When I got up in the morning, it was almost noon.

The servants woke up early to feed the animals and cook. They were scared by the wolves in the yard and trembling, for fear that this little ancestor was unhappy and scratched his teeth.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi have gotten acquainted with it, but the servants didn't!

I woke up in the morning with a sore back and panic. When I put on my clothes and walked out of the room, I saw the servants walking next to each other. The wolf was sitting in the middle of the yard. I saw Li Ji stand up a few hops in front of him, trying not to hide his joy.

Li Ji reached out and touched its head: "You are hungry, there should be stew, let's eat together."

But the wolf was not in a hurry, pressed his nose against the back of Li Ji's hand, licked it with his tongue, and then turned his head and walked in the direction of the gate.

He hesitated to buckle the giant tent outside, and the wolf could not walk at all. That's why I stayed in the yard again obediently, waiting for Li Ji to wake up, and then let Li Ji help open the door.

Li Ji saw what he meant and walked over to help it open the door. The wolf came out of the yard, and then added Li Ji's hands twice, only to disappear in a few jumps. In the woods.

It snowed last night. Because when there is no smoke after the fire is extinguished, the upper window of the tent will be closed. So although I heard the wind last night, I didn't know it was snowing yet.

There have been two snowfalls before, but they weren't too big. In this one last night, the snow on the ground reached my knees. Li Ji lowered his head and grabbed a handful of snow, watching the snow melt in his hands.

The sound of the wind last night was not small, but there were so many trees in this mountain that the wind was blocked. Even in the cold winter, at most I feel a breeze.

So the snow is very soft. In this case, even in the coming year, the snow will fall to nobody's head, and people will not be able to walk on it. That's why it is said that after the heavy snowfall, communication with each other was broken.

Li Ji said: "Let's go to the master's side for a while. If there is another snow, we won't be able to go."

"I can." Er Gouzi said, "I can pass the snowdrift no matter how high it is."

The trees are dense, with Er Gouzi's ability to pass on the trees.

Li Ji said, "I mean we will go there together. When the snow gets heavy, how can we go together? That's our father, of course it's best to go together."

Er Gouzi is very capable, but Li Ji is not so capable.

Pick out a few thick leathers from the house and take them to the county magistrate. Li Ji still remembered that the county magistrate was afraid of the cold and suffered from not adapting to the climate when he first came. Since he is a family, Li Ji is naturally the only elder who feels sorry for him, thinking about any good things.

Correspondingly, the county magistrate thought of him and Er Gouzi for everything.

It was cold outside, and Songsong and Taotao were unwilling to go out. Not even the house came out. If you are on the mountain normally, you are basically staying in a tree hole to reduce activity and hibernation. Now you are with Li Ji and Er Gouzi, you can set up a fire to keep warm, and you have the most food, two pine trees. Also happily sprinkle wild freely in the giant tent.

The snow is a bit deep, and Er Gouzi has no problem walking over, but Li Ji has struggled to walk over. Many times, Er Gouzi turned his head and stretched out a hand for Li Ji. Even so, Li Ji was already panting badly when he was halfway through.

The two are wrapped tightly, so even if they walk slowly, they won't be too cold. In addition to a lot of sweat, Li Ji did not dare to take it off easily for fear of freezing. The breath of breath water made the eyelashes and hat white, which looked a little ridiculous.

"This mountain is different from the bottom of the mountain. Listening to the wind this day, if the snow is under the mountain now, it will be easier to step on it. No matter how bad it is, some places will be blown away, and it will be easy to clean. Just in this mountain, it is snowy. They are all about the same depth. If you say that it is easy to collect and store water, but it is troublesome to say that clearing the road and leaving people."

"No one is walking a lot at this time. The road is no longer needed." Er Gouzi walked ahead, letting Li Ji step on his footprints, which could save a lot of effort.

"Yes. By the way, how did you spend the winter? By the way, I remember that when I saw you the first time you didn't even have any clothes, how did you spend the winter?"

"In the cave. I will prepare a lot of durable fruits to eat in advance. You can catch prey in winter. That is, there is less meat. In the cave, move less, sleep more, cover the skin, and it will pass."

Li Ji can still hear the sadness in a few words, taking the long cold winter lightly. Even if Er Gouzi had great abilities, he couldn't beat the severe weather. The prey are hiding in winter. Hunting in the mountains is more about encountering hungry beasts.

Coupled with the threat of cold, the danger in winter will rise many times.

"Then what if I am really hungry?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi pointed to the tree above his head: "There are a lot of squirrel dens. In each of my dens, they will not die, and I will not die."

That's why Er Gouzi was so familiar with the road when he found Songsong and Taotao.

Every squirrel will prepare a lot of food in winter, but often these foods can not be eaten until the winter. So Er Gouzi took some and it didn't affect their survival.

However, neither Li Ji nor Er Gouzi knew about this. I just feel that if you take less and eat less pine trees, you can survive. If the mountain is not prepared, life will be very difficult. Although it is immoral to steal a squirrel, it is better to starve to death.

It took two hours to walk on such a road. I left at noon, and by the time it was already afternoon.

Winter days are short. By the time the camp was reached, the sky had already started to darken.

There were two shouts outside the camp, and someone came out to answer.

I saw it after entering the camp, at this time the snow in the camp had been cleared. Several large pots are boiling snow, and people are constantly lifting snow from outside the base and pour it into the pot. The melted snow water was also weighed out in time, put into a wooden bucket and put away.

The water tank can't be shipped, but there are quite a few larger barrels. They are all full, enough for the people in the base to use for a long time. You can even take a luxurious bath.

After going up the mountain, I first polished and put together three bath barrels with wood from the mountain. It can be used to store water in a water tank at ordinary times. If you want to take a bath, go and boil the water yourself, taking turns.

Some guys are not so delicate and feel that it is easy to take a bath in winter, but they don't. Most of them are big girls and little wives. It's much harder for the bases, there are few women, and a lot of bachelors. Where do the girls need to boil water by themselves? He wanted to take a shower and raised his mouth, a large number of young men rushed over to help boil the water.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi watched for a while, and went directly to the tent of the county magistrate.

At this time, the county magistrate had just heard that the two sons were coming. He was originally writing, but now he put down his pen and asked the servant to clean his hands with hot water.

When he was down the mountain, the county magistrate was used to washing his hands after writing, which was cultivated for a long time. After going up the mountain, water is precious, and the county magistrate, no matter how special a person is, has no reason to waste water. It's snowing now. If there is some water, I will cultivate this habit again.

The servant also intimately put some dried petals in the water, lifted his nose and smelled the scent, which was quite accent.

The two entered the house and brought a cold wind. The county magistrate taught them to wipe dry, and smiled at them: "Here."

The two put the food box and baggage they brought on the table.

"I was killing pigs yesterday and made braised pork and pork knuckles in sauce. It was a bit slower on the road, and it should be cold now. Now let's heat it up and eat the same." Li Ji took off his hat, His wet hair was a little bit of white smoke in Shanghai, and it looked funny. Take off all the coats, the tents are warm, and they become too hot to wear too much.

The servant handed over the kerchief and wiped it dry. Are the two seated? The servants took the food box and went to the kitchen to heat up the dishes.

"When I woke up and went out to see that the snow was quite thick, I thought about coming over again. If the snow is heavy after this, Er Gouzi won't delay, I won't be able to come. So I can come as soon as I can. Come here. Say a few more words if you have any. I'll see you later, I'm afraid I will have to wait until the snow melts."

Thinking about it this way, the county magistrate felt a little sad in his heart. Facing Li Ji, the county magistrate liked him in his heart. At first, he knew that she was with Er Gouzi and rejected him for a while. After I have completely accepted it now, the old man looks more and more pleasing to his son-in-law.

"It's not that you can't see it anymore. You can't bear to say that. Come and taste the tea. This is the snow from the pine trees that I ordered people to collect when the first snow fell. The tea made was smelling of pine needles. Don't have a taste for drinking."

When the servant came to tea, Li Ji was tired from walking, and took a sip of tea slowly. Unexpectedly, the taste of this tea is really good. Li Ji drank two more sips when he liked it.

Li Ji is a layman. He doesn't know what tea tasting is. The concept is the difference between delicious, delicious, and especially delicious.

"Good tea."

"If you like it. It would be nice to bring a jar of water back. When I was in the capital, whenever it snowed, I would drink the three friends Ying Ying in fashion. I wanted to give you a taste, but unfortunately there are no conditions on this mountain. I have time to prepare in the coming year, and I will give you a taste of those weird teas." The county magistrate knows that Li Ji is a tea drinker, so I can think of Li Ji more about this kind of things.

"Three friends of Suihan?" Li Ji was unknown.

The county magistrate explained: "They are bamboo leaves, pine needles, and plum blossoms. Because these three are cold-resistant, they are not decayed in winter. Therefore, literati and writers called them the three friends of Suihan. When winter is approaching, they like to prepare these three. It's a habit to come out and soak together in winter. To put it bluntly, it's arty."

This kind of elegance is not bad. In previous years, the county magistrate would also drink it with Feng. It is also good to drink a fresh one.

That said, it really aroused Li Ji's interest.

"Then next year, I really want to try it." After I drank the tea, someone immediately added it. Li Ji looked at the tea soup and said, "It's also because of you. It's a waste of me to drink good tea. I don't know anything, just drinking tea to relieve my boredom."

"How many people in the world really understand tea? This tea is made for people to drink, and what is there to ruin it. As long as it is swallowed in the stomach, it is worthy of this tea."

After talking about the two days, Li Ji told the county magistrate about the wolf coming.

This kind of thing sounded fresh, and the county magistrate was stunned, and said with a smile: "It's also fate. Back then, I could find you in the mansion, and it was not difficult to find you in this mountain. Speaking of, you can get along well with wolves. The days on the mountain will not be sad."

If the wolf can stay nearby, it can protect the two in disguise. If there is a pack of wolves, unless they encounter a pack of wild boars or bears, the pack of wolves will be the best bodyguards for the two of them, and they are not afraid to walk sideways in the mountains.

"But this wolf is also a dragon that sees its head without seeing its tail, and I don't see it a few times a year. It's very close to each other, and it's no different from the little tail at home. And it's especially edible."

Li Ji remembered the feel of rubbing a wolf. If the wolf doesn't leave, Li Ji will feed him meat every day and he will be happy to touch it.

"I am a little worried that the wolf will run around here. It would be no good if we run out of the trap here." The county magistrate said.

This is what Li Ji did not expect. Thinking about the traps outside the camp, it's really uncertain whether the wolf will come over.

Li Ji frowned: "Is there any way to keep him from coming?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "No, unless you lock them up."

But obviously, this method does not apply. The wild nature of the wolf is very strong, and it will only make it hate if you circle it.

This time, Li Ji began to worry.

The county magistrate hurriedly changed the subject: "Let's stay at night. I just want to eat bird's nest recently. We will eat it later. Unfortunately, when I went up the mountain, I was busy preparing. I didn't take off the curtain in the pond in the house, the newly mature lotus root. Also wasted."

The dishes are all hot, and there is a couple of dishes over there. There are not many dishes for each. Try to eat one meal, even if you can't eat it, people will eat it separately.

"At this time in previous years, there will be some fresh vegetables in the house. There are no conditions this year. We will get a bigger one next year, and the people in this camp will be able to eat some." The county magistrate has been accustomed to so many years of exquisiteness, not squeamish. But if you have the ability and the conditions, you must always improve the quality of life.

"Er Gouzi and I grew some garlic sprouts in the house. They also planted some small coriander. Now they have just started, they should be able to eat two bites."

The county magistrate said: "Now that the long house is also planted on the balcony, most of which are seasoned with onions and garlic. There are few things that can be planted this winter, and it feels fresher to eat."

Eat a piece of pork elbow, the meat is very fragrant. In addition, it was made by the two sons, so the county magistrate could eat a few more bites.

The side dishes are basically made of pickled vegetables or dried vegetables. The taste is good, but you will always miss the taste of fresh dishes. People are like this. Sometimes they don't feel anything, and when they don't, they can't wait to eat.

Stir-fried diced pork with sour bamboo shoots is Li Ji's heart and he eats the most. Because it was relatively broken and it was difficult to hold it, Er Gouzi directly used the spoon that he used to drink the soup into Li Ji's bowl.

Li Ji raised his eyes and looked at the county magistrate secretly, seeing that there was nothing wrong with the county magistrate's reluctance, and he was relieved. It would not be considered rude if two of them ate by themselves. But when he eats with the county magistrate, Li likes to pretend to carry it, because the county magistrate's eating style is so elegant that Li Ji feels that his mouth is blasphemous.

The county magistrate saw the two of them acting, and didn't say anything to continue eating, Li Ji secretly relieved, and didn't tell Er Gouzi not to do this in the future.

I stayed after eating. Someone braised potatoes over the fire, and a group of children clamored to eat first. Li Ji heard the sound from outside, couldn't help but look out, opened the tent curtain and glanced out. A child ran and ate while holding a roasted potato in his hand. The lying potato still made the child not listening. Annoyed, just refuse to stop and divide the back partner a little bit.

Seeing that the children like it, there are more stoves, so you can bake more, but the potatoes take a long time to cook. It takes some time to wait for the potatoes to be eaten after they are cooked.

Li Ji looked at it for a while and swallowed. I want to eat, but I feel sorry to say it. It was ten years back, and Li Ji can cheeky and ran out and robbed him. Now that he has grown up, what kind of face does he have?

In previous years, Li Ji would also grill and eat at home, but now watching the fun, watching them eat, I feel very greedy.

Putting down the curtains, Li Ji smiled and said, "No matter where you are, the happiest ones are the children. It's good to hear the children's noise in the yard at this time."

It can make children laugh and laugh, which means worry-free eating and drinking, safe and sound. Let those who were originally worried to ignite hope.

"I have the intention to gather them to teach them something. It's just that the same will study less and less willing to study. Parents of too many children just think that studying is useless and wasteful of time, but it seems that I am trying for nothing." It is hope. Now that they are gathered in such a camp, they can have free time in winter. The county magistrate had the heart to teach them, but it was difficult to implement, so he could only pass on catchy poems, which was a bit of an atmosphere anyway.

And even if it is teaching, it is time-consuming and laborious. The county magistrate still has other things, it is impossible to focus on one thing. If there is no one to help him, the county magistrate can't teach by himself.

"Then you can train one or two smart people to teach first. After the most basic learning is done, let them spare time to teach the children next to them when they are fine. Or if there are any rewards. For example, just memorize a poem. You can get a piece of candy or something to eat. The children are greedy, and laughed by poor parents. They are willing to do a lot of things for a bite."

In order to let the chickens eat more insects, Li Ji used candy to coax some village children to help catch insects in the fields and bring them to feed the chickens. During that time, the chickens doubled their eggs and the price was just a few pieces of candy or some small pieces. Snacks.

"There are not many candies, but there are still a lot of snacks. That said. You can take an exam every other time. You get the best results in sleep. You can reward clothes or new shoes. Seeing that they still bring their basic clothes. With patches. I have saved a lot of fabrics here, so I can make them for them." The county magistrate listened to Li Ji's suggestion and had a plan in mind.

Then he smiled and said, "How about saying that you are an official's material, so two simple sentences, didn't it help me solve a lot of trouble?"

Scientific research is only a channel for officials, not the only way. Like Li Ji, even if he is illiterate, he is smart and has a flexible mind, and he can solve many things that ordinary people can't solve. Such a person is more suitable to be an official than a nerd.

Li Ji couldn't laugh or cry: "You still think about it."

Now that Xia Guo is almost gone, where will Li Ji be an official?

Er Gouzi raised his eyes and said, "He wants to accompany me, not going anywhere."

The county magistrate smiled and said: "Knowing that you are facing him, I've become a robbed person."

A burst of laughter passed, and the county magistrate suddenly remembered: "I almost forgot. Xiaoji, did you tell your nephew something to adopt? Two days ago, they came over and were willing to adopt Dingxian's child."

"Dingxian?" Li Ji still didn't know about the word given by the county magistrate.

"It's your nephew and grandson Xiao Tudou. When I first saw him, I felt destined. When I heard his name was Li Jie, I gave him a Dingxian character."

Didn't Li Ji understand this? The county magistrate just nodded after explaining it. Think of the Li Jin couple and sighed: "Why parents are for the sake of their children. Xiao Tudou has that talent, that is, by your side, you can treat him better. If we look at him here Come, good talents will be buried."

"Not at all, don't forget that I also came from a poor family. It's a real academic, there is always a chance to make progress."

The county magistrate had a good talent when he was young, and he was one of the most important children in the clan. The county magistrate is also striving to win, the gold list titled high school to explore flowers. If it weren't for the insatiable greed of the clan and annoyed the county magistrate, at this moment, the county magistrate may have helped the clan to rise gradually, and it is possible to become a generation of famous families.

The origin of everything comes from Li Yan in that year. If they hadn't been so greedy at the beginning that the marriage of the Dorian County magistrate had to be in their hands, the following things would not have happened.

"Don't dislike me too much. After listening to what you said, I thought about it afterwards. In fact, there is absolutely nothing you can do in high school. The conditions are too special. You were emphasized when you were young. Cultivated, the foundation is well laid. Later, because of the squeeze of the clan, you were unwilling to desperately want to get out. So you go back to study hard and strive to make progress. It can be said that it came out of difficulties. This ordinary people's family In fact, when you are born, you can learn more than a child from a wealthy family. If you want to read a book, you may not have money to buy. Go to school, and all of the ten families can't afford the money. If you count this, it's not. Are you special?"

The county magistrate never thought about this level. Because of his experience in high school and thus embarking on an official career, after a long period of time, he felt that it was not difficult even for a poor family to want to have a precious son.

Hearing what Li Ji said, the county magistrate recalled the time when he was imprisoned by his tribe and studied hard. That really means that day and night, no madness can't survive.

If it is to ask the county magistrate to come again now, the county magistrate can say with certainty that he can't do it.

If it weren't for the obsession with Li Yan and the resentment towards the people, he couldn't do it! At that time, the clansmen also wanted to raise him up, let him go farther and stand taller, so as to bring more benefits to the family.

It can be said that the majesty of the county at that time occupied the right time, place and people! If one of these conditions is missing, he won't be who he is now.

"What you said is very reasonable."

Just like this to the county magistrate, Li Ji was a little flustered after reacting, and said hurriedly: "Actually, there is nothing absolute. For example, now, children can meet a mentor like you, which is their best opportunity. You There is nothing to do. Those who want knowledge and knowledge, and books and books, ordinary colleges can't compare to ours. So maybe we can really cultivate two champions."

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi and said half-jokingly: "Chang'an, or discuss with you and lend me your Xiaoji for a month or two."

The county magistrate is joking. Er Gouzi didn't make jokes with him.

Reaching out to hold Li Ji in his arms, he said seriously: "Don't borrow."

"This is playing around with you, so I don't want to be ashamed." Li Ji pushed Er Gouzi away and said: "Then find a time to set up a table. Since this Xiao Tudou is going to be Er Gouzi's son. We always want to make things better, don't be wronged by the child."

The county magistrate said: "Chang'an is not in a hurry. Chang'an has not been in the base for a long time. He is my son. It's better not to spread it. Even if it is to take a seat, it will only be regarded as me adopting him. Grandson. With Er Gouzi, just kowtow to admit your father in private."

Originally, Er Gouzi didn't care about children. The child was recognized by the county magistrate, so it's okay for the county magistrate to come forward.

"It's just this generation…how do you count." Li Ji's voice lowered a little. Xiao Tudou is his grand-nephew, and now he is the son of his wife. If this is changed, what will happen in the future?

The county magistrate glanced at him and said, "I really want to figure it out. You can call me brother. I have no objection."

Li Ji smiled awkwardly, and said: "That's all about different things. If you really let Xiao Tudou call my father, it would be awkward to listen. From now on, I will call me grandfather, Er Gouzi, I and Er Gouzi both Teach your father, it won't be messy."

It's dark outside the time to speak. The servants boiled three bird's nests and delivered them, along with a plate of baked potatoes. There is also a small plate for dipping.

Li Ji didn't understand, and blinked at the county magistrate. The county magistrate said: "Look at you for a long while. People are the most observant, how can they not see that you want to eat? After eating for a while, you should go to bed early. Ask Xiao Tudou to come over and recognize your father tomorrow morning, and you will go back. Right. After a while, I've booked a day to go, and I'll send someone to pick you up."

At that time, I didn't know how deep the snow was. Li Ji was so strenuous when he came to think about it, and mentally prepared himself. At that time, I could only cover it as tightly as possible. Going here would definitely waste a lot of effort.

This is Li Ji's third time to eat bird's nest. In fact, the grandfather of the county also gave some to the two of them and put them in the warehouse.

The key is that this thing is too precious, and Li Ji always feels that it will be wasted if he eats it casually. I always want to find a particularly good day, so that I can't live up to Shan Zhen after eating.

So every time the county magistrate remembered, he stewed a family of three and ate it together.

In fact, this is also a dim sum, eat it if you like it. It's rare, and it doesn't mean that you have to have a ceremony to eat.

The potatoes are cleaned and baked on the stove. It seems that someone should flip it at any time, the roast is very even, and there are few battered places.

Li Ji peeled one and took a bite with the dipping sauce. The tendency of potatoes and the taste of the dipping sauce were blended together, and only felt that the taste buds on the tip of the tongue were activated.

Li Ji took a closer look at the dipping sauce. It was salt and pepper, and added some spices. The taste brought is full of freshness.

"How is this material made? I really didn't expect potatoes to be eaten like this." Li Ji has eaten baked potatoes sprinkled with a little salt, but has never tried this. Eating baked potatoes is a convenient snack, but who can think so much.

"If you like it, you can bring more. This is the kitchen, and everyone in the camp likes to eat baked potatoes. I like to work hard on it, so I developed this dipping sauce. I didn't have anything to do in the winter. There are few ingredients. They are bored to study more food, which is also a blessing for the people in the camp."

Everyone has different hobbies. There are also different directions. It's like someone loves books like their lives, and some is enamored with painting and calligraphy. Being so obsessed with something is also a big pursuit.

Li Ji thought about his little days of eating and waiting to die, and a little admired him.

"Then I'm welcome. It is also enjoyable to eat potatoes around the fire in winter. You can try it too." Li Ji sent the peeled potatoes to the county magistrate.

The county magistrate was stunned, looking at the potatoes that Li Ji handed over.

Only then did Li Ji realize what he had done. Who is the opposite? The county magistrate! A meal requires more than a dozen servants to serve. Li Ji just handed him a peeled baked potato!

Li Jigang wanted to withdraw his hand, but his hand was light, and the county magistrate had already taken the potatoes. Sprinkle some dipping sauce on the potatoes with a small spoon and take a bite: "It tastes really good."

Er Gouzi was holding the potatoes he had just bitten into, and felt that it was very unpleasant to eat.

Li Ji was very embarrassed, and then he was busy stripping another one for the county magistrate. Almost the broadcast was over, and he saw a bitten potato poked directly on his lips.

Li Ji looked back at Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi directly took the potato he was peeling in Li Ji's hand and took a bite.


Li Ji took Er Gouzi's potatoes in his hand, and quickly realized that he was jealous.

Li Ji opened his mouth and the box cover reminded him that this is his own father, his father-in-law of Li Ji. However, after reacting, he chose to shut up.

With a person who can be jealous with a wolf, what else can you expect him to understand?

Then the potatoes in the madam's mouth are not delicious anymore.

So they ate snacks (?), and the two went back to where they lived last time. This time, the county magistrate specially arranged for the two to be a janitor. No one is allowed to go in and disturb them to rest.

Li Ji sat on the kang, touched the warming kang, and laughed in a low voice: "Actually, I feel wronged to think about it. This sister and son are not what you want, but they are all stuffed into you. ."

"It doesn't matter to me, I don't care." Er Gouzi only said that Li Ji was afraid that the wall would have ears, and his voice was very low.

Li Ji lay on the bed with his head up, and he didn't dare to say anything about the county magistrate. It would be a good thing to keep his ears close to him.

"Looking back and thinking about meeting you now. It's all like a dream. Two years ago, I thought that my pauper was going to be poor for a lifetime. I didn't have the money to repair my house and marry my wife. Smashed to death inside."

The greater the contrast between the past and the present, the more sad in retrospect. All the changes started from encountering Er Gouzi, and even now that everything is brought by Er Gouzi little by little.

From hunting to earn the first pot of gold, Dao later raised livestock together to buy skins to make money. Later, he met the grandfather of the county and became the son of the mansion. Not to mention that it is a step up to the sky, it is also going up, from the mud to the cloud.

Li Ji realized that He De, how could he, God treated him so kindly and gave him everything so good.

Er Gouzi said: "Then am I the same? Two years ago, I thought I would want to eat other beasts and be eaten by other beasts."

If it hadn't been for Li Ji's hand to take in Er Gouzi, then Er Gouzi would probably be sent back to the mountain. In the mountains, no matter how capable people are, it is impossible to be lucky forever. There will always be that day. Er Gouzi will lose the ability to protect himself and become a dish for other beasts.

Both of them are the nobles hit by the other side, and whoever leaves the other side will not have a good day today.

Li Ji opened his hand and raised his eyebrows. Motion to hug. Er Gouzi walked closer and walked directly forward, pressing on Li Ji's body. Li Ji hummed twice and said with a smile: "We are both lucky stars, but don't let go if you hold tight."

The two closed their eyes, feeling a little sleepy, and yawned: "Go to bed, tomorrow is something else. Then I can take it home. The snow is so deep on this road, but I can bear some of it."

"If I'm tired, I'll carry you." Er Gouzi said.

"Don't make trouble. I'm so heavy, can you bear it?" Li Ji squinted in response.

"It's not sinking. You forgot, I can go down the mountain with more than a hundred catties of wild boar." Er Gouzi laughed. Li Ji said this sentence several times. Er Gouzi only thought it was funny to hear, that's it. Learned it.

Li Ji opened his eyes. You can feel the muscles of Er Gouzi's body through the clothes that are stuck together: "That's not okay. I still have you on your back? Go to bed, go to bed early and wake up early."

Li Ji's sleepiness came up, and he didn't plan to nag Er Gouzi more. The bed is already made. Li Ji was too lazy to move, and Er Gouzi stretched out his hands to take off his clothes one by one for Li Ji.

Early the next morning, Li Ji woke up before Er Gouzi. When I woke up, the kang was still warm, and it was obvious that there was also a fire in the middle of the night.

Er Gouzi tucked Li Ji's quilt, walked out the door and saw that there was already someone in the yard, and he was busy.

Everyone who sees Er Gouzi greets, but except for the people around the county magistrate, others don't know the identity of Er Gouzi, but they know that he has a close relationship with the county magistrate, so they greet them politely when they see it. call.

Er Gouzi didn't know how to be so worldly, he didn't even see anyone greeted him, and went straight to the tent of the county magistrate.

At this time, the county magistrate had just got up, and was being waited on to get dressed. The curtain was suddenly opened, and the county magistrate frowned and looked back just about to ask who it was, and he saw that it was Er Gouzi.

"Chang'an? Waking up so early?"

"You can fall asleep and get up early." Er Gouzi directly said what Li Ji had said last night.

"Yes. Come and do it, after all, what do you want me to do." The county magistrate has become accustomed to Er Gouzi's attitude towards him. This is the first time Er Gouzi has taken the initiative to find the county magistrate. It's not to blame the grandfather of the county for thinking so. I felt that Er Gouzi came to the county magistrate to talk about it because of something.

Er Gouzi said: "I didn't want to say anything. Xiao Ji hasn't woke up yet, so I walked around and found you here."

"…" The county magistrate didn't expect Er Gouzi to even bother to find a reason. Order people to prepare some refreshing fragrant tea, get dressed, and the county magistrate sits next to Er Gouzi, "If you don't want to say anything, then there is nothing. We father and son have not been alone before. Now, we have met each other. There are not many opportunities."

At the beginning, I thought that if I found it, my father and son would stay together. The county magistrate could watch the Er Gouzi marrying wives and having children and then enjoy the family happiness. Nowadays, it is very extravagant to be able to say two more words, let alone to meet more to cultivate the relationship between father and son.

When the tea comes up, all the servants fade away, saving you from disturbing the relationship between the father and the son.

Er Gouzi sniffed the fragrance of the tea, and did not drink the tea cup. He thought to himself that Li Ji would like to drink this tea.

"Just ask if you have anything." The county magistrate said.

Although he has been missing twenty years of getting along with each other, the county magistrate can also see that Er Gouzi is on his mind.

Er Gouzi looked at the county's grandfather, then he spit out after turning his lips: "How do you live with your mother."

Unexpectedly, Er Gouzi mentioned Li Yan suddenly. The county magistrate had some changes in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face, and said, "Do you miss your mother?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "I just want to know how you live together."

Er Gouzi looked at the tea in the cup, as if he could see another person in the reflection.

"I really grew up in the mountains, I don't know how to live ordinary days, and I don't know how the couple should be together when they are together. I… I don't want to make Xiao Ji trouble, but I don't know how to do it."

It turned out to be about experience. To be honest, when it comes to how husbands and wives get along, the county magistrate really has no qualifications to teach Er Gouzi. Because the time he spent with Li Yan was far less than the time Er Gouzi spent with Li Ji. However, if the age and experience of the county magistrate are put there, it is easy to teach one and Er Gouzi.

"Tell me."

Er Gouzi put the tea cup on the table and lowered his head, seeming a little guilty: "I don't like Xiao Ji talking to others and treat others well. Not only people, but also wolves. Wolf always licks it, so I hate it. He. I hate those who want to marry Xiao Ji. I don't know why, I also know that Li Ji has his own habits. It's like I like hunting in the mountains. But I can't control myself. Xiao Ji has said about me a few times, but I will not go deep. But I will be afraid. I am afraid that I will get better and better or that Xiao Ji will hate me."

This kind of strong possessiveness is actually troubled by Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi had never wanted to be by his side alone, or even locked in by his side, so stubbornly.

Li Ji said he was jealous. Er Gouzi can only understand that this is the feeling after seeing someone halfway through intimate contact. But Er Gouzi couldn't understand whether this was right or wrong.

And Er Gouzi couldn't ask Li Ji whether this was right or wrong. Er Gouzi subconsciously felt that this was a kind of trouble for Li Ji. So when I couldn't figure it out, I subconsciously excluded Li Ji and didn't intend to let Li Ji help solve it.

The county magistrate never thought that his eldest son took the initiative to talk to him for the first time because of this.

If it hadn't been for the knowledge that Er Gouzi grew up on the mountain, he would have no understanding of personnel and concepts. The county magistrate would really wonder if there is something wrong with his brain.

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