When he wakes up, his eyes are still dark when he opens his eyes. Li Ji is a little strange. He always sleeps at dawn. How can he lick and he will be full of sleep when it's dark?

Sit up and touch the Er Gouzi next to him: "Er Gouzi?"

"Yeah." Er Gouzi's voice was very soft.

"It's not bright yet." Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi thought about it seriously: "It's blocked."

Li Ji just reacted at once, and now there is a huge tent covered by it. I closed the windows before going to bed yesterday, so I got up so dark this morning.

Li Ji sat up, went to touch the candlestick next to the kang, took the fire-folder and blew out the flame to light the candlestick.

The flames flickered, and I could finally see it.

Li Ji put on his clothes and walked out of the house. Er Gouzi followed suit and walked out. When I got out of the house, I found the ropes that opened the windows and pulled them apart one by one. Then the sun poured in and the yard was bright.

Li Ji blew out the candles and smiled: "Safety means safety, and warmth means warmth. Even when I get up in the morning, I have to light up the wax, which is wasteful."

"I don't need candles if I come." Er Gouzi said.

Er Gouzi, who grew up in the mountains, didn't have any conditions. When I left the fire at night, I couldn't see anything.

It is precisely because of this that Er Gouzi's hearing becomes very sharp, and he adapts quickly to darkness. As long as you remember the things in the yard, even if it is not big at all, it is easy for Er Gouzi where you want to go.

"Okay, I know you have the ability."

Li Ji couldn't see the sun through the window. Unless it is midday, the sun is basically blocked by surrounding trees and invisible. So it is impossible to tell how long the sun has been up.

Li Ji doesn't like this feeling very much. Because I can see the sun, I know what time it is that day, and what time I have to do, I can make arrangements.

Then Li Ji went to cook, and Er Gouzi went to feed the animals. Most of the rabbits and chickens were sent to the county magistrate. The rest of the house is the big animals and 40 or 50 poultry, which is much more convenient to feed.

After the feeding over there, Li Ji's food is still not boring.

Recently, Li Ji likes sour bamboo shoots fried with minced pork, a dish that Li Ji cooks almost every time he cooks. This year's potatoes have been harvested a lot. Er Gouzi likes to eat potato stew, so let Er Gouzi stew twice more.

The county magistrate sent a lot of dry goods, whether it's meat or vegetables. Li Ji has never seen the vicious city.

The most fresh thing for Li Ji is the dried sea fish. The sea fish that came down in a big way still had a fishy smell, and the servants introduced them to them. However, Li Ji is an elm-headed man, so I just remember it.

The smallest fish is almost transparent and tastes delicious. There is also small sea rice, which is best used in stewing soup.

Soak the other fishing rods, whether they are stewed in the pot or grilled, the taste is surprisingly good.

The fish raised at home were all eaten, and the fish sent by the county magistrate were just enough to satisfy the two of them.

Er Gouzi watched Li Ji cook for a while, the aroma had already come out, but the dishes weren't fully cooked yet, it was not time to eat.

Seeing that the greedy couldn't bear it, Er Gouzi simply found a hoe and went into the yard to turn over the ground.

In fact, this place has been turned over, and the big rocks have basically been picked up. Perhaps because of the lack of time, many of them were still in the field when they were young. Although these are not a real threat to the growth of vegetables, Er Gouzi looked uncomfortable. It is now autumn and winter cannot be planted. It is good to clean up the land in advance.

Li Ji's food is ready, and he went out to see Er Gouzi picking stones in the ground.

Li Ji smiled and said, "Wash your hands and eat, and I will accompany you after the meal."

Er Gouzi raised his head and smiled brightly, put the hoe in a place, and went into the house to wash his hands and eat.

There is a water tank made of bamboo in the house. It's already filled with water. If you save a little bit, you don't need to fetch water for three or five days.

It is more than two miles away from the water source. This is not only convenient for fetching water, but also allows the beasts by the water not to delay their lives.

Li Ji took a sip of tea while eating, and raised his head and asked Er Gouzi: "Is it troublesome to fetch water?"

Er Gouzi said without looking up, "Don't go."

"That's really dangerous?" Li Ji frowned.

"No. If the water level is high, you can just fill it up and leave wherever you go. There are not always beasts on the water. The stream is very long, and it won't stay in one place forever." Er Gouzi said truthfully.

Li Ji was still worried: "If it only rains more, we don't need to fetch water."

"It's going to rain soon." Er Gouzi said: "It will rain in one or two days."

Li Ji's eyes lit up. Li Ji can tell the weather through changes in the sky. Although Li Ji didn't understand the reason, he trusted Er Gouzi's judgment very much.

"When it rains, we can wash our clothes and take a shower."

Because fetching water from the mountain is not as convenient as going down the mountain, neither of them took a bath last night, so the washing water was saved.

The clothes that were taken off yesterday were not washed. In fact, Li Ji didn't like this, but he couldn't help it.

Er Gouzi nodded: "When it snows in winter, you can wash your clothes every day."

After winter, there will be snow all around, and it can be used when the snow melts, and there is no need to be afraid of the threat of beasts.

"I don't know what's going on with your father." Li Ji asked, and both of them were a little silent.

After listening to Er Gouzi's chopsticks, he said in a low voice: "There are many others, and they will be safer than us."

Li Ji nodded in agreement and stopped worrying about it.

At this time, the county magistrate was organizing the people to pick up branches, and then a mile outside the camp began to weave branches among the trees to make a simple but thick and high fence.

Even children join in. There were not enough branches in the camp, so I dug out the map and planed out the rhizomes below. After the ground in the camp was turned over, I followed the soldiers to the outside to chop the branches with a sickle.

Everyone mobilized, three thousand people worked together, and the progress of the wall was very fast. The better the wall is built, the safer the family's life will be. So no one fooled. Coupled with the fullness of food, all of them are full of energy.

No matter how fast the wall progresses, it will take a few days.

Hey, some people will make some simple shack based on local materials. Don't ask for anything else, just shelter from the wind and rain.

You can change shifts when you go to bed, but if it rains or something, it doesn't necessarily mean that half of the people will be outside in the rain.

Fortunately, there are a lot of big leaves in the mountains, cut some wood to build a shelf, and put leaves on it. Standing in the picture below, it won't rain.

Even if there is a strong wind in this mountain, there is no fear of wind and rain.

The county magistrate went to see the progress twice and saw that the progress on both ends was good. He believed that the fallen leaves would take root soon, and he would be able to adapt to the situation on the mountain.

Unfortunately, the situation is urgent and there is no time to make more preparations. Otherwise, the situation could be better.

On the third day, on the third day after the county magistrate led all those willing to go up the mountain, the rebel soldiers approached the city.

The rebels rushed to the city with murderous aura, but collectively stopped.

After preparing the tools to siege the city, all the fighters aroused their fighting spirit. It can be said that they arrived at the gate of the city with full fighting spirit. What can be faced are two open gates.

Above the city gate, there was not a single soldier.

"Empty city plan?" This was the first reaction of the rebel general.

Because they didn't know what was going on inside, the invincible rebels hesitated instead.

Because this is only a small county, only a small general came to attack the city. Faced with such a situation, he didn't dare to attack easily, so he immediately ordered the soldiers around him to ask the lord what he meant.

Then they pushed back Wuli Road and set up camp, waiting for instructions from above.

Such a delay is two or three days.

The only remaining people in the city were bold enough to look at the situation outside. They were all frightened by the rebels outside. Then the people in the city spread the word. They all knew that the rebels were approaching the city, but they did not attack the open gate.

They are all wondering why they didn't attack. The people in the city are also puzzled over there. It is a good thing not to attack the city, but waiting for them like this is also difficult.

In the end, some really couldn't stand it, and began to regret why they didn't follow up the mountain. Regardless of the situation on the mountain, as long as you don't have to worry about it right now.

But now, what is the use of repentance?

There are spies left by the county magistrate at the foot of the mountain, who will report the situation to the mountain at any time.

Upon receiving the pigeons that were put up from the bottom of the mountain, the grandfather of the county took the situation in his eyes. Discuss with the commander, in the face of such a situation, even if you know it, there is no way to solve it.

At the moment, the people on the mountain must be the most important thing.

After three days, the rebels finally got the news and went straight into the city. While waiting for the above news, the rebels had actually sent people in disguise to enter the city to find out the news. It is clear that there is indeed no soldier in the city at this time, and the people in the city flee and flee, and the rest are people who are reluctant to part with their homes.

This is the first time such a situation has been encountered since fighting all the way from the north.

Every time a city is captured, there will be soldiers' reward time. The people in the city are all captives and can claim as much as they want as a reward for the surviving victors. This part of the military state is human nature.

Let alone plundering property, a woman, even if she kills some people, as long as it is not too serious, she will not be held accountable. When encountering a more brutal general, it is also possible to directly order the massacre of the city.

But riding into the city where there is nothing mad about sitting on a horse. In fact, there is no sense of victory at all.

It is good for both armies to obtain a city without spending a single soldier.

After inquiring about the situation in the city, the general sighed and ordered to enter the city, collect supplies according to the old rules, treat the people in the city well, and leave some rations. This is how the order is issued, but how the soldiers execute it is out of the general's consideration.

How can the rebels enter the city and snatch supplies without bleeding?

Several families escaped during this period. I just don't know where they fled, whether there will be war.

After Li Ji lived in a giant tent for a few days, he got used to it. Later, Ge Er and Tinglan brought two servants over. From the original two, they became six. After the hustle and bustle, the original work is divided, everyone's work time is less than half an hour a day, and the rest of the day is left idle.

Er Gouzi went out hunting once and caught a deer. There are many kinds of deer on this mountain, not too big, and only 20 or 30 catties of meat are good.

However, these meats are enough to eat, plus the quantity, so there is no worries about eating.

The deerskin was set aside and kept, and along the small window of the giant tent, you could see the angry smoke outside. That is a trace of someone being there. Since entering this giant tent, Li Ji hasn't understood the situation like the county magistrate at all.

Li Ji didn't know how many people went up the mountain. But what we can know is that their situation is definitely not as good as here.

Li Ji has the heart to inquire, but who can be? Er Gouzi couldn't understand the map, he could indeed find it, and he could find it in the direction of the smoke. But can Er Gouzi understand?

It's not that Er Gouzi is different from normal people. It can only be said that Er Gouzi's way of thinking about things is different from that of ordinary people, and the angle of focus is also different.

Li Ji can only worry in his heart, and will not disclose it on the face.

Er Gouzi couldn't get what he said. When Gouzi said it was raining, it rained afterwards. However, it was not raining much. Li Jishun filled the wooden bucket he brought up and even the small basin that he didn't use frequently, and then regrettably watched the water in the bucket overflow and then flow out.

But the clothes were washed, and I took a pleasant bath.

The weather will be fine after rain in the next few days, but the moisture in this mountain will stay for a while after rain, even in giant tents.

Plus the weather is really cold. This time is a time of autumn rain and cold. Just give birth to the stove.

When living, the biggest window above must be opened. Li Ji looked up and watched the smoke go out along the open window, thinking to himself, I wonder if the county magistrate can see it.

In fact, the county magistrate still struggled to see it. I can only walk up high places as much as I can every day when I visit the restaurant, and look around, even if I see a little bit of cooking smoke in the distance, my heart can comfort me all day.

Yu Gong, he is the grandfather of the county and is responsible for the people. Yu Shi, he is a father and is responsible for his son.

Now the two can't have both, but the county magistrate does not intend to abandon either. Although he can't see his son for a short time now, he lives with each other on both sides.

The war at the foot of the mountain is still going on, and such a small remote county town is just a small and inconspicuous place for the overall rebellion.

This war will gradually spread to the whole country. As for the final result, it is unclear.

Perhaps, after coming down from the mountain, the world changed hands and changed names. At that time, can the county magistrate still be the county magistrate? Obviously impossible. Unless it is those big people who can change the country, who will tolerate the officials of the previous dynasty to continue to enter the dynasty.

It's just that at the moment, these are not considered by the county magistrate.

In the war-torn country, the people in the city were all captives. Hundreds of soldiers were left to defend the city that was just captured, and the rest continued to fight on the battlefield.

And here, before the end of the war and the emergence of new rules, the group of soldiers left behind are the kings of this land.

There will be new news every day. The county magistrate recorded his heart.

The simple fence on the edge was built, and the people began to open up wasteland within the fence. Except for the place where the tent is secured, and the road left for the two to walk side by side, all the remaining wasteland will be left for planting seeds in the coming year.

Thanks to the hard work of the previous few days, the trees on this side are almost cut down. I believe that the sun will be good in the coming year and the harvest should be good.

But to feed more than 3,000 people, enough land must be sown. Obviously, this piece of land surrounded by a simple fence is not enough to feed so many people.

But these things at the camp are just a foundation. Only this land can be reclaimed, and the county magistrate will organize people to build a larger fence on the periphery to continue reclaiming wasteland and planting seeds!

This mountain is very large, and the land for 3,000 people will not be lost by reclaiming wasteland, and the land in the mountain is fertile. If there is sufficient sunshine, the food produced will definitely be much more than that under the mountain.

From time to time, people will be organized to go out of the camp to dig wild vegetables and pick wild fruits. At this time, there are very few leafy vegetables. Even if there are, many of them are big and old. If they are changed, no one will eat them. But if you find more food now, you can eat less of the stored food.

We have to face the long winter in the future, so we can save a little food and hope more.

Most wild fruits are nuts, such as hazelnuts and walnuts. In the past, they used to be small snacks, but now they all put their hands together when they are picked. Every day after a meal, everyone divides a handful and finds a place to eat. In fact, this thing is very hungry and raises people. It would be a pity if I ate it all at once as a snack.

Li Ji was really bored. No matter how little Li Ji goes out at the bottom of the mountain, he can still walk out of the yard to take a walk in the nearby mountains when he is fine, or go to the river with a basin to take a bath. Anyhow, there is a chance to let the wind go.

In recent days, I haven't seen any ferocious beasts nearby. Li Ji was originally not old, so he was not an honest person, so he took Er Gouzi and took him out for a tour.

There are Er Gouzi here, he is very clever and sees the danger in time, and he doesn't want to go, even if there are any beasts, he can come back as soon as possible.

Li Ji put on thicker clothes and walked in the mountains and breathed some cool air. After only going up the mountain for a few days, he missed his home under the mountain.

The chickens and rabbits that Li Ji gave to the county magistrate were taken up the mountain.

Every day, some people are specially assigned to mow the grass and feed them. Chickens can't just eat grass, they have to eat corn dross to lay their eggs.

Many chickens that have been tossed are no longer placed orders, and it took a few days to go up the mountain to recover. Twenty or thirty eggs a day is a pitiful few for three thousand people. These were neither given to the elderly nor to the children to eat, but were the first to be given to the soldiers who went out hunting with weapons and protected the people casually.

Because I can eat one or two bites of meat every day, no one will raise any objections to the whereabouts of the eggs.

The most extravagant day is to leave all the eggs, save the amount for two days, cook a few pots of egg drop soup, everyone can drink a bowl. When the eggs are beaten into egg flowers, they become more, with some wild vegetable leaves and salt, a simple bowl of soup, drinking into the stomach, it is full of satisfaction and happiness.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi turned twice, but they saw many fallen leaves.

There are several layers of leaves on the ground that have been accumulated in previous years, and there is a sound when stepping on it, which is also a pleasure to listen to.

The birds sang crisply in the forest, and the leaves rustled in the wind. The air is full of natural fragrance, take a few deep breaths, and feel clean from the inside to the outside.

Songsong and Taotao are not afraid of being in the woods. There are two masters by their side, and ordinary beasts that eat meat do not dare to come over. There are not many powerful and large beasts, and the chance of encountering them is very small.

Li Ji was tired from walking, so he sat down with a stone and chatted with Er Gouzi for a while. Songsong and Taotao shuttled freely in the trees, and there was no shadow at this moment.

On the way, Li Ji Taxi picked some nuts and shared it with Er Gouzi now.

"This freshly picked one and the fried one are completely two flavors. This one tastes watery, it is easy to chew, and it is more fragrant than it is, and it is enjoyable to eat." Li Ji stuffed a hazelnut kernel into Ergou Child's mouth.

Er Gouzi asked: "Which one do you like to eat?"

"I like it all." The newly smashed Ren stuffed it into his mouth, and Li Ji said, "Remember the handful of nuts you gave me when we first met? Seriously, I was really hungry at that time. And the nuts are really delicious. You are dissatisfied with that, I haven't been late for years before."

"There are a lot of mountains nearby." Er Gouzi was puzzled. Aside from other things, like Hazelnuts, there are many on the mountain, and there are also many on the nearby mountains. As long as you go up the mountain twice more diligently, it is enough to relieve your hunger.

Li Ji smiled bitterly: "At that time, where did I think about it. At that time, I was greedy and lazy. It was simply unprofitable and I couldn't afford it early. I didn't even bother to dig wild vegetables in the spring. How could I go to the mountains to pick hazelnuts after busy farming."

In those two years, Li Ji had the opportunity to be diligent in one year. Sowing seeds in the fields in spring and picking up manure to fertilize and weed the fields in summer. Then, after the autumn harvest, all the cob rice that came up was replaced with rice. Then he kept the rice carefully for a year. So repeatedly.

Lazy, poor and greedy for pleasure, these are Li Ji's days before the age of sixteen.

Because Li Ji's father lingered on a sick bed because of freedom, he had to change the copper plates to buy medicine for Li Ji's father when he was out of the house necessary for life. It can be said that from birth, Li Ji remembered that every meal he had eaten was multi-grain rice and cob rice, and the number of times of steaming dry food was very small.

When Li Ji was twelve years old, Xue Langzhong's family was cooking porridge when Li Ji was buying medicine for his father. In this small village, it is a luxury to eat rice five or six times a month.

Xue Langzhong looked at him poorly, leaving him to ask him to eat a bowl of gruel with more water than rice. The taste and feeling are still fresh in Li Ji's memory.

Later, my father was gone, and there was no financial burden anymore. Li Ji lived alone and was easy to feed. Instead of going to Zan Yinzi to buy medicine, Li Ji directly exchanged all the grain harvested during the hard year for rice. People can eat less at every meal, and people are very thin, and they have to be greedy for a bit of appetite.

Er Gouzi gathered a small handful of hazelnut kernels in his hand and stuffed it into Li Ji's hand: "I will pick and eat together with you in the future."

Li Ji looked at Hazelnut with a happy smile on his face.

Regardless of the chaos of the war, let him leave home. As long as Er Gouzi is still around, for Li Ji, the world is benevolent.

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