Er Gouzi stretched out his hand to hold Li Ji in his arms, and said, "I lack you."

Er Gouzi rubbed Li Ji's face, and added another sentence: "I'm missing anytime."

Without Li Ji, Li Ji will leave by himself tomorrow.

With a warm heart in Li Ji, he hugged Er Gouzi and kissed Er Gouzi's cheek: "I also lack you."

Er Gouzi turned over and pressed Li Ji under him, and went to kiss Li Ji. Li Ji stretched out his hand and pushed Er Gouzi here: "It's not possible now. When your mother is officially in the funeral, it is too unfilial to do things at this time. Be good, live a few days."

"Why." Hearing the word Niang, Er Gouzi became more honest.

"What's the reason. Although my mother has been there for fifteen years, since the mansion has taken care of her, it is a serious funeral. You can't do this during the funeral. Wait for you to go home. When you go home, you think How to toss how to toss."

Li Ji comforted Er Gouzi, turned over and let Er Gouzi lie down, tucked Er Gouzi's quilt, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Er Gouzi didn't want anyone, holding Li Ji and feeling the existence of Er Gouzi, the thought of not seeing Er Gouzi in the next two days, Er Gouzi felt uncomfortable.

Therefore, now Er Gouzi wants to make up for the lack of "Li Ji" in the future.

Trapped by Er Gouzi and sniffing Er Gouzi's body, Li Ji slept soundly, but Er Gouzi stayed up all night.

It was useless to call early in the morning, Li Ji woke up and opened his eyes to see Er Gouzi looking at him without squinting. Li Ji, who was more awake, stretched out his hand and hugged Er Gouzi, and put a soft kiss on Er Gouzi's face.

Sit up and start packing. Today Li Ji is going home, and Er Gouzi will play two days with the county magistrate.

Sit up, the clothes to change were ready last night. Today Li Ji went home. The county magistrate did not treat him badly. He gave him a fine silk satin dress. The fabric felt slippery, as if water drops could fall off.

The pouch jade pendant for decoration is also exquisitely prepared. A few auspicious clouds are embroidered on the purse. It looks good. Li Ji can't tell what the jade pendant is. It's quite simple. It's just that the quality of the jade is good, and it's worth looking at.

Li Ji doesn't know the goods, so he can only distinguish between good-looking and bad-looking things.

Put on clothes, light and breathable clothes. Compared with the clothes I wore in the past, they are as good as nothing, they look light and breathable.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Li Ji was a little skeptical. Can he get used to it when he goes back and puts on those ordinary clothes?

"Does it look good?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi nodded: "It looks good."

Li Ji asked himself, "Is that still me."

After walking out of the house, I went to the front yard first. The county magistrate was sitting on a chair and was having tea. He looked at the dark circles under his eyes, and he didn't have much energy.

I looked up and saw Li Ji and Er Gouzi coming in, more energetic.

"We used breakfast together for a while, and then Li Ji, you should go back. Let's talk about how to go when we go back, and we don't need to say anything more now."

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were seated, and a maid came over with a tray on which was lying a slightly larger purse, watching the purse was angular and bulging. One knock is a lot of money.

"I know you are not accustomed to using silver bills, so I only prepared some scattered silver taels for you. This is twenty taels of silver. I will not send you or it is not convenient to send you when you go back. You hire a comfortable carriage to go back. It's fine. If you see something you like, buy more. If you don't have a lot of money, let's make a few days' allowance. I have collected a lot of funerals on these two days. I will keep this money for both of you. Two days later. When the dog goes back, he will take it back with him. If you bring love and more money today, I'm afraid it will be a bit more eye-catching. After Er Gouzi returns, I will send someone to send it back secretly."

Li Ji had no shortage of silver, but the county magistrate gave it, and he accepted it. Of course there is no shortage, but there is no shortage of all the silver in Li Ji's hands.

"I lived in the mansion for a while, and now it feels like a long time ago. I don't know what to say." Li Ji squeezed his bulging purse and pursed his lips. "I don't know how you think about me. But in my heart, you are really your father. I and Er Gouzi, now you are the only relative left. I know that you are not really accepting me, and being good to me is entirely because of the two The reason for the dog. If it weren't for Er Gouzi who hadn't grown up outside since childhood, you, a dad, would never agree with us."

The county magistrate did not deny it, and added: "It's good to know."

Li Ji knew the county's grandfather's thoughts because he was clear, so he looked away: "Anyway, you didn't reject me. You are my only decent elder now. Madam, before the grave, I have knocked my head to recognize my mother. You. Here, I will not help you recognize your relatives, but I will always wait. Waiting for the day when you allow me to call you daddy upright."

The majesty of the county moved his eyes slightly, glanced at Li Ji, and sighed. After taking a sip of tea, my mind turned, and then he put down the teacup and said, "It's useless to look forward to me. It's better to look forward to Chang'an. If one day Chang'an is willing to call me daddy from your heart, I will allow you. Dad."

How the two of them live these days, the county magistrate can see in his eyes. The Er Gouzi who was with Li Ji felt very good. He liked Li Ji very much. This is something the grandfather of the county can clearly feel.

The county magistrate was prepared to wean off his children and grandchildren before he was very bad, and the county magistrate could go so many in his life if he didn't find the Er Gouzi. Now that the son has a habit of breaking his sleeves and has no interest in others at all, it is even more impossible for this offspring.

This is the fate of people. God wants him to cut off his children and grandchildren, who stopped him?

Therefore, the dairy industry simply stopped struggling. As long as Er Gouzi recognizes him as his father, the father and son can get along with ordinary father and son in the future, the county magistrate will be considered complete in this life. One hundred years later, if you meet Li Yan underground, you can also give an explanation.

The county magistrate's words were completely relieved. It can also be said that half of the formal recognition of Li Ji.

Li Ji stood up excitedly, and Er Gouzi watched his movements and hurriedly stood up. Li Ji pushed Er Gouzi back, and then with a serious face, walked to the middle of the hall, and solemnly kowtow to the county magistrate.

"Thank you Li Ji…Thank you, Uncle, one day in the future, I can call you daddy seriously. Soon."

The county magistrate waved his hand: "Okay, let's go. I'm upset looking at you. Chang'an. You send him out of the side door and come back. Don't be entangled at the door for too long, so as not to make people suspicious. I will arrange for someone in two days. Send you back."

Er Gouzi nodded reluctantly, and walked out with Li Ji.

On the way to the side door, Li Ji was still not idle and told Er Gouzi: "Listen to your father for more than two days, think about me and bear with me. There are only one or two days left without me. I don't know how you can get along with your dad. Remember, your dad is the same as your mother. They treat you the same way. You didn't recognize him before, but you will have him in the rest of your life."

Er Gouzi nodded listening to Li Ji's words. Then he said: "I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Let's go after eating."

Li Ji thought of the county's grandfather who hated iron but not steel, and felt funny. He laughed: "Do not check this meal, you eat a meal with you two have very good father get along to get along, I quite envy you though you are from… A nice bitter day before, you can now have It's such a good dad. I was a kid and watched my dad go little by little. That feels really bad."

When he was very young, Li Ji's father was seriously ill. Li Ji, who has no mother, had to take care of everything about this sauce when he was very young. However, no matter how hard he worked, no matter how hard he could earn coins to treat his father, he still saw his father's weakness day by day.

When he was young, Dad was his only pillar. Seeing that the only reliance is so gradually gone.

When Dad left, Li Ji didn't dare to close his eyes when he sat in the room for the first three days and nights. He took a sigh of relief in the room, as if he had taken away all the sense of security.

In fact, Er Gouzi should be more pitiful than Li Ji. Li Ji has a house that can shelter from wind and rain. When Er Gouzi was lost at the age of five, he had nothing even when he was younger. No one knows how he lived till now.

After listening to Li Ji's words, Er Gouzi remembered in his heart, and didn't follow the words. Er Gouzi really didn't know what to say.

No matter how long the road is, there are times when it comes to an end. Seeing the side door not far away, Li Ji stopped and turned his head to look at Er Gouzi: "I'll go back first. It's only two days. Just think about me if you want. I enjoy the way you miss me. Me. At home, Yin Xiaowei, Songsong and Taotao are waiting for you to go back together. When you go back, we will kill pigs, rabbits and chickens. I will make potato stew and wait for you to go back."

"You dare not kill chickens." Er Gouzi said.

I don't know why, just such a sentence made Li Ji's eyes red suddenly. Li Ji scolded himself for being hypocritical. With a smile on his face, he patted Er Gouzi's arm: "Okay, as long as you can be patient. If I'm at home, you can come back and help me kill chickens, okay?"

Er Gouzi nodded. Jia Ding handed over a brocade parcel. There are two sets of exquisite good clothes inside, as well as the clothes that Li Ji wore when he came. The silver was directly handed over to Li Ji, and the money was not put in it.

When Li Ji returned to the village, he would inevitably be watched by the villagers. When Li Jizhong opened the package, he had no money and could save a lot of things.

Before Li Ji, many people "borrowed" silver ambassadors, and they knew everything about An's heart.

When Li Ji went back this time, the first thing she wanted was to tell everyone that she had never made any money from the county magistrate, so naturally she didn't say anything about lending money.

In the future, even if Er Gouzi went back and brought back the silver, it was Er Gouzi's own, and Li Ji had no right to intervene. Outsiders were not familiar with Er Gouzi and couldn't borrow the silver.

Li Ji tied the baggage directly on his back. The clothes were gorgeous, and the furnishings were good. But this series of Li Ji adds a bit of rusticity.

Li Ji stepped out of the second door, smiled and waved to Er Gouzi: "Go back. I have to take your mother home in two days. I must be very tired. Take a good rest these two days."

At the door, it is inevitable that there will be other people's eyes around. So when we get to the door, the play will begin.

Er Gouzi nodded and didn't reply. Looking at Li Ji like this, his eyes were full of perseverance.

The more you look at Li Ji, the more reluctant to leave. Li Ji secretly scolded himself hypocritical. But after two days of going home, what can I not bear?

Li Ji turned around hard, carrying the package, and quickened his pace.

Er Gouzi just looked at Li Ji's leaving back, until Li Ji's figure disappeared around the corner, still reluctant to look away.

The Jiading next to him reminded: "Master, let's go back. You can see it in two days, so don't be too impatient."

"I know." Er Gouzi's eyes dimmed, "I know all of them. But I still can't bear it."

Li Ji walked for a while by himself until he reached the street where he was eating and drinking. After looking around, he walked into the newly opened big tavern. Li Ji met the county magistrate there.

The sound of clothes was conspicuous when I walked in, although the appearance of carrying a burden was rustic, it couldn't hold up the material. At this look, it certainly doesn't look like a rich man, but a nouveau riche is for sure.

The guy has seen a lot of wealthy people, so you can roughly figure out how much money the clothes are worth with just a glance. After seeing Li Ji clearly, the guy who had some impression of Li Ji immediately greeted him with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, I'm here to take care of our business again. What do you think? Do you want the upstairs box to be clean or to watch the excitement underground? You can arrange it for you with a small voice."

"The window downstairs would be nice."

He was led to sit down by the buddy. Immediately another guy brought tea. This smell of tea, Li Ji knew it was a rare good tea.

These days, I did not drink less good tea at the county magistrate. It has been a long time. I don't know much about tea, but good or bad can be distinguished.

"You don't need to be so polite. It's not a golden person. It's a pity that such a good tea is given to me. I will write down the amount of silver in this pot, and I will pay it when I check out." Li Ji came over purely to think back when I met the county. The grandfather is the latter scene, but he didn't come to take advantage of it.

The guy smiled and said, "You said we are polite, aren't you polite? You take care of our voice, you are a regular customer. It's just a pot of tea, not even filial piety. There is also light on our faces."

He knows what he should say. After the polite remarks, he asked again: "Then, what do you want to eat today? Despite this order. Although the place here is small, the food is quite complete."

Li Ji subconsciously looked around, no one was there. With an empty heart, he said: "Eat some ingredients, don't need more, just two or three kinds, you can look at the arrangement. The staple food… just have a bowl of plain noodles."

Recently, I have eaten a lot of big fish and big meat, and now it's not bad to eat more vegetarian food.

Dude understands that people always have preferences every once in a while, or there is something recently that needs to be vegetarian.

"The little one will look like it will be served to you. Wait a moment, and the food will arrive soon."

The buddy went to the back kitchen to greet, Li Ji drank tea, and there was no one to talk to. This tea is a good tea, but it is not a taste to drink it.

Fortunately, the dishes are really fast. First, there were two refreshing dishes, Li Ji chewed and ate, and after two more hot dishes, Li Ji stopped. He is not a particularly edible person. In addition to having a bad appetite today, whether or not you can eat it up are two different things.

If Er Gouzi were there, these foods wouldn't be enough to look at. Only now that Er Gouzi is not there, Li Ji still has to do what he can to eat.

The buddy won't bother after serving the dishes, and go down to greet the guests next to him. Li Ji was picking up vegetables, eating every bite. The taste is really good. But without Er Gouzi by his side, Li Ji always feels that what he eats is not delicious.

Reluctantly ate half a bowl of noodles, and basically half of the dishes were left. At this time, Li Ji really lost his appetite.

Putting down his chopsticks, Li Ji did not order a drink either. Sitting there for a while, he stood up and called the man to check out.

The guy came over and saw that he didn't eat much of the four vegetarian dishes, which was obviously a poor appetite.

"But today's food doesn't suit your taste? Blame we didn't prepare the meal. I'll start the cook tomorrow and hire someone who can serve a good master." This is to please the guests.

What I said before, what kind of words you like to say. If the guest is really angry, even if the guest is unreasonable to make trouble, he must confess his mistakes to the guest for word of mouth. When the guest said something, he often trained himself. For nothing else, if the guests like it, they will come often in the future and will bring more guests. That is a steady stream of customers.

Li Ji understands this, and it is not difficult for others. He shook his head and said, "It tastes very good. I am in a bad mood today and can't eat anything. How much."

Li Ji took out the purse given by the grandfather of the county in his sleeve.

The guy smiled and said: "A few vegetarian dishes are not worth a few words. There are only 80 copper plates in total. Let's touch a zero for you, just fifty."

Is this zero erased there? The whole is less than one-third and more.

Li Ji knew that they were so polite not because of Li Ji, but because of the county magistrate. At the beginning, Li Ji and the county magistrate were chatting and laughing together, but now they are so particular about dressing, that's why they are so polite.

Li Ji took out two small silver swords from the inside: "I can still take advantage of you? It is not easy to do a business, so don't buy money from me in the future. I know that this pot of tea is precious. If you see me, don't give it away. The two coins may not even be worth the tea, so I will take it as a water bill. When you come back, I won't drink if you bring it back. I'm still rushing back. Home, this is gone."

Rich people don't check this money. Giving two pennies was a generous shot. After all, eating such two vegetarian dishes is not worth any money at all. As for the tea, it is not for the diners at all, but the shop is prepared to entertain the distinguished guests.

The guy collected the money and sent Li Ji all the way to the door.

Li Ji arrived at the door and looked down at his clothes. Such good material, if you walk home, it must be dirty and you can't see it. It's nothing more than a bullock cart. I had to look back and ask my buddy: "Could you please help me find a carriage. It doesn't need to be good, it's clean."

The man said: "There are two carriages in the shop that pick up and drop off guests. You can talk about a place, but you can arrange it if you are a small one."

Li Ji emphasized: "Let's talk about the price first."

Just as the guy was about to say no money, he remembered what Li Ji had said to Chashui. Knowing that this is not a master who loves to take advantage, he quoted a price casually and went to arrange the carriage.

Li Ji got into the carriage in the tavern and rushed to the house.

Did not buy anything else. When Er Gouzi was not at home, Li Ji couldn't remember what it could be of any use. Besides, no matter how careful Li Ji prepares, can the county magistrate be careful? The county magistrate loves Er Gouzi so much, what can't you think of?

Li Ji closed his eyes for a while and got home soon. To be precise, at the entrance of the village, the horseman driving the cart was not sure which one it was.

Li Ji thanked him and got out of the carriage. Shoes of brocade cloth stepped on the mud. Li Ji lowered his head to look at some violations. Can step on it and feel at ease.

Thanks to the groom, Li Ji walked home carrying the baggage.

Seeing the home is getting closer and closer. A familiar dog barking came from the yard again.

Li Ji quickened his pace, and when he reached the gate, Qian opened the door, and the little tail almost instantly leaped over, and his two paws went up and kept jumping up.

Li Ji didn't care about the muddy clothes of our two Li Jis. He reached out his hand and touched the head of Little Tail, a little sad and said, "I'm so thin."

In fact, it only took a few days before and after, but Li Ji could clearly see that Little Tail was affected. I was fat to a ball before, but now I can see how it looks.

It stands to reason that it is a good thing to accept, but watching the dog suffer, Li Ji feels distressed again.

Little Tail looked at Li Ji without blinking, without concealing the miss in his eyes. The more I watched, the more sad Li Ji became, and he walked into the house with his little tail.

Songsong and Taotao also ran over, squatting on Li Ji's shoulders, shaking their tails.

Li Ji felt better and walked inside.

There was movement in the room. When the door opened, it was Li Qiao'er.

Li Qiao'er was also wearing an apron for work. Seeing that, he burst into laughter: "Fourth Uncle is back. You are finally back. I miss you."

Li Ji smiled and said, "You will pick it up nicely. Why are you here? What about Li Jin and the others?"

Li Qiao'er explained: "Brother Jin and the others will come here sooner or later, and they will feed the animals. But the little tail just doesn't eat them and they can eat it. It's just that Yingzi and I can eat something. No wonder you said. The little tail is thinner. It is indeed thinner. How can it be eaten before? In the past few days when you went out, the little tail was lying on your stomach in the yard every day. Hearing movement, he stood up and yelled. He couldn't eat two bites. Yingzi came here every day two days ago. Feed it. The little tail eats less, and Yingzi cries anxiously."

Li Ji patted Little Tail's head: "Why don't you eat something good this day?"

Li Qiaoer defended: "Actually, I can't blame it. It is said that dogs are spiritual. He has been with you for so long and supported you and Ergou brothers to feed them. It is normal to change people and refuse to eat. Let's talk about it. What you feed is good stuff, and it's gluttonous if you have a lot of meat. At most, we feed it with soup and rice, and it's normal to not get used to it."

The whole village who feeds the dog meat is probably the only one in Li Ji's family. Others are reluctant to feed the dog even if it has a lot of meat. After all, leftovers can be fed, and some people even reluctant to feed the leftovers, so they use the rice chaff to feed the pigs. The dog is also very strong.

Li Ji didn't say let them kill rabbits or feed the dogs with chickens. That would be too hateful. 

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