When Er Gouzi said so, Li Ji also thought of it. Although Li Ji is not as capable as Er Gouzi, he is also a sturdy young man. How can he always be a monk?

If it's a quiet Mimi, it's fine, but if Er Gouzi can toss, there is really no way to guarantee that the people at Westinghouse will be able to listen.

"There should still be people living in our old house." Li Ji said, "Or arrange them somewhere."

Er Gouzi nodded: "I can't hear you over there."

"It's just that the old house is too dilapidated, plus it has been vacant for another year. This house is most afraid of letting it go. If I live in it, I am afraid that it will collapse. Let's last for two days. Let the old house be repaired first. It's good to go on both sides. Let's discuss it with them tomorrow."

"What about tonight," Er Gouzi asked again.

Li Ji could hear the side in Er Gouzi's tone. His face was slightly red, and he barely said, "Then just toss."

Li Ji is shy enough in his mouth, but in fact he has a peculiar feeling. While doing it, A Zhe was found trembling. Who knows how exciting this feeling is.

Although it's not like getting up early, I got up late the next morning. Although Li Ji is accustomed to waking up at regular intervals, he had been tossing about it for a while last night.

When I woke up, Li Ji sat up and reflected on it. When he saw the person lying next to him, he remembered that both of them were back.

Er Gouzi lay there without moving, watching Li Ji put on his clothes a little bit. The clothes are still the original clothes at home. Clothes for work are relatively rough and durable. According to the silk satin in the Taiye's Mansion of the county, it is natural to look down. But for the two, this is the most suitable clothes for them.

After washing my face, I opened the door and smelled a scent of rice. Li Ji knocked out and listened to Lan Gang serving up the dishes. I looked back and saw Li Ji, hurriedly put down the plate, and bowed to Li Ji: "Master, you are awake."

Li Jiguai was embarrassed. They were subordinates in the county's grandfather's mansion, but not Li Ji's subordinates. The little things such as cooking were all done by others. Li Ji didn't have the precious life, so naturally he couldn't bear it.

"We also woke up late to keep you busy. Where's Uncle Ge?" As they get older, Li Ji is too embarrassed to call them by name. Moreover, the seniority level is not easy to calculate, so I just use the age as the seniority, and call it uncle.

Listening to Lan said, "Going back to the Lord, Ge Er went to feed the animals. I heard the call in the morning, and the barn with the feed was right next to the barn. We watched the masters sleep soundly, so we opened the barn privately to feed. The pig is going to be boiled. It's not cooked yet so it hasn't been fed. The rest should be almost fed now."

This sleep and sleep job was all done, and Li Ji was even more embarrassed. He smiled and said: "Don't call us the master, this is not the county magistrate's mansion. From now on, you will be your own person after closing the door, and you can just call the name directly. We can't bear the saving of a master and slave."

Li Ji saw that the food was almost ready, and when he went to the cattle pen, he was basically fed. Otherwise, they are clever and say they are helping together, but now Li Ji and Er Gouzi have nothing to do.

Li Ji got some feed with Er Gouzi and opened the door. Ge Er didn't know, so Li Ji told him that there was a livestock pen not far from the house, which was also owned by his own family, and the animals over there were also to be fed.

The animals were fed, and the two of them washed their faces and rinsed their mouths and had a meal together.

The food was arranged, the two went to the kang, Ge Er Tinglan and his wife looked down their heads and waited. Li Ji can adapt to this?

"Sit down and eat together." Li Ji said.

Ge Er shook his head repeatedly: "How does this make it?"

Li Ji thought about it seriously. Both of them have served their masters since they were young, and they didn't want to change overnight.

Thinking of this, Li Ji changed his mind and said: "Let me ask you, what are you doing here."

The couple looked at each other, and Ge Erdao: "Returning to the Lord, the Lord sent us to serve the two masters in order to measure the master's worries."

Li Ji nodded: "That said, the one who asked you to come here is already trying to make me and Er Gouzi live more comfortably, so it's okay for me to say that."

The two nodded. Li Ji said, "Since we want us to live comfortably, then everything must follow our preferences. You don't object to this."

The husband and wife shook their heads, which meant the same thing.

"That's good. If you want us to be more comfortable, just throw away the rules in the house. Neither I nor Er Gouzi can adapt. Since childhood, we have only been elders, never masters, and neither The idea of ​​being the master. Since you are here to help, we will not stop you from what you want to do. But if you keep being so polite, you are not waiting for us, it is really unhappy to find us."

After saying this, Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi: "You also say a few words."

Er Gouzi didn't even think about it: "Listen to Xiao Ji."

The Er Gouzi in this family all listen to Li Ji, and naturally Li Ji is in charge.

Ge Er Tinglan had served several masters, but someone like Li Ji was the first to ask.

Li Ji said again: "You are here to help with your wages. Of course, I will not let your money in vain. Even if the family hires a long-term job. I should dare to do it, but I usually get along, there is no such thing in the house. Rules, just get along with each other normally."

When it comes to this, is there any reason for rejection? Ge Er Tinglan saluted and said that he had written it down.

"Let's change from this ritual first. We are all vulgar people. We can't enjoy these. We sit down to eat, eat and have other work to do. You just came here and don't know what you have. I will meet with Er Gouzi. Take yours. You work, and we work too."

The two went to the table, and the first meal of the family sat opposite each other, which was considered harmonious.

After eating, go to the stables to separate the little rabbits. Then I picked up the eggs and put them in one place. These were all kept for sale.

Now the two of them don't lack a bit of money. It won't make a few cents from selling eggs, and it's not enough to waste time back and forth. After half a year of going backwards, this amount of silver is young, but it can be accumulated over the years.

Now that there is more money left, there are more ways to make money. In addition, Er Gouzi has the father of the county magistrate. Li Ji was tempted to think that there must be a once-and-for-all method to give eggs a simple and fast market.

Li Ji asked Ge Er: "Second Uncle Ge, you have met the world. Help me think about where the eggs can be sold quickly. It's best not to bother with them. Can they be shipped out regularly and quantitatively?"

Li Ji thought about selling it into restaurants like rabbit meat. But eggs are not more expensive than meat. The meat does not need to be raised for a period of time, and it takes some time to breed, but basically one egg a day.

Raising ten or eight chickens can provide the daily amount of eggs for the last small restaurant. Even if there is not enough food sometimes, it is convenient to go out and buy two catties at Caishikou.

Ge Er thought about it: "Speaking of restaurants, long-term supply is definitely insufficient. Small ones know that two are feasible. First, some pastry shops use more eggs, or official purchases. Like. Eggs are the most cost-effective nutrition for the meals in the normal yamen, or the army, or even the upper station, which uses a lot of eggs. These are usually collected by the people and eat a lot. Master is The magistrate of our county, if it is you, this matter is easy to say."

These words made Li Ji suddenly realize, why didn't he expect this?

"Is there anyone who lives on the official eggs? I have a lot of eggs. If I raise more chicks in the future, I will increase the number if I don't know how to do it." Home is hungry.

"Master, you don't have to worry about it." Ge Er smiled, "I can only say that the eggs are not enough, I can't say that I can't buy them. This egg is much cheaper than meat. The officials work for the court, and there are vegetarian meals there. Reason? Why do you need one or two eggs a day to be able to work. It's just that the conditions in our county are not good, and the eggs collected in the city are not too many, but whether the village comes down to collect them, or let them send them over, It's not a way, and the eggs offered are sometimes too few. If you have more eggs, the court will breathe a sigh of relief."

Meat must not be eaten every day, and the court's silver is not considered to be much. This egg has become the cheapest alternative to meat.

You can only work when you are full. If you can't keep up with the nutrition, you will be the same as the monkeys. What do you do for the court? ,

This is reasonable, Li Ji nodded and said: "In that case, change Minger…Forget it, next time I go back with Er Gouzi, I will tell the master. In fact, the rabbit meat is for the master's help, and now I also want eggs. Trouble people."

Ge Er smiled and said: "Look at what you said, the grandfather is the grandfather's son, and you will also be the grandfather's half son. As a family, this kind of trivial matter is naturally much easier. Speaking of which, in fact, your rabbit meat It can also be provided to the army stationed in our county. Speaking of our army… Well, look, what do I say like this."

Ge stopped in the middle of speaking. Where is Li Ji willing? Busily said: "What's the matter? Tell me about it. I have never had a chance in the village in my life. If you say a few more words, I will also be able to meet the world."

Li Ji said so, and Ge Er went on: "To talk about this army, it is also thanks to our master. Before the master took office, the army has entered for three years and has not paid any military salary. In the past years, somehow it will come down. Since the last county magistrate was transferred, they have found all kinds of excuses to delay the issuance of military pay. The original army of more than 3,000 soldiers ran away and fled, leaving only a thousand comers, and they still rely on regular schedules. Going into the mountains to hunt and sell meat and leather barely survived."

Can Li Ji think of this? If someone else said it, Li Ji would definitely think it was a joke. What is the army? It was the shield and blade of the entire imperial court. Only strong soldiers and strong horses can resist foreign enemies and frighten the world.

Obviously it is the basic existence of this imperial court. Why does it make the army so poor that it needs to hunt and live on its own?

"Why? The court refused to pay for the army?"

"How could it not be? According to the law, even the most ordinary soldier has a full ten-dollar salary a year, as well as various extra food. If it is not a glutton, almost no need for a year. "Silver." Ge Er sighed, "Silver comes out of the treasury, and it is also a soldier's salary of twelve taels a year. But you should have some concepts. Those corrupt officials scraped off some oil and water, and they really said the soldiers. In fact, one or two taels of silver in your hand is considered good."

Ten taels of silver, some people may not be able to earn so much in their lifetime. If a normal farmer can save two or threes of silver a year, that's a good condition.

"If it's one or two taels of silver, it's enough to eat." Li Ji sighed. Anyhow, there are still days to live, how many can feed them.

Ge Er shook his head: "It's not that simple. This place is remote, and the sage may not think about it once in ten years. Otherwise, it will not be in the case of a shortage of official positions, letting it go and sending it over for a few years. The county magistrate governs. A place that has been forgotten by the emperor, there is no king's law there. Without the county magistrate, the local commanders and envoys are at odds with the people above them. People are suppressing it for various reasons, and there is no place to reason. ."

Li Ji only felt itchy roots. The army originally defended the home and the country. Once a war broke out, they would throw their heads and blood to protect the people in the city. In the end, he was stabbed in the back by his own people, and even eating became a problem.

"What happens after the master comes?" Li Ji asked hurriedly.

"Although the master was demoted here, the relationship with the top is still somewhat. I won the silver. Although it is not much, it is enough to eat. However, many of the grains and grass sent down from the top are moldy. You can't eat it. And many of the armours in the army are from more than ten years ago, so they don't look like they are. The master is smart. You know, the master treats the people upright and clean and doesn't take any money, but he does not take any money from the merchants. That's all received according to the order." At this point, Ge Er said, Li Ji also understood.

"You mean, the county magistrate collected the money for the army?" Li Ji said.

Ge Er nodded: "Most of them are used in the army. The original words of the county magistrate. This army is the strongest wall in the city. Only when it is built can the people really live and work in peace and contentment. Nowadays, people in the army cannot be allowed to live and work in peace. I eat meat every meal, but I have enough to eat every meal. The protection and weapons have been replaced, and some sturdy and good horses will be purchased regularly. Our county compares the surrounding areas, but the conditions are not good. But let's talk about the army. It can be said that the whole province can't find a better treatment and configuration."

Hearing Ge Er's words here, Li Ji tasted a sigh of relief. Although I know that the war is very far away, maybe I won't need an army in my life. This is also the reason why soldiers are in embarrassment and forgotten.

But regardless of the peace and prosperity, or the turbulent times. With the presence of the army, the people can have roots in their hearts and feel that they are not afraid of anything.

"If my rabbits and eggs can be supplied to the army, I will make a profit of 20%. I will raise as much as I want. I can raise more now, and it's easy to raise more. When we don't have enough manpower, we will hire more from the village. Some people come. Boast Haikou. Give me three to five years of effort, and it's not difficult to feed the whole army."

Li Ji makes a profit of 20%, which can not only reduce the cost of army purchases, but also ensure that Li Ji will not lose money and achieve the best of both worlds.

Ge Er didn't expect Li Ji to have such a long-term idea. If you say that you are a family businessman, it is not strange to say such a thing, because you have that condition and that knowledge, plus some kind heart, it is not strange to say such a thing. But Li Ji is a serious countryman, and he can even say such things.

"If you really want this, you can talk to the county magistrate next time when you go back. From now on, you can also help the county magistrate solve a knot in your heart."

Li Ji said: "Touch the eggs in your hands. Now the number of times you eat eggs at home is getting less and less. Because they are so indispensable, you can see them every day, and you can't eat them even if you want to eat them all. With colored fish, The eggs are less conspicuous."

If it was this little egg, it would really make the soldiers in the county more powerful. If Li Ji earns less, he will earn less.

Li Ji is not short of money, as long as he can make money, he can save money.

Pick up eggs once in the morning, noon, and at night. There are two or three baskets of eggs every day. In addition to the eggs saved in the past, there are now more than ten baskets. Those on a hot day were also afraid that the eggs would be broken, so Li Ji wanted to take them away when he returned to the county magistrate to send the ice cubes.

The first time the eggs were given to the county magistrate, they were sent to the ten big baskets. It was the county magistrate's own business how to eat and distribute the eggs.

After this, the eggs are saved and sold. They are sent to the yamen's servants, or the army, depending on the county's grandfather's arrangements.

With that thought, Li Ji is more motivated.

"Come on, let's get more busy in the afternoon and gather more pairs of rabbits and cubs. Feed more, and there will be more meat. Rabbit meat will make a lot of money even if you don't buy a few dollars. We make money from rabbit skins."

Even if the rabbit meat is given out for nothing, Li Ji will not be able to accompany it. Rabbit skins are valuable, and good-quality rabbit skins can be bought at a high price. It's just that the rabbit meat is peeled, especially in the summer. If you want to ensure that it is not bad during transportation, you have to pickle it. The workmanship is troublesome. Buying some silver is all for the workmanship.

In this way, even if there are more rabbits and chickens, they are not afraid of selling them. The more this beast is raised, the more wealth will be accumulated.

Li Ji knows that the county magistrate is not short of silver, and that he will be the second son from now on. He and Er Gouzi are married and will not be short of silver in the future. It's just that in the depths of Li Ji's heart, what makes him safest is often not the money he has in his hands, but the animals he has raised.

This group of animals is money for moving, or for food. With them, even if there is a famine in the future, eating a few of them a day is enough for a year or two. The more you raise, the more fearless you are.

Li Ji didn't expect that it was just a casual conversation, but it solved the rabbit's future sales.

Before controlling the reproduction of rabbits, there were only a few pairs of male and female rabbits and cages at the same time, and the rest were separated. Now it can reproduce unscrupulously.

Ge Er and Tinglan used to serve people, basically serving people with tea and water. Where did they do these rough jobs? Fortunately, both of them are strong and endure hardships. All dirty work is rushed to do. Li Ji and Er Gouzi still do a lot of goods every day, but with two more people to share, it's already very easy.

In the morning, I didn't do less work, and in the afternoon, some of my work could only be put aside for a while. There is no other reason, the guests are here.

The morning is usually busy, except for special holidays and birthdays. Normal guests are walking around in the afternoon.

At this time, the village chief should have told Er Gouzi about the matter. Even if he repeatedly explained that it was the same as before, it is inevitable that some people would want to come and get closer.

In this way, Li Ji can't stop him. If people take the initiative to come to the door to give gifts, can they stop the outside?

The first guest smiled at the door carrying a gift, and Li Ji gave Ge Er and Tinglan a color.

Then Li Ji knew what a wise choice for the county magistrate to send these two people over.

Er Gouzi sits on the kang, Ge Er and Ting Lan stand left and right, like two door gods, trying to get closer to say nothing more. And most of the speeches were done by Ge Er and Ting Lan. Er Gouzi was there to eat and drink, and ignored anyone.

If you go back two months, even if you know that Er Gouzi's personality is like ordinary people, it will inevitably be unwilling to curse twice in your heart. Now it's different. Er Gouzi has become a noble person in one step. No one would dare to feel a little dissatisfied if he ignored it, even if he swears twice.

Until the afternoon, watching people come again and delaying work at home. Tinglan stood directly under the tree at the door, and stopped anyone who came. It was not easy to say, just refused to let in.

They are the servants of the big family, and they can't easily offend them. When I asked Li Ji for help, Li Ji returned with an aggrieved expression and made the appearance of being controlled by his subordinates.

Originally, it stands to reason that Li Ji only took in Er Gouzi after he grew up. The credit is there, but it is not much. It is normal to be disregarded or even disrespected by other people's subordinates.

She didn't dare to rush for fear of offending, so she told Tinglan to keep the gift brought by Tinglan, and she stood at the door for a while and left.

That's it, and there are many gains from this day.

Li Ji counted, but also dumbfounded. They should be realistic. If these gifts are placed in the county's grandfather's mansion, let alone give away, they are rewarded to the servants, it will be no different from slapped faces. But in the village, they are all rare things.

Killed chickens, a jar and a penny of wine, or some hard-to-see snacks bought from the city. These things are probably much better than the gifts sent to the grandpa's birthday.

Now it's sent to Er Gouzi, apparently trying to make a good impression on Er Gouzi.

After the inventory is over, since it has been received, it will all be left for use.

In the evening, when they started to prepare dinner, Li Ji found the opportunity to tell Ge Er to listen to Lan about letting them move out.

Ge Er listened for a moment, and said: "It stands to reason that we live in a stuff house with you is indeed not compliant. But meat living in the old house, enter from here, wait… Ah, help you too. Trouble. There is still room in the backyard, so I might as well build a small house. Just enough for our couple to live in." 

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