Surrounded by the door, Li Ji saw that the county magistrate was talking to someone. The man was wearing a gray robe and looked somewhat relieved. Around the age of fifty, his beard reaches his chest, and his half-white hair looks a bit vicissitudes of life.

The two of them walked over, and the county magistrate said, "This is the gentleman I specially invited over. You can do whatever he says, Li Ji, it doesn't matter whether you are close or not when moving the grave. Remember to explain to the villagers as soon as possible. Clear. As long as they believe it, the rest will be easy to handle."

Li Ji nodded to express his understanding. Li Ji's heart and eyes are good enough, and he doesn't need the county magistrate to ask too much.

The county magistrate looked at the plain white Er Gouzi and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder: "Go, take your mother home."

When Er Gouzi heard Li Yan, his eyebrows were a little lonely, and he nodded in response.

Except for Li Ji, the only person Er Gouzi knows and cares about is Li Yan.

More than 30 people went all the way towards Li Ji Village in an orderly manner. Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat in the carriage with the Taoist priest. They were a little quiet at first. They didn't know anyone, so Li Ji spoke first.

"I am young, I don't know anything, and I don't know the rules for moving tombs. I have to trouble the Daoist Chief to tell me, but don't commit a taboo for a while."

The Taoist priest had no pretensions, leaning on the carriage and laughed: "In fact, there is nothing that needs special attention. The beginning of many rules is to prevent the deceased from having any grievances, grievances, and becoming evil spirits. Or fear of affecting future generations. The lady is not afraid of this. To move the tomb in the daytime, you need to use a red cloth to shade, and you can bring the bones out and put them into the prepared small coffin."

Li Ji nodded and asked a few more questions.

There are more than 30 people, but the county magistrate did not want to be suspected by the villagers, and the number has been reduced. Otherwise, if the county magistrate's wife is asked to go back, how could it be that there are 30 people in this district.

It wasn't too far, and it took half an hour.

There was no hurry to go directly to Li Yanfen, but to the village chief first.

At this time, Li Ji hadn't come back for a few days, and the villagers were talking about having a good life in the city, so he didn't plan to come back.

The village chief also had this idea, so it was a bit surprised to see Li Ji came back.

"Isn't this a small season? Why are there so many people?"

Li Ji walked over and said what he had planned with the county magistrate in advance.

"These are the people of Er Gouzi's family. Don't you know, Er Gouzi really came out of a big family. And it's a great skill. This Er Gouzi has come back to her ancestors, and this sister Yan can't be there. It is a solitary grave in the mountain. Er Gouzi's family father photographed people and took them into their ancestral graves. From then on, Er Gouzi will be a well-known child and the only species."

The village head was slightly taken aback. If he wanted to guess, he felt that Er Gouzi was an illegitimate child. Even if he was found, he could only be regarded as a child born out of the room, not even a B*stard. Hearing what Li Ji said, Er Gouzi had no children in his family, or that there were no boys, and only Er Gouzi, a lone seedling who stayed outside, so his enthusiasm was different.

After that, Er Gouzi would inherit all Jiaye. Li Ji said it was from a big family, and Er Gouzi would at least be a rich man after he was old.

Thinking about it this way, Li Ji's luck is really great.

At the beginning, Er Gouzi, who everyone thought was a burden, was left behind. As a result, Er Gouzi would be able to hunt and still fight. In a blink of an eye, he made a fortune. They all thought it would be over here, but the Er Gouzi fathers were found, and they were still a big family. After Li Ji is more than a fortune, that part-time job is soaring.

That big family doesn't know what kind of person it is. If you do business, you will remember Li Ji's kindness in the future, and the good things that flowed from the nails will be made by Li Ji all his life.

Looking at Li Ji's clothes with a stream of light, it was a good material that I had never seen in the village for the first time. Looking at Li Ji's red face, it was obvious that I had a good time these days.

"That's a good congratulation. The Er Gouzi's father is here?" The village head looked in the crowd.

Li Ji said: "Where can he follow? Instead, I invited a good master to come and have a look. First, I invite Sister Yan out, go to the house for a few days, and then directly send it to the grave of the family's ancestors. This sister Yan was alive. Hard life, she won't be a lonely ghost after death, she can squint under the ground."

"It's not." The village head witnessed the incidents back then, and of course he knew that Li Yan was not easy. However, if Li Yan was willing to say that the child belongs to a big family, the village could also gather some people to make a fuss at that person's house. When the child comes out, people will look at the child's face, so how can they give Li Yan a concubine position.

If that's the case, Er Gouzi is the eldest young master raised in someone's house, and there is no need for these incidents. The whole village can follow the light.

Why didn't Li Yan refuse to say?

"But is it necessary for Li Yan to move the grave? The family members of Li should call it? You count it, and the old man will also let you know. Li Yan is the Li family, so you can't leave the grave without saying a word. Moved."

Moving the grave is a major event, not to mention that the place where Li Yan moved is the ancestral grave of a large family. I am afraid that the elders of this family will have to calculate.

As the village chief said, Li Ji understood a little bit. Li Ji pondered for a moment and whispered: "Don't think I'm scaring people, you have time to talk to them. The father of these Er Gouzi… is a man with hands and eyes. Back then, Li Yan didn't dare to mention a word, then It's because I'm afraid of getting into the bones. I would rather be pricked in the backbone for a lifetime than the village's help to ask for a place in Er Gouzida's house. Li Yan was pregnant with other people's flesh and blood at that time."

With that said, the village head also reacted. The person shuddered and grabbed Li Ji's sleeve: "What do you know?"

With awe on his face, Li Ji whispered: "I'm also a timid, dare to say there? I can only ask you to help. You tell others…just tell them, even if Er Gouzi is If our village is slaughtered, the county magistrate can't take care of it either."

Upon hearing this, the village head was even more shocked. What status will this be? Either it is higher, such as relatives in the county magistrate, or even with a higher background, so that the county magistrate can't control it.

"Xiao Ji, let's not laugh. Is it so powerful?" The village head repeatedly confirmed.

Li Ji raised his sleeves and tugged at the fabric: "Look at what I am wearing? This material can only be used in the county's Taiye Mansion because it is full of materials. People use it to sew quilts. I watched. I don't think I can afford to wear this one in my life, but it's better than other people's slaves. I'll delay for a while, so you can tell them about this first! Don't offend that one who doesn't know what to do. People originally thought that there was an incense stick from someone in our village, and they remembered that we are good. If we threaten people with it, it won't be the slightest benefit."

Li Ji said this sincerely. The village chief is a smart man, so he can naturally hear what Li Ji said are all good things.

With a serious face on the village head, he focused his head on: "Don't worry, I will find someone and I will explain these words."

The village head hurried out, Li Ji smiled more successfully on the corners of his lips, and nodded to Er Gouzi.

These people were waiting at the door of the village chief's house, and they waited more than half an hour before seeing the village chief bringing three men over. These three people are peers with Li Ji, and they are one of the few peers in the Li family.

In this village, Li Ji has only one elder, the old man of his family, the birthday star in his seventies.

"Hey, this is a good life after all, I almost can't recognize it." Li Shuisheng's voice came over with a smile, and he looked more cheerful than before.

Li Ji almost forgot that this was going to be. It can only be said that there is too much difference between the county magistrate's house and this place. Since entering the village this time, Li Ji had a feeling of "nostalgia" in it, as if he hadn't come back for a long time.

"Don't make fun of me. I still want to come back and work comfortably. We are all due, and we have to talk about this sister Yan. All the elders have gone, except for our old lady. Sister Yan's cousin is considered to be an uncle, so how can this matter only be heard from you."

No matter where it is, the identity of uncle is very important. No one can tell what it is for. It stands to reason that the woman's natal family has no right to intervene except for other things, because the woman who marries into the man is the man's person, the man who is born to the man, and the man who died is the man's ghost, and is buried in the man's ancestral grave.

But the uncle is the child's uncle, the child's father's uncle, even if they come to dictate, there is reason in it.

If the woman is wronged, the uncle will go over and ask for an explanation. As long as the husband with some face, it will be easy to entertain, and say a few soft words. Even if the child's father suddenly disappeared, and the few children who stayed didn't know how to distribute the family property, it was the uncle who came to the host.

Sometimes, when my uncle is at my husband's house, he can speak better than my parents' parents.

Someone leaned over and asked in a low voice, "What does Li Yan seem to be like? You have to know where she is buried."

What status has something to do with where it is buried. The concubine's house is half a slave, and those with a lower status are not eligible to be buried in the ancestral grave. Only those who are favored or who have left offspring are eligible to be buried in the corner of the ancestral grave.

The only one who can be buried with the host's family is the wife of the original spouse. Although the second wife is the wife, he can only be buried next to the host's family. Those who were buried together with the host's family were very few, and it must be the last wish of the host's family and the successor who had made significant contributions to the family to be eligible.

It's a big deal to talk about where this is buried, and it directly affects the strength of the mother's speech in front of her husband's house.

Li Ji certainly understands what he cares about. I also discussed this with the county magistrate: "It stands to reason that he is not eligible to enter the ancestral grave. But Er Gouzi is the only seedling in the family, plus the wife of the original wife. This sister Yan is to enter the ancestral grave by her inheritance. But after all, Sister Yan has no relationship with others, and Er Gouzi's birth was purely accidental. If it weren't for the sake of giving Er Gouzi a serious identity, they would not recognize Li Yan at all."

Dispelling their thoughts, Li Ji still did not forget to give a sweet date: "But how can I say that Er Gouzi also grew up here, can anyone remember it? Only when people think of us, we are all right. There is no reason to rush to claim credit. There are many people waiting here, so let's not delay. First, please invite Sister Yan out to install it. This is to be sent to our home for two days."

Li Yan was the person she had promised at the beginning, but if it were to follow the rules, it would not be counted. It must be the words of the matchmaker at the orders of the parents. But now the decent elders are dead and clean, leaving an old man with a few layers of blood.

Whether this is Li Yan's promised person or the family nodded, it depends on what the older brothers say.

Li Shuisheng nodded and said, "Then don't bother others to wait. Li Yan did not suffer much during her lifetime. I believe she is also waiting to go to her husband's house to enjoy her fortune. Let's go."

The group of people went up the mountain all the way, attracting the attention of many villagers. The village chief's wife followed far behind, and was naturally dragged to ask about the situation.

There are no secrets in the village, and within a short while, everyone in the village knew about it.

The people in Li's family were happy when they heard that there was a big aunt in the family. Regardless of whether it is alive or dead, as long as the seed of the family is born, and the only master in the future, then Li Yan's relatives can rise with the tide.

When this happy event comes, it is inevitable to say joy to each other. This matter has spread more and more widely.

Arrived in front of Li Yan's tomb. Here Li Ji is still a cousin in the Li Yan clan. Although he has no blood relationship, he is of the same generation. So Li Ji doesn't need anything anywhere, just find a place to stand.

The people who came were basically the servants of the county magistrate's house. At this time, facing Li Yan, that is, facing the serious mistress's wife, they all knelt down and bowed their heads with three serious gifts.

The group of people directly set up a simple tent with red cloth to cover the tomb, Er Gouzi set off firecrackers, put on incense and kowped his head. After hearing the most eloquent words of the Taoist priest, he picked up the shovel to dig the first shovel of dirt.

Li Ji looked at Li Yan's tomb bag and thought about the past of Li Yan that he had heard in the village over the years. I felt a little sorrowful.

For so many years, Li Yan has been a demonstration of the village's teaching girls' chastity. Some even drag the girl to Li Yan's grave and point to Li Yan's grave to teach the girl that when a woman is a woman, she must be a woman, otherwise this will be the end.

Nowadays, Li Yan was moved away in the beautiful scenery and gave birth to the so-called "wild" Er Gouzi, who is also the only son of the county magistrate. From now on, Li Yan will no longer have to bear infamy, but will become the pride of the whole village.

For hundreds of years, the village had only been concubines to large families, and for the first time as daughter-in-law, and the son would still be the master of the family.

Li Ji was happy in his heart, but when he thought that Li Yan only enjoyed these things after death, he felt a little melancholy.

What's the use of it? People are gone.

Er Gouzi stared at Li Yan's grave bag, his eyes a little red. I have an unspeakable feeling in my heart

As soon as Er Gouzi was about to shovel, he heard a stop not far away. There was no strength to stop, and there was some old trembling sound. Everyone turned their gazes, and saw a man in his twenties supporting a rickety old man.

That person was the old lady of the Li family.

When Li Ji glanced at it, he secretly said trouble. Everyone in the village is easy to deal with, but the old lady can't. Relying on seniority, it is not reasonable and unreasonable, as long as it is what the old lady wants, it is right, then it must be done.

The word filial piety is pressed, who can't listen?

I can only say that I hope this old man didn't come here to disrupt the situation. If he came here to rob him, it would be difficult to do.

Li Ji took two steps in the past: "The old lady is here. This sister Yan is your junior, and you should just come. Besides, you are all this old, and it is not good to come and see these."

Li Ji first spoke, intending to block the conversation. But obviously, the old lady has no such plans.

The old man walked in trouble, leaning on his grandson to help, but his eyebrows were frowned, with dissatisfaction on his face, and said: "Can I not come? If you don't come, let you mess around! This Li Yan is our Li family girl. It seemed that she was just a girl at the time, she didn't have a betrothal gift and she didn't get married, so how can she say that she is accommodating.

Li Ji can understand his intentions as soon as he speaks these words. It couldn't be more obvious, it's just for money.

Li Yan did not marry until she died, but gave birth to her eldest son and grandson. Now Li Yan has been given the position of successor for Er Gouzi. This big family hires wives, it's all money.

When Li Ji talked to the village head, he did say the stakes, but the village heads were looking for the same generation as Li Yan, and did not intend to alarm the old lady. Of course, the stakes of the old lady are not clear.

The old lady also heard that others went to his house to confess the good news before he knew that there was such a thing.

It was a big deal for this clan to have an aunt who was married to a big family, but he didn't even invite him, the old lady, to speak out. This originally caused the old lady's dissatisfaction. And as soon as I heard that the four elders who could talk about it, including Li Ji , let the family move their graves without saying anything , and suddenly felt that the whole Li family was his grandfather himself as a smart person.

What is the opportunity? People want to move their graves, and come here with a big fanfare, that's the one who is sure to ask Li Yan to go back. At this time, if you don't seize the opportunity to ask for more profit, what are you waiting for?

The old lady wouldn't think it would be unorthodox. Marrying a wife and giving a betrothal gift were supposed to be a matter of course, but Li Yan didn't get anything at the time, and she gave them an incense root for nothing. Over the years, Er Gouzi was raised in Li's family again. Since they wanted to recognize their son, they had to double what they owed.

The old man selectively ignored that Er Gouzi had never eaten a bite of rice from the Li family since he was a child, and 13 of them were spent in the mountains. Also selectively ignoring how harsh the Li family was to Li Yan at the beginning is tantamount to driving Li Yan to death in disguise.

Li Ji winked at Li Bao who was beside the old man. When Li Bao receives Li Ji's color, he smiles bitterly.

Although Li Bao hadn't heard of Li Ji's interest, and felt that his husband's family should compensate Li's family, he really felt that the auspicious times that disturbed others' graves were not authentic.

The deceased is great, even if it is based on seniority, it cannot delay the affairs of the deceased. Where can I stop it? Everyone knows the weight of one sentence of the old lady in this family. Li Bao can only be said to be the grandson that the old man dotes on, but he is only doting himself, and he has no qualifications to violate the wishes of the old man.

If the old lady really knew one thing and didn't even give Li Bao a chance to persuade him, then Li Bao would have no way.

The old lady didn't know the before and after, but the other elders knew all about it. He almost turned pale after hearing what the old lady said. Li Ji here specifically warned not to take credit, and don't take the initiative to ask for things. The old lady didn't even show the cover, so he just said it straightforwardly.

Li Shuisheng hurriedly said, "There are still many things that I don't understand. Old lady, didn't you know what happened at the time? Besides, there are several levels of relationship between us, Li Yan, and no one's serious nephew said anything about it. What, it's a good thing that Li Yan can enter someone's ancestral grave. It's better than having a lone grave here, which is pitiful."

Li Shuisheng's words are reasonable, and in the eyes of the old man, he has taken medicine. The old man is also strange, how can he help outsiders to speak well?

Li's parents next to Li Shuisheng also hurriedly answered, "Yes. This is the deceased person, so let's go back and discuss things slowly. From the left and right, Li Yan moved to his family. You can close the door for everything. Speaking of my own words. Li Yan is now happy to go home, so we can't bother others at this time."

Where is the old man willing? If you wait for Li Yan to move away and then speak again, then you will have less bargaining chips to negotiate terms. Li Yan is here, and the initiative lies in Li's house. But if there is no Li Yan, then people will say what is what.

The old man frowned and said in a reprimanding tone: "Fuzzy! A good girl has to be reluctant to marry her natal family. Besides, Li Yan died in our place, and suddenly left. I don't believe him and I want to leave. Move. Grave is a big matter, how can you say that you are accommodating? Just let it go. This matter will come slowly, so what anxious."

The old man moved forward, and Li Bao knew that this was going to go forward, so he helped the old man to walk forward two steps.

This old lady's presence disrupted the whole plan immediately. At this time, it's not easy to pull the county magistrate and press down, otherwise the previous efforts will be wasted. And once the county magistrate is invited out, there will only be more trouble in the future.

Li Ji was thinking about how to solve it, and saw an individual walk out of the house.

This man is full of tendons, looks very sturdy and tall, with a sharp, sharp face, and looks very majestic.

His voice was full of breath, and he said: "You just joked about it. You can't talk nonsense. Madam is the eighth-carriage sedan chair and married into the main room of our house. If it's an old lady, you really have the intention to do it. Uncle (referring to Er Gouzi), it's better to say less of this kind of thing. Responsible and pass it out, and you will say that you are greedy for the few ounces of silver, and even your grandson's reputation is ignored."

This is a powerful statement. If the old lady continues to talk about this topic, he will sit down and make trouble for the sake of money.

The old man has lived for more than seventy, which is not confused. Hearing this clearly, he moved out Li Yan's nephew directly: "You can't say that. Li Yan's son is a human, but Li Yan brothers are also humans. Now the children of Li Yan's brother's family are all eating chaotic vegetables, I'm here. The words have no meaning, since you say that Li Yan is the decent wife of your family, you can't watch the family of your wife and brother starve to death, and still be reluctant to give it under the pressure of the gift."

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