Li Jig said: "Since you went home, many people have reminded me to be careful of you, because you must have accused me of your son's affairs, and you will definitely find me revenge. I am not reconciled yet. Just set up such a game. Prove that you are not that kind of person. Obviously, I guessed wrong."

Li Ji looked at the old lady, and said: "Old lady, you have seen it, my sister-in-law doesn't want to give me a way to survive, and call so many people to come to see me to make a fool of myself. You come to reason. I should be their family, or owe me. From their family, have I ever been sorry to their mother and son for so many years? Er Chanzi burned my family's cattle pen in the middle of the night. Her mother called a group of people to catch the rape today, and she also ordered more of my foodies. You pinched it. Bodhisattvas are somewhat earthy. Although I am young and ignorant, there is no reason for people to bully."

The old man still remembers the time Li Ji helped him out some time ago. If it weren't for Li Ji's help, the old man would have offended Er Gouzi's family and died. Now that Li Ji has something to do, the old lady is thinking about paying back the things that Li Ji had done at the time, and this second is also intentional to please Li Ji.

Li Ji can still live with Er Gouzi, and that must have been appreciated by Er Gouzi's family. As long as you have a good relationship with Li Ji, are you afraid that you won't have the chance to meet Er Gouzi's family in the future?

The old lady said: "It's no wonder that you have such a strong temperament, you are indeed wronged."

The old lady looked up and said: "Er Chanzi F***ing mother, I know you are a bad guy. Since you were young, there is no such thing as you fear in the village. But if you are bullying and fearing hardship, you should always be divided into individuals. My mother, my father is gone at the age of fourteen, and it's easy to get better now. Don't say you have no hatred with you, even if you do, you who are a sister-in-law are really so endless? You have to deal with family affairs. Can you live or die?"

After the old man finished speaking, Li Shuisheng also opened his mouth to help speak: "Don't blame the old man for talking about you, Er Chanzi Niang, your temperament is a bit too big. The matter of Er Shan Zi was not decided by Xiao Ji alone. At that time, we These elders are all present. From the beginning, Xiao Ji has been thinking about his family. I didn't intend to emphasize it. It was the servants of Er Gouzi's family that he could not burn the animals raised by Er Gouzi and Xiao Ji. Delivered to the county magistrate. The county magistrate is the Qingtian grandfather, and the county magistrate is sentenced by the county magistrate. Why didn't you hate Er Gouzi and the county magistrate? Er Gouzi mother, people can't pick soft persimmons."

From a bystander perspective, Li Ji has always been in a wronged position.

But Er Chanzi mother grabbed Li Ji alone, but she didn't look at Li Ji's orphans in time for bullying, so did she bully come to the door?

These words and sentences are reasonable, what else can Er Chanzi Niang say? Say everything is calculated by Li Ji? But at this time, the very awake Er Chanzi Niang wanted to understand, why did Li Ji calculate Er Gouzi? Calculating Er Chanzi mother is afraid of Er Chanzi mother's revenge, so the attitude of looking at Er Chanzi mother in such a bureau, but there is no motive for designing Er Chanzi.

Li Ji lives outside the village all year round and rarely enters the village. The interaction with Er Chanzi is even more pitiful. Why does he suddenly see Er Chanzi not pleasing to the eye, and has to work hard to calculate the Er Chanzi and send him to prison?

The idea of ​​exoneration that came to mind from the mother and son is not valid. How could it be possible that a smart person who reads and reads in front of the county magistrate could not think of this?

So after thinking through everything, Er Chanzi Niang was also desperate.

Things have reached this level, what else can we do? Admit wrong? beg for mercy? How could Er Shanzi Niang do this.

She hated Li Ji so much that she hated it, and she wished to swallow Li Ji alive. Li Ji is the disaster star for their mother and daughter. If it weren't for Li Ji, how about their mother and son as they are now?

Er Chanzi mother didn't say a word. She wanted to break the jar, so she had better go up and tear up with Li Ji and beat her.

But she couldn't make up that determination. She was already like this at this time, standing in front of the old lady, no matter how presumptuous she dared, she could no longer stay in the village. Her father and mother died early, and there are only one or two brothers left who are not close. If she is kicked out at this age, where can she go? Where can I go when Er Chanzi comes back?

Even if Er Chanzi Niang had a bad time here, and she was blinded, it would be better than outside.

Er Chanzi mother didn't speak, and the old lady said: "You go back, don't mention this matter today."

Er Chanzi Niang didn't expect the matter to end so easily, she looked up with consternation on her face.

The old man said again: "These things you do are not like this. Er Chanzi can be skewed to the present and the way you are, and you can't get rid of it. But at any rate, you raised a child of our Li family alone. Every parent and brother will pick you up. You stay in the village. But these things you have done are not embarrassing to let your ancestors know. When you leave someday, don't send it to your ancestral grave, so you don't want to see your ancestors. Upset."

Saying this is no different from Hugh. Many people value more after death than when they are alive. Whether or not he can enter the ancestral grave is even more a matter of greatness.

Special features are those big families. I don't know how many people have spent their entire lives trying to enter the family tree and enter the ancestral grave. Although it is a small household here, the ancestral tomb is the home after death. If you can't enter the ancestral tomb after death, it is a lonely ghost. The days after death will be bullied by other evil spirits.

In the eyes of this matter, Er Chanzi Niang was willing: "You can't do this to me! No matter how I am, I am also the daughter-in-law of your old Li family! Why not let me enter the ancestral grave! Why!"

The village chief can't control the decision of the old man in the family to sit down. Besides, these Er Chanzi mothers were indeed asked for themselves.

The old lady didn't want to waste time on Er Chanzi Niang, so he asked Li Bao to help him leave. Er Chanzi Niang went up and grabbed the old man: "Have I done something sorry for your old Li family for so many years? I really didn't deal with Li Ji, but you don't look at what Li Ji did to me! Back then I You know about the daughter-in-law, if it weren't for the rotten tongue to talk, my son might not have a daughter-in-law? Maybe my grandson has reported it now!"

Er Chanzi Niang was still reiterating what happened back then, but no one wanted to listen to his story, and they all dispersed as soon as possible.

Er Chanzi mother caught a gap and wanted to rush over, so she was stopped by two people.

After Li Ji came a quiet sentence: "Sister-in-law, please pay attention. If you make trouble and hurt the old man again, let alone you will not be able to enter the ancestral grave in the future, I am afraid that you will not even have the qualifications to enter the ancestral grave with Er Chanzi. By that time, you Do you think you and Er Chan can stay in the village again?"

Er Chanzi Niang stared at Li Ji fiercely: "You are satisfied!"

Li Ji said, "Where am I satisfied, have you forgotten my sister-in-law? I have been a little sorry for you from beginning to end? You hated me for saying those things at the beginning. Don't forget, I am also a young man who has not married a wife. My daughter-in-law had a miscarriage. Why don't you worry about it? Later, you looked for me everywhere. I tried to blame you at most, but I didn't hurt you. I was thinking about what you mother and son did. Who is sorry for whom?"

Li Ji's words have been exported, Er Chanzi Ziniang is slightly taken aback. She has always hated Li Ji and hated the roots of her teeth, but now think about it, did those things that Li Ji did really make Er Chanzi Niang so much so?

After Li Ji finished speaking, he walked out through Er Chanzi Mother, the fire of the firewood pile had been extinguished, and it was soggy. The firewood inside is basically blackened, even if it is not there, it must be very dirty if you want to burn it.

Li Ji didn't plan to take it anymore, and today is not the time to clean up.

After leaving the yard, Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief. The Er Chanzi family has solved more than half of them by now. He was not afraid of Er Chanzi Niang breaking the jar, and she would destroy him if she really died. Because Er Chanzi Niang said that she was not good in character, and she was suspicious and would report it, but she was sincere about Er Chanzi Niang's goodness.

In order to prevent Er Chanzi from being named by the genealogy, Er Chanzi Niang will be able to be honest from now on. When Er Chanzi comes back, let's talk about Er Chanzi.

After half a month, the crops were golden and basically mature. The village gets busy again. Every household has a few acres of land on which to live. Spring ploughing, summer hard work, autumn harvesting, winter storage, is the law of everyone's survival.

The harvest these few days is the time when there are the most smiling faces in the village, except for the New Year. Although tired, the food brought by the harvest will feed the family for the next year. When the harvest is large, I can sell some silver taels to make the family's life better.

Li Ji's family is no exception.

The two melons have been released, no matter how they are locked up and punished, when the farmers are busy, they must be released to help the family.

Ergua's wife did not go to Li Ji's house to help. Calculating the wages according to the day, she worked at Li Ji's house for more than half a month, and then worked for another month, and then Li Ji's silver was paid off. If the Ergua daughter-in-law continues to work with Li Ji, Li Ji will regularly fund her.

If I have been working on Li Ji's side for a year, I'm afraid I will earn more than planting land for a year.

Li Ji's family of four has been busy these days. After working in the field every day, they are hardworking when they go home to cook and cook some simple meals to deal with.

I can't stand it in a day or two. The heavy work that was originally done in the field is laborious, but can't you eat something good even if you do it like this?

Finally, to discuss, simply leave Tinglan at home to cook. There are some odd jobs in the family, and I have to listen to Lan, and leave the food to her alone. In this way, the three people are exhausted from working in the field for a day, and they can eat hearty meals when they get home, and they can also reward the hard work of the day.

It seems that staying at home is more blessed than being in the field, but the work done by the first four people in the family before now falls on Tinglan alone.

At this time, when the farming is busy, no one can be more leisurely than anyone else.

It looked like they had been busy for four or five days, and the county magistrate sent some servants from home to help. It was too eye-catching during the day, and at night, when the villagers were asleep, they went down to the ground and started to work. Most of the fields are corn, and all the cobs are piled in one place. When Li Ji and the others come over, they only need to chop down the corn stalks and take them back with the cobs.

As for the roots in the ground, just wait until the next year to get them. It doesn't have to be so troublesome.

After working day and night for two or three days, the grain in Li Ji's home was almost harvested.

The county magistrate knew that they had been working hard these days, so he sent a carriage and things to do as a reward. Most of the stuff in this carriage is for food, but meat is the main thing, and it's all food for people.


After unloading the wagon, Li Ji was still busy filling the wagon with the sticks and rice that came down this year, as well as the mountain products he picked and dried vegetables at his house. These are not good things, and there must be better ones in the county magistrate's house.

But the preciousness is that Li Ji and Er Gouzi personally obtained these, and the two of Beilai have no good things. These are sent to the county magistrate to express their feelings.

The county magistrate looked at the things that were delivered, and none of them looked good. In the past, the county magistrate would not even take a second look.

But when I remembered that it was obtained by his son-in-law himself, he felt very precious no matter how he knocked it.

"Send it to the kitchen, I'll eat these tomorrow."

The eyes of the sky were about to light up again. Recently, the county magistrate is busy with official duties and has many things to prepare. He has been asleep for a long time before his child.

It's not that the county magistrate doesn't want to sleep, it's just that there are so many things, except for the county magistrate, who else can do it?

The county magistrate was lying on the bed, still thinking about messy things. After a while, I finally settled down and fell asleep gently.

The county magistrate was awakened by a knock on the door less than half an hour before he could sleep. The county magistrate opened his eyes and suppressed his anger several times before he looked at him and asked, "What's the matter!"

The county magistrate knew that if it was not an important matter, the general affairs in the mansion would wait for him to wake up. This knock on the door in the middle of the night must be something extraordinary.

Jiading outside the door said with a little nervousness: "It is the commander who is looking for you! It is said that the rebel army has hit hundreds of miles away. The local army asks for support here. The commander wants to ask you to come over and listen to your opinions."

The county magistrate started suddenly and asked loudly: "Where have you been?"

Jia Ding's voice trembled a little more: "Go back to the master, a hundred miles away!"

A hundred miles away! If the cavalry is swift, you can go here in one day and night! Even if it comes from city to city, it won't take a few days!

I haven't gotten a letter for more than ten days, so I almost hit the door of my house!

After preparing for more than two months, in fact, the county magistrate sometimes feels that his worry is unnecessary. Although Daxia is corrupted by Hang Seng, there are millions of soldiers, how can they be defeated at such a fast speed by breaking the bank!

The county magistrate hurriedly put on his clothes, stepped out of the house and got into the carriage and went straight to the army.

Li Ji slept until dawn, and his body was still aching for the past two days. The dealer has finished collecting it, and his body hasn't rested yet.

But Li Ji is not a good sleeper. When the hour came, I woke up and started to work.

"These two rabbits look good, let's get them ready next time and send them to the master." Li Ji teased a fat rabbit with a piece of grass.

"Kill it and send it to it, it's easy to break." Er Gouzi said, "It's better to give it alive."

"Why did I forget, how could the county magistrate's house fail to kill rabbits."

Li Ji opened a cage, took out a rabbit's ears, held it in his arms and touched the fur.

Rabbits have seen people when they were young, so they are not afraid of being touched. Compared with the two litters that were bred at the beginning, the rabbits now can be said to be almost completely tamed.

Li Ji touched the soft fur of the rabbit. Such a piece of skin is worth at least four silver dollars, and the rice that can be exchanged is enough for a family to eat for a month or two.

This is also because rice is fine grain, which is rare. If you change stick rice, you can eat enough for a family for half a year.

That is to say, leather is rare here. If you change the place, you can't sell it at such a high price.

It can be said that Li Ji's wealth, combined with the right time, the right place and the people, is not the same, Li Ji is not as comfortable as it is now.

Plenty of grains, no worries about food and clothing. I don't know how many people in this world can't ask for such enjoyment in their entire lives.

In all fairness, Li Ji had a very satisfying life in such a small day.

Touching the rabbit ears, the rabbit trembled unaccustomed to, but did not struggle too much. Li Ji held Huanxi, touched the rabbit's head more, bowed his head and kissed.

Li Ji has no resistance to this fluffy thing. But even if there is no resistance category, Li Ji can distinguish clearly, like is like, Dang is different from Little Tail. The little tail is a part of the family. Although the rabbit is indispensable, it is the family's hope to eat meat.

The two are different, so no matter how you like it, Li Ji won't feel distressed at all when killing rabbits.

"Most of the rabbits raised in the beginning of spring can be killed and eaten meat. It is also time for us to tell the master when the delivery will be made, and it is just right. We should also go back and have a look. I was very busy some time ago, your father must think is you."

The rabbits raised at the beginning of the spring are now six or seven months old, and they are quite fat. Except for some selected rabbits as breeding rabbits and keep their cubs, the remaining 200 rabbits can be sent to the county magistrate to kill.

Recently, there have been a lot of other livestock in the family. They were all sent by the county magistrate. There were 20 piglets and 6 cows and sheep. This means that there are only four people in the accommodating family. Otherwise, as long as the county magistrate thinks, it will be easy to get a hundred and eighty heads.

So discuss it and kill one of the one raised in the family. Li Ji has never tasted the taste of mutton. Tinglan is good at craftsmanship and made a table of mutton feast, which can be regarded as a feast for Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Perhaps Li Ji is not the life of wealth. Others eat mutton, regardless of where they like meat, it is all good meat from serious sheep, but Li Ji likes to drink the lamb soup, it's best to add a little bit of tender mutton. Sprinkle with chili oil, even if you don't eat, you'll be happy to drink Haggis Soup until you're full.

As for Er Gouzi, there is no difference between likes and dislikes. As long as it's delicious, it's a meaty dog. It's fair.

I just finished the mutton feast here, and it was getting late when it was the most lazy time. Both Li Ji and Er Gouzi planned to go to bed early.

At this moment, the carriage hurried over, and the sound of horseshoes and carriage wheels could be heard from far away. I usually come here, the voice is very small, for fear that others will hear it, this time it is the first time such a big fanfare.

Li Ji listened to himself in the house, put on his shoes and went out to welcome him. When the carriage stopped at the door, Li Ji just opened the door: "What's the matter? So anxious?"

Seeing Khan on the groom's head, he said: "The county magistrate wants to borrow the two masters to go there. It's best to clean up the things at home and go to the mansion together."

If it is said that it is to them, it is normal to pick them up, but let the pack go, I am afraid that something has a cause.

"What happened?"

The groom sorted out his words and said: "The rebels have already hit a hundred miles away from the news. Look at this posture, I believe they will be here soon. The county magistrate is worried, and the country is not safe. Recently, many refugees have fled here. Even if the rebels will not attack the innocent people, the hungry refugees are not soaring. So the county magistrate wanted the two masters to hide in the mansion first. The finish is tight, even if the call comes, it is the safest place in the entire county."

After hearing this, Li Ji understood.

"You said there is going to be a war? I heard it when I was in the mansion, didn't I say that it is impossible to fight over? Don't we have a lot of soldiers?"

The county magistrate, who knew the court situation so well, couldn't believe that Daxia could be defeated so badly, not to mention flat-headed people like Li Ji. In his eyes, the government is the heaven and the court is the god. How could such a behemoth fall down one day?

A coachman, where does he understand this?

The coachman sighed heavily: "Where do I know this. Fortunately, the master has made a lot of preparations in advance. You will be fine with the uncle when you go back."

"Then I still have so many animals! There are so many rabbits and chickens!"

The coachman said: "Where can I take care of a lot? You go with the younger ones first, and when you turn around, the master will naturally send someone over to take care of it. The master must think one step more than you. The younger ones please, just follow the younger ones. Let's go!"

When it comes to this, Li Ji is not so unpleasant to smell such a coachman.

But turning around quietly in the yard, there are a hundred, one thousand people unwilling.

The coachman was about to kneel for Li Ji, and Li Ji nodded.

"Er Gouzi! Second Uncle Ge! Listen to Aunt Lan! Pack things, let's go to the city!"

Li Ji's eyes started to flush when he shouted out the words. Hearing what the coachman said, this is about to start a war.

What is war? Left home, blood flowed into rivers, displaced, corpses all over the field. None of them can be afforded by ordinary people like Li Ji.

Why is there war in this world? Can I come back this time?

The carriage is quite big, but after two people sit down, there is not much room. Li Ji took away all the food that was intolerable, saving the waste.

He took all the eggs at home, and stayed with a dozen rabbits, and piled up the wagons.

The groom said "driving." Li Ji opened the curtain and looked back. The village where I have built a new house for one or two years and lived for nearly 20 years, as well as the villagers of that village.

Li Jiman's mind is full of war, and when he thinks of war, he thinks of death and injury. The more I think about it, the more I feel horrified and desperate. Under this emotional infection, the eyes are moist, accompanied by a strong urge to cry.

Ge Er heard about it before and after, and comforted: "Don't think too much about it. Generally, it won't be too difficult for the people to fight. We went to the master's house and the master is guarding it, so it's definitely fine." 

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