Camp on the mountain. The land has been cultivated, and a lot of trees have been cut.

Except for the branches cut down and used as a weaving fence, the rest are packed and piled together. Some of the people who came up knew how to build houses, and the land was almost reclaimed in the surrounding walls. Before reclaiming, there was a place specially flowed out, which is now used to build houses.

You still need to build a wooden house, but many parts still need stone to make a house take shape.

There are some on the stone mountain, but there are not many suitable for building houses. Smaller crushed stones can be used as a foundation. Larger stones can only be broken into smaller pieces with great effort.

Of course, building a house cannot be the same as under the mountain, a house for one family. Sendai considered it for a long time before deciding to build a house like a shop. A long house is divided into rooms. It not only saves space, but also reduces the firewood consumed for heating.

A long Kangkang runs through all the rooms, separated from each other by two layers of wooden boards. You can hear almost everything you say to each other.

But right now, I don't have the energy to care about that. Winter is about to enter in another month. The marching tents are indeed warm, but heating is troublesome. It is too extravagant to light the bonfire for a long time, and it will be cold once the bonfire is extinguished. If there is a kang, a fire can be heated for half a night, if it is in a tent with a fire pot inside, it is easy to burn people to death if one is not careful.

The house is busy enough, and preparing fuel is equally troublesome.

Although there is a lot of charcoal from the back of the mountain, it is still hard to let 3,000 people live a warm winter.

So continue to choose wood for burning charcoal. It's late autumn rainy and rainy, accompanied by the colder day by day.

When you get to the mountain, you have to think about all the days, if you can't take precautions right now, you will be able to stand it in winter.

The place chosen for the camp is on the water's edge. Although there will be more beasts on the water's edge, the fence is made high and some traps are made outside the fence. Not only is the danger greatly reduced, but also some additional prey can be obtained.

In addition to protecting the people at all times, the army also has to go out hunting and trapping for a long time, doing dangerous work.

And the people open up wasteland, build houses, cut trees, dig pits and burn coal, all of them are laborious and safe.

Even a child will help like a plank and stone. This extreme environment has allowed most of the children held in the palm of their hands to grow up in a short period of time.

After going up the mountain for ten days, the children's laughter was heard from time to time. Children are more likely to adapt to harsh environments than adults, adding some color to the environment of survival in this unfamiliar place.

The county magistrate met Li Ji's villagers, as well as his nephews and grandchildren.

The county magistrate did not give them much convenience, but when facing them, he would have more kind thoughts in his heart.

During this period of time, the county magistrate did not appear in front of the people much, and more time was in the tent to plan the days later.

He is not a hands-on person, even a little squeamish. But his positioning of himself is in the minds of these three thousand people. The future direction and decision of these three thousand people all depend on him alone. He doesn't need to thank the rough job to waste time in order to win the users of the common people. Because of this time, thinking of a good idea can benefit more than 3,000 people.

The county magistrate hasn't slept well recently, but looking at the busy figure of this group of people, I feel that I am not so tired anymore.

"Mother, when can we go down the mountain."

"We will go down the mountain when we stop fighting."

"When can I go down the mountain."

"How does mother know."

"Can I still study when I go down the mountain?"

The county magistrate turned his head and looked over. A child in his early ten years was moving a long plank with his mother.

The county magistrate walked over, and the two of them were busy putting down the planks, and they were about to kneel down to meet.

The county magistrate pulled the two directly up and asked the child: "Have you ever studied?"

By coincidence, the child happened to be Li Jin's Xiao Tudou, and his mother was naturally Erying.

Xiao Tudou hit the bottom of the skin, and saw the county magistrate in awe, but not stage fright.

"My lord, I have learned a few words from my husband."

The county magistrate looked at his clothes, not as if he could afford to go to school. Moreover, it is very rare for such families to be willing to pay for their children to study.

"It's very hard for you to study at your home, right."

Xiao Tudou shook his head: "My fourth uncle is the one who has worked hard. My fourth grandfather has the ability, and I have some spare money in his hand to allow me and my brother to go to the city to study. Grandpa Fourth said that it is a good thing to go to elementary school while you are old, whether or not it is possible. Whatever you learn, people who can read are better than those who don't."

This place is remote, and very few people can think so. The county magistrate nodded: "Your fourth grandfather is a visionary." I remembered that Li Jixing was four generations old, and immediately asked: "Is your fourth grandfather called Li Ji?"

Erying hurriedly said: "Yes, the fourth uncle's name is Li Ji. The public father's father is Li Bo, the uncle Zhongshuji, the fourth uncle is four!"

The county magistrate did not expect to have such fate. I only knew that they were from the village of Li Ji, and it was certain that they had close relatives, but because they had been busy all the time, they didn't pay attention, and I ran into someone who was studying.

"That's fate. What's your name?"

Xiao Tudou thought about it and said, "Mr. gave him the name Li Jie."

Xiao Tudou originally had a name, but the teacher felt that it was inappropriate after his apprenticeship, so he discussed with Xiao Tudou's parents and changed his name.

The county magistrate nodded, thoughtfully: "It is indeed a good name. You are not yet at the age of the crown, how about this officer give you a word in advance?"

The name book is different, the name is the big name, and the word is the table word. However, there are some specialties in the village, which is called by a big name, and then a nickname is enough to call relatives and elders.

It stands to reason that this word was given when the father was a child and crown, but if there were no such rules in the village and Li Jin was illiterate, it was obviously impossible. At most, if he was still studying at that time, the husband would give him a word instead of the father.

Xiao Tudou has spent some time studying, and his knowledge will be broader.

Hearing this, I hurriedly salute and thank you: "Cao Min has more characters from adults."

"Your name is an outstanding character. Outstanding, brilliant. I am giving you a wise character. No matter where you go in the future, you will have to hold this character in your heart. I just listened to you, and you have always hoped to have a stable one. So. Your name is Dingxian."

Li Jie Li Dingxian. This table word has two meanings. One is stability and ability. One must be virtuous.

How good the meaning is, even if Xiao Tudou hasn't learned anything yet, he still understands the meaning of the county magistrate.

Busily kneel down to thank you, many people will never forget this.

The more you study, the more you understand the benefits of studying, and the more you like to see people who are good at reading.

"If you really like reading, I will give you half an hour before going to bed at night. You can come to my account and read for a while. I went up to the mountain to wear some, and you should be able to understand it."

Xiao Tudou's eyes lit up, and she quickly thanked her.

There are not many people who follow the mountain. Most of the officials and wealthy households in the county, who have some connections, hid away from their relatives.

That county Cheng is no exception. It's not that you don't believe in the majesty of the county, but that the people who are accustomed to the fine clothes and jade food on the mountain are clear, how can they stand to work on the mountain?

It can be said that in the entire mountain, the civil servants are the county magistrate and the head catcher under his hand, and the remaining soldiers are all military commanders.

People can't force their own ambitions, and the county magistrate can't really say how bad they are.

A herd of wild boars passed by today. Almost frightened the people in the camp. But fortunately, they didn't mean to attack, they just happened to walk around to eat some grass. A trap was dug nearby. Two unfortunately fell in, and the miserable shouts terrified the other wild boars. But they couldn't find the enemy, so they ran away on a rampage.

It was a waste of money for the people in the camp. The two wild boars in the trap were killed and moved out. The two were added with nearly six hundred catties of meat, enough for everyone to eat a greasy meal, and there was still more left.

The county magistrate knows that, thinking about the hunting outside today, there will be some gains. Only one of them was simmered and boiled that day and shared among the people in the camp. The remaining one was made into bacon, which was reserved for hunting after the winter was covered by heavy snow.

This meat is still a big guy, but it was eaten a few months later, and no one opposed it.

All the people in the camp were smiling this afternoon. The difference between the rich and the poor is the most clear at this time.

The rich, especially those who have a lot of livestock in their own family, want to eat at any time, in fact, they don't want to see pork. Because pork is fatty, pigs don't eat anything. I always feel that the pork is not clean. I prefer beef and mutton that eat grass.

But the poor are different. Even Gao Liehu family, the kind that can eat more ground stew every month, will also be greedy for pork.

The reason is also because the pork is fatty. The more fat, the more greedy you will be. Eat a piece of greasy fat and eat several mouthfuls of chicken and duck meat on top.

The fatter the place, the more welcome it is, and those who used to have money in their families, and the sporadic two wealthy people who were willing to give up their possessions and follow up the mountain know how to eat, and they all eat lean meat like tenderloin.

Wild boar is no more fat than domestic pigs. Whoever can grab a piece of fat depends on his own ability.

The four elbows of the wild boar are the ones that give the most force. For example, the magistrate of the county and the servants under his hand, or the generals on the command and envoys and the soldiers who go out hunting.

When the sky darkened, supper had not been finished yet. After finishing his meal in a hurry, Xiao Tuo ran into the tent of the county magistrate with a touch of his mouth.

Although the county magistrate is not a book lover, he is also inseparable from books. So when I went up the mountain, I had to bring a lot of books up. The other books in the County Grand Master's Mansion have also found a place and buried them in a hidden place with boxes made of good wood. They only waited for some time to dig them out after going down the mountain.

The county magistrate asked Xiao Tudou to choose the one he could understand. In fact, some of Xiaotudou's words have not been fully recognized, so he can only carry some poems on his back.

The county magistrate was also generous and gave him a set of pen, ink, paper, inkstone, and copybook, so that he could practice calligraphy when he got tired of it.

The servant brought the stewed elbow to the county magistrate. It's not a barbecue, but it's cooked in a pot. There is even a pinch of coriander on top. But this coriander is actually dry, soak it and sprinkle it on to look good.

Even at this time, as long as the conditions are available, the servants try to make the county magistrate's life more refined.

As soon as he opened the curtain and came in with his elbow, he scattered along the plate when he wanted to ask.

Xiao Tudou sucked his nose without leaving a trace, and covered his face with a book to look through. He was a half-year-old child, and he was greedy.

The county magistrate naturally saw it. In fact, the county magistrate didn't have much contact with such a big child. I entered the school when I was just remembering things. Because I was good at reading, I kept myself in the book for a long time. Now I don't have any impression of my classmates anymore.

Later, when I became an official in the scientific examination, I had fewer opportunities to contact my children. The only son, Er Gouzi, was in his twenties the first time I met.

The county magistrate used chopsticks to pick out the stewed elbow bones. When the chopsticks slipped in, the skin fell off and the meat fell from the bones. The chopsticks used some strength to pick up the bones and shake. The meat is gone.

Put the bones on the plate and they were immediately taken away by the servants, and the county magistrate divided the meat and the skin into four parts. Put one of them into his bowl, and ordered to the servant.

"Give one of these three to the child, and you can share the rest."

The servant hurriedly said: "The minions have already eaten. Master, you have been working hard recently, so it's better to make up more."

"I haven't cut off the fish these days. There is nothing to make up for. You eat the meat that is divided up, at most one or two pieces, there is enough to relieve the greedy. Take it, I am also used to eating and feel tired and panic. "The grandfather of the county then divided the elbow meat in the bowl into small pieces, and ate the rice bit by bit.

Waiting on such a caring master, it is false to say that he dare not move. The servant brought the portion for Xiao Tudou to Xiao Tudou, and he also thoughtfully offered a bowl of rice and a plate of pickles.

Xiao Tudou is a bit cautious, and there are rare people he is afraid of: "Cao…Cao Min missed it."

"No nonsense, after reading the book." The county magistrate didn't look up, and he looked at the plan of the camp while eating.

The scent of elbow meat blocked his nose, and the Xiao Tudou sucked vigorously again, swallowing saliva. Then he cautiously said, "Can the Caomin take some back? Caomin's parents and daughter-in-law have not eaten it yet."

The county magistrate raised his eyes: "Daughter-in-law?"

The Xiao Tudou man is also clever, for fear that he will be touched by the county magistrate, and hurriedly said, "There is also a girl in the Caomin's family, named Yingzi, who is from the same village. Because that family is a little girl and feels it is not worth raising, so she asks for a price. I want to buy it. Cao Min is stubborn, and his parents feel that Cao Min cannot marry a wife, and Yingzi is really pitiful, so they paid her to take her over."

Child brides-in-laws are quite common, but the county magistrate was born disgusted with this kind of parents' decision to get married. His eyebrows were slightly frowned, but he didn't say anything bad.

"Eating meat can still think about it, so it's good for her."

Just by looking at the countenance grandfather's face, Xiao Tudou knew something was going to happen. Pursing his lips to make some thoughts, Xiao Tudou also guessed that the grandfather of the county was a daughter-in-law who was disgusted with.

Xiao Tudou is also clever. He turned his eyes and said: "Fourth Grandpa once said that Yingzi is a daughter-in-law, and that would be painful. Yingzi is also a poor one. He didn't have a good life at home, so the Caomin wanted to treat her better. Can't make her pitiful anymore."

The county magistrate listened more comfortably, so he stopped marrying and questioning this matter.

"This is also your family affair. If you want to take it back, take it back." After saying this, the county magistrate continued to eat his own meal.

The Xiao Tudou eats a piece of wild boar skin, and the fragrance fills the most attractive. Swallowing greedily, the taste in his mouth gradually fades, and there is an urge to take another bite.

Xiao Tudou followed his saliva, looked at the meat in the bowl, endured and endured, then put down the chopsticks.

Then I picked up the book and tried my best to focus my attention on the poetry of the sage.

Two wild pig hooves were left. After the stew was finished, the county magistrate asked two agile men to send it to Er Gouzi and Li Ji, by the way, let's talk about the situation here.

Of course it is dangerous to go at night, just wait for it to be delivered early the next morning. They are far away from the left and right, and they can't eat it hot. They take it over and put it on fire, and it's the same with eating.

Li Ji caught a roe deer here. Li Ji only left two elbows, and the rest was thinking about pickling, and waiting to be sent to the county magistrate when he was free.

Although there are people who specialize in hunting and raise rabbits and chickens on the county magistrate's side, they should not worry about eating meat, but there are 3,000 people here, and Li Ji can't eat meat. Except for a part of it made into jerky or marinated and stored for winter eating, the rest is prepared and sent to the county magistrate, which can also relieve the county magistrate.

It turned out to be a coincidence? The trotters are here.

The two people who came here were all wearing armor, which can be said to be the kind that is fully armed and can't see their faces.

When he entered the house, he took off his helmet, and the person who gave the pig's trotters did not forget to explain: "The county magistrate means that you don't lack meat here. The grandpa is familiar with the mountains, which is like his back garden. You can eat any kind of meat. But this wild boar is vicious, and tigers are generally not easy to provoke. If you want to come to the uncle and the fourth master, wild boar is also rare. The fat flying hand is thin, the two masters should I'm tired of eating it. This stewed hoof is just right to be a snack, and the master sent it to the younger ones."

Wild boar is not as greasy as domestic pork. In fact, Li Ji has only eaten it once or twice in the past two years. Because there was no trap to help, even if Er Gouzi saw the wild boar, the first reaction was to run. Unless you encounter a single small wild boar weighing a hundred kilos, it is still possible to hunt it back and eat it.

It's just that the chance of encountering it is too small. A hundred kilograms of wild boars are still piglets in the wild boar herd. How can they run out alone and wait to be caught and eat when they are being protected?

"It's just right that you are here. We are also ready to enter and send it to the lord. If you go back, you can take it back with you. We can't eat more meat here, and there are many chances of encountering prey in this mountain, luck When it's good, there are one or two prey a day, and it's impossible to leave someone to eat. When you're fine, come over a few more times. It's also a favor for us."

Others all wish that the more meat the better, the meat has become a burden here.

After the meat was packed and the two people were sent away, Li Ji finally saw the outsider and felt much better. He carried the basket on his back and went out to mow the grass with the servants to dry.

Drying is unrealistic. The climate in the mountains is humid and it is gradually colder in autumn. In order to be able to dry the grass, there is only a way that is not the way.

That is, after getting up, heat up the kang and pour the cut grass on it. One day reactionary chance, let the grass on it dry up and then pile it into the small warehouse for feeding.

At the same time, dig a simple charcoal pit to burn charcoal for winter use.

Going up the mountain has sent a lot of charcoal from previous years, and the county magistrate has also prepared a lot. But this kind of thing is not afraid of too much, and if there is too much, you can keep it for the next year, but if it is not enough, the cold weather may suffer.

And if you want to eat eggs, rabbits can lay cubs, and grow fat in winter, it all depends on the temperature, so the fire in this stable can't be broken.

Li Ji is also busy here, and the county magistrate is also busy. Because of the busyness on both sides, the water can't be emptied for a while to see each other. The news from both sides of the time dispatcher can be relieved.

At this time, the village under the mountain was already occupied by the rebels. After the rebels left, the remaining hundreds of soldiers had to collect materials and hand them in at any time, as supplies for the front army to fight.

How did the collected materials come from grain and silver? That is, the "levying" came. Everyone knows exactly what the expropriation method is.

The village below the mountain is not very impressive, and even almost missed it. There are not many people in the village. Those who flee, and those who go up the mountain, there are only 20 or 30 people left in the village.

In such a barren village, you can't squeeze a few taels of silver or many meters. Those who were vacant also had no food. The only ones left some rations, and the rest were emptied. Li Ji's house on the outskirts of the village received the attention of this team.

At first glance, this house was newly built in the past two years. Compared with the dilapidated thatched cottage next to the village, this brick house is very eye-catching, and it is worth a lot of money.

But it turned out inside and out, only some unused clothes and a few large porcelain jars in the back cabin. The rest is worthless.

However, the livestock pen is not small, and many livestock and poultry are raised just by looking at the scale. If he had fled, it would be impossible to bring so many things with him. So most of them are hidden nearby. And it will not be too far, because moving too far is time-consuming and laborious, and it is impossible to do it in a short time.

Thinking about it this way, the little officer who felt that he was about to catch a big fish immediately ordered a few people into the village to come and ask about the situation.

Then there was a woman in her forties who didn't even need to threaten, and said whatever she asked.

The county magistrate prevented people from hiding with a large amount of supplies. Li Ji's family raised many old animals and brought them with them.

The rebels knew that the county magistrate had treated others to hide in the mountains, but they didn't know that they were well prepared.

Listening to a woman said that they prepared quite a lot, brought a lot of things, and all the local troops went up.

If it is not closed, even if the great cause is completed, the soldiers on the mountain may stand on their own and become a major hidden danger to the imperial court. Because the mountains are rich in resources, it is quite easy to set up camps in the mountains to cultivate troops.

Feeling the seriousness of the matter, the rebels immediately reported the situation.

Soon, the lord of the rebels gave a big order and distributed more than a thousand soldiers to search the mountains.

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