The county magistrate remembered his past. Wasn't he the same idea in the eyes of his parents at that time?

But it was Li Yan who had become a brother of the same clan and different sect.

Although Li Ji and Li Yan are siblings, they are actually not related by blood, and they are several generations behind. It seems that Li Ji and Er Gouzi are the generations of uncles and nephews, but if it is counted, it will be fine even if a man and a woman are married.

In a village, even if they have no blood relationship, they can be passed out of generations in a twisted manner.

That night. Li Ji just fell asleep and was awakened by a familiar knock on the door. Li Ji was awakened as soon as he fell asleep, and of course his mood was not very good.

He stood up to open the door, and said gloomily, "What are you doing?"

Jia Ding hurriedly whispered to accompany him, and then said: "Master wants to talk to you for a while, I beg you to show your face, and let him take a look.

Li Ji's head was still groggy, frowning and standing there awake, before turning around and putting on his coat.

Er Gouzi followed suit and got up and looked at Li Ji. Li Ji walked past and patted Er Gouzi's head: "Your father told me to talk over, it's okay, you can sleep well."

We talked for a long time yesterday, but Li Ji didn't sleep enough last night, so I waited for a good night's sleep.

Followed Jiading all the way to the place where we met yesterday, Li Ji walked over and made a series to the county magistrate: "My lord."

The county magistrate glanced at Li Ji from the corner of his eye, and didn't scream in a hurry.

Li Ji didn't worry, just kept bowing to the old man.

After waiting for a while, Li Ji's waist began to sore, and the county magistrate showed his compassion to get him up.

"Sit down, there will be a time, talk to the official for a while." The county magistrate was drinking with a glass, with no expression on his face.

Li Ji generously sat next to the county magistrate, waiting for the county magistrate to follow.

But obviously, the county magistrate called him, not just for chatting, and didn't say a word to Li Ji for a long time.

Li Ji looked at the outside of the pavilion and could not see the stars. It should be blocked by clouds. I don't know if it's a pure cloudy day, or it's going to rain.

Li Ji guessed the thoughts of the county magistrate, made two laps in his brain, and found an answer.

"You can rest assured that in this mansion, Er Gouzi and I have never crossed the boundary." Li Ji said suddenly.

Suddenly calling Li Ji to hang out here, just because he wanted to separate the two. Not during the day, but at night, the purpose is obvious. He was afraid that the two would do something to do with each other, the courtesy of Zhou Gong.

The county magistrate's thoughts were clarified, and then he put down the cup: "Listen to your tone, what have you had before."

Li Ji thought of those things back then, his face was a little hot, but he deliberately irritated the county magistrate, and said, "That's right."

"I don't know how to be ashamed." The county magistrate turned his eyes away.

"I would like to be ashamed of you, we are all bloody men." Li Ji smiled, "Moreover, even if the grassroots said that we didn't do anything but just liked it, you wouldn't believe it."

How can two people who truly love each other not long for each other?

"Have you ever thought about what to do if you are smashed in one year?" The county magistrate suddenly asked.

Li Ji looked at the bright lanterns everywhere, narrowed his eyes, and smiled indifferently: "My house is relatively remote and not easy to be discovered. Even if it is discovered, it would be good to go to the mountains with Er Gouzi. Although in the mountains. There is no outside convenience, but it is not impossible to come out. Cultivate a few acres of land on the mountain and raise livestock. If you need something, go down the mountain and buy it at any time. It's quite comfortable to think about it."

With that said, Li Ji was a little fascinated. Such days are indeed more comfortable than now.

In the village, there will be some right and wrong. Although I can't find the door basically, it's not too simple to just sit on the sidelines and help.

On weekdays, there is a big event in the village, a happy event or something, it is indispensable to stop by. All relatives have to take care of them, and if there is one who favors one or the other, he will complain.

To be honest, Li Ji doesn't like thank you. It would be a pleasure if you don't have to worry about this one day.

After hearing the words, the county magistrate felt uncomfortable in his heart. They go to the mountains, what about his father?

"Do you really think you can stay together forever? Keep going?" the county magistrate asked.

"I don't know, at least in front of me, I want to live with him forever. He is my daughter-in-law, and I am his daughter-in-law too." Li Ji replied simply.

The county magistrate asked: "You are not afraid. Er Gouzi misunderstood his feelings for you only because he didn't understand people's affairs and didn't understand feelings? Maybe he only treats you as a friend, but it just coincides with the spring heart sprouts, so he should treat you as a friend. The person in my heart?"

In fact, Li Ji has had similar thoughts many times, but this in itself is an incomprehensible thing.

"This is an unanswered question. In fact, it doesn't matter if you think about it too much." Li Ji paused and arrived, "Also, if I get along for such a long time, if all my feelings are false, then if it is true. One day Er Gouzi left, and it was my life. I can't control the future, so I just don't think about it. Now I and Er Gouzi are very happy, that's enough."

This is what Li Ji said from the bottom of his heart.

"To be honest, I don't agree with the two of you." The county magistrate said directly, "But I can't be your master, so I won't interfere with you together in the future, nor will I force you and Chang'an. What concessions to make. Just remember that once my son reined in the cliff, I will immediately let you disappear into the world of Chang'an forever. I will do what I say."

This sentence is to agree with them in disguise. Li Ji stood up, a little excited to apply.

"grown ups."

"I'm for Er Gouzi, not for you. And it's not unconditional. You stay in the mansion in the future, and you are the decent son here. If you regret later and tell you to kiss you, it is also in accordance with the son of the mansion. I won't treat you badly." The county magistrate did not go to see Li Ji. Obviously, the county magistrate made this decision very difficult.

This is already very rare for Li Ji. At least for a father. How many fathers can bear the fact that their son likes men?

Li Ji knelt down and bowed his head respectfully

"Thank you, sir."

The county magistrate opened his mouth and swallowed the words from his mouth. I sighed in my heart, if this person is not short-sleeved. They will leave everything behind, at least not as embarrassing as they are now.

"Go back to sleep." The county magistrate stood up, "I have official duties tomorrow, so I should go to bed.

On the way back, Li Ji gave a long sigh of relief.

After getting the county magistrate's permission to change, the two sons would be justified together. Li Ji never thought that this matter would go so smoothly.

On the way back, Li Ji walked with wind, and couldn't wait to go back and share the good news with Er Gouzi.

As he was walking back, he heard the commotion in front of him. Li Ji looked curiously there and asked what happened to the family beside him.

Jia Ding knows what's going on? He whispered: "Xu is a thief coming in, why don't you ask me in the past?"

"Don't bother so much, go back." Li Ji didn't take it to heart. Anyway, in the county magistrate's house, what else can't be solved?

Li Ji walked two steps forward and found that the yelling over there was louder. Looking back, he saw a figure rushing in the dim flame.

Li Ji took a step back and was thrown down the whole next second.

His face was smeared with saliva before Li Ji realized who it was. Seeing a group of family members coming with sticks, Li Ji quickly waved to stop them, wiped the drool on his face with his hand, and pushed a certain one on his body: "I know, it's okay."

The visitor is not a person, but a wolf who has a good relationship with Li Ji. Since the wolf came down the mountain with the cub in his mouth last time, Li Ji hasn't seen it again, regardless of the meat he eats clean every time.

I saw people I knew in this unfamiliar environment. Li Ji felt cordial, kissed the wolf's wet nose and rubbed the wolf's head: "What are you doing here."

The wolf stretched his tongue to lick Li Ji's face and hummed twice.

"Miss me? I still want to eat stew." Li Ji didn't know how the wolf found it, let alone how it got in. Thanks to being recognized by Li Ji, or the wolf would be beaten to death by the housekeeper if he couldn't deal with it.

The family members looked at each other, and they really didn't understand how Li Ji was related to the wolf.

Li Ji stood up and put one hand on the wolf's head, and said to the family members: "Thank you, this wolf is here to look for me and Er Gouzi. It is not malicious. I will take him to our house. You don't need to. Afraid."

Li Ji patted the wolf's head and walked back with the hair on the wolf's neck.

The family members were afraid of the wolf's instinct to bite people, and hurriedly followed. Li Ji yelled out before the doorway when he was far away, "Er Gouzi! Come out and see who is here."

At this time, Er Gouzi was waiting anxiously. He heard the sound directly jumping out of the room. He was relieved when he saw Li Jihou, but he saw the wolf, and Er Gouzi's eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

"It must have missed the two of us, and both ran over." Li Ji pulled the wolf into the house, but Er Gouzi didn't stop him, just stared at the one and didn't speak.

The wolf was uncomfortable by him, and he was closer to Li Ji. Where did Li Ji know about them? Now he is full of thoughts about "meeting old friends from another country", that is, seeing the wolf here, Li Ji is even more homesick. Obviously, after a few days of coming, I felt that I couldn't stand homesickness.

"Is it hungry? Why did you find it? I have served you." Li Ji squatted into the room and pinched the wolf's face. The wolf enjoyed Li Ji's touch very much, and squinted his eyes for Li Ji to touch.

Er Gouzi deliberately got close to Li Ji, separated one person and one wolf without leaving a trace, and said: "He comes here, he must run a long way, let him sleep. We should sleep too."

Li Jiyi thought it was the truth, and patted the wolf's head: "Can you sleep here?"

Can the wolf understand Li Ji? The tip of his nose rubbed Li Ji's hand and licked it with his tongue.

Seeing that they couldn't stop them in the middle of the station, Er Gouzi said, "He must be looking for us because he is hungry. Let's ask him for some meat."

Li Ji nodded hurriedly: "Yes, don't be hungry if you come all the way."

Li Ji turned around and said to the Jia Ding who was standing at the door: "Thanks to those of you who are affected, you don't have to do much to get the meat. Just cooked meat will do."

The family members thought that such a half-sky wolf was still well-behaved, and felt a little relieved, and went to the kitchen to find the cooked meat to be delivered.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi made the bed, and the little wolf rubbed Li Ji's legs and looked up at Li Ji. It felt like laughing again.

"Your cub is quite big, right? Show me when you grow up and can hunt, then your wife shouldn't beat you." Li Ji reached out to touch the little wolf's nose, and his thoughts drifted to the village. "Are you always looking for me because you always put prey at my door but didn't eat the meat I made for you? How did you find this place? Have you been looking for it for the past two days?"

Of course Li Ji didn't really talk to the wolf, he was just talking to himself.

"I don't know how Li Jin reacted when he saw the prey in front of your room. After all, the dog must be closed when sleeping at night, and the water can go out hunting."

Li Ji was afraid that people would see the prey placed by the wolf at the door, so he lied to the village head that Little Tail would hunt. It is difficult to explain who would find a prey at the door of the house afterwards.

Someone brought meat. The wolf, who smelled the scent of meat, stood up straight and looked out. Jia Ding looked at the wolf a little bit stunned, standing at the door, entangled whether to enter.

Li Ji was very empathetic. He took the meat in the past and placed it in the middle of the ground, watching the wolf gobble up the meat.

There is a lot of meat, a pot of five or six catties, it is enough to feed the wolf, but it is definitely not enough.

After a while, I finished eating. The Jiading at the door asked if I wanted to have another pot. Li Ji shook his head to explain. Eat too full and can't sleep.

Then there was a maid bringing in a big soft cushion, looking just enough for the wolf to lie on it.

Li Ji brought the one who had eaten the meat to the top of the mat and touched the wolf's head: "You will live here tonight. It must be comfortable to look so soft."

The wolf grew up in the mountains. Have you seen these there? He lifted his head and licked Li Ji's hand lightly, before lying on his stomach.

The window opens and the door closes. Li Ji ate two strawberries, drank boiled water, and lay on the bed with Er Gouzi.

The families outside were all scattered, leaving only two or three waiting at the door.

Li Ji was so tossed by the wolf, there was no sleepiness, there was a breathing sound in the room, and he knew that it was a wolf. In fact, this feeling was quite strange.

Li Ji put a hand on Er Gouzi's shoulder, trying to roll over, but was afraid that Er Gouzi would noisy him when he fell asleep.

At this time, Er Gouzi suddenly said: "I'm homesick."

Li Ji's eyes dimmed, he didn't want to be home. Only now. The county magistrate even accepted the fact that Er Gouzi likes men. It can be said that he took everything back to keep Er Gouzi.

The more this time, the more embarrassed Li Ji said to go home.

At this time, going home will hurt the county magistrate…

Li Ji patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder, and said: "Wait two more days, two more days we will tell the county magistrate that we will go home and have a look, and then we will come back."

Er Gouzi said, "I want to stay at home all the time. We still have a lot of animals in the family."

This idea of ​​Er Gouzi Li Ji didn't know how to satisfy, even said that he couldn't satisfy it. If he and Er Gouzi go home, what will the county magistrate do? Such a cautious father who repeatedly gave in, Li Ji was really unwilling to hurt him.

"It's so good here, the food here is delicious, and there are so many things we couldn't eat before." Li Ji comforted.

"Do you like it?" Er Gouzi asked.

Li Ji is speechless, do you like it? the answer is negative. The same goes for Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi continued: "The food here is really delicious, the meat tastes very special, and there are many tricks. But if you want me to choose, I am still willing to eat the rice you cook for me. Even if I only eat one dish in my life. I'm fine. I don't know if you have any other ideas, so we must be here. But it seems that even if I go with you and live a life with nothing, I go hunting every day, I don't have enough to eat or wear warmth, as long as I am at home, I like it."

Li Ji reached out and hugged Er Gouzi.

This matter must be resolved. Li Ji cannot always be caught between the father and the son, otherwise one day there will be conflicts between the father and the son, and Li Ji will complain. There will always be a solution to everything.

"Go to sleep, let's talk to your father tomorrow, let's take your time, we will always solve it."

Li Ji hugged Er Gouzi tightly and lightly kissed Er Gouzi's forehead.

At this time, Li Ji suddenly remembered and forgot to tell Er Gouzi the good news.

"Almost forgot. Your father promised us that we two will be together, and we won't have to hide and tuck each other when we are together. We will be together in an upright manner."

"What is righteousness?" Er Gouzi asked.

Li Ji himself couldn't remember where he heard the word from, and smiled: "That is to say, don't be serious. From now on in this mansion, you can call me Xiao Ji in an open and honest manner, no longer called Fourth Uncle. Your dad won't introduce you to girls anymore, you will be mine alone from now on."

"I was originally you alone." Although Er Gouzi didn't quite understand, he was happy when he saw Li Ji happy.

The two lay on the bed and talked for a while, then fell asleep unknowingly.

When he woke up the next morning, the wolf had disappeared. It seemed that he had picked it out along the window and returned to the mountain.

Li Ji slept well this time, no one woke up in the morning, so he stretched out and looked at the foreigners by the window. It was cloudy outside, and I couldn't tell what time it was.

There were prepared clean clothes on the table. Li Ji and Er Gouzi changed into their clothes and the servants came in to wait for the wash. The maid said that the county magistrate was waiting for the two of them to have breakfast together.

The two of them finished washing, and went to the dining room for dinner together. At this time, the county magistrate was already seated.

Please Announce Li Ji's editing, Er Gouzi watched Li Ji's movements and followed the gourd painting.

The county magistrate did not leave Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji all the time. Before I knew their relationship, I thought it was weird, but now I know it completely. Looking at the county magistrate, I feel the roots of my teeth itchy.

"Sit down and eat." The county magistrate rinsed his mouth with tea. I slept all night last night. I got up in the morning and the inside was not clean. The mouthwash did not affect the taste of the meal for a while.

Having dinner with the county magistrate, Li Ji and Er Gouzi were seated in accordance with the rules, with two people in between. Fortunately, I have had several experiences in the past two days, and I am also used to it.

"Look up today and look at the overcast clouds outside. It might be raining in the next two days. Yours is busy with official duties, so you have to bring an umbrella in a hurry when you travel." Li Ji smiled.

The county magistrate raised his eyes and glanced at him, but did not answer.

Li Ji didn't feel embarrassed either. There are not many elders in the world who can be regarded as son-in-law, not to mention that this is a son-in-law.

"Our old friend came to see us yesterday. It's strange that we can recruit from such a long distance." Li Ji said again.

The county magistrate raised his eyelids: "A wolf?"

Li Ji nodded and smiled: "Yes. He saved my life at first, and I saved it again. Later, it often puts its prey at my door. I am too embarrassed to eat its prey. So I sent it to the prey. They are all stewed and sent to the mountains. We are all cooked after going back and forth like this."

I didn't expect Li Ji to have such an adventure. I have only heard of wolves hurting people, but I never thought that wolves could still have such a relationship with people.

If it's in a book, the county magistrate has read some miscellaneous books. It's the first time I've seen it.

"How did you save him?"

The county magistrate was finally willing to speak well, and Li Ji was not anxious, and slowly said the whole story: "This matter is a bit far away if you go into details. There is a hunter in the village who has not come down after two days of hunting in the mountains. Men in the village Let's go up the mountain together to find it. I have medicine for Er Gouzi at home, and I brought two bottles when I went up the mountain to find someone."

Li Ji took a sip of tea and continued: "When I found the hunter, I used a bottle for him. When it was convenient for me to find a place, I saw the injured wolf again. I was lost in the mountains and fell unconscious. It passed, and when I woke up, it was guarding me by my side. I was thinking of repaying me and saved it with the remaining bottle of medicine. It was originally for its favor. But it only remembers that I saved him. Always forget me to pick up prey at the door."

"That said, the wolf confronted Hunter, so both of them were injured?" the county magistrate asked.

Li Ji nodded: "Gao Liehu was still muttering when he was not in a coma that he could almost hit a wolf. There is actually another thing to say about Gao Liehu."

Li Ji made a point about Gao Liehu's thing again. If this person is bad, it is not too bad, at most he is greedy. At this moment, the ghost was obsessed with his mind, and his eyes were stunned by a dozen taels of silver.

Now the people in the village have begun to forget about this incident, and the Gao Liehu family is not so isolated anymore, but the status in the village is not as good as before.

I used to talk about the conditions. Gao Liehu is also a better-off family in the village. One or two prey are killed in a month, regardless of the size of the game, even if only one rabbit is killed in a month, even the leash meat is bought. It's enough for a family to eat for two months.

Coupled with the commission that Li Ji gave them at the time, it was only a matter of time to build a big house, so why rush it for a while. In this world, there will be airtight walls.

The county magistrate listened clearly before and after, and couldn't help but sigh.

"If it is calculated from causality, it can be regarded as kind to us. The trap he dug made Er Gouzi return to the village. He was discovered because of greed and cut your way to buy leather. Forcing you to come to the county to find a seller to meet him I went to the housekeeper who bought it. This gave me the only leather that I can contact Chang'an in the past two decades."

What is a causal cycle? The county magistrate only learned today that the beginning of his encounter with Er Gouzi was only because of the greed of Liehu.

"It's true." Li Ji nodded. But even if there is grace, it does not mean that this person is a person worthy of fellowship. He is too greedy. Although it is a momentary obsession with ghosts and cannot be beaten to death with a stick, the defensive heart is indispensable. What happened at the time is over, and Li Ji will not guard him, but if he gets along like before, Li Ji can't do it.

After breakfast, Li Ji began to talk to the county magistrate Jiang Er Gouzi again. The two have been getting along day and night, and no one knows Er Gouzi's matters better than Li Ji.

Such a meal can be regarded as a delightful meal. It took a full half an hour to finish eating.

When the meal was over, he put down his chopsticks. The county magistrate looked at the time, and he was going to the county office.

Li Ji wanted to talk about going home several times, but he couldn't afford to say it all the time. Seeing that the county magistrate cared about Er Gouzi so much, every time he heard something about Er Gouzi from Li Ji's mouth, his eyes straightened, Li Ji became more and more unable to speak.

Li Ji wants to talk, but the county magistrate is watching. It's just that Li Ji doesn't say anything, the county magistrate doesn't ask. The county magistrate was also afraid that Li Jihuan would say something he couldn't bear.

Li Jihe County's grandfather was in such a stalemate, but Er Gouzi couldn't help it. He had told Li Ji several times, but every time Li Ji persuaded him to wait. He was homesick and thought a lot. Since Li Ji cares about what the county magistrate meant, Er Gouzi asked the county magistrate when he wanted to keep them.

"When will we go home?" Er Gouzi suddenly asked when he was about to separate.

Both Li Ji and the county magistrate were taken aback. Li Ji pulls Er Gouzi's clothes corner, Er Gouzi did not listen to Li Ji this time.

"We have lived here for four days, a long time." Er Gouzi's face was serious. What he said is serious.

The county magistrate was not afraid of Li Ji's words, he was afraid of Er Gouzi's words. If Li Ji said, the county magistrate still had a way to fool around, but facing the only son, the county magistrate could not think of a perfect solution.

"This is also your home, and you can do whatever you want, and there are so many scary people waiting, don't you like it?"

The county magistrate asked softly.

Er Gouzi looked at the county magistrate and said, "Xiao Ji said the same. You all said this is my home. Everything here is very good, but I don't feel that this is home. My home with Xiao Ji is smaller than here. There are fewer things than here, and no one serves us. But there are only two of us. There is nothing to do with it, but I think it is necessary to work every day. There is not a bite of meat to eat. Every bite of food, They are not easy to get, and this kind of food tastes more delicious."

Ever since birth, Er Gouzi didn't know what was going on to reach out and open his mouth. Don't even think you are enjoying. Every bite of wild vegetables that he ate when he was a child, although bitter, he did pick them one by one with Li Yan all over the mountains and plains. No matter how bitter you are, you will feel satisfied when you eat.

Alone on the mountain. As Er Gouzi grows older, his hunting skills become more and more idle, so he rarely picks wild vegetables. But the meat used for eating is also hard to come by. All Er Gouzi enjoy every bite of food in their mouths.

After Li Ji. Er Gouzi learned how to raise livestock, grow in spring and harvest in autumn. There are more channels to get food, but no bite of rice is picked up for nothing.

But since entering the county magistrate's house. There are constant food every day, and there is no time to eat all kinds of food. Tasty? good to eat! Er Gouzi has never eaten such a delicious food since he was born.

But he didn't want to do this all his life. In his mind, food is not obtained in this way.

The county magistrate furrowed his eyebrows together and took a deep breath to suppress the tumbling emotions in his heart.

"Then what if I agree that you grow vegetables and raise livestock in the yard? You can live the same life here as before."

The county magistrate's repeated concessions, Er Gouzi obviously didn't know the county magistrate's kindness.

Er Gouzi: "It's different from the days I like. It's okay to live here for a few days. But I won't treat this as my home. It's like Xiao Ji always said, "You are my father and my family." But I don't know what that feeling is like. Who you are, where are you here, is not important to me. If you are the same as the people in the village, you will be someone I will often see in the future. I will not reject you. But if I stay with you all the time, I don't want to."

This is the first time Er Gouzi has said so much to the county magistrate, but every word is in the heart of the county magistrate.

The county magistrate can Li Ji Er Gouzi. If a normal person suddenly confronts a stranger and says that he is his father, he will be uncomfortable living together in the future. What's more, the Er Gouzi who knew how to live.

Li Ji sighed. He can understand both people, and he feels distressed on both sides.

Li Ji waited for Er Gouzi to finish before speaking, "You must be uncomfortable listening to this. That's for sure. But Er Gouzi is also uncomfortable. I can understand your feelings, and I can understand Er Gouzi better. Feelings. You really love Er Gouzi. It's just that if you change to anyone, you will feel uncomfortable when you change to a completely unfamiliar place. If you can… I have an idea, maybe it's feasible."

"Let's talk about it." The county magistrate only felt that his heart was pumping, but if this was something Er Gouzi decided on purpose, what could the county magistrate do.

Li Ji said: "Please allow us to go back. Every month from now on, we will come back to see you and stay here for a few days. We are two of us. Now you are the only elder, and we can respect you alone. As long as you are alone. If you are willing, we will come every month in the future, and even if conditions permit, we can come every few days. In this way, you will not only be able to solve your problem with your son, but will not affect Er Gouzi's life as he likes."

This method may be the best way to resolve the current deadlock, and it is also the most central way. It can not only solve the eagerness of the county magistrate, but also make the Er Gouzi return to the environment he likes and adapts to.

The county magistrate certainly knows. Just thinking of the son who had just found him, he was waiting and looking forward to it again. It is inevitable that it is not a taste in my heart.

"You go back to the yard first, let me think about it."

Li Ji salutes and resigns. This matter is really difficult for the county magistrate. But there is no other way.

The county magistrate must take care of it, but Er Gouzi's ideas must be paid attention to.

The two returned to the yard together, and the Er Gouzi were afraid to look at Li Ji's expression, for fear of seeing anger from Li Ji's face.

"Am I doing something wrong?" Er Gouzi asked in a low voice.

When Li Ji looked back, he saw Er Gouzi's small appearance, and stretched out his hand to rub Er Gouzi's head: "You're right. You have your choice, there is nothing wrong with it. I just feel that the county magistrate is a bit pitiful. He has been looking for your mother and daughter for so long, and just after looking for it, you want to go back again."

"Then what to do?" Er Gouzi didn't do what Li Ji said, but since Li Ji had a headache, it must be a very serious matter.

"Where is there any way, wait for your father to decide. God wants us to do what we want from now on, so let's do it. Anyway, if we two are not separated, we can do it wherever we go." Li Ji tried to comfort Er Gouzi, the two of them Today, I don't have the thought of wandering around, and I can't even remember playing chess. They simply nested in the house and didn't go anywhere. The people came to almost eat some, and there was a chat about every sentence.

When I was sleepy, I lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

The quilt is embroidered with patterns, the stitches are tight, and the cover is very light and breathable.

Li Ji was covered with a quilt, a bit like the quilt at home.

In summer, there is no ice cubes at home to cool down, so there is only a thin layer of quilt. Most of the time the two of them didn't cover it. It's just that Li Ji has the habit of having a belly button, so he pulled Er Gouzi together and covered the belly button.

Although it is thin in this life, there is a mezzanine inside, and it will only be covered for a few days at the beginning of the house when it is just cool in autumn. It's just that the quilt is very breathable, and there are ice cubes in the room to cool down, so it's very comfortable to cover.

It's the big family that knows how to enjoy it.

When Li Ji went to bed, Er Gouzi lay on his side to accompany him. Until the afternoon, Li Ji could feel the body temperature next to him when he woke up, knowing that Er Gouzi was by his side, turned over and hugged Er Gouzi, rubbing his chest skillfully.

I opened my eyes dazedly and looked at the top of the window. Slightly stunned. After thinking about it for a while, I remembered that this was the county magistrate's house. I haven't returned home for five days and four nights.

No wonder Er Gouzi is so homesick. It is really enjoyable here, even a place that Li Ji can't enjoy in his whole life, but it is different from home after all.

I don't know how little tail is, how about Songsong and Taotao, will they miss them too.

Li Ji was thinking about things, thinking about a lot of things, and looking at Er Gouzi a little fascinated.

After waking up, a servant came in and asked what he wanted to eat. Li Ji casually said a word of noodles and sat at the table in the house, drinking tea to wake up.

After eating the noodles, Li Ji and Er Gouzi went to the small lake to feed the fishes. The lotus flowers in Chishang bloomed a bit more than the previous two days. It was very beautiful. Li Ji stared blankly, a little confused.

A voice came from behind abruptly: "Like lotus?"

Li Ji hurriedly turned his head, it was the county magistrate: "Ah? Ah, I don't like it too much, just watching the flowers and leaves shaking together when the wind blows, and they look good."

The county magistrate said: "Lotus lotus leaves, born in silt but not contaminated with the slightest misunderstanding. It is a rare clean thing. Sometimes I feel bored by standing here and watching for a while, and my mood will be much better."

Li Ji bowed his head and did not answer. The county magistrate looked at Li Ji and finally couldn't help but said, "Do you want to leave, too?"

Li Ji did not intend to conceal the county magistrate: "I am not here after all, and I am not worthy of such a good day. You are the parents of the people, and you work around the people in the county. You enjoy this, it is right for you. But I No. I'm just an ordinary person, but I enjoy such a luxurious life. I have to pay back the money. This should not be my own thing. Sooner or later I will double it back. It's like that high Hunter. It's because of the twelve taels. Silver, lost the original fifty taels of silver, and went to have a good reputation in the village."

"It's because a person your age can think of so much." The county magistrate looked at Li Ji and said, "If you didn't do well with this stall in Chang'an. I really mean it when you are a year-long friend. When it's okay. It is also a blessing to ask you to make wine and tea."

Li Ji smiled indifferently: "Not at all, people are always changing. Maybe after the last ten or eight years, I will be just like ordinary people. Or as you grow older, you start to grow more. Those thoughts that you didn't like before. You admire me, maybe just for a moment. My relationship with Er Gouzi can last a lifetime. This relationship cannot be broken."

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi who was standing by and asked in a low voice, "You like Li Ji very much."

Er Gouzi didn't even think about it, nodded and said, "I like it."

"He is important?"

"Very important."

"Do you know what it means to be together forever?"


The county magistrate looked at the lotus in the lake and said solemnly: "I won't stop you anymore."

Li Ji knows what it means to make such a decision as a father. My son likes men, so I won't have grandson Chenghuan's knees in the future. Now even my son doesn't want to stay by his side.

I was a lonely person, but I will have another person in the future. In this huge mansion, he is the only master, and there are people who speak insights there?

Li Ji said, "Although my home is not as big as here, and it is not as good as here. But it feels completely different. If adults are free, go and live there for two days. Also see what life Er Gouzi has had in the past two years. We can also go to see Er Gouzi's mother, and the cave where Er Gouzi they lived together when they were young. There is also the place where Er Gouzi lived in the mountains during the 13 years that Er Gouzi lost. You may want to see it by default. ."

"Let's talk about it. You stay for another day or two, and I order someone to prepare something for you. Although Er Gouzi is not used to living here, I can't be a dad who doesn't prepare anything. The officer came out of the capital anyway. Yes, I have saved a lot of money. I don't have any daily expenses. After all, it is from Chang'an."

Li Ji couldn't help but remember that the leather goods store owner said that the "filial piety" county magistrate he had sent him received all the orders.

But according to the county magistrate's words, he had met a high official in the capital, how much money hasn't he seen? Are you really greedy for money?

Li Ji had doubts in his heart, so he simply said it.

"I heard the rumors from the people not long ago, and it was a bit taboo to ask."

"Ask." The county magistrate said.

"I heard that the business in the county will always honor you every year and festival, and your city will accept it."

The county magistrate squinted and glanced at Li Ji: "What? Afraid that my silver is not good?"

"Where and where, everything you do is in my eyes. I can't doubt you. I just have doubts in my heart, I don't understand, and I don't mean anything else."

"Don't worry, every penny in my pocket is clean." The county magistrate said frankly. 

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