Get up in the morning, it's time to go home.

The county magistrate spared time to have a good meal with the two of them. The three of them were speechless and ate silently. This follow-up is the last meal that the three of us ate in the Fuzhong, or it may be the last meal that the three of us ate together.

War is approaching, everything becomes helpless.

After eating, put down your chopsticks. The county magistrate looked at the two and sighed heavily.

"Go back, go back this time, don't come back." In the past, thousands of people told me to come back as soon as possible. It seems that this time is different, especially bleak.

Er Gouzi opened his mouth and didn't know what to say, and looked at Li Ji. Li Ji is used to mentioning Er Gouzi: "We are at home and waiting for you to come back."

The county magistrate nodded and exhorted: "This time I will send someone to accompany you back to help you take care of your things and move up the mountain. The people in the village just give a mouthful, and I will arrange to go up the mountain together. But after going up the mountain, two I can't hide the fact that the dog is my son. Of course, there is no need to keep it. Then you can live far away. The mountain is safe and you are not afraid of beasts. Plus another dog. If you're bored, just go and see where you live. You like quietness and it's convenient to live by yourself."

The grandfather of the county sent the two of them directly outside the side door. A line of four carriages followed by a few servants on horseback.

There are so many people, enough to help pack up Li Ji's house and move into the mountains in a day or two. The rest is easy to handle.

Standing in front of the carriage, Li Ji looked back and saw the county magistrate standing on the steps revealing a wave of vicissitudes.

The county magistrate noticed Li Ji's gaze and said with a smile: "Let's go, live a good life."

Li Ji nodded, got into the carriage with Er Gouzi, and went all the way.

Until the carriage disappeared, the county magistrate looked away reluctantly.

"Gather all those who are willing to go, and those who don't want to go up the mountain are not forced to stay. Each household will give out ten catties of grain and one penny. The rest depends on their good fortune at home."

To be able to do this is the ultimate benevolence. The majesty of the county is single-handed, and it is not easy to be able to do this.

All the people are standing at the intersection of choice at this moment. Which way to go, intuition determines the future life and death.

The county magistrate could not help them make decisions, nor would he force them. He did everything he needed to do, so it was not the county's grandfather's responsibility to face the consequences if he didn't want to follow him.

The 800 soldiers sent to support only returned, and fewer than 300 men were injured, and all of them were injured. It was not that they escaped immediately, but that the city was broken. People like them really didn't need to stay there to die. It's better to come back and follow the commander and the county magistrate to guard this place.

The county magistrate concentrated all the doctors in the county, including his own government doctors, and sent them out, so they could only make their situation better before the war.

Er Gouzi and Li Ji returned to the village. At this time, the village also knew about the war. Yesterday there was a notice that the government officials were beating the gong from house to house. Overnight, several other families had already escaped with their belongings. Those who ran away hurriedly sold the things at home as they could be sold, and those who could not be sold and could not take them, had to throw them away.

That is to say, the food can be sold, and the food is so heavy and heavy that it won't take long, instead, it will be forbearing and paying attention on the way of fleeing. It would be better to carry a few dozen kilograms of grain on your body, exchange the rest for silver, and then go more diligent to a safe place, and then buy supplies.

This war is coming quickly, and sometimes it may not give people time to prepare, so if you want to survive, you must be one step faster.

Even when Li Ji first arrived home, some people in the village were still moving things. Many people are arguing over the price of food.

As the war approaches, the price of food will definitely rise. But the food sellers hurriedly left with the help of the other party, stubbornly lowering the price. So the troubles are constant and the chaos is extremely confusing.

At the door of Li Ji's Taoist house, you can hear the noise of Wuyang Wuyang in the village even if you are not in the village. Entering the house, the animals in the house were hungry and barking badly all day long. They fed their stomachs first, and the pigs had no time to cook their food, so they poured corn shreds directly into the pigs. The pig is very hungry, and it tastes sweet.

The messy voice finally calmed down. The little tail is easy to make. I brought some bacon on the car. I cut some to pad the little tail. I just waited for the dinner to be cooked in the evening and then fed it well.

A total of ten servants were brought, and they were busy carrying the things on the carriage to the mountain. Given the map in advance, they are not afraid of getting lost when they go up the mountain. Plus everyone can write fist. Even if you can't beat a beast, it's easy to escape.

In fact, a lot of things have been prepared for the residence on the mountain. But he couldn't stand the county magistrate's worry. Preparing more things to put in the mountains is also to ensure a better life in the mountains in the future.

When they go up the mountain, Li Ji and Er Gouzi make a plan first. The animals that will be given to the county magistrate are separated from the animals that they keep for food and breeding. Large animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs must be kept. If you have babies in the future, you will give them all to the county magistrate, and you won't feel distressed.

The remaining chickens, geese and rabbits. Li Ji keeps ten or twenty of them for his own food. When the time comes up the mountain, Er Gouzi will be convenient for hunting. Even if you don't stay, you don't have to worry too much about eating meat.

When the plan is finished, just wait for the people who arranged to pick it up by the county magistrate to give it to them.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to take care of the house, and he went to the village to take a look.

As soon as I entered the village, I saw the two families red-faced arguing, and they were about to fight. Li Ji used to let them separate and asked them to help gather people together at the entrance of the village. He just came back from the county, and he brought back big news.

The village is far away and the news is slow. This matter of turning in property to go up the mountain was a decision that I just sat down yesterday, and no news has been received here yet.

Li Ji waited at the entrance of the village for a while, and people came over one after another. He couldn't wait to ask Li Ji, Li Ji was not in a hurry, he just said that he waited until everyone was there.

When the people were almost there, the elders in the village had arrived, and the village chief stood in front of the people and looked at Li Ji.

Li Ji said: "I don't know if you have heard that, the county magistrate will bring people into the mountain behind us. Regardless of the premise, all personal property will be confiscated. When the mountain is up, the county magistrate will take care of everything."

Immediately there was one voice of opposition. The more remote the place, the lower the trust in officials. Even if he knew that the county magistrate was a good official working for the people, he would not easily hand his own safety into the hands of others at this critical moment of life and death. What's more, when wealth and life are together.

"Be quiet and listen to me." Li Ji's voice became louder. "I don't care how you decide. But I have relieved the county magistrate several times. This is a good official for the country and the people. He is sincere and sincere. For the sake of the big guys!"

"Did you receive any benefits!" someone in the crowd shouted.

When a kind heart was said to be like this, Li Ji was also upset in his heart, and immediately retorted, "How good is it to lie to you? To tell you the truth, right now, all of your property may not be as much as me alone. I don't. Greed that little sesame mung bean!"

After saying this, Li Ji continued: "I chose it myself when I was on the road, and I can't control what you want. I just mention that. I plan to go up the mountain with the county magistrate. Who of you really wants to stay away from war? For those who want to sell food, I will pay at double the price before. As for those who want to go up the mountain with a piece of land, this is not my responsibility. The county magistrate will arrange for someone to come down. The specific arrangement still depends on others."

Li Ji is indeed not short of money, and there is Er Gouzi's family behind him. It is said that it is more than all the assets of the whole village. Although this is an exaggeration, it is not impossible.

The village chief said: "Are you really planning to go up the mountain? You can think about it, your family has a big business, and there are so many livestock, persuade you to give it to the county magistrate?"

Li Ji nodded and said, "When you have a mountain, you will always need meat to feed a bunch of people. But I am different from other people. Er Gouzi's father likes hunting and built a house in the mountain that can live in. So after going up the mountain, we don't have to rely entirely on the protection of the county magistrate. So we don't have to hand in all of them. I keep some cattle in the house and raise them on the mountain, and the rest is for the county magistrate. There are many wild animals on the mountain, so we can get the county magistrate. The protection over there is very cost-effective."

Li Shuisheng sighed: "That's a pity, you have so many livestock, how much money is it worth?"

Li Shuisheng is the best calculation, so that he won't take any profit, and even give away all the assets of the family. It makes no difference to cutting him off.

Li Ji thought for a while, and said in a low voice: "It's about to start a fight, and my life may not be his own. Money is something outside of the body, and this life is gone, but there is nothing."

Li Shuisheng said: "I'm afraid I won't give anything when I get to the mountain. There are many wild beasts in this mountain, and I don't give anything to eat, forcing my work to fend for itself…Don't blame me for being suspicious, such a big thing, I don't think much about it."

Knowing his concerns, Li Ji nodded and said: "But right now, besides the county magistrate, who else can we trust? I don't care about others. I believe the county magistrate and would like to go up the mountain with the county magistrate. This is enough. I can too. Let me give you the bottom line, the relationship between Er Gouzi and the county magistrate is not simple. But… this is not simple, and it is not enough for us to trust the county magistrate, but it is not an excuse for us to benefit from our status."

In Li Ji's voice, there were prompts and warnings. The relationship is not simple, it means that what Li Ji said is credible. If you can't rely on your status for welfare, it means that you will go up the mountain in the future, and there will be no difference between people in the village and others.

This kind of no difference, in fact, is also a disguised form of reassuring. Be able to trust and treat everyone equally. Just to show that the grandfather of this county has enough food and ability to arrange everyone on the mountain.

The village chief thought a little deeper, and asked, "Then… are you worth it? Does the county magistrate have so much food to feed so many people? How many people can he feed? There will definitely be many penniless people in the past. Hand in a few copper plates, and two broken steamed buns are all the family property. If this is the case, how can the county magistrate ensure that everyone does not have to be hungry?"

"Speaking of which, I might as well tell you all." Li Ji's voice lowered a little: "Actually, the county magistrate started to prepare when the border war was chaotic. At that time, it was better to prepare than nothing. Therefore, I have not received less ridicule from other surrounding officials. Until half a month ago, some people said that the county magistrate was stupid and had a lot of money. He paid for such things from his own treasury. They were not afraid that the rebels would be defeated and the things were cheap. Selling degrees may not be able to sell."

These are what Li Ji heard from the people in the county's Taiye's Mansion. At the time of preparation, the county magistrate did not know how many people were ridiculed behind his back. But looking back now, I'm afraid there is no one who is more condemned than the county magistrate.

Now only the county in the surrounding counties has made a decision in advance. I believe the situation is much better than in other counties.

Speaking of which, Li Ji would not answer no matter how many questions they had. Let them think about it for themselves, they were all gone, Li Ji went straight home and waited for the servants who went up the mountain to come down.

Day and night, first send the things brought by the county magistrate first, and then carry the things at home. Especially the animals, small animals are okay, just carry them up the mountain in a basket. This big animal, such as cattle and sheep, can only catch up.

Driving up the mountain is not troublesome enough, but there is no difference between driving up the mountain and putting bait into the fish pond. It is just sending the meat up the mountain.

And even if the beasts come and can be driven away, the animals are kept at home when they are young, and they are well protected, and they have never seen any danger at all. If you get frightened and run away, then that's really enough.

There is no way, but a conservative approach. Er Gouzi went up the mountain together, plus was a servant. It was an individual, and each of the seven led an animal up the mountain. The other three servants all had bows and arrows in their hands, and Er Gouzi had long hair made of steel prepared by the county magistrate, and armor made of bronze. Go straight up the mountain.

Li Ji looks after the house alone, sitting at the house can say that every moment is guarding the suffering. Even if he knew Er Gouzi had the ability, he couldn't stand the crowd.

In case of a bit of accident, even if Er Gouzi scratched his skin, it would be enough for Li Ji to feel distressed.

With his little tail in his arms, Li Jiji is looking forward to coming back day by day.

Some uneasy people in this village come in groups to inquire about the situation.

Li Ji was concerned about the safety of Er Gouzi, and he was irritated when he was asked one by one.

"When you look at the war, everyone's affairs are messy enough. I am not the county magistrate, let alone the village chief. You must follow up the mountain and then go up the mountain, and if you are reluctant to keep your property or run away, this is your business. Come here well, what can I do for me? Is it possible that you really think that I have the ability to reach the sky, and can do the lord of the county magistrate? Let yourself bring food up the mountain, and you have to send troops to protect your safety on the mountain, as well as food and housing issues. What? People owe you?"

After finishing speaking in one breath, Li Ji licked again: "I also know what abacus you are making. But since it's related, please follow the approach and learn from me to leave some bonuses and wait for the war to pass. But I, Zhao Qian, let go. Er Gouzi and I have such a special case because they have a house to live in and don't have to rely too much on the county magistrate. If you now have the ability to create a house on the mountain, You also go to discuss with the county magistrate, I won't stop."

Hearing this, someone said in a low voice: "Then… can we discuss it again, if we have a place to live, we can divide my house. Even if it's a floor in the yard… It's done."

If there is another place in Li Ji's yard, it will not only be able to keep some property for future use, but also have a place to protect the safety of one's own home, and there will be no fear of going up the mountain and having no place to live.

Li Ji directly stood up and saw off the guests: "If I can do this, I will let my nephew come! If the house is mine, what use is it for you to force me to make a decision? Walk around, you must force me to be a villain , I have done this wicked man too, you are resentful or hateful, and I have endured it. All go, don't stand here to obstruct my eyes!"

After all the people were driven out, Li Ji found a place to sit down, feeling agitated in his heart. If I knew that there was trouble, I shouldn't think about it for them, and I had the mind to take them up the mountain.

Now that they are ready, give them a way to survive, and Li Ji has become a B*stard who has the advantage of not wanting the people in the village.

Li Ji complained, but he didn't come back when he saw someone. Go into the yard and collect all the uncleaned vegetables in the yard. Most of the yard has been cleaned up, even the roots have been pulled up, and it looks very clean. But logically speaking, radishes like radishes will be crispy and sweet only after the frost is eaten, and a lot of cabbage is left, just waiting for the ground to be frozen before picking it off. Frozen cabbage blanched in water and dipped in sauce is the most sweet and delicious.

The chaos of war is right now, so I can't enjoy it anymore. They can only pull them all down, and then transport them up the mountain together. This is also a winter dish.

I just don't know if we can grow vegetables in the mountains. There are so many trees in the mountains, it is definitely not good to grow crops without sunlight, and whether you can produce enough food to eat is still two different things.

However, the county magistrate had prepared so much in advance, so I think it shouldn't be a big deal.

When the radish was half pulled, I heard the little tails exchange. Li Ji hurriedly went to meet him at the door. Sure enough, they all came back.

Li Ji loosened his face and said with a smile: "Finally, I'm back.; I'm tired, I'll take a good rest and drink some water."

Li Ji first looked at Er Gouzi carefully and made sure that Er Gouzi was not injured, and then his heart was completely let go.

"There is no danger, right." Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi said truthfully: "When I met a tiger, he moved quickly. Then they lit a torch and scared it away."

Li Jiwei froze: "Tigers are afraid of fire?"

Li Ji hadn't read any books, let alone the situation of the beasts in the mountains. In his heart, the tiger is the king of beasts, how could he be afraid of flames?

Er Gouzi nodded: "Although I don't know why. But when I light a fire on the mountain, the common beasts dare not approach. They are afraid of fire. When the winter is cold, some are too cold and want to get close to the fire. Be very careful to keep warm. When the fire moves, you will run far away."

"That's really strange." Li Ji thought this was new, so he listened to it as a lively.

A servant smiled and explained to Li Ji: "Actually, this matter is easy to explain. The beasts in the mountains have seen fire? And they are afraid of Geer things. They have not seen the fire, even if they do, it is a fire in the mountain. That is. But no matter what, it can be burned to death. So, when you see a flame, it is hot and hot, and it will move if you haven't seen it. For them, it is a very powerful monster, naturally how far it can go, Just dodge how far."

This explanation just happened that Li Ji could understand, and he smiled: "I knew this, so I wouldn't be afraid to go up the mountain. Just prepare a few more torches and it will be fine."

Er Gouzi shook his head and said, "Wild boars are not afraid. When a wild boar attacks, it is not afraid of anything. Moreover, it has a thick skin and can withstand the fire. Moreover, there are usually many wild boars, which is very difficult to deal with."

Unless you encounter a single person, or use a wild boar trap. Otherwise, hunters with rich experience will not be able to eat the fat of wild boar.

When Er Gouzi was able to fight wild boars down the mountain, he was also lucky in it.

Let them all enter the house, simply eat something, and have a good rest.

It was dark and not dark. Before it was dark, we sent a batch of livestock. There will be one more round trip this time, and there are basically no large livestock in the family. There are also a few Piggy, only two or three months old, these are tied, and a person can take care of them. Behind the mountain is to carry things for food and clothing. Just wait until the move is over, and just live in the mountain, and won't go down the mountain.

When the county magistrate goes up the mountain, he will naturally look for them.

It's just that there are too many things at home, and now I can go back and forth at most two or three times a day. Even if eleven people are busy together, it will take at least three or four days.

At noon the next day, Er Gouzi and the others went up the mountain for more than half an hour, when the county magistrate sent a cart to pick up rabbits and chickens. Li Ji commanded them and removed all the gifts given to the county magistrate. It has been installed before, and it can be transported away directly by loading it in the car here.

"When you go back, remember to tell the county magistrate. I have left all the female rabbits with the cubs, and also the female rabbits with the big belly. The rabbits are not shocked. If you are really scared to find them, they are easy to eat the cubs. Raised by little rabbits. It's all meat when I get up, so I won't take it with me." Li Ji didn't forget to explain when he was sent away.

"Four Lord, what are you talking about? This book doesn't need to be explained to the little ones. Put your relationship with the master, you can trust you in what you do. The master means that these are not for you in vain. Yes. When I go back up the mountain, I will give you the money. Moving around now, you have to bother to go to the mountain to work."

"A family, no one can say anything about the two." Li Ji smiled.

"This is not what the two parties said. It should be said that it is time to do business. This meat is prepared for soldiers and government officials. Since it is for the public, there is no reason for the public to eat the people's meat for free."

After sending so many rabbits and chickens away, there was less noise standing in the yard. It seemed to be a lot empty all at once.

Li Ji felt a little lost in his heart.

Some chose to flee and came to sell food with Li Ji. Li Ji accepted the grain at twice the price he promised in advance.

In fact, after calculating it, twice the amount of food bought now takes advantage of it. After a real war, ten times the price may not be available.

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