After Li Ji's words were finished, the village head pondered for a moment and sighed: "I understand this, but can others understand it? When we meet someone who is clever, we persuade them to agree with each other on the front foot. It is not good for us to come back and show our hospitality. Stopped."

Of course, Li Ji thought of this: "This is naturally simple. Those who think they are smart are just trying to get something ahead of others. But such people are often more afraid of loss. Just need to say that the enemy is domineering, If Er Gouzi is found one day, not only Er Gouzi will have an accident, but it will not be easy for people who usually get close to Er Gouzi. Fortunately, only I and Er Gouzi live outside. What happened? I take care of everything by myself, so you can rest assured."

The village chief nodded immediately: "That's what I should say."

Seeing that the village head had made sense, Li Ji secretly breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as I rolled my eyes, it came again: "But there is something I don't understand. I have to trouble my brother to help you analyze it."

"You said." The village head was also very happy to help Li Ji with the rare things that Li Ji didn't understand.

Li Ji said: "If you want to talk about this, it's just a small talk, but you have to say it deeply… I am a young person, whether I have a family or not, and I don't know those. You know, I am in a house, which means I don't have to work. No one sees me at all. I haven't seen Er Gouzi his father a few times. Just the night before I was going back, he told me to come over."

"What did you say?" the village chief asked.

Li Ji nodded: "Well, at the beginning, I was babbling and talking to him. I was smart enough to talk to him. After a while, he went to the house door rules and said. Don't look at the three wives inside the house. For the fourth concubine, in fact, the real wife is only the one that the Ming media is currently marrying. The rest of the concubine, Miki, must be approved by the regular wife. That's why there is such a rule. In the regular wife's entry money, the concubine can't pay for it. Yes, even if you like it, you just wait for the wife to pass the door, and care about it, and you should drive the concubine you brought in before."

After Li Ji finished speaking, he took a peek at the expression on the village head's face, and continued with a smile: "When I was talking to a big man, I was shocked and didn't realize that it was wrong. But as soon as I left, I felt that something was wrong. I am not the person in the house, this What's the point of telling me what it means? But Er Gouzi is back today. Now that I think about what the master said, I don't know what to say, so I'm asking you here."

It is forgivable that Li Ji did not understand these twists and turns because he was not married, because those who are not married are all children. How many of these marriage calculations can really understand?

The village chief came up with an idea in his heart, and said in a low voice on his face: "Perhaps I have thought about it. If the old man was thinking of sending Er Gouzi back, he said that this is for all of us. People listen. Er Gouzi this time in the village, because your old man had offended others before, I must be afraid that the old man would cruelly insist on denying this relative, so I will definitely give Er Gouzi a lot of thoughts. Qualified to do it, this concubine is still doing it with the status of her natal relatives. If lucky to give birth to Er Gouzi's eldest son, then everything will be easy to talk about."

This idea of ​​the village chief coincided with Li Ji's guess. Still the same sentence, not because of the sinister hearts of the people, but because no one would think there was anything wrong with it.

Even if the big family married each other, the grandmother died, the natal family would select a girl from the clan to marry and fill the house to maintain the marriage. In this village, the Li family and Er Gouzi's family, what they want is their identity.

Li Ji nodded suddenly: "I understand if you say that. When I didn't know Er Gouzi's identity, weren't Er Gouzi and I also the villagers? If someone really came here, I would have a way. Block it. But… If you say it's to send me to help with work, I can't do anything with Er Gouzi by talking to Er Gouzi. That's what Shuisheng did at the beginning. I can't stop it, but I can't help it. Lie Qiao'er was rumored to gossip."

What Li Ji can think of, the village chief can naturally also think of. Li Ji saw the change in the village head's eyes and hit the railroad while he was hot: "It's like this before. If anyone really sees Yang right, they can make a good marriage. But the Er Gouzi are different now. He is a serious uncle, and my father also let go of those unclear words. Maybe I guessed it at a young age. If Er Gouzi really took a village girl back to be a concubine, how would the old man think about us? People in the village?"

"Of course not." The village chief nodded repeatedly. A clear warning was given, and if it still went upstream, it would undoubtedly be provocative.

If Er Gouzi just likes a girl normally, it's okay to say, if someone is found to be using any improper means, they can poke a person to death with a small finger.

"I think so too." Li Ji nodded, "but you and I understand this, others may not be able to understand it. But my age is here again, and no one may believe me."

The village chief smiled and shook his head: "You are a wise man, so light and flirtatious, you have crushed things on me. It's a good deal, I will take care of it. But let me put the words here. I will definitely say one by one in the village. It used to be. But if I really encounter someone who is really obsessed with the horns, I can't do anything about it. In order not to hurt the people in our village, you still need to think about how to solve it."

This first railing was erected by the village chief, but the solid wall is still needed to stop it. Whether Li Ji can take up this role is still unknown.

Li Ji nodded: "With this sentence from you, I can relax a lot. What is left to be obsessed with, it proves to be a person with a good eye and a low hand, then it can be difficult to deal with? When that time, as long as you open a small stove, who is me? It can be dealt with."

"If you don't say anything, you have the ability."

When the matter was settled, Li Ji came out of the village chief's house with a brisk body and mind. If the village chief has resolved it here, the matter will be more than half completed.

After Er Gouzi, at any rate, he can live relatively peacefully.

Although it's definitely not as good as before, as long as I can live in this home, it's fine.

I was really disturbed, so I could only drag the grandfather of the county to send more people to help build a house on the mountain and live on the mountain in the future.

After returning home, Er Gouzi was still on the border. Li Ji sat next to Er Gouzi, helping Er Gouzi to remove the messy waste around his feet, and said with a smile: "It's going well, and we will have a better life in the future."

"We have been living well." Er Gouzi said.

"Yes, both of us have had a good life." Li Ji looked at the sun slanting westward, remembering that there would be a carriage sent by the county magistrate at night, and he must not sleep too early. But the long night is long, and the light of a dark oil lamp can't light up too much, and it's easy to get sleepy. How can this persist until the carriage comes, really should think about it.

"Er Gouzi, do you think there is any way to keep not sleeping at night?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi blinked and said, "Why don't you sleep."

"You forgot, your father prepared a lot of things for you, and I will bring them here tonight." Li Ji subconsciously suppressed his voice, for fear of being heard, "Let's not sleep at night and open the door. Although the villagers can surely guess that your father will prepare things for you, they cannot let outsiders know how many good things there are."

The temptation to know the specific amount is far greater than the temptation to know the amount. If it is a treasure chest with an unknown amount of silver placed at home, others will feel envious. But if they knew that it was a box containing ten thousand taels of silver, some people would have moved their minds to steal it.

Because having a goal is far more courageous than not having a goal. Whether it is on the right road or on the crooked road.

Er Gouzi think about it: "Eat. We can go to bed later. Then eat well and eat slowly."

This is the most effective and simplest method Er Gouzi can think of.

Li Ji nodded: "That's it, don't cook at night, let's eat slowly later." Li Ji followed Er Gouzi to make up rabbit cages. As the new rabbit cages increase, the sun slowly sinks to the west, knowing it completely. Invisible.

Li Ji left a lamp in the house enough to illuminate every place in the house, although it is not as bright as the daytime, and it is not as brightly lit as in the county's grandfather's house. But at least everything in the room can be seen clearly.

At this time, Li Ji and Er Gouzi were cooking together, and they simply fry two small dishes, and then scratched and wrote more snacks. The two of them talked while eating, trying to find more topics as much as possible, waiting for the time to pass.

Until late at night, Er Gouzi was okay, and Li Ji began to sleepy. Although I slept for a while during the day, I am used to sleep at night, and when I wake up, it is really hard to carry it without sleeping.

"Go to sleep, there is me. I will open the door when someone comes." Er Gouzi persuaded Li Ji with distress.

Li Ji shook his head and took a sip of tea and spirit. It was late at night, and the weather was a bit sultry. The croaking of frogs outside mixed together and became the most natural and effective lullaby.

Even though he drank the tea that was promoted, he still couldn't resist the layers of fatigue.

At this moment, I finally heard the little tail exchange, and the sound of knocking on the door was also thought of outside.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi hurriedly went down to put on their shoes, only to see a faint light when they went out. When I saw the two of them, the light over there gradually went out. The leader whispered: "Young Master Li? Uncle? The young ones are here."

The two went over to open the door and let them into the yard. There was a horse that didn't seem to be used to it. Just about to hum, he was patted by the groom: "Don't make a noise."

Horses are also spiritual, and then they really don't make a sound.

When he entered the yard, the candlelight in the room came through, and Li Ji reluctantly saw a total of six or seven people coming. They were agile, and when they said hello, they began to move things quietly.

After asking where Li Ji was moving, he started to work.

Li Ji has already emptied the empty space. Some need to be used in a short period of time, just put it in the back room as a small warehouse, and pick it up. The rest are placed in the lower warehouse, which is easy to use.

Put more things in the backyard first, and wait until there is time to dig a cellar, or move a little bit to a warehouse built for livestock not far away. Just bury it in that haystack and no one will find it.

When they were almost busy, I saw them bring a big box down from the back of the carriage. Seeing that it was quite heavy, the four young men moved around and were sweaty.

"What's this?" Li Ji didn't dare to light candles outside, for fear that he might notice it at night.

"My son, this is the ice cube that my master gave you and your uncle. The tops here are all cut, and the boxes are insulated boxes. Put them in a cool place and cover them with two layers of quilts. The ice inside can't be cleaned for at least five or six days. Of course, you don't need to save it. In the future, every two or three days, the master will come to send back the ice. This summer's hardship, no Bing is going to suffer."

The coachman explained meticulously, and Li Ji was a little surprised. He didn't expect the county magistrate to prepare so meticulously that he even wanted to fight this.

"Where is such a heavy thing so troublesome to use? The time that didn't exist before has passed. Besides, for the two of us, let alone three or five days, we won't be able to use these for even a month."

There are a lot of ice cubes in this box. Er Gouzi and Li Ji use ice cubes at most when they are sultry at night and can't sleep. Put a basin of ice in the room to cool down, and they can't remember to use it on weekdays.

So so much, it is really troublesome.

The Ding said with a smile: "It used to be because there was no such condition. Our master wanted to let the two masters enjoy the blessing, and it was also the master's heart. This should have been enjoyed by the two masters. It was a loss if the two masters did not enjoy it before. It cannot be less in the future."

After saying this, Jia Ding added another sentence: "This life is alive, whatever the conditions are, naturally you have to enjoy the past. If you work hard, you can't avoid this good day."

This is reasonable, and even Li Ji is persuaded to teach people like this at every turn.

"That's a lot of work. It's cool under the backyard wall, let's put it there. I'll turn over the quilt and cover it."

In previous years, the broken quilts were used to cover the cattle pens or outside water tanks in winter, and it is also good to cover ice in summer. But the torn quilt is not too warm to drink. See how it works. If it doesn't work, take out a duvet and cover it.

The eiderdown quilt is a bit more expensive, but now the two are not short of money, even if the quilt is better, they are willing to buy it.

Effortlessly, he carried the ice box to the backyard and put it away. Li Ji covered the quilt and asked Jia Ding if this would work. When there is no problem, call them into the house.

The county magistrate also sent two silver boxes. One is full of silver ingots, and the other has two gold ingots in the silver ingot.

Rough calculations, these are less than two or three hundred taels of silver. Li Ji just glanced at it and felt it dazzling.

In fact, these silvers are just a drop in the bucket for the county magistrate. But because the two lived in the country for a long time, they didn't spend much money at all. For the county magistrate, these silvers were used to give pocket money to the two of them. Where the real money is spent, the county magistrate will prepare it in advance.

Li Ji gave them all the small silver bags prepared earlier. That is, you can see clearly when you enter the house. Only four of these people are young and old, and the remaining two are a man and a woman. Although their backs are straight, their hair is already a lot white. If it is well maintained, it is also possible to say fifty.

After dividing the silver one by one, Li Ji didn't plan to keep it. The four coachmen were going to leave, but the man and woman standing there didn't mean to walk at all.

Li Ji still felt strange, and as soon as he asked, he saw the two kneeling directly.

"Don't don't don't, what is this. This is not the county magistrate's house. We are just ordinary people when we come back. What are you doing with such a big gift?"

Li Ji hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull the two up.

The man opened his mouth and said: "We were sent by the master to serve the two masters. The county magistrate said that the two masters usually work a lot and let the minions help them. Of course, it's just to help. Let the masters be relatively relaxed. Plus now Now that the uncle's identity is different, it is inevitable that there will be some trouble in the village. Li Siye, you are a villager, and you can't speak a lot of words. From now on, we will stare at the name of the subordinates in the family. You come to be this villain."

The words behind this alone are enough to poke Li Ji's heart. The identity of these Er Gouzi is gone, and a man in the village who loves to take advantage comes to calculate. Li Ji is the "home family", and Er Gouzi is an outsider. If one is not handled properly, it is possible to offend the entire Li family.

If you have to choose between the Li family and Er Gouzi, Li Ji will of course choose Er Gouzi without hesitation, but what Li Ji wants more is to live with Er Gouzi in the village.

Therefore, the county magistrate's decision was very considerate and completely resolved Li Ji's worries.

From now on, just let them both sing white faces, and Li Ji will say everything nicely and make a play that is suppressed by Er Gouzi's own servant. Not only will not be complained, but also pitiful by my family.

These two people also used the experience of the county magistrate, and if you say it is used, it is not for nothing.

Li Ji's heart moved, and looked back at Er Gouzi. In these words, Li Ji has always been in charge, and Er Gouzi has never participated.

Li Ji nodded and said, "Then there will be two people. I and Er Gouzi are enough for the work at home, but some facts in the village are not easy to talk about. We can save a lot of worry if you are here."

People have stayed, and they always have to arrange a place for them. Fortunately, this is the two houses of the East and the West. After tidying up the Westinghouse, it was left for the two of them to live in.

In this summer, Westinghouse was unoccupied for a long time, and it was very shady without a fire. But it is not good to live in this way. Li Ji wants to put some fire on the kang, where can the two of them let Li Ji come to make the fire? After quickly asking where the firewood was, the two started to burn the kang by themselves.

Boil the kang to dry the moisture so that it can stay in place.

Seeing their lives, Li Ji went to find two basins to the backyard where the ice was installed, got two basins of ice and brought them back. The ice cubes are cut piece by piece, separated from each other by a small bamboo board, which is easy to take out.

You can clearly feel the chilly temperature when you put it in the basin. Li Ji missed this feeling most. He put two basins of ice in two houses and one in one house.

The two people didn't want it, but Li Ji was tougher, telling them that the fire in this room would only be more difficult at night. Without this ice, how could they live?

When it was all over, Li Ji remembered to ask the names of the two.

These two are husband and wife, they are fifty-year-old, both domestic servants who work as slaves. Of course it was not from the county magistrate's own house. Originally there was a waiting master. It's just that the original master's family has fallen into trouble. The county magistrate kindly helped settle the two remaining masters of the family. Later, the two of them have followed the county magistrate.

Rarely called Ge Er. There used to be an older brother, because he was a servant, he didn't have a decent name when he was young, and he has been called until now. The woman's name is Tinglan. It's time to be young and serve the daughter of a daughter in the house of the master in the past. He was later pointed to Ge Er, and he has been here all these years.

Being able to shoot here proves that the two are the confidants of the county magistrate, and they can be reliable in the future.

After the two were settled, Li Ji and Er Gouzi went back to their room. After undressing and going to the kang, Li Ji could feel the temperature in the room gradually cooling down, and only felt that his breathing was much smoother.

"After all, your father loves you, even the ice cube thought about it. We have enjoyed this before? That is to say, your father can have this ability." Li Ji stretched his hand to the location of the ice cube, and he could feel that. The coolness came over. This feeling is really good, now Li Ji really can't wait to have ten or eight big ice cubes in the house, how refreshing would it be?

"I love you too." Er Gouzi could feel Li Ji's comfort at this time, and his mood improved a lot.

Li Ji remembered what the county magistrate said to him before leaving. It cannot be said that the county magistrate will treat them the same in the future, at least the county magistrate has already begun to learn to treat Li Ji as a family.

He began to accept the relationship between Li Ji and Er Gouzi, and the feelings will always be cultivated in the days to come.

Among other things, even if it is Aiwu and Wu, the county magistrate will not really forget Li Ji.

With this feeling, I really missed one more dad.

It is one thing for Li Ji to be the father of the county magistrate, and another for the county magistrate to be the son of Li Ji. The grandfather of Li Jidang County is a father because Er Gouzi is on the premise that he does not ask for anything in return. And if the grandfather of the county had been when Li Ji was a son, then Li Ji would really have one more family member who loved him and loved him. This is the completely opposite feeling.

"Go to sleep, try to get up early tomorrow morning." Li Ji patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder.

Er Gouzi turned over and pressed Li Ji, there was something else in his voice: "It's not hot anymore."

When it's hot, Li Ji is always short of interest in that still, and it takes only a few days for Er Gouzi to succeed.

Now that there are ice cubes, it will not be sultry anymore. In fact, Er Gouzi likes this better than Li Ji.

Li Ji pushed twice: "Don't make trouble, haven't you done it during the day?"

"That's daytime. Not enough." Er Gouzi lowered his head and kissed Li Ji's lips.

Li Ji wanted to hide, and muttered in a low voice: "Don't make trouble, there are people living in Westinghouse, don't let them listen."

Er Gouzi frowned: "Then why let them live in." If they have been living in Westinghouse, doesn't it mean that the two of them will not even be able to make affection in the future. 

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