"There are no masters and slaves. We are boring to pass the time and prevent you from doing it. I will tell the county magistrate later, let's get the tools."

Li Ji looked down at the delicately crafted shoes and the clothes that were quickly mopping the floor, and said: "Bring the clothes we wore when we came. It's a pity that such good clothes are dirty. We wear our own, rather than dirty. Even if it's broken, it won't hurt."

In fact, they are good clothes at home. They are reserved for going out or when they are free. When working, there are also clothes with poorly fabricated materials. But looking at it right now, it doesn't hurt to put on the clothes at home.

When Li Ji ate and ate this, there were not many people stopping him at the moment, so he listened to Li Ji's instructions and found the clothes of the two. These two clothes were almost thrown away. After all, I will choose clothes to wear in the future, and I won't wear clothes of this kind of fabric again.

But it was the master's thing that could not be easily touched without an order, so I washed it and put it away. I thought I didn't need to take it out in my life. I just waited for a year to clean up the waste in the house and listened to the master's words.

The inner jacket was left untouched, only the outermost layer was replaced. Putting on the familiar clothes, Li Ji touched it. Although the fabric was much worse, the clothes really made me feel more at ease.

The pickaxe used for digging lotus root was brought, and the family of Zhulin reluctantly took the two to dig, and a group of uneasy subordinates came to fight. The two went down to get the dirt on their shoes. Someone immediately wiped it with a kerchief. They were sweating, and some quickly wiped it clean.

There are two other maids who are afraid that the two are hot, and then they play fans while listening to the side. One family member is afraid that the two will be thirsty and tired, carrying a plate of iced melons and fruits. The posture knows that the two are idle and bored. If you don't know, it's really like a rich son who needs a group of servants to experience the life of ordinary people.

Surrounded by a group of people like this, no matter how good it is, I lost my interest. Li Ji rushed twice, and they stood two steps away, and came up to wait on them whenever they were free. For a long time, Li Ji felt sad for them, and they were also trying to survive, otherwise no one would like to serve two poor masters like this.

The first two were dug out, and finally a complete bamboo shoot was dug out. Li Ji felt fresh while holding the bamboo shoots, but also depressed than the people who entangled them. I felt bored in my heart, but it was not easy to scold them. They are not easy, and there is no need to embarrass them.

Er Gouzi also dug out bamboo shoots smoothly, and went to Li Ji's side: "Can this be eaten?"

Li Ji said: "I don't know. We will go to the kitchen to see how they handle it. If it is revitalized, we can try to plant it in the future…"

Thinking of his own planting, Li Ji suddenly stopped. Because he also doesn't know when he can go home.

Er Gouzi deliberately ignored Li Ji's strangeness, and nodded: "If it is delicious, there are many more."

People hurriedly took the bamboo shoots dug up and sent them directly to the kitchen.

Li Ji only felt strange: "It's still morning, and it's still early to eat, so why did you do it in a hurry?"

Watching Zhulin's Jia Ding hurriedly explained: "You don't know what Li Gongzi, this bamboo shoot is bad when dug out, and the taste of a cup of tea will be different. If it is two hours in the past, it will start to rotten. So it must be It's best to dig it first and eat it first. Many of them can be marinated into sour bamboo shoots, which can be kept for a winter, and they are most appetizing when used to stir-fry the minced pork."

This Ding obviously knows bamboo well, and Li Jiguang is a little greedy when he hears it: "Sour bamboo shoots? This thing can be pickled."

"Most dishes can be pickled, and this bamboo shoot is no exception. The young ancestor came from the south, and the family relied on bamboo for generations. When the young father was there, he still made a living by buying sour bamboo shoots. It's just that the little one is not capable, and the family suffers a sudden disaster. Thanks to the kindness of the master, he took a bite of food with the little one, and then he did not starve to death. The master does not like to eat sour, and he does not eat pickles very much. There is a greenhouse in winter. It grows fresh vegetables, so there are very few pickled things in the house. Even if there are, they are used for seasoning, instead of pickling sour bamboo shoots."

Li Jigang was about to ask if he could teach him to pick bamboo shoots, but when he said that, he remembered that this was the income from the meal that his ancestors passed down. Naturally, he couldn't easily spread it out, so he swallowed the words.

Those who can do long-term work in the mansion are clever. The family saw Li Ji's eagerness to say but smiled: "Actually, pickling bamboo shoots is simple, but it's not easy to master different seasons when you want to master it. You need to control the time and environment in order to eat the best-tasting sour bamboo shoots. Who knows how to make it is not a problem, but it can really be mastered. It takes more than ten years of experience to say nothing. It's the same principle with wine making. If you like to eat, Lord Minger will prepare some pickles for you to try. If you like, let's pick more."

"How ashamed to trouble you, the left and right are fresh, there are too many fresh things in the house, and I can't be too busy trying one by one." Li Ji lowered his head and continued digging, barely enduring people's "harassment" from time to time.

After the two dug a total of ten bamboo shoots, the two stopped and stopped making trouble for the people in the group. They only ordered the dug out bamboo shoots to be made into vegetables, and they ate them while they were fresh. Make two servings of each dish, and give one to the county magistrate who is in the county government office.

When the work is over, the shoes are already covered with mud and sand. Even if people wipe them diligently, it is inevitable that they are stepping in the mud.

Wash your hands first, change the basin of water and then wash your face. There is still a flower disc in the wash water, and then there is a fragrant pancreas to wash, as if the body has been sprayed with fragrant powder.

After washing, I changed the dirty clothes on my body. When I finished cleaning, the kitchen had already started to deliver food. I didn't order rice. I just cooked the dishes lighter and drank some fruit wine.

The old bamboo shoots have been cut off, and the rest of the entrance is delicate and fragrant, with a kind of crispness that is difficult to special, and the taste is very good. Li Ji likes to stir-fry with spicy peppers. It can be eaten with an empty mouth. Some, it must be a special meal.

The two had a meal before noon. They really lost their appetite at noon, and they told the kitchen not to prepare their meals.

If I didn't eat at noon, I prepared more snacks. In the past two days, the dim sums eaten every time are not the same, each has its own taste. Li Ji and Er Gouzi chatted and eaten dim sum to pass the time, but they forgot the embarrassment before and they talked harmoniously.

In the afternoon, a tailor came over and measured the clothes for the two of them separately. Yesterday it was because they wanted to solve Zhao Ruyue's affairs, so they pushed back. The two of them measured the soles of their feet from top to bottom for a few days. Li Ji was afraid of itching and moved twice during the measurement. The soles of Er Gouzi's feet were covered with thick calluses, and it might not feel good to scratch with feathers.

Er Gouzi was barefoot all the time when he was on the mountain. There were everything on the mountain. After a long time, the cocoons formed natural shoes to protect the flesh and blood.

Li Ji noticed this, and went over to take a closer look, only to feel sore in his heart.

In fact, Li Ji knew Er Gouzi very well from top to bottom, but it was the first time that Er Gouzi's soles of feet were seen. In the past, I only thought that it was the feet of the masters, and there was nothing to use, but when I looked at it now, I remembered how Er Gouzi looked when he first came down from the mountain, and I felt sour.

Er Gouzi didn't understand why Li Ji looked at the soles of his feet in a daze, moved his feet, and looked at Li Ji strangely.

Li Ji returned to his senses and found that everyone around him was looking at him, his face was a little hot, and he smiled awkwardly.

He returned to the chair, just watching what the tailor had written on the paper, then put the paper away, saluted the two of them, and left.

The two ate melon seeds boringly, and in the end they couldn't stand it anymore. They found some things to pass the time from Curry.

It is relatively simple to count chess. The acquaintance of the family taught the two for a long time, and tried to go with each other twice, and the two finally learned a little bit.

Carrying the chess piece and how to go, Li Ji couldn't read the word. After a while, he pointed to the chess piece and asked what it was.

The subordinates are also very patient and teach them how to play. Li Ji and Er Gouzi tried a game of the game and adapted to the way. For the first time, Li Ji ate the goose-down generals first. In the second game, Li Ji made an oversight and the Er Gouzi generals won.

This win or loss is the most intriguing. After the two rounds, the bad guys are all interested, and there is a set after the next set, until the sun is going to be used for dinner, the two still have no idea.

Li Ji's head is more active, but Er Gouzi understands strategy better. The two have lost and lost. In summary, Li Ji has won more often.

When the county magistrate came back, he obviously inquired in advance what the two of them had done this day, and when he came back, he went straight to the yard of the two, and his faces were all red with laughter.

"You had a good time today." The county magistrate smiled while sitting on a chair in the yard.

"There are so many new things in the house. It's fun to try one by one in the past." Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi with a smile.

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi and asked, "What did you like today?"

When outsiders talk, Er Gouzi always thinks about it: "The one called Chess is very fun, and the fourth uncle will be very happy every time he wins."

Er Gouzi's favorite, the fundamental reason is because Li Ji also likes it.

Li Ji's face was a little red, for fear that the county magistrate would think more about it, and hurriedly said: "I also said that I would be happy to win, and you did not win. Then I am joking?"

Er Gouzi shook his head very honestly: "I won't win if you don't like it."

Li Ji just wanted to give his head fiercely, he tried so hard to explain, and Er Gouzi came to add a stick.

Er Gouzi pays too much attention to everything about Li Ji, which makes it difficult for the county magistrate not to pay attention.

The county magistrate asked Er Gouzi: "You care about Brother Li's preferences?"

Er Gouzi didn't even think about it this time, and nodded directly: "He likes it, and I like it. He doesn't like it, and I don't like it. What he asked me to do, eh…"

A piece of pastry was stuffed into Er Gouzi's mouth, and Li Ji's face was almost black. Usually Er Gouzi is very honest, and never talks much to outsiders. Why is there so much today?

Er Gouzi finally said a few more words to the county magistrate, but was interrupted by Li Ji. He looked at Li Ji with a bit of sadness in his eyes, and asked: "What's the matter?"

Li Jigan laughed: "It's nothing, it's that Er Gouzi sometimes thinks things differently with us. I'm not afraid of you laughing when I tell you something. I told him earlier that I would marry him a fat wife, and he asked me What is a daughter-in-law. I said that he was washing clothes and cooking for him. He didn't know what a daughter-in-law was, so he knew that I was washing and cooking for him, so he thought I was his daughter-in-law. Later, when there were people, he told me about me in public. It was his daughter-in-law who made a big joke and still misunderstood it up to now. I'm afraid that what he said suddenly will scare you."

Er Gouzi mumbled a sentence beside: "You are my wife."

Li Ji bowed his head and patted his face with five fingers, weak and weak: "Have you heard."

The county magistrate opened his eyes and laughed heartily, and said with a hearty laugh: "This is also a big interesting talk. Anyway, I know the words "daughter-in-law". I only wait for the long-term, I will always understand."

The county magistrate turned to Er Gouzi again, and asked with a smile: "If Brother Li is your daughter-in-law, then do you know what a daughter-in-law is? Then how do you treat your daughter-in-law?"

The two words "daughter-in-law" aroused Er Gouzi's interest, and he said with a serious face: "A wife is a person who wants to live a lifetime. Everyone else is a daughter-in-law who wants to have children, but the fourth uncle can't, and neither will I. But he It's still my wife. We eat together, sleep together, I touch… well."

There was another piece of cake in Er Gouzi's mouth, and Li Ji's heart was crying. He wanted to give the county magistrate a knock, begging her to stop asking, it would be revealing if he asked again.

Obviously the county magistrate did not understand Li Ji's painstaking efforts, but instead felt that it was a bit okay to be severely broken by Li Ji.

"So you know you have to spend a lifetime with your daughter-in-law?"

Er Gouzi nodded: "I don't know how long my life is. I just want to grow the land with him, raise cattle together, and spend time with Xiaowei and Songsong."

Li Ji buried his face on the table, his face was so hot that he couldn't even stop Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi has very few love stories, and it is a lie to say that he doesn't want to listen. Only in front of the county magistrate Li Ji could stop him, but because of temporary greed, Li Ji had a fever on his face, but his heart jumped fiercely. Partly nervous, partly afraid.

The county magistrate only thought that Li Ji had no choice but to overdo it, and he was still thinking about talking to Er Gouzi.

"Little tail? Songsong Taotao?" The county magistrate didn't understand, only that it sounded like a name.

"We raised it and are very close to us. The little tail is a dog, very clingy, very edible. He barks whenever there is a sound. Songsong and Taotao are very naughty and steal food. But they look good, so they don't. Hit it." Er Gouzi rarely speaks so much, so the language organization is a bit blunt. But I can't say it. It feels very warm when I say this from Er Gouzi's mouth.

The county magistrate also heard it. Er Gouzi really likes this home.

The county magistrate didn't know how charming Li Ji was. After less than two years, he gave Er Gouzi such a thing to let him linger at "home".

Want to say that this family is in good condition? I don't know how many times the county's grandfather's house is better than Li Ji's. Whether in terms of conditions or blood, the conditions of the county magistrate are better than those of Li Ji. But Er Gouzi was on the side that favored Li Ji, and even had to build a bridge between Li Ji before he could be the grandfather of the county.

The county magistrate couldn't understand, but to be honest, facing Li Ji, the county magistrate couldn't bring up the slightest sense of disgust, and even subjectively justified Li Ji when he might be stained. For example, the liar thing a few days ago. Obviously, I guessed it was Li Ji at the first time, but then spontaneously began to find the reason to feed Li Ji Xiqing.

Maybe there is such a kind of person in the world, it is not easy to be annoying, and it is easy to have a good impression.

"If you miss them, I will send someone to pick them up soon."

Er Gouzi shook his head: "They don't know outsiders, only me and Li Ji. Songsong and Taotao don't let people catch them."

What this means is that if you want to see them, only Er Gouzi and Li Ji are back.

The county magistrate was silent. In all fairness, he didn't want the two to return to the village. Maybe he was careless. The more Er Gouzi wanted to go back, the more the county magistrate felt that they would never come back. Although this is impossible, Er Gouzi's heart is over there, and the more he goes back, the more Er Gouzi wants to go back.

It's better to give Er Gouzi the fresh stuff like a duck, and let Er Gouzi taste something fresh. After a long time, fresh things replace the old ones, and you won't always want to go back.

It's like Er Gouzi didn't want to go up the mountain much after living with Li Ji.

The grandfather of the county has turned a thousand times in his heart, with more smiles on his face, and changed the subject: "I am happy to have fun today? I heard that you like bamboo shoots and are also interested in sour bamboo shoots. I have ordered someone to dig. The bamboo shoots are ready to be marinated and you can taste them in ten and a half months."

Speaking of eating, Er Gouzi remembers that this is what Li Ji is interested in. He looked at Li Ji and said, "If it is delicious, we will also grow bamboo at home, and we will pick it later."

Between the lines, Er Gouzi felt that this was not home, so he would call us.

The county magistrate tried his best to ignore the three words "our family", and he wanted to continue the conversation with his heart. Er Gouzi was finally willing to talk to him, so he must talk more to let Er Gouzi get used to it.

"Bamboo is easy to feed, but it's not easy to grow. It's better to just eat here. There are special people to keep it here. Except for winter, you can eat it whenever you want." County The grandfather said again, "I have eaten all the bamboo shoots you sent. In the past, I ate a lot, and I didn't eat less of the bells and whistles. I never thought I would ignore this delicacy at home. I have eaten it before, and after I have eaten it, I will pay attention to the side dishes. Today's main ingredient is bamboo shoots. If I eat too much, I pay more attention to it, but I like it. In the evening, let's eat more bamboo shoots. If you want to serve with rice, we will make more mouthfuls."

Er Gouzi didn't answer the conversation. He felt that this was for Li Ji. He didn't know that in order to listen to Er Gouzi's words more, the county magistrate was so speechless for the first time.

When these Er Gouzi didn't answer the conversation, it seemed embarrassing that the county magistrate had a lot of words. Li Ji felt it, awkwardly playing round the field. Said to Er Gouzi with a smile:

"Listen, don't you? Eat more vegetarian food today, and eat less. Come in two days to see you get a lap of weight."

There is no reason why Li Ji said Er Gouzi would not respond. Er Gouzi nodded and said, "I eat less."

Er Gouzi eats less means to support twice the appetite of normal people, while the true appetite of Er Gouzi is three or four times that of ordinary people.

The county magistrate wanted to say how much he could eat, but it made sense to think about what Li Ji said. If you gain weight, it is not good for your body if it is unsightly.

"I see that you are quite fond of pork, do you like to eat pork?" The county magistrate asked for another word.

Er Gouzi nodded without answering.

The county magistrate was not frustrated and asked, "Is there anything else I like to eat? Knowing your preference, I can tell the kitchen to do more similar."

Er Gouzi only spit out one word: "Meat."

The county magistrate looked at Li Ji and looked down at Li Ji without saying a word. He couldn't laugh or cry and asked: "I heard you ask if the koi carp can be eaten that day. Do you like fish? What kind of fish do you like to eat? People look for it, and then put it in the pond."

The small lake with lotus koi for viewing, to raise trash fish for Er Gouzi, it can be seen that the county magistrate is really concerned about Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi thought about it, and said, "Crucian." Just when the county magistrate's face was a little joyful, Er Gouzi gently added the words, "Sixth Uncle likes it."

Li Ji felt embarrassed by his existence.

The county magistrate was a little silent, looking at Li Ji, then at Er Gouzi. Finally conceded and sighed: "It seems that Li Ji is really good to you."

Er Gouzi nodded: "He is my wife."

The cake that Li Ji was holding in his hand didn't fit into Er Gouzi's mouth in time, and bit into his mouth viciously, wanting to cry without tears.

I hope the grandfather of the county only thinks that Er Gouzi is ignorant and misunderstands, or else it is directly because of Er Gouzi's words.

You said that these Er Gouzi usually listen to cleverness, so how are they going to be stupid serially today.

It's a personal order.

Li Ji wanted to cry without tears, Er Gouzi didn't realize it at all.

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji, Li Ji wanted to bury himself. At this time, even if the county magistrate was a fool, he could tell that Er Gouzi was too dependent on Li Ji.

If Er Gouzi is the same as a normal child, the county magistrate must be able to tell the sillyness of the two at a glance. The key is that Er Gouzi is different from a normal person. The environment I grew up in was different. Er Gouzi was born in the mountains, and Li Yan was the only one beside him at the age of five.

Later, he lost the forest and broke contact with everyone for thirteen years, trying to survive on his own, and even learning how to survive beasts.

So after going down the mountain, Er Gouzi's behavior, habit, speech and manners cannot be treated according to normal people's standards, so no matter what Er Gouzi does, it is not enough to surprise people.

On the one hand, use this idea to comfort yourself, on the other hand, try to ignore the already ambiguous interaction between the two.

The county magistrate faced his own children, but he couldn't get close to them and even had to be guarded. If Er Gouzi is the same to everyone, the county magistrate would be better off. But Er Gouzi is indifferent to everyone, so he cares about Li Ji alone. It's strange that he can feel good in his heart as a father.

The county magistrate wanted to ask a few more questions, but was afraid of asking what surprising results.

After several attempts, I didn't say anything. After the awkward silence, the county magistrate finally changed the subject.

Changed a topic that the county magistrate wanted to know, but never had time to ask.

"Do you…remember your mother?" The county magistrate asked, his throat a little choked.

When it comes to the word "niang", Er Gouzi's mood has finally changed. The throat moved before making a sound: "She is dead and buried in the soil."

The simple eight words explained Li Yan's ending. That is to say, if it is so simple and without more modification, it will be more heart-warming.

The grandfather of the county only felt that the air he breathed was a knife, piercing the airway straight into his heart.

"What do you remember about her?" the county magistrate asked again.

"She taught me how to eat, how to sleep, how to find wild vegetables, how to dig traps. First, the usefulness was too small, and I couldn't catch the prey for a long time. I went to find the prey by myself, and it bleeds, and she beat me. Tell me, only long When you are old, you will become very strong and strong to catch prey. You must learn not to be eaten before you can eat the prey." Er Gouzi tried hard to recall the little things he had with Li Yan.

The memory of 13 years on the mountain, before the age of 5, is Er Gouzi's only memory of his relatives and even the race of humans.

It's not a deep memory, it's hard to forget.

Er Gouzi said again: "She asked me not to go to the village to play on my own. They are very scary. If I want to play, I go to the upper reaches of the water to play, and I can dig more vegetables to eat. I don't like to eat vegetables, I like to eat meat. He said that only by eating more vegetables can you increase your height, and when you grow taller, you can eat more meat."

In fact, the two of them have no meat to eat at all, just a kind deceit from a barren mother to the child.

There is also a reason why Er Gouzi didn't kiss other people, because he lived with Li Yan when he was young, and what Li Yan taught him was to stay away from the villagers.

A woman who gives birth to a child who is unmarried will not only be pointed out by the villagers, if she encounters a harsher family, it is possible to sell the child or even bury the child alive. This kind of thing is not without precedent. So when Er Gouzi went missing, the rumors in the village were stolen and dealt with by Li Yan's father and mother, so that Li Yan wanted to marry another.

Perhaps Li Yan thought the same way before his death. It was because of this thought that I felt that I would never see the child again in the future, so I was so desperate that I couldn't get rid of the child when I was ill.

"You are living a very hard life? Is there always someone making trouble for your mother?" the county magistrate asked hurriedly.

Er Gouzi didn't remember this very clearly: "I can't remember, it seems to have happened. Mother wants me to play far away and not let me see them."

The county magistrate asked this, in fact, he knew exactly what it was like. Because of this almost self-abuse persistence, insisting on hearing Li Yan's experience from Er Gouzi's mouth, the pain and regret mixed together, the county magistrate was inexplicably happy.

Perhaps it was just that, just in the face of Li Yan's experience, he could truly feel how outrageous his mistake was.

The county magistrate asked, and it is reasonable to say that Li Ji is not qualified to interrupt. He just looked at Er Gouzi's recollection of Li Yan, the mood that became more and more gloomy, and he was a little reluctant.

"The things that happened back then, a few people can say clearly. My sister Yan is a strong girl, she can do this, at least she doesn't regret it." Li Ji sighed, "My lord, I know you urgently want to know about sister Yan. In the past few years, there are very few people in this world who know what happened back then. Er Gouzi has only a very vague impression, even if it is in retrospect, it is only a small part. I think Sister Yan is the most difficult part. Not after Er Gouzi, but before Er Gouzi. When one person persists with the pressure of staring at the whole village while pregnant. At this time, Sister Yan, you can't hear from anyone's mouth at this time."

With Er Gouzi, there is a snuggle in my heart, and the mother and son depend on each other for life, and Li Yan's life is rushing.

Before giving birth to Er Gouzi, a pregnant woman with a straight belly, while her mother was forced to abort, while suffering from various discomforts during pregnancy, she was alone in building a place where she could eat and live in the mountains, and its difficulties.

Although abortion is not easy, most girls who are unmarried and conceived will not be responsible unless the father of the child saves them, or who is willing to take it. Only a handful of people are willing to let their daughters give birth to their children, and the rest are forcing their daughters to drink the abortion pill to cause the children to fall.

In fact, abortion is far more dangerous than giving birth. Originally, a woman gave birth to a child by walking around the gate of a ghost. The situation of dystocia and death is very common, and the chance of abortion is almost half. And even if the abortion is successful and the person survives, there is a possibility that he will never have a child again.

But what are these relative to the reputation of the mother's family? There are so many unmarried girls in the whole family, and one cannot ruin the overall reputation.

If it is placed on the harshness of the previous dynasty, let alone the unmarried first pregnancy, it is just to say a few more words to a man, and meet each other while playing. If the man refuses to marry the woman, the woman may be regarded as infidelity by the pig cage.

Li Ji's words cut off the courage of the county magistrate to ask, he didn't ask any more, and was no longer keen to talk to Er Gouzi for nothing. His eyes were red, tears rolled in his eyes, and they could fall anytime.

The county magistrate remained silent, and everyone fell silent.

After a while, the county magistrate stood up and said, "I still have official duties at night, I am afraid I can't dine with you. If you have anything you want to eat, please order the kitchen. There is no shortage at home, and it is convenient for you to eat."

The two stood up and sent them to the gate of the County Taiye Road. The County Taiye looked back at Er Gouzi and opened his mouth before suffocating a sentence: "It is not easy for your mother to take you. I have someone in the house set up an ancestral hall for your mother. Go and see if you have time."

The county magistrate didn't even have the courage to take Er Gouzi to visit Li Yan in the ancestral hall, and even after Er Gouzi got back, the county magistrate didn't have the courage to go to the ancestral hall by himself.

There is a lump in his heart, there is a tribulation. People will always encounter opportunities like this in their entire life. Some people can't get out of the horns and can't go directly, but when they figure it out, the matter is over.

Because Li Yan was mentioned, neither Li Ji nor Er Gouzi had very good appetites for dinner.

Li Ji picked up a chopstick to stir-fry bamboo shoots and put it in Er Gouzi's bowl. When the two of them eat, they never use outsiders to serve them. At most, they can't reach them when there is a lot of food. They stand up ugly, and they will trouble the maid to help.

"The bamboo shoots are cooked in just right heat, it's good for dinner, you can try it."

Li Jijia's dish Er Gouzi was stuffed directly into his mouth. After the meal was over, when the two took a shower, Li Ji heard the voice of the first Er Gouzi in the bathtub next to him softly came over:

"I really want to understand what you said to me, what is father."

Li Ji's heart jumped, trying to make himself look normal, and calmly said: "Then tell me, what do you know?"

Er Gouzi said: "He cares about his mother, just like I care about you. If I don't see you one day, and others mention you, I must listen more to feel at ease. But my mother died and was buried in the soil. I can't see it either. I was brought up by my mother, and he cares about my mother, so he cares about me. It's like your nephew is here, you like it, and I care too."

Er Gouzi still doesn't understand what is meant by blood relatives, but he can understand what is meant by Aiwu and Wu.

Er Gouzi's understanding, although there are some deviations from the normal, but it is already very close. Li Ji felt uncomfortable and went to smile and said:

"If you say you are smart, I would have understood so much. An adult treats you the same way he cares about your mother. In fact, he has been looking for you for a long, long time, and you are a very important person to him."

"You are equally important to me." Er Gouzi said seriously, "You are very important, you are more important than me. He cares about me, so he definitely didn't want to be separated from me at the beginning, so he searched for so long. You can't find me because of him. I will be separated from you for a long time."

Er Gouzi is not a fool. He has seen Li Ji's strangeness in the past few days. He has a keen sense of fear that he will be left behind by Li Ji. That's why he got angry when he couldn't be pleased yesterday.

Li Ji would rather Er Gouzi simply clamoring to go back, at least he could think of other excuses. I broke the matter apart and spread it out in front of my eyes, and I didn't know how to solve it.

"If you ask, I really don't know how to answer. Er Gouzi, let's put it aside. Let's pass it by. Anyway, it's all together now."

Er Gouzi was empathetic and did not continue. If we continue, Li Ji is afraid that he will collapse.

At night, the two of them lay on the bed silently, and neither of them could sleep. I had insomnia yesterday, but today is another sleepless night.

After lying down for a while, I heard a soft knock on the door outside. The voice of the housekeeper outside was very low: "Young Master Li? Is Young Master Li asleep? The master wants to chat with you. A convenient living slave will come in and wait for you."

Li Ji sat up and responded, and Er Gouzi followed suit. Li Ji reached out and pressed him back into the bed: "Your father told me to go and talk for a while, and I'll be back in a while. You can go to bed first, and eat a snack if you can't sleep. Fruit, it's okay."

Li Ji put on the clothes, put a coat directly on the nightgown, put on the shoes and shaved his head and went out.

It was originally at night, and I fell asleep. Li Ji is not a particular person, so I don't feel disrespectful.

The night is dim, half of the moon hung in the sky, not very bright, but not too dark. There are four family members lighting lanterns along the road, but you can hear them clearly when you look at the road.

After walking for a while, I reached the small lake in the backyard, walked through the corridor on the lake, and reached the pavilion where I had a banquet when I first arrived.

There is not even a waiter in the pavilion, only the county magistrate alone drinks to the moon.

Lighting lanterns have been blown up at both ends of the corridor, so I am not afraid to lose sight of the way. The servants and maidservants stopped and did not follow, only Li Ji walked in and reached the side of the county magistrate.

"Cao Min has seen an adult." Li Ji didn't kneel either, knowing what he had to say when calling him over in the middle of the night.

"You're welcome, sit down." The county magistrate drank another glass of wine.

When Li Ji sat down next to the grandfather of the county, he could smell the wine blowing in the wind. Obviously the county magistrate drank a lot by himself.

"My lord, do you have something to say?" Li Ji was straightforward.

The county magistrate is free to read sages and sages, although he is not a sour scholar, most of his exchanges are literati. Although the people who came to complain in the county government office were all plain-headed people, all they exchanged were related to the case. Among those who really talked deeply, Li Ji was the only illiterate person.

"Let's come out and chat with you. I have been entangled in official duties for the past two days, and I have spoken more thoughts to Chang'an. I really ignored you." The county magistrate said.

Li Ji smiled and said, "Are you still afraid that I won't be jealous? Laozi should feel sorry for my son."

The county magistrate looked up at the half moon in the sky and couldn't help thinking about the old saying. People have misfortunes and blessings every day, and the moon is cloudy and sunny. There are not many things that are truly completely satisfactory in this world.

"From the perspective of human relations, you and I are both apostate. There will always be ideas that ordinary people shouldn't have." The county magistrate filled himself with wine glasses, "I'm slightly different from you. You are. I had the idea since I was a child, but I only got it after I met Li Yan."

Seeing the county magistrate drank the wine in one cup. Li Ji also poured himself a glass of wine and drank with the county magistrate, expressing his willingness to listen to the county magistrate's confession.

The county magistrate's eyes are micrometers, as if returning to that spring: "I am free to read the books of sages and sages. My family is in a remote area. Although the place is remote, it is not too poor. There is some spare money in the clan, so I pick out a few clever ones from the clan. My child went to Mr.'s school. At that time, I learned the best, and I won the juren in the rural examination. The following spring, I took my coil to Beijing to rush the exam. When passing by the county, I couldn't stand the cold rain and fell directly. On the way."

Li Ji had heard from the people that the county magistrate was rescued here at the beginning, and now he came back to be the county magistrate in order to repay his gratitude.

But when the grandfather of the county said it himself, Li Ji only felt a flash of inspiration, and blurted out: "Sister Yan saved you?"

The county magistrate had a meal and smiled bitterly: "How about you being smart?"

Li Ji was slightly picky in his heart. The scene 20 years ago could not be said to be fate or evil fate. It started with Li Yan's benevolence.

The county magistrate continued: "At the beginning I had a terrible fever, and when I woke up dimly, I saw a shadow busy there. Seeing that I woke up, he wiped my sweat and gave me medicine. I still can't describe that feeling. I just feel that There is no better woman in this world than this. I gave the jade pendant I was carrying with me as a gift to her, but she refused to ask for it. I myself didn't know whether I didn't want to owe someone or not. She just wanted to get along with her for a while, pestering her to accept it."

Li Ji didn't say a word, just had a drink with the county magistrate.

"I just thought there was still some time before the scientific examination, so I didn't rush to go. But I didn't expect that for every extra day, I would feel more dissatisfied with Li Yan. Later, we couldn't help but decide for a lifetime. What I forgot It's a scientific expedition. From childhood to adulthood, I was willing to be a swinger for the first time, sitting with her every day and dreaming of staying with her."

The county magistrate's voice trembled a little, and suddenly the style of painting changed, and there was a lot of hatred: "At the beginning I took the money from the clan, but forgot about the scientific examination. It is indeed my fault. Three or four months later I feel sorry for being found by the clan. But they said that the scientific examination can continue in the coming year, and I am not qualified to make a decision on marriage." 

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