The county magistrate's answer was loud and loud, not at all ashamed of one's heart. Li Jixin had doubts, and asked, "At that time, there were rumors among the people?"

"No." The county magistrate shook his head, "You didn't stand in my position, you will know from there. Mine is clean, but the one above me may not be clean. If you have any big things or small things, you can apply for a grant. Hundred taels. When you get to the Holy Spirit, you will become two hundred taels. But the money that is really allocated to me may not be twenty taels. Where did the money come from when something happened?"

Li Ji suddenly realized: "You mean, you have used all these filial piety on the people?"

"This is also the only feasible way. Taxes can't be lost. Some people on the top are waiting for me to make a mistake, and some people below are waiting to replace them. Although there is a way to increase taxes and expand the government's bank treasury, it is not a wealthy county in itself. Many people in the county are on the verge of hunger. I can't get food out of their mouths. Merchants' interests travel faster, and they use a certain amount of money in exchange for their business convenience. Their business is getting better and better. This county is very useful. Where money is paid, there is also a way for money. Isn't it the best of both worlds."

Li Ji didn't know how to be an official, the county magistrate said so much, and Li Ji did not understand.

"That is to say, you are using the money they gave you to fill the vacancies in the mansion? On the surface, they respect you alone, but in fact they respect the people of the whole county."

"Yes." The county magistrate nodded. "Fortunately, you can walk into the county to be self-sufficient, and you don't have to wait for the money to be paid."

The situation in the county in the past two years is indeed much better than in previous years. At least it's rare to sell children at the market. When the county magistrate first came, there were still a lot of people selling wives and sons, and now there are, but not many.

I remembered that there was no water in the village before, and it was up to the county magistrate to hire someone to bring water into the village. This money, I am afraid, is also from the money paid by the merchants. But in other ways, the county magistrate will not ruin his reputation to accept these.

"The benefits are all from the common people, which is a good thing for the common people." As a member of the common people, Li Ji is most qualified to say such things.

Ordinary people never care about what means they use to become an official, or what kind of character they are. As long as the people can benefit from it, that is Master Qingtian.

"It is thorough, but you yourself avoid the officialdom. You are very smart, and you can be thorough at a point. They are all suitable for officialdom." This is what the county magistrate said from the bottom of his heart.

Li Ji shook his head again and again: "I don't know how to read, so it's closed. If I talk, I can say a thing, and it won't work for me to do things."

The county magistrate's lips twitched, and Li Ji's heart was frizzy.

Sure enough, the county magistrate said quietly: "If you had said it earlier, you wouldn't have caused these misunderstandings. I thought you were concerned about the people, and you just changed your hometown to a scholar. Although you haven't established a system yet, you're already a half official."

Li Ji shuddered, and the secret road was really true. Who is the county magistrate, can he retire for his son, and let him go?

"You don't need to be nervous." The county magistrate didn't know where to pull out a folding fan, and said with a fan, "You don't have to worry, since there is no establishment, then there is no official business for you to do. Use words you understand. In other words, it is outside the staff. The officials other than the officials. You only need to come over once a month and make a record with me, which means you are on standby at any time. You don't have to worry about the rest."

Li Ji is not a fool, and of course he understands what the county magistrate means.

Li Ji smiled bitterly: "Even if you don't, I will come back with Er Gouzi for a long time. My roots are in the village and I can't run away."

"Since you can't run, you don't have to think too much. If you change to a scholar status, you won't have to pay most of the taxes in your family, and you can still get the salary given by the court. It's also a good thing for you."

The staff that Li Ji gave belonged to the donation official, and the silver was given to Li Ji by the county magistrate. As for Er Gouzi, he is the child of the county magistrate, who should have been a scholar.

If it is purely chatting, Li Ji can talk a lot with the county magistrate. As long as the platitudes of those who are not involved are not involved, Li Ji can talk to the county magistrate.

But if it is to rule Li Ji, the county magistrate and too many ways can subdue him, it's just a matter of thinking.

The household registration has been changed, and it is impossible for Li Ji to change it back.

Li Ji leaned against the willow tree by the lake and turned his head. This is Er Gouzi's father. If he can go back, the county magistrate will not worry about the future of the two. Why not transfer the problems at home to the county magistrate?

In this way, the problem can be solved, and the grandfather of the county can help his son, which can satisfy his heart and at the same time rest assured Er Gouzi.

With such a bit of greed, Li Ji said, "You said you should prepare something for Er Gouzi. If it is clothes, hats, shoes and socks, you don't need to prepare. If you live in the village, you have to work. It just needs clothes that are resistant to dirt and wear. If you prepare a good dress in the village, it can ruin a good dress in a day before it gets dark."

"Listening to your tone, is there any other need?" The county magistrate couldn't hear the meaning of Li Ji's words?

Li Ji nodded generously: "Er Gouzi is delicious and can also eat meat. Of course, there has never been less meat in the country. It's just that Er Gouzi likes to eat pork, but I haven't eaten beef and mutton yet, so I don't know if I like it. Like it. It's just that the drought was severe in the past two years. In the past year, I didn't find a suitable buyer. I think there should be a way to find it if it's you."

Cattle and sheep have just grown up, but they still have their cubs to reproduce, and they are reluctant to eat. Pigs are now facing this situation. A pig said, the two will only eat for a few days. Er Gouzi can eat it, and Li Ji can eat it too. The two work every day, and it is inevitable that they will eat more. So even if a pig is next to a pig, the whole family will have to eat it for a month or two. Li Ji's family can consume it in the first seven or eight days.

Eat a lot. Meat can't be supplied at all. That is to say, there are many rabbits and chickens, so that Er Gouzi will not cut off the source of meat.

Li Ji put it forward, the county magistrate can pay attention to it. As far as Er Gouzi is concerned, the county magistrate attaches great importance to it.

"Is there anything else missing?"

Li Ji thought about it carefully, and said: "Some bamboos in the mountains behind should be good. It should be very troublesome to transplant this bamboo. I don't know if there are seeds or other convenient methods."

"Bamboo seeds may not be seen in decades. If you want to load, you still have to use bamboo shoots. Before you go, I will ask someone to dig it, and then send it to you to pick a place to plant it directly. If you like the fruit tree, Also pick some later plants and go over them."

The county magistrate was still thinking about what else Er Gouzi could use. My son is not around, so I feel lacking in preparation.

Li Ji smiled at Er Gouzi: "Look how good your father is to you."

Er Gouzi could of course feel the county magistrate's kindness to him. It's just that he hasn't learned how to get along with the county magistrate, and he doesn't know how to face him.

Er Gouzi just nodded, looked at the county magistrate, and said nothing.

Slimming was also faintly disappointed, and asked, "What do you want?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "Just go home."

Er Gouzi's is already the best gift if he can go home, he doesn't need anything else. It's just that when these words are heard in the ears of the county magistrate, it is inevitable that Er Gouzi is not rare in his preparation.

Although the county magistrate knew that Er Gouzi was not such a person, he would still think in contradiction. This kind of heart is very strange. If you have to have any explanation, it is that you have been constantly hitting yourself in your heart, so that once you get a little bit of gain, the joy will be magnified several times.

Li Ji suddenly said, "Master, you haven't eaten Er Gouzi's dishes. Actually, he cooks better than me, especially stewed fish. Let Er Gouzi make some dishes in the evening, and you can taste yours too. Son's earnings."

For scholars. The gentleman is far away from the kitchen. If you change to something pedantic, I'm afraid you will be very resistant to your son approaching the kitchen. However, the county magistrate was obviously different from ordinary people. The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi and asked what he meant with his eyes.

Er Gouzi nodded and said, "I can cook Huoxiang fish stew and potato stew chicken."

These two are Er Gouzi's best, and of course, they are also the most commonly eaten at home.

The county magistrate was busy preparing the ingredients, with satisfaction in his heart.

Others may not think anything, but these are for the county magistrate. It is extremely luxurious.

"When your official is inappropriate, please follow us back to the village." Li Ji said, "I will treat you as if your biological father is to support you. If you are not used to living, we can build a courtyard in the country. Although it is not as big as this place, you are very comfortable waiting for you. You need someone to serve, so let's just take care of two or three long-term workers. When you are bored, there are two acres of land in the yard. You can plant some flowers, flowers, and grasses you like. There is no one in the village to bother, so you can be safe and comfortable. Old age is actually a beautiful thing."

The county magistrate is a person who can enjoy, but the environment he has been in has always been troublesome. Although the conditions in the countryside are not good, it is simple to live in the world. It's better than the ups and downs of officialdom, and there are more messy things.

Li Ji's words were spoken from the bottom of his heart. The county magistrate also believes that Li Ji is not good at telling him.

The county magistrate nodded and said, "If there is that day, I will go to your side to build a decent house."

In fact, the county magistrate has planned it now, but it will be very eye-catching to have a luxurious residence all of a sudden. People's hearts are unpredictable, too conspicuous is definitely not good at times.

But now there are a lot of those prepared for Er Gouzi, and they are eye-catching enough.

So if you want to give Er Gouzi a better life, you still need to think about it long-term, at least not in a hurry.

"If you are a big house, the village will be very difficult, and the surrounding areas are not flat. Unless you don't dislike the place that fluctuates up and down. Or you can simply build a house on the mountain and it will be completely clean." Li Ji paused. He said again, "I'm not a joke, but what I really thought about. The mountain is also full of wild beasts. But as long as you don't go deep, the wall is built higher and the danger is not great. In the future… if it is me in the future The matter with Er Gouzi was discovered and rejected. The ready-made one we prepared in advance is better than leaving in embarrassment."

At the beginning, Li Yan couldn't bear to stab her spine in the village. She digs a cave in the mountains for five or six years. If Li Ji and Er Gouzi are not tolerated in the village, entering the mountains is the only way.

It's better to prepare in advance, and it's better to be in a hurry when the time comes.

That is, when Li Ji said this, the county magistrate believed that Li Ji and Er Gouzi were really ready for everything.

Even so, it's better than thinking of the county magistrate to accept Li Ji completely.

"It's hard for you to work in the mountains. Do you know how to build a house? If you hire a bunch of people to build a house on the mountain, there is no point in hiding. So. You have time to choose a place. Tell me later that I will arrange someone to go. ."

The county magistrate came out of the capital, and there must be some strange things around him. The mountains are dangerous for ordinary people, but for the county magistrate, it is not difficult to build a big house in the deep mountains. Of course, you are really time-consuming consumables, and you don't know how long you will have to wait until it is completed.

Li Ji was originally hopeless. Just like the county's grandfather said, he and Er Gouzi can build a decent shack on the mountain. It's not clear how to build a decent house.

I couldn't help thinking more in my heart. If this place is really built, you can live on the mountain for two days even if there is no trouble in the future. Er Gouzi wants to go hunting more convenient, not to mention that it is feasible to dig some traps around the house to hunt.

Not enough, no matter how thorough the county magistrate's preparations are, it's all for Er Gouzi alone. Li Ji has this self-knowledge.

"If this is the case. Master, you should go to our place more and sit down. You can decide where you like. The Er Gouzi in the mountains are very familiar. Tell them what kind of place you like, and he will be able to find them soon. "After that, he turned around and asked Er Gouzi, "Right."

Er Gouzi nodded: "I know the mountains well. Where there is light; where there is water; where is dry; where there are many prey, I know."

Er Gouzi has lived on the mountain for thirteen years. For him, these things are as simple as eating and drinking.

"Then there are dangerous beasts, do you know?" The county magistrate only cares about this. If it is Er Gouzi, even this is clear. It can only prove that Er Gouzi has experienced it, and even experienced it many times.

"There are more beasts in places with a lot of prey. But most of them don't know how to climb trees, and they are afraid of not being high. If they can't escape, they climb the tree. If they are impatient, they will leave soon. Those who are patient will wait for a day or two. Some of the trees will find bird eggs to eat, or squirrel's nests, so they won't be hungry."

Li Ji remembered the time when Er Gouzi found Songsong and Taotao, but only looked up at the tree and found the pine tree nest. Climbing the tree is particularly neat, and the pine tree nest is wiped out in a few strokes. It's not possible to learn this to avoid the beasts.

There will be any danger in the mountains. Even if I was prepared, I would inevitably feel distressed when I heard Er Gouzi say it in person.

The more you listen, the deeper the county magistrate's guilt towards Er Gouzi. When Er Gouzi was the son of the county magistrate, the county magistrate was an official. Er Gouzi can be held in the palm of his hand and grow up like ordinary officials, but now he has suffered so much.

In fact, when the majesty of the county was just visiting the flowers. Not directly in office. After candidates are ranked, whether they can be an official or not depends on whether there are job vacancies. There are those who have been admitted to the top prize and have never been an official in their entire life.

At that time, the county magistrate could actually bring the court's silver rewards to find Li Yan's mother and son wholeheartedly. It's only the fault that the grandfather of the county was too anxious to get rid of the control of the clan.

Whether or not you can be an official depends on whether there are any vacancies, secondly, whether you have a sufficiently substantial family background, and thirdly, whether you have Bole Xiangzhong.

The second one is special, and the first one depends on luck. The third item depends on the individual's ability.

At that time, the county magistrate went around attending banquets held by senior officials for the candidates, and tried his best to recommend himself out. The Emperor lives up to his heart. The county magistrate had done what he wanted, but Li Yan's mother and son were getting farther and farther away.

If it can be re-elected again. The county magistrate prefers to come and find Li Yan without paying attention to anything. Even if he raises Er Gouzi in the mountains with Li Yan, it is better than the eternal separation between heaven and humans nowadays.

"What do you do if you are injured. I mean when you are on the mountain."

Er Gouzi said: "It's all minor injuries, and it doesn't hurt in a few days. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, so I eat some leafy vegetables. My mother said that some wild vegetables can cure the disease, although I don't know which ones, but eating it doesn't hurt."

Li Yan is just an ordinary rural girl, and there are really not many who can give it to Er Gouzi. But even if it was small, it was enough to save Er Gouzi's life. If Er Gouzi hadn't remembered what Li Yan had told him over the years, he might not have survived now.

This is the last treasure that Li Yan, as a mother, left Er Gouzi.

The county magistrate wanted to take a look, but he didn't have the courage to go there, and he opened his mouth and said nothing. After a pause, I arrived: "Tomorrow that girl named Ruyue will formally become the concubine's room of the county prime minister. There will be a few tables for banquets. You are from the village. Go and see. Go back the day after tomorrow. I will accompany you back. Go see Li Yan too."

The road chosen by Zhao Ruyue herself is about to become the seventh concubine room of the county prime minister and the official woman in the eighth house.

The eldest daughter of the county prime minister is about the same age as Zhao Ruyue, and Zhao Ruyue will stay in the mansion as an aunt and don't know what else to experience.

However, the rest of the matter is not Li Ji's concern. He has done his best. A game with relatives is enough to do here.

The three of them stood by the lake and chatted for a while, and the county magistrate had to go to the county government office to do business.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi put their family members on a boat and went into the lake to pick the lotus. After searching for a long time, this time I harvested more than last time, with a total of six lotus plants.

After going ashore, Li Ji endured the discomfort of seasickness, and together with Er Gouzi, he dialed the lotus seeds and sent them to the kitchen for them to simmer for the evening.

Just as I was about to take a rest here, I heard someone begging to see me. When Li Ji went out, he only thought he looked familiar.

"Greetings to the eldest son Li Gongzi. Do you still remember the little one? The second person's leather was taken by the little one." He spoke politely, and the smile on his face was still so charitable.

Li Ji finally remembered: "Are you the housekeeper of the house?"

The butler nodded again and again: "It's the little one. These days, the little one has been busy shopping outside the house. He didn't come over in time to greet the two masters."

"The purchase was hard work, and I didn't ask Ann to say it. You came here but the master ordered it?" Li Ji asked.

There must be a reason why the purchasing butler who had been outside for a long time suddenly came into the house to look for them.

The buying butler smiled and said, "It's nothing serious. Don't you and the uncle are going back to the countryside? Don't worry, you should prepare more for the small ones to bring you back. It's just that I, like Elm, must have the brains of all preparations. ill the whole place. so he came to ask you what they may want or need more stuff to prepare? despite the orders, small to prepare as soon as possible."

He spoke very politely, and Li Ji sounded a little uncomfortable. He smiled and said, "Just prepare. In fact, it doesn't matter if you don't have anything. If we really want to say anything, we don't know what's going on. It's up to you."

Li Ji had already asked the grandfather of the county for Piggy and bamboo, and the others were really unnecessary. If the grandfather of the county really prepared too many things, that would be a headache.

The purchasing butler repeatedly confirmed that the two of them had nothing special besides them, and then they left to buy what they needed according to the instructions of the county magistrate.

Until the afternoon the sun slanted westward. Er Gouzi went to the kitchen to make two dishes, one is stewed fish with basil and the other is stewed chicken with potatoes. When he was out of the pot, he still didn't see the county magistrate coming back.

The two waited at the table for a while, and the pre-dinner snacks on the plate were almost gone. Li Ji couldn't wait any longer. He was about to talk to the maid, but was ready to send it to the county office. At this time, I heard something at the door.

Li Ji looked up, and two families came in with their lanterns. Blow out the candle in the lantern and put it on the shelf. Then stand right and left, bow your head, and come in with the grandfather of the county.

The grandfather of the county came in with two family members behind him. He looked up and saw that the two were waiting. Er Gouzi still had half a snack in his mouth. When he saw the county magistrate, Er Gouzi stretched out his finger and pushed the snack in.

The county magistrate came to take a seat, and the maids began to pass food.

"Just wait, there is something to do temporarily, and it will take time." The county magistrate took a sip of tea, moisturizing his dry throat.

Li Ji is just rushing to talk, and asks a lot: "What's the matter?"

The county magistrate did not hide from Li Ji, saying: "It is the news from the above. It is said that someone in the extreme north has rebelled and has already captured two county towns. However, this war-torn place is reported to the court first, and then the first level. It was passed to me at the first level. There was at least half a month's time difference in the middle. I don't know what the situation is now."

This kind of national event would have been impossible for Li Ji to know in this life if it weren't for the county magistrate said.

Li Ji thought about it again and again, and then cautiously asked: "It won't affect us here."

The county magistrate shook his head: "You don't need to worry about it. Although we are in the north, we are still far from the war-torn place. Afraid that you won't be able to clean up a group of anti-thief?"

Li Ji said, "Then why were the two counties captured?"

Li Ji doesn't know so many things, and his idea is very simple.

"That's because there is no defense. And the main defense of our Xia country is in the west, northwest or southeast. Because most of the north is used for guilty people. Although the governance is chaotic, it is officially because of this. One point, it is almost impossible for them to have any moths in a hug. There are few Persians in the north, and they are relatively far away from us. Since ancient times, they have not led to war. Naturally, they will not be noticed."

The county magistrate explained this, and Li Ji finally understood.

He breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and said, "I have been thinking about it a lot. I have never seen anyone in the world, and it is inevitable to make a fuss when encountering things."

For the common people, as long as they don't fight war, they can do anything. In peace, no matter how poor and hard you are, those who eat some bark and grass roots will stick to it. But if the beacon smokes, it is a river of blood.

People have the desire to survive, and this desire for life is brought from the mother's womb. Li Ji is just an ordinary person, without those passionate thoughts. What I want is nothing more than peace.

"You are not making a fuss. If you change other people, I don't know what you will be scared of." The county magistrate seemed to be distracted by the thought of something, but quickly recovered and laughed, "Don't mention this, the dishes made by Chang'an. What? I can't wait."

Er Gouzi's cooking is something that Li Ji eats every day, but it's a luxury for the county magistrate.

The maids served the dishes, and the moment they opened the lid, Er Gouzi's dishes could be seen at a glance.

Er Gouzi learned from Li Ji's cooking, so he naturally retained Li Ji's cooking habit. Not to be seen, the weight is still big.

Ji Ling's maid immediately took two dishes to the county magistrate. The fish is the fattest piece of meat on the belly of the fish. The county magistrate added up and put them in his mouth, nodded immediately and said: "It's delicious!"

Li Ji felt that as long as the dish was not poisonous, the county magistrate would say it was delicious. Because this is what Er Gouzi did, it is more important than the taste of the dishes.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi did not earn money from the county magistrate. The county magistrate wanted to use the dishes cooked by the two sons himself, and he was in a good mood and used a bowl of rice.

Like the county magistrate, life and rest are quite regular. The food, clothing, housing and transportation are arranged according to the arrangement. The food is always satisfactorily, and he never eats more.

This time, because of Er Gouzi's two dishes, the county magistrate made an exception. For the county magistrate, if he can be late every day, he is willing to make an exception every day.

The meal was a pleasant one. When it was finished, the county magistrate put down his chopsticks and sighed softly.

"I don't know how many more meals I can eat like this."

This sounded sad, and Li Jisheng was afraid that the county magistrate's mood would go down. He said hurriedly: "This can't be said. The days to come will be long. Er Gouzi will come back often in the future. If you don't dislike it, I will come often. There are also rabbits raised by me and Er Gouzi at home. Every time I come here, I'll bring some. Although you don't lack this, it's our wish anyway."

Er Gouzi is not good at words, so these words can only be said by Li Ji.

The county magistrate nodded. Li Ji turned his gaze here and smiled and said: "If you don't tell me, I forgot. There are more and more rabbits and chickens in the country, and we can't eat much for our own family. A few days ago, I always talked about looking for someone. It's a long-term supply for people. Master, you know a lot of people. Do you know which restaurant in our county accepts these? It saves us the heart to support. And I'm afraid that we won't be able to sell it."

Once there is a place for supply, you can breed as much as you want at home. It can also increase income.

This matter is not difficult for the county magistrate. The merchants in the county rely on the county magistrate's sniff to live. Even if Er Gouzi is not mentioned as the son of the county magistrate, the county magistrate just said to help him find a good source. Other restaurants do not need this ingredient, and they will figure it out and put out their signatures to sell.

Just like when Li Ji sold it to the butler who was responsible for the purchase under the magistrate of the county, he could let the leather goods store owner who is savvy in calculations make a profit.

In this county, the county magistrate is the sky.

The county magistrate nodded: "This is easy. We have few meat sources in our county. Many stores buy meat from outside. So eating a bite of meat in the county is more expensive than in other counties. Even if you don't have me, you can find it. They also accept it."

The county magistrate came forward, at most, to let those merchants take back the intestines. Although it is said that businessmen talk about credibility, all walks of life are inevitably bugs who see money open.

It seems that the supply is not given to the silver at a time, but we must give it together. When I went back to check out, the ones who gave them a few times less, and the ones who supplied them couldn't come up with evidence. Or they bully the people who just started supplying don't know the experts and keep the price low.

In the past two years, the county has been experiencing severe droughts, and the water in the wells has not completely dried up. Regardless of the fact that the climate in the north is better than in the south, most droughts and famines are more frequent in the south.

But if most people choose, they will stay in the south. A famine in the south is fatal, but when the weather is good, you can grow grain two or three times a year. Not only is it not easy to get hungry, but selling it is a lot of income. This is incomparable in the north.

It's time to sleep after dinner. Li Ji and Er Gouzi bowed to the county magistrate and went back to sleep. The grandfather of the county waited for them to walk away, and the smile on his face faded a little.

In fact, the county magistrate himself did not completely believe the words that the county magistrate said to Li Ji. If it was a decade back, the county magistrate would still be able to say those words loudly.

Although the corruption among officials is in the eyes, but with the master, this Xia Guo is still the world's nobleman. But nowadays, in Daxia officialdom, foreign relatives intervene in politics and form parties for private interests, which greatly contributes to the trend of corruption.

Not to mention, the food and payment for the guarding army in this county has not been paid for many years. When the county magistrate first came, he met with the county's highest officer commander. Not to mention the soldiers, except for the armor, the clothes they usually wear are all patched.

Usually they can't get enough to eat at all. A group of soldiers went up to the mountains to hunt and hunt in spite of the danger in order to fill their stomachs. If you have a good skin, you can eat for a few more days.

There are only more than 3,000 soldiers in the county, but eating is a problem.

Although it is remote, it is considered to be a place closer to Kyoto in the whole country. This is the case, let alone a remote area.

No matter how Wolf Tiger's troops are hungry, they can't win the battle. After the county magistrate came, most of the money he got from the county government was given to the army. Although it is not so sophisticated now, it is already a huge difference compared to three or four years ago.

But if the rebels really get closer, how long a mere 3,000 people will be able to resist is still unknown.

Of course, these premises are just in case…

I hope there will never be this in case.

The county magistrate finally found his son, he was unwilling to bear more things. Since he became the county magistrate here and knew about this earlier than everyone else, then the county magistrate has enough ability to pave a spacious road for Er Gouzi.

He will definitely protect Er Gouzi and will never let him repeat his previous experience.

"Order to go down, gather skilled craftsmen, prepare materials as soon as possible, and cover some hidden residences on the surrounding mountains where they live. Not one, but a few. Two are also prepared deep in the mountains. Find two more inconspicuous masters to send them. Come to them. Try to be more concealed and don't tell Er Gouzi and Li Jixian."

Where does Li Ji know about the county magistrate's side? At this time, I went back to the house and finished taking a shower. Putting on my nightgown, I got tangled up as soon as I was lying on the bed.

For five or six days, Er Gouzi live on a vegetarian diet, and Li Ji also understands that he is a healthy young man.

It's just that this place is not right. How can there be a son-in-law doing something elusive in the old man's house? Doesn't this mean stepping on the head of the father-in-law?

But Er Gouzi's appearance is really pitiful. In the end, Li Ji could only be forced to give in and give him only one chance.

As a result, this tossing was very good at midnight. Every time it was critical, Er Gouzi stopped and tried to endure it. Say it once, just once, but how long does it take to toss this time? Some Er Gouzi cherish this opportunity patiently.

After tossing to Li Ji, he didn't have the energy anymore, and he could only ask for no restrictions. Only then did he toss for three or four times before stopping.

Li Ji fainted completely when he slept. It was bright when I woke up. Yesterday the sun was gloomy for a day, but there was not a single drop of rain. In the morning, the maids came in with their clothes to wait for the two masters to change their clothes. It was useless before, but today is different. The county magistrate wants to take them out together. This is the real sense of the county magistrate taking Er Gouzi out of the house, which is of great significance and cannot be sloppy.

In fact, it stands to reason that marrying a concubine is better than marrying a wife. Although there is a big deal, the ones who go there are basically to congratulate the juniors or the people below to participate. It's almost impossible to see a boss like the county magistrate when he comes to the door, and he also gives a big face to the concubine's room.

In the final analysis, this marriage was facilitated by the county magistrate. Zhao Ruyue can also be regarded as a distant relative of the county magistrate. It's also right to come and add a face to Zhao Ruyue.

Li Ji still has traces on his body, where dare they touch it? Drive them out first, put on their jackets and blouses before letting them in to help put on the outer jackets.

It's a little complicated to pass on the coat. In addition to bringing a hair crown and some decorative jewelry, Li Ji and Er Gouzi didn't know how.

Men also have specific jewelry. The collar around the neck, the wishing pendant sachet pressed against the waist. The fingers on the hand, if you want to wear a bracelet, there is nothing wrong with it.

Although there is no woman's meticulous and complicated, but it is also quite troublesome.

I prepared it before, but Li Ji and Er Gouzi never used it. How could they come here at ease, but they can't lose the face of the county magistrate's house when they go out.

At this time, Zhao Ruyue can be said to be at the peak moment since she was born. The people around were all waiting cautiously, and the aunts rushed over to show her favor. Even the Aunt Liu, behaved like a quail, for fear that Zhao Ruyue would have fallen into trouble before chasing her.

No one would have thought that Zhao Ruyue could turn over in the entire county's Chengfu, and after turning over, he became a good concubine in the residence and the status of relatives of the county's grandfather!

Who would have thought that Zhao Ruyue actually had a relationship with the madam of the county magistrate in the same village? I can think of it when I sleep, so to put it bluntly, Zhao Ruyue wants to call the county magistrate to call her uncle. It was the county magistrate who personally told the county prince and gave a lot of makeup.

In the past, I only thought that I was a maid who had a scheming to climb up. Who would have thought that there would be such a good life and such a great ability?

"It's Aunt Yue, you have the ability. There is no aunt in our house who can have a scene like you. I heard that the county magistrate will come back soon. If you know you are a good concubine, if you don't know, you think it is our county prime minister. Where's my wife." Maid Pazi covered her lips and said this flattering remark.

Everyone is willing to listen if it sounds nice, and Zhao Ruyue is no exception. At this moment, she was still a little airy, and after only a few days of work, she had turned over and called the shots.

Ping's wife originally didn't call it that way. In the past, it was a businessman who didn't understand the rules, and when he had a wife, he met someone he liked. He had to marry a wife. There was a main house in the house, and he didn't want to wrong the newcomer, so he gave him the name of a flat wife.

But in fact, according to the law, there is no such thing as a flat wife. If the so-called "flat wife" has not entered the house to worship a true wife, it is not even a concubine room.

Therefore, this flat wife can only be regarded as a favored joke, not on the stage. According to the law, if there is a wife to marry another, the rod must be ninety. If the county magistrate is kind, it's okay to say that the cruel ones you meet will be beaten to death.

Zhao Ruyue held the phoenix crown on her head, at this moment, she was somewhat arrogant in her heart. From then on, no one in the house could see her clearly. She is one of the masters in this mansion, at least until the county Cheng is alive, no one can shake this.

"Don't talk nonsense. I am a concubine, and there is a wife above. Although I have received some attention, it is not enough." Zhao Ruyue finished pretending to be modest. Let the maid continue to give her makeup.

Li Ji could feel the jade pendant touching his leg when he walked, and he was a little uncomfortable. There is also a silver-white hair crown on his head. The jewels above are embellished, and the real material has some weight, and it is not easy to bear.

Li Ji walked two laps, feeling tired and panicked. The county magistrate was already waiting at the side entrance.

Unless it is a major event, go to the main entrance, under normal circumstances, go to the small entrance.

This is the first time that Li Ji and Er Gouzi have walked out of the County Grand Master's House in these days. Standing at the door, looking back at the side door. Li Ji unexpectedly has the illusion of a world away. As if inside and outside the door, there are two opposite worlds.

In fact, this is indeed the case.

After getting on the carriage, Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat opposite the county magistrate. The county magistrate did not know what he was thinking, and was in a trance. Li Ji slept late last night and got up early in the morning. The sway of the carriage made him sleepy, so he fell in love with his eyes and rested for a while.

After a while, I felt someone pushing him. Er Gouzi said softly: "Wake up, it's here."

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