Going on, I'm afraid of adding pressure to Li Jin. This was originally a matter of mentioning, and I shouldn't let people think that this is stealing a child.

Li Ji was about to leave, but was pulled by Li Jin again.

"After all this matter, I still have to ask Xiao Tudou what he means. What will happen to him? Xiao Tudou will come here by himself. Let's ask Xiao Tudou again."

No matter how reluctant the parents are, they can't block the child's future path. Xiao Tudou have such a good life, they have the opportunity to fly to the branches. How can parents be the masters for him. "

"That's how it is said. Our family is also an enlightened. However, you have raised children for so many years, so you should say your own words. Anyway, this Xiao Tudou is the treasure of our old Li family. It will be promising in the future. Or stay in the village, those are our own family members. Don't think anything wrong. You are my nephew, and Xiao Tudou is my own nephew and grandson. I will not bring trouble to your side."

After chatting for a long time, it was getting late, and there was no more delay.

After Li Ji and Er Gouzi were European style, they left the camp. Li Jin and Yingzi delivered them directly to the door, and they kept talking.

Some people in the base have begun to doubt the relationship between the county magistrate and Er Gouzi, and they can no longer be more fragrant. So the county magistrate didn't come out to deliver it, but just sat in the camp and stayed in a daze. If the heavy snow comes earlier, I don't know when I will see Er Gouzi again next time.

That night, Li Jin and Erying were afraid that they would be heard by the next door, and did not dare to live with Xiao Tudou. They only asked Xiao Tudou how he learned from the county magistrate. The county magistrate treated him well.

When Xiao Tudou met the county magistrate, he was always behaved like a kitten. The county magistrate valued his cleverness. Seeing that he was an honest man, he would naturally not be harsh. However, Xiaotudou has the guidance of the county magistrate, and this knowledge is getting deeper and deeper.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi went back, only bringing back the box given by the county magistrate. There were so many things prepared by the county magistrate in the giant tent. It can be regarded as the best in this mountain. There is no shortage of fine clothes and jade food, and the county magistrate has the heart to bring more things beside him. But as long as you think of it, Li Ji doesn't lack it.

Li Ji put the box in the back basket, bowed his head? He walked very fast, and Li Ji refused to say what Er Gouzi asked.

If Li Ji didn't say anything, Er Gouzi didn't ask. It rained again on the way back, but fortunately, both of them brought umbrellas, only supported one, and they walked back home side by side.

"What do you think of your father." Li Ji suddenly said.

"He's fine." Er Gouzi didn't even think about it.

Only Li Ji and Li Yan can make Er Gouzi say such things, that is, the county magistrate.

Li Ji nodded: "I think so too. He is a good official and a good father. Although it has been missing in the past, you will not participate in your goodness after you charge. This is your blessing, and it is also me. Blessing."

Being with a man, still guarding each other with the mentality of cutting off children and grandchildren, and can't tolerate the existence of a third person. The county magistrate's family has a lot of business, and in this case, he can accept the offspring. Having such a father is naturally a blessing for both of them.

"He is very good to us, but my mother doesn't know. You said they are the same as us, but when I was young, my mother was the same person. I used to think that children are always with their mothers, you don't Tell me, I don't know what Dad is." This is what Er Gouzi said in his heart.

"That's why you refused to call him father?" Li Ji could see that the county magistrate really wanted to hear Er Gouzi call him father.

Er Gouzi shook his head: "Not all. I can't tell why. I just can't call it. No. He is very good to me. He is good to you. I treat him as my own family. But when I call it this way, I call him Won't come out."

This is probably a hurdle in Er Gouzi's heart that he doesn't even know. As for when I can jump over, I don't know.

"Then don't think too much. Let it be. You don't reject your dad, and you can sit at a table with your dad to eat. This is a good start. From now on, we are going to live together for a lifetime, what Everything is in no hurry."

Right now, Li Ji felt that the most important thing was to give the county magistrate a grandson to accompany him. On Xiao Tudou's side, Li Ji didn't think much about it, but in the chaos of this war, the most indispensable were orphans. Picking some good adopters is not only to save one's life, but also to fill the vacancy where the two cannot bring children.

Children are not the meaning of human existence. But it is one of the hopes for the future. Li Ji and Er Gouzi don't need it, at least they don't need it right now, but Shanxian grandfather needs them. These two dutiful sons always want to give the county magistrate the idea.

"Will he suddenly disappear like a mother?" After another walk, I suddenly heard Er Gouzi speak.

Li Ji was stunned before he arrived: "Why do you think so?"

"The mother suddenly couldn't see me. I was on the mountain for so long and I didn't see him again. Later I found out that he was dead. Will he suddenly disappear or die like my mother?" Er Gouzi faced There are many more deaths than normal people. It is precisely because of this that when you gain, you will be more concerned about losing.

Li Ji couldn't make up any Xiangyang words to fool, so he could only truthfully say: "People are born, old, sick and die. As the saying goes, people are not as good as heaven. No matter how well you think, no matter how well you arrange, if there is a natural disaster and man-made disaster. People go. It's just a kick. Everyone is the same, including the two of us. In the future, one of us will definitely go first."

Er Gouzi's steps suddenly stopped, Li Ji turned his head to look, Er Gouzi lowered his head and did not speak.

Li Ji called, but he didn't respond, and Li Ji reached out and patted him again. As soon as Er Gouzi looked up, Li Ji saw it, his eyes were red.

In this way, Li Ji's eyes seemed to be prickly.

"Er Gouzi?"

"Isn't you dead?" Er Gouzi's voice was very low, so low that people could hear the depression in it, "You don't die, I don't die."

Li Ji didn't want to lie to Er Gouzi. He pulled Er Gouzi's head down. Kissing Er Gouzi was the most comforting: "Who is not dead, sooner or later. You don't need to care too much. We have been together when we are alive. not very good for you? Let's live well, die of old age together, and then buried inside a local place. Shangbei say the child next life, I do not know what the next life is this life alive without regret, it is that's going to die ."

Er Gouzi was still not as open as Li Ji thought, but said: "I don't want to see you die."

"Then let's die." Thinking about it, Li Ji shook his head again, "No, I heard that people who commit suicide can't be reborn. Although we don't know what the next life will be like, it would be too pitiful not to be reborn. That way, I will fight for it later. After you die. This way, you don't need to watch how I died, so you won't be afraid, okay?"

Er Gouzi was still dissatisfied: "If I die first, what do you do?"

Li Ji choked in his throat. Er Gouzi didn't mention it, Li Ji wouldn't even think about it. When Er Gouzi reminded him, Li Ji thought about Er Gouzi and buried him in the soil. Then he lived a life without Er Gouzi.

It's scary when you think about it this way. How could he not have Er Gouzi.

"Don't make trouble, the two of us are still young, who can say exactly what will happen after death?"

Li Ji obviously does not intend to continue this topic. Er Gouzi didn't force him either. He didn't want to say, so Er Gouzi would not say.

The two were speechless all the way back home.

It was not until at home that they talked to the servants about the situation in the camp for a while, and the two went to rest in the room, before Li Ji took the initiative to speak:

"People always have a time to die, so we have to cherish it even more. I know you are uneasy, but I am the same. But let's not ruin our future happiness because of this kind of thinking. Er Gouzi , Being with you is a good thing in my life, and there is nothing better than this. So everything that can be related to you is precious to me. Whether it is alive or dead Now, the relationship between the two of us has always been there, so there is no need to think about anything in the future."

This should be the first time that Li Ji spoke to Er Gouzi with a serious eight hundred words of love. There is nothing like this that can soothe Er Gouzi's heart.

Hearing every word Li Ji said clearly, Er Gouzi's heartbeat was so fierce that he was no longer disturbed by those frustrated moods.

"Then we have been together when we were alive." Er Gouzi said.

Li Ji smiled and said, "This is of course. Who else can we two trees be apart from."

The two said these things, it can be regarded as untie Er Gouzi's heart knot.

That night. Because it is raining, water can be stored again. The two ran for a hot bath. After the bath, the servants went back to their houses to rest in accordance with the usual practice.

Both Li Ji and Er Gouzi changed their nightgowns, and when Er Gouzi was about to blow them out, Li Ji stopped them.

Li Ji was a little embarrassed and took out the box the county magistrate gave him. After a dry cough, he said: "This is your father gave us both. When someone gets married, my parents always have to point out some intercourse. Your father has admitted that we are together and have to be a father. This is for Both of us. Treat it as a gift from the bridal chamber."

Er Gouzi didn't quite understand: "Eat it?"

When I said that, Li Ji's face was really red. Er Gouzi really didn't understand, but Li Ji had a bigger brain. To blame or blame him on his young age is the unclean things in his head, Er Gouzi said this. Li Ji began to think about that stuff.

When fooling around, doesn't the other party just eat it?

"Ah, let's see what we have." Don't waste other people's intentions of being a father.

Li Ji said that he buckled it on the box and touched the pattern on his head with his fingertips. It took a lot of courage to open it.

The more you opened it, the more charming Li Ji's head became, and the pictures that flashed past were not ashamed or ashamed. The more I think about it, the less I look down upon myself, and the more embarrassing it becomes.

Li Ji didn't say anything, just by looking at his expression Er Gouzi knew something.

It's not too difficult for Li Ji, Er Gouzi took the box directly and opened it.

The entry point is a book with words written on the cover. However, both Li Ji and Er Gouzi are illiterate.

Er Gouzi picked it up and gave it to Li Ji, only then did he see that there were still some bottles and cans underneath.

Li Ji took it. Although he didn't know the words above, he guessed a little bit. When I opened the first page, I didn't recognize the two scattered words on it. When I turned another page, Li Ji closed the book with just one glance.

With a fever on his face, he was so embarrassed that he laughed.

This reaction is really interesting. Er Gouzi reached out and took the book back. Straight open the middle, the lines inside outline two carcasses, which are entangled together.

No wonder Li Ji is so embarrassed.

"What is this for?" Er Gouzi asked.

What can be there. Erotica.

Li Jiqiang endured the smoky embarrassment on his face, and kept reminding himself that he was a man and a healthy age. There was nothing to be ashamed of this kind of thing.

"It just teaches how to do it. The book is thick…should be able to teach a lot of things."

Er Gouzi raised his eyebrows. I understand what Li Ji means. Turning over two pages, it seems to have opened the door to a new world.

The above are all pictures, not a few words, it is not difficult to understand. Er Gouzi watched with relish. Li Ji turned to look at the bottles and cans in the box.

There are more small blue and white porcelain screens, and fewer with red patterns. Obviously there are different things inside.

Li Ji opened a blue and white porcelain vase and smelled it. A scent of sub-flowers mixed with medicinal scent, a very strange smell.

Li Ji tilted the bottle, and something came out of it. White, somewhat sticky. Li Ji touched his fingertips a bit and rubbed it with his fingers, thinking of muddy loach smoothly.

Don't blame Li Ji's heart is not clean, not forgetting that it is difficult to think about crooked things.

Er Gouzi will ask Li Ji when he sees strange places.

"Why is he tied up?" Er Gouzi pointed to a painting.

"How do I know."

"Then why are they…"

Er Gouzi forced Li Ji to study this with him. Li Ji symbolically expressed the existence of ethics, and then the root Er Gouzi who followed the crowd saw it with gusto.

It can only be said that the head is transformed into a real image, and it looks like the real thing. The key is that the small porcelain vase is also in the words, and the painted one is the same color as the porcelain vase. Look at a few more pictures, you can basically understand what it means.

A candle was almost finished lighting, and the two of them's viewing came to an end. Because I couldn't restrain my curiosity, I wanted to try the tricks of the two men, what it was like.

Ever since, this toss is the latter half of the night.

The next day, Li Jin and Erying looked for a chance to find a place where nobody was alone with Xiao Tudou, and told Xiao Tudou what Li Ji said yesterday.

Xiao Tudou is the protagonist of this matter, and it depends on his own decision.

Xiao Tudou lowered his head and didn't know what to say for a while.

The county magistrate is kind to him. If the county magistrate is allowed to be his grandfather, Xiaotudou is a hundred happy. But if it is adopted to Er Gouzi, then he will be a member of the county magistrate's family. No matter how stubborn Xiao Tudou is, he is also a child of filial piety.

It is impossible for him to really leave his parents behind just because of his temporary liking. Xiao Tudou was not big at first, and it was really difficult for him to make his own decision.

"If someone else talks about this, neither I nor your mother will take it to heart. This is what your fourth grandfather said, so we have to consider it. Your fourth grandfather will not harm us, let alone say those things. It's not a good thing. If he can tell us, it means that it's for our own good. If you don't want to be a father, you don't want to be a child. You adopt Uncle Ergou, it's indeed much better than ours."

Xiao Tudou bit his lip: "It is written in the book, regardless of where the hero comes from. I was born in my mother's belly, so it has something to do with the future."

Erying wanted to talk, but couldn't help crying, for fear that tears would fall after her opening. Can only endure.

Li Jin said: "But Dad really can't even give you the opportunity to study. You can be appreciated by the county magistrate, it means you are talented and can go further in the future. Dad didn't want to delay you. If it weren't for your fourth grandfather's visit Come and take the initiative to say that you want to study, I am afraid that now you are still like your parents, you don't know a word, and you are not likely to be met by the county magistrate. This is the god who used the broom to sweep you to the reading and reading side, yes. You have met all the good opportunities."

Li Jin said so. Obviously, he supports the adoption of Xiao Tudou to Er Gouzi.

No matter how reluctant he was in his heart, he couldn't delay Xiao Tudou's future path.

Xiao Tudou cried suddenly. He was originally a child in his early ten years old, and it was really difficult for him to let him choose this kind of thing.

"But Dad is just a child like me."

Li Jin said, "I have thought about it. Your mother and I are still young. If we can't be born again, Yingzi will be our daughter. Marrying you at that time, giving birth to a child and holding it to us will be the same to pass incense. You may want to do it in the future. Wherever you go, if you have a great future, there will be light on my face as a father."

"But if I become the son of Uncle Ergou, can I still see my parents?"

"Your fourth grandfather, how could you really make you look away from us?" Li Jin squatted down and touched the Xiao Tudou. "Daddy and mother both want you to be successful, but they also want to see your own opinions. If you are I am willing to go to your Ergou uncle, you will have a good future, and your parents are willing to see. If you are reluctant to bear your parents, your parents will also be reluctant to you. You have been by your parents' side with us, and will not fight in the future. Now, let's continue farming for the rest of our lives, and that's pretty good."

Although Li Ji said, the county magistrate's official didn't plan to do it in the future, so he couldn't pave the way for Xiaotudou. But you know, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. No matter how the county magistrate came from a scientific research background, he is better than the teacher in the county.

Moreover, the county magistrate has a wider range of knowledge, a larger collection of books, and more people who can hand over to Xiao Tudou. Compared to learning culture from a talented person, it can't be compared to being with the grandfather of the county.

That's why Li Jin would consider so much. Otherwise, how could he be willing to have such a single seedling at home.

In the next few days, Xiao Tudou still went to the county magistrate's account to study. Sometimes Xiao Tuo forced himself to look at more things, and was taught by the county magistrate that he was too greedy and could not chew.

The entire camp knows that the children of Li Jin's family are very popular with the county magistrate, and the future will not be boundless. Therefore, let alone Li Jin and his wife, even the rest of the Li family, they feel bright on their faces when they go out.

Li Tian, ​​who is also a child of the Li family and also literate, was under pressure. Obviously he is the elder brother, but it is the younger brother who is taking the limelight. Because they are studying together, they are inevitably picked up and put together. There will always be a high and low in this comparison, and the low one will inevitably have a lump in my heart.

This feeling is not only from outsiders, but also from parents. Li Tian's parents looked at his brother's son at such a good opportunity, and they inevitably talked to Li Jin and the others, let Xiaotudou be okay and recommend Li Tian.

For a long time, Li Tian was still not noticed by the county magistrate, and Li Tian's parents would inevitably complain and even reprimand him for being unwilling.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi struggled for a few days, making trouble every night and getting up late in the morning. That is, because it started to freeze, there is nothing to do, otherwise, by virtue of the end of this mixed work, everything will be delayed.

If it turns out, I was embarrassed to look at such a wooden box before, but now my legs are purely soft. Li Ji can't wait to dig a pit and bury it, but what is it like to be a baby boy!

Forget it, just treat it as ordinary boudoir pleasure. Private interests can't be strangled.

"It's eating." Li Ji put the box into the quilt and let it out of Er Gouzi's sight.

Er Gouzi wash your hands well. Four people came to help, and the work of the two was originally divided into six points. Coupled with the fact that the four of them are hardworking and diligent one by one, the two of them can do less and less work every day.

Li Ji felt that he had grown flesh, and Er Gouzi looked much stronger.

"We have saved a lot of jerky here. Let's save some for the winter, and the rest will be sent to the master when we have time. The goat has a lot of cubs and there is a lot of milk, so let's give some to the master to replenish the body.

Not bad. It's a pity that this cow has taken a long time to take the cubs, and it is estimated that it will take a few years to get out. "While eating, Li Ji didn't forget to worry more. "When we have time in the coming year, we can learn from the camp and make a circle for the head." When the time comes, put the cattle and sheep in and let them eat by themselves, which saves us the trouble of feeding them. The fence is high up with branches, there should be no beasts coming in. "

Er Gouzi shook his head: "Not necessarily, but you have to be able to climb very high. You can dig traps outside, that is, the kind of big pits with thorns in the ground. Dig more, it's very useful."

Er Gouzi was found by Gao Lihu because of this trap. It's a pity that fickleness has no decent prey, and I can't catch anything in a year.

"If it is to dig a hole, the six of us will not be able to dig much in a short time. We have to borrow someone from your father."

There is harmony in the camp, and everything is on the right track. When I first came, I was awakened when I heard a little wind and grass, and now I can sleep peacefully when I hear the howling of a wolf in the middle of the night.

There are many traps on the two outer walls. If they can't protect them in this way, then God won't give them a way to survive.

The first snowfall was not very heavy, but the temperature dropped sharply and began to drop. The people who came up turned in only food and silver, and their clothes and everything were their own. Some came up in a hurry without a cotton coat, and the county magistrate would also wear thick enough cotton coats.

Every house and camp are warmed up. There is more work during the day, and when you are not working, you can stay in a warm room and eat and drink without worrying about eating and drinking. It is more comfortable than under the mountain.

At this time, when the temperature drops, the life of the people under the mountain will not be so leisurely. It stands to reason that those who flee or go up the mountain will not take the firewood away, and the firewood left by the rest of the people will not be able to burn it out.

However, the defenders left by the rebels did not intend to make them so easy. The welfare of the winner is probably to do whatever you want.

The people left in the city are basically captured as strong men. The first task is to thicken and widen the wall to prepare for future imperial counterattacks.

The second is to let the people serve the people of the army. Before the establishment of the new dynasty, they were still rebels, so the benefits they can get is that every time a city is taken, the people in the city are slaves. After the establishment of the new dynasty, new laws will be issued, which is to determine the status of this group of people. Before that, the rebel army was the king of this place.

During this period, some people could not bear the suffering of slavery, and some escaped. But if you want to escape, you won't be able to carry much. I was already prepared to drag the family away, but now that the family has no money, it is better to go up the mountain with the county magistrate to hide.

After the snow fell, the mountain road was not easy to walk, and from the beginning, one report became one every three or four days. The situation at the bottom of the mountain is almost clear to the grand master of the county.

The people at the bottom of the mountain are not living well. After all, they are all the people of their hometown. No one will feel good about it.

Someone suggested whether to bring people up the mountain altogether. It is better to be safe in the mountain than to suffer under the mountain.

The county magistrate heard this and said coldly: "Where do people live when they come?"

When the speaker choked, his voice lowered a little: "You can use some bedding to make a cotton tent, or you can squeeze with others. It will be fine after this winter."

"Then what do they eat and drink?" The county magistrate asked again, "Now in the camp, the food they eat is the grain that the people turned in at the beginning, and the meat is the prey caught by the big guys digging traps together. The big guys live a little bit. A house built. The newcomers come up to sit and enjoy their share. Do you think they can bring a few grains of rice and taels of silver? Is it fair to the people in the camp?"

At the beginning, it can be said that they went from house to house, and they have repeatedly ensured that they will not worry about eating and drinking after arriving on the mountain, and the grandfather of Freedom County will take care of them. But who was it that refused to climb the mountain? It's them! They underestimated the situation of the people in the war, thinking that they would have captured the city and hit the court, and even some people were looking forward to the war. They only felt that the court was corrupting officials and the people, and God wanted to help them get a good group.

Today, misery is miserable, but who is responsible for their misery? Or they themselves.

Seeing that they lost their voice, the county magistrate said again: "I know you can't see the suffering of the people. The official can't see it either. But we have to do what we can. The food in our camp can feed these three thousand mouths. It is already reluctant, no more. I'm afraid that everyone is going to be hungry and hungry. The road is chosen and walked by yourself. There are many pitiful people in the world. Let's close these people in front of us and ask for a clear conscience."

No matter how many people were willing to follow, the county magistrate would take them up the mountain with them. When the grain turned in is collected and the county magistrate prepares it in advance, it is easy to stick to it for a year. Now if they fled to the mountain, they would not be able to bring food at all. As long as the left and the right don't cause trouble, the rebels won't be too much in order to gain a foothold in the future. Although there are life concerns, most of them can survive.

It's better than going up the mountain and starving to death. Besides, if it is still the case, the road I chose is Huangquan Road and I will go down by myself. The county magistrate has done his best to benevolent.

The county magistrate can only know the situation in Shanxia County, but not in the long run. But from the perspective of time, the rebels should be approaching Kyoto by now. If all the capitals were breached, the Daxia Dynasty would have been destroyed by 80%.

If you take the capital as the center and attack further to the south, it will only be a matter of time before the world changes hands.

But a year and a half will not be finished. Before that, the county magistrate had to lead the people to live on this mountain.

It was night when the cold wind roared outside and the branches were swaying. Li Ji turned over and couldn't sleep, sat up, lit a candle and drank water to moisturize his throat.

"What's the matter?" Er Gouzi asked.

"It's okay, I just can't fall asleep. If you want to say, because I really don't know, you should go to bed first, and I will lie down with a drink."

Er Gouzi lay on the kang, bracing himself to watch Li Ji. The candlelight flickered, it was not very clear to see, but the attractive feeling was even more seductive because of the obscurity.

Li Ji took a sip of water and lay back on the kang. Er Gouzi stretched out his hands and pulled Li Ji into his arms. Li Ji stretched out his hands and backed down twice: "Don't make trouble, go to bed early this morning."

That is to say, the idleness is great, and there is so much fun when there is nothing to do. Recently, there have been more, and Li Ji is really overwhelmed.

"Just hug you." Er Gouzi hugged Li Ji and took two more breaths of Li Ji's body, feeling full from the bottom of my heart. On the mountain where people grow up freely, the most important Li Ji can hold in his arms. Eating well and dressing warmly, for Er Gouzi, there is nothing more in Wonderland than this.

Li Ji drank the water, felt more comfortable, hugged Er Gouzi back, closed his eyes and fell asleep slowly.

When I was about to fall asleep, I heard an exchange of animals outside. Li Ji frowned, wanted to turn over but was held by Er Gouzi, opened his eyes reluctantly, and asked, "What's the matter."

Er Gouzi patted Li Ji on the shoulder, asking him to relax and listen carefully.

Without hearing Er Gouzi's response, Li Ji reluctantly followed up: "Why didn't the little tail exchange?"

"It should be the livestock making trouble by themselves. You should go to bed first, and I'll go out and have a look."

"Put on the clothes, it's cold outside now." Li Ji hurriedly followed, went to the ground to light the candles that had just been blown out, and got dressed separately with Er Gouzi. The animals in the yard were still barking.

Put the candle in the lantern and go out with it. There is nothing wrong in the yard, and nothing is seen in the cattle pen. It was Little Tail lying there and groaning in a low voice, not daring to speak out.

This scene is quite familiar, but Li Jikun is so powerful that he didn't think of it for a while. Er Gouzi dragged him back: "Let's go back, it's cold outside. It's okay, I can't get in anyway."

Li Ji nodded and followed Er Gouzi back.

As a result, after only two steps, I heard screams outside, not hostile, with some elders pulling cheerfully.

Li Ji was stunned, and suddenly remembered, isn't this the look of the wolf's hand?

He turned around and opened the door of the tent. As soon as he opened the door, he was stopped by the wolf. Li Ji squatted down and pinched the wolf's face, his face was full of surprise: "Why did you find it."

When he went to the county magistrate's house, wolves could find him, but now he moved into the mountain, where he was located. In fact, it's not that surprising to find it.

Li Ji squeezed the wolf's face hard, and kissed the tip of the wolf's nose: "Do you miss me?"

Er Gouzi had the urge to pick up wolf skins at this time. The wolf still sees Li Ji after all this is left. Still humming outside, why is a wolf running rampant in the mountains? Why is it pitiful?

"You said you two days ago, and you came here. I will live here in the future, and there is no need to hide from others. You can come whenever you want."

The wolf licked Li Ji's face straight, and Li Ji didn't think he was dirty. When he got close to the wolf enough, he led the wolf into the house to feed him.

The four servants all heard the voice and went out to take a look. Li Ji waved to them and said: "It's okay, old friends come and take a look. You go to sleep, I'll find him something to eat here."

Such a wolf leads the house like this. I was really afraid that the four of them were taken aback. Fortunately, I saw it when I was in the county magistrate's house, so fear is real, and rest assured is also real.

When they all returned to the house, Li Ji took the wolf directly into the kitchen. The meat in the kitchen was bacon or frozen raw meat. Li Ji thought that wolves should like to eat cooked, so he set fire to the stove. Stew a pot of meat for the wolf.

"Wolves can be born to eat raw meat without cooking them. It's too late, let's go to bed." Er Gouzi watched Li Ji's life in the dark, and persuaded him.

Li Ji shook his head: "I don't know that it can eat raw meat? Doesn't it like our cooked meat. It's so easy to come here. I haven't seen it for a few months, so I have to give it something good."

He washed the meat and threw a piece of unsimmered to the wolf. The wolf likes to eat the cooked meat stewed by Li Ji, but the raw meat is also delicious for it. With the meat in his mouth and the tongue left, he licked the grease on Li Ji's fingers, grunting contentedly.

Er Gouzi Yahuazi bit her, looking at the wolf full of disgust, he reminded: "Wolves can lick their butts."

Er Gouzi used this phrase to stop Li Ji from having S*x with the wolf, but now he is doing the same again.

Li Ji paused, and he was really uncomfortable when he thought of Ai Clean. But look at the innocent look of the wolf, and said: "Wash your hands later, you can't eat left and right in your mouth."

The oil boiled and the meat was cooked. Stir fry the home condiments and add water to stew. Then I found a small bench to sit down and concentrate on beating the wolf.

Er Gouzi squatted by the side and watched the bark no longer, but this person or wolf didn't realize it at all. One feels satisfied with the book, and the other feels comfortable with humming. Er Gouzi looked like the superfluous one.

When the meat is cooked, it has been stewed softly when it is out. Li Jisheng came out and put it on the ground in a big pot, because it was too hot and the wolf couldn't eat it for a while.

Li Ji grabbed a handful of dried meat and fed it to the wolf bit by bit.

"You said this wolf. It's also about feelings. I saved it once, and he was just me. He still remembers me well, and he can find it wherever he goes." Li Ji touched the wolf. neck. Sigh.

"It just likes your stewed meat." Er Gouzi said apart.

"Then why doesn't he get close to others?" Li Ji retorted.

"Only if you are not afraid of it, you will give him meat." Er Gouzi continued to tear down the stage.

Li Ji was silent slightly, and when he thought about it this way, he really said: "Then he returned our prey?"

"He just brought his own meat and asked you to cook it for you."

This time Li Ji was even more silent. Er Gouzi really wanted to say that.

The wolf rubbed his head in Li Ji's arms, raised his head to lick Li Ji's cheek, Li Ji touched the licked place, smiled and said, "Forget it, I care about him. He is happy to eat and I am happy to do it. So many days. I'm afraid it's the first one I can get with a wolf. Whoever meets a wolf is not the one you die for? Look at us, the wolf is like our little dog."

Having said that, Li Ji is still such a rare wolf. Er Gouzi's mood can be imagined. The wolf seemed to be able to feel Er Gouzi's malice, lifted his mouth and licked Li Ji twice.

Li Ji also made up a knife: "Look how much he kisses me."

The meat was cold, and the wolf feasted and ate it sweetly. So Li Ji was hungry, and he was snatched by Er Gouzi when he was about to eat the jerky. Er Gouzi threw the jerky into the bowl where the wolf eats meat and grabbed a handful of the jerky to feed Li Ji.

"Your hand was licked and dirty. I'll feed you."

Li Ji thought about it, no matter how close he was to a wolf, there was no way to eat his saliva. The wolf's food was sweet, and Li Ji was fed sweet by Er Gouzi.

A jerky is a bit long. Li Ji turned his head in his mouth to poke Er Gouzi's lips.

With the help of the dim candlelight, Er Gouzi could see Li Ji's smiling eyes, and opened his mouth to eat the jerky that Li Ji had sent.

Two pieces of dried meat were eaten, and the two of them kissed each other at the end, and Er Gouzi couldn't bear to let go.

Waiting for the innermost dried meat to fade away, Li Jicai said, "Are you jealous?"

Where is Er Gouzi willing to admit it? He didn't speak, just took a jerky on his mouth and continued to feed Li Ji.

After the wolf had finished eating the meat, he licked the basin, and when he looked up, he saw that the two were not ashamed or embarrassed.

The wolf is very good at finding a sense of existence for himself. In the past, he used his nose to push Li Ji's stomach.

As a result, Er Gouzi stretched out his hand to pull the wolf away and hugged Li Ji tightly to prevent him from being distracted.

When the two were not ashamed or impatient enough to abuse the wolves, Er Gouzi directly took Li Ji back to the room. Li Ji thought about the wolf, looked back, Er Gouzi put out the lantern directly, and brought Li Ji back to the room in the dark.

As soon as it got dark, Li Ji couldn't see anything, so naturally there was no sense of security. Er Gouzi took him back, and it became Li Ji's only support in the dark night.

Li Ji doesn't have that great ability, and can't come and go freely in the dark. Being pulled by Er Gouzi, so that he can take every step.

The wolves behind followed, and ended up in the house where the two lived. Er Gouzi didn't give the wolf a chance to enter the house at all, so he closed the house directly.

Straight to the edge of the kang, Er Gouzi helped Li Ji undress. Li Ji did not forget to ask: "Is the wolf out there?"

Er Gouzi said: "The house is too small, it is not used to it, the yard is big, he can run in the yard."

This makes sense, and Li Ji nodded. Don't bother.

"Hey? He was taken off his nightgown, didn't he say he would go to bed?"

"I regret it." Er Gouzi bit Li Ji's ear, his voice was temptation, "Be considerate of me, I'm jealous."

Li Ji didn't know where Er Gouzi learned this.

Helplessly said: "You can be jealous of this? If you are a big girl, it's okay to say. Why can I still be with a wolf?"

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