Li Ji sat up straight and blinked his eyes more vigorously.

He picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip of tea.

The county magistrate got off the carriage first, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi followed closely. Because it is a concubine, the door is closed, and all the guests who come are entering through the side door. If the concubine's room enters from the outside, the door must also be through the side door.

But the county magistrate is the head of a county. Is there any reason to go to the side door when he comes to the scene in person? At this time, the main gate of the County Chengfu was opened. Xian Cheng led his wife and children standing at the door to greet him, and saw the grandfather of the county kneeling and bowing.

"Today is your family's happy day, so don't be too polite. Get up." The county magistrate walked over, and the family by his side helped Xian Cheng and a group of people filed into the house.

The county's family is naturally not as good as the county's grandfather's. But it's enough to see, all the places I walked through are exquisite, and it looks more gorgeous than the county's grandfather's house.

Li Ji was a ignorant of the rules, and looked around behind the grandpa of the county. I discovered one thing. The maid in Cheng's Mansion in this county is much more beautiful than the maid in Tai Ye's Mansion in the county. Some girls wriggle their buttocks while walking.

Li Ji likes to bring a handle. It's pure fun to see the girl's house. Just by looking at the appearance of the maid, you can understand how much it is that this county Cheng is a lover. Counting Zhao Ruyue, there are only seven concubine rooms in the mansion.

Li Ji couldn't take care of other people's affairs, so after thinking about it, he walked inside with the county magistrate.

Xian Cheng, who had been walking two steps behind, walked to his eldest daughter's side specially, and whispered: "Is that tall one? That's the uncle who just got back from the county magistrate's mansion. Pay attention to this, for a while. Behave well. The son is so old, I believe he will soon be married. The best girl in the county is yours, but you have to give me a good chance."

The girl was dressed in a water-pink dress, with light make-up on her face and a ring of jingle bells. She was a serious lady.

At this moment, with a right smile on her face, she nodded slightly.

If she is honest, she will not look down on Er Gouzi. Because Er Gouzi looked vulgar when he walked in. At first glance, I hadn't read a book, and crawled out of the mud. Free and pampered girl, where do you like this?

But having said that, there is no husband in the county who has better conditions than Er Gouzi, unless it is for the county magistrate to fill a house.

But Er Gouzi also has an advantage. As soon as there is no mother-in-law, there is no need to make things difficult. Secondly, this man grew up in the mountains and forests since he was a child, and had no access to personnel. So it will be easy to control. After these three years of marriage, the county magistrate will definitely feel that he has lost his daughter-in-law, so he can compensate.

No matter what you think, it's the top number.

The county magistrate's family has a lot of business, and he is an official who came out of the capital. When will he go back when he is not in good condition. If he becomes his daughter-in-law. What the county magistrate saved in this life belongs to Er Gouzi, isn't it also the daughter-in-law?

Educated since childhood, this eldest girl doesn't know what it means to love between men and women. I like to list the pros and cons of everything, and then distinguish whether the thing is worth it or not.

This worthwhile thing is certainly worth fighting for, which is right.

There were several dining tables in the front yard, with a dozen maids interspersed among them. Most of the tables are already full. Only when he was in the right position he hadn't been a man, and only waited for the county magistrate to come before sitting down.

The county magistrate should sit in the upright position, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat on her Shengbin case separately. The two dresses are inseparable, but Er Gouzi is taller.

If it weren't for Er Gouzi's kind of resemblance to the county magistrate, I really can't tell which one is the decent master.

"This is the eldest son, he is indeed a dragon and phoenix among the people. Good fortune, my lord."

"The adults have been looking for a son for many years, and now that he has got his wish, it should be a good story."

The words of flattery followed, the county magistrate was in a good mood and nodded.

It was not a formal banquet, everything was more comfortable. The concubine rooms of the county prime minister's house come over one by one to ask for peace. Other visitors also began to come one by one.

The county magistrate has long been used to this kind of thing, sitting like a clock, with a good smile on the corners of his lips.

Li Ji has a stiff face for him. Sipping tea is a little amazing, the tea fragrance is unique and clear, very special.

The place where the county prince did was under Li Ji's. It stands to reason that the maid should be serving at this time. But Xian Cheng was the only one beside her.

The eldest girl from the county prime minister was well-educated freely, and she stood by the county prime minister very submissively. The county Cheng had anything he wanted, and immediately stretched out his hand to wait on him. That action is no worse than the maid.

Of course Li Ji remembered that she was from her own family. Some of the maids were, how come it is the girl's turn to wait on her?

How smart is Li Ji? How can you not understand this kind of thing. If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Suddenly there will be the same situation as usual. It must be because of a plan.

It is impossible for the county magistrate, the eldest daughter of the county prime minister, no matter what, will not fill the house for others. That's Er Gouzi.

Throughout the whole county, the only girls from the county's family are probably the only ones who can be worthy of family affairs. Therefore, the county's prime father and daughter staged such a show, just to show how virtuous this big girl is and how suitable the house is to be in front of the county magistrate.

Li Ji was jealous in his heart, and he ran into his heart: The county magistrate chooses his daughter-in-law and he is not a maid. So many maids in the mansion are not enough? Do you have to find a diligent wife like a maid? How can it be.

Li Ji thought so, and the county magistrate thought so in his heart. Some people, even if they are from a high school of background, think that marrying a wife should be a good person. There are many explanations for this "good person", the most common explanation is hard work and filial piety. Although the word "xian" has this meaning, it is included in it. But more important is kindness and morality.

The latter is more traditional Chinese medicine than the former. Those who like virtuousness should mean kindness and intelligence, not being a slave or a maid without any regrets.

And even if the eldest girl didn't behave like this, the county magistrate had no idea of ​​marrying the county prime minister. Xian Cheng is a man who only wants profit, but he is full of calculations but he is fancying the immediate benefits.

Such a person will only be able to dominate the county in his entire life. If it weren't for seeing that he really has some abilities that can help him do a lot of things, the county magistrate would have already thought to slap him.

It's okay to work with him, but marriage with him is absolutely inevitable.

The first and second dog likes Li Ji, and the county magistrate can't be the master. The second is not going to marry Xian Cheng. This third, if the county magistrate chooses a wife for Er Gouzi, she will not choose a girl who reads to read.

There are many such ideas. Most of the thoughts are that a woman's ignorance is virtue, and the county magistrate is different from them. Scholars have the arrogance of scholars, but Er Gouzi doesn't know a word, even with some roughness in the mountains.

How can someone who has a higher-than-the-top eye on weekdays be regarded as such a husband?

In this world, there are too few people who really don't look at their life experience and cultivation, but only whether they like it or not. Therefore, if the county magistrate chooses, the first thing you look for is an ordinary or even mediocre woman as a daughter-in-law.

However, the phrase "Women's ignorance is virtue" is just a private interpretation of the meaning of those half-bottles of water and spread the world. The original meaning of this sentence should be an indignation. The last sentence of it was "a man who is virtuous is a talent."

The original intention is that when a man argues with others, he can best show his talents and accomplishments. It is a moral quality for women not to argue with others on the basis of talents and learning.

It's just that too many people know it, but don't know why, and they misinterpreted this very enlightening sentence in vain.

The county magistrate took a sip of tea, sat up straight and did not move. The people at the table had already understood and ordered the maids to pass the food.

The dishes are served on one end, and the aroma is compelling when the lid is opened, but the scene is luxurious and lively. Talking to each other in words, you come and I am so busy.

In vain, the good wine and dishes on this table are affected.

Li Ji looked around and didn't move his chopsticks. Although I don't understand any rules, I can see. Li Ji did not move his chopsticks.

The county magistrate looked at the people on a table, first glanced at the dish in front of him. The maid picked up a bowl for the county magistrate, and the county magistrate took a bite with his chopsticks, and then the others on the table began to eat.

Zhao Ruyue had already dressed up at this time, and as the meal began, she was crowded out by the maids. I walked directly to the main table and knelt down three steps away. The county magistrate, the county prime minister, and the county prime minister paid respects one by one.

At this time, Zhao Ruyue's makeup is exquisite, and her festive robe is festive and conspicuous. At this moment, the most conspicuous place in the entire yard.

Zhao Ruyue started to offer tea to everyone again, and if he took the tea, it meant that he had accepted her.

First, the county magistrate, the county magistrate took a sip to acknowledge her, and then put it aside and was taken away by the maid and stopped drinking.

Then came Xian Cheng. The county prime minister hurriedly took a sip from the teacup and smiled softly at Zhao Ruyue. Zhao Ruyue is in good condition and dressed appropriately, like a delicate flower. In all fairness, the county prime minister was willing to wait for such a concubine.

Now Zhao Ruyue has a relationship with the county magistrate, which makes the county Cheng's impression of her a lot better.

In today's county, where is the unfeeling look of the previous few days?

Zhao Ruyue had seen the true face of Xian Cheng, so he couldn't see the face of Xian Cheng even more.

After Xiancheng, Zhao Ruyue went to offer tea to his wife. Madam Xian Cheng stared at her with a pair of eyes, and then took a sip from the teacup.

The eldest girl saw this, her eyes dimmed. As a girl who is about to get married, she knows that her mother will face this, and she will meet him when he gets married.

In this world, rich and powerful men only marry one or two concubines, and they are all praised good husbands. If you meet someone who is bothered, there are also twenty concubine rooms in the house. At most, you will be uttered as a radish. If you are a wife who is dissatisfied, you will be criticized and jealous.

The eldest girl's gaze couldn't help causing Er Gouzi's body to float. The grandfather of the county only likes one woman in his life. What an infatuation is that he has not married for so many years.

So, as the only son of the county magistrate, did Er Gouzi also inherit this advantage?

Thinking about it this way, the eldest girl expected more of Er Gouzi. If you can really be infatuated, you should be a son of a rural villager, and the eldest girl is willing.

Zhao Ruyue finished the tea and poured wine for the guests. I recognized the six "elder sisters", and said something to each other, and went straight back to the arranged yard, waiting for the county Cheng to go back to the bridal chamber at night.

Such a banquet, even if Zhao Ruyue is the protagonist, as a concubine, she is not qualified to eat at the table on this occasion.

This is one reason why many women swear not to be concubines. Although they are all women of the head of the house, the gap between the wife and the concubine is huge.

Li Ji watched Zhao Ruyue disappear in the depths of the palace gate, sighing in his heart that he did not come.

This meal is slow to eat. The people at the same table chewed slowly, and Li Ji was embarrassed to shame the county magistrate, so he also ate slowly. Even if there is no other person's elegance in eating, it is not ashamed.

But Er Gouzi is obviously not a person with vision. He keeps looking at the food he wants to eat and asks the maid to help put it in the bowl, and the food goes into Er Gouzi's bowl and eats it quickly. The two waiters The maid stayed busy everywhere, for fear of neglecting the master.

The people at the table didn't watch it, but the county magistrate watched it with gusto.

See how much my son can eat, that's why he grows so strong. With Er Gouzi, all the people present are like green onions.

This banquet, even the county magistrate did not leave too early. This meal was enough for an hour. The people at the same table had to talk to each other, and also talked to the county magistrate and his party.

The county magistrate was more comfortable, and they dared not ask too much. And Er Gouzi only cares about eating, and ignores anyone.

So the rest of the firepower all greeted Li Ji, anyway, Li Ji was a civilian, and he was not afraid of offending him.

This question is not about family, background, experience, and whether there is a marriage. If this kind of thing is placed in the village, and there is a generational pressure, no one dares to ask Li Ji more.

But here, if it weren't for the county magistrate's backing, Li Ji would be polite to any maid who came over.

After waiting for Li Ji to finish talking about the things in his own house, he looked at him as an orphan and pretended to comfort him a few times.

The topics that followed began to revolve around how Li Ji met Er Gouzi and so on.

The more questions Li Ji must answer here, the deeper the questions there. Li Ji seems to be polite. If it is not good to save the other party's face, the other party will take advantage of you in order to dig out more useful things.

Different backgrounds and different growth environments also result in different behaviors and habits.

In the depths, the more people there are, the more people will make more calculations. Then they like to hide half and reveal half when speaking. If it involves something that people don't want to know, then change the subject. But if you want to know something, and the other person is embarrassed to refuse, then you must seize the opportunity to obtain more needed information. There may be endless benefits in the future.

The opposite is true for poor people. While keeping their own face, they also take care of the other's face. If someone asks, it would be embarrassing if you don't give a decent answer, so even if you lie, you have to give the other person an answer that counts as an answer.

The questioner often chooses to stop this topic when they see the opposing verbal force. Because everyone has things they don't want people to know, who is the trouble?

Of course, it is inevitable for people to make various calculations. It's just that the way of calculating and hurting is completely different between the high and the low.

These words were rushed, Li Ji didn't say Xiu's plan, and the question over there was still asking like a bullet.

Li Ji looked at the county magistrate, seeing that his old sage was there and he didn't mean to help at all.

Li Ji secretly said bitterly, this is to offend this master, seeing that he can't save him.

The county madam smiled and asked: "I heard that the eldest son is very popular in the village, and many people are rushing to ask him to be his uncle. Thanks to your help, otherwise the eldest son will marry. It's really a pity that a rural woman came back."

This is difficult to answer. If Li Ji nodded, it would be tantamount to admitting that Li Ji stopped Er Gouzi from getting married. Why stop? Because Er Gouzi is capable, the handshake is a cash cow.

This is a roundabout digging hole for Li Ji, and the village is chewing the tongue behind the three-point smile.

Li Ji had a fire in his heart, but he didn't dare to run wild here again. He was an elder in the village, and even if he made a bad face, he wouldn't be on him anymore. But here are all officials. If Li Ji doesn't have the support of the county magistrate, he doesn't even have the qualifications to wait on the side.

Li Ji thought of the county magistrate, and finally turned his mind. Look at the county magistrate who was out of the matter, frowning and said: "That's not right. My sister Yan is an ordinary peasant woman in the village. Everyone knows the relationship with the county magistrate for so many years. You said it would be a pity for the village woman to marry the eldest son. My sister Yan is married to the county magistrate."

The county magistrate suddenly heard Li Yan, raised his eyebrows, and floated to the county's wife with a very cooperative look.

Madam Xian Cheng looked at Li Ji's buns and thought it was a good one, so she set up such a set. Just wait for Li Ji to get in and say the wrong thing before helping out. Give a slap to the sweet jujube, it's easy to figure out what to say.

But I didn't expect that Li Ji seemed to have suddenly opened his mouth, and all of a sudden, he grabbed the head of the conversation and pointed the sign to the county magistrate.

As long as it has to do with the county's grandfather, the black and white are all the county's grandfather said. The county madam hurriedly smiled and said:

"Look, it's just a little woman who said casually, but you have heard it. Haha, where do you dare to have the meaning? It's just me as a mother. If I have a chance to help my son choose, then I will look for it. It's right. This love match is really precious, but how many people in this world can find the one in their hearts? This right, the housework is placed in one place, and it's easy for husbands and wives to get along with each other. Outsiders won't think too much about it, two people. I don't think anyone is pressing the other end."

The madam of the county prime minister was able to suppress the dominion of the six concubine houses, and this situation could still be reversed.

After hearing this explanation, Li Ji couldn't help but pick him a thumbs-up. It's just that the thought of avoiding in my heart is heavier. It's no wonder that there are many truths inside the house. Li Ji really felt that returning to the village was a smart decision.

"Since you know how much he thinks, let's just say a few words less to him. You say that the family is right to be a family. It's best to pay attention to this in this chat. You can talk to the carpenter in the ironsmith." The county magistrate said. Such a sentence can be regarded as a relief for Li Ji.

Mrs. County Cheng hurriedly covered her lips and smiled twice and said wrong.

It just passed. Li Ji finally had a better time later.

After the dinner was over, some troupes came over to sing. The county magistrate asked Li Ji and Er Gouzi if they were interested. Li Ji had never listened to a play, but he really didn't like the atmosphere of this mansion, so he shook his head and said that he was going to support himself, and just wanted to go back to the bamboo forest in the mansion.

What Li Ji thinks, Er Gouzi thinks. In fact, the county magistrate doesn't like these, and I'm here to save face. Since neither of them planned to stay, the county magistrate took them away.

The county's family directly sent the three of them to the door, one by one filled with reluctance, and all kinds of personal words were sent over one after another, and those who didn't know really thought they were relatives.

Er Gouzi didn't speak the whole time, and no one should be able to hear him. But the strength of life is hard to ignore when standing there.

This eldest girl is now suffering from a sore back and a sore back. She was originally a lady, and she served the county prime minister for a long time in order to show her "goodness". It was when she was exhausted, the county magistrate and Er Gouzi didn't look at her. How did she accept this? ?

I was secretly anxious, and gave Madam Xian Cheng a look.

Of course, Mrs. County Cheng knew her daughter's thoughts, her eyes rolled, and she laughed first: "My lord, you have found your only son. It is really a great happy event. Our family is still waiting eagerly for the adult's drink. For the banquet, you are not in a hurry. Ask me to tell me that the son who has been found should make some friends as soon as possible. I have a few brothers in my family, and it's good to talk and chat on weekdays. Why don't I come up with an idea? In the future, let the son come and sit more often, or let our brothers and sisters go to play. If the son does not understand anything, it is easier for them to be young people than we said."

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi and said softly, "You decide."

Er Gouzi shook his head, his tone was very simple: "No."

This is the first sentence Er Gouzi said after entering the house.

Madam Xian Cheng is accustomed to twists and turns, and Er Gouzi is so straightforward suddenly, she really doesn't adapt.

"Why?" Mrs. County Cheng asked.

"I don't like you." Er Gouzi turned his head and said to the county magistrate, "Let's go."

The county magistrate was very satisfied with Er Gouzi's performance, and Er Gouzi's impoliteness caused a brief embarrassment. The three of them have been in the carriage, and the people behind reluctantly sent them away.

The three Buddhas left, and the family of Xian Cheng was finally relieved. The eldest girl twisted her veil and stomped her feet, her face full of grievance, but she refused to say it.

The county Cheng also complained in his heart that the grandfather and son of the county were puzzled by the customs. This big girl is young and virtuous and sensible, what else is unsatisfactory?

The county prime minister is the person who deserves the most anger. He has been stunned twice in a row, and he can't feel any dissatisfaction.

The county Cheng said, let's go back. People with high authority should do everything they should. Before he can step on it, he can only step on the top of his head.

People like the county magistrate cannot offend, so they can only cater to it.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi got in the car back home, Li Jizhen was personally relieved.

"What do you think?" The county magistrate asked with a smile.

Li Ji smiled bitterly: "Going back to the village is a correct decision."

"Don't like it?" The county magistrate raised his eyebrows.

Li Ji shook his head: "It's not so much that I don't like it, it's better to say that I don't like it. I am really not suitable for this kind of occasion. I want to choose, sitting on the ground and pinching the soil bumps."

If it is a change of person, I am afraid it will only reduce the head and climb up, such as Zhao Ruyue. It's just that Li Ji, who is a rotten man, doesn't like those who think of snakes; second, he has self-knowledge and will not be greedy for things that shouldn't be him.

"From now on, go back with Chang'an and live a good life. I won't bother you with the rest."

The county magistrate began to close his eyes to rest up his mind. Li Ji took a closer look at the county magistrate. He was well maintained and looked very young. When he closed his eyes, he looked younger. Only because his eyes carry the vicissitudes of life.

The 30 majority of the county magistrates, if you look at them from the wealthy, they have just reached middle age. It's not uncommon to live up to eighty or ninety years old if you raise your body deliciously and deliciously.

No one is sure about the future, but for such a man, Li Ji's desire to honor him is true.

All the way back home. Fresh tea is served in the hall. Here is more familiar, and there are no outsiders, Li Ji can relax a lot.

Taking a sip of tea to suppress the unpleasantness just now, Li Ji couldn't help but sigh: "It's still comfortable to drink tea at home."

Hearing Li Ji talking about home, the county magistrate glanced at him. Some were disgusted, but said: "You like to drink tea, and I will prepare a few packets for you. I don't know what kind of life you will have when you go back, so the things you can do are still limited."

Li Ji understood the county magistrate's reluctance, and smiled: "The best thing for Er Gouzi to have a father like you. After returning to the village, everything will be business as usual, and life will be the same. There is plenty of fish and meat at home, even though it's dry. I work, but I can't feel wronged at all. This is always just working, and my physique is better. It's better than eating, drinking, and having fun."

Many people in the village brainwashed their children, saying that the dudes of the rich are all wine sacs and rice bags, because they are very weak in not working, so they can only work more to make their bodies strong, so they don't have to be afraid of facing the big young masters of those rich people in the future. You can hit it in one lap.

Of course, these words are purely used to deceive children into doing work, and cannot be justified, but they are still somewhat close to reality. Because he was born with a golden key in his hand, he was held and grew up since he was a child. Naturally, he couldn't hold his hands on his shoulders and couldn't resist.

But when someone is a young master, he is born to enjoy it. No one else has that fate, so just accept your fate.

The county magistrate listened to Li Ji's comfort and turned to look at Er Gouzi: "Chang'an. There is very little conversation between you, father and son. But I can see you with my eyes, and I'm always happy in my heart. Your heart I'm not here, my father won't stop you. You can live the rest of the day as you like. If you can think of Dad, come back and see more. Chef, I won't bring you, you like to eat, when do you want to eat Come back to eat."

This is so affectionate that no one can help but be moved by it. It's just that Li Ji heard a different meaning.

The cook won't bring it? That means bringing someone else?

Although the atmosphere is good now, Li Ji couldn't help but ask: "My lord? What do you mean by this is that you brought us some people?"

The county magistrate took it for granted: "When it is inconvenient to live, I didn't arrange many people, just an old mother and an old housekeeper. When you are fine, I will arrange a table for you. Doing odd jobs will not affect your life too much."

Li Ji's lips twitched a little. Thinking about it from any perspective of being a father, you won't think that there is any problem with the county magistrate's doing this. But from the perspective of acceptance, some freedom has been lost.

The county magistrate did not wait for him to refuse, and continued: "There is a lack of goods in the mountains, so I can't buy anything good. I have seasonal fruits and melons here. When I think of it, I will send them to you. If I have any snacks I want to eat. Just ask someone to come over and say it at any time. I thought about it. Rather than let Er Gouzi stay here and accept everything that is completely unfamiliar, it's better to let him go back at ease."

I can't say that this place is bad, I can only say that this place is too far from the world of Er Gouzi in the past. It is already very difficult for ordinary people to integrate into an unfamiliar environment, a completely different situation like the Republican Er Gouzi.

Li Ji wanted to say that this was too troublesome, but he also thought that the county magistrate was not to him, but to his son. A father is kind to his son, and he really has nothing to refuse.

That's okay, there is one more person in this world who cares about Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi has his own identity, and is no longer a wild species of unknown origin. In the future, there will be no more points on his body.

Er Gouzi did not respond, nor did Li Ji. The county magistrate didn't care too much, and I could meet each other now. After two days, the people returned to the village, and the number of talking days in each month after that was counted by day.

The county magistrate gave two more words. Li Ji suddenly scared you and said: "We still have something to think about."


"I'm going back this time, what about Er Gouzi's life experience. I told Li Jin before I left that Er Gouzi father found. We have lived with this face for a few days, and it is estimated that the matter has spread through the village. When I go back this time, I always have to give an explanation. If I don't find it, why have I lived for so many days? If I found it, why did I go back? Although the villagers don't have so much trouble, they always like to ask questions. What's the matter in the village? If you don't say anything, it's to give others a chance to guess. If you let them talk nonsense, then there will be all kinds of ugly things."

Just like when Li Yan went back to the village, he refused to say anything, and his biological parents refused to say a word about the child's father.

In this way, let the villagers arrange it, and all the wonderful things will come out.

Why did Li Yan enter the city as an outside room for the rich son? In the end, the original wife found out that he was beaten back. Wouldn't the man let the woman who was pregnant with his child leave? The higher the status of a family, the more they look at their children. Even if you really like the new and tired of the old, and hear that someone has broken your own flesh and blood, you will definitely stay.

Why Li Yan was so eager to give herself a beetle-in-law, but her heart was so deceived and deceived that she had nowhere to go.

Why Li Yan devoted herself to being a grandmother and recommended herself a pillow seat to the old man, only to be defiled by her son. As a result, the child was afraid of being spotted by the old man, so he had to be embarrassed to meet in the village.

Such rumors are countless. Most people didn't have pure malice, they just said it casually just to pass the time. It's just this inadvertent malice that hurts the most.

When I was young, Li Ji just listened to it, it was lively, and didn't feel anything, but now I'm thinking about those rumors. Li Yan was so battered.

No wonder Li Yan died of depression after Er Gouzi lost. Without the support of Er Gouzi, Li Yan can withstand the rumors there.

The county magistrate of course heard Li Ji's thoughts: "Then it was said that I was wrong, but it was very easy to talk about, so I stayed for a few more days."

"But you also gave those things. I can't say that I bought them myself. Although my life is extravagant, it is also considered extravagant in the village. You just make your hairs thicker than our legs. You fool around with this. Fortunately, when they turn their heads, how they seem to be other people's affairs."

After Li Ji finished speaking, he paused and said, "Back then, Madam Yan… had a lot of rumors in the village. One of them said that he was an illegitimate child in the outside room and was beaten back by his original partner. If this is the case, go back and say confession. I'm afraid this rumor will be cleared up."

This is a problem. Don't let the villagers know that Er Gouzi is the bloodline of the county magistrate, otherwise Er Gouzi will not want to live in the village again. However, Er Gouzi's life experience cannot be completely concealed. This is only to give the villagers imagination.

The county magistrate frowned. Li Ji's consideration is reasonable, and it is precisely because Li Ji is familiar with the environment around him that he has such worries.

"Think about what the people in your village are afraid of. There are things they want to say but dare not say, or even dare not think about." The county magistrate vaguely grasped some inspiration, and contemporary Li Ji helped to grasp it together.

But obviously, Li Ji's mind is not in line with the county magistrate.

"Ghost?" Li Ji asked, "Do you want to scare them with your wife?"

If it weren't for maintaining the image of the county magistrate and elder, the county magistrate really wanted to beat him up.

"Evil people! Even ghosts and gods are afraid of evil people, let alone the people in your village." Being so stimulated by Li Ji, the county magistrate has come out with a serious way.

Li Ji puzzled and said: "Wicked? What do you mean?"

"Er Gouzi is the blood of a bully. Moreover, this bully's hands and eyes can reach the sky, and the capital has a few words. Back then…It was he who took Li Yan forcibly and drove her away after forming a new love. He also threatened her. If you dare to say a word, kill her whole family. She only claims that the bully has that ability, so she would rather scream on her back and stand on her own."

Li Ji's heart jumped. The grandfather of this county really dare to say. You must know that the county magistrate is Er Gouzi's father. If these words are spread out, the county magistrate doesn't know how much infamy he will bear. This is really not for the late festival.

Although this so-called "bully" was fabricated, the identity of Er Gouzidi is real. How does it work?

"How can this work? You are the county magistrate at any rate. If these words are spread out, if one day knows that you are Er Gouzi's father, wouldn't you be a bully and become the county magistrate?"

If this is put on officialdom, the people in the officialdom and even the surrounding people will find it ridiculous. But the people in the village don't. They don't even know where to open the yamen, because they don't know, so they can think about it.

They would think that the emperor Laozi's wives couldn't deal with each other because of a rotten garlic. Naturally, they would also think that as long as they have enough money, the bully can be the county magistrate.

"I'm free. How can I say it? You can learn how you go back. You said that the bully did too much evil, and God punished him. Even though his wives and concubines are in groups, he has no heirs. Later, after many inquiries, I remembered that he was in the first place. Li Yan, who was ruthlessly abandoned, still left a son. So I came here to find it."

"Then why did you go back again?" Li Ji asked.

"Because the bully has made countless enemies and married too many, I am afraid that someone will learn that his single root will be missed by the enemy, so he simply treats it as never found back. Just wait for him to give the family property directly to Chang'an after a hundred years. I can't take care of the things behind me. So I don't recognize someone here, but the dad wants to pass on the blood, so I send good things every three to five. It makes sense before and after."

Li Ji could hear the meaning of the county magistrate, he wanted to take the place of Li Yan to be infamous. Li Yan has been wronged all her life. After her death, she can be treated like this by her husband. Thinking about her under Jiuquan, she should feel better.

"That's fine. At that time, you only need to warn them. At this time, if the rumor is passed on to the enemy, and Er Gouzi has something wrong, the bully will definitely bring his men to slaughter the village. Then the news will only be in the village in the future. Spread, I will never forget a word from the outside."

It's like when it comes to ghosts and gods, many people chat with gusto in private, but if something really happens, all of them will look like quails, as if one more word can be tainted.

Therefore, the method proposed by the county magistrate is considered to be the best method at the moment.

Li Ji nodded and said, "I'm afraid there is no better way than this. I can't think of another one for a while. It's solved in the village, my lord, here is also something to be solved."

"Here? What can you do?" the county magistrate asked.

"Remember the day we came? Before your people found us, the people from the county princes had arrived first. He sent a gift and said that he would come and go in the future. Although Er Gouzi said that he had gone back, he It's your son. The people below you should know it. Those who want to cheat you or even want you to do things. You can't give it away, but Er Gouzi has a new gap. Don't be afraid of them blatantly sending it. Things, I'm afraid that their changed thoughts will restrain Er Gouzi."

This time I went to the County Chengfu to have a meal, which allowed Li Ji to see a lot. You can turn a few corners when you speak, and there are even more twists and turns when you do things.

If you can't move it with money, there may be something beside it. beauty? Exotic treasures? Or simply use some dirty means.

The life experience of these Er Gouzi can be kept secret from the people, but to the colleagues of the county magistrate, it is not a secret at all.

If Li Ji didn't say it, the county magistrate might not have thought of it. But after thinking of this level, the county magistrate also realized the seriousness of the matter.

The grandfather of Fengqi County in this officialdom will not be in the same way, but he can handle it with ease. But Er Gouzi can't.

The county magistrate furrowed his eyebrows in one place, and went through his subordinates one by one. It was really hard not to let them do something.

"Listening to what you said, I would rather have Er Gouzi with me in the mansion. At any rate, with me, no one can draw the sideways." The county magistrate pinched his eyebrows, and quickly skipped over in his mind. Ideas.

But every idea is lacking. If Er Gouzi wants to live a peaceful life in the future, he really has to do his calculations. 

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