"It's hard for you to hold back so long and not say it." The county magistrate just thought it was funny.

But when I had enough teasing in my heart, I felt sorry for this son. If you live by yourself, you have to find everything on your own, how can you know everything?

"You don't have to care too much." The county magistrate said, "It is normal for a couple to be jealous together. This is not a bad thing, but a symbol of the good relationship between the two. Formally because they care too much, That's why you're jealous. If it's not because of a good relationship, who will care who you talk to and who you can get along with?"

Er Gouzi was stunned, and his words were reasonable: "So, wouldn't Xiao Ji be annoying?"

The county magistrate shook his head: "I think he enjoys this. The longer he is alone, the more he desires to be cared about. He is an orphan, and he is especially eager for this kind of care. As long as you don't do too much. It's a good thing for him."

"Excessive? How can it be considered excessive?" Er Gouzi asked for advice.

The county magistrate thought about it, and made an analogy: "It's like yesterday. You feel jealous when you see him peeling potatoes for me, so you take away the new potatoes he peeled for me. This is how you were jealous and made it. It's just right. If you're jealous, you just raise your hand and knock out the potatoes I'm eating, pull Li Ji away and get angry at him, that's too much."

This analogy is quite appropriate. Er Gouzi nodded, indicating that he understood.

"If I'm jealous, I should come to Xiao Ji, and I can't lose my temper."

"It's almost like that." The county magistrate stretched out his hand and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder, "You are getting older, but after all, you are still a child. If you have any more questions in the future, you can ask me."

The county magistrate sincerely hopes that Er Gouzi will come to him more, so that at any rate they can spend more time together.

Er Gouzi figured out the doubts in his heart and felt better: "If you are upset in my heart, can you tell me?"

The county magistrate nodded: "This is natural. As long as you don't lose your temper, be gentler. That's just a complaint. When the couple are together, who doesn't have a complaint yet?"

Er Gouzi understood, so he cut the grandfather of the county with a knife: "Then can you stay away from Xiaoji."

The county magistrate stiffened, crying and laughing: "You even eat your father's jealousy?"

Er Gouzi said in a true manner: "Wolves also eat jealousy, and of course people will eat it."

The county magistrate's heart is almost low blood. They all say that they have married a daughter-in-law and have forgotten their mother, Er Gouzi has taken a husband and forgot his father.

Er Gouzi also added: "Xiao Ji is best for you except my accident. You are good to him. I don't know how you think of him, he is good, and you can see him well."

"So you think my dad will snatch your daughter-in-law?" Seeing Er Gouzi nodded, the county magistrate just wanted a cup of tea to break his face, "You think too much. Being a father is not an animal, regardless of whether you marry in the future. Wife. Even if you really want to find a worshiper, it's not worth robbing your son. I treat him well because he is your father. If not in time because of your relationship, I will be right. Strangers are so passionate."

Er Gouzi blinked, and almost didn't make the county magistrate kneel: "Are you looking at me?"

The county magistrate kept reminding himself: This son is his own, not angry, to blame, it is to blame for not teaching in the past 20 years.

"Forget it, who made you ignorant of this concept." The county magistrate poured himself scented tea: "You probably don't know what father and son mean. I treat you well because you are my son. The relationship between father and son It's just a father and son. I don't look down on you if it doesn't exist. Because you have the blood of my mother and your mother in your body. The continuation of you and us. If I say this, do you understand?"

"Because it's a father and son, so you won't look at me?"

The county magistrate's tooth is going to go together. How did you not know that you were such a stupid son before?

"That's what I mean!"

Er Gouzi said: "You won't look at me, and you won't look at Xiao Ji. Then I won't hate you talking to Xiao Ji."

The county magistrate squeezed a sentence from his teeth: "I thank you."

Er Gouzi was in a good mood. Those who didn't understand were enlightened by the county magistrate, and the trouble was gone. Er Gouzi was in the mood to let go, with a smile on his face.

"Xiao Ji should wake up, I'm going back." Er Gouzi drank the cup of fragrant tea in one sip, and left without standing up.

The county magistrate looked down at the curtain and no one saw anyone. I scolded in my heart, but fortunately these two people left and didn't live with him often. Otherwise, if there is such a son without a son, he will be so angry that he can be regarded as an old man alive.

What else can I do with such a son?

The county magistrate sighed this morning.

When Er Gouzi went back, Li Ji was already awake, and was washing his face after getting dressed. When Er Gouzi came back, Li Ji couldn't open his eyes. But just listening to the footsteps, Li Ji knew that Er Gouzi was back.

Li Ji closed his eyes and asked, "Where did you go?"

"Let's see…Let's see the master, and say a few words." The word father still can't be called, and Er Gouzi will call the master along with Li Ji.

Er Gouzi can take the initiative to talk to someone, which means that the father and son are making progress in their relationship. Li Ji nodded: "You should talk to him more. He loves you. If you do more, he will be happy."

Where did Li Ji know that Er Gouzi almost didn't get angry with his father.

Li Ji flushed the foam from his eyes. Reached out to touch the face towel. Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and handed it to him. Li Ji wiped his face dry, raised his head and smiled: "Are you reluctant to bear him? Just say that you have broken the bones that are connected to the tendons. You must be close."

"I'm good with him, won't you hate it?" Er Gouzi said, "You talk to him more, and I will be uncomfortable. You say this is jealous, why don't you be jealous because of me."

Li Ji raised his finger: "You keep your voice down! Don't be afraid of being heard."

Li Ji glanced around, then stretched out his hand to give Er Gouzi's forehead: "I really don't know how your head looks like, how can you even eat the jealousy of your father? I have a good relationship with your father because of you. If I am a big girl, you are afraid of picking up dust, and you still say that your father has a deep love for your mother and is afraid that he will marry you a stepmother?"

Er Gouzi could understand half of these words, and said: "He said the same. He said that he is good to you because you are my wife."

"Then you have to ask me something? Do you not believe your father or me?" Li Jixun was over, and he couldn't stop having fun. "If I want to talk about this, I'm afraid I will be a joke in the next year. I've seen someone who can be jealous. I've never seen you so jealous. After all, you're amazing."

Er Gouzi didn't understand what he was laughing at, but seeing that Li Ji had no dissatisfaction, he felt much better in his heart.

"I don't understand many things. Formally because I don't understand, everything I think will be different. We are together, you laugh at me, cook for me, and sleep on a kang at night. This is a couple. So I see you smiling at others. Cooking for others to eat, I think you have to sleep on a kang."

There is nothing wrong with this logic. But this summary feels wrong.

"You and I have taken you too. I can think of everything together." I have just washed my hands and the moisture hasn't dried up, which will make it a little cold. Hand touched Er Gouzi's face: "Two mouthfuls are more than just one piece. Just like when I'm in a bad mood, I can complain to you. You won't be angry, I can forget it afterwards, and we will still live together. He and Meimei. If you have a quarrel with an outsider, even if you reconcile it, you will have a pimple in your heart, and you won't be able to go back to the past."

Li Ji touched Er Gouzi's nose with his steamed forehead: "I'm too lazy to get up in the morning and just wait for you to dress me. I don't bother to cook and wait for you to make it for me. I can enjoy you and me so unscrupulously. It's good not to ask for anything in return, just because I rely on you to like me. And I will only affect myself because of your situation. For example, if you go up the mountain, I will worry all day. If you are entangled by other girls, I will also feel sour. Jealous. We are a couple and we are still very consistent here."

Er Gouzi lifted his head slightly, leaving the tip of his nose to put his lips on Li Ji's forehead.

"After that I don't understand anything, you tell me. If you don't like whom I talk to, I won't tell him. If you don't like what I do, I won't do it either. But if it's because you feel uncomfortable, I'll tell you, don't be angry with me."

"Stupid, who can be willing to be angry with you." Such a silly and cute young man, who is not to hold it as a baby?

Er Gouzi also washed his face and rinsed his mouth, and the two of them were ready to go to the county magistrate's tent to eat.

When the two came in, they first met a pair of faint eyes. When Li Ji looked over, his eyes disappeared again.

"Sit down." The county magistrate looked at these two springy B*stards and got angry. Just such a son. It's fine to say that he loves his wife. His father talks to his daughter-in-law more often, and his son eats too much.

The two were seated, and the servants began to serve food. First rinse your mouth with tea, and see that most of the porridge and side dishes on the table are already light. Li Ji had a great appetite, just waiting for the county magistrate to lower his chopsticks and eat one more piece.

"I wanted Dingxian to come over and eat together. Not enough to think about it, he is going to have a life here, he must have a lot of words with his parents. Let them get along with each other more. After the meal is over, let Xiao Tudou come over. Kowtowing, we will count as our Shen family from now on."

"The surname also needs to be changed?" Li Ji said. In fact, these words are also nonsense. How can there be people who have adopted the original surname?

"Of course, if you don't change your surname, you can just recognize the godson directly. After adopting this, you will enter our family's genealogy, and then you will be the blood of the Shen family. After a while, you will be ready to open a banquet and set up an incense case. The surname is about to be officially changed to Shen. His biological parents are not allowed to come and go according to the rules. Our family is not a mean family, and we still think that our parents will not stop them. Just stay here for more. The mansion is there. An ancestral hall was built. There is no such thing in this mountain."

Li Ji nodded. This is according to the rules. In fact, Li Ji originally intended to adopt his own name. He had no children and could not get married. It is more reasonable to inherit incense from the adopted family's blood.

It's just for the grandson of the grandfather of the county, or put it under the name of Er Gouzi, it is more reasonable. The left and right will be the children of the two of them, and the last name is the same.

Still have to take care of the county magistrate's idea. Even if I couldn't get close to my son. We will face the severance of children and grandchildren again. It is also a kind of happiness to have a grandson under Chenghuan's knees.

Had breakfast. Sit in one place and chat for a while. Hearing the announcement from the servant outside, Xiao Tudou came over.

Xiao Tudou walked in, lacking vitality, and his eyes were swollen. He knelt in front of the three of them. He didn't know what to call him. He just bowed his head respectfully.

"I will be a family from now on, without those rules. Come here." The county magistrate said.

Xiao Tudou stood up and walked over. He had changed from the original rough clothes and put on a brocade. The head was tied up and wrapped in a piece of blue cloth. It really looked like a noble boy who was full of poems and books.

"You are still young, and you should be a little uncomfortable. But since you have no objection on this matter, your parents agreed. You will be our Shen family from now on. Come and meet your father."

Xiao Tudou faced Er Gouzi and knelt down and called Dad. Er Gouzi didn't understand this, so Li Ji pushed him and whispered to him to help him up.

Er Gouzi didn't know how to speak, and this one knocked his head, even if he recognized this son. Li Ji thought that such a small child would completely change his family and his environment. It's also pitiful, even though it was himself who came up with the idea at the beginning.

Li Ji touched Xiao Tudou's head and sighed: "If you blame me, you should be. But the master is kind and will not hinder you from communicating with your relatives in the future. You will have many fathers and many love you in the future. Grandpa, this is also a blessing."

Xiao Tudou nodded: "I know Grandpa Four loves me."

Xiao Tudou didn't blame him, Li Ji darkened his heart, and touched Xiao Tudou's head and said, "We will still be different from each other in the future. If you call me Grandpa Four, you don't need to change this title. It's just that you will be the second uncle in the future. It's father. His name is Shen Chang'an. Your name will be Shen Jie in the future. The rest of the day will continue as usual, and you will still be the Xiao Tudou I grew up with."

Xiao Tudou suddenly left the house and became a child of someone else's family. Although he was not disgusted, he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. Hearing what Li Ji said. He got into Li Ji's arms and cried.

Some snacks were put on the table to let the Xiao Tudou eat more. The two lost him for a while, and they were about to go back.

Luckily it didn't snow last night. When you go back, you can step on the footprints of the time you came, saving some effort.

The county magistrate still didn't come out, it was Xiao Tudou as a gift to the two of them.

At the entrance of the camp, Li Ji was still asking Xiao Tudou to listen to the words of the county magistrate. The county magistrate is a person of great wisdom, and if you mention him more, there is only good and no harm.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi lived here for one night. Er Gouzi resolved the doubts in his heart and picked up a son for nothing, which was considered the most rewarding. It's hollowed out the mind of the county magistrate, blame it only, these Er Gouzi are too piercing.

I walked for two hours on the way back, and when I arrived, I was with white eyebrows and a white hat again. As soon as he took off his hat, two wisps of smoke dangled from his head. Li Ji sat there to rest for a while, listening to Ge Er said that there were two dead rabbits at the door this morning. The two stewed the meat according to the old habit and put it in the forest a little further away, waiting for the wolf to come back to eat.

This kind of relationship will continue to be maintained on this mountain in the future.

Li Ji has a knee-high tail, and there are enough wolves. It is not too boring to leave a person in this giant tent to pass the day.

After nearly half a month, there were a few more snows, but fortunately, it was not very big, but there was no wind, and the thickness of the snow was very symmetrical.

Because there is enough snow, water is enough. These six people don't need to be too economical, and they melt snow more diligently, take a shower, wash clothes, and wash clothes. Li Ji put on the days of washing every day and changing a suit every day, not to mention how beautiful it is.

The inside of the giant tent was warm because of the fire. When Li Ji was okay, he stood in the yard and touched the soil on the ground. Although it was very cold, it was often frozen. Li Ji simply picked out some hardy seeds and planted them. After waiting for a few days, they really took root and sprouted.

It's just that the windows will definitely be opened during the day. It was fine at night, but it was cold during the day. So the seedlings do not grow very fast. But not freezing to death is a good thing.

Someone came to tell that it was the time for Xiao Tudou to pass on. The two changed into their clothes, put on a heavy coat and wrapped them tightly, and then went back to the camp with their knees deep in the snow.

The camp is very lively today. In the past, I only knew that Xiao Tudou was good at school, so he liked it very much. But he didn't expect the grandfather of the county to like him so much that he would directly recognize him as his grandson.

Moreover, it was done grandly, almost taking out the good things in the camp, and making a good meal for all the people in the camp lively. It's when Xiao Tudou kowtows to come out to be a testimony and say some blessings. When it's over, they will go back to their respective houses. Good meals and food will be delivered there. There are two taels of warm wine in each household.

Most of the things prepared before going up the mountain are practical things like grain and bedding, such as wine, which is not so important. So there are not many brought, and each family can be divided into two or two, how extravagant it is.

When Li Ji said, it was already very lively here. Because of the crude conditions, this time of adoption is also simple. Otherwise, the grandfather of this county recognizes his grandson, I am afraid it will be more grander than the festival.

When it was time, I greeted the county magistrate and sat on a small stool not far from the county magistrate. At this time the two came back, and they were all here.

Xiao Tudou knelt there and heard the grandfather of the county say a lot. Many of them are literary, and Li Ji couldn't understand it. Most of them are family precepts. Later, Xiao Tudou entered the door of the Shen family, and the future will be the eldest son and grandson of the Shen family. This status has directly jumped into the season, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a step to the sky.

Xiao Tudou's garland, he did a lot of work, and his face was tanned a lot. But even so, he was so dressed up, coupled with his original bookish anger, and he looked like a rich man.

When the training was over, Xiao Tudou also said something prepared in advance. These were all taught by the county magistrate, and most of them were the words of filial piety to the elders as descendants of the Shen family. This is all in accordance with the rules.

Li Ji saw Li Jin and Erying wiping tears in the crowd, and those standing next to them were also crying, but their eyes were more blank.

Waiting for the end over there, everyone went back to their respective homes.

Li Jin's three people were summoned to the tent of the county magistrate. If the sleeping quarters are not large, if they are surrounded by a meal, the space is still very rich.

A table of rare and abundant dishes, Li Ji called Yingzi to his side and watched her eat more.

"From now on, Yingzi will be our Li family girl. Before she got married, it was our Li family's baby bumps." Li Ji touched Yingzi's head, Yingzi's hair was simply tied at the back, but her face was long. He was handsome, and he was not embarrassed to look at it.

Erying sighed, trying to reflect a little smile on her face. Yingzi was brought into the family as a daughter-in-law, but now Xiaotudou has become the Shen family. Under the two of them, Yingzi is not the only one left.

The child bridesmaid and the decent daughters have a difference in the middle. The child bride is half a servant, and the decent girl is one of the components of this family. Although she had never used Yingzi as an outsider before, and she was blocking her relatives to support her, but she did not say anything good.

The child's past is also a pitiful one. Her parents disliked her, so she was sold as a child bride-in-law when she was still young. Although Li Jin treated her well at home, it is inevitable that she bought it.

It is a blessing in disguise to be able to have a serious identity now.

But what if Yingzi doesn't like Xiao Tudou? So Lijin's family treats her best. It was also a disaster for him.

It's just that now, Li Jin and Erying should have discussed it. Yingzi still wants to marry Xiao Tudou, but as a girl from the Li family, the price of Xiao Tudou is already the grandson of the county magistrate. When the time comes, they give birth to a child, and they hold one to continue Li Jin's incense.

Thinking about it this way, Li Ji especially wanted to know Yingzi's own thoughts. Does she really like Xiao Tudou? Even if you like it now, Yingzi is just a child. What about when he grows up?

The more I think about it, the more I feel the need to ask Erying's thoughts.

The meal was a bit sluggish. It is a happy event for the county magistrate to be pleased with Jin Sun, but Li Jin and his wife want to send the children out, which makes them feel uncomfortable. Xiao Tudou knew that he could not worry about studying in the future, and the grandfather of the county taught himself, but when he saw the appearance of his biological parents, he felt uncomfortable.

Li Jin and Erying are still young, so they can ask for another one. The future of Xiao Tudou is immeasurable. Changing the path will make his front more even.

The road behind the officials is always more spacious than the road from the poor family. This is also a kind of sadness.

After dinner, Li Ji and Er Gouzi went back to the house to rest for a while. Xiao Tudou and grandfather grandfather and grandson of the county have to get along more after they agree. Li Ji called Yingzi into the room and asked Er Gouzi to pay attention to whether there were any people.

"Yingzi, there are no outsiders here. You tell Grandpa Fourth, do you want to marry Xiao Tudou?"

Yingzi didn't understand why Li Ji had this question, and he blinked and said as expected: "Of course I did."

"You like Xiao Tudou very much." Li Ji asked again.

Yingzi said: "Yes. And why do you want to ask me. My parents said that since the day I entered the house, I am Xiao Tudou's wife. Why do you want to ask me?"

Li Ji was speechless. In Xiao Yingzi's heart, there was no concept of making the decision by himself in this matter. This is also the idea of ​​many girls. Marriage is two people living together. This kind of thing is decided by the parents, and the girl wants to make the decision on her own, that is a big rebellion.

That's why Li Yan was reprimanded back then. Now, Li Qiao'er still dare not mention that she wants to pick her own husband's house.

Li Ji's pillow was chosen by himself, and no one had instilled that idea in him since he was a child, so it is reasonable to think that getting married should be a matter of your wish.

Now just a sentence from Yingzi has taught Li Ji a very vivid lesson.

Li Ji was silent for a while, and his heart was confused for a while, and he said: "Yingzi, promise Grandpa Fourth. What I say below, you should not mention a word to outsiders. After your parents ask, you only say that I am telling you. Honor them more. Do you understand?"

Yingzi nodded. Li Ji said: "In the future, I mean anytime, anywhere. If you have the person you like, when you want to marry, you can come to Fourth Grandpa anytime. Fourth Grandpa is in charge of you. Our Li family, There will be no forced marriages in the future. In this matter, the Fourth Grandpa is here, so you can follow your own ideas."

These words were too deviant, Yingzi felt his heart beating hard after hearing it. Because he hadn't been in contact before, he was so excited when he heard it suddenly.

Li Ji continued to speak: "After you listen to this, it will rot in your stomach alone. You can't help but tell the second person. Understand?"

Yingzi nodded his head. Even at a young age, he knows what weight Li Ji said such words represent. Li Ying is a timid, afraid that this incident will make her parents angry. At the same time, there was a slight difference in freshness, which made her little mind more different.

It turns out that she can call the shots for herself.

After sending off Yingzi, Li Ji still went to ask Xiaotudou what he meant. Xiao Tudou likes to take a bite of a daughter-in-law called Yingzi. But this beanie kid really understands what it means to like?

It's just that Xiao Tudou is still cultivating feelings with his new grandfather, and Li Ji is not good to bother.

Sitting in the room with Er Gouzi for a while, I heard a servant coming in to inform him that it was Li Chang, Li Jin's eldest nephew, who was coming to see Li Ji.

Li Chang is the eldest son of Li Ji's eldest brother's family, and he doesn't have much contact with Li Ji. Li Jin is the second son. Since Li Ji's father and eldest brother left, the contacts have been maintained, but not many. But in contrast, Li Ji has a better relationship with Li Jin's family from beginning to end.

Li Chang is also Li Tian's own father. The head of Li Chang's family is Ding Xingwang, and the youngest son is Li Tian. When Li Ji paid for him to go to school, he actually learned faster than Xiao Tudou at the beginning. It was only afterwards that Xiaotudou became more and more vigorous, and because of his cleverness, he was scorned by the county magistrate, and then Xiaotudou was overtaken by him.

In fact, this is not surprising. Li Tian is two years older than Xiao Tudou, and the smartest and most able to learn are only that few years ago. Xiao Tudou's progress in learning is overwhelming. It is also excusable.

In fact, Li Ji is now a little afraid that their family will find him. He is also a nephew, and now the Li Jin family can be said to have followed suit. Theoretically speaking, Li Ji should not be biased, and should also stretch out his hand. But Li Jin's family is their own blessing, and they also sent out the only seedling in the family, which may not be all good.

It's just that the current Li Chang, probably didn't see this.

Only Li Chang came, without his wife and children. Li Ji sat firmly on the kang, and Er Gouzi and Li Ji cut a kang table. He bowed his head and drank tea without talking, but he had a sense of presence.

Chang Li saw Er Gouzi. Although he didn't know Er Gouzi's true identity, he also knew that he was a son of a rich family. Even in such wars, it was not easy to offend him.

After giving a gift to Er Gouzi, Chang Li looked at Li Ji. Li Ji was also calm, and took a sip of tea slowly before speaking: "I thought I would have to sleep for a while after drinking, come here and have something to do?"

The more Li Ji adopts such an unhurried attitude, the greater the pressure on Li Chang's heart. In fact, when Li Ji was born, Li Chang was married, and now his grandchildren are all reported. It stands to reason, but in terms of age, there is no need to be afraid of Li Ji.

It's just that Li Ji's seniority really dominates him for this first place; at the same time, Li Ji has been with the county magistrate for a long time, and he has shown his gesture to learn from the county magistrate's style. If you don't speak wherever you go, it will be like Buddha. With such decent clothes, the truth is that they came out of the house of the big family.

What's more, Li Ji always went into and out of the county magistrate's account. When faced with this, he naturally lowered his tone of voice.

"Before the fourth uncle, you always came and went in a hurry. I wanted to meet and talk more to myself, but I couldn't see anyone. Are you looking for you now?"

"I'm considered to be caught by you." Li Ji half said jokingly, "Sit down, I'm not an outsider. Are you really the elder of my county?"

Li Ji spoke softly, but the words were somewhat alienated. Nor can it be blamed on Li Ji for not clinging to the love between his nephews and uncles. It's just that the big and small Li Ji doesn't have much contact with them. In the round of age, Li Chang does not say that being his grandfather is enough to be his father. It was because Li Jisheng was late, and when he was very young, he had to look at him and call his nephew.

It's also because the age gap is too big. And when Li Ji was born, it happened that Li Chang was about to get married. At the time of marriage, because the eldest son got married, he could get more money from his father. But because of the birth of Li Ji, Li Ji's eldest brother Li Bo took care of this place and gave Li Chang only A little bit smaller.

Because when Uncle Li got married, Li Jipai gave her all the family property. Later, she gave birth to Li Ji, and Li Jiniang was seriously ill, and she didn't even have milk. Whether Li Ji can feed is two different things. Can you watch as the eldest son at this time? Even if he didn't want to be a father, Uncle Li had to take out three melons and two dates. Otherwise, don't say whether he can live in his own heart, the villagers can castrate him.

Suspicious Li Chang is somewhat resentful towards Li Ji. Li Chang's wife didn't look down on Li Ji because of this, and Li Chang and Li Ji slowly sorted out this. On New Year's and holidays, sometimes I personally send it over and leave at a stand, or if I don't have time to come over, I ask someone to send it.

There are a lot of etiquette. People are alienated. So after Li Ji got the money, even though he treats the two nephews equally, any good things are given in two parts, but they still have more frequent exchanges with Li Jin's family.

This also has the illusion that Li Ji is partial to Li Jin. Even if it is eccentric, at most Xiaotuo and Yingzi will give them more snacks when they come.

Li Chang sat down, and for a while, he couldn't find the topic to speak. But Li Jixian said, "Don't blame me for being in a hurry. Actually, I'm always with Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi's family has some friendship with the county magistrate, so it's okay to take it over and take a look. I was originally a foil, neither It's good to leave Er Gouzi doing his own business, so that people will remember that they are not happy. Recently, I have been busy with Xiaotudou. It is also a blessing for Xiaotuo to be taken by the county magistrate. It's blessed to say that I'm blessed, and now it's nothing compared to it. It's said that naughty children are promising, and now it's pretty real."

Li Chang asked slightly: "Isn't this a bridge for you?"

Li Ji suddenly laughed, and what he said was true: "What do you take me for? If I have this ability, what's the matter with Xiao Tudou? I'm rushing to call Dad myself. It's a pity. The county magistrate seldom reads, and he also likes to read children who read well. This Xiao Tudou is in the eyes of others, but we are not envious of it."

Li Ji had said so, and most of what Li Chang had originally planned was nowhere to go out. Li Chang didn't feel like it in his heart. Originally there were more children in the family, and I must be even more blessed to be alone with Li Jin's family. Listening to the muttering behind the village, the blessings of the old Li family are all piled up in the Li Chang family. There are many children, and it will definitely be the best family of the old Li family in the future.

The result is now? The uncle who used to be inconspicuous picked up a savage and walked straight uphill. That is the wisdom of wireless. What about the Li Jin family? Obviously it was just such a child, who had been like a monkey since he was a child, and thought that Li Jin's family would definitely be messy in the future, and it might even be gone.

Na Cheng thinks that this Xiao Tudou was like a fascinating one. It was liked by the county magistrate and became the eldest son of the county magistrate. In the future, let alone whether the county magistrate is still an official, the family property he saved from serving as an official for so many years is now owned by Xiao Tudou.

And Li Chang's family, which used to be the most prosperous, is now set off. I don't think I can take a look at it.

"Xiao Tudou are promising, and I am an uncle who looks happy. It's just…" Li Chang sighed, "Speaking of reason, people who are successful, it has nothing to do with our family. But it is a family in the same blood. I am greedy, and I recognize it. Xiaotian and Xiaotudou go to school together, and Xiaotian reads more decently than Xiaotudou, but there is no fate. First let the county magistrate look at Xiaotudou. I have been with Xiaotudou for a long time. Say. Let him talk about his elder brother with the county magistrate. There will be prospects in the future, and the two brothers will have a look after him together."

Li Ji had finished talking about the first words, just because he was afraid that Li Chang would say something else. However, Li Chang wanted to say it all in his mind, and Li Ji couldn't help it.

Li Ji drinks tea and uses his sleeves to hide the coolness in his eyes.

Li Chang continued: "It's just that these days have passed, and I didn't see the county magistrate see Xiaotian again. Xiaotudou only said that the county magistrate did not agree, and it is not good for me to push Xiaotian directly into the county magistrate's tent. If our Li family can be a talented person, it is because of the smoke from the ancestral grave. If there are two promising children, that would be a good thing, isn't it?"

Li Ji put down his teacup and cleared his throat.


Li Chang nodded, and Li Ji said: "Then it will be my turn. Regarding age, I am afraid that I have to weigh carefully when talking to you. But since I take the lead in generation, you will allow me to call myself your elder. ."

"That's right, you are my elder. The seniority doesn't depend on age." Li Chang smiled.

"In this case, I don't have much to say." Li Ji's face became colder, "What do you mean by those words? Is it because the county magistrate loses his eyes? Or is Xiaotudou deceiving your family not to give it to Xiaotian? Is there a chance ? Which county magistrate hasn't seen all the children in this camp? Who can look down on who doesn't look down on whom, and what can we control?"

Li Ji's words were spear-headed, and Li Chang was taken aback.

Li Ji continued: "You said Xiao Tudou is promising, and you need a brother to help you. You don't even see where Xiao Tudou went. Don't even say that it was our old Li's who went out. From today onwards, Xiao Tudou does not belong to our Lao Li family. He is the eldest son of the county magistrate, and the only single seedling under the county magistrate. Who are we relatives? And who brothers are there?"

Xiao Tudou entered the door of the house and worshipped their ancestors. From now on will be the seedlings of the Shen family. The future contact with the Li family is the benevolent surname of Shen, even if they are ordered not to contact again, that is natural. The clothes worn by the ancestors who will worship in the future and the meals they will wear are all from the grandfather of the county, and have nothing to do with Li Ji.

This is reasonable. At this time, Li Ji will be reasonable with him, and Li Chang is not very good at continuing to show favor.

Li Chang's face was a bit uncontrollable when he was so shocked by Li Ji. Originally, he was two and a half rounds older than Li Ji, now how can he bear such a preaching by Li Ji?

However, Li Ji is an elder, and Li Chang is still unable to make up the bill and lose his temper.

Just said with sourness: "That's boring for me to find myself. I ran to say something. You have always loved my brother, Fourth Uncle."

These words are chilling Li Jixin. Li Ji sneered, regardless of saving him face:

"If you say that, don't blame me for tearing it apart and breaking it with you clearly. I ask you, in the past two years after I have money, when have I been biased? Did I have something for Li Jin and didn't give it to you? I still don't give you anything good? Don't forget, Xiaotian's studies are my money. How old is Xiaotian? It's enough to marry a daughter-in-law in two years before the age of studying! I'm not because I gave it to Li Jin for fear of missing you. Did you bring it along with you?"

Just as Li Chang was about to speak, Li Jin didn't give her a chance to speak, and said, "You only care about your own grievances. I am partial to what you say, and you don't want to think about how many times you have come into my house these years! Which year I celebrate my birthday is not the first one in Li Jin's house? Go to me with things? That year, it's not a Xiao Tudou to pay my New Year's greetings? When I have no money, people will remember me, and when I have money, I will remember me. Why? You, the eldest brother, would not allow me to go over and follow you. How close is my second nephew?"

The etiquette that Li Chang should have over the years is indeed no shortage, so Li Ji has never been bad to him. It stands to reason that they are two families, and the relationship between uncles and nephews is not too close, but Li Ji can pat his chest and say that he is not bad to Li Chang.

After Li Ji finished speaking, he continued: "You feel your conscience and look back. Who did your son's apprenticeship, and who always gave it to school. Now it's fine, kindly let your son read and read. This will be a meeting. It was a partial complaint!" 

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