Just hearing this, Li Ji shivered: "It's no wonder you are so good."

"Isn't it great? That's a place that cannibalize people without spitting out bones." Ting Lan sighed, "It's a fortunate thing to say, and then I followed the master, who has been alone for so many years, and wherever he goes, the house is clean. Jing An An An is a livelihood. Those who are slaves and maids like us are most like following such masters."

Li Ji sighed, and then said: "Almost forgot, this time we solved Er Chanzi, no matter where the master is, it can be sentenced to a few years, but his mother is still in the village. Er Chanzi was spoiled by his mother. Stupid, we only have a chance to deal with it, but his mother is not a nasty person. If she really puts her heart on us, we can't do anything about it."

Ting Lan's eyes rolled: "If you want to solve it, it's not difficult. I'm afraid that when things go wrong, something bad will come out from your side. After all, you have a lot of things here. The population is in abundance, you There are too many things here, and the innermost words of the person will become a slap, and you will be guilty."

Obviously, Tinglan is more familiar with people's hearts than Li Ji.

"Then what do you mean?"

Ting Lan smiled and said: "Watching the fire from the other side, killing people with a knife. Where do we need to do it ourselves? Listen to you, since that is a master who must report to you, why don't we use this to cause trouble?"

Li Ji didn't know how to read, let alone these verses. Without asking what it meant, he went straight to: "This matter is up to you to decide. Whatever you do, just say it."

Ting Lan rolled his eyes and said something in a low voice.

Keeping up the spirit and turning the animals to one side, the sky is bright at this time, and the three of them all go back to the bed to make up for a good night's sleep. It wasn't until noon when Ge Er came back that he woke up.

When Li Ji woke up, Er Gouzi and Tinglan both woke up, and Tinglan started cooking.

Li Ji got dressed and asked Ge Er: "How's it going?"

Ge Erdao: "Don't worry, it's easy to send him to the master. Fire prevention is a felony. If you really follow the Daxia law, you should chop off your hands directly. But the master is kind, and most of it is enthusiasm. A few years in prison. I won't be able to return within three to five years."

Now Li Ji has lingering fears when he thinks of what happened last night. It was also because of the Er Gouzi that acted swiftly, and also because of the Er Chanzi who had been sitting and not working for a long time, and his body was lying down, and moving a few bales of grass made him panting. When facing Er Gouzi, he didn't even have a chance to escape.

If you change to a sturdy man in the village, there are no Er Gouzi, and Li Ji alone will not be able to catch people 100%, and it is even possible that people will not be able to catch the fire before running.

Er Chanzi was resolved, and Li Ji was relieved. But from now on, I have to keep my eyes on it. It's really impossible to hire someone to help watch the night.

After dinner, Li Ji had other work to do, so he saw the village chief coming over.

The village chief came over and said straightforwardly: "You'd better be careful with Er Chanzi mother. Although this matter is not your decision, Er Chanzi mother insisted that you did a good thing or bad her precious son. What kind of her is she? People, you know, no one wants to see her, but in a village, if you don't see her head down, take care of anyone who meets her. Just now I was arguing and wanted to come over to ask for an explanation, but I was stopped. I will inevitably lose sight of it in the future. You can be more careful when you are coming."

Li Ji said, "His son was taken to an official, so why didn't he see the mother-in-law go and argue with his son? But there is time to say that I framed her son. It is really justified, and why would I be afraid that her son will be hated by him? Are you guilty? Could you please come over and tell me, we'll be more careful recently."

After leaving the village head, Li Ji went back to the house and told Tinglan about the matter. At this time Ge Er is sleeping in the Westinghouse, so it's better not to bother.

In the morning Er Chanzi Niang should have listened to the letter. Why did the village chief come to tell me at noon? Er Chanzi mother was afraid that she had made the next effort without success, and finally she simply buckled Li Ji's head.

Just like Er Chanzi thought, Er Sho Niang also felt that no outsiders could see her, as long as Er Shoel killed her and did not admit it, the charge would not fall on Er Shoel's head.

In the afternoon Er Chanzi Niang could not find Li Ji's troubles. Er Chanzi Niang had something to borrow money in the village, and she pleaded around for something, and even planned to ask two people to help as a witness, proving that Er Chanzi Niang did indeed have the habit of going out for walks at night recently. Huozhezi was just afraid of not being able to see it. Li Ji only knew the habit of Er Chanzi, so he designed the frame of Er Chanzi.

Just so reluctantly to get things ready, Er Chanzi Niang hurried to the county, preparing a full stomach of words along the way, just waiting to see the county magistrate's skillful tongue and change his son's innocence.

How did she know that the county magistrate was Er Gouzi's father, and she knew there, that the county magistrate was interrogated by the county magistrate overnight when she went to Er Chanzi and confessed all the tricks.

After Er Chanzi Niang went there for a few days and didn't go back, everyone in the village was wondering if something went wrong. The most circulated version is that the Er Gouzi family offended Er Gouzi's family, so Er Gouzi was caught by Er Gouzi's family this time when she entered the city. Now it is uncertain what the torture was like.

This rumor spread widely, but no one came to ask why. the reason is simple. At this moment no one wants to touch Er Gouzi's brows again. Besides, the mother and son of Er Chanzi were not pleased at first, but this time, I don't know how many people are happy behind.

Ergua daughter-in-law came to work, and her second son stayed at home to take care of Sanya, so only Ergua daughter-in-law came.

There is one more worker at home, and this time it is completely relaxed. Li Ji and Er Gouzi finally didn't have to do as much work as before, and in the time they had spared, they could go for a walk in the mountains together and be alone.

Recently, wolves have come here to deliver their prey at intervals of time, but I haven't seen the shadow of the wolf for a long time. The prey sent here was not as large as last year, but the prey was getting bigger and bigger. There was even a half-sized wild deer two days ago.

Li Ji was not greedy for this, so he peeled the skin and stayed, stewed all the meat, and brought it up to the wolf in three large pots.

At the beginning, Ge Er and Tinglan were still amazed by this way of getting along with each other. Afterwards, they were not surprised, and they helped stew up the mountain for a long time.

Li Ji had a handful of nuts in his pocket. These were not from the mountain, but were sent by the county magistrate. The fruit is big, it's still fried, and it's delicious.

Li Ji ate all the way, and threw the guest into the grass. There was no one left. The shell was buried in the soil. After a few years, it can provide nutrients to other plants.

"You said that wolves have become fathers, do they come here for less because they have a family?" Li Ji said jokingly.

Er Gouzi really thought about it seriously, shook his head and said, "When the cub grows up, he is no different from an ordinary wolf. The wolf only cares about the bear, and he will not care about it when he grows up."

Er Gouzi has been in the mountains for a long time. This kind of thing is more clear than Li Ji.

Li Ji barely understood, and nodded: "I really miss it a bit."

The two went around to the cave where Li Yan had lived with Er Gouzi. The last time I came here was really dark, I didn't see anything. Now that the fire is cleaned up, the traces inside are almost invisible. Now I have installed a lot of things from the county magistrate.

"Do you still have an impression?" Li Ji asked.

"A little bit." Er Gouzi looked at the rough hole. The soil above the cave looked very loose, and it seemed that it would fall down a lot with one tap. "But there are not many that can be remembered."

"It doesn't matter if you think of it or not, as long as you remember that this is also your home. It's impossible for people to remember everything. It's fine to live well in front of you."

I saw the mushrooms on the road and picked it at will. Later, I couldn't put it down in my hands. I picked some willow branches on the spot to make a simple small basket. When I went down the mountain, I carried a small basket of mushrooms back.

The male rabbit and female rabbit pairings were added before, but recently it just happened to be a time when there was a lot of production. If there are more rascals, it means there will be more fodder to be eaten in the future.

So soon they began to buy hay in large quantities, all in the new warehouse.

The main reason is that the old warehouse has a lot of grass, and the grass in the depths will take several months to be eaten. If it is stuffed inside, the innermost hay may not be eaten in a year or two. If the damp and mold are returned, it can only be thrown away.

The place where the hay is collected is the new warehouse. I am afraid that the people who come to sell the hay will never think of it. It is a distance of one wall. On the other side of the new warehouse, many valuable things are placed.

It took a few more days before I saw Er Chanzi mother come back.

After coming back, Er Chanzi mother was much more honest, and without her previous arrogance, she stayed at home as soon as she went home.

Some people don't worry about going over and take a look, and they don't want to say anything about Er Chanzi mother. But it didn't look like he was crazy and killed. It should have been a mistake made by the county magistrate and learned a lesson.

Many people in the village were thinking of watching the excitement. As soon as these Er Chanzi mothers came back, they began to see the situation on Li Ji's side. The Liangzi of the two families must be settled. Er Chanzi does not believe in what Er Chanzi is doing, the Er Chanzi mother really knows nothing,

Er Chanzi was also sent to prison because of Li Ji's side. There is no solution for the two sides.

The best way to get along is to stay away from each other in the future. Regardless of Yi Er Shan Zi Niang's past temper, this situation is probably unlikely.

After a few more days, Er Chanzi Niang finally revealed the events of the past few days after repeated inquiries by others.

Er Chanzi was sentenced to four years, originally three years, fined some silver. But the Er Chanzi, mother and son couldn't escape a few taels of silver, so they could only count the silver as a sentence of imprisonment, which became four years.

Er Chanzi Niang roared in court because of her emotions. She was beaten up and locked up for a few days. A few days later, she looked honest and prevented her from coming out.

Women go to jail, and men are completely different. It's not because the criminal law is different, the two people have different opinions. When a man goes to prison, people will only think that this man is a sinner, and stay away from her in the future. But if a woman is locked in, even if it is only a few days, when it reaches ordinary people's ears, it is equated with unchastity.

It is because of folk rumors that the jailer can arbitrarily punish female prisoners. Anyone who enters is not cleaned out.

Er Chanzi Niang also came out bald along her mouth, and when he reacted, the matter had spread all over the village.

In this way, it is even worse for Er Chanzi mother. Although the village didn't want to see her in the past, she really had a son, guarding his son to live, she has a hope in this life. But now that her son is in prison, she is poked in the backbone of the village again. How can this make her stand it?

Especially when she lives alone, no one to share and no one to comfort her. Her mentality has changed more and it is easier to go to extremes.

Li Ji's life here is prosperous, because there is a small warehouse to share the pile of things in the family, the family is not so shameless, and the house dared to let people in.

When the wing was ready, Ge Er and Tinglan moved in. The grandfather of the county came to give away two more things. The family of four had a full and luxurious life. It is most appropriate to describe it as carefree.

Er Chanzi Niang spent a few days alone, and then she suddenly lived a normal life like a okay person. Someone came over and watched it twice. Er Chanzi mother cooks and washes her clothes and everything is normal. It looks the same as before, and she walked out.

It is also the normal appearance of Er Chanzi Niang that makes Li Ji even more jealous. Because it's too abnormal. Who is Er Chanzi Niang? How can it be forgotten?

Li Ji watched for a few days and saw that it was not a solution, and he couldn't survive such a personal tossing day.

When Er Chanzi Niang was washing clothes, she heard a pair of young daughter-in-laws talking and chatting not far away.

"Have you heard? Fourth Uncle Li got together with your minion sent by Er Gouzi's family."

"No, that's a slave. Besides, that woman has family affairs. The man who came with her is her husband. How can you live in a block and get it together?"

"That's impossible. Don't look at how messy people's homes are. Some of the ones that come out of the homes are really clean. Maybe Ting Lan just doesn't want to continue to be a slave and maidservant. After she hooks up with the uncle, she waits for the four. The uncle talked to Er Gouzi's family, and they rewarded him to the fourth uncle. After that, he will be free from slavery and there is no need to be a slave anymore."

"It's really possible to hear you say that. But the fourth uncle is not like such a person. What kind of daughter-in-law can't be found based on his condition? Just enough to have a few rooms with young and beautiful concubines, how could he be attracted? That yellow-faced woman? That's over thirty."

"Someone came out of the house, or put some ecstasy soup for the fourth uncle. I didn't say this for nothing. I have seen them go to the old house of the fourth uncle's house several times with my own eyes. You said it was good, Why don't you go to the old house that is falling down with the big house? It's not about doing shameful things."

Er Chanzi Niang heard clearly through the bushes. As soon as she heard others mention Li Ji, she trembled with anger. At this moment, she heard such a scandalous thing about Li Ji, where could she still be able to do it? I didn't even wash my clothes, and started to calculate when I got home.

At this time, Li Ji was too ruthless. Impulse defeated reason, making her desperate to retaliate. At this moment, as long as there is a little chance, she will firmly grasp it.

As long as she remembered that Li Ji was messing with the servant sent by Er Gouzi's family, she couldn't help being excited. She knew that servants of large families were not easy to provoke, and even slaves would certainly not want to cuckold.

If Ge Er knew about this, then he would definitely become angry. Turned around and told Er Gouzi's own father, could Er Gouzi still live with Li Ji in the future? Obviously it is impossible. In the future, Li Ji might even have to endure Ge Er's revenge.

Everything that Li Ji now has is brought by Er Gouzi. As long as Er Gouzi is gone, and Li Ji is nothing, he will definitely return to the days of poverty and vain.

At that time, didn't you let Er Chanzi mother retaliate as much as she wanted?

There are also two people who are equal. As long as Li Ji has no money and power, even if Er Chanzi mother really bullies the door, the outside will only say that Li Ji does not respect being a sister-in-law, bullying her a woman who lives alone.

The more she thought about it, the more excited Er Chanzi Niang was. At this moment, she couldn't wait to retaliate fiercely, and then looked at Li Ji's embarrassed smile.

In this way, he can avenge her son. Waiting for the Er Chanzi to come out of the prison will also make her son vent his anger.

If you want to retaliate, you have to make things bigger, and the bigger the noise, the better. Er Chanzi Niang thought viciously, the best time is to make the whole village known, so that Li Ji can't lift his head in this life.

Because I don't know when the two will go to the old house to do shameful things, Er Chanzi Niang stayed in the grass at the entrance of the village for a long time.

Blinded by hatred, she left her eyes alone and just waited to catch Li Ji's fault and retaliate fiercely.

After waiting for an hour, she was really squatted by Er Chanzi mother.

Zhi watched Li Ji and Tinglan walk out of the house, and looked back from time to time, as if hiding something. Then the two whispered to their ears, listening to Lan said something shyly, and they walked quickly to the village together.

Er Chanzi Niang followed closely, waiting for the two to enter the old house, and she closed the door with a look of guard, Er Chanzi Niang's whole heart was about to fly.

When I turned around, I wanted to find people from the village to come over, but I turned around and thought about it. I just went to look for someone to come over, and it would inevitably be said to be intentional. After all, why did the Er Chanzi Mother see the two making trouble? Er Chanzi mother had a bad reputation in the village, so she couldn't add another one.

At this time, Er Chanzi mother was also clever, remembering that her son had gone in for the crime of arson, so she simply found out the fire folder she was carrying, lit the small firewood at the door of Li Ji's old house, and looked at no one around. After waiting for the fire to get bigger, he shouted: "It's not good, it's not good, it's on fire! It's on fire!"

Now Er Chanziniang didn't fall into the trap. She discovered that it was on fire by accident, and immediately went to find someone to put out the fire. The missile is not a messenger, but a helper.

Li Ji in the room heard clearly, his eyes sinking slightly, and he sighed a little pity.

Although the small pile of firewood was deliberately placed somewhere, it came with a hard time, and it was gone.

Fire and water are merciless, and it is not a trivial matter to catch a fire. If it is not put out in time, the neighbors and even the people on this line will be found.

Soon, someone came over to extinguish the fire with a bucket.

Er Chanzi mother pretended to be anxious, and she shouted: "There seems to be someone in this room. Did someone light the fire and hide in the room? You can't let people run away."

The more excited I was, the stronger I shouted. After only waiting for a while, the crowd took Li Ji and Tinglan out, and then she embraced her hatred.

As more people gather, the more diligent Er Chanzi Niang speaks. Even after the flames were small, he opened the door and walked in. While walking, he said loudly, "Where are the people? Come out! Isn't it shameful to be doing something in there?"

As soon as Er Chanzi Niang walked into the yard, the door opened.

With excitement on Er Chanzi Niang's face, she saw the door open and people came out one by one.

Not two people, but five or six people. At the end, Li Bao was supporting the old man in the family, and everyone's eyes fell on Er Chanzi Niang.

At that moment, Er Chanzi mother knew she was in the middle.

Li Ji stood at the forefront and said, "You all understand?"

Er Chanzi Niang stepped back two steps and heard the discussion behind her. I just felt that there were not enough people, the more people came. At this moment, Er Shan Zi Niang would rather have no one. Anyhow, this matter might just go over.

"You! You framed me."

"Framed you? I ask you, who ordered the firewood stack, and who found it? You in the blue sky and white sun clarify what I framed you. The people around me, including the old man, watched you with your own eyes and you lighted the fire. Calling people again, I kept talking to the door. You watched me and Tinglan enter the house, and thought we were doing shameful things, so you can't wait to call all the villagers over to take a good look. right?"

Er Chanzi Niang remembered what the two people said by the stream. At this time she was sober, who would mention this kind of thing by the water? Fortunately, she was listening by accident?

If you really steal and love, how can you run into the old house in the village in an imposing manner? Even if this is not remote, it would be conspicuous enough to walk all the way, why not just go into the mountains and find a place? No one is safe again.

Thinking about it this way, Er Chanzi Niang figured out all the loopholes, and her feelings can be imagined.

Obviously, as long as you think about it more, you won't be calculated, but Er Chanzi mother lost her mind so much, she was just calculated by Li Ji!

At this time, it's useless to say anything more. Er Chanzi mother had a bad intention, and she really set a firewood stack without Li Ji. If it were not for the absence of wind today, the fire is likely to ignite the surrounding houses. They were all thatched houses, and the fire was not easy to extinguish when it was found.

Is it just because of a holiday with Li Ji that he was so cruel?

The village chief also came out of the house. He sighed and said: "In fact, even if you just tell her husband about this, you won't make the matter to such an extent. The more wicked you are, the more you will be accused. With a little bit of thought, don't do things so desperately, as you won't be behind every one of them."

If Er Chanzi Niang went to Ge Er privately and told Ge Er about this matter, it would prove that Er Chanzi Niang was not bad, and the matter would pass if it did not happen when the door was closed.

But Er Chanzi Niang didn't plan to give Li Ji a way out, in the end, she didn't give her a way out. 

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