Er Gouzi was lying on the bed with Sanya next to him.

Er Gouzi's eyes were fixed on Li Ji's body, and Li Ji took a stool and sat beside Er Gouzi: "Go to sleep, take a good night's sleep."

Er Gouzi was a little bit reluctant to waste time going to bed. Li Ji was right in front of him, and when Er Gouzi returned to the house, they couldn't see each other again. It's extravagant to look at it more now, so I just fall asleep wherever I am.

Looking at Er Gouzi, his eyes were still open. Helpless, Li Ji reached out and held Er Gouzi's hand in his hand: "Go to sleep."

Er Gouzi closed his eyes now, feeling the temperature from Li Ji's hand, and fell asleep gently.

These government doctors are watching. This dog food choked with panic, but couldn't leave easily.

Er Gouzi came here as the family doctor who was waiting next to the government doctor. The two can't be separated, and there is no reason why the doctor returned to the house and kept it.

And since the county magistrate nodded and let them come out, it must have acquiesced to the two of them. There is nothing to say about being a father. Such things as broken sleeves are not uncommon in the first place.

Er Gouzi's breathing gradually stabilized. Li Ji knew that Er Gouzi felt shallow at this time, and he didn't dare to leave easily. Just like this, the hands of my Er Gouzi make Er Gouzi sleep more peacefully.

Li Ji actually slept full last night, but it was boring. Hearing Er Gouzi's breathing, he felt sleepy.

Li Ji began to doze off. Looking back at the prefecture doctor, the prefecture doctor was sitting at the table, eating tea and reading, but he didn't look here at all with a focused expression.

When Li Jikun was too bad, he put Sanya inside again, climbed over Er Gouzi, and slept between the two.

I slept for an hour and a half, and when I woke up, it was still dark. Li Ji was not sleepy at first, but after sleeping for so long, he woke up when he opened his eyes. Take a look at Er Gouzi first, he is still asleep, his eyebrows are soft, and he slept peacefully.

Li Ji looked back at Sanya again, and slept very peacefully, seeing that there was no problem.

After lying down for a while, feeling boring, carefully turned over Er Gouzi, got out of bed to see the doctor and was still reading.

Li Ji went to sit across from him. I can't read words, so I can't tell what the doctor is looking at. The doctor felt his gaze and looked up.

Li Ji smiled awkwardly, took a sip from his teacup and realized that it was cold.

Li Ji only drank tea to quench his thirst, but the tea was not warm enough to drink, and I always felt a little tasteless.

The prefect doctor read the book attentively, but Li Ji didn't know him, nor did he know the words on the cover. Li Ji was a little envious just looking at the prefect doctor's relish.

It must be unwilling for Li Ji to learn Chinese characters. He just simply gave up.

Eat two snacks, walk to the window and look out the window. Pedestrians come and go on the road, it is good for Li Ji to watch the excitement and pass the time.

Opposite is a noodle restaurant. Two women in their early thirties are arguing about a trivial matter. The child next to him cried out in fear, and several people around were all watching the excitement, and they were bothered to persuade them, which didn't work at all.

When it's hot, it's dark and it's light and early. If it's this time in winter, it's time to eat dinner and go to bed.

Li Ji ordered some food with the guy in the store, and had some food with the doctor. The smell of the food woke Er Gouzi. When Er Gouzi woke up, he looked for Li Ji everywhere, and when he saw that he was drinking porridge, he was relieved a lot.

Er Gouzi always feels quick when he wakes up, even if he is not fully sleepy. This is all cultivated in the mountains. If you don't rejoice in time, you may let other beasts take advantage of the loopholes and face danger.

Er Gouzi went to the table and left him with the bowls and chopsticks, so he could just sit down and eat.

Li Ji took a piece of fish to Er Gouzi: "Is it okay to sleep."

Er Gouzi nodded. He didn't sleep for one night last night. How could it be bad to sleep now?

Halfway through the meal, I heard Sanya's hum. To say that crying is not counted as that kind of protest. Li Ji put down his chopsticks and took a look. Saw Sanya was waiting for a pair of eyes to look at Li Ji. With his thumb in his mouth, he hummed.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and hugged Sanya. In fact, this girl was easy. I don't cry much when I'm sick.

Li Ji hugged Sanya to the hospital doctor: "Excuse me, please show me again, is it all right."

The doctor stretched out his hand to signal Sanya, nodded and said, "It's okay. Drink the medicine for two consecutive days and it will be fine. Remember not to cover it too tightly in the summer. Young children are easy to catch cold, but also easy to get hot. How can I still It depends on the child's own wishes. Whether it is cold or hot, no one knows better than her."

Many people raise children for fear that the children will be frozen, and they will cover their children tightly in the summer. Most of the children's heat comes from this. The other is that the older children are more playful and are exposed to the sun badly.

Heat is a very common disease, but it can also kill people. This should be prevented at ordinary times.

Li Ji listened to what the doctor said, remembering to go back to teach Ergua's wife.

"Will you take her home now? It's only half an hour on the way."

"Don't be too hot and don't be afraid. If it's a carriage, put a small basin of ice in the corner of the carriage. Don't let the children get too close, just leave it to cool down."

Er Gouzi reached out and held Li Ji's hand, stopped eating, and looked at Li Ji.

"You will go home tomorrow morning. I always have to go back to see Little Tail and them. You don't know, Little Tail has suffered. These two days, he will make more meat to make up for him at home. It will be dark around the day. When it's dawn, the county magistrate will arrange for you to go home."

Li Jisheng was afraid that Er Gouzi couldn't bear it, so he said that.

Er Gouzi also knew that he shouldn't be tired of Li Ji like this, but he couldn't help it. My eyes are always attracted by Li Ji, and I will subconsciously look for Li Ji wherever I go. If I don't see it, I will feel anxious.

If it's three or five hours, it's okay, but if you can't see it all day long, Er Gouzi will feel uncomfortable, as if being roasted by fire.

"Wait when I get home."

"Ahem." The doctor who had been stuffed with dog food for a day finally said, "Master, we should go back. I have been here for a long time, maybe it will cause others to suspect. Li Gongzi was seen today. The less the better, in the final analysis, it is for the sake of your future."

Er Gouzi is not stupid, he still understands this. Sitting on the table, eating faster, did Li Ji put meat in his bowl, he stuffed it into his mouth.

When he was full, Er Gouzi put down his chopsticks and stood up. His eyes were entangled whether to fall on Li Ji's body, and he was so entangled that there was no movement.

Li Ji still held the child in one hand, stood up and tidied the corners of Er Gouzi with one hand: "I think you are the temper of a child. Now both sides are your home, and it's the same everywhere."

"Not the same." Er Gouzi retorted.

"I said the same thing." Li Ji did not accept the retort, "I know you miss me. I also miss you. But we have been together for such a little time these two days, you have to make a small temper? Go back, both Get along with your dad. Your dad has been looking for you for so many years, and you have just found you now, and you have to leave again. Think about it, you can't stand it for a day without me, how can your dad take it that you are no longer in front of you for a long time? Let's compare our hearts to our hearts. Next time we go home, how come it will take a month, and you will cherish the remaining time spent in these two days."

Li Ji's metaphor is more effective than simply reasoning.

Er Gouzi was a little silent, really comparing his heart to heart, thinking about it in another way. Er Gouzi also felt that the county magistrate was pitiful.

Li Ji saw Er Gouzi's expression soften, and he was relieved in his heart, and said: "Then go back. I will talk to the county magistrate after I go. He likes to listen to what he says, no matter what. He is back, and he is waiting for you to go back again."

Er Gouzi nodded, and Li Ji was relieved.

Er Gouzi put on a hat to cover half of his face, lowered his head and went to open with the doctor. Li Ji stood at the window and watched the two leave. Er Gouzi looked back frequently, Li Ji waved goodbye, and then closed the window.

Three girls are babbling, and don't know what they want. Li Ji didn't care at first, and soon began to cry.

Where did Li Ji raise a child? When Sanya cried, he panicked. After coaxing it for a while, it was not good, so Li Ji called the buddy to ask.

The dude has no children. Even if they do, they are mostly taken care of by their wives or mothers. I don't know how to take care of them.

"The back chef has given birth to a child. If you don't dislike the collision, how about the little one asking her to ask?"

Li Ji nodded his head: "As long as he understands it, it will be a great help. This is my grand niece, so I can't let him go back to the village crying."

Soon the buddy found a woman. It's no wonder that the guy said he was afraid of collision, and there was a scar on the woman's face, which was very scary.

Li Ji was stunned first, but Sanya was still crying, and hurriedly smiled at the woman: "Excuse me, please help me. This child has a fever last night. In the afternoon, I saw the doctor took the medicine to reduce the fever, and looked refreshed. After a good night's sleep, I started crying only after I woke up. I just learned to speak, but I didn't understand why."

The woman looked at Sanya carefully, and said in a low voice: "Look at whether you pee in your pants. If you don't, you are hungry. These things are basically the same for such a big child. I don't understand, so Whatever happens, I just cry."

Li Jigang was about to take off Sanya's pants, and he remembered that Sanya was a little girl.

Although it is a child who has just turned one year old, it stands to reason that there is no such taboo, but Li Ji has a thin face, and he really has no face to do it.

"Could you please help me see. Although I am the elder of this child, men and women are different in the end. I am a thin-skinned person, so I am embarrassed."

Where is the request made by this guest unsatisfactory? The wife took Sanya in the past and opened Sanya's pants to look at: "The diaper is not wet. It looks hungry. A child of this age can eat porridge. When he finishes eating, he will feed some rice soup and give it some more. Urine, it's all right."

It doesn't sound difficult. Li Ji took the child back, and asked his buddy to prepare a bowl of meat porridge and a bowl of rice soup.

Everyone was withdrawn, and Li Ji fed Sanya a little bit.

Sanya was so old that she had eaten meat for one or two times. Before, she couldn't have snacks. After she was able to eat meat, she killed chickens at home. Later, the two melons were a good bet. The poultry raised were sold, and she never ate them again.

So Li Ji fed the meat porridge, Sanya worked extremely well, eating sweet bite after bite. Until I'm full, my little belly is still unfulfilled.

Li Ji fed some rice soup again. Then he called the woman over and asked her to help pee.

When the toss is over, it's not early. Li Ji has no experience in taking care of children, for fear of not being able to take care of them. Just not here, take Sanya and drive the bullock cart back.

At this time the climate is still cool. Li Ji dressed Sanya to ensure that she would not be blocked, and drove the bullock cart back.

The light in the Taoist family has dimmed. I heard the cries of the little tail from a distance. When Li Ji drove the bullock cart to the front of his house, the door opened.

Ergua's daughter-in-law came out and saw Li Ji, her eyes lit up a lot.

"Four uncle! Amitabha, you finally came back. What's wrong with Sanya? I didn't save it!" I couldn't stop tears when I said this. Who knows how anxious she would be if she waited all afternoon as a mother?

Li Ji comforted: "It's okay, you don't have to worry. It's just the heat, and you'll be fine after taking the medicine and sleeping."

Li Ji handed the child to Ergua's daughter-in-law, and gave her the medicine she had picked up: "This medicine will be taken in the next two days. You cook it every day and feed it to her. In the future, let her wear less clothes on this hot day. The head doctor in the city said that a child of this age is afraid of cold and heat, so he can't be afraid that she will wear more clothes for him."

Ergua's daughter-in-law now knows the reason why her daughter suffered, and she feels conceivable: "You mean it's because you wear too much?"

"Yes, it will be fine if you wear less in the future. It's not possible that the child will burn for one night because you have covered more. It's not that you have a fever and cover it with a quilt and it will be fine."

If you have heatstroke, you can wear more clothes. I just feel that if you have a fever, you can wear more and sweat. In fact, instead of helping the child, it actually harmed the child.

The Ergua daughter-in-law who had learned the lesson practiced nodded, and then asked: "How much did it cost?"

Li Ji could not give the specific amount. The money is paid by the inn when you buy the medicine, and it is counted as being together at the checkout.

"You can't get how much money now. If you do this, when you are free, come to me to help. I will pay you every day. When you owe everything, if you still want to do it, I will do it for one day. Here is a copper coin. I don't know when Ergua is a person. This is in charge of the village head, but I can afford to eat your mothers."

This approach is good for both sides. Li Ji has a manpower at home, and multiple people can help save a lot of things. And Ergua daughter-in-law can't afford to pay the debts, and Li Ji can't drive people to death.

Ergua's daughter-in-law burst into tears when she heard this, and cried: "Fourth Uncle! The one who suffered a thousand swords in Ergua is really not a thing. You are a living Bodhisattva, but the fascination of the ghost and the crooked heart cheats you. Don't you Blame our family and help our family. I thank you for my children."

Kneeling after that, fortunately, Li Ji reacted quickly to pick up the person: "It's not an outsider, what are you polite? The two melons are the two melons, and the three of you are you. In fact, I said this earlier. I just won't see you here. In fact, if you come, you can also take your cock with you. If the child is so old, I can thank him a lot. If he does a lot of work, I will also give him some wages. You two definitely owe him outside. Well, it's not difficult for me to replace it as soon as possible."

Li Ji's words were also a bit of a heartbreak. Ergua's wife was holding the baby, and the baby woke up. Sanya looked around dimly, and saw Ergua's daughter-in-law. She immediately felt a sense of security. She muttered softly what she didn't understand, closed her eyes and continued to sleep.

"Before I thought my fourth uncle was really polite, he was famine in his ass, so there is no trouble on his face. If you really don't dislike it, I will bring my cock to you tomorrow."

It was getting late, and Li Ji made another polite sentence to her and sent him back.

Ergua daughter-in-law is a diligent woman, go to the circle to see, there is food in it.

Li Ji had enough to eat in the city, but he wasn't hungry right now. There are some cooked meals in it, and I know it was made by Ergua's wife, two vegetarian dishes, and one spinach fried bacon.

Li Ji mixed some rice with meat for Little Tail, took a few bites, and then boiled water for a bath.

Li Ji was really not sleepy after taking a shower and lying on the kang, plus Er Gouzi was no longer around, Li Ji really couldn't sleep.

Can't sleep, it's dark again.

It was really boring, so Li Ji moved a small bench to sit in the courtyard for a while.

The starry sky in the sky is beautiful, but it is a pity that the mosquitoes bother people. After watching there were more mosquitoes, Li Ji hid in the house and closed the doors and windows.

The summer is sultry, and the doors and windows will heat up even more. But text will come in by driving the window. Li Ji put the pancakes on the kang for a while, but he didn't care about any decentness. He took off his shirt and lay on the cold kang with his shirtless shirtless clothes, which made him feel better.

At this time, Li Ji didn't think about the goodness of his family, but missed the days when he had ice cubes in the county magistrate's house.

It took another half a night to get in. Fortunately, Li Ji was hiding something in his heart, remembering that Er Gouzi was coming back the next day, and he got up in the morning and listened.

I cooked the pig food early and fed the animals. Some more meat was stewed and sent to the mountain. Some days have not gone to the mountain to deliver meat. The wolf directly found the county magistrate's mansion before, and he didn't know if he would still eat meat here at Shishi.

When everything was done, Er Gouzi did not come back either. Li Ji knows that Er Gouzi will be acting again today, and it must be delayed for a while. Anyway, no matter what happens, Er Gouzi will definitely be back today.

In the past, when Er Gouzi went up the mountain, Li Ji was at home waiting for him to come back. Now it's no different from before. It's just that this time it wasn't a serious prey, but came back with the identity of a steward's heir.

After this, Er Gouzi has moved up to the next level in the village. I am afraid that the troubles of human relations and worldliness will not be less.

But anyhow, this is home, as long as Er Gouzi comes back, everything is easy to say.

Tai Ye Mansion. The main entrance.

The county magistrate's mood is a bit complicated. Yesterday, Er Gouzi went to see Li Ji. After coming back, he seemed to be resuscitated and took the initiative to talk to the county magistrate.

It stands to reason that the county magistrate should be both pleasantly surprised and excited. If Er Gouzi hadn't kept talking about Li Ji, maybe the county magistrate would be more happy.

In fact, this is not to blame Er Gouzi, since childhood, Er Gouzi has known two people. One is Li Yan and the other is Li Ji. Er Gouzi's affairs with Li Yan are already very vague, and I have basically talked about the lines when I think of it.

The energy on the mountain, Er Gouzi, can't explain much, and can't find vocabulary to explain many things. All that can be said is Li Ji.

What Li Ji likes to eat, what he likes to do, what kind of livestock he likes to raise, and which shop he likes to go to when he comes to the city.

The county magistrate's greedy son talked to him more. But these Er Gouzi can't do without Li Ji. It can be said that they are reminding the grandfather of the county that his son is not going to stay now, and he likes the man Li Ji with all his heart.

Who can feel better in his heart?

The county magistrate reached out and patted Er Gouzi. At this time Er Gouzi gave a white dress. It's not too gorgeous, and it's not too dull. Li Yan died for a long time, long past the time when she was wearing maid and filial piety. Now it's just moving the grave, and Er Gouzi doesn't have to dress up so attractively.

Now Er Gouzi only needs to lead a bunch of carts and carry the empty coffin out of the city. After going out for a round, Er Gouzi can go home directly.

The horse-drawn carriages prepared by the county magistrate for Er Gouzi were all hidden on the way home, just waiting to "return home" with Er Gouzi.

In the county seat, Er Gouzi sent his mother to the ancestral grave for burial. In the village, the only son of a wealthy household returns to the village to live a leisurely life. The gap is huge. But as long as the county magistrate takes the shot, it is unconscious.

"Look at you with Li Ji, miss him. After all, you are young and can't see you when you are tired and crooked. I won't be this villain anymore. Go back. Live with him in the future. Check back often. Dad…waiting for you here. Although I don't know if you want to be an adult, it will always be your home from now on. No matter where you are in the future, remember, Dad is waiting for you."

After saying this, the county magistrate's eyes were wet, he covered it with his sleeve, and said, "Go back, Li Ji should be anxious."

The appearance of the county magistrate was seen by both dogs. Er Gouzi could clearly feel the emotions of the county magistrate.

Er Gouzi remembered what Li Ji said yesterday, and said: "Xiao Ji said that you are the same as him to me, and both are my relatives."

He didn't leave Li Ji, and the county magistrate had already given up. But the son is willing to say a few more words to him, which is a good thing.

Er Gouzi continued: "He said that they are all the same. I don't quite understand what this is the same. If I choose you or Li Ji, I will only choose Li Ji."

Let's go, what are you doing? The county magistrate has adapted to Er Gouzi's habit of poking his heart.

But Er Gouzi said again: "But I can feel your importance. Therefore, I will often come back with Li Ji. As long as we don't separate, I can stay here for a long time and stay with you. I will Learn to be home here, just like my home and Xiao Ji's home."

Er Gouzi still lacks the ability to express, but the grandfather of the county feels the meaning in the words.

Er Gouzi will not reject the county magistrate in the future, and will try to put the county magistrate in the same position as Li Yan.

As long as he doesn't leave Li Ji, Er Gouzi will not refuse one more person close to him.

There is no reason for the county magistrate's kindness to Er Gouzi, and there is no reason for the fate involved in the bloodlines. 

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