Although Zhao Ruyue didn't say anything straightforwardly, she just said that she wanted to come and serve her. But if these words reach the county magistrate's ears, she will definitely not be able to enter the county magistrate's mansion.

Even if Zhao Ruyue really doesn't have those thoughts at this time, no one can guarantee that she won't have those thoughts that she shouldn't have in the future.

Once she entered the house and identified herself as a relative, she would subconsciously feel that she was one level higher than other slaves. When he can't figure out his position, he will start thinking about a higher position.

Zhao Ruyue was able to think about the position of the county's auntie in order to climb up in the county's Chengfu, so that he could do other things in order to get to the next level in the future.

In this case, even if Li Ji is willing to help her, he must take precautions. Li Ji may not be able to tolerate it at all, even if it is over-hearted or villainous.

"You tell me that I can't decide, but you can tell the master. Although the master is kind to me for Er Gouzi's sake, this kind of courtesy is also relative. I'm here as a guest and I can't do it. Lord." Li Ji pushed the matter out. He was too unfeeling to say, but the county magistrate could say it should be.

After all, the grandfather of Touxian County is the master of this mansion.

When Li Ji extrapolated this way, Zhao Ruyue was also excited, and suddenly felt that this matter was 80% impossible.

The reason is very simple. If this matter is right, it will be said at the time. If it is uncertain, it will first comfort and then help out. This "I have no right to control" attitude is the most dangerous, because there is such a saying that Li Ji can pick it out when things fail without complaint.

For Zhao Ruyue, the best result for the current plan is the county magistrate's house. Otherwise, if I go back again, I don't know what it will be like.

The county Cheng hated her, it was a knife that killed her, she couldn't go back!

Thinking of this, Zhao Ruyue knelt down again, walked two steps forward, crying: "I know that it is not easy for you to stay in the house, fourth uncle, but at any rate you have such a relationship! There is no way for a slave and maidservant to be cheeky. I beg you. I can't go back to the village, nor to the county mansion. Only here is the place for me to shelter temporarily. I promise, I'm a maid after entering the mansion, and I will be a cow and a horse to repay Lord Shen!"

At this time, Zhao Ruyue really has no thoughts that shouldn't be there, because at this time she just wants to jump out of the fire pit as soon as possible.

When she came out like this, Li Ji couldn't let her face him like this.

Li Ji stood up and walked over and stretched out her hand to her up: "Why are you? How can I say a few more words to help? You force me to use it so much. If it is used on adults, the adults will treat you very well. The impression is gone. You have been in the house for so many years, don't you know the master's preference?"

Li Ji's words were to remind Zhao Ruyue, but they gave Zhao Ruyue another inspiration.

Zhao Ruyue didn't get anxious, but grabbed Li Ji's cuffs, with expectation on her face: "It's useless if I beg, but Brother Ergou… the son is the only son of Lord Shen! If it's the son who gave it to me I'll be able to stay, please!"

Zhao Ruyue looked at Er Gouzi who was eating the little dumpling soup, with a hopeful voice: "My son! We've seen it, I want to call your mother, Aunt Yan! I don't have the face to climb such a kiss, please see For the sake of a village, give me a way out!"

Er Gouzi looked at Zhao Ruyue again at this time, but Zhao Ruyue was holding Li Ji's cuff. After staying on the mountain for a long time, people become especially protective of food, not to mention touching, it is not comfortable to smell the Er Gouzi.

But this kind of emotion cannot be expressed easily, for fear of causing trouble to Li Ji.

Er Gouzi lowered his head and continued to eat his own snack, ignoring it.

"You don't understand Er Gouzi's temper. The people in the village who meet all day long have never said a few words to him. Now he can count what he said to adults with one hand. I know you are eager to get rid of those things, but You must be careful in everything, and you can't rush at the door like a fly without a head. Come on, get up first."

Li Ji pulled the person up and told him to sit on a chair that prevented him from sitting down on the side. Li Ji was sitting next to her, watching her crying pear with rain, Li Ji was really more prepared.

The girl is a poor girl, but after a long time in the door of the house, her mind becomes more serious. Just now it was just a matter of rushing, Zhao Ruyue could think of using Er Gouzi to help her intercede, and let her enter the county magistrate's mansion smoothly. Then there will be more to do for what to do.

Li Ji can understand her situation and mood, but will not condone or help her pave the way.

"Four uncle, please help me." Zhao Ruyue looked at Li Ji with pleading eyes. Ruyue knew it was wrong. From now on, you will be Ruyue's master. If there is anything you ordered, Ruyue will definitely not have a word."

Li Ji somewhat understood why she was taken by the county prime minister, and she was indeed a beauty. If it is a change of person, it must be what Zhao Ruyue said. However, Li Ji is not promising and likes to carry.

"You are smart and confused." Li Ji pulled back the sleeve held by Zhao Ruyue. The maid came over to serve the tea. Li Ji picked up the tea cup and glanced at the end of the tea. "You know, when I mentioned it this morning, it was my lord's. I don't mean to see you very much. Did you say bad things about your Aunt Yan yesterday? My lord remembers it. You said that you can't live in the county manor, and you can live in the county magistrate's mansion? Can someone say bad things about the late wife?"

After Li Ji finished speaking, Zhao Ruyue's body trembled. Li Ji's words are cutting on the blade. Zhao Ruyue had just been thinking that if he wanted to get out of the county mansion, only the county magistrate could help, but forgot that yesterday, in order to give the county magistrate a good impression, he was confused and said bad things about Li Yan for a while.

Today, in desperation, I took out Li Yan and pressed it down, thanks to the fact that he didn't say it directly in front of the county magistrate. If the county magistrate listens to her, let alone save her from the fire and water, it will be considered the county magistrate's generosity if she doesn't step on it. Up.

Zhao Ruyue's cold sweat all came down, but Li Ji was awakened by Li Ji. She knew that what she said, the maidservant in the room, told the grandfather of the county meticulously.

"You're right, I'm just a fool. I can't understand such a simple truth. But…If I can't come here, where else can I go? Is it possible that in this world, I can't accommodate me?"

Can't go back to the village, the county prime minister can't stay at home, the county magistrate is offended by her again. How does this make the way behind her go?

"So for the grace of an adult, I want to give you a free body and redeem your body to buy this property for you. Of course, you still have to see what you want in the future. If you have any thoughts in your heart, I won't stop it, as long as It's not too much, the adults will also be kind."

Li Ji said this is to give Zhao Ruyue the last choice.

The county magistrate will definitely not let Zhao Ruyue approach this mansion again in the future. If Zhao Ruyue loses his thoughts, the county magistrate's intention is to redeem her and let her return to the village.

If Zhao Ruyue can think of other ways, Li Ji can also help.

If Er Gouzi can be found by the county magistrate, Zhao Ruyue has a merit. Although Li Ji didn't want their father and son to meet at all, it was a good thing for Er Gouzi to recognize their ancestors. Today, Li Ji helped Zhao Ruyue with a bunch of Zhao Ruyue, and it was regarded as repaying this favor, and he would not owe it anymore.

"Can you accommodate slave servants?" Zhao Ruyue's claim has changed back to slave servants. She wanted to understand that no one except the county magistrate could be the master of this matter. Since the grandfather of the county said such a mouth with Li Ji, it meant that she gave her a certain choice. It's just that this space won't be too big, at least she won't be allowed to come to the county magistrate's house.

In this way, where to go in the future is a big problem. There is only one chance. If you choose the wrong one, you may face a fire pit with a bigger time.

"Think about it." Li Ji stood up, turned his head and walked to the upper seat and sat at a table with Er Gouzi across the table. Er Gouzi's bowl was finished, and Li Ji had half a bowl left. Li Jisheng gave Er Gouzi two spoons, bowed his head and ate the leftovers in the bowl. It is a sin not to eat such a delicious thing.

Zhao Ruyue closed her eyes and fell into thought. Li Ji's words woke her up, at this time it really can't be solved by crying and crying. The more you are in a high position, the more unfeeling you are, and the less you can see how pitiful you are.

Zhao Ruyue couldn't help thinking of what happened in the county's Chengfu these past two days. Auntie's falling into the hole, the cynicism of the maids, and the words Mama Li said in front of the door.

Xian Cheng is a master who sees the wind, she is lustful and passionate, but he has deep affection for his children. Of course, no matter what kind of person he is, he is really heartbroken towards Zhao Ruyue.

Zhao Ruyue quickly calculated in her head what is best for her. Having been a maid for so many years, it is a lie for Zhao Ruyue to have no ambitions. Of course, working as a maid in a big family's house, if there is no ambition and scheming, I don't know what it is like to be squeezed.

So as long as you stay in the back house of the official house, it is impossible to be alone. But if he leaves the wealthy family and lets Zhao Ruyue lead a normal life, Zhao Ruyue is unwilling. After so many years of hard work, nothing can't be exchanged.

After waiting for a while, Zhao Ruyue wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and there was more tenacity in her eyebrows: "Ruyue figured it out."

Zhao Ruyue said her own name this time.

Li Ji didn't ask what he figured out. About Zhao Ruyue, Li Ji didn't dare to say that she was smarter than her. Since she was thinking about the decision she had said for a long time, it must be the best way for Zhao Ruyue right now.

After a while, a maid came over and said that she was asking Li Ji, Er Gouzi and Zhao Ruyue to have a drink in the front yard.

The three of them stood up to tidy up their appearances, and passed by with the maid.

At this time, Xian Cheng didn't know where he was going, and only the grandfather of the county pinched this small wine glass. His gaze first fell on Er Gouzi, smiled at Er Gouzi and nodded, then turned his gaze to Zhao Ruyue: "Can you talk about it?"

Zhao Ruyue knelt down and respectfully kowtowed to the county magistrate, and was not in a hurry to beg for forgiveness for what happened yesterday.

"Get up." The county magistrate asked Li Ji and Er Gouzi to sit down, and the maid poured wine for the two.

Li Ji was greedy for wine, and the person who had been frozen to death before drinking, Li Ji was frightened for a long time and dared not touch the wine. But after a long time the wine bug was hooked up, Li Ji couldn't help drinking two glasses. I didn't dare to drink too much, but I didn't drink it when I met.

Zhao Ruyue kowtowed her head and raised her body in no hurry. A pair of fists just clenched, and my heart seemed to be still struggling.

"What do you think?" the county magistrate asked.

Zhao Ruyue's voice trembled a little, and said, "Master Hui, slave maid…The slave maid has been fond of the county prime minister for a long time, and I beg the master to fulfill it."

This was an uproar, including Li Ji. Li Ji knew that Zhao Ruyue had thought about the concubine of the county prime minister, but that was also the past. Li Ji originally thought that with more choices, Zhao Ruyue would not go back and choose Xian Cheng, an old man with a heart, that Zhao Ruyue would really die.

But when you think about it, Zhao Ruyue is really obsessed with Master Cheng so far? Not really. If she is really infatuated, when Li Ji first talked to her, how could she rush to the county magistrate's house?

That is why Zhao Ruyue felt that this was her only way in the future.

The county magistrate was only slightly stunned, and soon recovered. Not to mention that Zhao Ruyue is about the same age as Xiancheng's daughter, it is not uncommon to be about the same age as Xiancheng's granddaughter.

"You can think about it, your official prosperous years, that county Cheng is old enough to be your father." The county magistrate said in a persuasive tone.

Zhao Ruyue thought very clearly, took a deep breath, and pleaded: "The servant maid courageously, the servant maid can learn from the heart of the county! I was fortunate enough to get a night of grace from the county magistrate before, but I was not blessed to conceive a child for the county prime minister. Half-girl. If there is a chance to have another honor, the slave and maid's life will be considered worthwhile."

When Zhao Ruyue said this, she was determined.

It's very simple to let the county prime minister accept a concubine. Xian Cheng was originally a fancier, and accepting concubines was just a sentence. It's just a pity that such a graceful girl married in the past. What's more, there are six concubine rooms of the original wife in the county's Chengfu. If Zhao Ruyue is a simple room girl, it would be nice to say that there will be even concubine rooms to please.

But if Zhao Ruyue became a serious concubine, he would undoubtedly share a piece of the pie with the seven women and would only become a target.

The county magistrate looked at Zhao Ruyue, thinking twice, and did not persuade. Since Zhao Ruyue chose this route, I believe she can think of this too.

"In that case, you can stay in the county's Chengfu." The county magistrate drank the wine in the cup and told the maid, "Miss Zhao is in a hurry, and she hasn't had time to dress up. You take her to get a change. Decent outfit."

Waiting for the maids to take Zhao Ruyue down to change clothes, before long Xian Cheng came back.

It turned out that Xian Cheng had to relieve him halfway, and I don't know whether it was because he was really in a hurry, or because the county magistrate benefited.

"I'm back." The county magistrate smiled, "I mentioned you just now."

Of course, the county Cheng clearly knew what to do with him was to talk about things behind his back. This matter is mostly related to Zhao Ruyue. The county princes are not stupid. If the county magistrate does not talk about this matter, he will not intervene in a few words.

"It's surprising. Your family got together and talked about me." Xian Cheng sat down and laughed. "I'm waiting for the wedding wine at the county's grandfather's house. It's a happy event for the eldest son to find it back. This banquet You have to do it well."

The county magistrate didn't laugh, and turned his eyes to Er Gouzi, feeling very satisfied. He didn't want to tell everyone that this is his only child, but Er Gouzi is now like this, even his father is not really recognized, if the banquet takes him to the banquet, I am afraid that it will happen in his life.

So I still have to wait for Er Gouzi to recognize his father before making any plans.

"Then you wait slowly, I'm not in a hurry. Brother Li, Chang'an, this is the county prime minister." The county magistrate introduced.

Li Ji stood up and saluted, and Er Gouzi stood up with him, trying to learn from Li Ji, pulling a hand over the maid behind him. Er Gouzi doesn't know how to etiquette, if the salute is different from Li Ji. Since you don't understand it, it is better not to be polite, so as not to make a joke.

"Caomin Li Ji has seen the county prince."

"What are you polite? No outsiders. Sit quickly." Sitting down with Li Ji, the county chief said with a smile, "Looking at your brows and eyes are a bit familiar, you have always come to the county to see it a few times, blame my head. I don't remember it very clearly. I want to say that the blood of the wife's family is really good. The eldest son is handsome, and the little brother is handsome."

The county prime minister praised this, the county magistrate put down the wine glass and said with a smile: "Indeed, the people from the Li family are all good-looking. I saw Miss Ruyue, she is indeed a beauty."

In this case, Li Ji said it was normal. After all, Li Ji had never seen any beautiful women. The county magistrate came from the capital city. What good did he not see?

The county prince knew that the county magistrate would not speak for nothing, so he changed his mind and said with a smile: "My lord, if you like it, you don't have to go back with me if you like this."

The county magistrate shook his head and said: "That's my wife's niece, what it looks like to stay with me. She also called me uncle, I just mentioned to her to redeem her, but after all, it is the girl who is older and she Thoughts."

The grandfather of the county was only half talking, and Xian Cheng's heart beat the drum, thinking for a long time before it became clear, "You mean, Ruyue and Xiaguan go back?"

The county magistrate nodded and smiled: "Look at you, so you can't see where you go, that girl just looks at you. Although I love her, I can't force her. He likes to wait on you. Then stay with you."

It is normal for the boss to place a concubine to monitor the lower officer, and many people can't ask for it. The above can prove that the Cypriots by your side value you. It also proves that the promotion is not far away.

So almost everyone is kind to the people who are stuffed up above, and most of the concubines are concubines.

But it was the first time that a maid who directly promoted Xian Cheng by his side, like the grandfather of the county. Although this maid has some relatives with the county magistrate.

"When you say this, the next official understands. It's hard for Ru Yue's thoughts. Tomorrow I will set up a banquet, and I will ask you to come over and have two glasses of wedding wine. It's a pity that I have my original wife, so I can only feel wronged like the moon. Guan Liang's concubine."

Generally, the subordinates are low-ranking concubines. Although they are all concubines, they have similar grades in their household registration, but the treatment in the mansion is very different.

Half of the good concubines are girls from good people, or daughters from the head of a small official. The lowly concubines are the lesser masters, and the good concubines are more than half the masters.

It is impossible for the county magistrate to let the county prime minister stop his wife and marry again, and she is indeed not worthy of being a slave as Ruyue's current status. It's just that a beautiful girl marrying such a middle-aged man, if it were not for Zhao Ruyue's own intention, the county magistrate would never have made this decision.

"I will definitely eat this wedding wine." The county magistrate looked at it and was caught. The maid immediately poured the two of them separately. The county magistrate toasted to congratulate him. "The official congratulates the county monarchy in advance for the joy."

The two clinked glasses and drank all the wine. The county magistrate said to the maid: "Go to Curry to find some decent jewelry. Although my niece is a concubine, she is still a married woman. If you prepare something, it will be used as makeup."

The grandfather of the county can actually let Zhao Ruyue marry in the mansion, which will add to Zhao Ruyue's face, and will be able to rely on it in the county's mansion in the future. It's just that the county magistrate is not willing to be this backing, and it is enough to add some makeup.

The county magistrate had no affection for Zhao Ruyue. If it weren't for Li Ji to mention it, the county magistrate couldn't even think of this person, and didn't want to think of it.

If you are a good concubine, you also need to do it well, and most of the people have it, but you can't go beyond the original wife. As long as the husband's family does not object, the concubine can even wear a wirelessly close to the red wedding gown to add joy when entering the house. According to the regulations, if the concubine enters the house, the wedding gown must be color cast, in short, it cannot be red.

Some want to put eye drops on the wife of the original partner, so they choose a color close to the red color. As long as the husband has no objection, the wife of the original partner is looking for trouble.

The grandfather of the county spoke in person. Although the county prime minister didn't wait to see Zhao Ruyue these two days, he still had to think about it in his heart. Since the grandfather of the county has given Zhao Ruyue a position, he needs to pay more attention to it in the future. In the future, if Zhao Ruyue has the opportunity to visit relatives at the Taiyefu of the County more often, he can save a lot of thoughts by mentioning the County Cheng to say a few more words.

The county Cheng had calculations in his heart, smiled and nodded to the concubine, and ate two more glasses of wine. The well-dressed Zhao Ruyue was brought back by the maid.

Zhao Ruyue put on a snow-white long skirt at this time, and looked at it in the flowery courtyard, but it was unique, with a powder on her face and four hairpins on her hairpin. It was not extravagant, but just right.

Fragrant powder was sprinkled on his body, and as the wind came, people arrived before the fragrance, slightly raised their heads and bowed to salute, which did not smell.

There is an old saying that if you want to be a filial piety, standing there so cleanly will make people feel itchy in their hearts.

It's completely different from Zhao Ruyue's maid's feeling, and she looks like Xiaojiabiyu's ladylike meaning when she looks like this.

The county prime minister was a lecherous person. Seeing Zhao Ruyue's appearance at this time, he nodded. Why didn't you think that Zhao Ruyue had such an amazing side in the past?

Zhao Ruyue felt Xian Cheng's gaze, and her heart became cold. I made a mistake in front of the grandfather of the county before, and the county Cheng was so unsympathetic towards her. If Zhao Ruyue had other calculations in her heart, or had a better way out, Zhao Ruyue would never marry such a man.

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