Xiao Yuan, Xiao Ziqing, Feng Han, Bai Zhu, Yu He, Feng Zixuan.

What kind of Shura market would it be if they crossed into the porridge and small dishes.

I opened the following brain hole.

Welcome to the live broadcast room of the "Hang You Di" system supervised by Sun Quan. Today we will grab three couples of husbands from two different parallel spaces for a party that travels through time and space.

Now our six guests have successfully arrived at the scene, and the three foreign guests will have an unprecedented duel with the indigenous husband and wife.

Let's hand it over to the live broadcast below.

Xiao Yuan stayed in front of Xiao Ziqing without leaving a trace, and looked around guardingly. Xiao Ziqing pressed the communicator on her ears and raised her eyebrows: "This has been on vacation for so many years, so why did you take us out again."

Xiao Yuan said: "Maybe it's the Chinese New Year, the author can't type a word, so we quit to make up the number of words."

Bai Zhu shook the blue coat on his body. It was similar to the one he wore on the photo that day. He still thought it looked pretty. He said to the side, "Does it look good?"

Feng Han's white clothes are flamboyant, with a broken temperament. He looked like an ancient person, but his neat short hair sold his life experience.

"Compared with the crooked neck tree behind you, it looks pretty." Feng Han said.

"…I think you are complimenting me."

Feng Zixuan stepped on the dry branches on the ground, and couldn't see the sun when he looked up. Take a deep breath and smile: "The air is so good, there is no pollution at all."

There was no one around Feng Zixuan, but a faint response came from him: "Yeah."

Such a sound drew everyone's attention. Facing the gazes around, Feng Zixuan was embarrassed, and discussed to the void: "Why don't you show up."

Xian Xiangton appeared, the man rolled up the soft wind and held the green leaves, accompanied by a purple light coming from the void. Yu He fell behind Feng Zixuan, with his chin resting on Feng Zixuan's shoulders. The long hair was sprinkled on Feng Zixuan's body, and his face was pale with the lines of brows and fate, which was very experience.

Xiao Ziqing stunned: "Invisibility?"

"Is it you?" Feng Han thought about it for a moment before reflecting that the person was Feng Zixuan.

Feng Zixuan went through two steps: "Doctor Feng."

Unexpectedly, I would encounter acquaintances here in Crossroads. After I walked in, Feng Zixuan reacted and asked, "You are also the protagonists in Sun Quan? Which one?"

""The Village Doctor in the Last Days" has just finished eight months." Feng Han said truthfully. As the two most successful characters portrayed by Sun Quan, Feng Han thinks that he has a strong sense of existence.

"Coincidentally, my name is Penxian of the Last Days. We two won't make a series, are you lucky enough to meet." Feng Zixuan shook his hand with Feng Han excitedly.

Bai Shu looked at the hands of the two nestled together and said, "Maybe they belong to the same family."

"No." Yu He pulled Feng Zixuan back, pulling his arms closer again, and said, "As far as I know, it is the author who is lazy and incompetent, so he directly applies the past settings. The series is just her beautiful name. She also said that there will be Taoist priests in the last days, but now she doesn't even know the name of the protagonist."

Feng Zixuan looked at Xiao Ziqing and Xiao Yuan: "What about you? I haven't seen you. Don't tell me you are Taoist priests in the last days."

The corners of Xiao Ziqing's lips twitched, and she said, "You can ignore me. I am raised by a stepmother. In order to test the waters in Jinjiang, the B*stard author at the time played a "Chaotic Space of Rebirth Last Days" and set loopholes. A lot, I have been scolded for two years, and I haven't seen her change a word for me."

Feng Han smiled and said, "It hurts me to say that. I was reconciled when I was playing tricks on the pig, so I changed it at that time."

Feng Zixuanyou complained: "That's because of your high popularity. Who doesn't know that the B*stard author is unprofitable and can't afford it early."

Yu He patted Feng Zixuan on the shoulder: "Don't talk dirty."

After chatting here for a while, it was considered familiar, and then I heard footsteps coming not far away. The sound is very loud, because the ground is full of dead branches and rotten leaves, it is difficult to hear it.

When I walked in, Li Ji found a tree to rub the mud on the sole of the shoe, and walked over with a smile: "Everyone is here. You said the author would not let you sit in my house. I have a stool at my house." If you have tea, you can sit down and have a more chat. You can't even close the bowl of tea when you come all the way. This is too much."

Er Gouzi stood behind Li Ji, his eyes swept across the crowd, his eyebrows frowned slightly. The habit he has cultivated for a long time allows him to subconsciously make judgments and assessments of everything he sees. Facing these six people, Er Gouzi came to the conclusion that they are not simple.

The six people are all modern people, and Yu He has lived to the modern age and can be regarded as modern people. Except for Yu He, the remaining five are all people who have seen such a rich earthy fragrance for the first time.

The dress is very particular, but this behavior reveals a kind of native…cute.

"Are you from porridge and side dishes?" Xiao Ziqing asked.

Li Ji rubbed her nose in embarrassment, and smiled: "It's not like it, I don't think it is. Er Gouzi and I are ordinary bosses. I don't know what the author thinks we should be the protagonists. But the main thing should be. Because Er Gouzi, he has great abilities, and his father is even more capable."

"Being the protagonist must have an unusual ability." Xiao Ziqing said, "We are in the zombie world, and we have the ability to absolutely kill in seconds."

Feng Handao: "Atractylodes and I are both doctors. When supplies are scarce in the last days, we can produce a lot of medicines by ourselves."

Feng Zixuan patted Yu He on the back of his chest: "I am the leader of the base, and Yu He is a god. You can call the wind and call the rain."

Everyone looked at Li Ji, expressing their curiosity with their eyes. The first three pairs are all set up to blast the sky, this one?

Li Ji's darkened face glowed with a smile: "I'm not capable, my family's Er Gouzi are great. A half catty of steamed buns can eat eight per meal, and a hundred catties of wild boar can go down the mountain."

"Then what?" Baiju couldn't help asking.

Li Ji grinned and said, "Does he count if he has spent 13 years on the mountain alone?"

Feng Han still had eyesight and nodded, "Forget it, I didn't starve to death after 13 years."

Xiao Ziqing changed the subject and said, "Didn't it mean there is a party here? It really doesn't look like a good place to queue."

Xiao Ziqing, who was born in a family of the top richest Chinese in China, may have a different understanding of parties than ordinary people, although it is indeed very unlike here.

Li Ji just remembered, and took out a few pieces of paper from his sleeve: "The author asked me to give it to you, so I won't call it a barrage, trouble. The rules are written in it. You are very strange. But it's okay, I don't understand anything."

The six people read the words above from beginning to end, and Li Ji smiled and said the rules he knew: "You six, I and Er Gouzi. There are twelve zodiac cards on the mountain, and the sun sets. The most found in the past wins. But it is possible to find the black card. If all of you found more than six black cards, then Er Gouzi and I won." 

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