Er Gouzi said: "Why do we want to live together? We are able to live alone. We don't need to hunt in groups. Living together will only be a burden for us."

Li Ji thought about it and said: "You make sense to say that. But if you have just climbed the mountain, and others do not have a place to live, and you are not familiar with the situation in the mountain, you will not be able to enter the mountain easily without your command. Maybe you will rely on you at the beginning. help."

Er Gouzi shook his head: "If you can only rely on me to survive, then it is better not to take them up the mountain. The mountain is very big, and there are many beasts inside. I can protect myself. It's okay to take you with me, but one more person. It won't work. It's like… it's like raising a flock of sheep. There are one or two of them that can fight and run. When the wolves come, they can run away directly, and even use horned wolves to scare the wolves away. But the flock The other sheep in the area are still food for the wolves. It is impossible for a sheep to protect the safety of all sheep because of a powerful breeding."

This analogy is very appropriate. If you go up the mountain without any protection or sickness, then for the beasts on the mountain, it is a rare game to go up. Er Gouzi can protect himself, but can escape if he can't fight.

In fact, if it is really in danger, Er Gouzi may not be able to take Li Ji and escape together. But if it's Li Ji's, any dangerous second gouzi is willing to try. Even if they were both buried in the end, Er Gouzi would be willing to do so.

But others are different. Li Ji grew up under the care of the villagers. Even if he doesn't have much contact with each other, he still has deep feelings for relatives. But Er Gouzi is different. He has never eaten a grain of rice in the village since he was a child, and the village has not raised him for a day.

So their life and death are not important to Er Gouzi. But if Li Ji cares, Er Gouzi is willing to work for it.

Li Ji was silent, and then nodded: "You are right. I took it for granted."

No matter how clever Li Ji is, he is only a young man of eighteen or nineteen, and his experience is too narrow. There are many things without basic common sense. So in the face of this kind of thing, Li Ji-neng did not give much help.

Li Ji got angry because of this, and didn't have any appetite for eating. After eating a bowl of rice at noon, Er Gouzi asked him for a bowl of rice, and said, "You have strength when you are full. The same goes for things."

Er Gouzi picked up the dish and immediately reluctant to waste it. Reluctantly took two more bites.

"I'm still thinking about what to do after going up the mountain. If there are a lot of people going up the mountain, how to manage it. At that time, everyone will definitely bring their belongings and luggage. The more chaotic, the more fearful of others after going up the mountain. If you covet his things, when the time comes to doubt each other, there will be no less troubles."

"These shouldn't be what you think." Er Gouzi rarely thought so deeply, he thought about the words, "and, if they are afraid that they will fight because they are afraid of others robbing their own things, they can put everything together.Wait until the mountain gives you evenly, what you need, instead of letting them have too much at once."

Li Ji was stunned, his eyes lit up: "Wonderful! This idea is wonderful! Wait, but if you don't want it? It's all your own things, who wants to take it out and hand it in?"

"Then don't take him up the mountain." Er Gouzi's idea is simple and practical, "In this way, there should be many people who are unwilling to go up the mountain. In this way, it is not that they are not taken without them, but they are reluctant to go up. Then Even if war breaks out, they are free wherever they go. As long as you control those who are willing to go up the mountain."

If they give up the opportunity to escape up the mountain because they are reluctant to part with their possessions, then they don't have to worry about whether they move away or stay here to resign themselves to their fate. Because it seems that they chose the road by themselves, so all the results should be borne by themselves.

After all, the road up the mountain has been painstakingly paved, so who can be blamed if he doesn't want to walk?

This idea is great. Li Ji couldn't take care of the meal immediately, put down his chopsticks and asked the maid: "Where is the master, we are looking for him!"

The maid arrived: "Go back to the fourth master, the master is in the county office."

At this time, the news that the rebels are about to call should be passed on to the people. Even if there is no suitable way to protect their integrity, at least let them know that the danger is coming.

At this time, the county magistrate was in a state of desperation, and when he heard the yavier say that the two sons wanted to see him, he waved his hand to bring him in.

"Master! Er Gouzi thought of a good way, I think it should be useful." Li Ji tried to concisely told the county magistrate Er Gouzi's just proposal.

The county magistrate praised this method again and again. In fact, this method is not so unusual, it can even be said to be very simple. But under such chaotic conditions, the simpler the method is, the less likely it is to be remembered.

"It's my son. I thought of such a good way so quickly!" The county magistrate stretched his eyebrows a lot.

Li Ji said: "This can solve the basic problem, but if there are conflicts between each other because of other things, it will also be trouble after going up the mountain."

"This is not a problem." The county magistrate said: "As long as you hold the grain in your hand and can hold the grain to death without being taken away, then you can hold absolute dominance under any conditions. You can refer to the army at that time. The rules of replenishment are carried out at various levels. As long as there is no major trouble, you are not afraid."

Publicizing property is a way of reluctantly solving things under extreme circumstances. It is also a relatively spacious way to go.

The county magistrate didn't have time to take care of the two, and quickly incorporated this method into the Tao plan, and ordered the officials and soldiers to spread it. At the same time, move the grain depot to the mountain at the fastest speed. After going up the mountain, set up a tent to protect the food.

Because the county magistrate prepared in advance, the grain in the grain depot is very considerable, and it is impossible to feed the entire county. But if it is to feed those who are willing to turn in all their property, those who move up the mountain will definitely be able to feed for some time.

There are not too many people who are willing to go up the mountain first. At the same time, the grain workers they turn over fill up the stock of grain and grass. In this way, it will definitely be enough to stick to the coming year.

In a year's time, not to mention that the whole country was destroyed, only this place, the war should be enough to calm down, whether it was a change of ownership or being taken back, it was the result.

If it can't, it's feasible to be self-sufficient by planting grain in the mountains in the future for three or five years.

All the conditions were figured out in this way, and the county magistrate only felt that the burden on his body was much lighter.

The county magistrate had expected it to be correct. The war came, and battles fought, at least for the next year or two, there was no way to farm the land. The food in hand is the capital of life. Of course, if the rebels slaughtered the city after they arrived, no amount of food would be useful.

Is it to hand over all the property, clear everything to get the protection of the county magistrate, or keep the family wealth and leave the hometown.

Few people can make a clear decision with such a choice.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi went out to the candy store.

It's been months since I went to the leather store to trade. Since Er Gouzi met with the county magistrate, Li Ji's side has continued to do things. In addition, there is no more money, and the county magistrate wants leather again. So Li Ji never came to do business in a hurry.

Worried about the approaching war, Li Ji is a friend of the leather goods shopkeeper. Li Ji thought about it.

At this time, the treasurer of the leather goods store was instructing the man to move things. When Li Ji walked in, he opened the door and found that the house was almost nowhere to be found.

"We're closed now, we don't do business anymore." The mover didn't lift his head.

"If the business is not done, the customer can always ask for tea when he comes to the house."

Li Ji smiled and escaped the fragments on the ground and walked in. When the guy looked up, he was shocked, and then he noticed that Li Ji was dressed differently. Although it used to be clothes of good material, it was also good material for ordinary people.

A trader like a leather goods store, even in small county towns, saw the real dignitaries, Li Ji said clothes, not to mention the price, this is the clothes that the rich may not necessarily buy. One tap is tailor-made, cut out of the finest silk.

If it's an ordinary person, it's definitely a big deal. But Li Ji is the God of Wealth in the store, and he is wearing such a decent dress now. The guy didn't dare to rent a house, so he hurriedly packed up the place and moved out with a small stool.

"The two masters wait a moment, the younger one will call the shopkeeper's over."

War is approaching, and no one can survive alone. What the shopkeeper can do right now is to move to the top first, see what to do on the top, and then follow the top.

The leather goods store here is just a branch, and there is a bit more vicious on it. Not to mention covering the sky with one hand, at least it is also a big business. When people gather together, they can always think of a solution. It's better than him, a business man, waiting here to die alone.

After the war, in addition to officials who will be noticed by the rebels, this is followed by local wealthy households and businesses. Because the merchants have enough silver to allow them to have more money to fight.

So ordinary people can stay here and resign, but business people can't.

Is it the treasurer of the leather goods store? I didn't expect that Li Ji could come over at this time, and he heard that he was dressed decently, which was even more strange in my heart.

Coming back from the back, the leather goods store opened the curtain and took a look, and saw that they were both dressed in a daze. He looks better than the buddy. The buddy can see that this is a good tailor-made dress, but the shopkeeper can tell that this is not something that ordinary wealthy businessmen can wear.

This is official cloth. There are many kinds of fabrics, but because of the different grades, there are many distinctions between each other.

The clothes on Li Ji and Er Gouzi are definitely not something wealthy people can have.

"At this time, why did you think about it?" The shopkeeper walked in, and the man moved a small stool, and the shopkeeper sat next to it.

"Looking at the chaos of the war, if this is really fighting, can I see it in the future or tell me, huh? This is disgusting?" Li Ji copied his hands, regardless of how good the clothes he wore, just the rusticity of this suit was born. Brought. Wearing a dragon robe and standing there and looking at it, he will turn a hoe to plant the ground in the next second.

With this opening, the shopkeeper is less familiar: "Where did you get rich recently? I don't even see anyone."

Li Ji pointed at Er Gouzi next to him: "Guess who this is."

The shopkeeper looked at Er Gouzi. Not to mention the clothes he wears, it is pinned to his waist, and the purse used to press the clothes is a good thing at first glance.

Li Ji said so, definitely because these changes all originated from Er Gouzi.

How dare you say this kind of affair shopkeeper: "Forgive me for my clumsy eyes, I really can't see it."

Li Ji smiled: "You should have heard that the son of the county magistrate found it."

The shopkeeper stood up suddenly, with an unbelievable expression on his face: "What? You mean, this is the uncle of the county magistrate's house? Didn't you say that the Hui nationality has gone to kiss him?"

"That's fooling outsiders." Li Ji smiled, "We have some friendship, I treat you as a friend, and I don't fool you. Er Gouzi is not used to living in the county's Taiyefu, so he clamored to accompany me back to the village. The first is a hard life. The county magistrate is just such a son, and of course he spoils him in everything. In order to avoid those horrible secret calculations on him, he acted in a scene of sending his mother to the ancestral grave and recognizing the ancestor and the family. To be honest, the county magistrate has long been out of touch with the clan members, and that group of people will be a group of blood-sucking words, how can they throw this lone seedling into the wolves."

When Li Ji said this, the shopkeeper's head was confused. The treasurer of Er Gouzi has heard of it. An orphan, lost in the mountains and forests since he was a child. After returning to the village, he is different from ordinary people, but he has a good hunting ability.

He is a rare stranger. The treasurer never thought that such a person turned out to be the son of the grandfather of the county.

"Is it true? How did you find it?" The shopkeeper was still a little unbelievable, and confirmed it again and again.

Li Ji didn't hide it. In the future, I told you about the cause of the dragon, and I also made a summary: "Speaking of it, you also have your credit here. If you didn't help me think of so many plans, you won't be able to draw out so much later. It's okay to ignore it. Er Gouzi has a father, so he won't be alone in the future. I'm also exposed to it. I accompany Er Gouzi to the county magistrate's residence for two days every month."

Having said that, the shopkeeper must believe even if he doesn't believe it.

The shopkeeper stood up with a sudden heart, and hurriedly said to Er Gouzi politely: "I'm really sorry, I was so scared that I didn't know Taishan. I didn't expect it to be the son of the county magistrate's house."

Li Ji hurriedly stood up and pressed him back: "Come on, Er Gouzi didn't grow up in the mansion, and those rules are unnecessary. We are not here to let you salute. Recently the county magistrate wanted to take the people up to the mountain to escape. You have heard of it."

The shopkeeper didn't know what Li Ji meant, and said cautiously: "I heard it! But doesn't the condition say that all the property should be handed in? But after the handed over, he will provide food and drink on the mountain, and arrange to prepare a place to live and settle down."

Li Ji nodded: "That's it. So what do you think?"

The shopkeeper was slightly taken aback, looked around, and then asked in a low voice: "Are you here to help the county magistrate?"

Li Ji smiled and denied: "How is it possible. The county magistrate may not know that I am looking for you. I might as well tell you the truth. The proposal to go up the mountain is the way I and Er Gouzi came up with. Even if there is one on the mountain. A beast, but people gathered together are not too scared. Even if someone dies on the mountain, this dead person is definitely better than the rebels crossing the border. Just waiting for the dust outside the mountain to settle, and it's convenient to come back. It's better than leaving home. Good."

Li Ji paused, and then said: "Furthermore, even if you flee as far as you can, you will hit here at the speed of the rebels in just a few months. What do you think is safe in Daxia?"

The shopkeeper's gaze turned, and he was still thinking: "Then why should all the property be turned over?"

Li Ji said: "This is also for safety reasons. The more chaotic, the family property and food are the last sustenance. But when you think like this, you will become afraid of others coveting his things and become suspicious. When the time comes, mutual suspicion, So no matter how safe you hide, you will be in greater danger because of contradictions. So just let everyone become the same. In this way, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble."

The shopkeeper said: "Then you are not afraid of those idle paupers who eat and drink? Those who can't eat before the war come to the door with three melons and two dates and say they want to go into the mountains, is this also accepted?"

Li Ji shrugged: "I don't know this. The county magistrate listened to the counter-shock suggestion, and it is now being implemented. This means that the county magistrate has already thought about all aspects. Having said so much, I miss you. I also know what I mean by coming. The county magistrate didn't know that I was coming, so he refused to agree, and it didn't affect me. It's just that no matter which way I go up now , there doesn't seem to be the wide road up the mountain. Who doesn't want to have one. More chances to survive?"

The shopkeeper sighed: "It's all here, I might as well tell you the truth. Going up the mountain is indeed a good way. It's better to stay with the county magistrate than Dianpei. If you are out of the house, if you have a sickness, you have a good idea. It's a disaster, and there is not even a dead leaf left outside. But the handing over of this property is really embarrassing. It will be here for the rest of my life. My family is young and old. There is a sickness and a disaster for the elderly. You need money, and your children need money even more when they grow up. This is all gone. Just relying on a sentence to eat public meals here will make anyone feel uncomfortable."

When it comes to this, it can be considered a heartbreak.

Li Ji said, "That's it, you think about it. I don't know if the rebels will call in a few days, and I don't know when we will meet next time."

Li Ji stood up, and was able to take out a few taels of silver from his arms: "In the past, I didn't make any money for you, and I knew that you were paid for high prices. In the days to come, no one knows what it is like. Keep your money. If you plan to go out of town, you should go as soon as possible. If you run farther, you should still be able to buy things. Buy more good things that can be guarded, and find a safe place to hide. You can get past a day after the war. I have a chance to come back and have a look in the future, maybe there will be another day to meet."

There are finished eggs under the covering nest. When facing this despair, the people of the same country of Xia had similar powerlessness.

Looking at the shiny silver liang on the table, the shopkeeper's eyes moved.

Li Ji walked to the door, and the shopkeeper suddenly stopped him: "Is he really the son of Lord Shen?"

Li Ji reacted, only to remember that Lord Shen was talking about the county magistrate. Li Ji nodded: "I don't have to lie to you. Besides, even if it starts to fight, it is a big crime to pretend to be an official family member. I don't have that list."

Li Ji and Er Gouzi left in a carriage, opened the curtains and looked out the window. Ten merchants engaged in business have closed nine, and one is still cleaning up.

The streets are very depressed, and occasionally someone walks by, but also in a hurry. Most of them are Yamen people who go from house to house to talk about going up the mountain.

Li Ji put down the curtains and sighed. This is good, what a fight.

Perhaps Daxia really has no cavities, and few of the officials counting up are clean. Half a corrupt official like the county magistrate is already rare. To say that the county magistrate is a corrupt official is not actually considered to be the case. He just used gray income to fill the vacancies caused by government corruption.

Although it is the dismantling of the trend to supplement the Western Wall, the people have benefited, and the businessmen have also sought peace of mind. This is the best of both worlds.

People always scold evil officials no matter how bad they were, but they never wanted to come to a war to overthrow him. Because from ancient times to the present, no matter what reason the war started, the people who have suffered the most are the people.

The rebels who rebelled tended to kill the most people. Because they are even more short of food, money, and money, the easiest way to get them is to burn, kill, and loot.

Therefore, I would rather stay under pressure than a river of blood.

Li Ji looked at the roof of the carriage and leaned weakly against the wall of the carriage.

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji without speaking, and Li Ji closed his eyes for a while and then said softly, "You actually don't want them to go up the mountain."

Er Gouzi just thought of answering, but before he spoke, he heard Li Ji say again: "The mountain is like your real home. Or your back garden is a piece of pure land. People pass by, they will always bring them to earn money. Chaos is different from what you are familiar with."

Sharing the same bed for so long, the two knew each other too much. Some things don't need to be explained, the two have already felt each other's thoughts.

Er Gouzi swallowed the words he had prepared before and said, "But I know that if they don't go up the mountain, you will feel uncomfortable. Just like I like a person. You like a lot of people and lively."

Li Ji was moved, opened his eyes and looked at Er Gouzi, and said, "I shouldn't force you to follow my mind."

"I know."

"But I can't walk around in the mountains, regardless of whether they live or die."

"I know."

"Their life and death really have nothing to do with me. I understand this after all. But I am not a hard-hearted person. What is it called? Yes, it is called lip death and tooth cold. If the lips are gone, the teeth will feel cold. Both are all. People, where can I see the blood of those who I saw the day before."

Er Gouzi buried his head in Li Ji's shoulder and rubbed it lightly. Some low voice hit Li Ji's heart deep: "I know. I know everything about you."

I know, I like, I accept, I tolerate, I work hard, and I love you.

I know it all. These simple words only made Li Ji feel that even if the next one dies, he will be worth his entire life.

Li Ji hugged Er Gouzi tightly: "Everything will live on. We will not live with most people in the future. Let's grow our own land and raise cattle, and we will live with Little Tail and Songsong Taotao. Our life is also true. It can be quiet."

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