With the county's grandfather supporting, Zhao Ruyue is at least fascinating right now. It's just that the grandfather of the back county may not think of Zhao Ruyue, so it's up to Zhao Ruyue to live the rest of the life.

After chatting for a while, the two adults said this without a word. Li Ji, who hadn't read the book, couldn't hear anything, let alone understand the meaning.

I'm sorry to say away directly. If you just have some snacks, you can eat something with Er Gouzi. When the snacks are gone, people will immediately get new ones.

In fact, most of the snacks and dishes that go with wine during the chat are displayed. At most, it is a toast and drink when it is critical. The rest of the time may not move until the end of the conversation.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi are obviously Qingliu, and with them, the kitchen feels that they are just cooking.

Seeing that the maids had served dim sum dishes three times, the county magistrate finally ended the conversation and said with a smile: "Look, we both have housework tied up, and we have been chatting for a long time. Okay, you take it first. My concubine, go back. I still want to talk to my son for a while, so I can find it easily. It's not too much to talk for a few days or nights."

Xian Cheng also stood up and left with Zhao Ruyue and her companion.

Seeing the person leaving, Li Ji sighed: "I don't know if I'm hungry, I hope I don't harm her."

"She chose it herself, so she can't blame us. It's so boring, in fact, this mansion is just looking at it, and it may not be interesting to your country." The county magistrate laughed softly.

"It's not necessarily. The key is that there is a lot of work in the house from day to night, raising the animals and planting the ground, and being diligent is not idle for a moment. But in this house, you don't have to do anything, just eat, drink and have fun. It seems like rice."

"What are you busy with at home?" The county magistrate said with great interest. He also wanted to hear more about what life Er Gouzi had before.

"Wake up in the morning and cook the food first, then feed the animals. It's fine when the food is closed and fed. After eating the food, add more food, and then go to the field to see what work there is. Sometimes the animals have to give birth to their babies. Be busy. Reluctant to give the animals all the food, like rabbits and can't go out, they have to go up the mountain to mow the grass. The first two years were hard, this year is better, the family has a lot of money, so I just hire the villagers to mow. Now save It's a lot, and it's enough to feed it in winter."

Work at sunrise, and rest at sunset. This is every day for all the country folks. The same is true in the city. Only a few people choose to go out to eat, drink and have fun at night, such as brothels.

There is a brothel in the county, but there are not two girls, because there are not many rich people and they are willing to spend less.

"Although it's hard work, but I enjoy it." The county magistrate sipped, "Chang'an has adapted to this kind of life, and I don't know if he can adapt to it in the future. I'm like asking a gentleman to teach him to read and read. Although I can't read anything at such an age, I have been studying the sage book for a few days. Unfortunately, I am busy with official duties, otherwise I will teach it myself."

The county magistrate's idea is normal. He himself was born as a Tanhua Lang. It stands to reason that the child should also be an emperor's disciple who has studied sages and sages. Naihe Da hadn't seen his father since he was born, and didn't know a big character.

If Er Gouzi is ten years younger, Li Ji will definitely not stop it, but now Er Gouzi are all so old, and they have been studying for a year or two for their own sons, where is too late?

And this is not a question of age, but a question of whether you can learn.

If it is a yellow-mouthed child, and his mind is not yet mature, then he will learn how he teaches it. Reading and literacy go with the flow. But when he grows up, his mind is basically set, and it will be difficult for him to study again.

Li Ji brewed for a while and said, "It stands to reason that Er Gouzi is your son. How did you decide that I am speechless. But have you ever thought about whether Er Gouzi can still learn now? Nothing else. I have been together with Er Gouzi for almost two years. Many Er Gouzi's habits have not changed. They have not even changed their heads in the world. When they encounter unfamiliar people, they ignore them. This is what I taught by ears day and night."

Li Ji drank a drink to moisturize his throat, and continued: "If you insist on learning from him, I'm worried in my heart. If he has the mind to learn, it's okay, if he doesn't want to learn, he can't add up like ordinary children. If he is unhappy, he has the intention to leave. To be honest, no one can stop us here."

Er Gouzi was not a person who was directed by others, his nature was there, at least no one could obliterate him.

If it's an educated child next to his parents, then what is said, and if he is disobedient, he will even beat and scold, and the child will bear it and forget it in a blink of an eye. But the Er Gouzi are different.

Li Ji's words reminded the county magistrate that Er Gouzi is different from ordinary children. Even if the county magistrate thinks so completely for Er Gouzi's sake, it depends on Er Gouzi's not far to bear it.

"I was too anxious." Er Gouzi ignored the county magistrate, and the county magistrate could only say a few more words to Li Ji. "It's enough for you to make a joke. I stopped here and I was full of Chang'an. Things. Every child in the past, now has it, and thinks about everything."

"Understand a little bit, there is no such thing as a father who is not thinking about his son." Li Ji pours wine for the county magistrate. "The Er Gouzi on the left and right are here, you can see it whenever you want. As the old saying goes, good things are hard to come by, we don't have to rush to come. ."

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi, not anxious, it was a lie.

The county magistrate said to Er Gouzi: "What do you want to eat at night? Just say, I have to make it in the kitchen at night."

Er Gouzi is very surprised why this person always looks at him. Seeing the county magistrate asked, Er Gouzi replied after thinking about it: "Meat. Fourth Uncle likes to eat garlic spinach."

I said a word if I wanted to eat, and said a word about Li Ji. This is the first time Er Gouzi has said so much to the county magistrate.

The county magistrate nodded again and again, and after the joy was over, he was still murmured in his heart, but these Er Gouzi missed Li Ji too much.

There is a white fungus and lotus seed soup in the appetizer before dinner. The lotus seeds were picked together by Li Ji and Er Gouzi, and the county magistrate ate them very sweetly.

Li Jixiao asked Er Gouzi if it was delicious. Er Gouzi never picks what to eat, so he nodded when he heard Li Ji asked.

This meal has more meat than none before. Nine of the ten dishes are meat, and Er Gouzi is full of greasy mouths.

I know this is like eating meat, but I don't know that I have never eaten meat in my life.

Er Gouzi's appetite once again received a crowd of horrified eyes, and even the county magistrate looked straight.

Li Jisheng was afraid that the county magistrate would misunderstand that he would not give Er Gouzi meat, and smiled: "I don't know how Er Gouzi's stomach grows. It is especially good at eating meat. The family can eat at least one rabbit every day. At that time, I need two or three. But I didn't see him when he was tired. I only waited until the meat was almost eaten before he was willing to eat the vegetables. Others always kept the green vegetables and could not see the meat. Er Gouzi eat two more bites here. The green vegetables are strange enough."

The county magistrate couldn't help but look at Er Gouzi's eccentric taste, how he liked it. After all, it is my son who hurts himself.

The county magistrate said, "Eating too much is not good for your health. Let him eat these two days. We will supervise him to eat less and more vegetables together in a few days. I am not afraid of him eating. I'm afraid he will spoil his body after eating."

I controlled how much Li Ji ate before. This time I entered the County Grand Master's Mansion. There are many good things that I will never see in my life. Li Ji didn't restrict Er Gouzi to eat, so Er Gouzi eats every meal in the past two days. It's bulging and satisfying.

"Er Gouzi? Can you hear me. I won't restrict you today. From tomorrow on, it will be the same as before. Don't eat too much. It's not good for your health."

Er Gouzi gnawed the drumstick in his hand, looked at Li Ji, and nodded hard. Although he didn't want to, Er Gouzi would not refuse what Li Ji said.

"Good." There is a distance between Li Ji and Er Gouzi. If in normal times, Li Ji will rub Er Gouzi's hair at this time, and Er Gouzi will give him a kiss.

Thinking of this, Li Ji couldn't help but look over Er Gouzi's head. The hair crown is high, and the black hair is almost invisible. Even if you reach out to touch it, it's just that expensive crown.

Feeling stunned, Li Ji drank two more glasses of wine.

Three rounds of wine, five flavors of food. Er Gouzi was full and didn't worry about getting off the table. Waiting for the maids to withdraw from the table, the county magistrate gestured to the housekeeper beside him. The housekeeper clapped his hands, and a middle-aged woman in her forties came in with a team of men and women outside the door.

They all dressed differently, and they all sounded clean. They all watched their noses and noses, and didn't dare to take a breath from the nervous atmosphere. They entered the house and stood in line.

The county magistrate said: "There are two more masters in the house, and there will be a lot of work to be done by the people. It is inevitable that there will be times when they are too busy. These are the clean homes. First look at the ones that are eye-catching. Stay and serve."

Li Ji didn't prepare, but was startled by the county magistrate's sudden decision. He glanced over the two pedestrians, feeling a little weird in his heart.

He knew that some people fell into slavery in order to survive and left them as slaves. Some of them were born as slaves, because unless they were redeemed by themselves, they had the proof of the master and spent dozens of dollars to change them. Only after the household registration can we get rid of it, otherwise the generations will be slaves.

These people may still be looking forward to entering the County Grand Master's Mansion. Although it is difficult for people with high status to serve, they can act generously. Not only does the monthly bill give a lot of money, if you give a reward at random, it will be enough for ordinary people to spend a year.

Li Ji swept his gaze twice, feeling uncomfortable in his heart, so naturally he wouldn't be a sincere choice.

"I wasn't a waiter. It's really difficult for you to choose me." Li Ji turned to look at Er Gouzi, "Did you see it?"

Er Gouzi shook his head. To him, except for Li Ji's accident, he didn't see anyone in sight.

It was originally given to two candidates, but neither of them agreed. In fact, both of them are accustomed to the life of ordinary people. They don't like someone who bows to them at all. If they can't adapt to the days of being masters, they naturally lose their minds about subordinates.

The county magistrate also looked at these people carefully, and simply chose them by himself.

In the end, six girls and four Jia Ding were selected. Everyone doesn't play at all ages. Four of the six maids were honest-looking and honest, and the remaining two were pretty and well-built. They spoke well and were not tacky, and looked honest.

Just looking at the selected people, Li Ji had a vague guess in his heart.

Er Gouzi has no plans to marry a wife, and it is impossible to take a concubine before marrying another wife, but it is reasonable to have two maids who take care of people (sexual needs). Just wait for Er Gouzi to taste it, and then he won't refuse too much.

No matter where it is, it seems that the three wives and four concubines of a man are justified. Which daughter-in-law in the village doesn't have children and doesn't want to divorce her. It's not that she didn't marry a young one, not to mention the eldest son of the county prince.

Things are so strange. The county magistrate can die for Li Yan, but when he comes to the child, he even wants him to spread the branches and leaves the children and grandchildren. It's like that most of the wives of big families hate their husband's concubine, but they are very keen to give their son a concubine, and their daughter-in-law will complain about her jealousy when she disagrees.

This is a contradiction, and at the same time as it should be.

With this idea, Li Ji felt uncomfortable. When they were assigned, Li Ji was a little surprised, because the two pretty girls were assigned to each other.

It means that these two girls in the same room were prepared for the two, and brought a copy of Li Ji.

With such an equal treatment, Li Jizhen didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

After the meal, the weather turned down and I pressed it. The county grandpa deliberately took his son to chat for a while, but it was not easy to delay the rest of the day.

The newcomers should not be in a hurry to work, they must first be taught by a dedicated person for a few days, so as not to run into the taboo of the master.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi still lived together, and went back to the yard together. The maids had already prepared hot water to drink petals, just waiting for the two masters to come and take a bath.

Every place I walked was respectful with his head down, and his words and deeds were all regular. Li Ji is not accustomed to this, but in other people's homes, he always has to go to the countryside to do as the customs.

He was soaking in the bathtub, and Er Gouzi was in the bathtub next to him. Li Ji thought about things in his heart, closed his eyes and said nothing, Er Gouzi felt panicked.

"When will you go home?" Er Gouzi said.

Er Gouzi asked anything, but that was what Li Ji couldn't answer.

Li Ji was silent, and Er Gouzi continued to ask: "I want to have a small tail, and I also want to taotao and loose." In fact, Er Gouzi also missed the wolf on the mountain, but he didn't admit it.

Li Ji continued to remain silent, and Er Gouzi said again: "You said Li Jin will help us feed the animals. I'm afraid he will feed less, and we will lose weight when we go back."

Li Ji only felt that his nose was sour, so he buried his mouth and nose in the water, leaving only the pair of eyes dampened with steam looking at Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi jumped out of the tub directly, walked to Li Ji, reached into the water and touched Li Ji's face: "Go home."

Li Ji stretched out his arms and hugged Er Gouzi's head across the tub. At this time, Er Gouzi dropped his cold hair crown, and a long black hair was sprinkled. Li Ji messed up Er Gouzi's hair, and a sense of satisfaction that was difficult to express was brewing in his heart.

Li Ji wanted to go home more than Er Gouzi, but he couldn't take Er Gouzi back with him. If the county magistrate is not a thing and is not good for Er Gouzi, Li Ji can take Er Gouzi away with peace of mind, but the county magistrate has a paternal heart to Er Gouzi, and Li Ji can't be so selfish to separate them.

what to do? Li Ji knew it. Li Ji is smart, but he can put his age there. Since childhood, this is the first time Li Ji has faced such a thing.

He likes Er Gouzi, and what he likes is difficult to explain in words, but this like cannot hinder the love of the county magistrate for his son.

Li Ji looked for Er Gouzi's lips, and the fusion between his lips and tongue replaced all language.

The fire started, Er Gouzi didn't care about it, and wanted to jump into the tub and toss for a while. However, Li Ji had concerns. He was afraid of being heard by the people waiting outside, and refused to stop Er Gouzi.

"Don't be good, don't make trouble." Li Ji pushed Er Gouzi with one hand and touched his head with the other. While rejecting, reluctant to give up.

"Why, not yesterday." In the past two days, Er Gouzi has eaten a lot of meat.

"Hey, it's not okay now. Come on, wipe our bodies and let's sleep."

Li Ji didn't soak anymore, stood up from the water, wiped his body with a soft cloth, and then put on the nightgown.

The only remaining moisture was sucked up by the nightgown, Li Ji hurriedly walked into the back room.

Er Gouzi is not a compulsive person. Seeing Li Ji walk over without looking back, he felt uncomfortable, but he would not complain with Li Ji.

Holding the bedroom tightly, the voices heard by the people outside the door entered the room to wait for the two.

They arranged the melon and fruit snacks, put a pot of herbal tea to quench their thirst at night, and ice cubes to cool down, they all left very intimately.

This is the point for decent servants. Anything that only needs to be explained once. From now on, as long as it is not specifically explained, follow the previous one. It is very caring.

Lying on the bed, Er Gouzi was on the side of the bed, and did not lie down in it. Without speaking, Li Ji knew that he was having a temper.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to fish for Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi did not move. Li Ji used a little bit of strength, and the two of them froze in a stalemate.

After holding it for a while, Li Ji conceded first, and went over to hug Er Gouzi directly, with his head against Er Gouzi's back, and his hands on Er Gouzi's chest without speaking.

Er Gouzi just let him hold.

Both of them were next to the bed, leaving most of the space on the other end.

After a short while, I even felt that the other party was asleep.

At this time, Li Ji said softly: "I'm homesick too."

Li Ji said: "But we can't go back like this."

Li Ji said: "If you don't understand, my conscience is disturbed."

Li Ji said: "We are a family, and your father is also our family."

Li Ji said: "We are a couple, we can't stay away forever."

Er Gouzi finally made a move and rolled over and hugged Li Ji tightly.

"Before I said, where you are, it is home. But I don't think it anymore. The house we build is the most like home, and we are the most comfortable there. I don't understand what you say. But I will definitely go if you decide. do."

After speaking, Er Gouzi kissed Li Ji's face: "I won't say it anymore, let's go to sleep."

The more Er Gouzi said so, the more uneasy Li Ji felt. For a moment, Li Ji even wanted to go to the county magistrate and tell him that he and Er Gouzi were actually a couple. The two had been in a bed for a long time, and even defeated the world and called Li Yanniang.

But he can't do it.

He counseled, didn't have the courage.

Both of them had insomnia all night, but they were holding each other motionless for fear of being discovered by each other. When I woke up the next morning and looked at the other person, my eyes were blue, relatively speechless.

The sun rose, and there was a knock on the door outside. Li Ji took the lead to sit up and start changing his clothes.

A maid came in and brought new clothes. Yesterday's clothes have been worn for a day. Although they are still clean in Li Ji's eyes, they have to be washed.

Really good fabrics are actually not washable at all. Basically, they break after a few washes and cannot be worn. But how can people who are really rich wear a piece of clothing many times? If you can wear it two or three times, it means you like it, and throw it away if you have more.

It is sweltering heat now, and the clothes that I am preparing to come are all in refreshing colors, and they are cool and clean when I put them on my body, and they are very comfortable.

Li Ji combed Er Gouzi's hair and put on a crown, and in a blink of an eye it was Pian Pian Young Lang. The more Li Ji watched, the more attractive he became, and the more he watched, the more he felt panicked in his heart.

Er Gouzi enjoys all this luxury as it should be. But because of Li Ji's existence, Er Gouzi wanted to go back to the village to live a hard life.

The county magistrate went to work again. I heard that someone came to report that something happened. The county magistrate needs to go to trial. This involves trial matters, and the small case is enough for the county magistrate to be busy for a while, and I definitely can't come back for lunch.

In the morning, preserved egg and lean meat porridge is served with a few dishes. Without the county magistrate, the two retired from the serving maids and sat in the same place to eat. Just when there was garlic spinach, Er Gouzi picked up two more chopsticks for Li Ji.

The two have less communication, but such a tacit understanding has not changed.

The day before yesterday I basically saw everything that I could see, and the rest is nothing new even if I watch it again. After eating, I went to the bamboo forest to tease the birds for a while, and saw the bamboo shoots just emerging from the bamboo forest.

Li Ji didn't understand this, but he heard that bamboo shoots can be used in vegetables. He asked the housekeeper in the yard to see if he could eat them.

"If you go back to Young Master Li, the bamboo shoots are hard when they show up. If you want to eat them, you have to look for the ones that don't show up. The bamboo shoots don't have many supplements, but they are really refreshing. If you want to eat this, smile. Just find two people to dig and wait until noon to make some."

Li Ji and Er Gouzi are both idle, there is no way. All of them are hardworking people. They have to do so much work every day in the village, and suddenly they can't bear it when they are born.

"It doesn't have to be so troublesome. Er Gouzi and I are free, so let's come by ourselves, bring tools, and you will teach me how to find and dig. I haven't eaten this bite, but it's fresh."

The two masters have to work, how can this be? It's okay to pick a lotus plant. It's just for fun. Digging bamboo shoots is physical work. If you let the county magistrate know where to make it?

"Don't do it, my lord, don't be too embarrassed. This is dirty and tiring digging bamboo shoots. How can it bother the two masters." 

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