Li Ji is not a fool, let alone a fool. In addition, I do not have a good impression of their family, and they will not cause trouble to my family because of them. Poor is pitiful, but it is love to help, and it is duty not to help.

There is no chapter in the Daxia Law that says that someone is pitiful, and others must take the trouble to themselves.

Li Ji said: "The funeral is to write, so just send some rice and a penny. It's benevolence and righteousness. Our money is hard earned. No matter how poor people are, let's help out a few more, and the poor will become ours. a. but also observers point. if later wrote a penny honest go. Let rabbit, chicken raising children play to later need less people. they called the mother and son to come and help work to make money to feed their children is certainly adequate. if If you don't have a lot of money, there will be other things to come out. We will see them later, and we will take a detour."

Li Ji likes to stay on the sidelines in everything. It will not lock the road, nor will it cause itself to lose more.

That's it. Li Ji talked for a while on the Kang with them. The four people were in the house, and a basin of ice was placed on the ground. On top of the ice is a plate with herbal tea and fruit snacks. Melting ice makes the room cool, drinking herbal tea and eating iced desserts, what a treat.

In the afternoon, the livestock and poultry had to be fed again, and another mother rabbit gave birth to her cubs. In order not to disturb the rabbits, we first transferred the mother and child to a safe place, saving the lively rabbits next to them and jumping in the cage. Jump around to disturb the rabbits who have just given birth.

When the sun began to prepare for dinner, someone came over to tell Li Ji about the time for Da Heizi's house.

Credentials and funerals are for banquets. When you go to eat, you will naturally follow the crowd.

Li Ji prepared a penny. Let Er Gouzi help and weigh out two catties of rice for spare.

There was a severe drought last year, and the village didn't grow paddy fields. By this year, no one grows rice anymore. Even in previous years, the rice grown can only be eaten at home within three to five days, and most of them have to be bought for silver. Rice is fine grain, and one catty of rice can be exchanged for four or five catties of corn.

Rice is even rarer this year. Li Ji's shot is ten kilograms of rice, which is already a generous shot. It can even be said that no more can be found than Li Ji gave.

The main reason is that Li Ji has pity for the newborn child, who is still in the swaddling mother, and breastfeeding will be a problem from now on. Send rice and cook more rice soup in the future. Although it is not as good as milk, it is stuttering and can keep the child full.

When Li Ji was young, he heard that his mother was in her 50s when he was born, and she was frail, and there was no milk for him to drink. At that time, in order to feed Li Ji, who had children in his family, Li Ji's father would take the milk bucket that his mother married back then to ask for some milk for Li Ji to eat.

Just how much milk can you ask for? There are few heads in the village and there is not enough food at all. Therefore, Li Jidi tightened the belt of his trousers and had to buy a few kilograms of rice for Li Ji. I cook porridge on weekdays, thicken the porridge, and then feed Li Ji a little bit.

Knowing that until weaning, Li Ji drank more rice soup than milk. But it's quite strong until now.

The funeral will be the day after tomorrow, and the banquet will be held on that day. After the banquet, the deceased will be buried.

Of course, there is no need to go to the funeral of the elders like Li Ji. All you need to do at home is to send an elder to follow Mr. Yin Yang's command. The average generation can go and see the excitement, and only the juniors can go to the rest.

This big black man is quite young, and there are really few people in the village who can give his wife a funeral, except for his own children.

It's a pity that the eldest son is only two or three years old, and he is struggling to walk. The eldest daughter can't enter the ancestral grave, let alone when she was five years old, she couldn't even be fifteen.

It's another point to be a filial son for her.

Many people have been walking in the village in the past two years. In fact, many people left before. Things like four people, although not common, are not uncommon. No one can guarantee that he will stop breathing when he suddenly falls off the kang.

The more I saw life and death, Li Ji at this time was somewhat afraid that he would be gone all of a sudden.

In the past, I was single, and the whole family was not hungry. I even feel that people are gone if they are gone. He is an orphan and has nothing to do with him.

But since being with Er Gouzi, Li Ji has become scared. Started to be afraid of dying suddenly. I'm afraid what will the Er Gouzi do alone after his death. In the same way, I can't imagine what it would be like if I lost Er Gouzi one day.

Li Ji is in his prime and cares about all kinds of things, but he doesn't have the courage to think about it.

Because when I saw Er Gouzi, and then thought of losing Er Gouzi, my heart felt like a knife cut, and the breathing tubes were all hung by wires. The pain is terrible, and the tremor is terrible.

Ready to be prepared. The meal was ready, and the three of them sat together for a meal. Ge Er and Tinglan hadn't dared to live like this for quite a few days. At this time, it was also aching back.

But it's not tiring at all, and I'm still ready to wait on it like this.

Both of them are not young anymore. That is to say, if they are well raised, they must be old men and old ladies in the village. After eating, Li Ji didn't let the two of them wait for a bath. After placing a cooling ice basin, the two went to bed on the kang after bathing.

In this summer, the bath water is cooler to enjoy. So there is not much hot water. Just adjust the temperature of the water. The two took a bath every day, and there was nothing dirty, so they went to bed after soaping them for a while.

In fact, I am not afraid of mosquitoes when I open the windows at this time, because I lighted the mosquito repellent incense sent by the grandfather of the county, let alone words, and the general flies and insects are basically gone. It's just because there are ice cubes in the room, it is very cool. If you open the door again, the accumulated cold air will finally dissipate, so it is better not to open the window.

Lying on the kang toss for a while, Li Ji yawned lazily and changed to a comfortable position, sniffing the air, the fragrance of medicine incense, and his lazy voice with some hoarseness: "Last year was unexpected the year before, now The days of this year were unexpected last year. When I have always felt good, I will never be more enjoyable than this. Only now I know that a mountain is higher than a mountain."

Er Gouzi touched Li Ji's waist, Li Ji felt itchy and stretched out his hand to hold it down.

Er Gouzi said: "Then live the most favorite and most comfortable life."

Li Ji smiled and said: "How can all the good things be on my head, I think yes, if I can keep going now, I will be very satisfied."

Er Gouzi replied: "As long as I have you, I'm very satisfied."

Li Ji, who said that, likes it, stretched out his hand to rub Er Gouzi's head, and smiled: "You can say it."

The two laughed together, and then Li Ji arrived: "We will be more diligent in the future, and strive to raise as much as we can. We have enough money, mainly in the fur business. This meat is not in a hurry to earn factors.At that time, as long as there is a car over there to pull the meat, it is better for someone to come down and help kill the rabbits, and we will earn three melons and two dates. Some of the things that are bought for skin and silver are that there is no shortage of meat in the government, so it's not bad. It's the best of both worlds."

Er Gouzi nodded: "We will continue to harvest grass."

But as far as the rabbits are concerned, if they want to raise them, they have to eat a lot of forage every day. Fortunately, they only eat forage. There is something on the mountain, so it's not a problem to mow them back for winter.

"Waiting for the big black daughter-in-law to be buried, we will arrange for it. If we have more, we need to build a warehouse with good medicine for fodder. This way we don't have to worry about having more pups even in winter. In addition, we have to pay for it in the yard. If you want to build another wing, it would be nice to find a bricklayer together."

Li Jili thought about it inside and out, and regretted it a little bit: "Why didn't you keep one more when you built the house? The Westinghouse was built too small, so I basically didn't think about what to do with people coming in. You can even say that you don't want outsiders to come in at all. It's fine now. Your father sent two to help, but he didn't have a place to live."

If you built a wing room for the guests when you built the house, you wouldn't be embarrassed now.

After chatting for a while, Li Ji got tired and fell asleep slowly.

Feeling the breath of the person in his arms gradually calming down, Er Gouzi hugged him for a while before falling asleep.

County, county government. The county magistrate was dealing with official duties, so he heard some panicked voices coming in from outside.

The county magistrate's writing was a little distorted, frowned, and put the pen down.

"Come in."

A government officer ran in quickly, with sweat on his face, and handed a letter with both hands.

"This is an urgent letter from three hundred miles to the north. When I arrived at the commander's side, the commander asked the villain to send you over to the lord as soon as possible."

The county magistrate took the letter, opened it and read it quickly, and then read it word by word from the first word.

After a while, he put down the letter, took a deep breath, and exhaled it for a long time.

"It has only been a few days, and four more cities have been lost. At any rate, Daxia is a world conquered by strong soldiers, how could it be so vulnerable!"

The government officer who came back to spread the letter was still shaking. Hearing the question from the county magistrate, he trembled and said: "Return to your lord, listen to the command. The border has been vacant for many years, and there is insufficient food and grass. After the war broke out, the court sent the past food and grass. Moldy dregs are common. Many soldiers have a bad stomach after eating, and naturally they can't beat the well-prepared rebels."

"Plap!" The county magistrate slapped the table, gritted his teeth and said: "These beasts! What time is it, when the war is full of flames, he still thinks about the few silvers of greedy ink! I never thought that a soldier can't get on the battlefield. It may kill several people!"

According to the humanity: "Not only that, but also…the defeat of the war has spread to the capital. After discussions with the court officials, they all believed that the frontier generals were unfavorable, and the consecutive defeats were discredited by the court. Now, the assassination has been ordered. General Dead Frontier, reassign…"

"Who was reassigned?" the county magistrate asked in a deep voice.

The messenger of the letter said in a trembled voice: "Yes…It's the second master of the Gao family, the mother of the empress dowager. Within three days, he will be in command."

"Mischief!" The county magistrate frowned and grinned. "What kind of stuff is that person? Can the family not know? Originally, that fame was a false name in a military commander. I read two military books and learned Quanjiao for a few days. It's true that when people on the battlefield still think of identity, it's impossible for him!"

The messenger said: "Listen to the commander and say that the Kyoto side does not value this rebellion. I only think that it was a mob. The city was attacked one after another because of poor preparation. The Gao family regarded it as a vain feat. Now that the Bai family has formally eliminated dissidents, they have gained more fame, and it is reasonable for them to climb higher positions later."

The county magistrate closed his eyes and slowed down after hearing this. Then he spoke in some rooms: "This big Xia Jiangshan, I am afraid that it will be in the hands of the high thieves."

Chuanxin Yajie trembled: "My lord means…"

"Go and find the official house of my mansion, and then select a dozen people from the army, and select a dozen people from the government service. As soon as possible," the county magistrate said.

Chuanxin Yayai hesitated, saying: "The border crossing is still three hundred miles away from here, and it takes less than a year and half a year to fight over. It doesn't necessarily mean that we have been defeated and retreated."

"Precaution is the best policy. The harem is in charge, and the traitor is in charge. Even if the rebels in the north can't fight, there are also those from the west to the south. Daxia is exhausted, but it is a matter of time." The county magistrate sighed.

Where does Chuanxin Yajie know this? Just listening to the majesty of the county said so powerfully, I felt even more frightened in my heart. No more delay, and turned around to follow the instructions of the county magistrate.

The eggs are laid under the covering nest, and the gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall (to take precautions before they happen). It is better to prepare more than if there is such a day in a hurry.

The first to rush over was the selected ten strong government officials. The county magistrate let them stand next to each other first and continue to wait. Then came the housekeeper.

"Master, what do you want?"

"You take two people back to the mansion and count two thousand taels of silver from my private library. Then send the officials responsible for the purchase, along with the army and government officials to step up the purchase. Mainly food, vegetables and meat. The most storage-resistant Good. Go to all the major blacksmith shops to see how much armor you need. If it is not enough, go to the silver vault to get it. You are left with the rest to discuss what you need. Don't worry about the silver, just the quantity." The county magistrate ordered The meticulous.

The housekeeper was slightly stunned: "Master, you mean… something happened?"

"Let's talk about this later, just go and prepare first." The county magistrate sighed, "I would rather have all the money spent."

It sounds serious. The officials did not dare to delay too much. After a while, the people sent by the hot army came over, picked two strong ones, and went back to the county magistrate's mansion together to fetch the silver.

The official family has followed the county magistrate for many years, and personally manages the private treasury for the county magistrate. It can be seen that he is the real confidant of the county magistrate.

Arrangements were made here, and the county magistrate called someone who he could trust. Give him silver and let him send a few more cars and put more practical and good things to Li and Er Gouzi.

At the same time, the plan to build a house on the mountain has to be advanced. The county magistrate did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to invite talented craftsmen with bold skills to build a place in the mountain that is enough to shelter the family from wind and rain in the shortest time possible.

If the country is broken one day. Perhaps the mountain, which has always been feared by people, will be the best place of refuge.

The county magistrate is a civil officer, but he doesn't know how to dispatch troops. Really raging, his pen and paper won't work.

Where do Li Ji and Er Gouzi know about the county magistrate's side? At this time, they are most at ease in the mountains and villages with the mountains and rivers. Mo said that he didn't know what happened, even if he knew it, it wouldn't have a big impact on them.

It is remote here. The possibility of the rebels finding this place is slim. Because most of the rebels went to the imperial court, and the target they passed was also the imperial army and yamen. Most of them are spared to the people. Especially the place in the corner of Grali, it was originally an uncontested boundary with everyone.

It is enough to just come here and say "I will be the emperor in the future." after winning.

The big black daughter-in-law was buried, because she was young, and there were elders above her. It can't be done so grandly. The coffin carried by the four people traveled halfway through the village and was transported to the mountain.

A few paper money to buy road money drifted far away in the breeze.

Behind the coffin, cries repeated. The five-year-old girl was crying sadly, but the two-year-old didn't quite understand it, but when she heard the crying everywhere, she was amused and giggled.

The aunt who was holding him heard the laughter a little embarrassing, and pinched the child's ass, and then the sound of crying spread far and wide.

Li Ji followed far behind, watching the bridge, a piece of valuables flew by, feeling a little strange in his heart, and he didn't understand.

This woman, married into the Li family at the age of 16, was conceived and conceived three times in the past six years, and died at the birth of her last child. There are two sons and one daughter. He was diligent and thrifty in his family, but after his death, it turned out to be a little bleak.

At the time of death, husbands, brothers and even children refused to look at the last glance because of fear of being contaminated. Li Ji wanted to know if she really walked with peace of mind.

Da Hei wife went to the soil for peace. When Li Ji went home, he grabbed a handful of grass and teased the little rabbit who had just returned to eat the grass.

Recently, Li Ji intends to breed pure white rabbits. The rabbits with the least mixed hairs are specially selected for mating and breeding. Two of the most expensive nests are close to pure white. It's just a pity that there is a bit of miscellaneous hair on the legs.

It is estimated that in two or three bags, there will be rabbits with completely white hair from head to tail.

This rabbit is a hare on the mountain. It is really not easy to breed a white rabbit. However, Li Ji couldn't buy the white rabbit after all the inquiries, so he could only try it by himself.

At this time, I heard movement outside. Li Ji didn't care at first, but then heard the conversation, Li Ji threw the grass into the rabbit den, stood up and left the stables to take a look.

When I went out, I saw Ge Er was talking to a person outside the door. Li Ji walked over, before he could even speak, Ge Er had already spoken to Li Ji.

"Master, that's the case. Tonight, the master will send a couple of carts of things. This will send someone to inform you in advance, so that you can prepare."

Li Ji understood, and nodded: "Aren't you going to bed tonight?"

Ge Er smiled and said, "How can I interrupt your sleeping time? I just need to prepare a place to go out for a while and put the things the master has prepared. Tonight, let the young man and Tinglan watch together. We used to be in the house. There are also frequent night vigils inside, but it's not a hindrance in the middle of the night."

How can Li Ji be embarrassed to sleep and let people watch the night? He shook his head and refused: "Let's go together. You are not familiar with my family. If there are more or less, how to arrange it, I have to assign it."

When Li Ji spoke, he started to walk around the yard to see where he could find a place.

When the grandfather of the county brought things last time, most of the house was filled with things. It's really difficult to stuff stuff again.

But Li Ji's mind is still alive. Let Er Gouzi and Ge Er be affected, and bring some wooden stakes and planks.

Put up the piles and clamps in the warehouse, and then lay the boards on them. After several adjustments, try to be more stable. Then he threw on the rescue mat that was not in use at home. In this way, the original warehouse was divided into two floors. The bottom is full of squares, and the top is empty.

Put a lot of pillars, and then tie the joints tightly with ropes. People step on them and walk a few times to make sure that there is no problem, and then try to put a few bags of grain on them.

The four people were so busy for nearly an afternoon to complete this. Look at the finished product, it's ok, it can really hold a lot of things. However, it would be a bit laborious to take things underground, and there is not much space flowing out below. If you think about it, you have to go in and slowly turn over. There was no light in it, and I didn't dare to put wax in, and I had to touch it with my hands.

This is also no alternative, after all, it is impossible to build a warehouse in a short time.

Then Li Ji moved a part of the firewood from the wood shed into the hut at the back of the house. The hut was filled with firewood and there was more blood in the wood shed.

If these places are not enough, you can only put it in the backyard first, and then send it to the hay warehouse outside when you have time.

I hope the grandfather of the county will not be so real this time and send less to write.

But obviously, the county magistrate could not hear Li Ji's expectations.

When it was midnight, when the car sent by the county magistrate's house arrived, Li Ji looked at the five full-loaded carriages, only felt that it seemed to be a little hotter inside, otherwise, where did the sweat on his head come from?

"So many things may not fit." Li Ji said.

The leading groom wiped the sweat from his forehead, and smiled: "Just eat half of the food, put it in a cool place, and eat it as soon as possible without fear of spoiling. The rest is what is needed in life. This time, the bedding and pillows are all used. There are still some cotton-padded clothes for winter. In fact, there are still a lot of them that I want to send over. It's just that there are too many cars in the big night that are easy to be noticed, so they can only be sent in batches. If you really don't think so, Lord If the place is set, it is easy to build a house behind. The left and right are remote, and there are not many people who can notice here. It is also easy to explain to the village, except that the master is afraid that the uncle will not live well, and the other is a good one. That's it."

Li Ji shook his head and said: "It's impossible right now. It's said that Er Gouzi should keep a low profile in the village and build a house more ostentatiously."

Li Ji first opened the door to let the carriage in. The yard is quite big, but most of them are planted with vegetables. Three carriages are already the limit.

First commanded, unloading the three carriages in Jinyuan. The food should be sorted out, which ones are intolerable and need to be eaten in the near future, and which ones are slightly more long-term.

Some things that can be consumed in a short time are simply piled up in the house. It was like snacks, and even the clothes cabinet was stuffed with a few large bags.

It's hard enough for these three carriages to stuff things in. Li Ji looked at the remaining two carriages, a little desperate.

The divided space in the warehouse was also full, and Li Ji even moved out the idle baskets at home. When they are full, they are all hung from the beams of the room.

The coachman felt embarrassed and smiled reluctantly: "Why don't you take it back for the younger ones. I will bring it back to you when there is room for the change?"

"I have to come all the way, and it would be troublesome to get it back."

Li Ji turned around and quietly Er Gouzi, suddenly a flash of inspiration: "By the way, why did I forget? There is a cave on the mountain! The cave where my mother lived with Er Gouzi is still there. These years Er Gouzi lived on the mountain. My cave is also there. It's in the mountains. My mother's cave is a bit closer, but maybe someone will pass by and find it. But the cave in the mountain will never be anyone. It's very far away, and it's less than four or five hours to go back and forth."

"There is no other way. For the time being, send it to the cave where the wife lived. If anyone finds out, it just makes sense to say that it was the wife who gave the offering to the house."

If you steal it, no one feels distressed. It's gratifying if it's gone, but if you have money to buy another one, it's not precious.

In this way, Li Ji took advantage of the moonlight and took two carriages into the mountain to look for the cave where Li Yan and Er Gouzi lived.

When Li Yan left, there was no one in the cave. At most, some children were naughty walking around the mountain and found the cave by accident. No one has gone now. If a child goes home and says he has been to a cave in the mountain, he will definitely be beaten.

Li Ji could find it, the carriage was a little difficult to go up the mountain, it was bumpy, and it moved very slowly. It was only half an hour before I arrived at the cave where Li Yan and Er Gouzi lived.

In the past two years, Li Ji and Er Gouzi have never been here. Li Ji thought about it sometimes, but every time he forgets it in a blink of an eye.

This is also the first time Er Gouzi has returned to this cave in 14 years.

The cave is not big, with a rough bed made of straw. There is also a fire pit, which is specially used for making fires.

I lighted the candle I brought with me, and started a fire in the fire pit.

The cave is very damp and the walls are covered with moss.

Li Ji stood beside the fire, and there were several pottery bowls placed beside the fire. The other party doesn't know how long it has been here, most of them are broken. But it doesn't look like a broken one, it's more like someone from a naughty kid came over to play and broke it.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi took two coachmen and cleaned up the cave. The broken bed was not kept, so I just cleaned it up and set it on fire. The damp wood burns very hard. He even poured some kerosene on it, and the raging flames started to burn.

The flame burned for an hour, waiting for the sparks inside to be clean, and drove the smoke out. Because of a fire, the cave was a lot dry, although it was hot, it was much better than damp.

Li Ji went down again and brought a basin of ice over. Cool down the inside of the cave.

When the fish belly is white on the horizon, the cave will be cooler.

The four accelerated their movements and moved the contents of the carriage into the cave as soon as possible. Then some dead branches were pulled to block the entrance of the cave. At this time the sky was almost bright. I'm afraid the carriage downhill will attract attention.

Simply find a hidden party on the spot, write down the carriage, leave the carriage on the mountain, lead the horse down the mountain, and go a little further on the road directly outside the village.

When Li Ji and Er Gouzi went home, the carriage at home was gone.

Ge Er and Tinglan worried for the night, and they were finally relieved to see the two come back.

"My two masters finally came back. The coachmen saw that it was about to dawn and they were still carrying inconvenience here, so they went back first. How about the mountain?"

Tossing all night, haven't eaten yet. Li Ji was hungry, hungry and sleepy at this time. Without any energy, he said: "I've got it all done. Just wait for it to be used and get it back. It's just that if the grandfather of the county sends back something good next time, we won't have a place to put it here. In that case, it's better. First build the new cattle pen and the new warehouse . At that time, a small door will be made in the new warehouse. The small door will be filled with things sent by the county magistrate, and the door will be filled with fodder. Most people can't find it.

Ge Er nodded repeatedly. Said: "This is all easy to say. Tossing for the night is hungry. I and Tinglan briefly prepared some food. The masters eat some and go to bed first. This stay is really hard."

When Li Ji enters the house and works on the kang, he becomes sleepy, and Er Gouzi is still very energetic.

Putting the food on the table, Li Ji grabbed a handful of dried fruits and stuffed it into his mouth to chew, trying to wake up: "It's dawn on either side. Let's feed the animals in a hurry, and then we will have a good night's sleep together. The door is locked, and no one will come in watching the locked door anyway."

After chewing two bites, I'm not so hungry. He picked up the porridge bowl and filled his stomach with food.

Among the food delivered by the county magistrate was called Rousong, which Li Ji had never eaten. It tastes great when eaten in porridge. Li Ji ate fresh and used half a bowl of porridge.

After breakfast, the four moved faster, let's feed the animals.

After feeding the animals, there is basically no work to do. Asked Ge Er and Ting Lan to sleep. Li Ji and Er Gouzi spread the quilt and slept on the kang.

This sleep slept directly into the afternoon. Er Gouzi woke up first.

Ge Er and Tinglan also rested. It's just that I slept relatively shallowly, and I woke up two or three hours later and started to be busy again.

When Er Gouzi wakes up, he can smell the smell of rice in the kitchen when he goes out.

The food is hot in the pot. The two of them didn't wake up after the meal was prepared, and they didn't know when they would wake up, so they could only keep warm.

"Master is hungry. The food is ready early. Let's put the table for dinner?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "Xiao Ji hasn't woken up yet."

Er Gouzi was hungry, but Er Gouzi still wanted to eat with Li Ji.

It took more than half an hour before Li Ji woke up. I slept well this time, and I yawned, and my fatigue was gone.


Li Ji raised his head, his eyes matched Er Gouzi. Li Ji smiled and said, "What did you wake up with?"

"A little earlier than you." Er Gouzi pulled Li Ji out of the bed. Help him get dressed together.

Li Ji is a bit lazy. Let Er Gouzi help him get dressed. Sober for a while, drink the herbal tea from Tinglan.

Then the stack was put on the Kang table and served with bowls and chopsticks, and then the meal was served.

Tinglan used to work in the kitchen for a period of time, and she has excellent cooking skills. Four people cook for seven people. When the dishes are brought down, they are all clean.

After eating and resting for a while, go to feed the animals.

Then I went to the village to find people and continued to build a cattle pen and a new warehouse.

As for the wing room in the yard… if someone comes to help, you will inevitably enter the house and eat. Now the house is almost full of good things from the county magistrate. Li Ji always feels that the big thorn is a bit dazzling when people are invited in.

But this wing room still needs to be built. Li Ji went directly to the village chief. Let the village chief arrange a few safe people to come over to build the wing room. The salary for building a house is high, but neither food nor entry is allowed. You can build a simple pergola when you are tired.

The treatment is very poor, but no one will say anything about the money given there.

People are arranged. First take a team of people to get the foundation out.

There are three foundations in total, and it will take two or three days to get them together.

There are ice cubes at home, but they are a bit dazzling. So only give some dried fruits to those who come to work. This is what Li Ji's family originally had. Others will not have any doubts when they see it.

For a few days later, I was busy working on this stuff. The hottest days passed, and God was finally kind, and it rained happily.

With this rain, the building of the house will be interrupted.

This is a timely rain. The dealer in the field just happened to be drought. Futian glanced over. Just wait for a pot in Futian, and another month or two, the dealer in the field will be able to harvest.

Standing in the house looking at the curtain of water left by the eaves, the thunder outside also became beautiful.

Li Ji was eating strawberries, this time he didn't use iced ones. After the rain, the weather is cool, so you don't even need to use ice extravagantly.

The ice cubes had been moved into the house before it rained. It's just that there will be a fire in the house, for fear that it will melt the ice. Li Ji put the ice box into the coolest corner of the house, and turned out the two eiderdown duvets in the house to cover it.

Just wait for the rain to stop before moving out.

"This morning, the mother of the big black man is here." Ge Erdao. In the morning, it didn't rain yet. Li Ji cut fresh grass on the mountain to feed the female rabbits who were about to give birth, so he was not at home.

"What did you say?" Li Ji raised his eyebrows. In the past two days, I was still mumbling about why I didn't come. Li Ji even began to wonder if he really thought of others badly. At that time, he was just too sad to catch personal complaints and didn't have any crooked thoughts.

Ge Erdao: "I didn't say it clearly. I just said that the newborn child was so hungry that he was crying, and the rice soup always felt not full. Lord, you have a cow at home, so I want to come over and ask if the cow still has milk. Go back and feed the baby with some milk."

"Ask it knowingly." Li Ji said, "The village knows that the cow is out of milk for half a year, or if the daughter-in-law didn't have enough milk to come and ask for it, I would give it."

Goat's milk is still possible after two months. One of the sheep that happened to be raised had a cub.

Ge Er nodded: "It's really meant to be a drunkard. I said no, she didn't rush to go. Standing there for a long time complaining and complaining about her life, she will not be able to open the pot if there is no wife in the family, and there are three more children. Take care. The youngest of the three children is the most troublesome time. But because the daughter-in-law is gone, he is in a bad mood, and he has been free from field work for a few days."

In this case, it is obvious, this is the intention to borrow money. It would be hard to say if Li Ji was at home. Er Gouzi's silver Li Ji can be said to be untouchable. But maybe Li Ji hasn't made any money in the past two years? So Er Gouzi's family won't give Li Ji some silver?

Da Heizi is his family, and his family has difficulties. Whose life is better, it is reasonable to reach out to help a group.

Fortunately, Da Hei Niang will pick a time, specifically choosing to come when Li Ji is away.

"What did you say?" asked himself.

Ting Lan smiled and said: "He is a guy who can make a silly face. Directly he said, if there is really a problem, our master is kind-hearted. Whoever can't afford it, just bury her in the master's mansion. If it's the price Lower, the lord also admits he is unlucky first to raise it before calling it."

Li Ji was amused, and couldn't help but admire Ge Er's cleverness. On the face of it, this is to give directions, but in fact it is blocking people's roads.

If Dahei's family is reluctant to bear the children and refuse to sell it, it means that the family has no difficulties. If it is really cruel to sell the child for money. The money is already in hand, as long as there is no difficulty in front of it. There is no difficulty in coming to borrow money.

If the Dahei family is really cruel enough to exchange the child for silver, it would be a good thing for the child to leave such a father.

It would be very easy for Li Ji to reach out to help a group of others. However, Li Ji had a very bad impression of this family, and it was all his benevolence to send a little silver and ten catties of rice.

"She just left?"

Ge Er smiled and said: "Can you not leave? She understands what I mean, and she feels unwilling and afraid to attack. She knows that the subordinates who come out of my dead family can not be offended. She can only leave with a black face. Look at it. It looks like you will come back later, you have to be prepared."

If this really depends on Li Ji, it will be difficult for Li Ji to get rid of it. It just happens that someone just died, so there are excuses for everything. On the contrary, if Li Ji really confronted others, it would only be Li Ji's cruelty to spread it out. People are so pitiful and they still don't help.

After turning his mind, he said, "I have a way of doing this. Wait until the rain stops."

Li Jihui's methods are just the same, but in the village, it is easy to use.

The rain came to dark. Putting on the clothes, he fed the animals again, ate another meal, did not take a bath, and washed up on the kang and went to sleep.

It was still raining the next morning, and the ground was wet. Li Ji saw that the rain wasn't too heavy, so he went out with an umbrella and went straight to Li Jin's house.

Xiao Tudou is studying in the city, and there are only three people in Li Jin's family. Li Ji is Li Jin's fourth uncle, who also serves Xiaotudou to study, and is Xiaotudou's benefactor. So when the family met Li Ji, they were very enthusiastic.

"Fourth Uncle is here, sit down and take a drink." Erying greeted the person with a smile on his face and poured water on it.

Li Ji put away the umbrella, didn't turn around, and said straight to the point: "Er Ying, I'm here to tell you something."

Erying was stunned, and said sternly: "Six uncle, you said."

"Isn't the Da Hei wife dead the other day? When I went to see it that day, Da Hei Niang just pressed me and didn't let go. She cried so badly. I thought she was a dead daughter-in-law and was overwhelmed. Yesterday. In the morning, I ran to my house again to borrow money. At that time, I was away, and the servant of Er Gouzi's family was a powerful player, so I sent it away."

"Then fourth uncle, what do you mean by coming to see me?" Er Ying asked strangely. 

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