There is a lot more food at home, and it will waste another round trip to the mountain. But at this time, there is no reason to dislike too much food.

The weather has been gloomy these few days. I don't know when it will rain. Li Ji begged and hoped that it would not rain, and it would fall at night. Otherwise, it would be delayed to go up the mountain to deliver things.

Almost all the animals have been moved up, and the fodder for the animals still needs to be brought along. Needless to say, pigs need to eat corn to grow fat. There are also chickens. Rabbits, cows and sheep can feed on grass. But now I am still busy moving things up the mountain, where is there time to mow the grass? Not to herd sheep. Therefore, the grass currently eaten is still moved online on two legs. Fortunately, most of the rabbits and chickens were pulled away, and it was easy to feed the rest. When carrying things up the mountain, grab two handfuls of grass, or carry a ten catties or twenty catties of corn shreds, which is enough to feed.

Li Ji has been watching his house down the mountain, and everyone in the village knows him, so he is not afraid of anything wrong.

Prepare three meals a day, and be ready with supplies such as water and jerky at any time. When the people came back, they filled the rice belts hanging around their waists in the first place. Going up the mountain is a personal effort, so you might be hungry on the way.

Li Ji prepared dinner for twelve people alone, but it was actually hard enough. At this time, everyone was taking care of each family, and they couldn't find someone to come and help.

Li Ji's second nephew, Li Jin, came over and said that he and his eldest brother were planning to follow Li Ji to follow the county magistrate into the mountains. Now the two children who are going to school are called back. Whether you can continue to study in the future, it's still a matter of two points.

Li Ji specially called the two children to have a look. It's different for those who have read books. Standing there and seeing that their backs are straight, they are not at all the same as the children of the same age in the village.

Xiao Tudou was young, and the family raised him a daughter-in-law. Many people in the village put their eyes on Li Tian's head. Li Tian was only twelve or thirteen this year, and went to school again. Reading for two or three years is only fifteen years old, just the age to get married.

Regardless of whether you can have a fame and fame in the future, those who have read books are much better than ordinary people, and naturally everyone is vying for it.

Regarding this, Li Ji also told his eldest nephew not to worry about the marriage of the child, because children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, and let the child choose what he likes in the future.

Fortunately, Li Tian's father and mother were not so impatient. They left their children in school. After that, they got married and only picked people by themselves, and no one picked their own. Since it's not that you can't marry a daughter-in-law, you can pick it slowly and don't worry.

The county magistrate's people have started to come to the village to record people. As long as they are willing to go up the mountain, put a handprint on a list and move both the grain and silver. After more than two days of preparation, someone will come and lead them up the mountain together.

Food or something should be sent to the mountain first, so as not to be in a hurry.

Many people in the village deliberately mentioned Li Ji and Er Gouzi, wanting to be more accommodating. I even thought about the officers and soldiers who asked for money. But obviously this method didn't work, and he was almost exempted from climbing the mountain.

This toss and toss, and less than half of the people in the village are willing to go up the mountain. This half is because I trust Li Ji and are willing to take a risk. Most of the rest are reluctant to save for many years. Because many of these family properties are still accumulated over generations, this choice is too heavy to make a choice.

The old lady of Li Ji's family is the type of person who is unwilling to abandon his family property and go up the mountain.

And if the old man is actually this year, it can be said that most of his body is buried in the soil, and he can't stand firmly that day, and he will go to the west. Walking is a problem on weekdays. Where can he go up and down the mountain like this?

According to his old man's words. Come on when the rebels come. The old man left him, and he died. If the rebels really wanted to kill him, this rare old man, then the rebels would not be a big deal, and they would not be happy for a few years.

Of course, the grandson who has been serving him has no reason to leave, and can only stay in the village and let his fate. His wife and children have no reason to go.

After all, it was the old lady in the family, and Li Ji couldn't go over and persuade him. I went to send two marinated rabbits to the elderly to replenish themselves, but Li Ji couldn't take care of the rest.

Everything was finally sent up the mountain. The last trip up the mountain. Li Ji also packed up, brought water and dry food, and piled up the basket on his back. Songsong and Taotao are pine trees, and you can follow them directly by walking through the trees. The little tail is afraid of danger in the mountains, so he is led by a rope.

Li Ji's physical strength is actually the worst among the people here, not because Li Ji is so useless. Because of long-term work, Li Ji has more energy than most of his peers in the village. But facing this person is too extraordinary, each of them has some great ability, it seems that Li Ji is inconspicuous.

Everyone can recite as much as they can be. What's left at home is basically coal, corncobs and the like. And there is hay that can't be taken away.

The hay comes from money, so it's a pity to just throw it away. But if you go up the hill one by one, it's a bit unworthy. Because there are not many other things on the mountain, just grass. Although it is a bit risky. But taking a sickle to go out can cut a basket full of grass in a short while, and it may be more troublesome to feed in winter because there is less sunshine on the mountain and it is troublesome to dry the grass. But now there are fewer livestock and livestock, and less food.

There is still some time before winter, there is always a way to prepare.

This is the first time Li Ji has gone to live in the mountains. East-West Security's residence is the closest of the three residences to the village. Saying it is going in, in fact, it will take nearly two hours to go. Mainly because of the rugged mountain roads, many places have to hand in hand and work together to pass.

Formally because of this, it is not easy to find. Going around in the mountains, if you don't have a map, you want to find it purely by memory. The possibility of being discovered is very small.

This is the first time I have walked so far with so many things on my back. Li Ji couldn't bear it. After walking for half an hour, my physical strength basically couldn't keep up.

Er Gouzi paid attention to Li Ji's state at any time, and found that Li Ji's footsteps were vain, so he started to ask.

"Prepare me some, you have too much."

Li Ji smiled bitterly: "You don't want to stand on me. I can go."

Li Ji tries his best to keep up with others. He filled himself with water from the grain depot severely, and ate two mouthfuls of dried meat from the county's grandfather to replenish physical strength.

Reluctantly said an hour, and finally rested on the road for a while.

Someone among the servants comforted Li Ji: "Don't bother you, Fourth Master. You've never memorized so many things, and you've never learned fists. It's normal that you can't stand it all at once. It's like we are all trained from snacks. ."

"Did you stay with the master when you were young?" Li Ji didn't even think about it.

The leading servant laughed: "Si Ye forgot. We all followed the master halfway. The master was born as a Tanhua Lang. He has only been an official since then. The younger ones used to serve the next master. Said. To be honest, in Jinglitou, apart from those noble families, few masters can really serve the long-term. Officials below the third grade are regarded as petty officials in Jinglitou. Each background can change five or six in a month. Or be dismissed. Or be transferred away. Once transferred out, all the servants in the house can't be taken away. Naturally, they are all sent to change hands."

Obviously, these people were resold to the county magistrate again because of some changes in the original owner's house.

It's easy to say this, but aftertaste, where is this being a person? It is clearly a livestock that is bought and sold at will.

But as a slave, this is the rule. This is the case since childhood.

Li Ji said that he didn't understand the feeling in his heart, but it was not so good. No matter how you don't like this, nothing can change.

Li Ji eats something and drinks some water to recover his strength as soon as possible. Feel free to chat for a while, and continue to walk deep into the mountains.

Going further inside is deep in the mountains. The place outside is safe, it is not clear what it is here.

Li Ji has always been protected in the middle, watching the surroundings anytime and anywhere, very alert.

Every time there is movement in the grass, it will be scary. Be careful, for fear of any danger caused by a momentary negligence.

This is the second time that Li Ji has entered the mountains in so many years. The last time I came in, I was lucky and encountered no danger along the way. In addition, I only had to carry some leather on the way back at the time, and there was no burden at all. It was okay to run when something really happened.

It's different now. Everyone is carrying a lot of things on their backs, and running is not shown. And as the speed of the journey into the mountains, the loss of physical strength is also accelerating. It can be said that the closer to the destination, the higher the degree of danger.

Er Gouzi's ears are the sharpest. He didn't dare to wear his face at this moment, listening intently to the sounds nearby.

Just walked for another hour, and stopped again to rest for a while. At this time Li Ji had no strength to speak more. Don't fill too much water. I took two sips of water and slowly moistened my throat, chewing delicious jerky, and felt my cheeks panicked.

Li Ji wiped the sweat off his face with a sweat towel, and looked at the dirty sweat towel. It was a little uncomfortable. The quality of life has improved over the past two years, and Li Ji has become more and more clean. For work on weekdays, I prepared a few sweat towels, threw them into the basket when they were dirty, and rubbed them smoothly when washing clothes. Hardly ever used dirty sweat towels.

In fact, this sweat towel is placed with others in the village and belongs to the category of cleanliness alone. The sloppy sweat towels have not been washed, so they can be used again when they are dry. You can smell the sweat deposits from far away, so I don't bother to go to the river and rub them.

After all, it's a way of living one person after another.

The sweat towels were soaked, and the clothes were soaked. Li Ji was uncomfortable, so he could only pick a leaf and kept fanning himself.

Er Gouzi felt sorry for Li Ji, so he wiped off the sweat from his forehead with his sweat towel, and said again: "I'm still very relaxed when I carry it on my back. You can divide me up."

Li Ji still shook his head: "Don't hit me, goodbye. Even if I really can't bear it, I can't let you help me. You know you best on this mountain, and you have to lead the way. You can't do without you if you have any accidents. I can't help with anything on the mountain, if I can't carry anything on my back, then what shall I do with follow."

Seeing Li Ji's insistence, Er Gouzi was not too reluctant. Frowning his eyebrows, he looked at the basket on Li Ji's back for a while.

If Er Gouzi moved things down forcefully, Li Ji would not be able to control him. But Er Gouzi didn't want to go against Li Ji's meaning. Li Ji said no, but no.

Even if my heart hurts no more, I have to endure it.

After resting for a while, he was about to get up, but Er Gouzi stopped them. Standing up, Er Gouzi looked around vigilantly, and stretched out his hand to a position: "Get ready, there is something over there."

The four descendants holding bows and arrows immediately stood up and adjusted their postures to pull the bows full.

Er Gouzi forgot to explore the way there, and finally confirmed the direction. With a finger, the two arrows died.

The bush shook, and the gray beast quickly fled.

Li Ji didn't see clearly, and asked what Er Gouzi was. Er Gouzi didn't know what it was called, so he could only describe it: "Similar to a beast. In fact, it's not too strong, just like sneak attacks. Sometimes it can be in groups, which is very troublesome."

Li Ji's face was white: "Then it will ask the accomplices to go?"

Er Gouzi is not sure: "I don't know. Let's go."

The two archers walked over and carefully retracted the two arrows. This arrow is all made of iron, and the cost is very high. If it can be recovered, it is natural to recover as much as possible.

The twelve people continued to move up to the third, perhaps because they were nervous, or their limbs were too tired and a little numb. Although Li Ji walked slowly on the road behind, he did not choose to rest because of excessive exhaustion.

Until the outline of the residence could be seen, there was no danger again.

Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief, saw the goal, and accelerated his steps.

But when he looked around, he saw the residence, but Er Gouzi waved their hands to stop them.

Er Gouzi motioned them to silence and let them listen.

Li Ji calmed down, and sure enough, in addition to the sound of birds and wind, he also heard some inexplicable messy sounds.

I walked forward cautiously again, and finally I could see the residence in front of me clearly. At this time, two red and white shadows can also be seen hovering around.

The residence is not so much a house as it is a huge tent. The avenue covers the entire yard.

Li Ji rubbed his eyes and repeatedly confirmed that he was right. I asked in a puzzled way: "This…what is this?"

Someone in the servant explained: "Siye, you haven't seen it before. It's normal. This is a yurt from the northwest, but a bigger one. The outside of this yurt is made of rain-proof fabric, and the inside is thick cotton. By. It's not afraid of rain. No matter how cold the wind is in winter, it's not easy to blow your head. It's very warm."

After listening to the explanation, Li Ji nodded: "This has closed the yard like a buckled pot? Can I still see the light?"

The servant's explanation was very patient: "The top piece can be opened. If you make a fire in it, point to that piece and put the firework in. Light can also shine in. In addition to this, there are also a few pieces around that can be opened. Guide Shihu is farming in the yard. Although the sun is not enough to grow slowly, it is warm here and you can plant something hardy in winter. You can plant one under the mountain, and you can plant it for two seasons here."

In most cases, the first six months of the year are winter. In the long winter, no grain will grow in the ground. Therefore, even if the land in the north is fertile, there are more harvests than the land where there is no fish and rice in the south.

Li Ji nodded after hearing this. These are the capable people and strangers under the hands of the county magistrate who can come up with it. If you change to Li Ji, I am afraid that you will not come up with this for eight lifetimes.

"It's really wonderful. Waiting for the night like this, just close all the locked ones, you won't be afraid of any jackals, tigers and leopards."

The servant smiled and said: "There are also shortcomings. For example, in winter, how can you live and warm up. The upper part of life must be opened. In winter, there are beasts who are extremely hungry and come out looking for food. A beast has an entrance. The solution is to put a trap on it in winter, and be careful not to trap people."

Li Ji said that he understood: "Winter is no way, wait until summer, at night, just hold it like this, open two small openings to ventilate, maybe it can be cooler."

The servant said: "There is no need to worry about the scorching heat in summer. It was originally in the mountains, it was very cool. A small ice store was dug underground, and some ice was stored in this winter. It will be used in the coming year. If you save a little, use Dao. Autumn is okay."

Just such a giant yurt, two or three months of work, was detained in this deep mountain. It is hard to imagine how much financial and material resources the county magistrate had spent to reach the current level.

But all the preparations of the county magistrate are useful. At least for now. How much energy the grandfather of the county spent in the first place, how safe the two are now.

Li Ji originally thought that his place of residence in the mountains was a small courtyard in the middle of the forest. He thought it was so exaggerated. And there are three more such giant tents!

Thinking about the whole county, I am afraid that only the grandfather of the county has the financial and material resources to achieve it.

"What do you do now? The few ones out there won't make tigers!" Although Li Ji had never seen a tiger, he had heard of it.

The servant nodded and said: "It is indeed a tiger. But with so many of us, we have weapons, and it is not difficult to deal with it. We are not the character to die or die, we just need to drive him away."

A group of people walked over there and quickly attracted the attention of the two tigers.

From a distance, I saw the two tigers stretching their necks to look here, walking back and forth a little irritably, as if they were considering whether to attack or not.

If you have passed a pack of wolves, the tiger will choose to leave if there are twelve, because it will be very troublesome to deal with. If it were twelve deer, the tiger would pounce on it without hesitation.

But tigers cannot determine which kind of human beings belong to. I'm not familiar with it because I haven't seen it before. These two were the two previously scared away by torches. With the previous lesson, at this moment, I saw that they didn't have torches on their bodies. While feeling the lingering fears, he was also eager to try, to see what kind of enemy it was.

As they got closer, the four archers had already stretched their bowstrings. This has reached the door of the house. In order to avoid future troubles, it is best to completely kill these two tigers to prevent future troubles. But for the tiger, the bow and arrow, unless it is a critical injury, as long as they escape. For the tiger, the wound will only recover for some time, but the nuclear will attract more hatred.

Li Ji looked at them nervously and remembered what they said before that the tiger was afraid of things he hadn't seen before, and the flames would move, so he could scare the tiger away.

Li Ji's brain flashed, and he pressed his voice and asked, "Are they afraid of noise?"

The servant was taken aback: "What noise?"

"It's a loud noise." Li Ji said anxiously.

The servant nodded: "If it beats its roar, it will be scared."

Li Ji narrowed his eyes and nodded after having a calculation.

"Listen first, I'm the way to go."

A group of people carefully surrounded Li Ji, and the leader waited for Li Ji to come up with an answer with a puzzled look.

Li Ji smiled and said: "Last year, I bought a lot of firecrackers and firecrackers, and there are still many left. I didn't want to throw them down when I went up the mountain, so I brought them all. Since the tiger is afraid of fire, if it doesn't work, I will also be afraid of setting off. We can. Try it."

The leader of the training nodded: "Why didn't you expect it before? There are so many things that Tiger hasn't seen before, and there are even more things that can bluff him."

Li Ji took off the back basket, turned out the firecrackers and firecrackers, and then said: "There is another problem, that is, you may not be afraid to leave it far away. Even if you are afraid, you will come back. It is best to put them next to them. They were scared to find them, and remembered in their hearts, they would definitely not come back in the future."

Then going to sleep and shooting a gun is a problem. It's not a question of who runs fast. Must run close enough, but I quickly lit the fuse and threw it out.

The first question is whether the lead can be ignited quickly. It is important to know that when a person is nervous, the hand will shake particularly badly. The more severe the shaking, the harder it will be to ignite. Secondly, if the cannonball is thrown out, the tiger will definitely chase the person who throws the cannonball first. How fast does the tiger run? If you wait for the tiger to run away before it sounds, then you won't be able to reach the tiger.

Li Ji talked about the problem to see if they could have a solution.

Li Ji is definitely not good. No matter how round among the twelve people, he couldn't turn to his head. The best quality here is Er Gouzi. Li Ji also knew that Er Gouzi was the best candidate. But people always have a little selfishness and don't want to let Li Ji go.

Looking at the firecrackers and firecrackers and firecrackers in Li Ji's hands, Er Gouzi directly said, "I'll go."

Li Ji almost blurted out and said no. But she can't. They were also raised by their fathers and mothers, and they couldn't really let them rush forward just because they called Er Gouzi the master.

And from the perspective of everyone's personal conditions, Er Gouzi is indeed the best candidate.

Li Ji did not speak, but the servants could not remain silent.

"How does this make it? This is dangerous. You are an uncle. Where can you take this risk? We are individuals. If two people are distracted, it is convenient for others to pass by. If you are alone, what is the danger? We can't afford it."

It's not a question of who is right, but these ten servants. If they are really in danger and let the master go up, don't say whether they are willing or not. If they go back and are known by the county magistrate, that's enough for them. Can stand it.

After arguing for a while, Li Ji was stunned. He looked at a servant's bow and arrow and suddenly said, "How is your arrow technique?"

A servant with an arrow said: "It's okay."

"Can you shoot a firecracker that is burning to the head near the tiger?"

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