If you build a hut, it's okay in summer, and it can be cooler in the back, but you will suffer in winter. Where is Li Ji willing?

"It's definitely not as warm as here or in the old house in winter, you and Aunt Lan put it there for ages, and she is considered to be healthy while working, but you can't live in it carelessly. If it is really inconvenient. Minger I Find someone to build a decent house next to the yard and come out. When a door opens, you will come over."

If you build a decent house, you have a bedroom and a kitchen. In this way, the whole house can be warmed with less fire, and you are not afraid of it in winter.

"This is too much trouble." Ge Erdao. Originally, they belonged to the present, and they lived close to serve convenience, and it seemed like they had put the cart before the horse.

"Then live in an old house. Although the old house is a bit dilapidated, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is good for you couple to live together. It's not that we dislike you, but we live together, which is somewhat inconvenient."

Li Ji's ears were a little red. These two people should know about the matter between him and Er Gouzi, and it is impossible for the county magistrate to ask someone to come and serve him, and he didn't tell anything.

In fact, those who come from such a big family tend to look more open than the villagers, and they are more able to accept the feelings that are different from ordinary people like Li Ji.

Because I see too many, I'm not surprised.

Both of them have seen more on the market, and of course they understand what Li Ji means: "Then let's make a decision. We will move over as long as the repairs over there are completed. There is a village on the left and right, so there is no convenience or inconvenience. of."

Ge Er agreed, but Ting Lan thought of the other side, and said: "Four Lord, if we move out, what should some people do at night? We are blocked by us in the day, so you don't need to speak. Everything can be over. But if you come over at night, you can neither drive people out nor ask us to solve it. What should you do?"

This is a problem. In the village, there is no rule that you can't stop by at night. If there is a curfew in the county, you will not be allowed to go out after dark, but the village is different. As long as you are not afraid of disturbing people's rest, it is not a strange thing to come to your door in the middle of the night.

This reminded Li Ji, and Li Ji hurriedly said: "Then do you have any other alternatives?"

"Then let's get a simple residence here first. On weekdays, Ge Eryi and I will guard for the day. It's not easy for two people to arrange it, and it's one night for one person. When I was in the mansion, I met the waiting night. It's all going for one night, and it's not difficult for us."

Li Ji shook his head repeatedly: "I don't care about the people in the mansion. There is no such rule here. Sleeping at night is very important, so you can't be sloppy. In this case, you can live in the Westinghouse first. When you have time, build another wing in the yard. ."

The main reason why they were not allowed to live in the Westinghouse was because they were afraid that Li Ji and Er Gouzi would get close to each other. If you build another wing room in the yard, you can hardly hear the sound.

Seeing that the two of them didn't speak, Li Ji said, "Then it's settled. I'll find someone to build a house tomorrow. If there is a wing room, there is no need for a side room. You don't even need a pot and stove. You only need to use the anti-stove and the stove. Just build it out. So that you are in the yard, our family is also convenient. When the time comes, Westinghouse will still be used as a warehouseman. There are many clutter on the left and right, and this Westinghouse has a large area."

This is mainly done to avoid embarrassment. However, it will take time for the wing room to be built, and one or two months will be lost during this period. During this period, only the two of them can live in the Westinghouse.

Make it lighter in the evening. According to Ge Er, it is better to eat less for this evening meal. Li Ji and Er Gouzi didn't eat too much, and after eating five or six minutes full, they washed and fell asleep.

In the evening, ice cubes melted in the house. This kind of coolness that only spring and autumn feels is great. Covered with a thin cover, the junior, sleeps until dawn, will not sweat at all, let alone heatstroke.

In the morning, Ge Er and Tinglan prepared the meal. The two are used to getting up earlier than the master, and basically they can do it before dawn. Estimate the time the master will wake up to cook as soon as possible. Two people can eat together.

There are a lot of things to eat in the items sent by the county magistrate, most of which are dried foods, some are dried vegetables that are not available in the local area, and they have not tasted them. Li Ji quite likes them.

Some beef jerky and mutton jerky are chewy, so they are not reserved for cooking. When nothing is wrong, they are put on the table and eaten as snacks.

The animals are well fed here. Li Ji singled out two fat rabbits and killed them, leaving them to stew at noon.

Er Gouzi and Xiaowei can easily digest the rabbits with one meal. The remaining one is marinated with wine and reserved for tomorrow's cooking.

The seasonal melons and fruits sent by the county magistrate are iced, which can last for two more days, but they are easy to spoil if they are not eaten in time.

There is a lot of work at home. After a while of work, Li Ji will take out those melons and fruits. Eating the cold melons and fruits will cool down and relieve heat, which can relieve a lot of fatigue.

In recent days there has been less rain and some droughts. The ground is okay, the yards are basically water-rich. You can only pour water from the river one bucket at a time.

Er Gouzi and Ge Er were very strong, so Li Ji took Tinglan to the yard to pull weeds and catch insects, and then pour the weeds and insects to the chickens to eat.

When I was enclosing the yard, because there were many places outside the village, and Li Ji was a little greedy, the yard was quite big. Except for some places where a few fruit trees were planted, the bottom was not suitable for growing vegetables. The rest of the place was planned. The kind is full.

The bucket at home is not big, and the water returned is limited. It stands to reason that noon is not a good time to irrigate, but at this time, the day is long and the night is short. In order to avoid party affairs, you have to catch the sun and pour the water as soon as possible when the sun is not toxic.

There is no way to use ice to cool down when you are working. As long as you go out to work, you will be sweating profusely. The weather is like this, no matter how you can't stand it, you have to stand it. This land is very fair, and you will never be rewarded if you don't put in a lot of hard work.

"Tired, come and drink some water. Ice cubes are added to the water. Drinking ice teeth is quite comfortable." Li Ji handed them ice water and looked at their soaked clothes and laughed. "It's Futian now. It will be stronger in some days. But at this time we are hot, and the dealers in the ground are also hot. If it doesn't rain for another ten days, the ground will have to carry water there too. Our stream has continuous water, otherwise, even if the drought does not die, the harvest this year is hard to say."

Last year, there was not a drop of rain from the sowing road in the autumn harvest, and the harvested grain was horrible. Compared to last year, this year is much better. The crops in the field are growing very well now, and I believe the harvest in a few years will be very good.

Now is the time for the dealer to collect grain, and the rain is really important at this time. If there is enough rain, the profession can grow more.

Taking advantage of watering the ground in the morning, Li Ji wanted a group of people to go up the mountain to mow the grass in the afternoon. The mountains are much cooler than the ones below, because there are many shades of trees blocking the scorching sun, and it will not be uncomfortable to work for as long as possible.

It's a pity that God obviously didn't intend to let them go up the mountain to enjoy the blessing.

Just after dinner at noon, four people were eating iced fruits and vegetables around the table. The sun was scorching all morning, and it was just right to eat some ice to relieve the heat. After eating half of the fruit that I took out, I heard the sound of the little tail calling.

Ting Lan hurriedly went down to the Kang to take a look. When the juniors in the village came, they met Li Ji, Uncle Screaming.

"Fourth Uncle, something has happened. The daughter-in-law of Da Heizi's family has no children. You are the elder of your family, and you have to be present for this kind of thing."

After thinking about it, Li Ji remembered who this big sunspot was. It's not to blame Li Ji. He didn't move around since he was a child, and he might not even be able to afford the names of the villagers. It can only be said that I am familiar with it, and I can always see it. If you really want to say who it is, Li Ji can't name someone.

"Didn't Da Hei wife have two children? Why are they gone?"

The most dangerous thing about giving birth to a child is the first child. On average, one of the four firstborns can't get back through the ghost door, but in general, as long as the head is lifted, it will be fine in the future.

The informant sighed: "Who knows. No one thought it would be gone. The big black daughter-in-law is strong, and the first two were born without much effort. I don't think the third child is gone."

Li Ji looked at the other three people in the room, and said, "I have to check this out. You can carry it around at home. I don't know how to come back. If I don't come back at night, I don't have to wait for us at night. ."

Ting Lan said uneasy: "Why don't your servants follow along."

Li Ji shook his head: "I'm going to go through the scene as well, and it's nothing more than a seniority. Big things have to be handled by the elderly."

Li Ji put on a clean and simple clothes. People don't wear too fancy clothes for funerals.

When I arrived at Da Heizi's house, red cloth strips had been hung on the door of Da Heizi's house, and the mourning hall was still being built. A five-year-old girl was pulling a two or three-year-old boy crying and was sad, and Da Heizi was sitting in the corner wiping tears. Next to him stood a girl younger than her, coaxing a little baby.

Li Ji arrived, saw Li Shuisheng there, and asked about the situation in a low voice.

"It didn't take a while for the person to die, the big black lady was taking the two girls to clean up. After a while, the mourning hall was picked up, and then moved to the yard to stop the spirit." Li Shuisheng explained the words in a simple and clear way.

"No coffins for sale?" Li Ji asked.

"The coffin must be bought. This daughter-in-law has given birth to three children. She has contributed to Dahei's inheritance. How can there be no coffin. But this person who buys the coffin must buy it. Dahei hasn't reacted yet, wait for a while. I have to find a car to pull the coffin in the city."

Li Ji tusk: "Look at him crying sadly, why don't you go in and clean up for her daughter-in-law?"

The wife has just picked up, and whether she can walk decently depends on taking care of it at this time. The relationship between husband and wife is there, or the child is gone, why don't they even see each other?

Li Shuisheng said: "You don't understand it. The birthing room is bloody and unlucky. The birth of the baby is even more embarrassing. This big black was originally the pillar of the family, and he wants to raise a mother and raise three children. Can get this bad luck."

As soon as he said this, Li Ji's eyebrows wrinkled. People are gone, so there is still time to think about bad luck?

Even if there is no relationship between husband and wife, Da Hei wife has three children surnamed Li. Just because of a bad luck, even the daughter-in-law is not willing to enter the house to have a look?

In the past, Li Ji was too young, even the elders would not call Li Ji over when encountering this kind of thing.

Those who are not married are counted as children, and children should not be exposed to these things. It's just that Li Ji is over the age of marriage and hasn't gotten married, and because Li's parents are few in number and Li Ji is clever, so this time he was called over when something happened.

"What bad luck is not bad luck? If there are too many bad luck things, why do you really get it? The daughter-in-law is gone because the bad luck doesn't even look at it. What a cruel heart is this." Li Ji has disgust on his face. You are not welcome.

Li Shuisheng thought for a while and said, "It sounds cruel, but I can understand it. Originally, the family has gone away, and this family will be hit hard. If there is more bad luck, how can this family of five live?"

Li Ji and Li Shuisheng see things from different perspectives. Li Ji doesn't understand this kind of thing. Naturally, Li Shuisheng doesn't understand anything.

"Then can I go in and see?" Li Ji said.

Li Shuisheng hurriedly held Li Ji: "You are a enthusiastic one. Even if you are not afraid of death in the delivery room, women will die. They are unsightly when they give birth, and they can't be seen by men when they die. Let's come here to help. Zhang Luo Zhangluo, wait for the mother's family to come in a while, and intercede more so that the Dahei family can't take care of it. The rest is their own business."

Li Ji doesn't know how people give birth, but he has seen pigs give birth. It was born from the ass, and the baby must be taken off.

In this way, it is indeed inconvenient for Li Ji to see if people leave like this.

Li Ji found a shady place to sit down and watched people come and go. Some who have a good relationship with Dahei's wife, all stood in the yard and cried for a while. But most of them won't go in, because they are afraid of bad luck.

Li Ji looked bored for a while, then stood up and left.

The girl standing next to Li Heizi saw Li Ji moved, and hurriedly said, "Fourth Uncle, are you going back?"

After seeing her reflection, Li Ji remembered it for a while. This seemed to be a girl from Li Heizi who had not been married. She looked fifteen or sixteen years old, and she looked very smart.

Li Ji said, "I haven't gotten married again. It's not enough to stand here to add to the chaos. Just go back first. If you have anything to use in the future, I'll be told to go."

The funeral this time is worse than any previous one. It's useless for Li Ji to stay here. It's not happy to look at it, so it's better not to be here.

Then I heard movement in the back room.

A water basin was placed at the door of the house, and a woman came out to wash the blood off her hands, shook the water and walked out. As soon as she came out, the tears on her face were not broken, and the tears dripped down: "Uncle, you finally come here. It's hard to get by. You say you're a good person and just leave like this."

The big black lady came out. There was still some blood on his clothes and folds on his face, which made him cry a little scary.

People came over to talk, and Li Ji couldn't say nothing. Busy comforting: "Sorrow, everyone has already gone, and the days of life must go on."

Da Hei Niang still cried fiercely, and what she said was clear: "My daughter-in-law married into my house, she was filial and diligent. Everyone said that I was blessed to have such a good daughter-in-law, who had never had a baby before. Why did you leave so suddenly. How can we live with five of our mothers? There is also a child who has just given birth."

In normal times, Li Ji is not close to their family. Why do you grab him and cry while you are sad?

Li Ji is a thoughtful person, and it is easy to think more. Li Ji became more and more energetic after being pulled by the big black lady to cry like this.

There must be a reason for something abnormal. Li Ji thinks about the recent changes in his family. Yo ah clubhouse conditions, Li Ji has the best conditions in the village, and there have been many recent changes, and he has climbed the path of Er Gouzi's family.

Dahei's family is indeed difficult. Without the help of the daughter-in-law, the three young children will not be able to work for a few years or the mother-in-law, and the future will still have to be taken care of by others. Da Hei really can't take care of it alone.

But what does this Li Ji have to do? Da Hei Niang held Li Ji in this way, is it possible that there are other calculations?

Li Ji made a calculation inside and out, the most likely thing is that they took a fancy to Li Ji's good condition. This is to take advantage of Li Ji now, so that Li Ji can help their family in the future.

With this idea in mind, Li Ji didn't dare to be accurate, it was really like this. So he was still comforting, and he didn't say a word.

Da Heiniang said a lot of pitiful things on his face again, and Li Ji seemed to be incapable, with a mouth full of comfort, without mentioning anything to help.

Da Hei Niang has the heart to lead the topic over there, but right now the wife has just left, and the body is still cold. It should be sad at this time. If her mother-in-law said something else at this time, she might be told that she was cruel, and even took advantage of her missing daughter-in-law.

So even if I was anxious in my heart, I couldn't say anything besides complaining.

Then there was a riot in the surrounding people, and I don't know who called out that the maiden family is coming. Someone immediately asked to make a debut, and the deceased's maiden family arrived with crying all the way.

Li Ji hurriedly corrected the big black mother: "Your relatives are here, and the big black daughter-in-law left in a hurry, and you have no chance of having a baby. No matter how sad you are, you have to put pressure on you. First settle your relatives and let them watch. Glance at people."

Your in-laws are here, so you can't leave them alone. Da Hei Niang hadn't achieved her purpose, she couldn't say anything yet. Take two steps quickly to Yingniang's family.

Li Ji stepped back and stood in the corner, winking at Li Shuisheng and letting him come over.

Li Shuisheng walked over, and Li Ji whispered: "Help me think about what this big black lady means. I am not close to her house. No matter how sad my son and girl are, why are they looking for me?"

Li Shuisheng has more experience than Li Ji and can think more broadly. Li Shuisheng is no better than Li Ji on his smartness, but Li Ji is no better than Li Shuisheng if you want to guess people's hearts.

"What else can be because of you. Either because of you or Er Gouzi. Or I want you to pay for them to raise their children, so I just fell in love with Er Gouzi. Dahei has three younger sisters who haven't married. If it is because of family difficulties, it makes sense to ask a girl to serve Er Gouzi for some silver."

That's what Li Shuisheng can think of, and it's more long-term than Li Ji thought.

Li Ji frowned: "If that's the case, when will it be hard to tell. The talent just died."

"People are dead and alive. Not counting the three girls who are about to get married, it is indeed difficult for a family of five to rely on the big black child to support them. The eldest of the three children is only five years old, and the youngest is just born."

The three girls are not considered members of the family as they watched their marriage. In the future, the time at home is getting shorter and shorter. When I am at home, I can help with more work to supplement the family. When I get married, I will be a member of someone else's family.

The reason why it is said to be a family of five is centered on Da Heizi. Da Heizi is married, and his wife, children and parents are the members of this family. The remaining brothers and sisters have to start a family separately. When the time comes, the family will be separated, and it will not be considered as a family.

"That shouldn't be what I was thinking about at this time." Li Ji muttered, "Besides, what's the use of me? How can I raise a child for my little egg who hasn't even made a family, and I can still squeeze it out. Come milk? Er Gouzi is not something I can control. Yes, I won't be involved in this matter. I'll just go back and call me if I have something to do."

Pick up your in-laws and take a look at the house. That is, when the female family members enter the house, the men are all standing outside, for fear of getting bad luck.

When Li Ji walked to the gate, he saw a few men standing outside the house. I felt colder again.

These people were supposed to be the closest people to the parturients, but now they all stood at the door because of the illusory "bad luck" and refused to even take a look at them.

Li Ji didn't know what they thought in their hearts.

Just thinking from the perspective of the dead man is really sad enough.

Li Ji went home, the head of the family was resting.

This is the time when it is hot. If you don't go up the mountain to mow the grass, there will be no other work to do.

Seeing Li Ji came back, Tinglan poured Li Ji a cup of herbal tea in a hurry. Naturally, this herbal tea was sent by the county magistrate. It is drunk with ice cubes. It is best to drink in summer.

Li Ji drank tea to moisturize his dry lips, and looked up and saw all three of them were looking at him. Li Ji didn't use them to ask, and directly said: "Li Dahei's wife has a dystocia and left. There are few people in the elders, so I pulled me over to support the scene. But I don't understand anything. If there is not enough trouble, I will come back first."

Everyone knows that there is no dystocia, and when someone comes in, they just talk about it. Tinglan sighed and said: "Women had a child by walking in a ghost gate. It was very dangerous. Has the child been born?"

Li Ji said: "I was born, watching Daheizi sister holding it. I didn't inquire about the details. Today is not the time to inquire."

Li Ji looked at Ge Er, and then at Tinglan. Thinking that they came out from the door of the house, they must know more things, so I told them all the things just now.

Ge Er Tinglan glanced at each other. Listening to Lan sneered: "It seems that I have to try a good face for the rest of the day."

Li Ji didn't understand, and asked why, and listened to Lan said, "Actually, your guess can't be wrong. But if someone really takes advantage of your daughter-in-law's death to hold you back, you can't help it. Because they are pitiful and just died. People. I beg you to come here to say something that you can't refuse. You can't say that our family is cruel. But you can't open up and let them bully." 

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