Of course, the spies who stayed at the foot of the mountain by the county magistrate knew about this and hurried up the mountain to report the situation. After hearing this, the county magistrate, except for those who built the house, set traps for the rest of the common people along with the government officers and soldiers on the outskirts of the camp.

The marching generals know how to set up complex and useful traps, but ordinary people don't know how to dig more traps. Make more wooden thorns and place them under the trap to increase the possibility of killing the enemy.

It's a matter of life and death, no one dares to steal, rape, and slippery. It's almost a preparation day and night.

There are more and more traps, and more and more places are covered. The rebels haven't gone up the mountain yet, but they have a lot more prey. Although I have to work by the fire every night, because there are enough prey and enough oil and water to eat, no one suffers from it, and some children even get a lot of weight because of this.

If you can't eat it, cook it as soon as possible and roast it into jerky.

A group of women also gathered together to make dry food. Steamed buns are rarely steamed, and most of them are multigrain cakes with little moisture. This kind of cake can last a long time without being bad.

After preparing so much, the so-called is that after the rebels go up the mountain to search the mountain, the smoke from the stove and cooking will reveal their location.

During the few days when the rebels actually went up the mountain, they had to stop cooking and even set fire to keep warm.

It's better to endure a few days of freezing and eating cold meals for a few days than playing against the rebels. The purpose of going up the mountain is to avoid the war. I really don't want to hide on the mountain and endure the suffering of the war.

The county magistrate brought some smokeless silver charcoal up the mountain and used it to keep warm in the tent. But such a little charcoal is not enough for everyone to cook for a few days.

Not to mention heating.

Under these conditions, there is no way to achieve perfection.

After going up the mountain for more than 20 days, almost everyone has adapted to the mountain environment. The weather is getting colder day by day. The emerald green on the trees is getting less and less, and during the period, there was a few days of light rain, which can be said to have worsened the situation.

While dealing with the coming cold winter, we must also guard against rebels who may go up the mountain at any time.

Li Ji is thinking about the county magistrate and the people in the village. He has been suffocated in the past twenty days. The county magistrate sent someone to deliver some jerky, also to inquire about Li Ji's situation.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi made some delicious food, put on the armor and went to the camp together to have a look.

After going up the mountain for a long time, Li Ji always goes to see what their lives are.

A big bun was prepared here. Wherever he went, he was still a long way from the camp, and he heard the soldiers keep reminding him to be careful not to touch the trap and get hurt.

Once the people dug the trap, they wouldn't go there anymore. Then there will be experienced veterans hiding in the trap, so that he doesn't notice it at all. For example, this ordinary trap with ground thorns underground. Covering with branches is forbidden and covered with yellow leaves, just like other places.

Soldiers entering and exiting all remembered the distribution of traps. As long as you are not careless, nothing will happen.

A group of people went round and round into the camp, a catty full of busy figures in the camp.

People in their own village knew Li Ji, so he hurriedly yelled and was about to come forward and talk a while, but was stopped by the soldiers who led the way, saying that he was the person the county magistrate was looking for.

How can anyone rob someone from the county magistrate without a long eye? Li Ji and Er Gouzi entered the tent of the county magistrate, and at a glance they saw the county magistrate who was still looking at the map.

"Master." Li Ji called.

Er Gouzi didn't speak, but his eyes still fell on the grandfather of the county.

The county magistrate raised his eyebrows and saw the two of them. He gave a lot of tension to his heart and smiled: "Here."

Let the two sit down, although the county magistrate has been aware of the situation of the two recently, no matter how much he can hear, he has no peace of mind to see them once.

The county magistrate said: "You can get used to it. Recently, it has been a little bit colder, but you are prepared to do so, so you should not suffer."

No one is born to nag, just because they care, they talk more.

Li Ji was accustomed to mentioning Er Gouzi and said with a smile: "Master, you have prepared everything for you to enjoy ready-made. Come and take a look at the situation here, but it's good, but you have suffered, sir. The past was so good. There is nothing in this mountain, Er Gouzi and I are still worried about you."

"I brought the servants who were waiting for me. I can't be wronged. It doesn't matter if you are here, I have something to tell you." The county magistrate said everything about the mountain, and added, "I will give you at any time when the time comes. Xin'er. In fact, if it is normal cooking smoke in this mountain, it is too far to be seen. Just wait for them to go there, you must not start to be discovered. These days, you should prepare as much as possible. For dry food, if you are afraid of the cold, I have smokeless silver charcoal here. Cooking is still avoided. Haqi water may also be seen."

Li Ji nodded and said that he had written it down, and then asked, "Master, do you think of a solution?"

The county magistrate smiled bitterly: "It can still be like this? Just let it go? Set up more traps and more protection. Prepare more dry food, and don't make fire in the next few days. This mountain is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Even if it is discovered. Now, these more than one thousand soldiers can also protect them for a period of time."

Li Ji thought about it seriously, and then said: "I don't understand anything, I have some immature thoughts in my heart, and I am afraid that you will laugh when I say it."

"There are no jokes, this is the time, and a few more sentences will be more ideas. But it doesn't hurt to say it."

Li Ji said: "When I was young, I used to play hide-and-seek with children of the same age. When I was hiding, the first thing I thought about was not to find a hidden place. It was to make an illusion to make others think I was there. On the other side. In this way, as long as he finds the wrong direction, I will win."

The county magistrate raised his eyebrows. This method is not uncommon for soldiers to fight. The so-called imaginary is the real, and the real is the imaginary. Leading the enemy on the wrong path is indeed a good way to get out.

This Li Ji can't read words, he can think of this without reading the book of war, which shows his cleverness.

The county magistrate shook his head and said: "All the warriors are suspicious. Let's lead him to the bypass. They may not be fooled."

Li Ji said: "In fact, when I was a kid, this method was used a lot, and others would wipe it out clearly. Hide and seek with me, as long as I look for the opposite place where I think I am hiding. Every time I hide and seek, I will go to one place and still have a piece of me. Something. Later they discovered my way, and I was still near where I was hiding. So even if they looked there, they would never look for me."

The most dangerous place is the safest.

The county magistrate heard this, and his eyes lit up: "Hua Rong Dao! I didn't expect this ready-made good strategy!"

The county magistrate knocked on his head: "Fortunately, I read poems and books so much. It's like an elm-wood head."

Hua Rong Dao is an allusion, I learned it when I was very young. After I grew up, I read too many books and got mixed up, but I forgot all the solid ones. The more difficult the environment, the easier it is to think in difficult directions. In this way, it neglects the immediate approach.

"Hua Rong Dao?" How could Li Ji understand this.

The grandfather of the county said: "This is an allusion. The main core is that the fictitious is the real, and the real is the fictitious. The more tactics used on the battlefield, the better the effect of doing the opposite." At this time, the county The grandfather couldn't sit still anymore, he had to go to the commander when he got up.

But when he saw Er Gouzi, he hesitated. It was a painstaking trip, and I didn't even say a few decent words, so it didn't seem appropriate to just leave.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and sat down for him to decide: "We are waiting for the master to come back."

Fighting is a major event, no matter what it is for, it can't be affected.

The county magistrate nodded, and went out to find the commander.

The rebels went up and searched the mountains. However, the mountain is too big. If people are scattered and searched, once the target is found, I am afraid that there is no way to fight with it and it will be solved.

But the gathering of soldiers is not conducive to finding them.

Standing at the foot of this mountain range, looking up at the endless mountain, there is no way.

In the end, I can only use the most stupid way to go up the mountain to find it all. Two days later, I was able to find the traces gradually. It was the same as when Er Gouzi went up the mountain to find people. People will always leave some traces when they pass by.

For example, a broken tree branch, or a piece of fabric left behind by hanging clothes. More than 3,000 people went up the mountain, how could they leave no traces?

With this breakthrough, I groped for it, and walked down the mountain to a place like a campsite.

The camp also quickly dispatched a team, deliberately throwing more and not picking on the way to the camp, and folding some branches to make the traces more conspicuous.

At the same time, set a trap in the other direction and lead in one direction along the way. It took another 100 soldiers to urgently build a second "camp".

The county magistrate originally prepared three residences for Li Ji and Er Gouzi, but now he has to sacrifice one.

The farthest one is also the yard with the same giant tent, which looks more like a campsite.

Surrounded the rough periphery, and lighted a few more bonfires. After they burned out, they ran to the back to dig a pit. The hundred or so people Sh*t and pile them one by one to distinguish them, and then cover them with ashes.

In short, try to make a look that many people have lived and fled in a hurry in the shortest time possible.

A lot of supplies were also prepared in the giant tent, and most of the contents were brought out. The rest endured distress and spread some on the ground, then landed some more, and repeatedly stepped on it with his feet.

As for the rebels, there are already suspicions. There are 3,000 people in total. How could so many people accidentally leave traces? If the child is naughty, it's okay to bend branches along the road. If you look at the cloth strips from hanging clothes, it would leave too much.

And the colors look the same, if it's on a piece of clothing, it's possible.

The leader of the army pinched the cloth with a face full of doubts, and ordered the whole army to stop and start discussing with the other officers whether this was a ecstasy array set up by the other side, and people did not go here at all.

The final result is that it is very likely that the group of people did not go here at all.

In this way, it can only be a waste of time to find any more.

He made a decisive decision, and sent out several small teams to explore the way in multiple directions, and then came back to report the news.

After waiting for more than three hours, it was almost dark before two people ran back in embarrassment. Just in the opposite direction, there are pitfalls. And it's hard to guard against. A team of seven people originally thought it was just a simple trap, but in the end the traps were chained together, and in the end only these two people came out in embarrassment.

Looking at it this way, it is very possible which direction is the real hiding place for the group of people.

It was already dark, so I rushed forward. Can only be ordered to camp on the spot.

This night is difficult for the rebels because they are from a foreign country and do not know the local situation. I never thought that there would be so many beasts on the mountain. The two night watchmen who were conveniently located just walked a little further, and they encountered a tiger. The screams woke up all the rebels.

Going to fight the tigers, but late at night, the tigers walked quietly, hiding in the bushes and it was difficult to be spotted.

And it occasionally jumps out to attack people, it is the most terrible!

It's dark, odd jobs, familiar with the environment. It can be said that the tiger takes advantage of the time and place.

After the rebels were completely sorted out, the tiger retreated and fled.

In the second half of the night, no one dared to sleep, waiting for the next morning. All of them were littered with fire.

Everything is convenient at dawn. Busy in the direction of the trap.

In this mountain, the trees are overgrown and the grass is lush. As long as you are more careful, you can hide traps very well, and some subtle ones are simply overwhelming.

The local commander was originally a capable person, just like the county magistrate, he offended people, and it didn't matter what to do. I thought it would be like this for the rest of his life, but he didn't expect a war to make his stomach full of abilities come into play.

The three generations of commanders were generals. Although it was not a general who left a name in history, the experience left over was enough for command and use.

Marching in the mountains is just a question. On the side of the rebels, those who are really capable of fighting are commanding the overall situation at the front of the battle. This "trivial matter" left by the imperial court to go up the mountain, the generals sent over will naturally not be too clever.

This may be the reason why God is helping these poor people in hiding on the mountain.

This time this group of people completely believed that the county magistrate had led the people to flee in that direction. The more traps you encounter, the more you believe that going inside is the goal of annihilation.

They take into account traps, so they are not moving fast. What they didn't know was that they marched forward cautiously. Just ten feet in front of them, a group of officers and soldiers were rushing to make traps.

At the same time, there are still people in the fake camp constantly improving, trying to make him look more real than it really is.

It took two days to advance a few meters. During this period, dozens of people were lost.

Where are the rebel generals willing to be willing? At this moment, I wanted to eat the meat of the county magistrate and drink the blood of the county magistrate, and suffocated his breath to enter the camp, kill this group of hidden dangers, and then transport the rich materials to the lord to receive the reward.

Finally saw the smoke in front of him. The fire is gas, and the smoke is especially strong when the weather is humid. The rebels can already faintly see the deliberately lit cooking smoke rising from the false camp.

Speeding up in this way, directly expelling a group of dead men to explore the way, or catching some beasts to explore the way forward, greatly reduces the sacrifice of one's own people, and also accelerates the speed of advancement.

It took four days for the rebel army to finally see the giant tent from a distance.

Entering the camp, there is a mess in front of you. There are many traces of fire on the ground, and the leaves that are used for barbecues and are also used to sit on the ground.

With such a knock, it is indeed the way many people have been.

Breaking into the giant tent, everything in it is definitely a luxurious specification for the mountain. It is definitely not built overnight. It is in line with the news that has been prepared for a long time.

There was still some grain scattered on the ground, which was obviously left behind when he fled in a panic.

At this time, I found a letter in the main room.

There are not too many serious generals who are literate, and their status has risen, at most they can recognize some commonly used words on the battlefield.

So when the army read a letter from Wen Jianjian, it can only be sent down the mountain to the lord to take it out. The general who led the soldiers up the mountain and the soldiers continued to search for the whereabouts of the county magistrate and others.

I was wondering that I took out the fake camp and looked around, but I was afraid that the real camp would not be found for a month or two.

At this time, Li Ji received very little news. For fear of being spotted by the scattered rebels on the mountain, Li Ji cut off the news from the county magistrate. The county magistrate had the intention to hide the two in the camp for some time, but Li Ji was concerned about the four people in the family and Yang's livestock and poultry. In addition, Li Ji's residence was more remote and safer than the camp with a large population. After the county magistrate raised his mouth, he stopped talking.

At this time, Li Ji can be said to be worried about not being able to eat and sleep. I thought that going up the mountain was foolproof, but if it was annihilated by the rebels in this way, then it would be better to be under the mountain, or to flee or wait for the rebels to arrive. At any rate, he died at home, and there is no need to sell a place on the mountain that may not be found in this lifetime.

Of course, this idea Li Ji just thought about it. Because from the situation at the time, going up the mountain was indeed the best way.

The stove hasn't been turned on for two days at home. Sleeping at night is just spreading two extra layers of quilt and covering it tightly, and the two of them hug each other to keep warm. During the day, I can only drink water and eat dry food. The days are like before, but it is much more bitter.

Er Gouzi didn't think anything, because no matter how hard the mountain was, Li Ji was different.

"You said we have to hold on for a few more days." Li Ji said.

Er Gouzi shook his head. Looking at Li Ji, he only felt that he had suffered a lot compared to the previous two days: "Want to eat stir-fried vegetables?"

Li Ji and Er Gouzi will not pretend. He smiled, nodded and confessed: "Look at me, you are still so greedy at this time."

"I thought about it too." Would Er Gouzi dislike Li Ji's greediness? I'll take the pot to a place farther to cook, and bring it back when I'm done. "

Li Ji shook his head repeatedly: "You can save it, and you are not afraid of being missed by other meat-eating people in the mountains. It's not a few days or so. Isn't there a place to live there? Let's go there for two meals. Come back when you eat."

With a map, it is not difficult to find the third giant tent. The blame is Li Ji for being lazy and for fear of exposing the third giant tent.

Li Ji grabbed a handful of dried meat as snacks and chewed. Now, except for cutting the grass and drying it as the livestock of the family, the rest of the time is just idle. Just eating snacks like this, in fact, there is no time to be hungry. You can stand it without turning on the stove right now.

The county magistrate sent it down in one breath. Now the first crisis in the camp is finally over. As long as the letter is handed in, if the rebels are someone who cares about the people of the world, it will happen for a while, and there should be no trouble.

Most of the crisis is resolved, the people in the camp still have to continue to prepare for the winter.

A trap defense enough to withstand the cold, enough firewood for heating, enough food for a winter, and enough to protect everyone for a winter.

If the mountain is blocked by heavy snow in winter and the traps dug on the ground are buried in the snow, it may not be able to protect the people. On the contrary, it may be dangerous to people because of the slippery roads.

So you still have to prepare wooden boards and cover them in winter, and then set up the organs mainly on the trees, so that even if the snow is three feet deep, they can still attack the people or beasts that are close.

The more difficult the environment, the easier it is to stimulate people's imagination. Not only the people in the army, but the common people have also used their brains to gather their personal ideas together, which really made some breakthroughs.

For example, for heating in the camp, the brazier must be opened a little bit, otherwise it is easy to kill people alive. And once the brazier burns out, the heat will quickly dissipate. After midnight, it is basically frozen.

The common people are used to the hot kang fire wall, when facing this kind of tent, they simply unify the two.

If you have rich experience in building houses, come up with an idea to dig a simple dragon under the tent.

It doesn't have to be too much trouble, just dig a trench in the tent to go straight to the outside. It is covered with flame-retardant slate. If the slate is not enough, you can use clay to burn paper to make a simple pottery plate. Just be careful not to step on it, and it can be used for a long time.

Then make a mud pipe and open a hole in the top of the tent to pass it out. In this way, you only need to burn the fire in the stone pit outside the tent, and the fireworks can be passed directly from the chimney above. The burning heat spreads across the entire tent floor through the stone ditch, and the heat from the chimney can make the entire tent warm.

In this way, even if the fire is hot and it cools in the middle of the night, people on the night can light the fire outside the tent to keep warm.

The existence of the tent was originally intended as a simple mobile house, but nowadays the tent is in the camp because there is really no house to live in, so replace it with a tent. Then it is better to modify the tent and turn it into a simple and convenient decent house.

In this way, the inside of the tent can be as warm as the real house, and the cost is greatly reduced.

After the first earth dragon tent was made, the grandfather of the county personally experienced it for one night. I sat down the next morning and decided to change all the tents in this way.

The modified tent like this is actually easy to put away as an ordinary tent. After dismantling, you only need to make up for the cut off the top of the tent. Such a change can make people living in the camp feel more comfortable.

A few days later, the rebels finally received news from the lord and ordered them to withdraw their troops. Except for the hundreds of soldiers who stayed behind to defend the city, all the rest returned to the battle of conquest.

No one knows what the county magistrate's letter actually said.

It was another light rain. Li Ji's house was burning hot, and after collecting the rainwater, he boiled the water and took a hot bath. Soaking in the hot soup, he felt that his whole body and mind was about to melt away.

In order to save water, the two of them soaked in a bathtub as they should. There were some dried flowers prepared by the county magistrate, and the servant helped to soak some of the flowers and sprinkle them into the bath water. The fragrance of flowers dries down the steam and the whole room is full of warm moisture, which is very comfortable.

This is the second time they take a bath after going up the mountain. Because I didn't have the opportunity to take a bath a few days ago, I felt that my master was bad. So this time I wiped my whole body with a towel before taking a bath, and only waited until it was almost clean before I went into the tub to soak.

After running through the bath, the water was reluctant to pour away directly, and the petals were taken out and used to wash clothes. Wash the clothes two or three times and pour them out together after the water is gone.

There is a toilet in the yard, but because the giant tent is somewhat closed, I am afraid that the smell will not disperse in the yard. So put a commode in the toilet, pour it out once a day and rinse it with water before taking it back. The animal dung was also piled far outside the tent. When planting the land in the coming year, make up the fertilizer and mix it into the field.

The camp on the side of the county magistrate is very lively every day. There are occasional conflicts when many people gather together, and the simplest solution is to separate them. The county magistrate came out after a short rest and saw that the soldiers had just settled.

The county magistrate had seen enough of the excitement, and now he saw the spies he had arranged at the foot of the mountain to report on the situation.

"Master!" The spy said before saluting.

"What happened again?" In fact, the county magistrate didn't want to see them go up the mountain. Because they are likely to bring bad news up the mountain. But there is no news from them, and I will feel anxious again, for fear that they will have an accident at the bottom of the mountain that they will not even have the opportunity to go up the mountain to report a letter.

"My lord, there hasn't been any major issues at the foot of the mountain recently. There are still only a few hundred soldiers. Although the people are a little bit miserable, they still have no worries about their lives. It's just those who are still serving their sentences in prison…"

"What's the matter, just say it." The county magistrate frowned.

The spy said truthfully: "If you talk about major issues, it's just that the annoying people who were locked up were all released and captured and became soldiers of the rebels. Now they should have been sent to war-torn places to become dead soldiers."

The county magistrate frowned slightly. In fact, after the war broke out, the future of the original prisoners in the prison was just a few roads. Either serve as cannon fodder, or avoid all the evils and kill them all, or let them go and let them fend for themselves, or drive them away from a distance to save the local people.

The county magistrate hurried up the mountain and thought about how to deal with this group of people several times, but she put it on hold for various reasons. At least they cannot be allowed to join their own army. Because all the soldiers in the county have to go up the mountain, there is no need for dead soldiers, let alone a mob of them come up to disrupt the situation.

So before going up the mountain, the county magistrate did not have time to settle them. Now that they have become rebels and go to fight with the rebels, they really have left a scourge.

Everyone who was sentenced to prison by the county magistrate should be punished. The county magistrate is not a mean person. Although he holds the Daxia Law in his hand, as long as mortals are not downright bad people, the county magistrate will give them a chance.

Most of them will not be too long-term.

And those who knew their mistakes and didn't correct them, even those with serious sins, and couldn't report them to the serious ones, the county magistrate put them in jail.

At the beginning, I didn't want to put them to harm the people, and I didn't want to drive them out to harm other people, but they didn't die because of their sins, so they dragged them to the mountain to no avail.

Now that they have become rebels, they have directly elevated their shortcomings to the highest level. How could the county magistrate not regret it? The intestines are all regretful.

"They are on the battlefield, and most of them are rushing to guard the knife, and they will not live long. When the war is chaotic, they will depend on their own good fortune when they can live. That's it. You go back and continue to watch." The grandfather said this to the spies and himself.

It's been a month since going up the mountain. The rain on the ground has begun to freeze. Fortunately, the house in the base has enough space for everyone to live. Not enough land has been reclaimed, but it will be the same after reclaiming land in the coming year.

Too late to dry the firewood. A lot of charcoal is prepared, which is enough for heating and cooking.

The first thing to do right now is pure meat. There are a lot of food and dried vegetables, and it is not difficult to eat them in the coming year. In fact, even in the original days under the mountain, the common people would not be able to eat meat one or two times a month. Some people have more difficulties, and some have not eaten meat in a few years.

On the contrary, after going up the mountain, I can eat one or two pieces of meat almost every day. Some people even have the idea of ​​living here all the time. After all, the isolation of the mountains and old forests here, without war and chaos, is simply a paradise.

Why didn't the county magistrate think so? He has been up and down in officialdom for the first two decades. Because foreign relatives were involved in politics and party, the county magistrate insisted on refusing to stand in line and was eventually demoted here.

I always heard Li Ji say that when he returned home, he would live with Li Ji's Er Gouzi.

After a month in the mountains, the county magistrate really wanted to have one like this, and lived a leisurely life of picking chrysanthemums and seeing Nanshan leisurely.

Of course, it's not leisurely at all right now. If the war was over, the county magistrate moved to the giant tent of Li Jier Gouzi, which would actually be fine.

Xiao Tudou worked during the day and read a book in the battalion commander of the county magistrate at night. Sometimes when I encounter words that I don't know, or places I don't understand, I will gather together and ask the county magistrate.

Although Xiao Tudou is a bit mischievous, he is better than his head. Basically, he can remember clearly what he told one side. Over time, the county magistrate also had a good impression of this Xiao Tudou. Just give more pointers.

Who is the county magistrate? That was Tanhualang, who was ranked third in the national examination for students that year. In addition, for so many years, because of his high status and reading too many sage books, the cultural heritage is naturally incomparable to the teacher in the county.

Xiaotudou is also a name, and there is an on-demand broadcast by the county magistrate. This question is not to say that it is a rapid progress, it is also a lot of benefits.

This Xiao Tudou goes to the county magistrate's account every day to study, and it must be eye-catching. The cousin's elder brother Li Tian also had the intention to study with him. Xiao Tudou raised a mouth with the county magistrate and did not respond, so he didn't say anything. Xiao Tudou is a wise man, and will not make the county magistrate unhappy when he repeatedly mentions it.

But every day I read books from the county magistrate, I will pass it to Li Tian to listen to it later.

When Yingzi is free, she will listen to some words and recognize some characters. In her free time, she will read the book that Xiao Tudou has obtained from the teacher.

The three children were either holding a book or reading something during the break before and after meals. Some children leaned in curiously, and the three of them asked them to come by with some simple poems.

If you are at the foot of the mountain, you need to use silver to learn things. The children's parents are also happy that their children read and read, and they never stop and are very supportive.

Then the poems became the children's rhymes in the camp, and it was common for adults to follow them by memorizing.

Where does the county magistrate think there will be this time? It's also so happy, just pick some catchy poems and hand them to Xiao Tudou for him to teach them. For a time, the camp is more literary, and children who are learning Chinese can read two poems.

Ignoring the mountain, but also cut off the world's troubles. The county magistrate really has the mind to enlighten the children and let them read.

This day, the grandfather of the county took care of the affairs of the day, and everything in the base was on the right track, and there was no trouble. The county magistrate was reading a history book, and heard the Xiao Tudou calling the lord in his ear.

The county magistrate raised his gaze and asked Xiao Tudou where he didn't understand.

Xiao Tudou said truthfully: "The grassroots dare to understand some things, so I can only ask you an adult." The more books he read, the more knowledgeable and courteous Xiao Tudou will be.

"go ahead."

Xiao Tudou brewed a moment to speak and said: "At the beginning, the fourth grandfather sent the grassroots to study, saying that reading would have a broader way out. The husband also said that we should let the grassroots study hard, and in the future, they should make a meager contribution to Jiangshan Sheji. Now that war has started, the Cao Min thinks that no dynasty will last forever, and it may not be Mingjun who will serve in the future. So why do I need to read and read? And I read some history books, although many places do not understand, but I also know The intrigue inside. Since reading and recognizing can't avoid disputes, it's all the same, so what's the use of reading?"

This is also Xiao Tudou's thought for a long time. It's also because he got acquainted with the county magistrate, otherwise he wouldn't dare to say this.

Hearing this, the county magistrate was stunned, and he thought about it and put it in: "You really deserve to be Li Ji's nephew and grandson, he's almost clever. The ability to think of this just proves that your mind is better than ordinary people."

It is a good thing for ordinary people to read and recognize words only, but there are not many that really think deep down.

"My lord, please clarify."

The county magistrate hands down the history books, said:.. "You're right, dynastic change, not to mention the man since ancient times to explain such long live the dynasty which has never been able to more than ten thousand years is not only reading, anything. Love, There is no guarantee of eternal peace in this world. It cannot change the world. You think that the highest goal of reading and literacy is to serve the community, but you don't know which king you have dedicated yourself to. Your thoughts are right and wrong."

Xiao Tudou shook his head to show that he didn't understand.

The county magistrate said: "I also had an idea back then. I studied for fame, and I took pains to shine in the hall test. But after so many years of looking back, I found out how ridiculous it is to compete for fame and fortune."

"Ridiculous?" Xiao Tudou was even more puzzled.

"Reading to recognize characters has never existed with a certain goal. Getting fame and fame is just a choice after you read to recognize characters. Reading the books of sages and sages, what you can learn, does not come from what the sages tell you, but It comes from what you want to get from it. To put it simply, reading is to make sense, to understand what others are saying, and to express your own thoughts clearly."

Xiao Tudou seemed to understand, bit his lip and didn't answer.

The county magistrate continued: "If you read and read for fame and fame, you don't have to. Because there are also officials who don't read books. You may not be a good official when you read a good book. But in the process of reading. What you get. It will become the essence of your lifelong benefits. These, maybe you can read and write more and broaden your horizons."

Xiao Tudou nodded, although he didn't understand everything, but he wrote it down: "More adults, to understand."

In fact, if Xiao Tudou asks for another person, he may get a completely different answer. What the county magistrate did was just to tell Xiao Tudou his thoughts. As for how Xiao Tudou understands, just like the county magistrate said before, it still depends on what Xiao Tudou wants to get from it.

Perhaps, what Xiao Tudou understood from the words of the county magistrate was completely contrary to the ideas of the county magistrate, and it was also possible.

The Xiao Tudou are finished, but Huigen is not bad. The county magistrate is a cherished talent, plus this is Li Ji's grandnephew, who loves the house and Wu's, and is better for Xiao Tudou.

When the cold rain in the sky matches with snowflakes, it means that winter is coming. Basically, people who are ready do not fear the coming of winter, but some expect that there will be less work to do after the snow in winter. There can be some idle time.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi cooked some good dishes. Get up to the camp together. I've been here twice before, so I'm pretty familiar with it. When it got to the outside, Li Ji shouted twice and listened to the movement before introducing the two.

It was a bit late when I came here, and I entered the tent of the county magistrate, just in time to see Xiao Tudou who was studying.

Li Ji was stunned, Xiao Tudou hurriedly stood up and called Grandpa Fourth and Uncle Ergou.

Li Jiyan brought Er Gouzi to the county magistrate, and then asked why Xiaotuo was here.

"This kid is very spiritual, and it's a good material for studying. He just happens to have the mind to read on, so I let him come and read an hour's book every day. It's also a coincidence, it's your own grandson and nephew."

Li Ji chuckled: "I said it is a good thing for children to read more. Although this Xiao Tudou is a bit naughty, he is not bad-hearted and smart. Reading is only good for him."

If Xiao Tudou is really disgusting, even if he is a grand-nephew, Li Ji will not waste his money asking him to go to school to insult the gentleman.

"It's your relative, he looks a bit like you." The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi hesitantly.

I have been in contact with Xiao Tudou for more time, and the county magistrate has more and more thoughts of raising a child to teach him to read and read and see him grow up a little bit.

However, when the only son broke his sleeve, this thought can only be thought.

Li Ji didn't pay attention to the gaze of the county magistrate, and only followed the words of the county magistrate: "When I was a child, I always said that I was a good material for reading and reading. It's a pity that my family was so poor that I went to school to read. It was just a writing brush. I can't afford a piece of paper. Xiao Tudou now has a chance. If he can and is willing to study, it's good to let him continue to study."

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