I spread pancakes on the bed, but I don't know how long it has been before I fell asleep unconsciously.

When the sky was bright when he woke up, Li Ji touched his hand to the side, empty, opened his eyes and looked at the familiar ceiling, his consciousness gradually returned, and Li Ji remembered that Er Gouzi was no longer around.

Sitting up, Li Ji changed into the clothes he usually wears for work, went to the kitchen to wash his face, and then fed the animals first, and then went to the stream to fetch water with a bucket.

Living outside the village, close to the mountains, the biggest advantage is standing upstream. First, I am not afraid of the water being soiled, and second, I am not afraid of people talking when I fetch water.

Fill the large water tank in the yard first, and then fill the second and large tanks in the kitchen. Since the drought last year, Li Ji has no shortage of silver in his hands. Later, he bought two or three big tanks one after another. If he adds the big tank in the newly built cattle pen, he now has the big tank alone. Five bites. It's just that outsiders only know that there are two more Li Ji, and the remaining three are hidden in the small house behind.

This water tank is an ordinary thing, everyone has it, but when it's drought, an extra mouthful of water is life. If you hide this one, you won't be short of water anytime in the future, and you can live more peacefully.

There are no Er Gouzi, it is really hard for Li Ji to do these tasks alone. I was so busy until noon that the water tank had not been filled, my stomach was empty, and I forgot to eat breakfast.

Li Ji drew some vegetables from the ground. When he scooped the rice, he habitually filled the rice bowl with rice. Only after three or four bowls did he realize that Er Gouzi was not at home and he couldn't eat these by himself.

Pour the extra rice back, Li Ji only felt sore in his heart.

The rice was steamed in a pot, and the fragrance of the rice soon came out. Li Ji took out some kimchi from the jar and put some sauce on the table.

After two cups of tea, the rice was steamed, and Li Ji ate kimchi and dipping pickles, gobbled up the sweetness.

Two bowls of rice are pressed for the stomach to rebel quickly, and there is still half of the rice in the rice bowl. Li Ji doesn't like to eat leftovers. He just cooks as much as he eats. When there are Er Gouzi, you can eat more and less Er Gouzi, so Li Ji hasn't had much trouble cooking for two years.

Weighed out the leftovers to Little Tail. Little Tail looked at the rice and looked up at him with a tilted head. Li Ji remembered that the Er Gouzi in the family have no meat, and Little Tail cannot do without meat.

Li Ji is so foolish himself, and just eat some kimchi, but what about the little tail?

Li Ji touched Xiaowei's head in embarrassment: "Make do, I'll make you chicken stew with potatoes at night."

The kimchi left at home is low, and I can't eat a few meals. Seasonal vegetables ran out of two jars, just waiting for other vegetables to grow out one by one, and then soak two more jars one after another.

However, Li Ji is obviously not a good kimchi player, so he always asks for help from the capable women in the village.

After eating, I sat under the tree at the door and rested for a while, and continued to fetch water with a bucket.

There is still a big tank left, and when it is full, go to the field to see what the crops are like.

At this time, seeing someone coming by, there were faint branches blocking him, Li Ji stood there and waited for a while, waited until he walked in before watching.

"Ergua daughter-in-law? What's wrong?" Li Ji saw that Ergua daughter-in-law was sweating, and saw something urgent.

If he was by the side, Li Ji would definitely hide behind, but at this time Ergua's wife was still holding a child in her hand. The child looked small, but his face was red and pitiful.

Ergua's wife's eyes were red, and she just cried. She was still holding the child in her hand, and it was not convenient to pull Li Ji, so she could only look at Li Ji and begged: "Fourth Uncle, you are the most capable person in the village. I beg you to try to save my Sanya, she Yesterday, I burned for one night. I went to Xue Langzhong to prescribe the medicine and drink it and it was not good, and everyone was burnt. You have a bullock cart in your house. Please lend me and let Sanya and I go to the city to see the doctor. This The child has a terrible fever, so if it goes to my life, I don't want it."

Ergua is still closed in the family temple, and the Ergua daughter-in-law is alone with her two children. The older second son is already able to help the family with some work. These three girls are just over one year old, when they are most vulnerable.

No matter how selfish Li Ji is, it is impossible to avoid this life-threatening matter.

"It's not difficult to send you to the city. How many copper plates are in your pocket? Is it enough to see the sick?"

Ergua daughter-in-law's face is full of embarrassment. The silver from her? That little family property was lost by Ergua. That is to say, there is still some leftover food at home, otherwise even food will be a problem.

But Ergua's daughter-in-law really has no face to borrow, and she is really forced by the money to do nothing. Ergua's daughter-in-law is also embarrassed how to speak.

Seeing the expression on Ergua's wife's face, Li Ji knew clearly. You can't use a few words if you are sick. As long as it's not a disease that requires long-term medication, it's just a drop in the bucket for Li Ji.

"Let me see." Li Ji stretched out his hand.

Ergua handed the child over. It's more than one year old and will leave. It's very thin, wrapped in a quilt, and her lips are still trembling.

Ergua's daughter-in-law wiped her tears: "Qianer is fine, but he suddenly burnt up last night. He can still say a few words on weekdays, and call twice in the morning. Now I don't know anything."

This fever is a deadly disease, but it is also the most helpless disease. On such a long road in the city, most people have every car in their homes and can only walk on two legs. There are many causes of fever, and there are too many examples where people can only watch people go with too much effort. In the end, the family was left alone because of seeing the sick, and the people and money were gone.

This is not to love money as life, but the money in the poor family is earned by life, and how to use it is to be carefully considered.

Therefore, in most villages, if you have a fever, you will go to the village doctor to prescribe an auxiliary medicine. If it survives, it will pass. If you don't see well in two or three days, you can go to the city if you have conditions. If you can't afford it, you can only watch the patient die. The dead are in the majority.

This was how Li Jifeng had a fever before. The first thought of Li Ji, who had the conditions, was not to go to the city to see, but to drink the native medicine from the village tuher, which shows how missing the idea of ​​seeing the disease.

The child burns poorly, and everyone has a compassionate heart. Where can I look at the past?

"The burning strange is hot, it's time to go to the city to take a good look." Li Ji's head flashed, he had an idea, his eyes turned and said, "Well, you leave the child to me, I'll go Find a doctor in the city to give you value, and I'll bring it back for you tomorrow. If you don't come back, I will ask someone to come over and give you a letter."

Ergua's daughter-in-law is unknown, so: "Fourth Uncle, you won't let me follow?"

Li Ji said, "Don't think too much about it. You are worried about your girl, lost your mind, and don't get into trouble. This kid is burning badly. It's better to go to the city quickly. I have only one cow here, and two people. It's hard to walk fast. When you enter the city, you don't know a place in the south, east, north, and west, and the effort to inquire about the place has delayed the child. It just so happens that my family can't live without people, so you can stay and help me and do all the work at home. Somehow don't let the group of open-mouth beasts I raise hungry."

What Li Ji said was reasonable and well-founded, and the Ergua daughter-in-law only nodded.

Li Jixian returned the child to Ergua's wife. Take the key to lock the back room, and then lock the warehouse in the yard. Simply explain to the family, put on the bullock cart and drive to the city with the silver pair.

The Ergua daughter-in-law came here, not only to give Sanya a way to survive, but also to give Li Ji a reason to meet Er Gouzi.

Li Ji missed Er Gouzi crazily, even if only one day apart.

Sanya seemed to feel something when she left her mother, and she moved to cry. No matter how weak it was to burn, the sound came out, and it was just a faint hum.

Li Ji drove the cow while coaxing the child. Such an old child is the most pleasing time, and also the easiest time to make people feel softer.

Li Ji is destined to have no children in the future, so facing such a baby doll, he will inevitably feel more pity in his heart.

"Hey, it's okay, I'll find the best doctor for you when I get into the city."

The best doctor in this county is no better than the doctor in the county's grandfather's mansion. But this time Li Ji can't go back directly. If someone finds out, the previous preparations will be wasted.

The ox cart hurried faster and arrived in the city in less than half an hour.

Li Ji was not in a hurry to go to the hospital. First, he found a good inn and called two men to reward him with ten copper plates. Let one of them quickly find a doctor nearby to see the child sick, and the other, let him go to the county magistrate's house.

Li Ji gave the purse he got from the county magistrate to his buddy, and asked him to show it to the guard at the gate of the county magistrate's house. Things came out of the mansion. There are rules for tricks, and Jia Ding must recognize it.

Li Ji asked the guy to tell Jia Ding that a relative asked the grandfather of the county to help him see a sickness, and he asked the government doctor to see his nephew and grandson.

Li Ji wears clothes that work at home, but Li Ji is the second time he comes back. When I came here for the first time, I even called the shopkeeper of the leather goods store overnight, and the shopkeeper was very polite when he came over to talk to Li Ji. So now Li Ji says that he is a relative of the county magistrate, and it is not unwilling to do it.

Going upstairs, it's the same room from last time.

Li Ji put the child on the bed and looked at the child's weak cough, feeling a little more anxious in his heart. How can this doctor not come? In other words, the child should be sent to the hospital first.

At any rate, the guy who called the doctor came with neat legs and feet, and soon brought the doctor to come over. Carrying the medicine box on his back, the doctor walked so hard that he saw sweat on his forehead.

The doctor wiped his sweat, took a few breaths, said: "What is so urgent, but what is wrong with you, Master?"

"It's my niece and granddaughter who have a fever, so hot, otherwise I won't be so anxious. You can see it, it's okay."

The doctor walked in, opened the quilt first, and stretched out his hand to give the child a pulse. Li Ji asked next to him: "How is it?"

The doctor closed his eyes for a while and then opened his eyes and said: "Fortunately, you sent it to find it, otherwise…"

Li Ji jumped in his heart and asked hurriedly, "Otherwise, what's the matter?"

The doctor shook his head, and of course the meaning was self-evident without speaking.

"Then trouble you to treat it quickly." Li Ji said.

The doctor has repeatedly beard, and deliberately slowed down his speech, saying: "The cure can be cured, but in the end it is a child. Many medicines are easy to touch. The medicine will only be used, and the price will go up. So…"

Li Ji bluntly said: "How much silver you need, just open it. I have no shortage of silver, as long as the child is good."

The doctor nodded, first told to open the quilt not to be bored, and then took out a pen and paper to write a prescription, and asked the guy to go back to the drugstore and grab it.

Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief. He watched from upstairs when he left the house and left the medicine shop. He turned around and asked, "How long will this medicine take?"

The doctor thought for a while, then sat down and decided: "The illness goes like a thread, not to mention such a small girl. After drinking this medicine for three to five days, it will return to normal. However, the condition may return. If you want to completely cure the disease without leaving the root of the disease, it is best to eat more for the first half of a month."

Li Ji didn't know anything about seeing a doctor, and it was the first time he saw a doctor, so he naturally listened to what it was. Nodding again and again, after all, as long as the child is okay, don't leave anything bad, everything else is easy to say.

Li Ji asked a few more questions to pay attention to, and then he saw the other guy came back with two people.

Among the three, Li Ji saw Er Gouzi standing at the back, half of his head held by his hat.

Er Gouzi was wearing relatively ordinary clothes and looked inconspicuous except for his height. But Li Ji is too familiar with Er Gouzi, just a look like this, Li Ji can confirm that it is him.

Suppressed the excitement in my heart. Turned his head and sat firmly in the chair. The left and right children are fine, and the rest are fine.

Soon, the guy took the two upstairs. As soon as he entered the house, Er Gouzi quickly walked towards Li Ji. One took off his hat, and the two looked at each other.

No one made any excessive actions. He just looked at each other and laughed immediately.

The smile is so brilliant, with red light all over his face.

After a difficult night, we finally met.

On the other side, the doctor who was seeing Sanya see the doctor at the county magistrate's house was taken aback, and suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

Li Ji didn't go to the hospital either. This government doctor is not an ordinary family member. Although the status of the doctor is not high, he is better than the poor farmer, industry, and commerce, but it is still a higher level than the lower ranks. Therefore, in the mansion, it can only be said that it is the mansion doctor who is invited to raise, not the subordinate, nor the slave. When I met someone who was grateful, I was kind and family to the doctor.

After all, healers treat illnesses and wounds. If a person has a headache, whether he can be better or not has to be pointed at others.

"It's hard work. I waited too impatiently, so I called someone nearby. Fortunately, the condition was not serious and it was cured."

Isn't the government doctor stupid? Of course it is clear that asking him to come and see him is just an excuse. Li Ji just wants to see the uncle (Er Gouzi).

The doctor looked at the burning child on the bed. He stretched out his hand to signal his pulse and nodded and said, "It's really not serious. It's just the heat. After taking the medicine, don't heat it up. It will heal in two days."

This is a bit different from what the doctor said. If there is nothing more to discover, then Li Ji would be stupid.

Li Ji looked at the doctor. The doctor trembled. He stood up and lost his composure, and his voice was more trembling: "Dare to ask… if you dare to ask the son…"

Li Ji hadn't spoken yet, and the guy over there had already taught a lesson: "Bold, this is a relative of the county magistrate's family. I haven't seen that the family member is sick. Did the county magistrate take a doctor's appointment immediately?"

The doctor knelt down with a thump, thinking that he had encountered Bihao Selling, and Na Cheng wanted to cause trouble. This bullying has hit the relatives of the county magistrate, where can it be better?

Li Ji also understood that this was being taken as a fool.

It just so happened that the guy who grabbed the medicine came back with the medicine. The doctor looked at the doctor kneeling on the ground shaking the sieve, took the medicine directly, opened the prescription for a look, and then opened the packaged decoction to take a look.

Li Ji asked: "How is it?"

The government doctor bluntly said: "It is indeed a cure for diseases, but half of it is expensive tonic. If you eat it well, you can't eat it badly, but the price is high."

The doctor practiced and begged for mercy: "Uncle, forgive me, the little one has eyes but no beads, I don't know it is you. I beg you to raise your hand and spare the little one for a while. The little one will definitely not dare to have another time."

Li Ji is not in a hurry to ask him to get up, and has solved similar problems twice in the village. Even now Li Ji himself can't help but think, is he just like a fool so that he can be taken advantage of?

"Why did you think that you lied to me?" The doctor said, the medicine is indeed a medicine that can cure the disease, which shows that the doctor still has some conscience.

The doctor replied: "Uncle atonement. The little ones are also confused by ghosts. On weekdays, they look at people who are sick and troubled. They can't earn a few words through hard work. That's why the little ones move crookedly and think about earning more. The silver subsidies the family. The little one is guilty, but the little one does not mean to harm the girl. Although these medicines are expensive, they will surely be good after taking them. I beg the uncle to give the little one a chance. The little one will definitely not have another chance."

The doctor said that there are two pieces of information given. One is that he has never cheated the money of the poor, and the other is that he has no intention of harming others, and that the medicine is useful.

The doctor is indeed a poor man. If you change someone else, you must get him up quickly, or even make up some money.

Li Ji did not have that kindness. He opened his mouth and said: "You can't make any silver, it's really pitiful. But compare your heart, the silver of others is easy to make? That is the richest man in our county. The amount of silver in their pockets is a little bit. It is a copper plate and a copper plate. It was not the wind blowing. You said that if the poor can't make money in their hands, they deserve to make more money from the rich?"

Li Ji's thoughts are clear, and the doctor knows that this road is not possible, so he dare not think about it anymore: "Master, you are right, the little one, damn it, the little one will never guarantee it again. I beg the uncle to raise your hand and forgive the little one. One time."

Li Ji nodded and said, "I'm not an unenlightened person. I'll give you the amount of the consultation fee. You can take this medicine back. Don't worry about it in the future. You know that I have such a level with the county magistrate. Relationship, if you want to catch you, it's just a sentence."

The herbalist nodded his head, crying: "I dare not dare, I will never dare to be a child again."

"Let's go." Li Ji said.

When the doctor had gone away, Li Ji said to the hospital doctor: "Excuse me, please give me another prescription."

The government doctor opened a pharmacy again and asked the guy to catch it again. The doctor stretched out his hand and pressed several places on Sanya. Maybe it was some acupuncture point, after pressing Sanya's face, the pain on Sanya's face was reduced a lot.

Li Ji hadn't seen this before, just thought it was magical. Looking at the doctor, there was a flash of light in his eyes. It's no wonder Li Ji hasn't seen the market, it's really amazing.

"Is this all right?" Li Ji asked.

The government doctor smiled: "How can it be so fast, just to relieve it, not to cure the symptoms, but not to cure the symptoms. The prescribed medicine does not need to be taken. She is a child, and it is not good to take too much. Take the medicine for two or three days, and try to take it afterwards. Some good ones will be fine."

Listening to this, Li Ji can also completely relieved. It's a pity that such a small child is gone. It's naturally better to be good.

The child was fine, and Li Ji went to see Er Gouzi: "Did you sleep well last night?"

Er Gouzi didn't know how to lie, and shook his head and said, "I can't sleep without you."

"Me too." Li Ji stretched out his hand to straighten Er Gouzi's hair messed up by the big hat, "but I fell asleep in the middle of the night and got up late in the morning. I will go home tomorrow. Good night, sleep well tonight, I will wait for you at home tomorrow."

"Are you leaving today?" Er Gouzi frowned slightly.

Li Ji said, "I'd better go back as much as possible. Even if I live here again, I won't be able to accompany you. You have to go back. The people in the house come and go, don't let outsiders doubt it."

The whole feeling in Er Gouzi Town was much weaker, and said, "I listen to you."

Looking at this, Li Ji was still standing next to the government doctor. He was too embarrassed to have any intimate actions, and he was able to reach out to Er Gouzi Shun Shunmao: "Hey, I will make a big table for you tomorrow."

Er Gouzi was barely satisfied, and the two sat together, eating snacks from the inn, and chatting for a while.

After a while, Li Ji touched Sanya's forehead. It was not as hot as before. It was still a little hot, and it seemed that it was all right.

"I'm crying this girl too, from last night to now." Li Ji sighed.

The doctor's eyes turned on the two of them, without speaking.

The medicine was cooked up in the store, and Li Ji fed the medicine in to Sanya little by little. Sanya was asleep, and Li Ji covered her with a small quilt.

After another half an hour, Sanya's fever was completely gone, and she slept soundly.

Li Ji put Sanya into the bed and watered it by the bed at night. Not an outsider, Sanya is a baby, there is no taboo.

Er Gouzi kept staring at Li Ji without following, just staring intently.

As soon as Li Ji turned his head to meet his eyes, his heart melted.

"It's not over, right? It's said that we will go home tomorrow to live." Li Ji walked over and said, "Don't be so pitiful, haven't we seen it?"

Er Gouzi smiled softly: "I can't see enough."

The two have been together for such a long time, Er Gouzi doesn't talk much, but is not stingy with sweet talk.

"Don't make trouble." Li Ji couldn't let go of considering that the doctor was still there. I ordered some Er Gouzi favorite dishes with my buddy. Ask the Shangfu doctor to eat together.

After eating, Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to lie down in bed for a while. Er Gouzi will not lie, let alone exaggerate. He said he didn't sleep last night, it must be true.

Li Jiduo felt sorry for his wife, so of course he should make up for it.

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