Li Ji could understand the thoughts of the county magistrate, and nodded. Li Ji has kind thoughts in his heart, but it doesn't mean that he will lead the trouble to the house.

Others can stretch out their hands to help as soon as they have something, but the premise of all this is that they don't affect themselves, let alone Er Gouzi.

The two agreed, and they chatted for a while. In the end, the county magistrate ordered people to go to the county Cheng and ask the county Cheng to bring Zhao Ruyue over, saying that it was Er Gouzi who was thinking of the juniors in the village and wanted to see it.

At this time, Zhao Ruyue's life in Xiancheng was really unsatisfactory. Yesterday, when I went back to Xiancheng, I kept my face cold. The people in the mansion also "comprehensively" followed Xiancheng's thoughts and abused Zhao Ruyue. From last night to Now she hadn't eaten a bite. She went to the county prime minister several times to plead guilty, but was kept out. Later, she looked at her to find Qin, so she simply locked her up.

After several years of ups and downs inside the house, Zhao Ruyue knew that it would be difficult for him to stand up. She also climbed a little bit from the ground, at the peak, when she was first favored by the county prime minister. At that time, even the eldest lady had to say two words of flattery when she met her, for fear that she would become an aunt in the future and would stumble the eldest and his wife.

After all, Zhao Ruyue is a close maid beside the eldest lady, and Zhao Ruyue knows best what their mother and daughter are doing.

It's only a few months before and after? Zhao Ruyue fell into this situation. Think of the maids who gained power and lost power in the past. Zhao Ruyue knew that her good days had come to an end. The best consequence is that it will be sold out than the mistress, and the worst, I am afraid that she will die in a few days.

Although this is not common, it is not uncommon to happen.

Zhao Ruyue was desperate in her heart, and she was locked in the wood house without knowing what year it was today. Suddenly hearing movement at the door of the Chaifang, Zhao Ruyue trembled and dared not make a sound, she heard two maids outside laughing and talking at the door.

"Hey? Why did you leave here? If you are unlucky, go quickly, but don't be stained by this broom star." A maid's voice was a little bit sharp, Zhao Ruyue could tell that it was the maid waiting next to Aunt Liu in the mansion.

The other maid's voice was softer, but the gloating voice was still harsh: "It's not necessarily a broom star, maybe it's a punishment from God for being too arrogant. How prestigious the big girl used to be? No one is watching. Here. As a result, the heart became bigger and the master's attention came. Look, isn't the retribution coming."

Listening to their cynicism, Zhao Ruyue knew that it was Aunt Liu deliberately putting eye drops on her. The county's prime minister has one wife and six concubines, this Aunt Liu was newly brought in the year before last, the youngest and most favored. Because it was a small family who came out, it is inevitable to be arrogant and frivolous. At that time last year, even the big girl in the house did not even look at the big girl in the house. When they met, they didn't even say hello. They started to find fault and bully people with two sentences.

At that time, Zhao Ruyue had just gotten her face in front of the big girl, so she naturally wanted to behave well. She slapped Aunt Liu when she went up, and the matter was brought to the front of the county prince. As a result, when the county Cheng heard that Aunt Liu was bullying the eldest girl, she directly put Aunt Liu in confinement.

Although the county Cheng is bothered, he is usually untouchable for children, whether it is a brother or a sister. Zhao Ruyue was naturally okay, and she took a step up in the eldest lady's heart and became more favored.

Since then, Aunt Liu has restrained a bit, but she is still an arrogant master after all. No matter how powerful the aunt secretly secretly tears, she also knows how to keep a thread in everything. But this Aunt Liu, as soon as she saw that Zhao Ruyue was unlucky, she couldn't wait to send a girl over and get down the ground.

Zhao Ruyue sneered, such a person is just a joke in the house. She can't wait so much, one day someone else can't wait for her. Don't look at how many people she has offended in this yard.

After talking outside for a while, I heard someone walk in again, and the sound of a scolding came over, causing the sarcasm of the two maids to stop abruptly.

"What's the matter! It's okay to do it, right! If it's really okay, I will return to the housekeeper tomorrow and send you away. I don't want to eat idle food and stand here and chew my tongue." That voice is very steady, listening to age. Not too small.

This voice is too familiar to Zhao Ruyue. It is Mum Li, the eldest girl's nanny, who was reluctant to bear the eldest girl after she was weaned, so she signed a contract to become a prostituted slave and waited on the eldest girl. She has a deep affection with her.

Mother Li is the person who has the face in front of the big girl and the wife, even if she is the same arrogant maid as Aunt Liu, she has to retreat when she sees it.

"Mom is a good lesson, doesn't our aunt want to eat white fungus soup? Let's come and have a look. We watched the white fungus soup simmer for a while before it's hot enough, just wait and talk a few more words. Don't forget In my heart, otherwise we would have died unjustly." The maid with a sharp voice said with a smile, and then took the other one and left.

Mother Li stood at the door, waiting for people to walk away, and sighed softly at the inside. Everything she said was for Zhao Ruyue:

"From the very beginning, I knew you were a big-hearted person, but you were too anxious. The eldest girl looked at her getting married, so you can just follow the eldest girl to your husband's house, then you can introduce you to your husband's house if you don't say anything. Put it inside for the uncle. Anyway, you know everything, and the eldest girl must have the heart to train you to help. It's better than my wife facing six aunts alone in the house alone."

Zhao Ruyue didn't speak, she naturally had his calculations in her heart. There are many maidservants around the big girl, I will fancy this one today, and that one tomorrow. The madam also wanted to give the maid beside her to the big girl, and deliver them together as a dowry maid. Really waiting for the big girl to get married, it is hard to say who is better than being a concubine.

So Zhao Ruyue was anxious, and took advantage of Xian Cheng's drunk to mix into the maid's house and entered the Xian Cheng's house. After a night of affair, she thought she had hope of becoming an aunt.

Looking back now, maybe Zhao Ruyue was ruined by too much calculation.

Zhao Ruyue didn't speak, and Mother Li's words went on: "The eldest girl knows what happened to you yesterday. The eldest girl said, with the old man's temper, you won't have a good day in the future even if you are still in the house. You and the eldest girl will be the master and servant. If you have time, the eldest girl will go back and beg you and send you out. At that time, the eldest girl will prepare a few dollars for you. No matter who you go to in the future, There is enough money in your pocket to keep you safe, can you hear it?"

Zhao Ruyue was slightly stunned. She didn't expect Mother Li to say something like this. The more this kind of time, the more precious it will be to give charcoal in the snow. Zhao Ruyue still didn't say anything. After Mama Li finished this, she didn't wait for Zhao Ruyue's response, leaving a sentence to do her own thing, and she left.

Zhao Ruyue stood up and felt a little weak, thinking about recent events quickly in her mind. She was sold as a kid. For so many years, she didn't know how much she had suffered and how many sins she had suffered, so that she could enjoy it for more than a year. As a result, the horse stumbled and ended up like this.

Zhao Ruyue was still complaining alone, when she heard the sound of opening the lock outside the door. The door of the firewood room was locked, and Zhao Ruyue did not say how long it was closed. It might have been closed.

The door opened and the sunlight came in. Zhao Ruyue narrowed her eyes uncomfortably, and fixed her eyes on the official family in the mansion.

"Ji Yue, come with me soon. Then you girl is really fate, it's all like this, and some people remember you. The countryman who raised the son of the county magistrate remembers you as a relative, and wants to see you, Xian The grandfather agreed to come over and call you. After that, you can climb up if you don't know how to do it. Tsk, it's just that good for life."

The whole government feels that Zhao Ruyue is too late, either being sold or waiting to die, so why is there such a good benefactor remembered by the benefactor of the grandfather's mansion in the county?

"Countryman? Relatives? But Sister Li!" Zhao Ruyue suddenly remembered the young man with his arms folded and bowed his waist. In fact, in Zhao Ruyue's eyes, Li Ji didn't have any merit. It is indeed smarter than the average villager, but there is no temperament in her body. This makes Zhao Ruyue, who is used to seeing the son of the son, look down, and the housekeeper in the house looks more temperament than he looks.

But nowadays, only Li Ji is the only one who can really give charcoal in the snow.

Zhao Ruyue remembered the conversation with Li Ji before, her face was a little ashamed. In the past, Zhao Ruyue blocked Li Ji and his parents as a group, not in his eyes, or even being an elder. Now, Li Ji is the only one who really saved her.

Zhao Ruyue took a shower, changed clothes, and even put powder on her face, looking better. Zhao Ruyue hadn't eaten for two days, and only had time to eat two dim sums, so she was pulled into the carriage and went to the County Grand Master's House with Xian Cheng.

Zhao Ruyue was sitting in this carriage yesterday. At that time, Zhao Ruyue was full of joy, and the county prime minister didn't dare to say anything serious, but told her to climb up in the future and don't forget him, the old master. As a result, because Zhao Ruyue was clever and said the wrong thing, Zhao Ruyue ran back with the carriage on the way back.

Sitting again today, Zhao Ruyue has lost the ecstasy and arrogance of yesterday, and she has a little more taste in her heart.

"I heard that this person is the elder in your village?" The county Cheng is half the two who can't look at Zhao Ruyue, but at this time they dare not really take Zhao Ruyue, and even take care of him. After all, it is the county magistrate. Call the person who wants it.

"Master Hui, count as a slave's fourth uncle. It's just that the relationship has been cut off by two levels, and it's not of the same surname." Zhao Ruyue looked at her nose and nose.

Xian Cheng nodded and asked, "Then you are very close to him?"

Why would you think of such a girl who was sold out early if you didn't enter?

In fact, Zhao Ruyue was also strange in her heart, why did she think of her? Zhao Ruyue didn't dare to be smart at this time. Truthfully said: "Not close. The slave and maid went back to the village twice and met twice and said something. Fourth Uncle is a compassionate elder, and he has always treated the juniors very carefully."

Zhao Ruyue's answer was quite satisfactory, and the county prime minister thought that Li Ji wanted Zhao Ruyue's ideas. Since I didn't look at Zhao Ruyue, why would you think of such a girl who was sold early for no reason?

This Zhao Ruyue is indeed a bit charming when she talks about it. Being a maid in the house, that is half a young lady. She can't do things like serving tea and water. At most, the young lady will accompany her when she is bored. Chat to relieve boredom. They don't work, and they rarely go out. They pay attention to food, clothing, and clothing, and the things that grow out of the soil over time have become more refined.

Therefore, if Shui has been attracted by Zhao Ruyue's beauty and reached out to help, it is possible.

Xian Cheng was beating the drums in his heart, and couldn't think of anything, so he could only wait for the Dao place to meet with the county's grandfather and Li Ji to find out.

The county magistrate's house entered through the back door to the county magistrate's yard. The house is divided into three gates. The two gates and three gates are the places where your family lives, and outsiders can't get in easily.

The county magistrate placed a pot of wine and two dishes in the yard, enjoying the wine leisurely. There were only a few waiters around, but Li Ji and Er Gouzi were not seen.

The county prime minister first brought Zhao Ruyue to salute. The county magistrate avoided their gift and asked the maid beside him to take Zhao Ruyue to the hall at the second door. Li Ji and Er Gouzi waited for her to say a few words one by one. The words of the village.

Zhao Ruyue took a look at Xian Cheng, drumming in her heart, the Xian Cheng ignored her and talked with the county magistrate wholeheartedly.

Zhao Ruyue left with the maid, and went through the second door to the nearby courtyard hall. The mansion is a county magistrate predecessor county magistrate who stayed inside the county when the best of the lot, all the heads of Deputy Administrative here than at home in the luxurious and more. Zhao Ruyue came here for the first time, she raised her eyes and glanced, and then she didn't dare to repeat her eyes, bowed her head and walked forward.

Li Ji was eating dumplings with Er Gouzi at this time. They said they were dumplings. In fact, one is not as big as chaos, it is the size of nails, and there are various fillings in it. Only when you eat it can you know what kind of fillings are inside. The flavor of a filling is so delicious.

This is just a kind of snack. It is delicious and can relieve boredom. The two have never seen it before. After eating one bowl, it was not enough, and I ordered two more bowls.

Zhao Ruyue was brought in, and there were five or six maids waiting by her side. Because I was seeing a girl, it would be inconvenient to keep Jia Ding by my side to talk.

Entering the house, Zhao Ruyue sneaked up and saw the two of them. At this moment, the two of them changed into good clothes waiting for the material, and Er Gouzi's shining hair crown even seemed to be in the breeze. If you just sit there and say nothing or do nothing, the two princes of the big family would believe it.

The difference is that they live in a free environment without stopping, and they can't see it when they are quiet, which is tacky that can't be concealed by their actions.

Of course, this tackiness is relatively speaking. Some people think that drinking white fungus and lotus seed soup is noble, and drinking stick noodle porridge is vulgar. They can make fun of drinking stick noodles as much as possible, but they don't know that the two words of elegance and vulgarity are human mouths. What's the distinction between high and low in terms of definition?

"The slave servant is like the moon, and I pay my respects to Master Shen and Sister Li."

Zhao Ruyue knelt there, Li Jigang was about to open her mouth to let her get up, and stopped her mouth after thinking about it. He was surrounded by subordinates in the county magistrate's mansion, and the county magistrate would know every word and deeds of Li Ji. So when I meet right now, I can't show too much enthusiasm, so Zhao Ruyue has other ideas.

Yu Qing Li Ji doesn't like to be gifted by others. Yu Li Li Ji's seniority is higher than Zhao Ruyue, and her life will not be lost if she kneels by her.

"It's not an outsider, get up." Li Ji put down the dessert bowl and learned the way of the county magistrate. "My lord also said that you have to pay auntie Yan to your wife, a relative in the village. Those are not courtesy."

The maid beside Zhao Ruyue helped Zhao Ruyue up. Zhao Ruyue pinched her hand in her sleeve, breathing low, not daring to speak easily.

When Zhao Ruyue returned to the village, she didn't mean to show any respect to Li Ji, and she even used her nostrils to look at people from the top. At this time, Zhao Ruyue was really not sure whether Li Ji called her over to help her, or asked her to come over for revenge.

Li Ji saw that she didn't speak, and thought that she was a pitiful person, thinking about it and whispering: "We are all from the same village. It's just a cry. I never felt anything in my heart. You are not two years older than me. I didn't see you when I was a kid, but I heard my sister-in-law say when I was alive. You haven't waited until you grow up. I was snatched by the little kids in the village, thinking about who could take you home."

After Li Ji said this, Zhao Ruyue felt even more unclear in her heart. So, what does this mean? If it is sarcasm, the tone is not the same. How did you bring up your childhood things properly?

When Zhao Ruyue was young, she was called Zhao Zhenzhu. At that time, she was really a pearl in the village. The little boys in the village basically liked her and held her in everything.

Zhao Ruyue's father is very patriarchal. After giving birth to two girls in a row, he feels embarrassed and always complains with his wife at home. What do you say this is to make him a desperate household, what do you say that the girl is born to be useless to harm food.

Zhao Qian's wife was not given in vain. When they quarreled, the two of them screamed. After a long time, Zhao Ruyue didn't like to stay at home. When he went out of the house to play with the children, the little boy looked at her beautifully, and he spoiled her and let her in everything. At that time she was also thinking about who she could marry.

Until one day Zhao Ruyue was dragged into the city by Zhao Qian. That was when Zhao Ruyue entered the city for the first time and saw that everything was fresh, she bought a small merchant's house than Zhao Qian, and it was still sold as a dead contract.

As soon as this death contract is sold, the person who will be the master in later life will be the master's ghost in death. It has nothing to do with the family.

Zhao Ruyue started out as a personality spoiled by the children in the village. She suffered a lot. Thanks to her refusal to be buried, she gritted her teeth and climbed up step by step, so she had the opportunity to enter the county's Chengfu. Only then has the time to turn over.

God knows how happy she felt when she went back to the village with the best clothes given by the master.

"It's all old things." Zhao Ruyue's eyes flushed and she choked up.

"It's an old thing, in fact, it won't last a few years." Li Ji held the table with one hand, looking at Zhao Ruyue, and at Zhao Ruyue's little cherry mouth. As long as Zhao Ruyue doesn't say something that shouldn't be said, then Zhao Ruyue will be able to get away from it in the future.

Li Ji said, "In the past few years, have you ever wanted to go back? Go back to the village and find someone to marry. Although it is not rich in this city, it is a free body, and you can be more comfortable."

Zhao Ruyue was stunned, and looked up at Li Ji and didn't quite understand: "Fourth Uncle, you mean…"

Li Ji said in a persuasive tone: "Go back to the village. The county magistrate said that you are connected with relatives here, and it is impossible to watch you as a slave or a maidservant by someone else. There are many things in this house. You little girl mingled in it, you can't even look at it."

These words are true. Zhao Ruyue, the girl who should have been held in the village, happened to meet a father like Zhao Qian. Starting from Zhao Qian, Zhao Ruyue's life has become deeper and deeper. This day is long, and it is inevitable to get careless. Being a slave and maid, for a moment's carelessness, you might even lose your life.

Although this is an exaggeration, it is not completely impossible.

Zhao Ruyue's eyes got wetter when she heard this, and she didn't speak for a while. Li Ji waited for her to speak, and after a while, she heard Zhao Ruyue's choked voice and said: "Fourth Uncle, do you think I am going back now, can my father let me go?"

Now Zhao Qian may be dreaming about how to extract value from Zhao Ruyue's hands. Zhao Ruyue was accustomed to intrigue, and was able to deal with Zhao Qian in front of him, and even fool him. But the premise of all this was placed on the status of an official servant in Zhao Ruyue's time.

If Zhao Ruyue is no longer a maid serving an official, but an ordinary person returns to the village, Zhao Qian's calculations will fail, I am afraid that Zhao Ruyue will be sold by Zhao Qian again in a few days. Whether it was to marry her to someone for a bride price or to sell her to the county, it was the same, it was all about changing her for silver.

Zhao Ruyue said Li Ji was silent. In fact, if Zhao Ruyue really wants to return to the village, Zhao Qian's Li Ji can help. Li Qiao'er can help without checking Zhao Ruyue. Just listening to Zhao Ruyue's words, she herself had no idea of ​​going back to the village.

"If you really go back, your father can't deal with you. The county magistrate will give you a few silvers, and you can build a yard by yourself. With the help of me and the county magistrate, your father dare not do anything." Li Ji said.

Zhao Ruyue still shook her head: "You don't know my father, but I do. Even if I have you and an adult guarding me, it may not be useful. He can't deal with you, but there are ways to deal with me. At the beginning, he could eat for food. I sold me as soon as I ordered something. Now I am more valuable. I am afraid that he won't be able to move his mind?"

Zhao Ruyue wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and said, "The slave and maid might as well tell the truth to my uncle. After so many years, the slave and maid have also adapted to the life in the house, and their living habits are different from those in the village. It is inevitable that life will be bad. So, I really stopped thinking of going back."

Speaking of this, Zhao Ruyue recalled what Li Jiqian had said, a certain heartstring in her heart was beating, and she had an idea, and said in a tentative tone: "If an adult says that you can't look down on slaves and maids by others, Why not just ask the servants here. Since there is something to do, it is not good to serve others, but it is feasible to serve the county magistrate. To tell the truth, I now have no place to stand in the county's master's mansion after death. The adults are willing to keep the servants, and the servants will repay the adults when they are cattle and horses."

After Zhao Ruyue's words were finished, Li Ji's heart sank. 

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