For the county magistrate, this change in Er Gouzi is a good thing.

The county magistrate reached out and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder, and chuckled, "Go back, Dad is here waiting for you to come back."

Er Gouzi left from the front door. Walked to the carriage, looked back at the open gate, and the county magistrate standing inside the gate. Turned his head into the carriage. Then the carriage left, leaving only a crowd of subordinates and the county magistrate.

The county magistrate has grown up again. There are many people in the house, but none of them are his relatives. The only relative, the heart right now is not here.

I can't stop it, and I can't stop it.

The housekeeper came to comfort him and said: "The uncle said that he will come back often in the future. When the left and right children are old, it is considered that the uncle likes to go out for a long trip. I remember that this is home, and it is great to be able to come back and rest."

The county magistrate thought so in his heart. Originally, the child was found with great difficulty, but it has not appeared in the past 20 years. In the days after this, it will not cause Er Gouzi to cause trouble.

If you change individuals, you will definitely feel that you have to do more to treat your children, leave the children behind, and make up for everything that was missing in the past thousands of times.

But the county magistrate is an enlightened father, and he will think about it from the perspective of Er Gouzi. Not all love is correct. "For your good" "I do this because I love you" is never a compelling reason.

The county magistrate wanted to compensate Er Gouzi, all based on the premise of not violating Er Gouzi's wishes, and to bring Er Gouzi more convenience.

"It's very hot this day. We have ice here to relieve the heat. But if we go back, I am afraid it will be difficult. Arrange for someone to secretly dig two ice cellars in the mountains near their home. This year, I will send them diligently. Use some ice cubes."

The county magistrate turned around and walked through the gate. The family closed the door, and when the two doors were closed, the county magistrate became lonely again in this house.

Er Gouzi was sitting in the carriage. The carriage was not very big, but it was very comfortable to make. And there were all refreshments. Er Gouzi tasted good.

It tasted good. The first thing Er Gouzi thought was that Li Ji would like to eat, so he didn't move anymore, just waited to get home and ate with Li Ji.

The carriage must first go out of the city and walk some distance outside, and then Er Gouzi's carriage will make a circle back to Li Ji's side. The pair of cars now has to pretend to go for another day.

When I miss each other the most, it is probably before the meeting.

Sitting in the carriage, Er Gouzi could not help but wonder what Li Ji would be like after seeing him.

It will be a pleasant surprise. Little Tail will definitely be by her side, as well as Taotao and Songsong.

Li Ji will definitely ask him how he is on the road, and he will definitely make a good meal waiting for him to eat. He will definitely keep picking up food for him and telling him about the past two days.

Er Gouzi opened the curtains frequently, although he knew that the groom outside would regularly inform him where he was, but Er Gouzi couldn't help being anxious.

The more I was about to see it, the more urgent I felt.

Li Jifan has been cooked, and two dishes have just been fried. I wanted to kill chickens and rabbits when I went out, and remembered what I had said to Er Gouzi before.

In fact, Li Ji is not incapable of killing, but he doesn't like seeing blood. Thinking of making an agreement with Er Gouzi, and waiting for Er Gouzi to come back and let him kill, Li Ji turned around and entered the house, went to the fish tank and took out a stew.

These are three dishes. There were still a few pieces of bacon left in the house, and Li Ji took two pieces and just cut them twice, only to remember that Er Gouzi should have "don't know" when he returned to the village.

According to what was said in advance, Er Gouzi was arranged to come back without Li Ji's knowledge. This would also prevent the villagers from complaining about Li Ji's failure to notify him in advance.

Because of the rules handed down from the ancestors. Some big people come to the village to welcome some. If someone "returns home", the matter is a bit bigger, and even some people will be beaten to prove how important this person is to the people in the village.

The more you arrange, the more enthusiastic the person will naturally be the first to come back, and it will be easier to think about it later.

This kind of thing has not passed for 20 or 30 years, but the rules are passed down. If Er Gouzi is an outsider, of course, it doesn't take much pomp to come to the village. But the point is that Er Gouzi was originally from the village, and of course he has attracted much attention when he returns to the village.

In the days to come, Li Ji doesn't plan to pay attention to the people in Er Gouzi Taipei Village. He wants to reduce his presence as much as possible. Only in this way can he reduce the possibility of spreading the news to the nobles in the county.

So it's better to prepare less of this dish. At least you have to wait for Er Gouzi to come back before adding vegetables, and you can't make them prepared in advance.

Thinking of this, Li Ji gave the two slices of meat to Little Tail, and then put the meat back.

Then Li Ji went into the yard to pull weeds to pass the time. The planted persimmons have begun to bear fruit, but the fruit is still green and cannot be eaten yet. I have to wait at least another half a month.

I have eaten a lot of various fruits in the county's grandfather's house, and now Li Ji is not so greedy.

Brush up the worms on the leaves and put them in a small cup. After catching them for a while, feed the worms to the chickens.

Chickens that eat too much bugs lay more eggs, so there is no waste at all.

Li Ji was looking forward and looking forward to it, and finally heard the cries of the little tail.

It's noon at this time, it's hot. Li Ji wiped the sweat off his face with a sweat towel, and walked out to see a carriage coming by from a distance.

Li Ji opened his eyes and smiled, and ran all the way.

Seeing Li Ji approaching, the coachman stopped the carriage, got out of the carriage to set a small stool for Er Gouzi, and then opened the carriage door.

Er Gouzi also saw Li Ji, and the anxiety in his heart was soothed and turned into a cool.

"Xiao Ji." Er Gouzi got out of the carriage and walked across from Li Ji.

However, after not seeing each other for the whole night, the two of them have a feeling of reunion after a long absence. Glancing at each other, Li Jixiao's face was hot, and he was afraid of being looked at by someone cuddling here, pulling Er Gouzi's clothes and pulling Er Gouzi into the house.

He greeted the coachman and drove the carriage into the yard. Opening the yard door wide, Li Ji and Er Gouzi still walked together shoulder-to-shoulder.

The coachman knew the rules very well, and he didn't even look at the two of them. I stopped the carriage, and began to move the things on the carriage one by one.

There are not many things in this carriage, basically some clothes the size of Li Ji and Er Gouzi and some bits and pieces.

Many things are still hidden outside the village. I just waited until the night was quiet tonight, and then rushed over to hide a little bit.

If you don't want to be eye-catching and make your life more stable in the future, this good thing must be carefully hidden.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi wanted to help, but the coachman repeatedly refused. He couldn't control how the two of them worked after the coachman left. But as long as he is here, there is no reason to let the two masters work.

Li Ji knew their difficulties and didn't embarrass him. He only waited for the groom to finish moving the things by himself, and he took a generous two dollars as a reward to the coachman.

This reward should be collected or collected.

The coachman didn't stay much, but asked the two to go to bed later at night, and only waited for the villagers to fall asleep, and there would be four carriages coming to move things.

It was originally said that there were three, but there were too many things, and finally there was an extra carriage.

The coachman left, Li Ji closed the outer door.

He glanced at Er Gouzi, tacitly went back to the room and closed the door.

Xiaowei and Songsong Taotao hadn't gotten close enough with Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi kicked them out after entering the bedroom, and backhanded Li Ji in his arms.

Er Gouzi wanted to do this from the moment he saw Li Ji. It's just that Er Gouzi still remembers what Li Ji said, that outsiders can't let outsiders know the relationship between them, so this kind of thing can't be put on the surface, it must be hidden.

Even if it may be discovered outside, it is not allowed to hug outside or make more intimate movements.

Er Gouzi remembered every word Li Ji said.

"I miss you." Li Ji said this.

"I miss you too." Er Gouzi put more strength in his hands, and on the premise of not hurting Li Ji, he hugged him as tightly as possible, "Finally, I went home."

"Yes, I finally came back." Li Ji greedily breathed the smell of the room mixed with Er Gouzi, and kept thinking about all the things he had been in the county magistrate's house these days.

Standing in a familiar home and thinking about it again, it turned out to be like a dream.

Originally to teach Li Shuisheng a lesson, he bought Xiao Baiyu to play a play and pitted Li Shuisheng for five taels of silver. Then Li Shuisheng reported to the official. The county magistrate judged the case like a god, and after only listening to the process, he brought out the seemingly unrelated Li Ji.

Li Ji and the county magistrate hit it off right away, and during the conversation, many points of view coincided with the county magistrate. In addition, Li Ji was not harmful, and the matter was over.

Later, because of the patchwork of words, the county magistrate learned that the Er Gouzi adopted by Li Ji was the son he was looking for. After that, he entered the county magistrate's house and lived there for several days.

From the beginning of this incident, Li Ji never thought that this would be the result later. It only stems from the pity for Li Qiao'er at the beginning, helping her set up the situation, knowing that later, the identities of the two have changed drastically.

Er Gouzi was born an illegitimate child from an unknown identity, and became the only son of the county magistrate, a decent official son of eight hundred. Li Ji has also changed from an ordinary person to an outsider. Apart from officials, there is only half an official.

"I'm hungry, let's kill chickens and rabbits stew. After saying that you come back and kill them, I will keep them for you." Li Ji reached out and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder, letting him let go.

Er Gouzi didn't mean to let go, and said, "I'm not hungry."

"You are not hungry, I am hungry." Li Ji moved, trying to struggle away.

Er Gouzi hugged tighter, and walked back, holding Li Ji towards the Kang.

What does Li Ji mean? His face flushed, Li Ji patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder: "Don't make trouble, in broad daylight. Ergua's wife may come over today, but don't let people bump into her."

Only then did Er Gouzi let go. Just when Li Ji was relieved, he saw Er Gouzi go to the kitchen and hang up the white outer door, then went back to the house and pulled Li Ji on the kang.

Li Ji couldn't laugh or cry, so he didn't do it for a few days. Is there such a rush?

After two rejections, Li Ji was also reluctant to reject Er Gouzi too much.

Half-pushing and half-pushing Er Gouzi succeeded.

After more than an hour, Li Ji's repeated protests finally ended the toss, and asked Er Gouzi to wash the wet towel and wipe the sticky wetness on his body.

After finishing it, laziness exuded from the bones. Li Ji stayed on the kang for a while before suppressing the exhaustion of wanting a good night's sleep.

When going down the kang, Li Ji directed Er Gouzi to kill chickens and rabbits, and make a decent meal. Although the family is no better than the Taiyefu of the county, but you can still eat big fish and meat.

When the meal was over, Li Ji didn't let Er Gouzi sit idle, and the two went together to do what they could do at home. These days the rabbits have given birth to two more litters. One litter of rabbits can be raised separately, and new rabbit cages are needed, and both of them have to make some rabbit cages for spare use.

Who said that the Li Jin family has helped a lot in the past few days, and they will be basically the same as before when they come back, and there will be no accumulated work to do. However, the two of them usually have a lot of work. Now that they are back, they have to pick up their previous work one by one.

"To be honest, it's fortunate that I came back early. If I stay for a few more days, I won't be able to pick up this job when I come back. In the mansion, all the jobs are done by the subordinates, and we can scare them by helping them. It's choking." Li Ji smiled.

Er Gouzi nodded and didn't speak. Li Ji was a lazy person in his bones. The reason for being diligent was first to enjoy, and the other was to form a habit.

If you really enjoy the time for a long time, you will have dependence. When the time comes, let him go to work, and he won't be able to do it.

Er Gouzi is different. He played in a small environment where he didn't work hard and didn't even have a bite to eat, and even if he hid, he might be dangerous to come to him.

So, let alone let him enjoy a few days, just let him be a fairy for a few days, and start over from the beginning after sending him back to the mountains, both of them can live on.

In the evening, I saw Ergua's wife coming over.

Yesterday, she said she would come and help but didn't come. Li Ji thought there was something in her house. Fortunately, there was nothing strange on her face when Ergua's wife came.

"Why didn't you come this morning?" Li Ji asked.

Ergua's daughter-in-law said embarrassedly: "Looking over to tell you. Sanya is right here, so I was thinking about making something delicious for her. There is nothing good at home, so I went up the mountain to pick vegetables. Plus. She has to make medicine for her. I may be a little busy these two days. So I thought about waiting for Sanya to come back again. I just remembered it now."

"Then it's okay, you can come here anytime, you can be busy with you. It is not easy for you to bring two children by yourself now."

Er Gouzi came out of the livestock pen and continued to shovel pig food from the pot to feed the pigs, when Ergua's wife saw him.

"This… isn't this Er Gouzi? Why are you back?" Everyone in the village knew about Er Gouzi. Where can you think that the rich man came back to feed the pigs?

Li Ji pointed his finger up and motioned in a low voice: "He will come back first. Recently, his house is not peaceful and things are in chaos. His father was afraid that his enemies or other people in the clan would give Er Gouzi a trick, so he arranged for him to come back again. Only come back at noon. Don't pass it on. If the enemy finds out, it's not good for us."

Li Ji had a real story, it was really bluffing. Ergua's daughter-in-law looked around and made sure no one whispered: "It won't hurt us."

Li Ji whispered: "Don't worry, it's not good to say, which green onion are we? How can it be in their eyes? It is also because others would never have thought that Er Gouzi could return to this poor mountain. Inside. Last time our old lady of the Li family offended others, this is just a good opportunity to make up for it. Just wait for the matter to be over, and they will welcome Er Gouzi back. We have protected the only son of the family, how much more can we make others. Remember, it will be more convenient in the future."

This is justified and well-founded. Ergua's daughter-in-law didn't have any assertive opinions, and she nodded her head again and again when she heard it.

Ergua's daughter-in-law smiled and said: "If you don't say I really don't understand, it's a good thing to say that. But… you really let him do the work?"

With different identities, Er Gouzi is now the master. Don't dare to say anything, it is just right to find a few young maids in the village to wait on them at the moment.

Why did Er Gouzi work when I got to Li Ji?

"Originally Er Gouzi is a diligent man, and since he wants to hide here, he has to be like the people here. In a place like ours, suddenly someone is being held and served by the whole village. This Is it because I'm afraid that I won't be discovered if I'm not dazzling? The people around me are here, and Er Gouzi himself has no objection, and that's what day it used to be and what day it will be in the future.

After sending Ergua's wife away, Li Ji knew it was time to go to the village to explain the situation. These Er Gouzi have returned to the village, which is a big deal for the village. If Li Ji doesn't make it clear to the villagers in time, he will inevitably end up complaining.

And instead of finding that they came to the door, it's better to go to the village to clarify the stakes first, and to avoid some troubles.

Back to the house to clean up, Li Ji let Er Gouzi stay there. He went to the village chief's house first when he went to the village.

Li Ji didn't need to waste so many words, as long as the village head was made clear, the village head would naturally help him persuade the villagers.

At the same time, the village chief is also the hardest one to fool. Because the chief of a village who has been blocking for so long has seen so many things, if there are any loopholes in Li Ji's words, he can also be found out by the chief of the village.

Standing at the door of the village chief's house, Li Ji repeatedly brewed the vocabulary in his mind before stepping in.

"Xiao Ji is here." The village chief's wife was feeding chickens in the yard, and she saw Li Ji with a little smile on her face.

Apart from Er Gouzi in this village, Li Ji is also the most beautiful. Speaking of which, I have to admire Li Ji's fate. Although it is a pitiful orphan, so many good things have been found in Li Ji's head over the years. It can be seen that God is kind to him.

"Well, where is the village chief? I have something to say to him." Li Ji smiled.

"He went out. You also know that there are so many trivial things in the village, and you have to ask him to go out to help and reason. How can the shortest of the parents make it clear? Going there is just a little bit of cheap talk, comfort and comfort."

In a small village, there are some relatives between each other. People who look up and see when they lower their heads are really rare, such as husband and wife fighting, neighbours torn, and they all need the village chief to intervene.

"When can you come back today?" Li Ji asked.

"If you are in a hurry, I'll go and get someone back. There was nothing serious about it, and it was useless to listen to spitting water on both ends of the bag." The village chief's wife said.

When Li Ji went into the house to do the kang, the village chief's wife poured water and went to the village chief.

After a while, the village head came back. He poured saliva on himself before entering the house, and his face was helpless: "I really have to thank you for calling me back. It's just that the couple quarreled, but they were very angry when they were a wife. My brother called for a fight. In fact, all I wanted was to be the husband's confession, but my brother is a hard-hearted master, and I have to talk nicely."

The village head first complained about bitterness, and then asked, "Is there anything to ask for me?"

Li Ji nodded and said straight to the point: "Er Gouzi is back."

"Oh." The village chief didn't react at first, and was about to drink water. When halfway through drinking, he reacted and sprayed out a sip of water.

"What are you talking about?" The village chief looked incredulous, "I'm back? Could it be…what's wrong?"

No wonder the village chief thought so. Before Er Gouzi was taken away with great fanfare, in order to give him a name, Li Yan, a village girl in a village, gave him the right of wife. It stands to reason that you should be able to live well in other people's homes, so why did you come back?

According to normal thinking, that means that he may have admitted wrong. People found that Er Gouzi is not of other people's blood, so he hurried back?

"How is that possible? I found it through Er Gouzi's jade pendant. Er Gouzi does look like his father. The reason why he came back…" Li Ji paused, pretending to be mysterious, "It's because The chaos over there."

"Talk about it." The village head was full of curiosity.

Li Ji first looked out the window, as if he was afraid of someone eavesdropping. Then he whispered: "As I said before, sister Yan may not really be willing to give it to others, but they took it. Think about it, women are so domineering, and their usual style must have offended many people. ."

The village head nodded: "So what?"

"So, there must be a lot of enemies. In addition, the family has a lot of collaterals. If this direct family has cut off children and grandchildren, then the family's property should be selected from the collateral family to inherit. And the enemy is even more eager. They cut off their children and grandchildren. So if these Er Gouzi find it back, they are a living target." The more Li Ji said, the lower his voice, it really sounded like he was sharing an unspeakable secret.

The more you have this attitude, the more excited the listener will be. Knowing the secrets that others don't know, you have the capital to brag about drinking and chatting with people in the future, and you can get admiration as it should be.

The village chief suddenly realized: "What do you mean is that people will protect Er Gouzi as if they have not been found right now. Just wait for them to settle down, and then take Er Gouzi back to inherit the family business?"

Li Ji nodded: "That's the truth. And I've said, what was Er Gouzi in my house before, and what it will be like now. Since it was assumed that it didn't happen, things should be done in full. Er Gouzi returned to the village. I'm not telling anyone about the big event, it's for Er Gouzi to keep it secret, it's better for the people in our village to exert their efforts."

Li Ji paused and continued: "The most important thing is that the village head is the same as before. But don't make him special in the village just because of his high status. This is equivalent to telling others about him. Identity is different from others, but it is prone to bad things." 

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