruyue was a lively master. If it were honest, the county magistrate asked, even if he answered, Zhao Ruyue wanted to set off her virginity and belittle Li Yan.

If it's someone else, the county magistrate can still ignore the past, Li Yan is his wife, where can Zhao Ruyue be allowed to belittle herself? And after learning that he had said the wrong thing, then Zhao Ruyue also knew that he had prayed for punishment at that time to prevent the fall of the fall.

Such a woman is obviously staying in the house for a long time, full of thoughts and calculations. Such a woman is indeed what kind of long-term life in the house, the county magistrate also has pity for her life experience, and can only rely on herself. But it is absolutely impossible for such a person to enter her door, let alone allow her to climb up with a pole.

Li Ji came from a small family, and he has never seen him in the world. No matter how smart he is, it is difficult for him to understand what the county magistrate said.

Li Ji thought for a while and said: "It is possible that Zhao Ruyue will choose to come here. After all, your official position is higher than that of the county eminent, but you can be like Er Gouzi… This is not possible. You must know that she has a second son. I didn't even see it. Can you think so long-term?"

"I don't know whether you know whether you know the big dyeing vat at the gate of the house, or the girl who came out of this village." The county magistrate sat upright and analyzed to Li Ji, "Think about it, the girl has passed by. What kind of road?"

Li Ji thought about it carefully: "She was bought into the city at the beginning, but I don't know who bought it. I only know that it can't be sold directly to Xian Cheng's family, because Zhao Qian is even in Xian Cheng's family. I don't know anywhere. Then for some reason, I entered the county's Chengfu. Then she was promoted by the eldest girl in the county's home. The first time she went back to the village, it was at that time."

The county magistrate nodded and said: "Then she was favored by the county emperor, and the county emperor accepted the tongfang girl. I know that the county emperor has done a little bit of profit, but she is really pampering her girl. This is at odds with her girl's maid. It will ruin the girl's reputation, he is not such a confused person."

Li Jiwei was stunned: "You mean Zhao Ruyue?"

The county magistrate nodded and said: "You are not of high background, I am afraid that you don't understand the meaning of the tongfang girl."

Li Ji asked strangely: "Isn't it just a half concubine? After following the master, his status is too low to give a decent status?"

The county magistrate shook his head and said: "This is a comprehensive overview. In fact, the real meaning of the maidservant is the maid who can serve in the bedroom. It's like the maid who served you last night, and counts as your general maid. It's just that. It's a step higher than a normal maid, but it doesn't mean anything else."

Li Ji didn't know about this county magistrate. When the county magistrate finished speaking, he suddenly realized that his head flashed, and he understood what the county magistrate meant: "You mean that Zhao Ruyue served in the maidservant of Miss Zhao Ruyue in the county's room. What means must be used?"

"If it weren't for this, even if she was as beautiful as an immortal, Xian Cheng wouldn't be easy to lose heart with lard for the sake of her daughter's reputation. But she was indeed an unsympathetic person. That day she said bad things about Li Yan and angered me. Cheng sees it all in his eyes, and I am afraid that life will not be easy for this girl when she goes back."

That's why the county magistrate said to redeem her and send her back to the village. The county magistrate couldn't tolerate ambitious people, and she worried that she was able to help the county magistrate in finding her son.

Although Li Ji is short-sighted, he is smart. The county magistrate said something, and the people behind thought: "She said bad things about sister Yan that day, I'm afraid you thought you were willing to admit her into the room." Just like the county magistrate just said, if it's a careless person, how can you ask? Just answer it. Those two derogatory remarks were made specifically to set off oneself.

Why does Zhao Ruyue use Li Yan to set off her own good? This goal is only the county magistrate.

If Zhao Ruyue really followed the pole to enter the county magistrate's house. So no matter who she enters, it's a turn over for her. Relatively speaking, Er Gouzi is the only son in this mansion. In the future, everything about the county magistrate will belong to Er Gouzi. Compared to the older county magistrate, Er Gouzi will be the sweet potato.

After being so enlightened by the county magistrate, Li Ji figured it out, and felt a little chilly in his heart. I saw Zhao Ruyue twice in the village, but I felt that Zhao Ruyue was a little bullying. Although she couldn't look down on her, she was a poor woman herself, or a woman sold by her closest relatives. It's normal to have a grudge against the family. With the status, it is normal to return to the hometown to repay the resentment in my heart.

In fact, to be realistic, it is normal for Zhao Ruyue to take pains to climb up in this situation.

It's just that so many normal piles are piled together, but Li Ji has an urge to turn around and avoid it. It's just that it's been too long to get it clean in the village, and you won't see this.

The county magistrate nodded to confirm Li Ji's conjecture. Li Ji lowered his head, and thought several times in his heart: "She really has nowhere to go. You can't go back to the village. Her parents eat meat and you don't spit bones. The county Cheng thinks. She offended you, and Zhao Ruyue must have a good life in Xian Cheng. Even if it is not calculated, this is the best way out for her."

After saying this, the county magistrate knew that Li Ji had a benevolence in his heart. This is actually a good thing, because people's hearts are grown in flesh. Ruthless, that's what I'm afraid of.

"Since you have said so. According to what you said, she has to choose by herself. Only when she is on the road, she chooses by herself. Since she chooses by herself, I will be responsible for my own words. If she just prays to come to us, I will Redeem her and buy some property outside so that she can live a peaceful and innocent life in the future. But if there is something in her words that she wants to serve me or serve Chang'an, it proves that she is too ambitious. I will talk to Xian Cheng. Good words, ask him to treat Girl Ruyue kindly in the future. How?"

If she is really ambitious, if she really buys her a family property, she will try her best to post it to the county magistrate.

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