Li Ji said, "Er Gouzi's subordinates were stopped before, but if I meet them next time, I can't open my mouth and refuse. You also know that I'm a thin-skinned person. You can't condone this thing, you have to do something. Prepare. Erying, you have a better relationship in the village. Go out more when you are fine, and help me spread some words."

Erying nodded: "Six uncle, you say."

Li Ji said, "When you are free, just go to the village to spread the word. He said that Da Heizi intends to let me, an orphan, support her family."

Erying was slightly stunned. Seriously, Zhahua is a bit vicious. A good man, can't even feed his mother and children? How useless is this man?

Regardless of whether this statement is justified or not, just such a sentence is enough to make a man embarrassed.

"Are you sure? That Da Heizi has just died his wife, and he is indeed a poor one. At this time, let's say this, isn't it adding fuel to the fire?"

Erying's remarks are very pertinent, not blindly helping her relatives, and can make two senses.

"Of course I know what this means. But think about it, the big black lady came to me, didn't she just rely on the pitiful wife who had just died and forced me to pay for it?"

Li Ji's words silenced Erying a bit. Indeed, they are poor, but Li Ji is also innocent, and he is still an orphan with no support. In contrast, it seems that Li Ji is more pitiful.

Of course, this pitiful person is only on the top of his relatives, and Li Ji has a lot of money in his pocket.

Li Ji said again: "We are not the one who does not give people a way to survive. When the Dahei wife died, I paid a penny and sent ten catties of rice to the child. Originally, I didn't get close to Daheizi's family and gave it away. Going to these things is also in the face of the child. This is too little, so I can ask them to sell them."

Li Jintan echoed: "Look at all over the village, just count the things you sent to the fourth uncle, why are you still not satisfied?"

Li Ji nodded: "Seriously. If I change my family, it would not be difficult for me to pay a few thousand dollars to help. Even if I hire them to work at my house, give him two or three dollars a month to support their family. It's just that my impression of their home is really bad. I went when the wife was gone. The body was not cold yet. Da Heizi didn't even look at the last look because he felt bad luck, and even gave him birth for fear of bad luck in the future. The daughter-in-law of three children refused to meet. Not to mention the children, there are still six years of relationship between husband and wife. If you are unlucky, it is still okay. Just because of such a sentence, she stood stupidly in the yard. Such a person, I really can't think of closeness."

When people die, there are very few people visited by the generations. Except for the closest ones, most of the people in my own family will come back after a while.

Hearing this, Erying's reaction was obviously stronger than that of the man Li Jin, and he tweeted: "I think he is the first animal, and I don't want to think about whose kind the child is! When the big black wife or daughter-in-law mentioned her without saying a word Okay? It just happened to be something like this!"

Erying scolded. Then he said: "Sister Uncle, don't worry, this is my responsibility. Da Hei Zi Niang is okay in the future, if he dares to bully the door, I see how he dare to go out to see people in the future!"

Erying was originally a pungent one. At this time, after hearing about the death of Dahei's wife, when she was officially angry, she didn't need to persuade Li Ji at this time, she herself did not intend to let them come.

"It's just that I'm sorry for those three children. I don't have a mother at such a young age. Father and grandma are like this." Li Ji sighed like this. It would be impossible for him to take the three children over and raise them.

There are too many poor people in the world, and many people are ruined by people around them. If it is really pitiful to pass one by one, Li Ji's life will not be over.

Having arranged such a pass, Li Ji went home. On the road, she walked across from Er Chanzi mother. Li Ji didn't say a word, and Er Chanzi Niang walked away quickly by herself. Li Ji blinked, but the rain boots were surprised that she didn't find the fault to come.

No wonder Er Chanziniang is such an arrogant person avoiding Li Ji. This has hit a wall on Li Ji's head one after another, and now Li Ji has climbed up to the big families in the city, and it can be said that the limelight is in full swing. Where will there be provocations that do not have long eyes?

In fact, there are some ugly words behind the village. What Li Ji thought he had climbed Gao Zhier, in fact, in the eyes of the big family, he is not as good as a dog. If someone really remembers him well, why not let him stay in the city and enjoy the blessing? Come back and live by raising livestock?

That said, most of them are sour. Really waiting to meet, the more fierce people behind the backside, the more enthusiastic facing Li Ji.

The county magistrate made a big deal and bought a lot of things for the army and the yamen in a short period of time. This county is a small county in the corner of Grali, and there are not many good things. So most of them have to go to other places to buy and ship them back.

It is very difficult for such a big action to not be noticed, but except for the county magistrate, everyone else is watching the excitement. The county magistrates of other counties heard about the large-scale purchase of supplies here, and some even made fun of them.

It is unrealistic to think that the county magistrate is unreasonably worried. After all, Daxia is a big country with a vast territory, a large population, and a million soldiers. How could it be threatened by a small rebel army?

So instead of causing riots, the county magistrate prepared as many things as they wanted, and at the same time increased the merchants' taxes. At the same time that the merchants made a fortune, a lot of money came out of the private treasury of those counties.

The first two thousand taels were not enough to be a flowing flower. As the later stages of taking the silver one after another, in just half a month, they spent ten thousand taels.

Thanks to the county magistrate who came down from the capital, he was once a high-ranking official in the capital. When the limelight is in full swing, the annual Tan Jing Bing Jing is very scary. The grandfather of the county brought over all the money that he had accumulated. If that profound family background is really told, I am afraid that the wealthy businessmen in the county will be shocked to drop their jaws.

The county magistrate looked at the drawing, which was a sketch given to build a house in the mountains.

There are several pictures in a row, one is the approximate setting of the yard, the other is the interior of the house, and the other is the underground part.

Digging in the mountains is more difficult. But it is much more convenient to store things underground than above ground. And if there is a real situation, hiding in an underground room is also a good choice.

In addition, there will be an ice cellar flowing out, otherwise even in the mountains, there will be times when it can't stand the heat in summer. What's more, the ice cellar can store things that are intolerable. Enjoying the convenience brought by the ice cellar all the year round, the county magistrate will not forget it for his son.

In fact, looking at the drawing, this layout is very simple, that is, it is very simple to use in the mountain life, at least for people who are used to seeing good things like the county magistrate, when they see this drawing, they will feel that the construction is very simple.

But if it is in the mountains, it is still very troublesome to build the things on the top of this drawing in a short time. What's more, the county magistrate ivory learned a cunning rabbit three caves and made two or three.

"Enclose more places for raising livestock. Don't have to deal with building houses. Don't worry about the silver, just nail the iron thorns into the bamboo and surround a higher fence. It's better to study and study the top to make it convenient for her. Cover it. It's also convenient to raise, and you won't be afraid of wild beasts on the mountain going in."

The county magistrate presented his thoughts to the man standing below.

"The younger one will study and study." After receiving the order, the man determined that the county magistrate had nothing else to say, and left to continue drawing sketches.

The county magistrate stared at the sketch, thinking about his son in his heart. His son is so capable of eating meat, and if he really lives in the mountains one day, he can still go out hunting every day? Therefore, the place where the livestock is raised must be hit. Even if you can't eat it and waste it, you can't let Er Gouzi eat enough.

The grandfather of the county gave too many things last time. For half a month, Li Ji's family has been eating well. Not to mention Er Gouzi, even Li Ji has gained weight two laps, this is still in the case of a lot of work during the day. If you lie there every day for pure enjoyment, I'm afraid there will be more beside you.

Out of Futian, the weather was still hot. The progress on the new cattle pen is very fast. The frame is basically covered, and only after it is dried up, the beams are installed, and then the parts of the inside are perfected one by one and the construction is completed. The warehouse side is even simpler, where the small door is, and a wooden door with a lock is placed on it.

In fact, there is still a place for the door of the house, just waiting for the next time to enter the city and spend a lot of money to cast a strong iron door. And in the warehouse, when there is no one, he will build a compartment and use it alone to put things given by the county magistrate, unconsciously.

The wing rooms in the yard are slower. Most of the hired people have gone to build the cattle pen, so there are only four or five people working on it, so the progress is naturally not going up.

Li Qiao'er has been coming to help recently, but she can't do a lot of work, so she can understand if she can transport a brick and send water or something.

More than half a year has passed this year, and Li Qiao'er will be nineteen in the coming year.

Li Ji is not a urge to marry, and he does not think there is anything wrong with her daughter not marrying. It's just that if Li Qiao'er had plans to marry, it would be really difficult to find someone at this age.

Li Ji has the heart to inquire with Li Shuisheng. Li Shuisheng was also anxious to find, but Li Qiaoer was always short of interest. Because of the previous lesson, Li Shuisheng had no face to take up the pretence of being a father and order Li Qiaoer to marry, so he could only contact the matchmaker, listen to more news about unmarried boys, and talk to Li Qiaoer more.

When the sun is scorching, working outside is easiest to get a tan. Li Qiao'er's complexion that had been raised in winter was much darker, and she was not so beautiful in winter. But even so, it must be the kind that looks pretty like the other girls in the village.

Li Ji wanted to ask questions several times, but she herself felt a little nosy. In the end, just leave it alone. Li Qiao'er came to help, and Li Ji gave her the start-up money. See that she doesn't spend much on weekdays. In the future, even if you really don't marry, it's the same if you save more money to live on your own.

Everyone has their own way of living, so why bother so much.

After figuring it out, Li Ji stopped taking care of it.

Enough time for half a month. The new cattle stables and new warehouses have been completed. After the completion, Li Ji banquet kissed the villagers and ate the running water table, killed a few more chickens, and used a lot of eggs. After this meal, the things delivered with the gift were not as valuable as the food on the dinner table. It is precisely because of the good food that the village has basically come here except for the festival with Li Ji.

And the attic in the yard needs more time. Because of the completion of the livestock pen, there are a few more good bricklayers in the village that can be hired, and the progress has also become faster.

It's been more than a month. Li Ji saw that the frame is basically completed, and the beams are also covered, which means that the room is not well equipped.

It's time to go to the city to buy something to see. It's also time to go to the city to see the county magistrate with Er Gouzi.

After returning to the village, there were a lot of things, plus the need to build a new herd, which was time-consuming and laborious, no wonder Li Ji couldn't think of going back.

Clean up the wing a little bit and write down everything you need. Li Ji and Er Gouzi left Ge Er and Tinglan to look after the house, and drove an ox cart to the county together.

I didn't go to the place next to the county, and went straight to the county magistrate's house.

A place was agreed before leaving. There is a ruined temple two or three miles outside the county's Taiye's mansion, and there is a tunnel behind the Buddha statue in the ruined temple. Drilling in can directly enter the county magistrate's house.

Li Ji can understand that big families have no sense of security. In case something happens, this tunnel will be a way of escape.

It's just that Li Ji is also strange. Such a road is convenient for entry and exit. In case of an accident, it is indeed easy to evacuate, but if this road is discovered by a gangster and go straight in without knowing it, what if the county's Grand Master's Mansion is heavily guarded?

They finally found which temple they had agreed upon all the way into the city.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi moved the ox cart to the fence behind the temple and tied the ox. Then he entered the temple. The inside of the temple was so dirty that Li Ji could fly in dust when he stepped on it.

Li Ji coughed twice, and even more did not understand why the hole here existed. Obviously it has not been used for a long time.

However, when the two of them entered the County Grand Master's Mansion from here, they were indeed able to hide their eyes and ears from being discovered.

Li Ji Shan brushed the ashes from the futon and bowed to the Buddha statue. I don't know how long this temple has been abandoned.

After worshiping the Buddha, Li Ji took Er Gouzi and went to the back of the Buddha statue to look for the hole. As a result, he saw that there were no authentic traces of the joints on the boards behind the Buddha statue.

Li Ji reached out and knocked. The bottom is indeed empty, but where is the entrance?

Li Ji tried to recall what the county magistrate said at the time.

The tunnel is behind the Buddha statue. This back does not necessarily refer to the ground.

Li Ji looked at the position of the Buddha statue, reached out and touched the back of the Buddha statue, and saw that there was no problem.

Li Ji touched his hand to the wall behind the Buddha statue again, and touched it all the way down.

At the place where the wall and the ground meet, Li Ji touched a button, deliberately poked it, and randomly heard the sound of gears turning.

Li Ji didn't understand this at all. It was a blind cat and a dead mouse who could do it here. I was so scared that I took two steps back, and then I saw the two boards in the place where I had just stood sinking, and then separated.

Below is the ladder of Shiban Pucheng.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked at each other. They believe that the county magistrate will not harm them. Go straight down the ladder into the tunnel.

The tunnel is two to three miles away from the Taiye's Mansion in the county.

Li Ji lit the Huo Zhe he carried with him, saw a candle on the wall, lit one, and walked forward with the candle.

It was only a quarter of an hour on Tuesday that I heard movement ahead.

He and Er Gouzi accelerated, and saw the light and voice in front of them.

Two steps forward, I heard someone shouting in front of me: "But the uncle and Li Siye?"

Li Ji hurriedly responded. Soon there were footsteps ahead. A householder came over with a lantern to meet him.

"Master has worked hard on the road, come with the younger ones. Someone has already notified the master, I believe the master will be back soon."

There was another ladder in front of him. Walking up the ladder, he entered a Buddhist hall.

The county magistrate's mansion is too big, I haven't been here last time, and I don't know where it is.

Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief and finally came out. Although it is illuminated by candles, the inside is empty and the space is small, which makes people feel suffocating.

However, the inside of the tunnel was fairly clean, and there was no dirt on his body when he came out of it.

Following Jiading out of the house, he turned left and right back to the yard where the two lived before. The yard is still clean, full of flowers of various colors.

When he arrived here again, Li Ji missed it very much, and the smile on his face was even brighter. The two are inseparable from the small home in the village, but it doesn't mean they don't like it here. There is white rice at home, and here are a few words of delicacies from mountains and seas. People cannot do without white rice, but the delicacies of the mountains and the sea can be as much as possible.

The environment here is beautiful, and people feel comfortable looking at it. Skillfully entered the hall in the courtyard, and sat down to rest for a while.

The ones waiting around were still familiar, and there were a few more faces. Li Ji looked familiar, and only remembered after reflecting on it.

At the beginning, the county magistrate recruited some new servants, and these were originally elected for the two. At that time, I was afraid of being poorly served, so I was taught by others for some time. Later, Li Ji and Er Gouzi returned to the village. These people had taught them well, and there was no master to serve them.

Li Ji is a little thirsty, so he drinks tea first. People who have been here once, come here again this time to be less cautious, and talk and laugh with Er Gouzi, and wait for the county magistrate to go back together.

The county magistrate has been busy with more things recently, because he has to prepare for the affairs of the county government as well as the army. Because it is not yet certain whether the rebels will be able to fight here, they can't tell the people in the county for a while, so as not to cause panic.

In addition to the trivial matter among the people, the senior officials asked the county magistrate to solve it. Adding all these together, it is really enough for the county magistrate to drink a pot.

When I was busy, I heard someone telling them that their son was back. Can he sit there? After a brief arrangement, he hurried back home.

Move faster on the road, and went straight into the yard of the two of them.

Li Ji's laughter could be heard standing at the door. At that moment, the county magistrate's heart settled down.

Entered the yard and went straight to the hall.

When Li Jihe heard the news outside, he knew that the county magistrate had returned.

Li Ji hurriedly pulled Er Gouzi to his feet, and the county magistrate entered the house with his eyes facing each other.

The county magistrate's eyes were on Er Gouzi's head, looking carefully from top to bottom, there was even a little moisture in his eyes.

"came back."

The two looked at each other and smiled. Er Gouzi answered, and Li Ji walked in with Er Gouzi: "I haven't seen you in a month, how are you doing well?"

The county magistrate stretched out his hand and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder: "It hasn't changed at all, and it's not thin. How's it going? Tell me about it."

The three of them walked to the chair, the county magistrate sat in the upright position, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat not far away from him.

After a few words of greeting, Li Ji spoke sharply and told the county magistrate what had happened recently.

There are also a lot of things before and after, the county magistrate listened with gusto. Sometimes I echoed my opinions twice.

Especially the big black family. In fact, there is no law that can say that they are guilty, but what they did is really chilling. In the face of this kind of person, all you can do is stay away, don't let him harm yourself.

A new cattle pen was built, and a small warehouse was built. It sounds like a shunxin from the county magistrate.

"We have more rabbits. This month, we have seven or eight litters of cubs, and 20 female rabbits. If you count this, you can have two or three hundred more rabbits in less than a month. Two months, that is twice as long. This rabbit has a litter a month, and I believe it won't be long before the number will exceed 1,000 or even more."

Raising these things is addictive, the more you get, the more satisfying. Every time I feed the rabbits, Li Ji can't tell how happy it is to see so many fluffy rabbits eating there.

The county magistrate was even more delighted when he heard: "Then how much you have to support."

Li Ji said: "We also heard from Ge Er that our yamen and troops can eat a lot of meat and eggs. Therefore, I plan to raise more chickens and rabbits. Now I want to ask you for a more accurate number. About how much I can collect, I also have a bottom line in my heart."

The county magistrate said: "You only care about raising, I am afraid that the less is not afraid of the more. Actually speaking, the leather is also important. It is a pity that I can't do as many as I need, and there are too many, and I can't afford it. In this way, each A hundred rabbit skins are required every month. The price is the same as the price you sell out."

Li Ji was a little embarrassed to say this: "Actually, I sell it to the leather goods store. It is a bit expensive. I was able to have such a low price at the beginning. It was mostly because of your credit. That's why the leather goods store owner gave such a low price. We all It's my own family. If there is more or less, it's all about one's own affairs behind closed doors. It doesn't need to be so clear.

"If I want it myself, can I still bring you money?" The county magistrate sipped some tea, and then said: "The money for selling leather is basically from the county government's silver bank, which is the filial piety sent by the merchants. The silver should be yours, it has nothing to do with me."

Recently, the county magistrate even accepted the filial piety of the officials under his hand. If it hadn't been for the preparation of the yamen and the army, which would require a lot of money, the county magistrate would not accept this.

It's just a special treatment at a special time. In the event of a real war, a bun with two pennies is a life-saving thing. As long as you have money to buy things, you can still manage where it came from.

It can also be regarded as a good deed for the people by officials who are not doing their jobs properly.

Even so, the county magistrate also contributed a lot of his own money.

The county magistrate said so, and Li Ji is not polite to him anymore.

"When I came, I wanted to bring something, but I was afraid of being noticed by others, so I didn't bring it. I just waited for you to send someone over and bring it back to you. In a few days there will be mushrooms in the mountains. It's coming out. Er Gouzi and I will go up the mountain to pick some, and we will prepare your share first. You and the inside are not lacking, we can get it out, that is, mountain products." Li Ji said.

Where will the line pick what they two sent back? As long as the two of them come back, it is a great thing for the county magistrate.

"If you don't tell me, I forgot. Don't you want to taste the sour bamboo shoots? There are a few jars in the house. Two of them have the best flavor. Two days after you go back, I will ask someone to send it to you. Today In the evening, I will try the fried minced pork with sour bamboo shoots. I heard that the flavor is excellent."

What Li Ji likes most is stir-fried minced pork with kimchi. This sour bamboo shoot is also a kind of grilled dish. When it comes to stir-fried minced pork, Li Ji's saliva is almost coming out.

At first it was just a mouthful, but the grandfather of the county remembered it like this.

"Excuse me, please read it." Li Ji's heart was warm and his speech softened.

"The fruits in the forest have also matured a lot. I have the intention to send you to try them out. I also remember that the yard you live in is small, with few supplies, and no place to put them. I was thinking that if you don't send it there every day, you will come back. Fruit trees I planted a lot, but didn't eat a few in the first two years. Except for the snacks for the people, I basically fed the rest. I didn't like to eat fruit in the past. If the three of us eat together, it's not bad. ."

The county magistrate finished speaking, and then smiled: "What I said is a bit hypocritical. You left and right again. Don't I still want to be alone."

This was sad, and Li Ji didn't feel happy after hearing it.

After thinking for a while, Li Ji said, "If you are emptying out, you can go to the village and take a look. This way, you can take a good look at the life of the people in the village. After this, you can also experience what Er Gouzi has always been. Days. We live outside the village, which is actually a little far away from the crowds. When you are in a bad mood, it used to be quiet and quiet, which is good."

Li Ji himself can't remember how many times this is the first time he has invited the county magistrate. In fact, the county magistrate has long wanted to go, but the god can give him time if he didn't want it.

The county magistrate nodded, and didn't say when to go. He could only say that he should be there temporarily, and I will talk about it later.

The county magistrate said something about him recently, but he didn't mention the rebel army, only the trivialities.

Basically, the county magistrate told Li Ji that Er Gouzi basically didn't speak. Even so, the family of three gets along with each other and is much more harmonious than the last time they met.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi stayed in the county for two days this time, and they went back because they were afraid of suspicion in the village.

The ox cart has been arranged by people from the Taiye's House in the county to feed it these past two days, so Li Ji and Er Gouzi don't have to worry about this.

Just before leaving, Li Ji remembered to ask the authentic thing.

"I don't know how long the tunnel has been, but it was there when the old county magistrate left his post. Later, the servant told me the place and source. I only told you the Buddha statue at the time. I was too busy. I didn't tell you the details. In fact, even if you can't find the institution, someone will pick you up after standing there for a while. You may not understand the reason. When you first enter the temple, the bell at the exit will ring. There have been people in the Buddhist temple for a long time, and if you hear the sound, they will come to pick you up. If the bell keeps ringing, it means that someone in the tunnel keeps walking, and they just need our exit to wait for you to come over."

Li Ji was stunned. He hadn't seen anything in the world before, and he hadn't even heard a few words of storytelling. Where would he understand such an ingenious thing?

He can only listen to the lively songs, and say something good.

"No wonder. When I came here, I was still thinking that I am not afraid of foreigners coming in directly from the tunnel gods without knowing it."

The county magistrate smiled and said: "This is naturally not afraid. You can come here because you know that you will sit through the tunnel. Even so, the exit place is also defensive. If they shouted to you, you didn't explain it here. You'll be held there when you come out of the tunnel. There are a few gangsters in the house who know how to fist, and ordinary gangsters can control them. Even a group of robbers can delay their stay. The main thing is to keep them to escape."

Li Ji understood and nodded.

The county magistrate sent the two directly outside the tunnel through the tunnel. But no matter where it is delivered, there is always a time to separate.

The county magistrate watched the two sit in the bullock cart, his eyes burning, but he was helpless.

Li Ji took Er Gouzi back and waved, repeatedly saying that they would come back when they were free.

Everyone left their eyes, and the county magistrate still looked at it for a while.

Before the county Cheng was beaten by the county magistrate. It made him feel embarrassed. But it's one thing to get a face first, but it's another thing to make the county prime minister afraid.

Obviously, the county magistrate was annoyed by the fact that Xian Cheng had given Er Gouzi a gift before, but now Er Gouzi went to send Li Yan back to his ancestral grave. If Er Gouzi was still there, the county Cheng could still find ways to please Er Gouzi so that Er Gouzi could say something nice to him.

Now the grandfather of the county has spent a full month in Xian Cheng. Since this month, the subordinates and colleagues who were close to Xian Cheng have kept their distance from him either intentionally or unintentionally.

If we continue, the county prime minister is isolated and helpless, and I really wait for the day when the county magistrate is unhappy and wants to clean up him. It is just a matter of a word. At that time, there will be no intercessors, so what can the county prime minister do? Help yourself?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt my heart palpitations, and I didn't dare to come home easily, for fear that the county magistrate would be upset looking at him.

In the end, when the county prime minister really couldn't think of other ways, he could only put hope on Zhao Ruyue.

Since Zhao Ruyue has become the most respectable concubine in the mansion, his worth has risen, and he has become the most popular concubine in the mansion.

The other concubine rooms in the mansion had to avoid their sharp edges, and the aunt who was originally favored and arrogant had to put down her body to be careful.

It happened that Zhao Ruyue had a relationship with the county magistrate. He was the niece and wife of the county magistrate in name, and even the county Cheng took a little attention when facing him.

Especially after the county magistrate had been exposed to the air for a long time, the county prime minister placed hope on Zhao Ruyue, and it was even better for Zhao Ruyue. It can even be said that as long as the wife has a copy of everything, Zhao Ruyue is indispensable.

The subordinates in the mansion also regarded Zhao Ruyue as a normal wife by default, and basically treated them as wives.

Zhao Ruyue is not stupid. Feeling that the county Cheng is so hospitable to her, she feels that something must be happening here.

Sure enough, before Zhao Ruyue had enjoyed the good days for a long time, the county Cheng told Zhao Ruyue all the things he was worried about.

What can Zhao Ruyue do? Xian Cheng's tone was negotiated, but Zhao Ruyue was not qualified to refuse at all. If Zhao Ruyue really followed the thoughts of the occasion and retreated, I am afraid that from now on, Zhao Ruyue will not think about getting too much in the mansion.

But what about Zhao Ruyue?

Everyone else said that she had climbed up the wealth and flew onto the branch. With the county magistrate as the backing, even the lady in the mansion had to avoid her edge. Only Zhao Ruyue knows, what kind of relative is she from the county magistrate? I'm afraid that the county magistrate would not even see her.

At the beginning, Zhao Ruyue was clever and wanted to use Li Yan to set off her. No wonder Li Yan was the wife of the county magistrate infatuated.

At that time, the county magistrate was willing to help Zhao Ruyue once, I am afraid he also listened to Li Ji's words. But only this time, after this…Zhao Ruyue knows herself, knowing how many catties she is.

Because of this, the county prime minister came to Zhao Ruyue's heart to feel bitter. What she enjoyed so soon is going back.

But even if he knew that the county magistrate wouldn't wait to see her, Zhao Ruyue could only bite the bullet and respond.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi returned to the village without knowing it, even most people in the village did not know that they had left.

the reason is simple. The two live outside the village, and it is normal not to see them if they don't enter the village for a long time.

As for those who came to the door, they were basically stopped by Ge Er and Tinglan. When I asked about Li Ji and Er Gouzi, he said that he hadn't come back to mow the grass in the mountains.

When they came back three days later, they seemed to have never left the village.

Before returning to the village, the two went to the county to buy some soft furniture, unload everything at home, and simply decorate the newly built house.

In the past few days, I still have to ask someone to come over and get it in the house, such as the Kang. This kind of thing like Huo Kang is simple, and every family has it. But it's really difficult to get it right.

The kang is made up of kang caves. But how can we keep the heat longer, how can the smoke go out faster, so as not to choke people in the house, where there are many doorways.

There is also a stove. A good stove is flammable and material-saving, and can get the most heat with the least amount of firewood.

For these, we still need to find veterans in the village.

The dealer in the field had a good harvest. This is also the time when the most dishes are served in the yard.

We used to eat and pick now, but now more and more are mature. If you don't deal with it anymore, it's all rotten in the ground.

Find the woman in the village who knows the most about pickling vegetables to pickle everything that can be played, and dry the ones that can't. When the sun is good, the next batch can be dried in a day or two.

Two large yards, the vegetables picked are enough for a while.

Recently, Li Ji likes to eat eggplants. Except for a part of the eggplants which are marinated for making garlic, the rest are steamed and dried, and kept for winter when there are no vegetables.

The county magistrate sent something again. In addition to the necessary ice cubes and sour bamboo shoots, there are also many good things that may be useful.

There are indeed a lot of good things about home now. Take the quilt. After the grandfather of the county gave several sets, the original bedding in the house became the bottom of the press box, even to the point where it was used to pave the ground.

Li Ji didn't want to be so wasteful, but just gave the nephews the new bedding after a year or two.

The clothes are even more packaged. The key is that the material is excellent. Both of them usually work at home. Good clothes are spoiled. I am afraid of being dazzling when it spreads out.

I can only watch it when I send it over. 

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