The breeze was slow, the blue waves in the lake were rippling, the fragrance of lotus came with the wind, and the fragrance of wine saved a bit of intoxication.

The county magistrate gritted his teeth and said: "They said, since I am a member of the village, I should live for the clan in my entire life. My marriage must be decided by the clan and must be given the greatest benefit to the clan. They said that if it were my high school, in the future, I should do my best to marry the daughter of a high-ranking official. If it is not planted, it is also a Juren, and it is more than enough to go back to get the daughter of the county official."

Li Yan is an ordinary girl, ordinary and inconspicuous, how could it be in the eyes of a clan who only seeks to profit?

When Li Ji heard this, he felt terrified and gritted his teeth, not to mention the county magistrate.

I thought it was a family member connected by blood, so I didn't want to be just used as a tool of wealth in the family. The county magistrate was indeed taken care of by the family since he was a child, and the county magistrate also has the heart to repay. But what they want is not the retribution of the county magistrate, but all of the county magistrate. They want the grandfather of the county to become the treasury of the clan in his life, and even for marriage, he must maximize the etiquette of the clan.

In fact, this statement is always very common in large families. It seems that they are all aristocrats in the capital, and the family of the county magistrate, who is from generation to generation, is fortunate to have some spare money to donate a few talents, so he began to act like one person. To gain the Tao, you must ascend to heaven.

"At that time, was Sister Yan pregnant?"

The county magistrate nodded: "At that time, I was still full of hope, and I naively felt that God would not let down my lover. As a result, I only asked them one plea, and I was tied back by a rope."

The county magistrate being tied back by the tribe is equivalent to suddenly disappearing from Li Yan's world. That's why Li Yan, who was desperate, went back to the village with a stomachache. I wanted to get comfort from my family, but once again desperate to dig a hole in the mountain to survive.

This can also explain why the county magistrate disappeared for so long, and also explained the whole tragedy of Li Yan.

The majesty of the county breathed in the cold and barren land, and the wine became hot and hot, and he couldn't warm the heart of the tribe.

"I can't forget those days now. When I returned to the clan, I was locked up in a very small room, barely able to let in a little light. Every day someone brought food from that small window, every day There will be different people standing in front of the window to train and persuade me. My parents, brothers, relatives, and clansmen. Every day I change the soup without changing the medicine. They all think that I am apostate, be fascinated by others, and don't even understand. Close and distant relatives. They also took a step back. They said that if I really like it, I just wait for the results after the scientific examinations, go to Li Yan, accept her as a concubine, they will not stop. They think they have made a big concession, I am Thank you Dade."

Putting a young man in such a blinding place and "education" in an almost compulsive way, how could the county magistrate ever be a person?

"It's ridiculous." The county magistrate's lips smiled with chills, "the old saying goes, fair ladies and gentlemen are so funny. Men and women love to be natural and righteous, but they still want to leave marital affairs such as parents to make nonsense. It was also at that time. I understand that if you don't want to be manipulated in this life, you must have the right not to be manipulated."

"So you went to take the next year's scientific examination?" Although Li Ji didn't understand the scientific examination, now that the county magistrate can become the county magistrate, it means that he did go for the exam and had certain results. Be the master of this county.

"My first class in high school is looking for flowers. I stayed in the capital to wait for the vacancy to be sent to me. At that time, I stayed in the capital. Since I was a young official, I have climbed up a little bit. The people in the clan sent two people in three days. I mean hand-painted foot. His Majesty gave the Zhaizi, they want to move in, with the reward Majesty, they want to plunder the past. I name the banner of tyranny in the capital, the case is still my knowledge, set up the match."

Even if this matter is brought up now, the county magistrate still gritted his teeth. Which Beijing officials from other provinces came to Beijing not afraid of leaving a handle on the wrong step? In the ascending stage of their official positions, they can't wait to suck blood, intending to search for oil and water to feed themselves.

Li Ji only said: "I think you won't let him go so easily."

"This is natural." From the moment he was tied to the Hui clan, the county magistrate had no intention of letting the clan take advantage of it.

"They found me a relative, and I told the family's enemy to talk about the wine. They went out in my name and went out to be arrogant, and I found the most unprovoked king prince in the capital to collide with them. At the beginning, the whole city was full of troubles. I was demoted to the first level, they were expelled from the capital, and they will not be allowed to enter the capital in this life."

Just listening to the description of the county magistrate, Li Ji could feel the excitement of the year. Although the county magistrate was downgraded by one level, he could avoid long-term troubles in the future. Li Ji felt that such a deal was worthwhile.

"Are they honest?"

"How is it possible." The county magistrate will finish, "Within two years, I received a letter from them. At that time, I was promoted to the fifth grade middle school in Beijing. They were in other provinces and signed the marriage letter for me privately. I married the daughter of the prefects of other provinces. I also used my parents as threats. Maybe God was helping me. I happened to assist in a corruption case, which involved the prefect. I asked my colleagues to tell my clansmen and They were suspected of bribery, and they exchanged a piece of my marriage letter from the county magistrate for convenience. I was ransacked and the threatening letter was found out as a matter of course. Ironically, they used it as a threat. My letter has become proof of my exoneration."

"What happened later?" This was much more exciting than storytelling. Li Ji couldn't even bother to drink, so he asked the following.

"Later? Afterwards, the whole clan except me, got rid of fame within three generations, and was not allowed to participate in scientific research for life. My parents were connected to Beijing. They complained that I was too vicious to the people, and I complained that they just watched the people suck. My blood. On weekdays, the time is busy, gathering less and more, they went there in the past few years." The county magistrate basically explained the experience of the past two decades.

Li Ji swallowed, thinking about it, and then asked the doubts in his heart: "Dare to ask, can you marry…in the past few years?"

Theoretically speaking, the two are privately appointed for life, and they have not registered their household registration, so they are not the wife of the county magistrate. But since the county magistrate said Li Yan is his wife, then she is the county magistrate's wife.

"No." Speaking of this, it was the sole pride of the county magistrate for so many years, "I can survive no matter how much pressure. It's just that I thought about it, but Li Yan didn't survive it."

Li Yan, the county magistrate like to call the full name of these two characters. Because of these two words, he could already come back to the softest place in his heart.

"Then… why didn't you find it earlier?" In the past few years, in order to gain the right to dominate yourself, fighting with the people of the clan can be understood as no time. The county magistrate came to the capital two years ago and was far away from Li Yan. It's been more than eighteen years.

After such a long time, what did the grandfather of the county do?

In fact, the county magistrate was also asking himself why he didn't come here earlier.

"I work in Beijing, and I take a day off every six days, that is, one day off. Usually there are plants to do. The appointments of officials are all reviewed by the sage. I have submitted papers several times to come over, even if it is to follow. It's okay for the imperial minister to come and inspect. It's a pity that it's too remote, but officials with some prospects will not forget to dispatch here. Generally, a businessman in a position basically has a cycle of three years. In the past three years, it is difficult to make any changes. ."

Li Ji didn't know anything about officialdom, and Li Ji didn't understand what the county magistrate said. I can only understand that the county magistrate did not deliberately make up for someone else, he has his own helplessness.

"Then how did you come now?" Li Ji puzzled.

"Relegated." The county magistrate laughed sarcastically, "I have played many times to come over but never let me do what I wanted. I didn't expect the traitorous minister to take the lead and dug a trap to put me in, but instead did what I wanted."

There is no need to talk to Li Ji about official affairs, because Li Ji can't understand it anyway. When the clansmen were resolved, the county magistrate was already a fifth-grade official position. Li Ji can imagine what kind of official position the county magistrate was in Beijing before the Dao was demoted. It has definitely been promoted over the years. In the two years since he came here, there has been peace and peace, and the people live and work in peace and contentment.

It is not difficult for Li Ji to imagine what kind of imperial court would demote such a man of great accomplishment to this poor mountain ditch.

"You…Have you ever thought about returning to Beijing?" If the county magistrate wants to return to the capital and continue to be an official, will Er Gouzi be taken away together?

The answer is yes. The county magistrate left, how could he not take his only son.

The county magistrate shook his head and gave Li Ji a reassurance: "At least not for the moment. The saint is seriously ill, and the queen mother's mother's relatives are involved in politics and treacherous ministers, and the court is already full of smoke. Since I planted their trap, I will think about it later. It's also difficult to turn over. It's better to stay here. Anyway, stay here. I can guarantee this pure land."

The county magistrate is working hard to ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment, no matter how many places, the county magistrate has no time to take care of it.

A person's energy is only that, he is not a person who takes the safety of the world to his own responsibility. As long as you are in office, a clear conscience is enough.

Having said so many heart-wrenching words to the county magistrate, Li Ji was full of emotion in his heart. If it hadn't been for the grandfather of the county to say this personally, then there would know that there were these twists and turns in the middle.

"It's not easy for you these years." This is the summary of Li Ji sitting down after listening to so many stories.

"It's not as good as Li Yan's in case." If it wasn't for being competitive, I would climb up to get rid of the clansmen, but accept it when I saw it, I tried my best to be transferred over, and even resigned and came to look for Li Yan, maybe not. Even with Li Yan's depression, Er Gouzi will not lose the mountain and suffer so much.

Unfortunately, there is no if.

The county magistrate owes too much to their mother and daughter.

Li Ji bowed his head and was speechless. The more the county magistrate said so, the more Li Ji couldn't take Er Gouzi away from him.

The county magistrate saw Li Ji's strangeness. At this time, the county magistrate was already drunk, and he suddenly said: "Please answer me, you and Er Gouzi, are you? Is there something… …"

Li Ji suddenly raised his head, his eyes stunned.

Just this performance is enough for the county magistrate to understand everything.

The two looked at each other speechlessly. The county magistrate suppressed his emotions several times before he reluctantly asked, "How long has it been?"

"Less than a year." Li Ji answered honestly.

The county magistrate suddenly put the quilt on the table, anger brewing on his face, after all, he didn't really do anything to Li Ji.

"Now I can't control Chang'an, and even I have to follow him. So I have nothing to do with you. But it doesn't mean that I will let you fool around. There are many men who like male S*x in this world. I have no objection, but if it affects After I get to Chang'an, I will marry a wife and have children, and I will not let you ruin him."

Li Ji didn't know where the courage came from, and asked, "You did his master?"

The county magistrate said: "I can't do it now, I will do it someday."

Before hearing Li Ji's answer in time, the county magistrate asked: "What? You don't believe it?"

"Of course I believe it." Li Ji laughed sarcastically, "It's just a repeat of one or two decades ago."

"Presumptuous!" the county magistrate shouted angrily.

Li Ji looked at the magistrate of the county without any fear, opened his mouth and spit out four words stiffly: "The grassroots convict."

The county magistrate was trembling with Li Jiqi, and his lips trembled, but he couldn't find a word to speak. Speaking deeper, twenty years ago, the parents of the county magistrate, why didn't they hold the same idea?

Even if the original intention of the county magistrate was really for Er Gouzi's good.

The county magistrate constricted his eyebrows: "You are a man."

Li Ji: "What's wrong with the man."

The county magistrate: "You can't leave him a child."

Li Ji: "Why do you want a child."

The more he said, the deeper the eyebrows of the county magistrate frowned: "It is the inheritance of the family. People are as old as the lamp is extinguished, and the descendants of Chenghuan are on their knees.

Li Ji said, "What's the use?"

Otherwise, Er Gouzi is the nemesis of the county magistrate. The words that Er Gouzi blocked Li Ji at the beginning are now passed on to the county magistrate intact by Li Ji.

Although it's uncomfortable to listen to it, it's really enjoyable when it's used to block people.

The grandfather of the county really couldn't bear the ultimate move passed by his son. Originally, the county magistrate was not a person who was too constrained by ordinary people's concepts, he himself was an apostate. It's really unreasonable to take those things that he doesn't like to give Er Gouzi this time.

Li Ji immediately said: "Tell you the truth? The few words I told you were originally told by Er Gouzi. I have sent them to you now. Think about it, if you never find it Er Gouzi, you didn't get a good end? You also said that death is like a lamp, and there are many things after death. There are many people surnamed Li in this world, and there are many people surnamed Shen. Not bad for this bloodline. ."

Li Ji said again: "It's a matter of deciding whether a person's life is worthwhile with descendants, sir, have you ever thought that this is wrong in itself."

There is no absolute right or absolute wrong in this world. The standpoint is different, the angle of judgment is different, there are really pure black and white right and wrong.

The county magistrate, who has been in the officialdom for many years, should have understood this truth best.

The county magistrate didn't even mention Li Ji. I even think what Li Ji said makes sense.

The county magistrate pondered for a moment, and then said: "Then have you ever thought that even if I am enlightened, the world is not enlightened. You will become the world one day. You are not afraid of being intolerated by the world?"

"Er Gouzi has given the answer long ago." Li Ji smiled freely and freely, "He said, if there is no place for us to live, we will go back to the mountain to live. Seriously, if I were not there, Er Gouzi would have wanted to go back. Although there are beasts on the mountain, as long as you master their laws, it is not completely dangerous. It is much safer than down the mountain. The malice between people is actually more terrifying. At least for Er Gouzi."

Er Gouzi was accustomed to the purity on the mountain, and looked different to different people when he arrived at the bottom of the mountain. It is normal for him to protect himself firmly.

Li Ji drank all the wine in his glass and left his seat. Kneeling in front of the county magistrate, kowtowing his head with a serious face.

After getting up, Li Ji said: "Today's wine, let's drink it here. Er Gouzi is afraid that he will be anxious."

Li Ji didn't wait for the grandfather of the county and turned and left.

The conversation with the county magistrate showed him how helpless the county magistrate was. But Li Ji will not give up the current relationship with Er Gouzi because of his understanding of the county magistrate.

The tragedy of twenty years ago is enough, and Er Gouzi's happiness in the future is very good for two people to run together.

Li Ji left, but the county magistrate was still reminiscing about the conversation the two had just made.

Obviously, Li Ji is far more apostate than the county magistrate.

Li Ji drank a few glasses of wine. At this moment, he felt hot and he walked a little faster. He opened the door and entered the house to feel a refreshing feeling.

There are still ice cubes in the house, just when it's cool.

As soon as he entered the house, Li Ji was hugged by Er Gouzi.

"Why did you come back?" Er Gouzi carried some complaints.

Li Ji let out a cold sweat at this time, there is still a plausible appearance in front of the county magistrate? Li Ji reached out and touched Er Gouzi, and kissed Er Gouzi's cheek lightly: "Isn't this coming back."

"What did you say?" Er Gouzi asked.

"Said a lot of things." After Li Ji finished speaking, he added another sentence, "A lot of things."

Li Ji took off his coat, took off his shoes, and lay on the bed, followed by Er Gouzi and put them together, and first explained Li Yan's affairs.

After Li Ji finished speaking, he made a summary: "Although it is the adult who caused the mother and daughter to suffer so much, the grandfather of the county also has his helplessness. This matter has passed so many years, and sister Yan knows that, even if I can't name it, it's hard to understand at any rate."

At least at the beginning, it was not really abandoned, but the county magistrate was kidnapped by the blood-sucking tribe.

After listening to this, Er Gouzi thought for a while before he came: "My mother never mentioned him to me. But I tasted that she didn't go to bed in the middle of the night, so I looked at the stars outside and cried. I think, mother thinks. Him."

Li Ji reached out and touched Er Gouzi's head. What can make Er Gouzi remember until now is something that Li Yan often does.

"So he is really your father, someone you are very close to. You can try to get close to him in the future, he won't hurt you." Although Li Ji was not happy when he separated from the county magistrate, in all fairness, The future grandfather of the county will be a good father.

"I listen to you." Er Gouzi's answer was simple and clear.

"He asked us about it, and I admit it. There is no need to keep it from him about the things we are together. Even if we keep it, it won't last long."

Yixian's grandfather's impatient, how could it not be able to guess the tricks of the two? At most, it's time.

"Didn't it mean that no one can tell?" Er Gouzi was unsure.

"He is your dad. Even if you don't tell him, he will find out. It is normal for a dad to disagree that we are together. Don't choke on him. Wait for someday he will figure it out, we two Even if it passes." Li Ji gave Er Gouzi a vaccination in advance.

Er Gouzi nodded to indicate that he had written it down.

"Then go to sleep." After tossing for a long time, Li Ji felt so tired after returning to Er Gouzi, and just wanted to have a good night's sleep.

Perhaps it was because of the grandfather of the county that Li Ji was relieved of pressure now. Lying on the bed with Er Gouzi face to face, after a while, he fell asleep, and he slept very soundly.

Affected by Li Ji, Er Gou Ziguang slowly felt sleepy listening to Li Ji's breathing.

The next day, the two of them did not wake up. The people knocked on the door three times, and there was no movement inside. Knowing that these two masters are shy and don't like to be disturbed, people don't care about waking the two masters easily.

This breakfast can't wait for the two of them to get up. The county magistrate is still waiting.

In the end, there was no way to inform the county magistrate. As soon as the county magistrate heard that, as a normal person, he thought about more charming things. Last night, Li Ji was so arrogant to say something. It was natural that the two did something extravagant when they went back. That's why they couldn't get up so late.

The county magistrate left directly into the yard of the two of them, and stood at the door of the room, letting the family around him knock on the door.

Er Gouzi was awakened first. In fact, Er Gouzi woke up when he came to call early, but he did not wake up when he watched Li Ji's sleep. This time I knocked on the door and obviously didn't intend to let them sleep. Er Gouzi gave Li Ji covered the quilt, frowned and stood up to open the door.

Open the door and face the county magistrate who also frowned.

"What are you doing?" Er Gouzi asked in a low voice.

Suddenly facing Er Gouzi, the county magistrate felt a little guilty in his heart, so he was naturally guilty.

"Li… Where's Li Ji? Haven't gotten up yet?"

"Sleeping." Er Gouzi replied.

"Aren't all the people in your village who wake up early and greedy the dark? How come there are people who can't get up so late." The county magistrate asked.

"Why? You told him to go for a drink in the middle of the night. He is very tired and wants to rest." Er Gouzi said coldly.

With eyes facing each other, the county magistrate read the grievance from Er Gouzi's eyes.

Maybe it's an illusion.

Er Gouzi stopped them, and the county magistrate really didn't dare to bother them too much. He coughed embarrassingly: "Then tell him to get up for breakfast, too. I'm really sleepy and just take a nap for a while."

"Oh." Er Gouzi closed the door directly and turned back to call Li Ji by the bed.

The county magistrate, who was turned away by his own son, is now resentful for him.

"Master, this meal…" Jia Ding reminded him.

"Is there anything to eat for this meal? If you don't eat it, go directly to the government office." The county magistrate felt uncomfortable and had nowhere to vent. The son who was found is bent on others, what can the county magistrate do?

Er Gouzi patted Er Gouzi's face gently: "Wake up, Xiao Ji, it's time to eat."

Li Ji turned over, pushed away Er Gouzi's tossing hand, and muttered: "Don't make trouble, let me sleep a little longer."

Er Gouzi continued to work hard: "Go to bed after eating, I won't call you after dinner."

"I woke up after eating." Li Ji grumbled dissatisfiedly. He barely opened his eyes, and he was still a little confused.

"Come on, get up." Er Gouzi helped Li Ji sit up, stretched out his hand to take off his nightgown for Li Ji, and put on his jacket, middle coat, and coat. Li Ji allowed Er Gouzi to fiddle like a puppet.

Until Er Gouzi dressed him and brought him to the dressing table, he immediately sat on the chair and looked at himself with fluffy hair, finally feeling a little more energetic.

After finishing his hair, Li Ji's mouth grew so big that the boss yawned, stood up and let Er Gouzi get dressed, he combed Er Gouzi's hair.

No matter what time, Er Gouzi couldn't comb his hair. If you don't care about him, his hair will be messed up, he won't clean up, and doesn't want to clean up.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the parents of the body are affected by hair and skin. Hair is also part of the body. The hair is also called Three Thousand Love Silk, which represents all the emotions, so when a monk is a monk, he must shave his hair off. Usually, no matter how difficult it is, people have to lose their hair well, which can be regarded as a kind of restraint.

Of course, the more important thing is that the appearance of the hair represents the appearance of a person, and the appearance represents the image of a home.

Li Ji puts on Er Gouzi's hair crown, and looks at Er Gouzi who is getting more and more refined in the mirror.

After all, it is the son of the grandfather of the county, and the grandfather of Genxian is somewhat like it. Although Er Gouzi had a wild nature that was difficult to suppress due to his childhood living environment, with the adaptation of the environment and the increase in time here, Er Gouzi became more and more like a serious official.

Er Gouzi is a serious official.

"Let's go to dinner." Er Gouzi stood up and let Li Ji have a good look. But in Li Ji's eyes, the big meal is the biggest, so Li Ji can watch it casually, but the meal must not be delayed.

It's getting hot outside. Outside, people saw that the two masters finally came out, and they were busy with umbrellas and fans. Li Ji rejected it several times and it was useless, so he simply accepted it.

Li Ji knew that they were really serving Er Gouzi, and they were only incidental to him.

Because the grandfather of the county was not together, the two of them and one Emei tossed the people to serve food, went directly to the dining hall, and had a hard breakfast with Er Gouzi.

Today's breakfast was deliberately heavy-mouthed. Originally, the county magistrate was relatively light-mouthed, so some of the dishes made at home were mainly light. Er Gouzi and Li Ji entered the house. Although they did not specify that the food should be washed well, every time they ate, they remembered that they focused on those dishes.

The dishes that the two of us ate over the past two days are relatively strong in flavor, so we have to take care of the taste of the two in the cooking.

Breakfast is pancakes, some seasonal vegetable strips, and some sauces. Served with a bowl of soy milk and two plates. Four eggs. Simple but also rich. It's enough for two people to eat.

Li Ji hadn't eaten this before, and asked people how to eat it, and soon found his favorite flavor. Put more green onions, some lettuce and green pepper shreds with sweet noodle sauce and minced meat.

Li Ji, who usually eats less in the morning, is still not satisfied when he is full.

Maybe it's just when you are eating, you can think of nothing and become relaxed.

There are very few life lawsuits in the county, and in some places it hasn't happened once in more than a decade. Of course, the fact that the county government didn't get the letter might not really have happened. It's just that most of the things that happen are that they would rather close the door and solve them at home than sue the government.

On the one hand, I was afraid that I would meet confused officials and decide the case at will. On the other hand, I felt that it would be embarrassing to come here.

Therefore, there are very few things that can make trouble here. Except for the official documents for the past month to be posted to the above every month, and the official document sent to the capital, the county magistrate's free time is relatively loose.

It's relatively relaxed when it's okay, and busy enough when it's okay.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi have been in the mansion for four days, and they have lived for three nights. Let alone Er Gouzi, Li Ji has never been outside for so long since childhood. When I was young, I went to live with my elder brother for at most two days. No matter how long it was, Li Ji's father was afraid that he would disturb his elder brother's days at home, so he took him back.

This time the distance was so far, Er Gouzi missed home, in fact, Li Ji did not miss Er Gouzi as much as Er Gouzi.

Just in front of me, I still can't see the way home. When will I be able to go home is still unknown.

After dinner, I remembered the embarrassing situation with the county magistrate. Li Ji sighed and got angry again.

The two couldn't stay idle, and began to play chess again to relieve their boredom. Any tea from the mansion is something that Li Ji can't drink normally, or even the county can't buy it. Li Ji is greedy for tea. Although he doesn't understand, he drank a lot, and it depends on how good the tea is.

Today I served black tea. The taste is softer and more mellow. Li Ji liked it, opened his mouth to ask what tea, and closed it again.

So what? Anyway, he can't afford it or is reluctant to buy it.

This tea is also drunk in the county magistrate's house, and you can't drink it in nearby places.

"General." Li Ji vaulted close to Er Gouzi's handsome. Er Gouzi mover blocked, Li Ji began to cross the river again, and continued to attack.

The biggest charm of playing this game lies in the game, so no one has let anyone else, you come and I pass the time.

The two are obsessed with playing chess, which is the best for playing. If they don't walk around, they don't have to follow along, for fear that they will not be able to afford it.

Especially Er Gouzi, you really have the ability to go to heaven and earth. But the people are ordinary people, and their hearts trembled when they looked at them.

In this next issue, the tea fruit snacks have not been interrupted. If they are not eaten, someone will continue to serve them. Li Ji's stomach has never been free. In addition, he ate early in the morning and waited until noon Li Ji. Not hungry.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi if he was hungry, and Er Gouzi shook his head. In the morning, I saw that Li Ji ate a lot, and Er Gouzi ate more, so he was not hungry now.

People came over and asked what they wanted to eat at noon. Li Ji said that three bowls of noodles would be fine, one bowl for Li Ji and two bowls for Er Gouzi.

This is what they meant, and they did it when they got the order.

The two of them played the game immediately, and the noodles were served.

The noodles are not pure white, they are gray with a little transparent color, there is a lot of soup, there are a lot of sauces and a green side dish in the middle.

The two immediately stopped the game, took the next piece, and tasted it after mixing them evenly. The two looked at each other at the same time, with a little surprise.

This noodle is also unclear what it is made of, and it is unexpectedly delicious. There is nothing unpalatable in the county magistrate's house, but the noodles are really delicious.

The taste of the noodles is very strong, with a little salty taste, the soup is pure noodle soup, what kind of broth should be. The sauce is meat sauce, plus vegetables, the taste is perfect in the mouth, and it is delicious.

Li Ji picked up another piece of head, took a big bite, and narrowed his eyes contentedly. Now he only feels that he is willing to eat this noodle every day.

Soon after eating a bowl of noodles, the servants hurriedly asked if he could eat them. Li Ji wanted to eat another bowl, but he ate too much dim sum, and there was really no room in his stomach. Can only refuse. Looking at the opposite Er Gouzi, eating both bowls of noodles was still not enough. He opened his eyes and looked at Li Ji, as if waiting for Li Ji to nod his head and let him eat another bowl.

"Isn't it about the control point? Don't eat now. If you like it, eat it at night." Li Ji cruelly rejected Er Gouzi's request and continued the unfinished chess game.

In the afternoon, I was scared and tired, and I was exhausted in this game of chess. It's really enough to pass the time, but if you play too much, you need a good rest.

Before I knew it, I went to the fruit forest I had visited before. Li Ji looked up to read the fruits on the book, some of them were already red.

The plum tree that Er Gouzi visited last time, the fruit on it was much redder than last time, and it will taste a little more sweet at this time.

Li Ji still remembers how Er Gouzi frightened people when he climbed the tree last time. Try not to express the emotion of wanting to eat.

But people are prepared.

A Jiading walked up the two trails: "Young Master Li, it would be easy if you are Xingchi holding the fruit. We have bamboo poles for poles, and we pull the cloth underneath, and we won't be afraid of landing on the ground. Let's prepare now?"

Of course it is good to be able to lay the fruit. Li Ji nodded, waiting for them to bring something and start to beat the fruit on the tree.

Fruit harvesting is a technical job, especially when it is not yet fully mature, it might even knock down the branches and leaves, which will affect the harvest in the coming year.

Li Ji tried for a while and interrupted two small tree branches, very distressed. Simply send the bamboo pole to Er Gouzi's hands.

Er Gouzi's control ability is obviously much better than Li Ji's. After a few times, he can master his strength well without hurting the fruit or the tree.

Li Ji followed the three servants to pull the cloth and then the fruit, chasing the fallen fruit, which is also a kind of fun.

The county magistrate was actually not far away watching. Every time Er Gouzi lays the fruit, he will look at Li Ji specially and see Li Ji smile. The smile on Er Gouzi's face is even brighter.

Every emotion and action of Li Ji infected Er Gouzi, and Er Gouzi had always been the only one in Er Gouzi's eyes.

After so many years of ups and downs, the county magistrate has not seen such pure affection for a long time. In a daze, I really want to return to that spring twenty years ago.

I met Li Yan that year, and so far, the best days in the life of the county magistrate for more than 30 years are the days that will never go back.

The county magistrate remembered what Li Ji said last night. If he really insists on stopping the two, will there be a tragedy of twenty years?

But they are all men, they have an unreasonable relationship, and the world cannot tolerate them.

If Er Gouzi is willing to marry a wife and have children, the county magistrate doesn't care if there is Li Ji Zai Er Gouzi by his side. After all, the county magistrate also sees too many men with concubines, but these prerequisites do not affect the succession of the clan.

The county magistrate loved Li Yan all his life, and Er Gouzi was the child of the county magistrate, and was probably also the master of transfer. If Er Gouzi really has no two minds in his life, what should he do?

The county magistrate is not a person who values ​​children and heirs, otherwise, for so many years, he would not have known that the possibility of finding Li Yan's mother and son is slim, and he insisted not to marry a wife or concubine. Withstanding the pressure of parents and the surroundings, I have persisted till now.

The county magistrate didn't want two people to be together in his heart, but if the two insist on being together, to be honest, the county magistrate can't control too much.

After all, Er Gouzi is not close to the county magistrate now, and this "father" is no more than a name.

Another batch of fruit was smashed down. Li Ji and the servants picked it up and put it in a small basket. Li Ji was greedy, took a green apricot and rubbed it with his hand and bit it directly into his mouth.

The servants carefully reminded that it is unhygienic, it is best to wash them before eating, but seeing that Li Ji ate up in two mouthfuls, he swallowed the words back, but moved faster, took the fruits and washed them before sending them to eat.

"Remember to give the master a portion after washing. In fact, the unripe fruit has a different flavor and tastes crispy."

After playing three small baskets, Li Ji asked them to wash out four dishes, two dishes were sent to the county magistrate, two dishes were eaten with Er Gouzi, and the rest were divided among the rest.

This unripe fruit can also be eaten, basically only the children of poor families know it. Because large families seldom go to the orchard to pick the fruit in person.

Only children from poor families have no snacks, and they have to taste everything when they are greedy. I don't know who was the first to find it. After a long time, the older children and the younger children discovered a lot of hidden delicacies.

The county magistrate did not go directly to talk to them, but left altogether.

He is in a bad mood and needs to calm down.

That night I still ate the kind of noodles I had at noon. The belly was finally emptied, and Li Ji had eaten three bowls to his fullest. People were afraid that he would be in time, so they quickly sent a bowl of stomach and digestive soup for Li Ji to drink. Er Gouzi ate five bowls, but Er Gouzi's appetite is obvious to all, so there is no need to worry.

This noodle is really delicious, and Li Ji feels uncomfortable to ask how to make it.

The county magistrate didn't go to dinner at night, and Li Ji guessed that the county magistrate was entangled at this time. If Er Gouzi grew up with the grandfather of the county, then Li Ji might have been driven out of the house by now. But their father and son have no emotional foundation now. Obviously, when Er Gouzi chose Li Ji, he would not look back at the county magistrate.

The county magistrate feels guilty towards Er Gouzi, which is a major reason why he cannot be a resolute father.

Is it possible to really agree to the two of them together?

The county magistrate could not imagine what it would be like when outsiders said that the county magistrate's son had broken sleeves. How will Er Gouzi be excluded and teased in the future. These are all realities and cannot be resolved by a happy relationship.

Let alone two men, even if the status difference between men and women is too great, the one with higher status will be teased, let alone two men with disparity in status. 

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