For Li Ji, these things are past. Now that the old lady has solved it, I won't be afraid of any troubles in the future.

This old lady's making a fuss is also enough to make people's heart cool. His retreat in recognition of difficulties stems from his fear of the unknown forces, not for Li Yan and Er Gouzi.

I believe that the people in the village have the same idea. Er Gouzi became the only son of the family, which means it is profitable. If Er Gouzi had nothing, to them, it would be nothing more than an illegitimate child; a burden; a shame.

In this way, I feel even more that the decision to conceal the truth is right. Er Gouzi's good, what Er Gouzi has, closed the door and appreciate for yourself, it's enough.

The old man was sent back, plus the village head, and the four continued to go back to Li Yan to watch the grave move.

After thinking about it again and again, the elders asked the words: "The old man made a noise today. Although it has passed, people told Zhuzi, they will inevitably think more about us. From now on…" Isn't it impossible to get any benefits?

I didn't ask for the following words, but everyone knew it well.

They had no affection for Li Yan and Er Gouzi, but it was because they often heard other people's gossip, saying that the old Li's came out of an unruly woman, and this Li's girl is not to be married. Will run with others if you marry.

So even if they belong to the same race, they have more grievances towards their mother and son. If it wasn't for Er Gouzi who has the ability to make a lot of money, and now has an incredible identity, no one would want to join in.

"It's good to be safe and sound. We can also hope that others will feel relieved and not care about us." Li Ji looked around and whispered, "It's not that we are the elders of the juniors, our old lady is today. It's really too much. We are also reminding him slowly, but his head is full of silver, and his hats are buckled on others. Let alone outsiders, our own family members are not comfortable listening. Li Yan is gone, even if there is no emotion, there is no reason to hold someone's body for money."

In fact, if you don't know how great Er Gouzi is, you may not need the old man to do this. But now that things have been done, the fault is all on the old lady's body. In fact, it was not that he was confused to ask for money that really irritated people. But when I know that something has changed and something is wrong, I don't think about how to make it happen the first time, but to shake off the burden and take care of myself.

Had it not been for Li Bao and Li Jijiling to find the story, the four elders would not be able to be humans in those few years.

"He's getting old and confused. I'm also talking about this, don't pass it on." The younger elder frowned and said.

The village chief said: "Things have already happened, and it's useless for us to say anything. Let's pay attention to it for a while, but don't poke others. Even if we make them unable to remember anything, don't let people think We are not good. Hurry up and watch them go."

Li Ji asked: "Don't you go and invite sister Yan's nephew?"

The village head shook his head: "At this time they should be in the field. Calling them back again and again is afraid that it will delay the auspicious time. Although they are serious relatives, it is not good not to be called, but they have been I have seen it too. I have never wanted to get close to Ergou and his mother, but they may not be willing to go."

Since Er Gouzi returned to the village, the children of Brother Li Yan didn't plan to move around this relative. Later, Er Gouzi made a lot of money, but did not see them close.

For their family, Li Ji's feeling has always been good or bad. No one stipulates that they must be close to their cousins, and they are not profit-seeking people, otherwise they would come to the door when Er Gouzi first started making money.

This is much better than some people in the village.

What happened back then is now unclear. Back then, Li Yan's family was unsympathetic towards Li Yan, and the same, because Li Yan, her family, and even the whole clan suffered a little bit. Therefore, it is forgivable that there will be no interference with each other after a clean break.

Back in front of Li Yan's grave, the bright red shed reflected the people in it red. Most of the grave has been dug.

Er Gouzi shoveled with everyone, and someone reminded him at any time. He knew that his mother was buried in it, and now he was about to remove it, just to find out the dead mother.

Now Er Gouzi's impression of Niang is very vague. At this moment, every time he digs out the dirt, he feels a little strange in his heart.

Finally, a shovel ran into something, which was first dug up by the Yiming family. He knelt down and stretched out his hand to sweep the snow on it, stupefied and said: "There is no coffin, it's a straw mat!"

The family members were in an uproar. They didn't expect the wife to be so desolate, and they didn't even have the least thin coffin.

The thinnest coffin in the coffin shop is only one or two coins. Such a coffin is unwilling to be used by the servants who do the roughest work in the county magistrate's house. Because it is too thin, it will rot after being buried in the ground within two or three years. If any of the laymen went there by accident, it was the county magistrate who gave the money to slap a coffin that was not perishable. Not to mention that it was a beautiful burial, it was also a decent walk.

This straw mat has been buried under the ground for fifteen years. It has long been rotten and not look like it. It broke a lot with the touch of the hand. The mud mixed into it, and the original appearance of the straw mat can no longer be seen.

This is not unusual for the villagers. This is because not everyone can afford one or two dollars of silver in the village, especially those with many children at home. Those who are reluctant to buy a coffin are buried in a roll of a mat that is accustomed to sleeping.

Especially those who are not married are considered to have died, and the coffin is intended for the elders in the eyes of the villagers. Back then, if Li Yan could be buried by someone, it would have been the most benevolent. How could he cost her a coffin?

Li Ji went over and took a look inside. Then he couldn't use a shovel, he could only hold it out with his hands a little bit. Soon you can see the human form, of course, the shape of a human bone.

Although I knew that Li Yan didn't have a coffin for granted, but looking at it this way, I couldn't help feeling sour.

Li Yan is a favorite of the county magistrate and the only hostess of the county magistrate's house. It should have been a person with boundless clothes and jade food. But in this mountain, with a straw mat as a coffin, I was alone for fifteen years.

The straw mat shattered when touched, and the bones inside could already be seen in some places.

Li Ji didn't see this, and was a little scared. Walking to Er Gouzi's side, holding back the fear in his heart, he whispered softly: "Please come out, mother."

Li Ji's voice was low, and no one else heard it.

The Taoist priest directed Er Gouzi to put on red gloves, and then put Li Yan's bones into the prepared small coffin little by little.

This is only about the size of Li Yan, and it is used to store worship. When they are buried again, they will be replaced with a serious three-layer coffin.

After buying it underground for fifteen years, it will taste a little bit after digging it out. Li Ji had respect for Li Yan in his heart, and couldn't help his stomach churning when he smelled this peculiar smell. In addition, I haven't seen human bones, and people are a little strange, until Li Yan is covered, my heart feels better.

Face this directly, no one can be calm. This is the last legacy of people living in the world, and it also tells death more intuitively. The deceased Li Ji had seen him several times, but they were all flesh and blood, and looked like they were asleep. Far less intuitive than the skeleton.

Looking at the bones lying there, I can't help but think of myself, and I will become like this in the future.

This fear is not because the bones look terrible, but the death represented by the bones, which makes people so scared.

The Taoist priests were thinking in the deepest words, commanding them to kowtow and shout, and then a mighty team walked back.

A group of people passed by the door of the house directly, and the home that they had missed for days and nights was right in front of them. Li Ji whispered to the Taoist priest if he could go in and have a look. The Taoist priest shook his head:

"You can't look back when you go out. You have to keep going to the place of worship. Not far from the left and right, wait until the madam is offered, and then come back. Remember don't look back. After you get in the carriage and wash your hands at the County Grand Lord's Mansion, you will be fine."

This kind of thing is rather believable but not credible, even if you respect Li Yan, you must do what he says.

Li Ji glanced at home reluctantly, and left straight away.

At this time, I heard the cries of the little tail at home. Excited, looking forward to, cheerful. It's like going home to the sunrise gate. Li Ji's hair was sour in his heart, rubbed his nose, and continued to move forward.

Before taking a few steps, I felt my clothes sink, and soon one squatted on his shoulders.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to hug it, and kissed him uncontrollably.

Songsong came up first, followed by Taotao, holding a nut in his hand and sending it to Li Ji.

Li Ji's heart became more sour, and his eyes were red.

He held the two together in his arms, touched them one by one, and said obediently.

Then Song Song jumped out of Li Ji's arms and ran to Er Gouzi in front of the team. At this time, the box Er Gouzi was holding was the soil under Li Yan's body. According to the rules, these soils were to be covered under Li Yan's coffin. There was not much soil, which was more than two kilograms. Er Gouzi didn't take much effort to hold it.

Songsong jumped onto Er Gouzi's shoulders first, and stretched out her paws to grab Er Gouzi's hair, messing up the straight hair that was originally combed.

Er Gouzi turned his head to look at him, holding the box in his hand, and could not hold him free, so he said obediently.

Then just walk straight forward like this.

When you leave the village, it is a carriage. In order not to look back, the carriages were opened from behind.

When he walked out, Er Gouzi stood at the forefront, in order to guide Li Yan, and got into the carriage. Without Li Ji Er Gouzi would be unwilling. I told Li Ji to come and walk together twice, but the people had no choice but to ask Li Ji to come and accompany Er Gouzi.

In the carriage, the two sat side by side. Two little squirrels squatted on their shoulders, arguing with each other.

I haven't watched them play around for several days. It's just the distance of the past few days, when I saw it, I felt that it was just a short time away.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and touched the two playing around, feeling a little more at ease. I'm not thin, and I don't know what happened to the little tail and whether he was eating well.

If someone else feeds it, you will definitely be reluctant to feed him meat. Little tail has no meat and is not happy. He usually eats more meat. Now these days have passed, he must be thinner.

"I'm going home." Li Ji leaned against the wall of the carriage behind and sighed: "It's great."

Er Gouzi didn't speak, holding soil in his hands, just looking at Li Ji with a smile.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked at each other and said softly, "Mother thinks so too."

Whether it is for Li Jiergouzi or Li Yan. They all went home.

"I don't know what people should do if they die." Er Gouzi said, "But if I want to choose, I definitely don't want to stay in the straw mat and disappear. There will be a better place if my mother leaves here. There will be a big wooden box. Live for her. In this way, the soil will not fall on your body after the straw mat is rotten."

Li Ji knows no more than Er Gouzi.

"It will be fine in the future. In the future, we will find a good place on the mountain, where our mother and adults will be buried, and we will be buried there in the future. We are destined to have no children in the future, and it cannot be said to be our family's ancestral grave. Together, dead and buried together."

Er Gouzi's head was very flexible, and soon thought of going to the side above.

"An ancestral grave, are all the children from the family buried together?"

Li Ji nodded: "Yes."

"Your surname is Li, don't you have your own ancestral grave?" Er Gouzi asked.

Li Ji was stunned, but he didn't expect Er Gouzi to think of this layer. Think about it seriously; Li Ji said, "Yes. But I don't plan to go in. There are so many people from generation to generation, not bad for me. What's more, if we are together, I can't get married. Unmarried children are considered children at all ages. Is not qualified to enter the ancestral grave and accept the incense of the younger generation."

Some of the children of the big family were born frail and sickly, especially their teenage sons. Seeing that they were dying and could not enter the ancestral grave, they hurriedly bought a daughter-in-law and soon got married.

Does this make you happy as soon as you get married? Maybe your illness will fade away as soon as the happy event comes. Even if the child did not survive the second day after getting married, he was also married, so he could enter the ancestral grave.

There are many children in poor families, and most of them are gone if they are gone. Some of them hurt their children so badly. Basically, they can only wait until the child is gone and find the same dying girl to match the marriage, and they can also be sent in. In the ancestral grave. Some can't ask for it, and some steal girls and kill them.

Er Gouzi listened to Li Ji's words and looked at the box in his hand. He asked in a low voice, "How does it feel to have children."

Li Ji did not answer, and Er Gouzi continued: "I remember that when I was a child, my mother took me and ate all the grass in the mountains, and also all the bark and roots. She always gave me delicious supplements. Eat. He said, I'm still young, if I want to eat more and grow up quickly, I will become very strong, and then I can have food that I can't finish, so I don't have to be hungry anymore."

In the past two years, Li Ji has rarely heard Er Gouzi say Li Yan. Because Li Ji never asks, Er Gouzi is not a talkative person either.

"I thought about it. If my mother did not have me, could I have a better life. When I was young, I didn't have the strength, I couldn't find much food, and I ate a lot." 

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