The county magistrate dismantled the platform and said: "I'm lazy, just say lazy, where do you need to say those excuses? This reading is not sooner or later, but it is a literacy, when should you pick it up? If you really want to study, I'm here to read. Some are, some can teach you, and some are afraid of not having a chance to learn?"

When Li Ji rubbed his nose, he was tacitly acquiescing in the words of the county magistrate.

Go over and look at the book in Xiao Tudou's hand. Li Ji is an illiterate, just looking at the number of characters on the tree, he smiled and said, "Now that I can read books with so many characters, I can see that I have learned something."

Being so exaggerated, Xiao Tudou was a little embarrassed, and said, "I don't dare to say it. I can't understand two sentences in three sentences, and I have to trouble adults to understand."

"It's your blessing to let the adults confuse you, so study hard." Li Ji wanted to say that in the future, maybe the family would point to him. He was afraid of putting pressure on Xiao Tudou, so he swallowed the words that came to his lips and continued to talk to the county magistrate. to chat with.

Bring out the dishes to the county magistrate to eat. Li Ji made it here, and Er Gouzi made it. Anyway, they both made it by themselves.

Separate two bowls for the Xiao Tudou, let him eat more first, and read more when he is full.

"Looking at it is snowing, I am afraid it will be difficult for you to come here later. If you meet again, it will be the beginning of spring in the coming year." The county magistrate sighed.

It is rare for Er Gouzi to take the initiative to say: "No. It snows, there are ways to walk in snow. I have lived on this mountain for many years. I know how to walk."

Er Gouzi's remarks are not big words, if anyone can understand this deep mountain and old forest, I am afraid that Er Gouzi alone can walk around like this mountain as a back garden.

The county magistrate shook his head and said, "Winter is even more dangerous. Those hungry beasts who see less food are deadly. In winter, there are few prey, and seeing what you can eat. Isn't it a desperate chase? Right now, before it snows, you two can It's quite satisfying to come over to accompany me more."

The county magistrate added a piece of meat into his mouth. The craftsmanship of the two of them is better than that of the decent cooks beside the grandfather of Buxian County, but they have a little more home taste.

Mixed with feelings, it will become endless aftertaste.

Li Ji smiled and said, "If it is winter, there will be basically no trouble. Even if there is, it will only be a beast. Even if you are not here, I believe it will make no difference. Or you go directly. Let us be there. You can get along well with Er Gouzi."

The county magistrate shook his head: "Why don't I want to? It's just that I am in this camp, not only the decision-making, but also the pillars of this camp. The people don't recognize me, they only recognize me. I can rest assured if I go to you. I went there to enjoy the blessings, I'm afraid that there will be troubles next to it, we don't necessarily know about it here."

Li Ji nodded, and understood what the county magistrate meant: "You also know that I don't have much knowledge, and I have little consideration."

"You can't say the same thing. It's still your idea to solve the problem of the rebels going up the mountain. You can only say that you want things to go in a different direction, and smart is the same." The county magistrate praised Li Ji. Look at Xiao Tudou, "This kid has been coming over recently, but it has saved me a lot of boredom. I also know that it is very interesting to watch such a child enriched a little bit."

How smart is Li Ji, can't hear the overtones of this sentence there?

Li Ji wanted to say that the county magistrate could marry another and have another, but he couldn't say what he said. He remembered how the county magistrate was crying on Li Yan's coffin. If this is really said, it would be too blasphemous of the county's grandfather's feelings for Li Yan.

But it is impossible for him to really tinker with Er Gouzi and raise a child for the county magistrate. To blame, I can only blame the grandfather of the county for not having this fate, because he just missed all the growth time of Er Gouzi.

"The child is hope. It is indeed a very happy thing to watch the child grow up." Li Ji lowered his voice and did not look at the expression of the county magistrate.

The county magistrate waited, seeing that Li Ji didn't say anything. Then he sighed and said, "If I say this, don't think about it. You will come to my time one day. When you are young, children are cumbersome, and there are no children. If you want to fly, just fly there. Don't worry about it. But when I'm really tired from waiting for flying, I always feel that I'm missing something when I look back. It's a good thing not to mention the filial piety of the sick bed. It's a good thing to be accompanied by multiple people."

Li Ji didn't answer, Er Gouzi felt Li Ji's emotions, put his hand on Li Ji's shoulder, and said, "We are fine without children."

Er Gouzi said so, what else can the county magistrate say?

The county magistrate said: "Don't think too much about it, just think it's me nagging. When do you have this mindset, it's good to bring a child to support you. I am also considered to have a grandson here to make money and make grandchildren. ."

I didn't say let Er Gouzi leave him a post, which means that the county magistrate respects Er Gouzi's choice and also respects Li Ji.

If you change your family, even if you agree that your son has a habit of breaking sleeves, he will also put forward a prerequisite. Don't let the family stop the incense. Don't say that he likes men, people like the county magistrate, even if Er Gouzi's heart is about a woman going to the house to live together lovingly, the county magistrate should have two concubine rooms with the heart.

Li Ji's eyes are a little moist, and his ears are a little red when he laughs. It's rare for Li Ji to have a thick skin that can be harmful.

Seeing a bewildered Xiao Tudou from the corner of his eye, Li Ji remembered that there was such a child in the house.

Xiao Tudou just came over to read the book, and now he heard something incredible. Xiao Tudou is not a fool, he can understand some of what they are saying.

I always thought it was weird that the two were not married, but I never thought about it. In this way, these two people are in the same place. And listen to this. Could it be that Er Gouzi's father is the county magistrate?

The amount of information is too large, and the Xiao Tudou are somewhat difficult to digest.

She had heard the left and right words, and Li Ji was not in a hurry to hide it.

"If the master really likes Xiao Tudou, you can just let him be your grandson. If you don't dislike him for being born, this child is also clever and filial. Now you can get along with him, and you will bring it later. It's nice to be around."

Let the county magistrate bring the Xiao Tudou with him in the future, the pair of Xiao Tudou is definitely a gift from heaven. Don't say that he is the grandson of the county magistrate, even if he is just a small servant serving tea and water, Xiaotudou will be a remarkable figure when he comes out two years later.

Thanks to Li Ji's head turning fast, the county magistrate only started here. Li Ji followed the words and looked for it.

"Being my grandson? What is your seniority with him, and how is your seniority with me?" The county magistrate said coldly.

Li Ji choked. If it is serious by seniority, Li Ji and the county magistrate are the same generation, and Xiaotudou is the grandson of Li Ji's nephew, so the county magistrate is also from the Xiaotudou grandfather's generation.

But right now Li Ji is getting along with the county magistrate's son, so he needs to call the county magistrate father, and this generation will drop by the next generation. In this way, Xiaotudou is the grandson of the county magistrate.

Li Ji coughed, and smiled dryly: "If you adopt my name, you can follow my son's seniority."

Xiao Tudou lowered his head. He didn't know how to talk about this kind of thing.

The county magistrate looked at the embarrassed Xiao Tudou again, shook his head and smiled with helplessness: "I won't be involved in your affairs. It's up to you both to decide how to decide. If you are a child of someone in real life. Just talk to me when I am a person. I am in charge of heaven and earth. Is it possible that I have to manage who is and whose child is not?"

Even if Li Ji is really interested in adopting Xiao Tudou, it will only be possible to listen to the consent of Li Jin and his wife. There is only one son in this family, who is the eyeball spoiled, why would he be willing to send them to others' houses and be their sons?

Li Ji also knows this, so most of his words are made with some jokes. But with such a beginning, Li Ji really took things at ease. To say that for the future, Li Ji has some consideration.

Li Ji doesn't have a strong idea of ​​inheriting the family, and he doesn't think that his child is born to support himself. But if someone can take pictures when they are old, or watch a child grow up, Li Ji is very willing.

Li Ji is actually a kid. It's just that he and Er Gouzi are two carrying handles, so it's impossible to trick a child out.

Xiao Tudou is what Li Ji saw when he was a child, and the child is not bad. If he adopts and becomes a son, Li Ji will not reject it. The county magistrate can also fulfill his grandson Cheng Huan's wish. Isn't it the best of both worlds?

Just think about the love of Li and Jin's couple for Xiao Tudou. They are their biological parents. This may still be small.

Thinking of this, Li Ji just thought of having time to talk to Li Jin in the future. If Li Jin had no such thoughts, the matter would have passed. But this Xiao Tudou still has to be ordered.

"Xiao Tudou, don't talk to anyone about what you have heard here when you turn around. You are not allowed to talk to your parents and Yingzi. You know?"

Xiao Tudou nodded and blinked at Li Ji, very obedient. If anyone in this family can cure Xiao Tudou, it is Li Ji. Moreover, Xiao Tudou also saw Li Ji mingling with the county magistrate's son, and he was still able to talk and laugh with the county magistrate. I feel amazing, and I admire Li Ji a lot.

Either the county magistrate said that Xiao Tudou is like Li Ji. If you change people and know that the two men are together, the first reaction should be disgust or feeling inappropriate. This Xiao Tudou is surprised and strange. The rest is curiosity.

After dinner with the county magistrate, it was already dark. It is not safe in the mountains at night. Just stayed. Fortunately, the new house is built a lot, and it is easy to split one room for two people. But the condition is definitely not as good as the giant tent.

Neither Li Ji nor Er Gouzi were picky. After Xiao Tudou had finished his meal, the county magistrate asked him to pick a favorite book and bring two candles back to his residence to read it by himself. Li Ji and Er Gouzi talked for two hours at the county magistrate's place, and then they went to live in the arranged house. If they wanted to stay the next day, they would take them with them. If they felt boring, they could go back.

This lives in the camp. It can be considered to have time to meet with the village chiefs. Especially my family. Most of the villagers surnamed Li followed up the mountain. Because Li Ji knows that as a NPC guy. No one will pit one's own. Since he allowed most of the livestock to follow the county magistrate up the mountain, he must have his own reasons.

It now appears that it is a good decision to follow up the mountain. At least the big guys have benefited from this right now. I did a lot of work, but the food is much better than under the mountain.

It's just that every time Li Ji came, he went directly to see the county magistrate. The first two times he talked to the county magistrate and left directly. This is returning to Su, always seize the opportunity to ask more things.

Li Ji knew he had to face this kind of thing. To be honest, this is still in the camp. Originally, there were so many resources, so what kind of relative privileges did they really want? But if you don't tell it, it's not easy to get things right.

After all, there are so many people, even if they fool one or two, when they turn around and discuss with each other, the abacus in Li Ji's stomach will be understood.

So Li Ji didn't say anything at all, and all returned to the county magistrate.

"We have closed the door and said our own words, but what should be said. What should not be said, it should be reasonable." Li Ji took a sip of the water tape and continued, "Going to the roots. We are our own family members, so we should not hide anything from you. It's just that the grandfather of the county has ordered that we can't say things, if I want my tongue, I still have to pay attention."

If Li Ji said that, the sensible would not ask much. It's just that in this world, there has never been a lack of sensible people. Especially those who like to advertise themselves straightforwardly.

"We are no outsiders, can it be spread out? You don't need to say more, just give us a letter and somehow let us know." I don't know who said.

Li Ji was unhappy in his heart. Can there be another battle in this camp?

"It's easy for you to talk with your upper lip and lower lip. You are not me. You can say anything cheap. People are the magistrates of the county. If we can say a few more words to people, it is a good thing for our ancestors to accumulate virtue. It's already a great grace to enter the mountains to enjoy the blessings. Is it possible that I have to dig out a secret? What good can I get? Let it go, so I won't come back. It's convenient to live outside me. Anyhow, it ended up clean."

This time Li Ji was not polite and drove everyone out.

"Let's see it, or let's move out. Thanks to my generation, I can still hold it down. Otherwise, it may not be necessary to rush away." Li Ji was annoyed for a while. He rinsed his mouth and wiped his face with a towel, and then undressed and lay on the kang with Er Gouzi.

If this Kang is counted. It's a large Kang, several feet long, passing through the house one by one. The burning place is outside. There is one less stove every six or seven rooms, and the big Kangs are very hot this time. Now the weather is just cold, and it's not too cold, so there won't be a lot of fire, and it's just hot enough to sleep comfortably.

The county magistrate specially changed the two of them into comfortable and good bedding, and the two of them lay down and could hear the voice of the room next to them. Because the voice is very low, and I can't hear him clearly. Li Ji and Er Gouzi were even afraid to communicate with others, for fear that they would be overheard.

When Li Ji was young, he didn't like being spied on by others, and Er Gouzi was even more vigilant.

The first time I live with this kind of material, I can live there for one night, and I will go back tomorrow morning.

As soon as I woke up, at dawn, soldiers went out of the fence to see what the traps outside had caught. Not every day is harvested, sometimes more, sometimes less. There are four deer in a day at most, and the herd should just pass by. When it is young, a rabbit or pheasant will often be there.

Today, I caught a male and a female pheasants, and the stew and soup were not enough for the whole camp. Just chop and rub it into chaos. Give it to those who are out hunting.

The county magistrate left three bowls here, and the three of them ate them as snacks in the morning.

At noon, the hunting team was going out hunting, and Er Gouzi followed along. The county magistrate was full of restlessness. He stood at the entrance of the camp and watched Er Gouzi disappear into the woods.

"Master, don't worry, Er Gouzi is a capable person. Here, I am afraid it is more comfortable than that of being a soldier." Li Ji comforted.

"Of course I know, oh, he is good, and he has lived in the mountains for thirteen years. Speaking of which, no one is more comfortable in the mountains. But I am worried about it, and I can manage it if I understand it."

This is correct. He always has the great ability to sew clothes, let alone go to the mountains.

Er Gouzi went hunting, and Li Ji stayed in the tent of the county magistrate when he was free, just to escape those relatives who wanted to inquire about the news. The same relatives who were closer are also missing. Li Jin, Li Shuisheng and the others just glanced at them, and they didn't communicate much. But looking at them, their lives are pretty good, and they didn't suffer much.

It is rare that there are no Er Gouzi, only Li Ji and the county magistrate stay in the same room. It wasn't the county magistrate deliberately, but at this time, he unconsciously brought the topic to the two of them.

"Don't blame me for asking too much. Are you living in harmony now?" If Er Gouzi were there, the county magistrate would never ask.

"The two of us have always been fine, don't you see it in your eyes?" Li Ji didn't understand why he suddenly asked.

The county magistrate coughed slightly, and then asked again: "I mean, since you said that you have had something to do with each other, the two of you can still live together in harmony."

Li Ji wouldn't think anything about talking to Er Gouzi about this stuff, but when the elder of the county magistrate asked, Li Ji only felt hot on his face.

In fact, the county magistrate also embarrassed the powerful: "You should also ask disgusted I just do bed sleeping mat, which should just not easy to make detours father and mother pointing up before normal marriage, both sides have their elders to teach I was late… Come Elders, you are not qualified to ask more about this. But you two men, some things are more troublesome than men and women. But I don't know the Longyang technique, so naturally I can't teach it. Asking this is also out of concern."

When these words came out, Li Ji was embarrassed. This kind of thing is indeed directed by both parents. Most of it is the male father telling the man something, and the woman's dowry here uses erotica to press the bottom of the box. When the bridal chamber was festooned, the couple flipped through it, and it was a matter of course.

But when the two were together, there was no father or mother, and everything was groping. Fortunately, the two are connected, and this kind of thing is a matter of course.

"I understand what you said, and you can rest assured that we…are very harmonious."

Talking to the old man about having S*x with a man-in-law, it's weird to be at ease.

The two of them were embarrassed for a while before the county magistrate took out a box and returned it to Li Ji: "The government doctor gave me this earlier, saying that you two fooled around together, there will always be a tunnel. I have never I'm sorry to you. This time Changan is no longer there. I dare say a few more words. Take these back. The government doctor also knows that you two do not read, and they are both simple and easy to understand. Take them back and study by yourself."

It's not that the county magistrate has never opened it, but only opened it with a glance and then closed it. Isn't the county magistrate breaking his sleeve, he really has no face to understand this kind of thing.

If there is a seam at this time, it will be prepared for Li Ji on time. Li Ji took the box with smoke on his face, basically guessing what was inside.

Being able to hand this kind of thing into Li Ji's hands is also a proof that Li Ji is a son-in-law at home. Li Ji knew this, the county magistrate was giving him a sense of security in disguise.

Not simply recognizing the relationship between the two, but treating Li Ji as a family.

Li Ji held the box and didn't know what to say, touched the corners of the box, and lowered his head.

In fact, the county magistrate does not need to be much better than Li Ji. How many fathers in the world can think of him so hard to give his son-in-law this kind of thing? It's enlightened if you change other people without killing them.

"Say something else. The rabbits and chickens you sent here are now well raised, and even a cattle pen is built. In the winter, there will be special fires to keep warm. Winter will not delay laying eggs. When the spring comes, the chickens It's necessary to incubate more, which is why it will take two months to eat a lot less eggs."

It takes a few days to collect and incubate the eggs. After the hens are allowed to incubate with the chickens hard, it will take longer to continue to lay the eggs.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be delayed for a long time." Li Ji said, "Many women know how to incubate eggs, so let them help. Just leave as many eggs as you want, and don't delay the chickens. Laying eggs. The cubs on the left and right are well fed in spring, summer and autumn. As long as they escape Futian in the summer, the remaining hatched cubs can live easily."

Although the county magistrate also walked out of the village, he was not willing to let him work when he was studying at a young age. So there are some things the county magistrate just has a concept, and he doesn't know much.

"It's just because you know, otherwise I will arrange it, and others will not say if they know it. It was a waste of time." Others' words must be considered. Will these words refute the county's grandfather's face and let the county The grandfather bears hate Li Ji doesn't think so much.

"Compared to this, I still think about farming. With so many people here, there must be a lot of food. No matter how much we prepare, it will be almost the same in the coming year. Even if there is still food at that time, it will be easy. It is moldy. To feed these people, a lot of land must be planted. In addition, most of the mountain is blocked by the shade, and the harvest is definitely not as good as the bottom of the mountain. There is more food in need, and the need for more places. The bigger the place, the more it is. The more insecure, what should I do?"

"The only way is a dumb way. Open up more wasteland, weave the surrounding trees with branches to make them strong, try to make them taller, and make more traps outside of the strong. Fortunately, there are more mouths to eat, you can There are many people working. If you sit down, it's not too much trouble." The county magistrate sighed and continued.

"Persevere in the profession for a year, and the coming year will be better. No matter who the master of the mountain is after a year, it will be easy to go down the mountain to make a transaction and change something up. Hunting on this mountain is convenient. Just buying leather is enough to feed these people. ."

"I'm afraid that the account will still be hit after a year." Li Ji had already spoken, consciously lost his words, and hurriedly smiled, "Look at my crow's mouth, everything will come to an end. This battle is the most laborious. Even if you have the intention to fight, you may not have a talent. It will definitely be peaceful in the coming year."

"Let's go. Let's get used to it for a few months in this mountain. If the increase in food goes well, it would be good to settle down in the mountain in the future." The house is also built and the land is planted. Stay away from disputes, traffic on the rice paddies, and hear each other. Isn't it the paradise in the record?

"What about you? What are your plans for the future?" Li Ji asked.

The county magistrate thought for a while, smiled and shook his head and said: "Whoever has the kung fu to think about that, no matter which house is the master at that time, I am going down the mountain and I am met by them, but I will only be able to kill my head. In the face of war, it is a capital crime to lead a kind of man and horse to flee up the mountain. If the rebels become the lord and the yellow robe is added, then I, the former courtier, will have no place to stay."

He knew that he had no retreat from the time the county magistrate went up the mountain. The people next to him just waited for the war to subside. It was easy to go down the mountain or to live on the mountain. Only the county magistrate, standing in this position, was responsible for the people, he himself was already involuntarily involuntarily.

Li Ji didn't expect this layer, just to hear it would be a jump in his heart.

"So serious?" Li Ji hurriedly said, "Then don't go down the mountain at all. Just wait for the war to subside. If there are people who are willing to stay, let them push up and take the lead. Then I and Er Gouzi will also If we don't go down the mountain anymore, it's fine for us to live in a tent."

The county magistrate did have such thoughts: "This is still to be seen in the coming year. I also look forward to enjoying the family happiness with you."

The fire in the tent was hot, and the two sat in one place and chatted a lot. From getting along with Er Gouzi to planning the camp, I talked a lot and exchanged a lot. Most of them are Li Ji unilaterally listening to the county magistrate to give him some insights.

In the afternoon, the hunting team returned, and Er Gouzi was among them.

Perhaps because of the experience of the first Er Gouzi, today can be described as a bumper harvest, with a total of four deer and six rabbits.

According to the meaning, Er Gouzi is responsible for finding the traces of the prey and distinguishing the direction of the prey. Those who go out hunting are all skilled in archery. It can be said that the arrows are not imaginary. As long as they find it and walk to a certain distance, then It's just a hit.

Er Gouzi's experience, coupled with that amazingly accurate head, just one time, more than any previous hunting harvest.

Er Gouzi never even touched prey from beginning to end, let alone injured. It's because I didn't actually hunt, and I felt that my muscles and bones were not moving.

The county magistrate heard the performance of Er Gouzi, and the pride on his face almost overflowed. As a parent, it is false to say that you are not happy after hearing that your child is capable.

The county magistrate walked to Er Gouzi's side and patted Er Gouzi's shoulder: "Good job."

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji with a smile as bright as ever. The box given to him by the county magistrate flashed across Li Ji's head. His face was a little hot, and he didn't talk to Er Gouzi more when there were too many people.

All the prey brought back were cleaned up, and the most tender parts of the prey were prepared and sent over while cooking. The family of three had a good meal in the camp. The meal is over, it's time to go back after a while. Li Ji and Er Gouzi have secrets that cannot be known to outsiders, so they can only avoid contact with everyone as much as possible.

Li Ji was thinking about the Xiao Tudou, and when he was free at this time, he asked someone to call Li Jin and his wife to the house where he and Er Gouzi had finished living.

While waiting for someone, Li Ji kept thinking about the words in his heart, what to say, and what to say if the other party answered.

It was the first time that Li Ji did this kind of thing, but in his heart, he didn't know anything about it.

Li Jin and Erying came here with a lot of doubts. Er Gouzi came from a large family, and Li Ji followed Er Gouzi, and it is understandable that it is hard to tell a secret. But why did you suddenly call the couple over? Is it possible to tell them the couple separately?

"I'll say a few words, listen to you. Of course, I just ask. If you don't want to, just assume that I haven't said it before. From now on, there is no such thing." Li Jixian said to the beginning.

Li Jin looked at Li Ji's face with seriousness, followed by seriousness, and nodded: "Say it."

"Recently, Xiao Tudou has been studying in the county magistrate. To be honest, this is the blessing that Xiao Tudou has cultivated for eight lifetimes."

Li Jin nodded repeatedly: "Indeed, there are so many students in the county, which means that Xiaotudou can be in front of the county magistrate."

"Speaking of it, it's also because Xiao Tudou is likable. The county magistrate taught him these days, and he is very fond of him. These Er Gouzi have no plans to marry a wife and have children. The county magistrate wants a grandson again."

Li Jin and Erying were stunned, or Erying spoke quickly: "Fourth Uncle, what do you mean by this? Two… Er Gouzi's son of the county magistrate?"

Li Ji nodded: "I'm not hiding it from you. The previous nonsense was meant by the county magistrate. If the village knows that he is the only seedling of the county magistrate, I am afraid that some moths will be born. The county magistrate is an upright official, not a man. Open the back door for relatives. If I tell you this, you are better than passing it to the outside, just let it be in your stomach."

Li Jin and Erying reacted for a while, only then reluctantly accepted the incident.

Er Gouzi is actually the blood and bones of the county magistrate, and the county magistrate has taken a fancy to Xiaotuo, and wants to adopt the grandson of the county magistrate.

If I change my home, I am afraid that I can't wait to set off firecrackers to celebrate at this moment. Being able to be picked up by the officials' fancy is a good thing for burning incense on the ancestral grave.

The key is that Li Jin and Erying have been one for so many years, otherwise they would not let Xiao Tudou be naughty like eyeballs.

Who is the county magistrate? It was a man standing on the top in the county town. For example, to be a grandson for him, to be a slave by his side, that's all great things.

Li Jin and Erying didn't know how to respond, so they were obviously embarrassed.

"I'm just asking a verbal message. It can't be considered serious. My son hurts himself, and there is no reason to grab a kid for nothing. You can't bear it, and it should be reasonable. In fact, the county magistrate is not hopeful, and I am talking too much. That said. You can rest your heart in your stomach. No matter who is with Xiao Tudou, the county magistrate appreciates him the same, and will teach him the same in the future."

Li Ji's promise is heavy. In this mountain, Li Jin and Erying can only trust Li Ji.

Li Jin then reluctantly said: "Why can't Er Gouzi marry a wife and have children? If Er Gouzi is the son of the county magistrate, then three wives and four concubines should be the same. It is easy to want as many children as possible. No matter how bad, It is not difficult for the county magistrate to marry another one by himself. Now that the county magistrate is in his prime of life, he will not reach the level of adopting a child. You must know that the county magistrate's great family is more than a wealth of wealth? How can it fall into the hands of outsiders."

It is the difference between people. Li Ji said here that Guoji was in the name of the county magistrate, thinking about the county's grandfather begging for his grandson's heart, and wanting his children to be happy. What Li Jin thinks is that the county magistrate is afraid of extinction and no one will inherit the family business, so he is eager to adopt it.

The two people stand at different angles and think differently, which is also normal.

Li Ji said, "This is not the same for us. The county magistrate is obsessed with his deceased wife, and he doesn't plan to continue. You know Er Gouzi's temper. No one can force him, and I haven't seen him when he has seen it more. Family girl. I also said that the county magistrate is not a force, nor is he a fancy incense. This is a must, and it is also a must. To tell you the truth, I want to adopt Xiaotudou. I said it. The grandfather of the county likes everything, he wants his grandson, and he has a fondness for Xiaotudou. I always feel that they have fate."

That's the end of Li Ji's words, almost everything that should be said.

"But even if you really like it, there will always be a freshness. Once the freshness is over, there will be cumbersomeness left. We know everything about Xiao Tudou, and it's a disobedient. If it's a lively adult someday , How can this be a crime."

As parents, as long as they really love their children, they will feel that no one in the world will love him more unconditionally than themselves. No matter who is in the hands, they will feel that the child is definitely no longer at home.

It stands to reason that Li Ji talked about this, and let the couple close the door to discuss the rest. Xu Shi is relatively close, so Li Ji said two more words:

"If you want this Xiao Tudou to go by, let's put it aside. Let's just talk about the adults. I have been in contact for a few days, and I have lived in the county's Taiyefu for a few days. Not to mention how well I know it, at least I understand it. Don't say it's a Xiao Tudou, anyone who enters that county's grandfather's mansion can't bear the slightest grievance. The adult is also an enlightened person, not the kind of cliché-headed person. Look, he would rather cut off his children and grandchildren. I can't bear to force my son to see this. An adult is a kind elder and a kind official."

Erying bit her lip and whispered: "It's a blessing to say that the county magistrate is attracted to Xiaotudou. From now on, it will be easy for Xiaotudou to participate in the scientific examination and become an official."

Everyone's point of view is different. Parents are really reluctant to leave their children out of sight. But if the child has a wider path, he can fly better. Even if he is reluctant, he can only let go.

After hearing Erying's words, Li Jin was a little silent. No mention of family property or inheritance. If Xiao Tudou has been by the county magistrate's side, it will be much easier than ordinary people to take part in the scientific examination and become an official in the future. The county magistrate is an official himself, and he will definitely teach Xiao Tudou how to become an official.

It's definitely better to stay with the grandfather of the county than with their parents who walked out of the mud.

Li Ji saw the reaction of the two in his eyes, a little sad.

He sighed and cut the conditions for them: "Don't think about it. In the future, the master will be 80% unofficial. In order to protect the people up to the mountain, the county magistrate persuaded the commander to go up the mountain to protect the people's safety and let the rebels fight. We captured our off-the-shelf without a fight. Even if we Daxia defended the country in the future, the master would be a capital offense on their side. If the rebels have overcome the world and changed hands, it will not be possible to tolerate the former officials."

Sweeping his gaze over the two, he heard that both of them listened. Li Ji continued: "So, if you leave your son because you look at the adult status, you don't have to. If the war stops in the future, most adults I stayed on the mountain and lived with Er Gouzi and me. To put it simply, I am a grandfather of the county who loves children and reads and reads. He wants enough children to accompany him. By the way, he will give everything he has learned. Child. Even if it's not a Xiao Tudou, it's feasible to find a helpless orphan under his name tomorrow."

I don't look into a child like Xiao Tudou. It's just because Xiao Tudou is smart, so he pays more attention. If he is really reluctant to push it, it's okay. Left and right, Xiao Tudou still studies with the grandfather of the county. Without the relationship between his grandfather and grandson, he is just a teacher and student, which is a good relationship.

Li Ji didn't want to owe him personal troubles, and hoped that Xiao Tudou would get closer to the county magistrate, so he made this unnecessary move. If Li Jin and Erying are interested in letting Xiao Tudou become a member of the Grand Master's Mansion in the county, then they can have another one by themselves. Or wait for Xiao Tudou to have two children, one on each side.

At this point, Li Ji actually regretted having said this to Li Jin. Li Jishi has met a lot, knowing that what the county magistrate sometimes says is not absolute. It can be discussed, and you don't even need to care. But in front of ordinary people like Li Jin, the words of the county magistrate were no different from the imperial edict.

Li Ji raised his mouth in such a discussing tone, and he could not tell what Li Jin and Erying thought in their hearts.

"Do adults really dislike Xiao Tudou?"

So again hesitated, Li Ji to give up: "You see me, this is not for you and your spouse do you look for trouble when I did not say what would have been serious if it is not the thing, character did not write Yes I casually speak?. Heart It's a mess for you. Xiao Tudou is my nephew and grandson, and I can't bear to say that he was adopted out of Li's house. It's getting late, and I should go back."

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