Li Ji said, "You will call the Li Jin family over, and you will also call your parents. Let's kill two rabbits and stew a chicken. Thanks to your help to take care of me when I am leaving for the past few days. Otherwise, there are so many things in this house. It's really not good after leaving for a long time."

"Look at your kind words. You are our fourth uncle. You don't worry at home when you go out. We should help to see when we have time." Li Qiaoer took off his apron and called for someone.

Li Ji entered the room, the room was cleaned up, the mat on the kang was wiped, and it looked spotless.

Li Ji sat up, put his hands on the table familiarly and looked up at the walls on all sides.

This is the best house in the village, and Li Ji even feels that the best house is nothing more than this.

You can come back after entering the county magistrate's mansion. The most inferior house in the Grand Master's Mansion in that county is also much better than here. Every room where the master will enter and exit is decorated with calligraphy and paintings, and the walls are flat and white, and they look very beautiful at first glance.

Entering the county magistrate's mansion, everything is fine, and every step taken is an insight that Li Ji may not have seen for a lifetime.

That is the world of the official family; it should also be the world of Er Gouzi; but it is not the world of Li Ji.

Li Ji put his hands on the table, his head bowed, his arms resting on his forehead, and his thoughts were complicated.

The more clearly the gap between each other, the more ashamed of the monopoly of Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi are golden branches and jade leaves. On the day they are born, they should enjoy prosperity and wealth.

Is Er Gouzi right when he comes back?

Without Er Gouzi seeing from the side, Li Ji couldn't help thinking wildly. It is always said that Er Gouzi relies on Li Ji and cannot do without Li Ji. In fact, how can Li Ji be separated from Er Gouzi?

The little tail was wrapped around Li Ji's side, and he kept grabbing Li Ji's legs with his paws.

Li Ji sorrowed the spring for a while, squatted down directly from the kang, and rubbed the face of the little tail vigorously.

"You are hungry. When you are eating for a while, you will be wronged for a while, and I will feed you when someone leaves. You have all the meat left today. Eat as much as you want."

The little tail kept licking Li Ji's hand, and he didn't know if he understood it.

There was a sound outside the door, Li Ji tidied up his clothes, patted the gray hem of his clothes, and went out to welcome the guests.

The first one was Li Jin and his wife with Yingzi. Xiaoyingzi clings to Erying, looking at Li Ji's clothes with big eyes. Li Ji's clothes were dazzled by the light, clean and splendid, very beautiful.

Children like good-looking things, so it's no wonder Yingzi looked straight.

With a little tired face on Li Ji, he smiled at them: "Come here. Thanks to you for taking care of it these days. Come and help me choose two rabbits and one chicken, kill them and stew them directly, let's have a good meal. pause."

But it's not a festival, it's a luxury to be able to eat meat.

Although Li Ji said before he left, the ones raised in the pen want to eat whatever they like. It can be said that if a person is gone, can he really kill the beast that others have worked so hard to raise? It's not easy to say it.

Now that Li Ji is back, killing animals and eating meat is justified.

Picking two fat male rabbits and a big cock, Li Jin went to the gate and killed them, just as Li Qiaoer brought his parents over.

"Yeah, you didn't say a few years to come back yesterday, otherwise it would be great if you get home and eat ready-made." Li Shuisheng's face was bright.

The shadow of the deceived silver disappeared, and the silver went to the county government a few days ago to get it back, and all these things passed away.

"I'm back this morning and I'm not at the meal. It's not troublesome to tell in advance. Come on, let's be busy and have a good meal. I haven't been home for a few days, and I really want to eat it from our own pot. dish."

Li Shuisheng half teased: "You still want to come back? I thought you were reluctant to come back. Look at your outfit, you can buy all the houses in the village. The face looks finer than before. At first glance, I ate too much to make Dingxi."

In the past two days, Li Ji used good things for washing and washing. After several days, his skin was good and he could pinch out water. Not to mention the side, at least better than most of the little girls in the village.

Li Ji squeezed his face, and smiled: "People have big rules in their homes, and the pancreas that wash their faces are made of milk. They are all milk for whitening, and they have raised a lot in the past few days." After entering the house, everyone No time to work together.

Skin the rabbits and boil water to fade the chickens. I went to the ground to pull out the ready-made ingredients. After half an hour, the vegetables could not be fried, and the rest of the meat and vegetables were also stewed. If the meat wants to be soft and rotten, it would be great to stew a poem or two.

Everyone sat on the kang, poured some wine and talked for a while.

They were all curious about what Li Ji had seen and heard in Er Gouzi's home. Li Ji said everything he could say, except for the status of the county magistrate, and the rest would also make the role of "bully" more real.

Li Ji said something, and it was an eye-opener for a table of people, from curiosity to envy, and then from envy to sigh. No matter how you listen to it, it is also a matter of other people's family. Li Ji can go and enjoy it because Li Ji has planted good causes in the past, and then he has good results.

But other people don't have this, and it can even be said that it is an evil cause, and what can be obtained is nothing more than an evil result.

Li Shuisheng was hesitant to speak, and looked at Li Qiao'er several times. Li Qiaoer avoided Li Shuisheng's gaze. Although it is a father and a daughter, Li Shuisheng also feels guilty about what happened before. But there was no way to erase the scars, one after another, recklessly squeezing her, enough to make her heart cold.

If it were not for Li Shuisheng's lack of greed and self-righteousness, how could Li Qiao'er have so many twists and turns?

How smart is Li Ji? Just by looking at Li Shuisheng's expression, he could guess what Li Shuisheng was thinking.

But it was also gratified that Li Shuisheng didn't say it directly. If this time Li Shuisheng wanted to ask a question, then Li Shuisheng would really not be able to meet again after this.

Li Qiao'er can no longer cause harm to Li Shui. In the future, I will find a good place for Li Qiaoer and leave far away.

In the past, Li Ji didn't have the right to manage this kind of thing, and he couldn't manage it. But in the future there will be Er Gouzida the county magistrate. As long as Li Qiao'er is willing, it will be easy for the county magistrate to say something to let Li Qiao'er go over and take care of him.

"You have something hidden in your stomach? Needless to say, I can guess it. Qiao'er and Er Gouzi are brothers and sisters. This is a case of incense. In theory, these Er Gouzi belong to a big family. Son, Qiao'er is also the righteous daughter of others."

Li Shuisheng nodded repeatedly. No wonder he was itching in his heart. If someone recognizes Li Qiao'er, then Li Qiao'er will be a serious daughter.

Will Li Shuisheng still use Li Shuisheng's calculations for future marriages? It must be a family with hundreds of women who want to stand at the door and choose what they want.

I think so, what a big family, can you be a girl? Where would you recognize this Murano girl as a beginner? I'm afraid that Li Qiao'er, the maid who makes groceries at home, is decent.

If you don't have a girl, and you want a girl, it's possible to recognize Li Qiao'er. Can someone really lack girls? To say that Er Gouzi is the only seedling of others, it can be said that there is only such a child, or it can be said that there is only such a son.

Because girls are outsiders when they get married, they always call those who have only daughters and no sons outright.

Li Ji continued: "But that's what I said, but the family was not present at the time of worship. If they don't recognize it, we can't do anything. I have lived with them for some time, so I can understand more clearly. Sister Yan's grave moved. I left, and became a serious wife. You really thought it was a serious eight hundred to recognize this family, we maidens?"

Just listen to Li Ji's tone, you know it's impossible. Li Shuisheng shook his head, and Li Ji continued: "People are just trying to give Er Gouzi a name. No matter if he is Zhang Sanlisi, as long as Er Gouzi crawled out of her belly, the name is It's a matter of one sentence. Madam's name is good. But when people are gone, they are just bones carried into the ancestor's grave. They can't eat a grain of rice, and can't be the master of a day. Under such circumstances, you think they will Think of us as in-laws?"

Li Shuisheng didn't understand what Li Ji said? Sighed and said: "Of course not."

In Li Ji's tone, Er Gouzi's family didn't treat Li Yan as a person at all, so how could he be his in-laws here as a person?

"I asked Er Gouzi to go back to inherit the incense, and no one else was too lazy to take care of it. Why would they recognize the next girl if they refused to recognize their in-laws?" Li Ji looked at Li Qiao'er and said, "I know you It's for Qiaoer's things to worry about. How can there be fathers who don't worry about their children? But as the old saying goes, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. Sometimes too much preparation may not be better than a fate. You Ah, let's enjoy the blessing more. It's okay for the girl to stay by her side."

This is Li Qiao'er, otherwise Li Ji can't bother to point out others. It's just that Li Shuisheng, if he doesn't point his fingers at him and let him do anything, it will really harm a good girl.

The expression on Li Qiao'er's face has faded, not as shy as an ordinary girl talks about marriage. It's not that Li Qiao'er is so cheeky, she really listens a lot.

From the age of sixteen to eighteen years old. There are so many twists and turns that most girls have never encountered.

Li Shuisheng said helplessly, "I enjoyed the blessings there. It is only when my children are married to be at ease. This coincidence is 18, and there is no girl of the same age in the village. Originally the last girl, I wanted to choose a good one. It was so delayed."

"The left and right have been delayed, and it's not that you can't live without marrying. I can't live without it. I don't think I can tell you enough? I'm an unmarried young man, but I often talk to you about your daughter's marriage. This From now on, everything will go with the flow. You dad also delegate power and let Qiao'er pick it by himself. It saves your eyesight to pick a bad date for others, and they will bite you in dreams."

The joke is over, everyone who is doing on the kang laughs. This is how it passed.

Where did Li Qiao'er go from now on? Somewhat free.

The smell of meat overflowed from the pot, and I could smell it in the house. Some days without meat, the smell is greedy.

I have seen good things, and those who have seen bad things feel more commonplace, but it doesn't mean that others are not rare.

If it weren't for entertaining, Li Ji would cook by himself, that is, get a garlic spinach and green onion dipping sauce to make do.

Li Ji was afraid that they would ask Er Gouzi's family what they were bringing back, so he turned the topic back to Er Gouzi's family.

"In fact, I don't see much about Er Gouzi's family. I'm at someone's house, and at most I don't have to work. I have merit in taking in Er Gouzi, but this merit is not worth a few dollars. People even guarded me. Li Ji took the package that had been in the kang for a long time and opened the two brocade clothes inside, as well as the bulging purse."

Li Ji said, "Look, the one in the underground is what I wore when I went. I brought me some scraps of silver. These two clothes are worth a lot of money. These clothes are worth a lot of money, but they are made according to my size. Yes, I can only wear it on my body, and I can't buy silver. We think there is a lot of silver, but people go out to buy things and bring more than this silver. This is to prevent me from collecting silver under the banner of a benefactor, and it's not good. Let outsiders think that their family treats benefactors harshly. Just like that, I can enjoy it myself, but if I have any relatives or friends, I can't even score a point."

No one would say why there is no money. This purse is very bulging, and it is not clear whether it is filled with silver or copper without opening it. Even if it is silver, it is only ten or twenty taels.

I haven't seen silver in the village. One or two silvers are a lot. But that day, let's look at the clothes of those family members, let alone twenty taels, that is, fifty taels are just a fraction of the price for others. Even for Li Ji himself, it is not difficult to make money in this play. Not much.

Why are you so defensive? Aren't you afraid of benefiting the villagers by virtue of being a benefactor?

Naturally, there is no need to name the things that they all know well.

Li Jin said, "Big families are like this. The more you are wealthy, the more you like to calculate, for fear that others will calculate the money in their pockets. Actually, this is also good. It is not who we are talking about. If someone really gave you a few hundred taels of silver. In your hand, you can't hold it. If the village comes to borrow money, it's not easy to refuse, because they all feel that your money comes from the wind. If you encounter someone with a crooked mind, you can steal it directly, then there will be no good days. Over."

Li Ji smiled and said, "In this way, people are also thinking about me."

Li Ji flipped through his clothes, laying two kerchiefs and a sweat towel. In fact, the role of handkerchiefs and sweat towels is the same, but the handkerchief is smaller, so it can be easily wiped off. The sweat towel is two turns larger than the handkerchief and is more absorbent. Suitable for use when sweating a lot.

These two veils are also very good materials, and you feel like they can slip out of your hands just by touching them.

Li Ji handed the two veils to Li Qiao'er and Yingzi respectively.

"I'm a man, I don't need this. Your little girl's veil looks good when you hold it. This thing is not only used to wipe sweat, it is also good to hold your hand as a decoration. Don't dislike it, you can't Take the clothes apart and divide your big ones."

Li Qiao'er and Yingzi both laughed, knowing that Li Ji really didn't need this, so they didn't shy away. In the eyes of most ordinary people, this handkerchief is used by girls. Where do you need to pay attention, lords? Wouldn't it be okay to wipe it with a sleeve?

Li Qiao'er was holding a pale yellow veil, thin, translucent in color, and embroidered with two small flowers in full bloom in the corner. The embroidery is excellent, as if it were real.

Li Qiao'er had never seen such a good thing, and she looked a little surprised. How can girls who don't like good-looking things?

I saw Zhao Ruyue come back in the past, wearing a good-material clothes, holding the kerchief and shaking it, looking temperament, and looking good.

At that time, Li Qiao'er was very curious, what kind of veil is this good girl holding?

After seeing it clearly this time, Li Qiao'er became more active in her heart and blushed again in a blink of an eye.

Compared to Li Qiao'er who had grown up, Yingzi was much simpler. She simply likes good-looking things. She had never seen such a beautiful fabric, such a beautiful pattern. The handkerchief used to wipe sweat can be so delicate.

Yingzi fiddled with her on her hand for a while, but the kerchief soon became dirty because her hand was a little gray.

Then Yingzi put the veil on the table and looked at it carefully.

When Li Jizheng said this to Li Jin and the others, he saw Yingzi staring at the handkerchief and asked, "What's wrong?"

"My hands are dirty, and my handkerchief is also dirty." Yingzi's tone was softly aggrieved.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and touched Yingzi's head and smiled: "You silly boy, isn't this handkerchief just for wiping your hands? Just wash it if it's dirty. If you're so rare that your handkerchief will get dirty, you'll work harder in the future. Washing your hands soon?"

When Li Ji said so, Yingzi also figured it out, and then took the handkerchief again and carefully put it in his arms.

After eating, I have said everything that should be said. Li Ji has not forgotten what the county magistrate taught, and said everything that should be said.

The preparations were made, and I was waiting for Er Gouzi to go home.

Several waves of people came during the meal. I knocked on the side and inquired, and when I left, I politely stayed for dinner and didn't even stay.

The two families didn't bother much, they helped clean the dishes and chopsticks, and they left.

Before leaving, Li Ji and Li Jin heard about Xiaotudou.

This Xiao Tudou has been studying for some time, and since the two cousins ​​went to school in the city, Li Ji hadn't seen them much.

When they mentioned their son who was going to school, both Li Jin and his wife had a red light on their faces: "Don't say, Xiao Tudou is still arrogant. During the two days you left, Xiao Tudou came back, stayed overnight and got up early to go to school. Yeah. I also taught Yingzi a few words, which looks good."

The effect is good, and Li Ji does not seek truth and has any good results. As long as you can recognize the word, the road will be much wider than ordinary people.

"That's good. Don't force it. This kind of thing depends on God's food or not. Don't be too anxious, but don't let Xiao Tudou deny learning because of the pressure."

Li Jin and his wife nodded repeatedly. This tuition fee was paid by Li Ji, so it was naturally what Li Ji said.

After sending people away, the house was suddenly empty. Li Ji was afraid that someone else would come over, so he called Little Tail to the small room behind, poured all the leftover meat into the dog food bowl, and watched Little Tail gorging himself. Li Ji knew it was hungry. Up.

When I left, I thought of a lot, and it can be said that the arrangements are in place. It's just that Little Tail leaves them and refuses to eat.

Now the little tail has lost weight two laps, looking at the pitiful.

There was another movement outside the door. Get out of the hut in a hurry, hang the door conveniently, saving anyone coming in.

Li Ji sat in the room, lazily making tea too. When Er Gouzi was there, these were all Er Gouzi's lives. With so many guests a day, Li Ji was really busy alone.

It is good to prepare a bowl of water.

Li Ji directly waited for someone to enter the house.

There are no such rules in the countryside, and there are always push the door to enter. On weekdays, Li Ji locked the outer door, so anyone had to knock on the door when he came. Today, Li Ji didn't close it, so they just came in.

On this day, there was no one until the sky was dark.

Li Ji locked the doors and went on the kang alone in a daze. This person is so upset that he can't wait to get everyone out. But when there is no one, Li Ji would rather have them bothering here.

Because there is no one, it is empty, so I think it's a B*tch.

This will have to be separated for two days. This is also the morning, so I think so much at this time.

When Li Ji boiled water to take a bath, soaked in the tub and couldn't help but want to take a bath with Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi is not honest, how can the young man be crooked? Get together and fool around.

Now that they are all gone, Li Ji is not used to it anymore.

After taking a shower and changing clothes, he changed into the nightgown at home. After using the good things in the county magistrate's house, this nightgown feels rough and barren. Obviously this nightgown is a rare luxury for the two of them to buy, but now they are a little bit picky.

It is easy to change from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality.

This is the eternal truth. How difficult is it? Li Ji is not a fate that can enjoy good food.

It's dark, turning off the lights and lying in bed is the hardest thing.

The quilt all smelled like Er Gouzi, but if you smell it like this, you miss Er Gouzi even more.

What is Er Gouzi doing at this time? It should be asleep. The county magistrate loves him so much, why is he willing to let him stay up late?

At this time, there was one who couldn't sleep in the Taiye Mansion of the county.

Er Gouzi only ate a bowl for dinner, not much energy. The county magistrate asked him to go to sleep, but he didn't go, and followed the county magistrate directly to Li Yan's mourning hall.

Although Er Gouzi is the same dull gourd, he doesn't like to talk. But the gap between before and after is still very obvious. Without Li Ji, these Er Gouzi are not vigorous, or weak.

"Miss him?" The county magistrate would not know Er Gouzi's thoughts?

Er Gouzi nodded.

The county magistrate looked at the enshrined coffin of Li Yan and said: "Be patient and take you back in two days. You two will not be separated from now on."

Er Gouzi nodded and said nothing.

It was so stalemate for a quarter of an hour and no one said anything, or the county magistrate could not hold back: "Go back to sleep."

Er Gouzi shook his head and said, "I can't sleep, it's better to be here."

"Go back to the house and lie down, maybe I will fall asleep after a while." The county magistrate didn't know what kind of ecstasy soup Li Ji had poured into Er Gouzi, and why he was so dependent on Li Ji?

Er Gouzi murmured: "He smells everywhere, I'm afraid I can't help but go back to him."

Obviously saying that you can stay with Li Ji for two days, Er Gouzi still couldn't help thinking about Li Ji. I even wanted to go back without thinking about anything, just because I missed Li Ji.

Even if it is not in my heart, the county magistrate can't help but sigh, it's nice to be young. 

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