This old lady is desperately trying to take advantage. Isn't this just making people's mouths honest? Li Ji has nothing to do here, and the other three elders are almost unable to sit still.

If the old lady is allowed to offend people, let alone no benefit in the future, if it annoys others, then don't think about having good fruit in the future.

"Look at what this said, people with good hands and feet can starve to death? Since ancient times, there has been no reason for a mother-in-law to supplement her mother's family. Others are all girls who love their parents and give them some filial piety. The money is handed over to the brother-in-law. Now, let alone her father and mother, it's just that Li Yan is no one else. We can't bully others and can't talk, can't we?"

An elder who was older than Li Shuisheng wrote with a smile and persuasion, blinking his eyes and making grimaces, just like attracting the attention of the old lady, so that he would retreat.

It's a pity that the old lady didn't know how old he was. At this time, I couldn't see the outsiders and said against him, the juniors in this village dare to refute his old lady's intentions.

Although it is true that Li Yan is out of control of the old lady, Li Yan's parents are gone. Only the old lady is left among the elders, so why can't you control it?

Thinking about this, the old lady hardened his heart, and wanted to pick up silver from the hands of this group of people. The old man lives at an old age, but he has done nothing in this life, and has not made a few taels of silver. It can even be said that after the age of fifty, he has always been a drag on his children and grandchildren, and they rely on them to support him.

Nowadays, the family can live better in the village, basically relying on the old man's support. With him, the family at the New Year's Festival will inevitably be gifted by others. These can help their children and grandchildren. Better.

Even if something happened, with the identity of the old lady pressed down, he was not afraid of anything. But if the old lady is suddenly gone, then these conveniences are gone.

The old man left nothing for his sons when he didn't want to leave. This time is a good opportunity. If he can write down more money and get a point in his home, then everyone who has the money can remember his point, and when he is gone, he can also remember this point. On the heads of these children of Li Bao.

If you ask for more, you can save more money for them to live a good life in the future.

The old man claims to be painstakingly painstaking. Why can't these idiots feel any of them?

The old lady can't wait to knock his head away, let him talk about terms with others.

The sturdy man is not stupid, of course he can hear the twists and turns between them.

The sturdy man was prepared, and said: "You don't need to ask for this in person, and my family is not a person who doesn't understand the rules. But before leaving, my host specifically put aside his words. Now, I might as well say a few more words to the old lady."

Hearing that the strong man said that he would follow the rules, the old lady smiled more on her face and nodded and said, "Tell me."

"My master said that if you have a big business, it is inevitable that some profit-seeking relatives will come to your family. No one's money is in vain. Naturally, there is no reason for a blood-sucking worm to be cheap. Those who care about love and understanding are even poor. Jingle, that's also worthy of intercourse. The most important thing in the family is silver, one hundred and eighty taels, whether to help people, or to buy two good clothes, they are all about the same."

The strong man said that, the old lady was more satisfied in her heart.

The sturdy man continued: "But for those who only value money in their eyes, it would be better to make a clean break, and be tougher to save trouble in the future. Before leaving today, my family master specifically ordered. This time, if the grave is moved, if the wife's family is single-minded For the sake of the wife, then regularly beat and beat her to send her to the family temple. This woman's status is bigger than the sky. If there is real family affection in it, it should be happy for the wife first. Then, even if it is a few times away This relative has endured the relationship, and it's easy to say if the money will flow away when they move around each other in the future."

Even if he is a fool, he can understand after hearing these words. The old lady said solemnly: "What do you mean!"

The brawny man chuckled his lips and chuckled: "This time we came here, we brought fifty taels of silver as a betrothal gift for the lady. My master said, this silver should be given to the lady's family no matter what the situation. But if the maiden asks for it. Cai, even if the wife's tomb was moved, this relative would never be recognized. So, grandfather, you can take away the fifty taels of silver now. From now on, you will go your own way. No matter what mess comes to the door, we can still take out fifty taels."

These words were full of threats, and this was the first time someone had spoken to the old man like this since he was older.

The old lady said angrily: "The girl gave birth to a son in your family. Could it be that you still have to bully your husband's family if they are gone!"

The strong man continued his unfinished words: "It depends on your previous attitude. We all know how the madam is missing. We all know how the uncle has been treated in the village. I've never been a madam, the uncle is a family, and even the family is ashamed. Now I see the silver and pounce on it. What is the reason? If you have a little bit of family affection, you will not stand in front of the madam's grave and start the price. From today onwards After the tomb is moved, if you dare to come to ask for a penny, whoever comes, my master will use fifty taels of silver to buy someone's head."

This sentence shocked four people, including the old lady.

If you say that the village is fighting and swearing, someone's head is taken as a urinal, this is known to be angry, and it is not counted. But this sturdy man said loudly, and the application on his face didn't seem to be ridiculous at all.

Especially the village head and the few people who got the letter, their faces turned pale. Li Ji had made it clear and warned, saying that Er Gouzi's family is a person with hands and eyes, and that the county magistrate can't control it. It is easier to squeeze people in the village than to squeeze ants.

If someone is thinking of Li Yan for giving birth to Er Gouzi, he will treat the village well in the future. Something that falls out of his nails will be enough for the whole village to eat for a lifetime.

But because of ignorance, the old lady was blinded by silver, and rushed to offend people in a confused manner. Wouldn't this be the same as pushing the God of Wealth out?

The old lady was also taken aback. In fact, like the people in the village, facing the big families in the city, he was awed and guessed more in his heart. Because I haven't made a few trips out of the village in my life, for those rich and powerful people, just thinking about it will almost demonize them.

The old lady naturally has the thoughts that other people in the village can have, and I don't think this is a joke. But with so many eyes, even if the old lady couldn't see clearly, he seemed to feel the irony in their eyes.

This is a kind of condescending sarcasm, which gives the long-loved old lady a great sense of gap.

The old man was shocked for no reason when facing the strong man. Looking at a few people standing not far away, the anger came from my heart, venting the anger that I didn't dare to express in my heart.

"What are you looking at? Useless things. My sister's grave has been dug up, and you are still standing there watching the fun!"

Where is the old lady willing to admit that he has offended others? At this time, even this group of people moving the grave to the wife was also said to have been digging the grave.

In this way, they seem to be ill-informed, as if they are bullying the ordinary people by virtue of their power and power.

In fact, there are many similar people. When the weak can't find a chance to stand up, they will simply drop their weaker's identity again, so that what is right about the "stronger" becomes wrong.

In this way, he can say that the mistake is no longer on himself for the rest of his life, but blame the world for being unfair, leaving him nowhere to turn around.

Up to this point, the old lady was not thinking about saving, but about preserving her face. He said so and directly gave it to the four elders of his family, including Li Ji.

The old lady said they were digging a grave, what would the four of them say? Responding to the old lady's words, then they become sinners instigating the relationship between the two sides. If the Li family is hated in the future, or even retaliated against, the fault will lie with these four people. But if you say no, it's disobedience to the old lady, and it's filial piety.

If the old lady passed away suddenly, they would be even the sinners of the Li family.

The old man was originally the only 70-year-old birthday star in the village and has always been respected, but doing such a mess this time really made the four people feel uncomfortable.

Obviously, I reminded him again and again that it was the old lady who was confused and bored and offended people. He turned around and flicked the pot, and he was relieved.

Li Shuisheng sighed and said, "Why are you embarrassed by Li Yan? Anyway, when Xiao Yan was a child, you hugged her and her husband came to pick her up. It was a great happy event. As soon as our mind came out, Li Yan was uncomfortable under the ground. ."

Li Ji followed: "It's OK, let's take it all. Grandpa, you are our uncle. We should listen to what you say, it is reasonable and reasonable. But you can take a look at this grave bag. No decent tombstone can be seen. Because it is an unmarried girl, even the ancestral grave of our Li family was not allowed in, so she stands here alone. I don't know how many lonely ghosts have been bullied by these people. You are an elder. Yes, it doesn't hurt to drink a child. Don't say you, I'm so sad when I think about it."

Li Ji walked two steps ahead of the mountain, obviously to make a round. If it were placed in the past, the old lady would definitely scold Li Ji to keep his face. But thinking of what the strong man had said, the old lady was also afraid that he would really stabbed the big basket.

The old man was still a little bit at a loss, Li Bao hurriedly smiled and said, "Look, what am I talking about? You just worry too much. We are an old man, who can rush to lie to us? You are a black man. The face is sung. It's so Xuan that I didn't call my good in-laws an enemy. My fourth uncle has a lot of money in his house, but look at the clothes this group of people wear, which is not better than the fourth uncle, and you are still using you to be The wicked come and test?"

Otherwise, Li Bao is a wise man. After such a short period of time, he thought of the rhetoric of making things right.

When Li Bao said that, the old lady didn't count any excessive things that the old lady said before, just as it was to test whether it was a liar, and deliberately said it to irritate people.

How smart is Li Ji? After figuring this out, he immediately continued: "I'll just say, the old lady is kind and mean today. You are thinking about me and Er Gouzi. Thank you first. But this temptation is indeed possible. Nothing. I have lived in other people's houses these days, and there are groups of big business servants, and no one can deceive us. Let's not delay Sister Yan's affairs, let her go home first."

Li Bao and Li Ji cooperated and went straight to the matter. At this time, the old lady could no longer let his temperament come. The steps were paved, and the old lady followed the words.

"Thank you, I did this wicked man. These Er Gouzi have a hard life, and they have great abilities. Our village is treasured. Suddenly, they come over and say that my family is going to take it away, so I'm not allowed to try it. Probing."

At this point, there is no other question. The four elders kept the most sleek Li Shuisheng and went back to the scene, and the rest accompanied the grandfather.

When they left their sight, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Ji opened his mouth to make trouble, but when he remembered that the other party was an old lady, he swallowed again. Although today this incident was performed by people from the county magistrate's side, it was fabricated to kill people without blinking their hands and eyes.

But if it weren't for this, Li Yan might really be delayed today. The old lady was obviously aiming to take advantage of the past, but because of his seniority, no one could preach to him. If the old man bites and refuses to give the silver and refuse to move the grave, then he does not know how much silver he will have to go in to be opened.

As for how the talent is divided, it is his elder who is in charge.

Li Ji was unhappy in his heart, and couldn't tell it directly. It is hard for anyone to explain this matter clearly, and it is suspected of rebelling against the elders.

That is, the village chief can have such a right. Just now, the village head couldn't speak, because even the village head is a foreign surname. Weddings and funerals are a private matter, and the village head will inevitably fail to tell the truth.

The village chief sighed: "Old lady, let me say a few more things. Don't blame me for talking too much. If I knew it today, I will find someone to let you know in advance. It's just because time is too tight and I didn't get to the house, it almost happened. disaster."

The old man was confused at this time, and he understood it somewhat. He knew what he had done, he was simply trying to twist someone's thigh with his elbow. Even if the girl who came out of her own family became his wife, and the son he gave birth to was the only uncle of the family, but he was born there, and those who came out of the small door will always belong to the dwarf family.

This is just to make up the lottery and disturb the time when the wife moves her grave. Doesn't this completely offend others? Even if you didn't put down the cruel words directly today, then don't think about it. If this relationship is broken, let alone Li Yan becomes their wife, even if they become their ancestor, it has nothing to do with her natal family.

Li Ji said, "Old lady, you don't know, but you can't blame you for what's happening today. I live in other people's homes these days, and how much I can get in touch with Taoist families is definitely the Lord with hands and eyes connected to the sky. Dare to say more, I can only tell you that the elder of this family can't hold down even the county magistrate of our county, and the relationship between them is hard. So this is very overbearing to do things, and I don't want to take advantage of it. if."

After the county magistrate heard it clearly, he couldn't help but shiver, his face still pretending to be calm and said: "There can be such a person in this world? Don't tell a joke."

Li Ji shook his head and said: "Are we here, can we see a few capable people? I said you have seen what you have seen, and you should not believe it. It's not that I told you a lie. Just the man of Er Gouzi's father, even if He wiped out our villages in a fit of anger, and that was for nothing. Can you think about it, did Li Yan know who his man was? Obviously the child was born, and he was still a leader. He refuses to say a word? I would rather be scolded in the village, and my son is said to be a wild species?"

This is obviously the most convincing word, because from this perspective, Li Yan gave birth to a son, so why should he take the child back to ask for an identity. Even if it's not for myself, I can't let my son suffer so many years of grievances.

"You mean Li Yan didn't dare to say it back then?" The old lady followed Li Ji's thoughts.

Li Ji nodded: "If you want me to see, most of the sister Yan was taken over by the master of the family. This was originally a grievance from the sky, but after a few days, he left Li Yan to find a newcomer. Li Yan is afraid of telling her who it is. We have bloody people in our family who have caused an accident, so I would rather suffer from being pricked in the spine and refuse to say a word. I don't dare to speak when I have a child. This is all. It's for our safety. We can't thank Sister Yan for buying these years."

Li Ji said this deliberately, describing Li Yan as a pitiful person for the sake of his tribe.

The cause and effect are justified, and anyone in the village will believe it. The old lady was convinced. After listening to Li Ji's description of the family, thinking about the sturdy man letting go, he couldn't help but shiver again.

After struggling a few times in my heart, I finally let go of my face and asked uneasy: "This matter today… is over. Can they believe what we said?"

"Believe it or not, it's over. Anyway, we didn't really influence people to move their graves, and we didn't really get any money to shake hands." The village chief said, "I'm afraid that they will talk to the master before and after they will go back. People don't have a good impression of us, and we won't get along well in the future."

Li Ji knew that the old lady was nothing more than the dowry, and he said: "Even if you don't get along well in the future, it's better than others to embarrass us. Anyway, I have fifty taels of gift money. Can we covet more?"

The average bride price for a wife in the village is only two cents. Even if an old man marries a little girl, it would be a lot of money to give one and two and a half. These fifty taels of silver can be said to be the first one in hundreds of years.

The old man smiled bitterly in his heart. Where did he fancy this mere fifty taels of silver? The fifty taels of silver is indeed a huge sum of money, but it is reasonable to say that the money should have been collected by Li Yan's father and mother, and the father and mother should have given it to the brother if they did not.

Now the Li Yan brothers are gone, leaving behind some nephews. These fifty taels of silver looked a lot, but if it was divided, the majority should belong to Li Yan's nephew, and the rest of Li's family members would have more money, and the juniors would only have a few dollars per person, and it would be gone.

Of course, there is a lot of money in the village that you don't have, and a single coin is also a large sum of money.

But for such a big family to be an uncle, the money seems inconspicuous.

Everyone wants to get a good life after building a big house. With such a release today, I can't think about it anymore in the future.

The old man's thoughts turned a few times before he smiled reluctantly: "Can we really be greedy for other people's money? Li Yan still has such a son. Since he is the only seedling of the family, the days after this will definitely not be bad. This is It's a bit reluctant to grow up on our side."

In the future, it is not entirely impossible, after all, Er Gouzi was raised here, and there will always be more affection. Just wait for Er Gouzi's father to disappear, and Er Gouzi will take charge. Even if you can think of them when you are okay, and send some good things, it will be enough.

Li Bao knew what the old man's temper was. Seeing that he turned his gaze to Er Gouzi, Li Bao hurriedly said: "Actually, grandpa, you should really thank your uncle."

The old lady didn't know, so he asked: "Why?"

Li Baodao: "Did you forget? You came to your door to say kiss before. At that time, you wanted to talk to Er Gouzi about your wife as soon as possible for the sake of Er Gouzi, and force someone to introduce the girl. Now think about it, what if that happened? It's really done. You let Er Gouzi marry someone you don't like, and that person will become a big family. How can we be a reporter?"

When Li Bao mentioned this, the old lady finally remembered. The old lady still refused to admit that it was his own fault. After all, in his eyes, he was really doing it for the good of Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi refused to appreciate it.

"At the time, didn't you watch him worry about him when he was old? Besides, I haven't seen a girl before, so how do I know that they don't like it?"

Seeing that the old lady was still stiff, Li Bao felt helpless, with a smile on his mouth: "You can't think so. Er Gouzi's identity is different now, and the daughter-in-law who went there must be Miss Qianjin. My father still doesn't know what to do. How did the baby look for it. If the original thing is done, and Er Gouzi marries an ordinary girl, can his father never hate you? To be honest, when I persuaded you at the beginning, I was also raised by my uncle."

Li Bao looked at Li Ji, smiled and continued: "Fourth Uncle told me at the time that the identity of these Er Gouzi is not known yet. I don't know who they are. We count as outsiders. If you don't go through other parents, you can tell people about the truth? In addition, Er Gouzi's temper is different from ours. If it really angers and returns to the mountain, we have to add another charge of forcing the other's son away. I'm really angry, we still have a good life there."

After such an analysis, the old lady finally understood the seriousness of the matter. Looking back at Li Ji, there was a lot of grateful gratitude on his face:

"That said, our village is still the longest you have seen. At the beginning, I always heard people say that you wanted to catch these Er Gouzi. That's why I stopped them from getting married. Now think about it. It's not that you keep stopping, we really offend people."

The old man would admit that he had taken advantage of the Zhao family when he forced him to get married. Because of temporary greed, I almost made a big mistake.

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