The place in the corner of the house has been cleaned up again and again, striving to make more space for more stuff.

Recently, I have even cooked a lot more food every day, especially the food that takes up space. I just want to eat it as soon as possible, so I can make room to store the things sent by the grandfather of the county.

Now Li Ji is experiencing the troubles of wealth.

In the past, the poor jingle, there was nothing, even a decent bowl, I wanted everything when I saw it, and I wanted to move into the house when I saw something good. What now?

Of course, I want to have a big yard like the county magistrate, and I want to install as much as I want.

How much can you be afraid of good things?

First put the other party on the floor in the room that there is really no place to put. Underneath is a layer of blankets from the past at home. This blanket was placed a year ago, that is, Er Gouzi and Li Ji were willing to take it out during the hottest days in summer. They were both reluctant to pave the kang, and even more reluctant to be touched and sat on them. Now they are directly on the floor. Save the good things sent by the county magistrate.

Li Ji squatted on the ground and stretched out his neck to look at them one by one.

It took a while to sit down and decide.

"Er Gouzi, let's dig the ground." Li Ji said.

Er Gouzi didn't understand, so he tilted his head to see him and asked with his eyes.

Li Ji said, "We really don't have a place to put things. But at this time, we are afraid of people's suspicion and we can't build a big house. Then it's better to dig an underground house, dig as much as you want, and put as much as you want."

Er Gouzi nodded, feeling deeply that this method is feasible.

With such an idea, Li Ji immediately stood up and went out to talk to Ge Erjiang about his own ideas.

Since I don't want outsiders to know, I can only dig in with the door closed. How big to dig is determined by the four people in the house.

Hearing this proposal, Ge Er first thought that Li Ji was smart, and then he also felt that Li Ji's head was alive, and he felt everything.

In fact, cellars are very common in the village. However, they are generally very small, and are generally used to store things such as carrots and potatoes that are durable. Because the underground is cooler, it can be kept longer.

Unless war needs to be avoided, in a peaceful and prosperous age, who would have thought of digging a big cellar to put things away?

"This cellar is easy to dig, but we have few people. If we want to dig a big one, we have to use pillars as supports, otherwise it will easily collapse. The simplest way is to use wood. But unless you use good wood, the wood will rot in a few years. It's ok. It's better to use a stone or turn your head. But if that's the case, it will be troublesome to make love. If there are only four of us here, even if it's just a cellar as big as our yard, it will take at least one or two years. Kung Fu. Of course, if there are too many people, it should be a different matter."

Ge Er is more knowledgeable. With that said, Li Ji also feels that he is whimsical. It will be really that easy there.

"Then let's dig a little bit first…" Li Ji thought about it, then said, "Then let's go to the mountain to dig a cave? The cave on Niang's side has already put a lot of things, the cave at Er Gouzi seems a little bit Far. We can go deeper into the mountain and dig a cave where no one goes in. Digging a cave should be much safer than digging a cellar. Even if we need to build a pillar in the cave, we have time to do it slowly, or simply from a distance. If you hire someone to get it, you are not afraid that the villagers will find it."

Ge Er still shook his head: "Small caves are feasible. We can dig in the four of us. But if it is a larger cave, it is unrealistic. If you hire someone outside, someone who is a good person will never know each other because of their talents. People who walked into the deep mountains and old forests? Take 10,000 steps back, even if someone is willing to love, how can the materials for the pillars be transported into the mountains? There are no roads in the mountains, and it is inconvenient to walk in carts and horses, so they can only rely on people to carry them in a little bit. The stone is still going to turn around and move in a little bit. The city is time-consuming and laborious."

Ge Er's words can be said to be very pertinent.

Li Ji is just a flash of spirit, and there is no time to think too carefully. But thanks to Ge Er's active mind, he explained this to himself a little bit.

Li Ji was a little disappointed, and said: "You are right, I didn't think about it. But there are still things that can be put in… If the grandfather of the county sends things over again, there will be no room for the underground, so it is estimated that the floor will be laid. Up."

"Aren't our newly built warehouses working?" Ge Er asked.

Li Ji nodded: "It works, but there is only one broken wooden door, which is not safe. Last time I went back to the city and found a storefront and ordered an iron one, but it will take half a month to get it back."

"Then it won't matter if you put it in first. Now that warehouse is not used yet, and it's empty for the villagers. Except for some children going there to play, who will pay attention to it? It's even more unlikely that someone will leave the empty warehouse. The wooden door was smashed in. It was originally only necessary to lock the small doors, but now it is safer than a warehouse full of grass."

Li Ji can feel it when he wakes up the person in his dream.

Lian laughed and said: "Why didn't I think about it? I still think about other ways, a good way is right in front of my eyes. In a while, let's double it again, and move those that are really not needed in the short term. Go. It won't work during the day. Let's move in tonight."

If you want to understand, Li Ji will not worry about it. Busy pulling the Er Gouzi together to study those that we don't need. If you don't need it for hundreds of years, you can move it first, if you don't need it for half a year, or if you don't need it for a few months, you can also move it. It's like a cotton-padded quilt, which is not needed before winter.

Looking at it this way, a lot of places were immediately vacated in the yard.

Just waited for the evening to move over. From now on, the grandfather of the county will not be in a hurry to send anything over.

I was busy for a long time, and in the evening, I had dinner and no one slept. Drink tea and hang your spirits. Just waiting for the moon outside to hang in the air and you can see and write things outside, but when the village can't see anything, then a group of people packed everything up, pushing a wheelbarrow to go to the new warehouse. Hide things.

After a while, when he arrived at the place, Li Ji opened the small door and the group began to move inside. Everyone is careful and try not to make any noises.

Just after moving a wheelbarrow into the new warehouse quietly, Er Gouzi suddenly stopped when he was about to go back.

Li Ji first noticed Er Gouzi's movements, holding Er Gouzi's sleeve in his hand, and silently asked Er Gouzi what happened.

Er Gouzi put down the handle of the wheelbarrow and made a silent motion to the other three.

Then turned around and walked gently two steps.

When I calmed down and stood there, everyone heard the sound.

Someone is walking over, and the sound of the soles rubbing against the ground is a bit loud, which means that this person likes to walk on the ground and cannot lift his feet.

Er Gouzi walked lightly and barely made any sound. After being hungry for a while, he faintly heard two low curses, as if cursing something, and then heard several violent metal collisions.

Li Ji immediately heard that someone was smashing the lock.

Just as Li Ji was about to speak, he was stopped by Ge Er. Looking at Ge Er blankly, Ge Er shook his head and looked at Er Gouzi. I probably wanted to tell Li Ji to believe in Er Gouzi.

Li Ji nodded, stopped speaking, and looked at Er Gouzi intently.

When you look at people in the moonlight, you can't see clearly. Er Gouzi looked at his perseverance from the back. At first glance, he was particularly powerful and reliable.

Er Gouzi stood in front of everyone as he should, and went to check the unknown.

It didn't take long for the lock to be broken open. The door opened and people went inside.

That was the warehouse built before for hay. In addition to the hay, there was some dry wood in it. Li Ji couldn't think of any other things that could be stolen to make him run over in the middle of the night.

It was such a coincidence that four of Li Ji came over to move things and bumped into each other.

Er Gouzi walked to the transfer place and disappeared, Li Ji is still waiting here.

Then he heard the dragging sound again, the man obviously had no energy, his breathing was a bit rough, and he heard clearly.

After a while, because there was a warehouse, it happened to be unclear over there. The three of Li Ji didn't dare to move easily, for fear that they wouldn't be able to catch them unless the movement scared people away.

Er Gouzi was also patient and curious as to what this person wanted to do.

The dragging voice of the man didn't end, and he seemed to have walked back and forth a few times, moving the hay out of the warehouse.

Li Ji still couldn't guess what he was going to do. Those are all grass, things that can be seen everywhere on the mountain, what's the use of stealing this?

After waiting for a while, the man was already out of breath, and Li Ji faintly saw some flames.

The next second, a scream reminded, Er Gouzi's voice came.

"who is it!"

Listening to the voice, you know that this is a catch.

The three of them hurried over and saw a burning flame on the ground as soon as they turned. The flame was not big, but it was very conspicuous in the dark.

Beside Huozhezi, Er Gouzi was pressing a man to the ground.

He picked up the Huozhezi and walked over, squatted down to take a closer look, and said with surprise: "Er Chanzi?"

This person is not someone else, officially Er Chanzi who hasn't seen for a long time.

Since Er Chanzi daughter-in-law was taken away by her family, another Er Chanzi could not find his wife. Er Chanzi rarely goes out to see people. Li Ji rarely enters the village again, and after careful calculation, he hasn't seen Er Chanzi in a year or two.

In the middle of the night, what did Er Chanzi come here for?

Er Chanzi was still struggling violently, and turned his face away so that Li Ji could not see it, his voice was full of panic, and said in confusion: "You have admitted the wrong person, you have admitted the wrong person, let me go, I didn't do anything!"

Er Gouzi's head became stronger, and Er Gouzi's wailing sound became much louder, and he couldn't even bother to speak.

Er Gouzi's face was cold, and he spoke with some anger: "He is going to burn the cattle pen."

Li Ji was stunned, then took a look at the Huozhezidao cattle pen. This cattle pen is next to the warehouse. It was built before so that it is convenient to fetch hay to feed the rabbits at any time, so it is better to enter.

Looking at the door of the cattle pen, there are indeed a few large bales of hay stacked. Although the house is made of bricks, the roof is made of straw, which is extremely flammable.

The rabbit cages inside are made of wicker, which is easy to get up. If this fire ignites, none of the rabbits can run away.

The livestock pen at the house is full for a long time, so the animals that have been raised recently are all kept here.

If these rabbits were burned to death, Li Ji would have lost at least half of his property. Not only that, this rabbit is a rabbit breed. Rabbits give birth to rabbits and children. If it were all gone, it would be impossible to achieve the plan made with the county magistrate to provide meat for the yamen and the army in the next two years.

After a long time of thinking, Er Chanzi seems even more hateful.

It's easy to say that Er Chanzi burned his livestock stable. This not only broke Li Ji's financial means, but also broke the sample of the county's military and land.

Before and after all wanted to understand, Li Ji didn't leave any affection.

Immediately he said coldly: "Er Gouzi, send the help directly to the village chief's house. You can see it firmly, this is not over!"

Li Jiyi remembered that his hard-earned family property with Er Gouzi had almost lost half of his fortune overnight, and his heart could not be suppressed.

This matter is not only endless, but also a big trouble. There will always be a second time from the first time. What's more, it is still a family like Ersho.

At the beginning, I just said two fair words when he was with his daughter-in-law, Chu. It was because his family was wrong, but because of his relatives, he wanted the villagers to help stop the poor daughter-in-law from leaving.

Li Ji felt sorry for the daughter-in-law, and said two words to make the villagers change their minds and go to work without effort, and let the daughter-in-law leave.

In the following two years, the Er Chanzi mother and son both held a grudge against him. Before, it was even rumours from the whole village that banned dirty water from Li Ji.

Li Ji has never been familiar with them, unless he comes to the door, otherwise Li Ji can't remember them both.

As a result, in the past year, even though it was not peaceful and beautiful, at least the well water did not offend the river, and I couldn't even speak at ordinary times.

What kind of hatred is it for Er Chanzi to come over to order Li Ji's livestock pen in the middle of the night?

If the only Er Chanzi is more frenzied, and directly clicks on Li Ji's house, then there is still a way for the four of this family to survive?

If you don't pursue it this time, just let it go. If you are not in a good mood, Er Chanzi is in a bad mood next day, so let's go to Li Ji's house and order it.

The more I think about it, the more I am afraid.

Fortunately, God's kindness made them happen to meet them, just waiting to seize the opportunity this time, and then they won't be afraid to change later.

Fortunately in my heart, after short-circuiting, I gradually wake up from my anger.

These Er Chanzi may not really have any deep hatred with their own family, and most of them are not aware of the previous contradiction when doing this today.

The real reason is that Li Ji's life is getting better and better recently. Otherwise, if you really want to vent your anger, Li Ji still has an old house. How could you break Li Jicai's road first?

The contradiction is just an inducement. The real reason is that Er Chanzi doesn't like Li Ji, but the better Li Ji's days go. The Er Chanzi sons, mother and son struggled to beg a wife again, but Li Ji refused in every possible way and didn't mean to marry a wife at all.

In this way, the more comfortable Li Ji's life is, the more unpleasant they will look at Er Chanzi.

Li Ji stopped and couldn't help thinking. Er Chanzi had an excuse to come over to bad Li Ji. Will those who have no excuses and are still in harmony with Li Ji's face, will they have similar ideas?

Just thinking about it, Li Ji's cold sweat came down.

If this fire ignited. Is it because there are more people who come here to fight the fire temporarily, or are they more applauded in the heart of watching the fire from the other side or even going down the shaft?

Li Ji didn't dare to think deeply about going down and stopping. He looked behind him and stretched out his hand to stop Ge Er and Tinglan.

Waiting for Er Gouzi to walk a little further, Li Ji lowered his voice and said to them: "I will wrong you to pretend to be a wicked person and make the matter go to Master Dadao. I'm not good at making trouble, but you can."

This matter must be cut and rooted, and no matter how the village is dealt with, it will be open for thinking about "self-family". The most, the most, it's time to have a meal, and then shut in the family temple, just like that two melon.

Therefore, if you want to deal with this matter thoroughly, you have to be the grandfather of the county. Li Ji can't take the initiative to declare customs because once Li Ji declares, then the limelight in the village may not be helping him. Instead, there will be voices accusing Li Ji of killing him and disregarding his ethnicity.

It's like the time when he was sentenced to Er Chanzi daughter-in-law. Er Chanzi's wife was miscarried in the first month, and everyone felt sorry for her. But if Er Chanzi's wife sued her husband and mother-in-law to the yamen, everyone would say that she was unfilial, and even the Shanghai she had received before would take it for granted. Become deserved.

The same is true of Li Ji now. If you are not a high official, the villagers will stand on his side to attack Er Chanzi. But in line with the principle of staying a line in everything, he will never be punished too much.

But once Li Ji went to the customs to make the matter worse, he became a cold-blooded person, and even the things that Er Chanzi did would become "too much bullied" and thus be understood.

Ge Er and Tinglan certainly understood what Li Ji meant. For them, what came out of the door of the house was nothing more than pediatrics.

All the way to the village chief's house.

At this time the village chief and his wife were sleeping soundly. Hearing the movement, he put on his clothes and went out, yawning, sleepy and complaining.

"Why? It's in the middle of the night. I can't wait for dawn to say anything."

Er Gouzi came first, watching the village chief not speaking, or Li Ji rushing all the way from behind to explain the matter.

"If it's a small matter, I won't trouble you. Look at who this is. Er Chanzi. Most of the night, I don't know what kind of horrible things I have put in. I want to order my cattle pen. Fortunately, I found it early and later I found it. Most of the rabbits are dead."

The village chief became more energetic. In fact, there are not many people who know how many animals are in Li Ji's family. The village head can only say that it is like more than others know.

Li Ji's family now has a lot of money, and the village head has a concept, and he also knows that so much money is saved by selling rabbit skins. This fire prevention burns the rabbit to death, it is really vicious.

"B*stard! Good people don't do that bad thing! First go to the family temple, I will go to the village elders. This thing can't be over, you have to teach you little B*stard." The village chief said. The house changed clothes, but the Er Chanzi were still struggling.

"I didn't! I just went out for a stroll in the middle of the night, I didn't do anything, they buried me! You believe me, I didn't do anything!"

Er Gouzi's hands pressed hard, in exchange for another wailing.

Li Ji said coldly: "Are you sure to go on so quibbling?"

Er Chanzi at this time also reacted. He can't take the blame for this crime. If it is really known that he goes to order the cattle pen in the middle of the night, he is still an elder, and he will be completely unable to lift his head in the village in the future.

Not only was he unable to lift his head, the punishment in the village was also enough to make him skinny.

"What am I quibbling about? I didn't do anything and I have a clear conscience! I tell you! I know you look down on me, and you haven't said anything bad about me! It's better now. Once you catch me, any poop will buckle me. Go on! I went out for a walk in time tonight, and you got caught here! I'm not afraid of shadows, I didn't do anything!"

Anyway, there were no outsiders when he was caught, and Li Ji couldn't help him if he didn't admit it when he was killed by Er Chanzi. What if there are those firewood? It is said that Li Ji made it deliberately in order to pay him back. This is not the wrist held by a group of people, so there is no absolute evidence. As long as the second scoop does not admit it, it will not work to cure him.

Li Ji looked at Er Chanzi out of the corner of his eyes, and said with contempt: "Do you really think that if you don't admit it, you can assume it hasn't happened?"

Even if Heitian Qiao didn't know it, Er Chanzi still didn't startle.

"You… why do you blame good people for no evidence! I am not afraid of shadows! I didn't do anything! How can you prove guilt?"

Li Ji sneered and said: "I want to convict you, but I still need proof."

This sentence is affirmative, with a tone that cannot be refuted.

Li Ji ignored him and went to the family temple with Er Gouzi.

Tie the Er Chanzi firmly with the rope in the family temple and threw it into the corner. Li Ji and Ge Er Tinglan looked at each other.

Ge Er listened to Lanxin and understood, and listened to the shoulders, that is, the eye-catching skills, the two of them were less friendly, and unexpectedly more cold and sharp.

After a while, there will be a play. Li Ji played the red face, and the two of them played the white face.

Li Ji simply found a rag and stuffed it into his mouth. After waiting for more than a quarter of an hour, the village head hurried over with a few elders.

People who are too old or in poor health don't dare to bother, enter the house, and all the elders have a total of three people. The village chief made it clear to them, and there is no need for Li Ji to explain.

They went into the house and looked at the bad luck of the Er Chanzi on the ground. In fact, most of them still watched the excitement in their hearts.

"I thought that this kid didn't do good things before? It's so maddening. It's also because of you that happened to be blocked, otherwise I really don't dare to think about it."

Li Ji quickly entered the role, sighing helplessly: "What can I do? I'm bragging about being kind to anyone, and I didn't do anything bad. I spent a few extra cash in my pocket, this matter. The children are one after another. The hunter of the old Gao family, Ergua, now Ersho has come to make a fuss again."

This time, Li Ji didn't straightforwardly convict the two melons at the beginning, but cried back to the miserable first, and first aroused the pity of others.

"If you have more money, you will inevitably encounter hot eyes. What else can you do? Everyone knows Er Chanzi, and can do shameful activities." This time it was Li Shuisheng.

Li Shuisheng's mind is narrow. Li Shuisheng still remembers how much dirty water Er Chanzi mother spilled in order to marry Li Qiao'er.

"I want to say that I offended him?" Li Ji frowned and said with doubts, "I did say a few words about his daughter-in-law at the beginning. But I am an unmarried young man, and I might complain about getting married in the future. Wrong? I've been a kid, and I've been eating chaff and clinking for many years. I finally had some spare money in my pocket, but Er Chanzi has happened, why can't I tell you?"

Li Ji first broke the matter of the two people's feud and talked about it. As long as they feel that Li Ji was right at the beginning, the two people started with the feud, and the fault was not with Li Ji. The "retaliation" of the latter Er Chanzi is naturally even more unjustified.

Li Shuisheng said: "What is your name? You were not the only one at the time, but the whole village was talking about it. Which family with a son did not close the door and scold you? So many people caught you. I think It's not a grudge, it's obviously jealous that you have a good life, it's not like if you're having a good life, you'll find a crappy excuse."

As soon as Li Shuisheng's words came out, the charges of these Er Chanzi could be regarded as conclusive.

After all the preparations have been made, Li Ji said smoothly: "I can't think of how he can hate me to such an extent. Even if I click on my warehouse, it's easy to say, there is some grass on the left and right. Close. I vented his anger, and the two will not be able to communicate with each other in the future. He broke the warehouse door and moved the haystack outside the barn! I was afraid that the livestock would not be able to get in the barn. There would feed most of my animals. This is breaking my money."

To cut off people's wealth is like killing a parent.

Although this is an exaggeration, money is the capital for a family to settle down, and only by transferring money can they support the family! Otherwise, if there is no source of silver, the whole family will starve to death?

So there is such a sentence.

The village chief also sighed: "This is too cruel! Although this person is usually greedy and lazy and unwelcome, but at any rate it seems to grow up, minor problems continue, but there are no major problems. I can't even think about it. This matter!"

The other elder's attention is obviously different from those of others: "Hearing what you said, what he focused on was the cattle pen outside your house? How did you find out when it's all here?"

How can anyone go out to look at the cattle pen in the middle of the night? Er Chanzi did this mostly in the middle of the night because of the black and high winds. Li Ji must have fallen asleep, so he went to the cattle pen. Maybe he couldn't even dream that he could be blocked by the four of Li Ji.

Li Ji had already thought about the answer, and said: "How do you think my rabbits grow so fast? My money is not easy to come. The rabbits grow fast, they can kill and buy money as soon as possible. I want them to grow. They have to eat more grass soon. But they are fed during the day, and they sleep as soon as it gets dark at night. So in the middle of the night, when it's okay, go to disturb them and let them wake up and sleep again when they are full. Don't say, this method is indeed true. It works, I grew up half a month earlier than before."

After Li Ji finished saying this, the topic changed, and he fell on Er Chanzi again: "Fortunately, we have this habit. It is also because God loves that it is not easy for me to serve those animals day and night, so I happened to meet Er Chanzi. Shovel. Actually, we came to him first. We stayed behind and watched for a while. Watching him break the lock and move the hay out. At first I thought he was stealing some grass. I was afraid that he would be embarrassed. Waiting for him to leave, I didn't see it. I didn't expect him to take out the fire fold to light it. Fortunately, Er Gouzi was agile, but he found it when the light was slow. Those hay were all caught in the fire. Don't go out."

Speaking of Li Ji's words, there is no need to say more later. Li Ji's words are obvious. He has done his best and intends to let go of the Er Chanzi. It is Er Chanzi who doesn't cherish the opportunity, and he is going to be bad for Li Ji.

Change to any family in the village, let alone the livestock pen, or the street where a chicken was trampled to death by standing at the door and cursing for several days.

The village chief sighed after listening to this, and said, "I understand everything about this matter. We should also decide how to punish. Xiao Ji, you are an elder, and he wants to order your herd. You plan to accept it. How to punish."

In fact, this is what Li Ji doesn't want most, and the average victim doesn't think it's fair to do so. It seems that letting the victim make his own decision is to let the victim breathe out, but in fact, the person who committed the crime remembered who gave the punishment.

The victim was originally hated, and he asked how to punish. Just waiting for the freedom to commit crimes, then the victimization will not be intensified?

What's more, how to punish the victim in making a decision, how to do it, but how to measure this degree? Don't be too heavy. Too heavy is not only hateful, but others will complain that he is too cruel.

So I can only speak lightly. But if it is lighter, you will not be relieved at all, you will not be fair, and you will be hated by crimes.

But most people think it's fair to do so. How can Li Ji extrapolate?

Li Ji thought about it, and sighed: "What else? An ancestor, can there be life and death sorrows?"

The meaning of Li Ji's words is that he intends to make major events smaller.

Er Chanzi breathed a sigh of relief, and everyone else felt that things could pass like this.

At this time, Tinglan stood up: "Siye Li is kind and sentimental."

There was no expression on Ting Lan's face, and she stood with her shoulders straight without being angry or pretentious.

The village chief only noticed this man at this time. Look at these two people at this time, think about it for yourself, when you think of it, sweat is all on your head.

Isn't this the servant from Er Gouzi's family?

In this small closed village, the big families are great people, and the servants of the big families are unattainable. Because people are close to big people, it's really offensive. Just cheating with big people is enough for ordinary bosses like them to bear the surname.

Li Ji pretended to say: "How come, you have also seen it, in the end it is a family, how can I say to open two."

Hearing the corners of Lan's lips, he looked at some crippled people: "Four Lord, you forgot something. Those rabbits do not know you alone. The rabbits were raised by you and my uncle. The original rabbit breeder was also my uncle. You got it. The Er Chanzi is the rabbit of both of you. Why are you alone?"

With some embarrassment on Li Ji's face, he smiled and said, "Er Gouzi and Er Chanzi are also relatives."

"Relatives? Li Siye, you can think about it, and explain it. What kind of relative is this?" Hearing Lan's tone was sour, it seemed that Li Ji didn't pay attention to it at all.

Li Ji's face is even more embarrassed, in fact Li Ji is really embarrassed at this time. No way, the performance of Lan was so alike. When facing her, Li Ji really felt despised.

"Even if you don't admit it, just assume that Er Gouzi and I still have such another relationship?" Li Ji tried his best to get out of the siege.

Listening Lan shook her veil with a sneer on her face: "Look at what this said. Fourth Lord, you are kind to our master, but the whole world has not threatened the kindness. It's not like breaking the sky. This reason. It's not bullying you. This rabbit is divided into two halves. It's usually yours. You don't rush to pursue it when you think about your old feelings. Our family can't manage it, but the one that belongs to my master can also be said by the slave servant."

Tinglan walked slowly to Er Chanzi, took a closer look, and then turned around and said: "After the uncle returns to the mansion, the rabbits raised here are the property of the mansion. Seriously, I have been following the master for many years. I've never seen anyone who wants to mess with the master and can stand still. The one that belongs to the uncle, the uncle can't understand, you have no right to control the fourth master, and I, a slave and maid, don't dare to say anything. It's better to send it to the master. Let the master do at most."

The elders who hadn't spoken shuddered as soon as they heard this. Li Ji had done a good job before and successfully created a terrible Er Gouzidi who kills people without blinking.

Now when I heard that I was going to my home, I was afraid that the whole village would be angered by others.

The elder said hurriedly: "I can't do it. The girl is too angry. He rarely goes out. Where do you know how many animals are in the stable? It's just a suffocation in his heart to make things worse. He regrets it in his heart. Ergou… Ah, your uncle lives in the village. Even if he doesn't recognize this relative, he is regarded as a neighbor. Who can not make a mistake, this time passed, If you commit the crime again next time, how about going together again?"

Persuading people is this kind of rhetoric. Know the reason and move the affection to kidnap the interests of others with the empty talk of peace.

Listening to Lan is not easy to talk.

Hearing Lan frowned slightly, knocked at the elders, and said with a bit of sarcasm: "Don't blame me as a little gang who can talk, and don't think I am bad. Dare to ask you how you look like, and you want to be the master of my house? What do you think? If you live in this village, you should retreat step by step. That's easy. Tomorrow I will go back to the master, and just tell these bad things, I believe it will only take a day or two, and the master will be able to find another one without suffering. I'm wronged. My Buddha is small, so it seems that I can't live in your temple."

Li Ji hurriedly stood between the two to make a round.

"Look at what a temper? You can't say two things that confuse the water? The big family is still joking, don't take it too seriously. We are all ordinary people, where dare to touch the minds of the big family? The people like to make peace. Because it's expensive, you should bear more, right? You didn't hear it."

Everyone knocked it out, so Lan looked like he didn't plan to just let it go.

The village chief sighed: "In this case, what to do with it, it's up to you, girl."

Tinglan nodded and gave Li Ji a look without leaving a trace. Then he said: "You should be more reasonable. I don't want some people, but just blindly stretch out your hands to be the masters. Since there are a lot of them, it is not difficult for me to do it for you. It is not necessary to send it to my master's home."

As soon as Er Chan's face relaxed a little, he listened to Lan continue to say: "Send it directly to the government. How the government judges, how we count it. We won't be held accountable in the future. Don't say we are bullying, what's the matter? To solve it, let's listen to the Daxia Law."

That said, it should be considered fair. It's just relative to sending it to Er Gouzi's home.

The village chief knows that sending Er Gouzi to his home is actually the same thing as sending him to see an official.

If Er Chanzi offends other people in the village, the village chief will help to smooth things out based on the principle of turning big things into small things and turning small things into small things. But it is not others who offend, it is Er Gouzi! And the subordinates sent by Er Gouzi's family are here.

Even if Er Gouzi is good at talking, the servants around him can't talk well, let alone get confused.

This matter is so decided.

After tying the person, Ge Er directly helped a rope on Er Chanzi's body, and pulled back to Li Ji's house along the way.

Then put on the bullock cart, tied the Er Chanzi to the cart, and drove the bullock cart directly into the city.

At this time, Er Chanzi really knew what it meant to kick the iron plate.

In fact, until the village chief asked Li Ji to decide how to punish, Er Chanzi didn't care much, because it was from the same village and his family, no matter how much the punishment was, it would not be too much.

If he beat him, Er Chanzi would have an excuse to pretend to be severely beaten, and mistake Li Ji, maybe there will be a good life in the future.

Tinglan's stand up was unexpected by Er Chanzi, and Tinglan's strength and unfeeling were even more unexpected.

This is about to send him to see the official, can he come back after seeing the official? Even if you can come back, can you still be accepted by the villagers?

There are no people in the village who have been in jail in the recent New Year, and they are even more taboo about the word jail. If he squatted in and came back later, the people in the village would definitely maintain it with him. How could he stay in the village?

He is going to be someone with great promise in the future, how could he be so ruined!

Er Chanzi in the car struggled desperately, looking at Ge Er with pleading on his face, but Ge Er didn't even look at him.

Go see Li Ji again. The moon slanted to the west, and the light behind his back was even more unclear. But Li Ji's cold voice came over, still making him shiver.

"I said, I want to convict you, no evidence is needed."

After such a tossing, there is no need for evidence at all, because Er Shanziren has collapsed. When I met the county magistrate, there must be something to say. When I arrived in the lobby, I didn't even need to be sentenced.

Watching Ge Er leave, Li Ji returned to the house. It was already late in the night, and it would be dawn in less than an hour.

Li Ji was a little sleepy, worked on the kang for a while, and listened to Lan coming over to pour him tea.

"I'll leave the tea, and I'll have to sleep later." Li Ji yawned, "Come and sit down for a while. No one thought of anything tonight, but I have been busy for a long time."

At this time, listening to Lan took off his disguise, and smiled: "That's also God's mercy, so we just met. Before, I thought that although there are some nasty things in the village, it is a group of people, and they will work hard. Now, looking at it, it doesn't really need to be much better inside the house."

It's better to face this kind of Tinglan. Li Ji smiled and said, "It's like a lot of chaos in the master's house."

"Where can you talk about the master?" Ting Lan said, "The master's mansion is the best place to go. The slaves and maids used to serve others. That is a chaos. In a mansion, there are more than twenty masters and thirty aunts. Many. It's messy just meeting Please An every day, let alone fighting each other." 

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