This time without being sneaky, the carriage galloped all the way through the streets and alleys to the county magistrate's house.

After getting off the carriage, a group of family members greeted them, protected the two of them, and unloaded the contents of the carriage into the mansion.

"Master went to the barracks in the middle of the night yesterday, and he hasn't been here yet. Just let the casual family come back from time to time to pass a letter." The housekeeper who is nearly 50 years old sighed, and then vowed to comfort the two people. "Two You can rest assured that our county's military strength is definitely the best around. The master also prepares arrangements a few months in advance. Whether it is equipped or strong, it is already defined. No matter what, it will not let those The rebel bandits took advantage."

After hearing this, Li Ji didn't know whether he should believe it or not. During the war, nothing is guaranteed to be uneven.

"I see, Er Gouzi and I are in the house quietly. If the master comes back, you are calling us."

Through the second door all the way into the courtyard behind Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

In the yard, the housekeeper and the maid came out to greet them, and their faces lost some vitality.

The Taiyefu of this county is the most protected place in the county, and similarly, it is also the place most easily noticed by the rebels.

At that time, once it breaks through, a large number of rebels will besiege here.

No one dared to imagine what the scene would be at that time. Embarrassed on all sides, but so.

Masters like the county magistrate might escape under the protection of everyone, but what about them who are servants?

The result from there?

Li Ji's head was chaotic at this time, and he entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed without saying a word.

Er Gouzi didn't know what war chaos was, but seeing Li Ji's appearance, he understood something.

Er Gouzi walked over, squatted down and put his chin on Li Ji's lap, looked up at Li Ji, and said in person: "Is something serious?"

Li Ji nodded: "Very big thing."

"Can't you solve the problem?" Er Gouzi asked.

"This matter, maybe your father can't solve it. This matter is mortal." Li Jichang sighed and looked up at the closed window, very depressed.

"Who will die?"

"If you don't make it right, you will die." Li Ji closed his eyes, and his head was filled with familiar people, some like, some dislike, some unfamiliar, and some only one side.

No matter which one, Li Ji didn't want to see him falling in a pool of blood.

Er Gouzi's concept of death may be more profound than Li Ji. When I was on the mountain, it could be said that I lived every day in the struggle to deprive other lives, or to be deprived of other lives.

He succeeded, he was able to have a full meal, and even the next few days would not have to worry about it. If he fails, he will give the meat in the mouth of other beasts, and even become the hope for the whole family of the beasts to live.

The winner is king, and the fittest survive. For ordinary people, I am afraid that they will only have the consciousness after experiencing some things. For Er Gouzi, he has already realized it since childhood.

"Are you afraid?" Er Gouzi asked.

"How can you not be afraid." Li Ji smiled bitterly. "It's hard to live such a good life; it's hard to find your father; it's hard to get together. We are so young, if we are so young, it would be a shame."

Er Gouzi stood up and held Li Ji in his arms: "Don't be afraid, there is me."

Don't be afraid, there is me.

The restlessness in Li Ji's heart was much calmer, and he hugged it back with his backhand, with a bitter smile on the corners of his lips: "Why don't you say you are great and know what I need to listen to at this time."

"What I said is true." Er Gouzi said, "If it is not safe, we can go back to the mountain at any time. For ordinary people, the mountain may be dangerous. But for me, it is like going home. Nowhere is safer than on the mountain."

Because there are only birds and beasts on the mountain, no people. Er Gouzi doesn't have to scrupulous about anything, don't need to think about it, and he's free.

This time, Li Ji was really moved. Perhaps, going back to the mountain is the best choice. The terrain in the mountain is complicated, even if the rebel army really wants to massacre the city, it is impossible to enter the mountain.

"It's really safe on the mountain." Li Ji narrowed his eyes, and a bright light flashed in his mind: "We can all move up the mountain!"

The mountain is so big that even if the whole county moves up, it won't take up much space.

It's just that the beasts are infested, and someone will surely die by then.

But the number of people who survived is definitely more than the number of people who survived the crossing of the rebels.

In the chaos of war, no one can be alone. Even if the rebel army really doesn't kill the people, there will always be a place for the marching food and grass. The rebels do not have a decent grain storehouse, and they can fight all the way here without a source of grain and grass.

There are weapons and armors for war. War is a matter of burning money. Where does this money come from? Or ordinary people.

Whose money and food are the lifeblood? Who can take it out willingly?

Then only burn, kill and loot. From left to right, once you win, then the winner is king, and no one will mention anything you did in the past.

Li Ji grabbed Er Gouzi by the shoulders: "The war is coming, we can move the whole village up the mountain! With more people, ordinary beasts dare not come close. We live together as a group of people, and feel safe and not too much. Loneliness, are you right!"

To say that Er Gouzi and Li Ji go back to the mountain to live by themselves, Er Gouzi is a hundred willing. But Li Ji is different. He is used to getting along with everyone. Suddenly there are only two people left. I'm afraid Li Ji can't adapt.

The mountains are clean, and although there are more people, it is a little messy, but they are isolated from the world, and no disputes can be found.

Er Gouzi nodded and said, "Whatever you like is fine."

Li Ji stood up directly, afraid to pat Er Gouzi on the shoulder, went to the window and opened the window, watching the busy people in the yard and the flowers and plants that do not know the disputes in the world.

"In fact, it is possible to build a village in the mountains. Not only the people in our village, but the whole county can go to the mountains to escape. But there are probably not many who are willing to go up the mountains. They would rather be displaced and escape to a safer place in the south. I don't want to go up in the mountains."

People's fear of the unknown is always more resistant than the known. People kill, and beasts kill. If people choose a way to die, most people will choose to be killed or starve to death. At least in this way, there can be a decent face and a place to be buried. Instead of being eaten by beasts.

Even how many people in my own village can go up the mountain is unknown.

But at least, the county magistrate will definitely go. Will also bring a lot of maids. Many of these people know how to fist, and they can not only protect themselves when they get to the mountain, but they may also help catch prey and fill their stomachs.

When you reach the mountain, you can also open up wasteland for farming. As long as the food you bring up the mountain is enough for the coming autumn harvest, you can feed yourself.

And not only open up wasteland, but also abundant in spring and summer. In any case, people are hungry. As long as you pay attention to the beast attack, people can survive!

"Now we can only wait for the master to come back and tell him the matter as soon as possible." The county magistrate must have thought more about things than Li Jizhou.

But no matter what, with the way up the mountain, everything after this is not a dead end.

Li Ji relaxed a little, sitting at the table and drinking tea. No matter where you have been, you have to count the best tea in this county's Taiye's Mansion. Moreover, this tea has specially placed petals, which is the most soothing.

This matter is still not his turn to worry about the flat-headed people.

On the side of the county magistrate, not to mention that he was overwhelmed, but he was also very anxious.

It was just a day and night, and the rebels advanced again. At such a speed, it takes as long as a month, or as long as the sky will be able to approach the city. When the time comes, what should the people in the city do?

"The eight hundred people who went to volunteer helped block part of the offensive. But the opponents had more numbers than here, and they were all well-equipped. It was only a matter of time to break through. It stands to reason that you are a civilian officer and I am a military commander. I can be the master alone. But the whole army is supported by you. I want to hear your opinion on how to do the following things."

"No matter what, the people in the city can't make mistakes. I don't know how to fight with soldiers. How to fight is your business. Since the collapse of the court is a foregone conclusion, the result is the same."

"This is different." The commander said, "In our city, even if there are 800 people who went to support, there are only 1,400 people left. I don't know how many of those 800 people can come back alive. All of them are good soldiers and strong generals, and where can they resist tens of thousands of people from the other side? Mr. Shen, the people in your city, the soldiers in our barracks are not humans!"

This was subtle, and the county magistrate drank: "Even if you are all humans, don't forget, you are eating the monarch's salary and sharing the worries! You are supported by the people's taxes, and it is the last bottom line to protect your home and the country. !"

"You are wrong!" The commander calmly said, "We are eating your salary. How many days did the court raise us? We have eaten a few grains of the people? If it weren't for you, we are still hunting in the mountains to satisfy our hunger. Dignified Form an army and live the life of a bandit!"

In a word, most of the arrogance of the county magistrate was extinguished. The commander was right. If it weren't for this war, who would have thought of Daxia still having an army? Troubled times, heavy military, flourishing times, heavy texts. The more peaceful the days, the lower the sense of presence of the army.

Those noble people in the DPRK who claim to be free to read the sages and sages' books do not look down on the martial artist who dances with knives and shoots, and naturally ignores or even suppresses them.

So gradually, the longer the peace, the army will be like an abandoned orphan, the more remote the place, the more spontaneous.

The county magistrate took a deep breath, and his voice softened: "You are wrong. Most of the salaries I sent to you are in the hands of the people. Although most of the money is given to me by the merchants, but where is their money? What is earned? It is still in the hands of the people. For the army, the military order is like a mountain. The heaven and the earth can be unkind, but we can't be unfaithful!"

If it were to change individuals, the commander would definitely say that the county magistrate was stupid in reading, but if such words came from the county's grandfather, the commander's answer could only be silence.

The commander did not speak, and the county magistrate did not expect a few words to convince him. Just said: "The court can't do it, the people are innocent. In fact, when the people didn't pay taxes? It was just handed in, which is different from the treasury. Just wait for the money, grain and grass to come out of the treasury, and then send it out. It's peeling layers of skin. You and I know these things well."

The county magistrate sighed: "If we are looking for something in his place, the court is not kind to us, and the pot cannot be carried on the heads of ordinary people."

After being preached by the county magistrate, the commander stopped arguing with him, and only asked him: "What do you think of the Lord? You know, it's not that I don't want to defend the city, but I can't stand it at all. In terms of number of people. The gap is too big."

"Of course I know that I can't keep it." This is the crux of the problem. The county magistrate frowned and said: "Arrange people, the county's door-to-door notice, the rebels are about to fight, whether they want to escape or stay here to see what they want. The army has no reason to fight head-on, and this matter needs to be discussed. If it is, it's okay to move away at the same time. I don't know how to fight soldiers, nor the rules on the battlefield. In my heart, I would rather rebels after they arrive. Facing an empty city, not far from seeing a drop of blood."

The county magistrate is a civil servant, and it is really difficult for him to tell him about the war.

The commander said: "Flee without fighting, especially for the way of soldiers."

"The lives are gone, where are those shut down." The county magistrate pinched between his eyebrows. "What is needed in the army these days, just take it from me."

The commander said: "I'm afraid that it won't take long for Jinshan and Yinshan to be useful."

"I'm thinking, if I think of anything, I will tell you. I don't believe it, God really only painted a dead end for the people."

The county magistrate went out, staying here for a few hours, and it was time for exhaustion. He couldn't think of it, in this lifetime, there will be times when there will be wars.

He didn't know how to protect every citizen in the city, he could only say that he wanted to keep as many people alive as possible.

If the leader of the rebel army is brutal, or the soldiers who have been killed along the way are slaughtered, then they will slaughter the city to disarm.

This is not what the county magistrate wants to see.

But what can I do? There are finished eggs under the covering nest. At the moment of waiting for Cheng Po, the county magistrate, as a Daxia official, was afraid that he was more dangerous than ordinary people.

Up to now, the county magistrate is most pleased that the preparations in the mountain are completed. No matter how great the danger is, at least Er Gouzi and Li Ji will be foolproof.

The grandfather of the county has spent so many years fighting, and in the end the rest is a son like Er Gouzi.

Looking at the time, Er Gouzi and the others should have entered the house. At this time, the county magistrate missed his son especially, and on the way back, he urged the groom to hurry up a few times.

Li Ji was having a snack and chat with Er Gouzi, and heard that a maid came to report that the county magistrate had returned. The two hurriedly got up to tidy up, and went out to meet them.

The county magistrate hurried to the front and saw Er Gouzi at a glance. He stretched out his hand to give a hug, but his hand froze in mid-air and changed to pat on the shoulder.

The county magistrate patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder, with a little excitement in his tone: "Just come back, just come back."

Er Gouzi didn't speak, or Li Ji spoke to break the embarrassment: "I was so scared on the way here, but I can't remember anything here. No matter what happens on the left or right, at least for us, there is a way out."

The county magistrate said: "You and Chang'an can move into the mountains and settle down."

The county magistrate was about to say that he had prepared a safe home, but Li Ji first spoke out his thoughts.

"That's what we think. The rebels are about to fight over. If they get red eyes, many people will suffer. I already think, why not just move to the mountain? There are beasts on the mountain, but many people gather together. It's quite safe. The roads in the mountains are rugged and it is difficult to find directions, but for Er Gouzi, it is like being in the back garden. If we all move to the mountains, the rebels will come, not to mention whether we can be found, Even if we know that we have gone up the mountain, we must not dare to go up the mountain easily. Even if we have gone up the mountain, it is not easy to find us. Even if we find it, if there are Er Gouzi, they will be stunned by going around them on the mountain."

As long as you are the first to get familiar with the mountain, there is a great place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack. And the mountains are vast and empty, because few people have dared to go up for thousands of years, and no one wants to make a home there.

At this moment, it is the best place to stay.

The county magistrate frowned slightly: "It is indeed a good way, but there are many people in the city. If you leave the relatives and stay at home and don't want to leave, there are more than tens of thousands of people left? How to manage so many people? How to arrange? It's all a problem, how can this be solved?"

What can Li Ji think of? It is not easy to come up with this method.

"I can't think of this, and I can't think of a solution. You read a lot of books and are well-informed. If you think about it, you can definitely think of more good ways."

The county magistrate also had a headache. If the mountain can really hug the people, he would rather bring the whole county people up the mountain. Is it really feasible? When the calculation formula was peaceful and prosperous, it was always troublesome quarrels.

All moved up the mountain, everyone's heart is very depressed, then it is possible that a small matter can lead to a big conflict.

And how do you set up camp? But don't it at the beginning, there is almost nothing going up the mountain, how do you rest at night? Who lives on the periphery of the danger?

These problems will only be more numerous. How could it be possible to control a huge crowd only by relying on dozens of government officials under the hands of the county magistrate.

The method is there, but the method has not yet settled. The grandfather of the county hadn't rested for a few days, and his state was not good at this time, his mind was not particularly clear and bright.

He needs a little rest at this time, even if it's a little bit.

"You have a good life and rest. To be honest, I have arranged for people to build three safe enough residences for you on the mountain. No matter how bad, you are absolutely safe. Leave the rest to me. You are struggling all the way, what can you do? If you want to, even if you mention it to the next people, I will go to sleep first. I may have been very busy recently. If… if we can survive, we will plant and farm in the mountains together, which would be great."

Listening to the tone, the county magistrate was not sure when he could live. But now that the mountain has prepared a place to live, can't the county magistrate follow Li Ji and the others up the mountain?

"You won't go with us?"

The county magistrate's shoulders were slightly stiff, and he smiled bitterly: "How can I escape ahead of the people. This still needs to be considered, you should go back first."

The county magistrate met his son and felt more comfortable, and then took a closer look at Er Gouzi. When he turned around and was about to leave, Li Ji said:

"Almost forgot, we stayed with some rabbits when we came. I thought about it, if you go up the mountain, the family's livestock will not be able to bring up the mountain, since the rebels are about to fight over, the soldiers must be the first to bear the brunt. Why don't you take me? Conservation even reads that most of the rabbits and chickens are sent here to give the soldiers a good meal!"

It is impossible for the soldiers to raise the livestock that Li Ji raises, but two or three pieces of meat are more than enough for no one to eat.

"You have a heart. I have prepared enough things for you. I am moving into the mountains one by one. I have also prepared some people for you so that you can protect you at any time when you get to the mountain. In the past two days, you will go back to your home. Pack up well. Leave the animals that I can't bring up the mountain, and I will send someone to tidy them up. After you go up the mountain, don't come down. If I don't have any accidents, I will go up the mountain and look for you at that time. As long as you live in the place I prepared for you , I can find you."

The county magistrate left, and the atmosphere was somewhat depressed because of what the county magistrate had said.

Li Ji thought he would wait here until the fight started. It turned out that the county magistrate had other arrangements. Calling them both over this time, I'm afraid I just want to take another look at Er Gouzi. If something unexpected happened, this might be the last time we met.

Li Ji grinned reluctantly, and said to Er Gouzi: "You see that your father will lay off more people, he said so much. He is the magistrate of the county, there are so many princes in the mansion, and there are so many servants in the county. Protect him. He will definitely come back, and then our family of three will live a good life in the mountains."

Er Gouzi nodded: "Yes."

Er Gouzi could feel the feeling the county magistrate passed on to him, and this feeling affected Er Gouzi's own heart. He couldn't explain this feeling clearly, but if he thought that the county magistrate would become a bone that would never speak like his mother, Er Gouzi would not feel like it.

Human hearts are grown in flesh. No matter how cold people are, after these days, they have some feelings with the county magistrate, let alone the two parents whose blood is thicker than water.

"Then let's go back and get ready. I don't know about the affairs of the county. The people in the village have to say something. If we live in the mountains, there will be a lot of things. I'm afraid I will trouble you to help guide the way. Just listen to the master. Say, we have prepared a place for us. But up the mountain, if only we have a place to live, I'm afraid it's not justified if no one else has a place to live. And I can't tell how the place came. It can't be said that we wanted to move a long time ago. Live on the mountain, so build it in advance."

The more difficult the environment, the contradictions caused by errors will be infinitely magnified. It's like when you were still gnawing on the bark during the famine, when someone walked over and was gnawing on a fragrant steamed bun, you would hate him in your heart. This is a truth.

"There are three places to live. You can take them where you don't have them. Find them a safe place to surround them. Let's go to the place. Anyway, on the mountain, they dare not walk easily."

It's rare that Er Gouzi had an idea once, and Li Ji smiled and said, "How can it be so easy, how can we explain it if we don't work with them?"

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