Er Gouzi touched the box as if facing the relatives who had been separated for a long time.

"If you don't have me, your mother will be able to eat. She won't be hungry, so she can find more food. Without me, she can live better."

Li Ji has said more than once that children will inherit incense and that people need children. From other people to the child in the end, as if the child is the meaning of life.

Maybe it's because the environment that I grew up in was different, and Li Ji's thinking was completely different from theirs.

Too many people don't even have enough to eat, so why should raise a child and suffer together?

Li Ji couldn't think of an answer for a while, opened the curtains to look at the scenery outside the window, and it took a long time to arrive: "A lot of things are meaningless, and they really go with the flow. The heat you have in your life, what you leave behind after you die, is just a handful of soil. Just a few bones. What can a person stay in the world with a dead hand? A child should be one of them. The child grows up when the enemy deceased grows up, and then passes on from descendants, then the traces of this person in the world will continue. But this is not the only meaning of a person's life."

Li Ji touched the little guy with constant small movements on his shoulders, and said: "It's like now. I think the meaning of my life is with you. The meaning of your life is with me. We don't need to think about what we can leave after death. We are together when we are alive, and buried together when we die. Whether we are reborn or just live underground, we will never be separated. This is enough. It is not important for children to be children."

These words are what Li Ji said. Er Gouzi's thinking is different from that of normal people, and the focus is also different. After hearing this, I only felt better, and said:

"Then I can't think like this. I am a mother who stayed in the world. She left me, and then I met you. I am a mother who left you. I was born to meet you.

Li Ji didn't quite understand this kind of argument, but he didn't understand it. Li Ji can only roughly understand the meaning of Yi Er Gouzi, tapping the picture lightly, it is a response.

Er Gouzi smiled and said: "Then I will stop thinking about it. As long as I can see you and be with you. Then I don't care about what happens in a year."

This is a very simple cause and effect relationship. Everyone on this line is a matchmaker between Er Gouzi and Li Ji.

Li Yan gave birth to Er Gouzi, and the villagers excluded their mother and daughter. Li Yan was afraid that Er Gouzi would be bullied, so she only let Er Gouzi play in the mountains. Er Gouzi was lost for thirteen years, and when he came back, Li Yan was dead. People in the village are cumbersome to avoid being Er Gouzi. Li Ji adopts them, and the two live together.

Everything went smoothly as if it were a matter of course.

"Good." Li Ji stretched out his hand to pat Er Gouzi's shoulder, but when he touched the little squirrel, he touched the little squirrel's head along the way.

Immediately, Songsong and Taotao both jumped off their shoulders, and both jumped out along the window. Li Ji glanced back and was stopped by Er Gouzi: "Don't look back."

It is said that if you look back at this time, you will attract bad luck, so Er Gouzi is more strict than Li Ji. Er Gouzi is not afraid of bad luck, nothing, alone is afraid of something bad about Li Ji.

Li Ji stopped and paused: "They must be home."

"You can't leave a little tail. The three of them always stay together." Er Gouzi understood what the two little guys thought. Consoling Li Ji said: "We will be able to go back soon."

"Yeah." Songsong Taotao went home, making Li Ji who couldn't return home for the time being somewhat concerned. But thinking about going back soon, it won't be that uncomfortable.

Not far away, I quickly entered the county, and went round and round into the county magistrate's house.

Li Ji was shocked when he got out of the car, because he was welcoming his wife home, and this was Li Yan who opened the front door to enter. At the front entrance, a white lantern was hung high and white silk was pulled. From a distance, I knew it was a funeral.

If Li Yan died in the county's grandfather's house, this funeral should be handled. Even if he was just dead and brought in from the outside, as long as he can bear the name of the lady, the funeral can be handled. But Li Yan had died outside for fifteen years, and now he was only carrying the bones back. The county's Taiye's Mansion was actually set up to give Li Yan a serious official funeral.

At the door stood two rows of family members in mourning clothes. Although their faces were not crying, they were also full of mourning.

Just looking at it like this, Li Ji was enthusiastic in his heart. With moist eyes, I don't know what others think. At this moment, just looking at it like this, Li Ji feels that Li Yan's life is worth it.

The Taoist priest told Er Gouzi, shouted twice, and told Li Yan that he had arrived home.

Holding a box of soil, Er Gouzi walked up the steps and looked at the scenery in the courtyard. The sound at that moment spread far.

"Mother, go home."

The family members knelt down one after another, and some cried.

They all knew that they didn't know Li Yan at all, so crying and crying was just a way to show loyalty to the master as servants. But no one will pursue these at this moment.

It's a good thing for someone to cry when someone is gone, at least it means caring.

The housekeeper was dressed in hemp and led the group directly to the mourning hall set up in the courtyard.

The county magistrate was standing in the mourning hall at this time, the incense table and offerings were all ready, and two people kneeling in front of a large iron basin were burning paper.

Everyone is ready, just waiting for the hostess to take her place.

When the county magistrate saw Er Gouzi holding the box, his eyes fell on it, and his eyes were deeply saddened.

"I'm back." The county magistrate's eyes were red, and his voice was a little hoarse. "Bring your mother back."

Put the soil on the altar table for offering, and then put the coffin with Li Yan's bones in the mourning hall.

The servant who burned the paper knocked his head. The county magistrate let Er Gouzi kneel on the futon and burn a few more sheets of paper for Li Yan.

The county magistrate couldn't do without the small coffin, his heart turned overwhelming, but his face was a little numb.

Li Ji went over and whispered: "Let me go and knock my head for the wife."

If it is based on seniority, Li Ji and Li Yan are the same generation, burning paper is fine, but not kowtow. But Li Ji and Er Gouzi are married, so they can call Li Yan a mother.

The county magistrate nodded. Since the relationship between the two has been acquiesced, this kind of thing will of course not be rejected.

Li Ji knelt beside Er Gouzi and burned paper with Er Gouzi. The county magistrate and Li Yan are husband and wife, and there is no need for big gifts.

The county magistrate lighted three incense sticks and inserted them into the incense burner.

Then he walked to the side of the coffin, stroked the coffin with his hand, and looked at it for a while, then he leaned his body on top of the coffin, and only felt his shoulders twitch. It is not difficult to guess the ups and downs of his emotions at this time.

The husband and wife who have been separated for 20 years are truly reunited at this moment. It is a pity that heaven and man are separated forever.

This is a very formal funeral for Li Yan, and no one outside follows the letter. But there was a big white lantern hanging at the gate, and anyone passing by could tell that it was a funeral.

The news from big families spread quickly, and you don't need to think too much to understand that the protagonist is Li Yan.

Soon some clever people came to the door and gave some gifts and funerals. Wreaths that are valuable are a sign of filial piety.

The county magistrate accepted them all. Only twenty taels of silver will be charged, and all the more will be returned. Although it is not easy to refund money for funerals, after turning around, the county magistrate ordered his servants to find an excuse and send the extra money back. For example, to make up gifts for old people's birthdays and happy events at home.

No one came to the county magistrate to entertain, so he stayed in the mourning hall to accompany Li Yan. At night, there are fewer people.

I burned the paper and kowped his head. He didn't let Li Jiergouzi come to entertain the guests. If he wanted to accompany Li Yan, he stayed in the mourning hall. If he couldn't stay, he would be in his own yard.

People have been walking for so many years, and their memories are blurred. To be honest, it is unrealistic to say how far the back is. The county magistrate doesn't use filial piety to hold down the two, they just do whatever they want.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi burned the paper for a while, during which time the ashes were cleaned twice. After waiting for the incense ash from the incense burner to be piled up, Li Ji stood up.

"Let the master and madam stay alone for a while, the couple have not seen each other in 20 years." Li Ji said to Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi nodded. The two kowtowed three heads, stood up and helped each other miserably out of the mourning hall.

Back to the yard, some of the servants gave a snack to satisfy their hunger. For funerals at home, the whole family must eat three meals on this day. At this time, the county magistrate accompanied Li Yan, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi could not start the stove alone, so they could only eat some snacks.

It's already afternoon, and if you want to say you are hungry, the two are really hungry. Li Ji took a sip of tea and felt better. Then he said, "This is a good thing. Mother has been alone on the mountain for so long. Now they are reunited and they have gone home."

Er Gouzi nodded, thinking of the plan with the county magistrate.

"How long will it take for my mother to be buried in the soil? I will leave with a fake in two days. Is that true?"

"This is your father's arrangement." Li Ji said, "She can't be buried with fanfare or let outsiders know. But it can't be simple. I'm afraid it can only be buried at night. Then we will all go home. When we know, After that, he will take us to the new grave and kowtow."

Er Gouzi nodded, indicating that he understood. Picking up a snack and feeding it to Li Ji's lips: "Eat, you are hungry."

Li Ji put the snack in his mouth and ate the snack and said, "It's not that I've never been hungry. Let's go to the mourning hall for a while and let your father rest for a while. They have a deep love for their husband and wife, but they still have to have a body. This worship is still You have to take turns, otherwise your body will be overwhelmed. My words may not be effective. You have to tell your father."

Er Gouzi nodded, indicating that he had written it down. The two ate some snacks to cushion their stomachs, and the servant tenderly brought up a bowl of white fungus and lotus seed soup. After eating, the two did not feel hungry, so they went to the mourning hall for the county magistrate.

At this time, the county magistrate was standing next to Li Yan's coffin, with one hand touching the top of the coffin, his eyes were red, and there were no tears. There was no expression on his face, but his eyes couldn't leave the coffin for a moment.

Li Ji looked sad and took Er Gouzi and walked over: "This afternoon, you can take a break. I know you have a deep relationship with your wife, but your wife is definitely reluctant to be like you. Eat something to rest. People. All have come back, and there will be more time from now on."

Li Ji touched Er Gouzi with his arm, and Er Gouzi followed and said: "Let's rest."

Li Ji is right, Er Gouzi speaks more effectively than Li Ji.

The county magistrate turned his head to look at Er Gouzi, as if looking for something on Er Gouzi's face.

"In fact, your eyebrows and eyes are not like your mother at all. But when I stand there, I can be sure that you are our child. I don't know where you look, but it makes me feel like your mother. Maybe this is the flesh and blood. Dear dear." The county magistrate's voice was very soft, a little weak.

Er Gouzi doesn't know how to circumscribe, shook his head and said, "I don't understand what you are saying. But I know that I belonged to you and my mother. Xiao Ji said that children are one of the meanings left by human beings. I am you. Stayed. Right?"

The county magistrate nodded. Looking at this meticulously prepared mourning hall, I couldn't help but feel sad: "I heard what someone said. Li Yan didn't even have a thin coffin, just a blanket of straw swept into the burial. The straw mat was already rotten when it was dug up."

Er Gouzi didn't know what this meant, because he grew up in the mountains and had no decent conception of after death. Most of the dead beasts in the mountains will be quickly eaten by predators nearby. If you meet someone who eats bones, it is called bonelessness.

In the process of growing up, I have hardly seen human beings, and I have faced all beasts of life and death. So Er Gouzi couldn't understand why people have to prepare so much after death. People are gone, no matter how grandiose they are, they won't be able to enjoy them, can they?

"Listening to your tone, my mother seems very pitiful. I don't think so. People are gone, only the bones are left. In fact, she doesn't know anything anymore. Nothing is gone. Lying in the mud and turning into bones. Me. I think it's better for my mother than to stand up and live her life. Don't worry about not having enough to eat, and don't worry that someone who doesn't like will come over."

This is purely to make the county magistrate cry. It was Er Gouzi's so calm tone that made the county magistrate the most unbearable.

"You have suffered."

Er Gouzi took out a piece of cake from his sleeve and put it in the hands of the county magistrate: "You have strength when you are full. This is what my mother told me. My mother has already gone home, so you don't need to guard it like this."

Li Ji didn't know when Er Gouzi hid a piece of pastry in his cuff. The county magistrate was holding a snack in his hand, and he could feel the body temperature of Er Gouzi.

This is the first time Er Gouzi has taken the initiative to care about him. Although I got something from Er Gouzi before, it was all through Li Ji. Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to do it.

This piece of dim sum is worthless, but Er Gouzi's change of attitude towards the county magistrate is extremely precious.

The county magistrate himself couldn't tell how he felt in his heart, but he looked at Er Gouzi's face and felt very relieved.

The county magistrate nodded repeatedly, took the snack that Er Gouzi handed over, walked out of the mourning hall, and went back to the room to rest for a while.

Recently, Er Gouzi's performance has become more and more unexpected for Li Ji. Li Ji thought he could not say such a thing, but Er Gouzi was able to say it clearly, and even the county magistrate persuaded him.

The two burned the paper for a while, but didn't know it kept burning. After burning it for a while, it was almost the same. Someone would come to help them up and let the servants in the house replace the burning paper.

When the burnt paper reached the ground, it was the money in the hands of the deceased. According to legend, after death, the soul is taken to the underground palace of Hades.

Among them, the great good people can go to heaven and be immortals when their merits are fulfilled. Those who do a lot of evil and are unforgivable will be sent to hell to serve their sentence. The torture of each layer of the eighteenth hell is different.

Those who are neither high nor low must continue to reincarnate. However, this reincarnation does not mean that a person can be reincarnated directly after death, and that depends on merit and timing. Have to line up to reincarnate. Some of this row will cost hundreds of thousands of years. During this period, they live in the underground underworld.

The place there is like the mortal world, what is there in the mortal world, and what is in the underworld. But the silver of the flowers of the underworld was burned on the ground. Things made of burnt paper are real there. What kind of golden boy and girl, what kind of paper cow and paper horse, are wealth in the underworld.

Formally because of this legend, the big family members can burn as much as they can when they do funerals, so that the family members can still be rich when they are underground.

It's getting dark. The butler came over and told them to eat in the dining room. This is the funeral for Li Yan, and the food is mainly vegetarian. However, there is no reduction in eating. It is still a large table of dishes. There is not much to eat after this meal. The rest will be rewarded to the subordinates. If the subordinates do not eat, they will go to the other yard to feed them. Animals, in short, will not be wasted.

When the meal is over, don't worry about getting off the table. The county magistrate said something about going home.

"I've heard about all of you today. Your old lady is really a headache. But because of the high level of seniority, none of you can do anything about him. Today this matter was dismissed by a fictitious bully. From now on, only If Er Gouzi is in the village, it will inevitably be calculated by someone who is interested."

Li Ji agrees too much with this view. He nodded and said: "It's not just the old lady, but the thoughtful people next to it are enough to cause headaches. I can rely on my seniority to make money on the face, except for the gods. But if someone turns around, I can rely on my seniority. I'm not too good to refuse too much. Just like if someone asks me to send his girl to Er Gouzi's house as a concubine, I can refuse. But if someone asks a girl to come to my house to help, I'm not good at pushing it outside If you meet a dad like Li Shuisheng at the beginning, and teach a girl to learn some inconsistencies, it will not be enough to add to the congestion."

The biggest advantage is marriage. This is a long-term hub of interests. Although Li Yan became a decent wife, she was already dead, and there was not much benefit to the tribe. To maximize the benefits, the best way is to have a new marriage connection.

Because it is not clear who Er Gouzi's father is, and where he is, he can't give Er Gouzi a person, and Er Gouzi is the best piece of fat.

Not to mention that it is a girl to be a concubine to Er Gouzi, it is a good thing to be a girl in the same room. Just like Zhao Ruyue back then, after having a relationship with her master, she returned to the village to serve as her aunt's grandmother.

It cannot be said that Li Ji thinks the villagers too badly, only that the environment has created it. Marrying one's own cousins ​​is a good thing, even as it should be. What's more, it's just a concubine's room, and it doesn't occupy the wife's place. It's just a matter of effort.

For ordinary people, being able to stay close to the big family is a good thing about the smoke from the ancestral grave. If he refuses, he will disregard the affection of his family, or even know what is good or bad.

"This is easy. I only talk about the rules of the big family. You can't take a concubine before you get a wife. Otherwise, even if you are given the status, the wife just walks in and sends you away. The husband can only nod. This is not my nonsense, originally. There is such a rule. The first wife did not accept a concubine before, which is the respect for the first wife. Concubine must be negotiated by the husband and wife. If the wife does not want to, although she will fall for her tongue, she is also the right to be a wife. This does not pass the wife. Na's concubine's room was not righteous, so I just threw it away and didn't make sense."

By extension, Li Yan can be involved. It can be said that Li Yan was taken abducted by the "bully" married predecessor, and he sent Li Yan back to the village after his wife got started.

It's just that the county magistrate can't say it enough that Li Ji can think of it.

Li Ji nodded, being so touched by the county magistrate, he got along with several ways to deal with it.

Looking at Er Gouzi, he was thinking about the things that he would encounter in the future, and he was a little eager to try.

After the meal, the county magistrate drove the two back to the yard to sleep.

The county magistrate's decision to sit down, tomorrow will send Li Ji back with great fanfare, the news in the village is different from the outside news. Everyone in the county knows that if Er Gouzi goes to the funeral, it is not easy for Li Ji to stay in the house, so he can only send it back.

The village didn't know anything about the county magistrate's house, so Li Ji went back and said what it was. When the time comes, you only need to say that the "bully" is afraid that the enemy will find Er Gouzi, so he will first leave Er Gouzi in the village. When will the enemy be cleaned up in the future, or the "bully" will go, then pick up the Er Gouzi and go back.

The two scenes on both sides are not too difficult, but they are both very important. Whether the life will be easier from now on depends on the convincing performance of theatrical singing.

Going back to my own yard, because of the funeral, I can't wash. Li Ji just washed his hands, and lay down on the bed with Er Gouzi.

At this time, Li Ji still wanted to persuade Er Gouzi.

"I'll go home first, you are only two days later than me. You stayed here for these two days to get along well with your father. After these two days, we will be able to stay together at home forever. I know You can't bear it, but we have to buy this hurdle. We have to be together, and your father can't leave it. Our family should be separated for a day or two without getting in the way."

While talking, Li Ji was still touching Er Gouzi's shoulder to comfort him.

The two hadn't been separated for so long, so Er Gouzi certainly didn't want to. But Er Gouzi knew that this was the best way to solve the problem.

Er Gouzi was silent, which actually meant acquiescence. He knew it was necessary to separate the two ends, and he could not refuse. His silence was just to express his dissatisfaction with the separation.

Li Ji comforted: "When I get home, I will support you in everything. If you want to go up the mountain, I won't stop you. If you want to be full, I also allow you to hug and eat a few meals. You want beef and mutton. Just kill. By the way, we don't need to save anything now. Your father is pampering you, and you will definitely lack nothing in the future." 

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