This idea is weird, but it works.

The four archery shooters looked at each other and made eye contact. The leader nodded, "You can try."

Taking advantage of their free time, Li Ji also perfected a small plan.

"At that moment, two of you were tied up on the arrows. Er Gouzi, while you ran over there with the firecrackers. After you were three feet away, they shot the firecrackers that were almost burnt out around them. When the firecrackers fire, you can light firecrackers and throw them at them. Don't look for it, as long as the first two firecrackers work!"

In this way, Er Gouzi is not the main force, but an auxiliary role. The main purpose is to let the tiger know that this sudden loud noise comes from people, and it is proof that they are still firecrackers. This way the tiger was frightened once, and will never come close again.

This attention seems to be the best way at the moment.

The two swordsmen are the best, and the arrows are tied to the firecracker. Er Gouzi started to run towards Tiger with a series of thousand-shot firecrackers.

Halfway through the run, the two lit the Nianzi, their bows were full, and they only waited for Li Ji to give an order to shoot the cannonball out!

Li Ji let go of the chance shot, and roughly calculated the time of the explosion, and then the time of the arrow shooting. It sounds difficult, but it's actually very simple, because you only need a vague approximation. As long as the difference is not too big, it can play a role in frightening the tiger.

There are left and right firecrackers and firecrackers, and the next time you frighten them will be the same.

Er Gouzi almost ran to the front. The two tigers also arched themselves in a pose ready to attack. Li Ji's palm was almost out of drought.

"Shoot!" Li Ji gave an order, and two arrows with black smoke flew out!

There is something on the arrow that will affect the accuracy of the head. However, the original requirements for this kind of thing are not very strict. As long as it is not too crooked, even if it is completely inaccurate, it will work.

Fortunately, the experience of the two of them seemed to include the weight of the firecracker in the process of shooting arrows. In almost an instant, the two arrows shot near the two tigers.

The two tigers cooperated very tacitly, one bowed to face the Er Gouzi, the other went over to sniff the two arrows. It is an animal's instinct to sniff for something unfamiliar. At this moment, both artillery battles rang.

There was a cry in between, and the two tigers rushed out at the same time, and they ran out of accounts after a few long jumps. Er Gouzi didn't have to worry anymore. He picked up the firecrackers in his hand, lit the twister, and then threw it in the direction of the tiger.

The long series of firecrackers were not far away, but even if they looked from a distance, the tigers were so scared that they bowed and backed away.

Finally, when the firecrackers burn out, only a piece of scent remains. Er Gouzi raised his chest and looked at the two tigers threateningly.

In the end, the fear of location triumphed over curiosity about new species. The two tigers first turned around and fled quickly. The other was sure that the tiger had escaped, and then turned around and fled.

At this moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Ji even forgot when he was tired, and ran all the way with the basket on his back: "It's okay!"

Er Gouzi shook his head. He didn't even pass the entrance examination within three feet of the tiger. No way, the tiger ran too fast. How could this man's two legs compare to other people's four legs?

After solving the two tigers, the group opened the door of the giant tent and went straight in.

As soon as I entered, I heard the sound of a gang of animals crying and howling. Suddenly the environment changed, and the familiar masters were no longer around, no wonder they were afraid.

Lock the outer door so that the inside is almost invisible. The servants put down their things and began to look around for the rope that opened the small window. The way the small window opens is also clever. There are only two ropes on the upper level, and they are not long. One is for opening the window and the other is for closing the window. It's all sorted away from the side of the giant tent.

In fact, rain protection is not particularly good, even if the windows are closed, a little rainwater will leak in. But for the yard, water is a good thing.

The servant was still introducing this to Li Ji: "In fact, there is a small organ for storing water here. This yard has heights, higher over there, and lower here. There are actually pillars around this tent. When it rains, the water on the tent will stay along the gully."

Li Ji was led to a rolling door made of cloth: "Open the small door, and there is a wooden board outside. Just lift the wooden board and the rain will be inside. There is a big bamboo tube buried inside. The mountain is only deep. The director has pillars, which are relatively few. The bamboo tubes used here are still transported from the bottom of the mountain and then assembled on the mountain. In fact, the county magistrate originally wanted to use a large porcelain cylinder. However, the time is limited, and it is really difficult to transport the magnetic steel up. I switched to bamboo. This bamboo is actually not durable, and it will be rotten in three to five years if it is filled with water. However, the two masters will definitely not live here by then, so let's make do with it first."

Li Ji swallowed drooling. Once again I saw what luxury is. It was absolutely beyond his imagination and cognition to be here in a short period of time.

The servant smiled and said: "Master knows that most of the livestock on the mountain gather near the water source, so it is the most troublesome to get water on weekdays. With this, you can reduce the number of times you go out to get water in the spring, summer and autumn. If it is rainy and rainy. At that time, the water here is enough. When it's better in winter, just grab the snow outside and come in."

Li Ji nodded again and again: "After all, there are so many capable people around the grandfather of the county. I can't think of it at all. This is all ready to go."

The servant took the two to the small ice cube again.

The ice store is really not big, at least it looks as big as a room above the ground. Li Ji placed a lot of boxes. When these boxes are opened, there are interlayers inside, and they are all excellent in heat preservation. Just put the ice directly in the box at that time.

The servant said: "Wait for the winter, and fill the box first. After it is full, the remaining ice cubes can be placed at will. It can also prevent some impatience to eat. Or greedy for cold, there are some at the door. View the hut, where you can escape the heat."

There are more than forty boxes here, all of which are full, and even one box in a few days is enough for at least two or three months. The two basically only use it to cool down when they sleep, and they don't usually use it.

Then he went to see the three warehouses that were full of piles. Li Ji once again sighed how much the county magistrate loved his son. He also blamed Li Ji for being ignorant and ignorant. He never expected that rich and powerful people would prepare for their children in this way. Proper.

After reading the yard, he entered the main house. Because of the tight time, the house is not very large. In fact, it's not big, it's almost the same as the house under Li Jishan. There are also several large cabinets embedded in the wall, which can hold a lot of things without taking up space.

Li Ji opened one casually, filled with various snacks to pass the time. They are basically durable.

Close it and open the other one, all kinds of new clothes that haven't been worn at the time. Some of them have exquisite fabrics, and some are durable and suitable for work.

Just looking at it like this, my heart is full of touch. In fact, there is really no need to bring the things from the house, because the county magistrate has already prepared something for you, and you can live there just by coming.

"In the drawer below, there are rapeseeds. The yard is not big enough to grow vegetables. If you want more variety, you can come out for another piece of land. I'm afraid that the wild animals in the mountains are overwhelming. Unfortunately, it's time. Not enough. If it takes more than half a month, you will be able to surround a circle of iron gill nets outside, and you will not dare to approach the beasts. If you cut down the surrounding trees, the harvest will not be affected."

Li Ji squatted down and opened the drawer. It was filled with paper bags. Each paper bag prevented a different kind of rapeseed.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to look over and open a packet of rapeseed to see if Er Gouzi could recognize it.

Er Gouzi is very interested in growing vegetables, so except for the ones he hasn't eaten, most of the rapeseeds can be recognized.

"The room in this room is quite big, and it's good to get some pictures and come in when you're okay."

Er Gouzi nodded. There are still plenty of eyes in the room.

The large and small window cloths used to set up the tent are opened. Although the light here is a little darker, it doesn't affect things at all. I just don't know what kind of things look like.

The servant took a box from a height and opened it, which was filled with candles.

"Three boxes of this kind of candles were prepared, which should be enough for the time being. I also prepared some lamp oil. The lamp oil can be lit in the yard or used to set off a fire. Don't use it here, lamp oil. It feels a little choking when it burns. The two masters are both golden and expensive, so just have candles."

The poor light a lamp, the rich light wax. This is a sentence handed down at some point. Lamp oil is much cheaper than candles, and ordinary lamp oil will burn with some peculiar smell. You can't smell it with the accustomed, and those who are really delicate, just lift the nose to know if it's right.

Of course, kerosene is also divided into different categories. For example, the lamp oil that was enshrined in those four seconds had a smell, but it smelled very good. Candles are also divided into three, six or nine grades, and the most inferior candles can choke their noses.

So there is still no absolute in this kind of thing.

"Yes, I'm just a farmer, and I'm really like brother-in-law to hear you say this. Okay, I've seen everything that should be seen in this yard. Let's feed the animals first, and then start cooking." Li Ji touched his belly. In fact, I didn't eat anything less along the way. But after exhaustion, I eat more vertically to find comfort.

The county magistrate prepares a lot of things, and twelve people are busy together, making it easy to cook.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were kicked out by the servants when they entered the kitchen, and the reason was very simple. Servants take money to serve people. Where can the master cook for the servants?

What else can Li Ji say? Left and right, they took the money of the county magistrate, and they were the ones who cooked when they left.

The food was plentiful yesterday, and the table was not big enough for twelve people. There is no second table. Li Ji decided to eat separately. No one had one bowl of rice and two plates. Only when he wanted to eat, he could put his own plate on the plate on the table, and then he would take it if he didn't eat enough.

This is still inspired by the maid serving a meal in the County Grand Master's Mansion. Fearing that they could not let it go, Li Ji and Er Gouzi first made two dishes for themselves, and they ate them directly on the windowsill.

The servant who was left saw that they were both like this, so he gradually let go of his restraints and began to eat.

At this time, food is precious. No one can bear to let it go. After a meal, I am a servant and will go back.

There are still others in the room. If you can't introduce them for a while, you will have to rely on Li Ji and Er Gouzi to discover them by themselves.

Before leaving, the servant also said that Ge Er and Tinglan will take a while to come back. The county magistrate knew that the two of them liked quietness, so he only photographed four of them. Among them are Ge Er and Tinglan.

These two people are people that Li Ji and Er Gouzi are used to. The remaining two are those who know how to hunt and write fists, and living in this mountain can also help.

Standing at the door of the giant tent, Li Ji watched them leave, stretched out and waved, feeling a little melancholy.

I will live here from now on, I am afraid that I will go out very few times. People in the mountains do not know anything under the mountains, as if they are isolated from the world.

This is isolation.

Li Ji moved his lips, wanted to say something but didn't say it, chasing it into a sigh. Here, it's like a cage.

When can I go back?

"It's the two of us." After a long time, Li Ji said to Er Gouzi next to him.

Er Gouzi comforted: "Someone will come over. They said, there will be four people to accompany you." Er Gouzi only said that Li Ji was afraid of loneliness. If it were not for nothing, Li Ji would not agree to go up the mountain.

"I know. What I care more about is the bottom of the mountain. What should I do when the war starts? When will it end? I don't like the mountains, but I just can't bear the people outside the mountains." Li Ji thought of those who chose to leave their homeland, at this moment. What life did they live by?

Er Gouzi said: "If you are worried, I can often go to the mountain to see."

Li Ji shook his head again and again: "It's too dangerous. You have no eyes when you start a war. What if you hurt you? I mean, you don't know me? You can worry about everything."

Li Ji knelt down and teased his little tail. Although the change of place and the smell of the beast in the mountains made Little Tail very uneasy, the presence of Li Ji and Er Gouzi made him feel somewhat safe.

"The remaining livestock and domestic animals that we have raised will continue to grow. You caught two rabbits at the beginning, but now there are hundreds of them? We now have 20 or 30 rabbits. Try hard. Try to get him thousands of rabbits before going down the mountain."

Er Gouzi nodded: "The more the better."

Li Ji took a deep breath, turned back and closed the door of the big tent. There were twenty or thirty windows, large and small, all opened, and the inside was very bright.

Li Ji looked at the sky divided into twenty or thirty by the window. Actually it's not bad here. At least for now, it is the safest place.

There will be no rebels here, not even outsiders.

At this time, the county magistrate also began to arrange for the people who were willing to go up the mountain. In the past few days when Li Ji was busy moving things up the mountain, the county magistrate was also moving up the mountain. Afraid of sudden rain on the mountain, large and small caves must be dug on the mountain to store supplies.

Almost mobilized most of the available soldiers and government officials, and a small part was digging caves while protecting themselves on the mountain, and the rest of the supplements were constantly transporting grain, grass and materials to the mountain. The past few days have been almost day and night. Seeing the rebels are getting closer and closer, the speed of moving up the mountain has to be accelerated and even faster!

Knowing that Li Ji and Er Gouzi had successfully climbed the mountain, the county magistrate breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the map on the mountain placed on the table, no matter how difficult it is, I have to sit down and decide.

All the villagers who are going to go up the mountain will gather together, pass through the villages, receive groups, and group five families into a group, and then pick out one of the five families who is the most able to take care of things as the patriarch. The advantage of being a patriarch is that you can receive more meat every month.

This is unintentionally a bad idea for families who couldn't afford to eat during the Taiping period. Of course, if any one of these five families is not honest and thinks about it, the head of the family will be responsible.

Then each soldier is responsible for two patriarchs. If there is something that the chieftain can't solve, go to the generals, if the generals can't solve them, go to his own ten chiefs, who have centurions, thousand chiefs, and commanders on them.

And the servants manage the distribution of the house. Clothes, bedding, food, and shelter must be arranged.

To sum up in the end, this is a small county with a population of 13,000. Only 2,100 people are willing to follow up the mountain. The rest, except those who fled their homes, chose to stay and wait for the arrival of the rebels.

There are less than 1,000 soldiers and more than 2,000 people. It is enough to protect these people.

The five families of these people stood in groups. The county magistrate stood on a high place and looked down, and then looked at the scattered cooking smoke in the city, which was very uncomfortable in his heart.

This county will abandon the city without spending a single soldier when the rebels arrive here. Perhaps this time the laughing stock of reincarnation through the ages is better than these people suffering from the war.

As for the people who stayed in the city, those are their own choices, and the county magistrate can't help it.

The county magistrate recognized this infamy, even if it was carried on his back, and the commander also recognized it.

The county magistrate cares about the people, and the commander cares about his soldiers.

The common people are not like soldiers. Ordered to go up the mountain, everything was fine at the beginning, and after two hours of walking, there were already people overwhelmed.

Most people who choose to go up the mountain are dragging their families. Especially those whose children are still young and are most likely to lose their lives in wars.

Otherwise, if there is no one who can't give up, who is willing to sacrifice all of his fortune and hand his destiny to others?

This group of children goes up the mountain and cannot be carried by their parents all the time. If there are too many children, it is also a trouble for a group of children to quarrel together and not leave.

The tacit understanding between them is not good, and if the children are delayed, they will inevitably have disputes.

The county magistrate was also panting up the mountain at this time. Hearing this, he immediately said: "Any child who refuses to go up the mountain and crying will be carried by strong soldiers! Only those under ten years old. Don't you have a temper when you are over ten. If you leave, just throw it away."

This may seem unfeeling, but it has a very good effect.

Some people who rely heavily on their parents will not let them see their parents when they hear that they are disobedient. They immediately behaved a lot. Although they walked more slowly, they still followed in small steps.

Those who really can't walk, and those who are spoiled and crying, don't do much verbosity, and just take them away and be carried by the soldiers. The perennial training of the soldier, the muscles of the whole body, the strength of the hands and feet, the children are scared when they see it, many of them are memorized for a while, and they will obediently meet their parents. The ones who were more courageous still enjoyed being carried on their backs without having to walk on their own, and played around on the soldiers' backs for a while.

Although the speed slowed down a lot, it was still a pole before noon to arrive at the originally scheduled camp on the mountain.

The soldiers came up with many marching tents. If the soldiers live on their own, it is more than enough, but with these people, they can't live.

When I got to the mountain, I was busy setting up all the tents. Because it is deep in the mountains and old forests, trees and weeds thrive, it took two or three hours to clear the place. During the period, I also encountered a beast of good opportunity. Fortunately, the soldiers were fully prepared. There were no casualties. Two wild deer were hunted. They were peeling the skin and only waiting for the fire to be roasted at night. At that time, everyone could share. Taste a piece of meat.

Two deer, more than 3,000 people divided, it is indeed reluctant. Then someone put aside the words. Set up all the tents as soon as possible so that the soldiers can have free time to hunt, so that they can hunt more prey, and then everyone can eat meat.

Obviously, meat is more effective than anything else. The people who were unable to lift their energy due to the exhaustion of the whole morning were full of hurries, and the time to set up tents was much faster.

The military tents are on the outermost periphery, the commoners' tents are on the innermost, and the county magistrate's is the most central.

The tent is not enough to live in, but bring a lot of fabric. Summoned some women who know how to stitch to sew the tent. The rest can't be idle, one by one must hold a sickle, and try to clear all the obstacles in the circled camp. Try to make this camp look a little bit.

More than two hundred soldiers went out hunting, taking care of each other at any time, saving any danger. There are many beasts in this deep mountain, but it depends on luck if you can encounter it.

Fortunately, God had mercy on them, the poor people who had just left their homes, and they hunted three roe deer, a deer and six rabbits.

So much meat, all packed up enough for everyone to eat a few pieces of meat.

The county magistrate looked at his tent. After all, the county magistrate is a person who has enjoyed it for a long time, and it is impossible to share a tent with others. However, the county magistrate chose a very small tent, and the county magistrate lived in and put some simple things in it.

Although he was small, he was the only one among all the people who used a tent, and the commander also lived with two lieutenants.

Until the evening, there was a bonfire. Because the tent is not enough to sleep, I can't squeeze it at all. Only two dials can be separated. Half of the people slept in the first half of the night, and the other half slept in the second half of the night.

No one will complain. After eating a delicious bite of barbecued meat, you can simply stir-fry your belly when you feel the multi-grain noodles and steamed buns. Just such a meal gave almost everyone a sense of security. Let them understand that the grandfather of the county sent them to the mountain for their good.

Then look at the sky contentedly. Listening to the unknown calls from time to time in the mountains. Satisfy from the heart.

At least, better than the people under the mountain, because here, I know the future better.

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