The villagers are so foolish. Although they like to gossip, they never talk in person or chew their tongue behind their backs. As long as you are more open-minded, there will be no real harm.

But for some people, if Er Gouzi becomes a shortcut to an end, then they will definitely do whatever it takes to achieve the end. Moreover, these may not be the subordinates of the county magistrate, or even the businessmen.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that the matter became more serious, but I couldn't think of any good way to say it.

"If Er Gouzi is not your flesh and blood? I'm afraid no one believes it, and the bully's set is even worse." Li Ji thought about it with a headache, and said an idea that was barely a solution. "It's really impossible. …We can only get a fake Er Gouzi, although it can't last long, as long as no one will disturb him in the short term."

"Talk about it." The county magistrate nodded.

"Tomorrow, you said let Er Gouzi Luoye return to the family tree to pay homage to the ancestors. You are the grandfather of the county. You have been unable to walk away for so many years, and you have not returned to participate in the big things and small affections in the clan for so many years. You feel guilty in your heart. Now that my son was found back, I asked him to take the silver twice to the clan to repair the ancestral temple and the poor people in the village who could not live in a house. You and outsiders should know very little about the affairs of your family, and you should be able to do so. Bluff them."

Li Ji's method is really not a good one. Pretending to let his son go back to the house, there are some loopholes in this matter. Careful people will investigate deeply, and the chances of being discovered are very high.

After all, the son who just got back is not rare enough, so why is he willing to leave under his nose?

The county magistrate thought for a while, and said: "It's a bit far-fetched to return home to worship the ancestors. It would be better to say that the bones of the mother's relatives are sent to the family for worship." Li Yan is still just a lone tomb in the mountain. Moving to the ancestral grave is forgivable.

Because in the eyes of the old man, a lonely grave is equivalent to a lonely soul and a wild ghost. There is a lonely person underneath, and if he is bullied by a ghost, he can only suffer. But if you are in the ancestral grave, you can be blessed and taken care of by your ancestors, and you are not afraid of being bullied or being too deserted.

"That lady's grave…" Li Ji asked hesitantly. Since it is necessary to move the grave, it must be moved, otherwise the village will be able to reveal the stuff. But the grandfather of the county had already broken with the tribe, how could it be possible to move Li Yan's tomb over?

"This is easy to handle. Li Yan didn't enter your Li family's ancestral grave. It was a solitary grave. It's the same wherever you move. They don't like Li Yan, and I don't want them to know that Li Yan's grave ran to disturb her Ansheng. There is a lot of open space in the mountain. Many, looking for a place with good feng shui, we will face the mountains and rivers in the future, but it will be elegant."

The county magistrate meant that he planned to be buried with Li Yanhe in the future. Indeed, the county magistrate had already broken with the clan, perhaps this is the only residence of the county magistrate after his death.

Li Ji was clever, but if he said to make things foolproof, he still had to look at the county magistrate to make arrangements.

Er Gouzi went home and looked at things that were just one sentence, but there were many things in it.

Duo Er Gou Zi also began to wonder if it was the right decision to go home.

Is it to stand under the rich wings of the county magistrate to enjoy peace, or to ask for the freedom of the two to go back and face the mess.

Until the evening, when the two were bathing and changing clothes lying on the bed, Li Ji asked gently:

"what do you think."

Er Gouzi: "Huh?"

Li Ji: "Actually, there is nothing wrong here. Your father loves you and protects you. I can't find you any troubles. If I go back to the village, there are many things and complicated things. Even though I can suppress things in the village. Most of it, but if the people in the city hit you and pay attention to me, I can't do anything. Let's leave it seems to be more troublesome for your father. In fact, it's not easy for him. He is the grandfather of the county, who wants to protect the people of the county and also help us. Their affairs are busy."

Er Gouzi reached out and touched Li Ji's hair. Feeling Li Ji's anxiety, he reached out and hugged Li Ji and said, "But I think he wants to do the same. I think he is also doing the same when he is helping us. fulfilled."

Li Ji didn't understand: "Satisfaction?"

Er Gouzi thought about it, and said helplessly: "I don't know how to say it, it seems that he has something that he can't do, so he wants to help me do it. It feels like this, I don't know how to say it."

If you are someone else, you must have been confused by what Er Gouzi said. But Li Ji was Er Gouzi's pillow, and he never separated day and night, and soon understood Er Gouzi's thoughts.

"What you mean is that the county magistrate couldn't live according to his own ideas according to his own wishes, so when facing you, he will help you whatever you want?"

Er Gouzi nodded: "That's it."

Li Ji can understand Er Gouzi's unclear description.

Knowing father Mo Ruozi. Although it had been missing for twenty years to get along with each other, the fate established from the bloodline still allowed Er Gouzi to easily see the heart of the county magistrate.

The heart of the grandfather of Zha County, who can easily prove it.

Er Gouzi's statement rekindled hope for Li Ji. Go home to farm and raise livestock. There are also Xiaowei, Songsong and Taotao at home. No one will cook for the wolf. In the future, if you want to eat well, you will have to run so far to eat. When you go back, you don't have to go around too far.

Li Ji hugged Er Gouzi backhand, patted Er Gouzi on the back, and kissed Er Gouzi's lips: "Then go to sleep. Tomorrow or later, we are going to have a good show."

The specific time depends on the county magistrate's arrangement. Li Ji and Er Gouzi are both the characters in the play, listening to the words of the county magistrate.

Early the next morning, I got up and ate breakfast directly in the house. When I was done, I was led out by two maids. Only when I knew the door did I know that the county magistrate was going to take them to the theater.

Li Ji has never heard of drama. In the past two years, there was a grass platform in the village. They were only dressed a little better than the villagers. They said they were singing. In fact, they didn't even have a serious outfit, just hum, sing and sing. Meaning meaning.

The people in the village always go to listen to something fresh, but the village is not rich, everyone is generous. As soon as they saw that the rewards were low, they packed up and left before singing the two passages.

Since then, there has not been even a grass-roots team in the village, let alone a serious drama.

Li Ji likes to look around and look around everything when he gets there, to see what is new, there is not enough people to look at jokes there.

However, Li Ji didn't care about it. People left and right laughed at others, and he was satisfied when he saw it in the market.

In the carriage, the grandfather of Touxian said the words first.

"After watching the play, I will click on "Wang Bao Chuan", that is what I will say with emotion. You don't have to hear what it is, just nod and say yes. I will take the opportunity and say that I want to take Chang'an. With Li Yan's bones in the Hui nationality, you will leave tomorrow. When tomorrow, you will bring Li Yan's bones back to the mansion and enshrine them in the direction of my clan. Someone in your village has seen me, so I don't It's good to follow along. Then I will send a housekeeper to follow, and I will listen to him after returning to the village."

The county magistrate has said so much, and basically made it clear what the two of them need to do. The two nodded, the county magistrate can be said to have simplified the things they both have to do, and other times it depends on the county magistrate's arrangements.

The road in the city is smoother, and the carriage is not bumpy. There is only one theater in the county, which is not very big, and it can be regarded as a lively place in the county.

The county magistrate's carriage was recognized by those doing business, and the guy standing at the door saw it clearly and quickly got up, and saw that the county magistrate got off the carriage and hurriedly saluteed and greeted him.

The group got out of the carriage and went straight into the theater. There is a small stage in the front yard with babble singing on it, and the rows of small stools below are full of people. Is there a few applause, which is very lively.

Li Ji grabbed his neck and looked over there. He was pulled over by the housekeeper who was taking care of him and said in a low voice: "This is where ordinary people come to knock on the play. Every cover that protects from wind and rain is usually exposed to wind and sun.But the fare is cheap, five copper plates can see the excitement of the morning, so there is no shortage of people at ordinary times, and there are also people who sit here all day. We are going to the front hall, which is spacious. There are two floors, tea, wine and snacks are all available, which is the most comfortable."

Li Ji listened to the explanation, nodded and said, "It's definitely not cheap in that room."

Jia Ding smiled and said, "Don't worry about it, come out and have fun. Don't be disturbed by money."

This sounded happy, Li Ji stopped thinking about it, and followed the county magistrate directly into the lobby.

As soon as I entered the house, I felt extremely cool. The four corners of the materials had ice to cool down, and there were several basins of ice hanging on them. The room was chilly, comfortable and not cold.

Li Ji took a deep breath, only feeling cool and refreshing.

The seats in the house are arranged in an orderly manner, roughly divided into six places, separated by a distance that three people can walk through, so that it is convenient for guests to enter and exit or to wait for guests.

There is a second floor when you look up, and the second floor is only two feet wide, and you can't make a few people with tables and chairs. There are also gauze tents around. If you don't want to be seen by others or do something private, you can pull up the gauze tent, and you can only see a shadow outside.

The positions reserved by the county magistrate in advance are the three most central positions in the first row. That is the best place to watch the show. Even the expressions of the actors on the stage can be seen clearly.

The actor on the stage also saw the magistrate of the county, and stared at each other with their eyes together. The county magistrate hasn't changed the play yet, so the play is still going to be sung.

Then the two actors, a man and a woman, babbled and sang again.

After being seated, the troupe leader came to offer tea in person. Seeing that the county magistrate didn't mean to say more, he didn't dare to talk more, and he just withdrew.

Li Jihe Koucha, it tastes good, this tea is also the county magistrate who can be willing to take it out.

The stage is singing the drama of young scholars, and the poor scholars are good with all the ladies. The daughters who are used to seeing good things with the golden spoons love the poor scholars to die and live, and they say that they are slaves. The maid is also willing. Then the young lady's father and mother cruelly beat the mandarin duck and drove away the scholar. The two tried their best to meet in private. In the end, the scholar tried to make the title on the gold list and returned home to marry the young lady.

At this time, there was a private meeting between the two people on the stage. When the formal affection was lingering, Lang Qing's concubine was so romantic.

Just looking at the clothes, the scholar's simple fabrics, the young lady is gorgeous and exquisite, there is a big contrast when standing together, but there is only the other side in the eyes, and speaking nasty and explicit words.

Just watched for a quarter of an hour. When the plot came, the matter of the two was discovered again by parents and the young lady was confined. A pair of lovers couldn't see each other, all kinds of lovesickness, accompanied by the sorrow of music, could hear the faint sobbing around.

Maybe Li Ji is a hard-hearted person, but he didn't see how pitiful he was.

I just think it's too fake. The background of this play is the former. Even the low-level people like Li Ji know that the previous dynasty was demanding of women, and the ladies of the big family, let alone know the romantic scholars outside, even their own brothers did not meet many times. What does it mean that the door does not go out and the second door does not move? They are in the yard all day long, and the family members can't enter the yard. They are all female relatives who come in contact with each other. If you want to see your elder brother, you have to be in a crowded situation, for fear of spreading a little gossip.

Even in this dynasty, the folk customs are relatively open, but there is no reason for girls to go out casually. It is absurd to say that young ladies look down on poor scholars, but it is not impossible. But since she was spoiled and spoiled since she was a child, how could the young ladies of Jinzhiyuye want to serve a man forever because she likes a man and will not hesitate to be a slave?

Li Ji looked around. Many people saw the rise, especially those dressed as scholars, who wore decent fabrics. These people looked especially fascinated, especially when the young lady's affection continued to express her infatuation, the cheers were always constant .

Li Ji understood a little bit, and murmured in a low voice with Jia Ding next to him.

"They look enthusiastically."

Jia Ding laughed and said, "That is, when there are a lot of people when singing this kind of play." Jia Ding whispered, "Actually, business is good if you can sit half of it here on weekdays. People are especially good when they play the dramas of these young scholars. Many. Unless it's a play order, everything you usually sing is written in advance and put on an outside sign. Some scholars have heard that they want to sing a similar play, and those who don't have the money will have to come and watch it."

Li Ji's eyebrows twitched, and said, "Could it be possible to come over and learn?"

Jia Ding said: "You can really say that. At least the young ones have heard several cases of scholars harassing rich ladies. Some of them have their legs broken, and there is always wishful thinking. Some scholars have either failed many times in a row. When I was looked down upon, I became more and more angry. I just thought that I would become the son-in-law of a certain adult, and my husband would pave the way in the future, so I could soar into the sky."

Jiading paused, and continued: "Some show talents can catch on time and write a lot of scripts that fit their fantasy. Some scholars climbed over the wall and entered the backyard of the grandfather's house and saw the daughter and the maid taking a bath in the pond, and the grandfather found out Later, I felt that my daughter was out of luck, so she married him and became his concubine together with the maid in the whole garden. In the end, because the husband was the grandfather, he was so happy all the way up. There was also a poor scholar who saved a girl on the road, and turned out to be a princess in the palace. Just because she glanced at the princess's arm, the princess felt lost, and those who were born as scholars died as ghosts. In the end, the emperor approached the imperial palace as a servant and was served by the princess all his life."

These stories Li Ji sounded absurd. Jia Ding saw that he was reading and literate, and there was a bit of irony in and out of his words.

The previous story, the grandfather's mansion in this county is very tightly finished. The wolf was discovered as soon as he entered the yard at such a fast speed. If he really met someone who dared to turn over the wall of the grandfather's house, I'm afraid he would be found on the wall. Up. The yards of ladies are generally in deep houses, where is it easy to enter?

Taking a step back ten thousand steps, even if the scholar's magical skills have been mixed in, and saw a young lady taking a bath, shouldn't it be killed on the spot if caught?

The latter story is more funny. Before the princess Jinzhi Yuye gets married, where is the possibility of going out of the palace? Even if the palace is guarded by a hundred and eighty guards, how could it be possible to faint by the roadside alone?

Even if you fainted on the side of the road, how could it be possible that you were cried and shouted to serve a man for a lifetime because you were seen by one arm?

Li Ji is short-sighted, but he can also figure out the loopholes in it. In fact, those who read these and those who wrote these should be clear. However, it is just a pleasure to write it out, and it also gives some unrealistic fantasy to some scholars who do not seek to make progress.

What's the difference between such a person and the people in the village who have been told that the imperial concubine will get bloodshed because of a rotten garlic? The only difference is that the former is really ignorant and guessing. The latter knows, but deceives himself.

"Don't really have a girl killed by a disciple." Li Ji mumbled.

"That's not true. This kind of stuff has been circulated for many years, and the big families have naturally heard about it. The girl is a treasure and is usually protected by someone. When you encounter a big-hearted scholar who is trying to make a mistake, you just hit it. If you die, you are dead in vain." Jiading explained.

The family chief of the county magistrate's house said such things, which shows that the county magistrate hates such people.

"In that case, why can't you help this kind of script? Why is it still on the stage of the big stab?" Li Ji was puzzled.

Jia Ding smiled and said: "Where can it be forbidden? The more it is banned, the more powerful it will be. On the contrary, there are more such miscellaneous books and periodicals, and more taxes can be written. Our grown-up also said that it is good to keep this kind of thing, rich and expensive. People will never show it to their children, but they can help bring out some dregs, save people and harm good people."

When Li Ji heard this, he also felt reasonable. First he nodded, and then felt a little weird. He always felt that he was giving some people bad conditions and then treating them.

But this idea feels contradictory again, and this thinking is even more messy. When his head was messed up, Li Ji simply cleared his thoughts out.

Turning to: "Since every performance is popular, why not do it every day?"

Jia Ding shook his head and said, "Master, you don't know something. Not everyone loves to watch this play. The only ones who love to watch are the ignorant little girls, which are poor scholars. They don't have the money to come and watch it every day, but it's easy. Offends people who don't like to watch. So basically it's only played in the first half a month. The cheapest in this room, the worst ticket in this place is 50 cents, which is just the bottom line they can afford. If so They are willing to listen to it for half a month."

I talked to Jiading for a long time, and when he looked up again, the scholar had already been humiliated by the family of the lady who came to the door, and was saying something like Mo Qijuanqiang. Many people in the audience were aggrieved.

Then the scene changed, and the scholar was dressed in a red robe in a blink of an eye, with a hat in the palace flower hall to attend the Qionglin banquet. The banquet was cheered up by a crowd of people. Then someone came forward to speak for the matchmaker. He said that the daughter of a high-ranking official's family wanted to marry him, but he refused one by one.

Then she returned home to the door of the young lady's private life, and paid a greeting on the ground. Then the whole family of the young lady came out to greet the champion, and she was very kind.

Afterwards, it was natural to embrace the beauty, and a wedding banquet was also appointed by the emperor's imperial decree. The young lady heard that the scholar felt guilty for rejecting many high-ranking officials' marriages, and she also asked the scholars to be concubines for many official concubines.

When the play was finished, the actors who sang came to the stage and stood there, watching their noses and hearts, and saluted the county magistrate.

In fact, this posture is very obvious, waiting for a reward. The county magistrate seemed to have never heard of it, holding his chin with one hand without saying a word.

After performing a play, if you perform well, you can get a reward. It usually starts with the main patron, and the rest follow.

Now that the county magistrate is here, no one dares to pass him. If it is impossible for the county magistrate to give a reward, others would not dare to stand up and hit the head.

The child who received the reward was holding a tray in his hand, and standing on the edge of the stage was neither a step back nor a step back. It stands to reason that if the county magistrate applauded at this time, he would go over to ask for a reward with a tray, and then go upstairs when he got the reward at the table next to it.

But the grandfather of the county is silent now, and he doesn't know if he likes it or not. If it's because you are too obsessed with the drama, it's okay to say, if it's because you don't like it, the whole troupe can't afford it.

After a stalemate for a while, I heard the grandfather of the county gently gracious. If the whole troupe received an amnesty, they hurriedly held the tray with both hands and raised it over their heads to ask for a reward.

The county magistrate's hand came out of his sleeve and threw it into the tray. The "bang" sound was obvious. The child was stunned slightly, raised his eyebrows and secretly glanced into the tray, really stunned.

There was a copper plate lying brightly on it, and nothing else.

The child did not dare to ask why there was only such a small amount, but hurriedly thanked him for his gratitude, stepped back and went to the next table to ask for a reward.

The grandfather of the county only gave a penny. Where else would anyone dare to hit the grandfather of the county in the face? The county's grandfather gave less, and others either refused to give it, or just threw a copper plate in it, and didn't dare to have more.

Those who can come here are all rich or expensive, except for those with swollen faces and fat people. Some young masters who came out of the official family are even more generous, and they can still have a few silver ingots when they are lucky.

But now it was the time when the popularity was high. Because the county magistrate had a good start, the house was filled with more than 30 copper plates for rewards, which was not enough for the tea for the visitors.

The class owner didn't dare to blame the county's grandfather for giving him less at this time, but only prayed for the kindness of God, and the county's grandfather must not come to smash the place. If it really came to smash the scene, then the troupe would come to an end.

Thinking of this, the class leader hurriedly bowed his body and walked over cautiously, almost humbly and said: "What do you want to listen to for adults? Let's prepare for the younger ones." 

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