Li Ji's words are reasonable, but it seems that Li Chang is making troubles unreasonably.

Although Li Ji didn't provide much convenience for his nephews in the past two years, it was not bad for Li Chang. At least compared to the general relationship between uncles and nephews, no one can treat his nephews like Li Ji.

Before, Li Chang felt that he was wronged and less. I don't know how to help Li Tian when the Xiao Tudou are developed. But think about it later. All this is from the standpoint of "relatives should", and any one of them is irrelevant.

Li Chang also wanted to understand that he was spilling over with Jiujin. Li Jilun is an uncle in seniority, but the secret love year is a child who has not gotten a family at the age of 18.

Li Chang's momentum is much smaller. He murmured, and said in a low voice: "I am also thinking of our old Li family. Xiao Tudou has become a child of other people, and it has nothing to do with our family. Our family has studied in Xiaotian. If he is prosperous, our old Li family will not Is there light?"

Li Ji replied: "Did you forget what I said at the time? What did I say when I sent the two brothers to the city to learn culture? I never said that studying is just to make a living! It's pretty good. Studying is never for promotion and fortune, but to know what is right or wrong. If you study the book and calculate the gains and losses, what is the use of a street seller? You shouldn't blame Xiaotian for not having the ability. Your dad worked all day long to calculate that I had this and not that, no wonder the child is not as good as the county magistrate's eyes."

Li Ji's remarks are heavy, but you won't wake people if you don't hit the stick hard.

Li Chang is silent this time. No matter how old he is, his vision is not as big as Li Ji. If you say blame, Li Ji can't really blame the Dao family. The difference in height caused by the difference made Li Chang feel uncomfortable. This in itself is a very normal thing.

It's just that this discomfort must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise it will become an enemy after a long time.

I'm not afraid of complaining when I feel uneasy, and I'm afraid of not speaking out and pressing down on my heart.

If the real pressure lasts for a long time, then the affection between relatives will really be born.

Li Chang was speechless, but Li Ji told him to go back and think about it. Li Ji had a fire in his stomach, but after training Li Chang, he was out of breath.

The two drank tea and rested for a while, when the grandfather of the county came and invited them over.

Entering the tent of the county magistrate, Xiao Tudou is now looking at the book in his hand, raised his eyes to see the two of them, and then lowered his gaze.

When he was seated, the county magistrate said, "Did your elder nephew look for you?"

Calling two people over was almost because of this.

"The left and right are things in a camp, you still don't know." Li Ji took a sip of the bird's nest that he brought up. Today is the day when Xiao Tudou officially lives. The food and drink are exquisite. This bird's nest is also a rare good thing in the county's grandfather, and I can ask for it after drinking it now.

"What did you say?"

"It's just a complaint. Just listen to it. I took a bit of my tongue and said a lot of things. From now on, there should be no such trouble." Li Ji was also afraid that the county magistrate would make trouble with Li Chang's family, so he said something first.

The county magistrate said: "Don't worry about it. I still keep one eye closed for your family. Li Tian's child is not bad. But he is a little bit dull. If you are studying, you can continue to study. Just less. I have gained some spirituality. It is feasible to study a Juren in the future. No matter how high it is, it is impossible."

The children raised by Brother Li Chang are different. Li Tian Ziyou is a well-known good boy in the village. Since I was a child, I didn't cry too much, so I felt very worry-free. If you are a little older, you can take the initiative to work for your family. It can be said that parents say one but not two. It's the Xiao Tudou that are notoriously skinny. When I was young, I pulled the girls' pigtails and stuffed straws into their chimneys. It can be said that the unpleasant ability is returned from the beginning of leaving. It happened that Li Jin helped him up to such a baby, like a pet. Going around to apologize to people, turning around and reluctant to fight the reluctant, can only preach.

People in the village are rumoring that this Xiao Tudou will be a jail when he grows up. There are naughty children, but if parents refuse to teach, they will not be able to succeed in the future. They are all optimistic about Li Tian, ​​and feel that he is honest and reliable in the future.

Only from Li Ji's point of view, the opposite is true. Xiao Tudou is really naughty, but he also has a bottom line. It's ridiculous, but it's not really harmful. Moreover, they would follow Li Jin and Erying to the door to apologize if they did not return to the trouble. My ears and eyes are tainted with the attitude of my parents, so no matter how naughty I am, there is a bottom line.

Because it is not bound, it blooms. Because parents set an example, they learned to hold the scale.

In contrast, Li Tian. No child is naturally obedient and sensible. Behind this is the strict discipline of being parents. How do I talk to people when I go out, and how do I feel sorry for my parents when I go home. How to be a good boy, how to become diligent. From the beginning of the record, I have been constrained and supervised all the time. This is like a person carved out of a mold, how can he spread his wings? How can a child portrayed according to his parents' cognition be successful?

"Xiaotian, this child is indeed too honest. Actually, my family is not a big family at first. If you can be a talented person, you are already Amitabha. As long as you are alive, your life will be better than anything else."

"You can think so." The county magistrate knew that Li Ji was not a selfish person, but he was worried about Li Tian's parents. The entire camp is from the county magistrate. The county magistrate wants to know that everything is easy, and naturally he also knows how Li Chang and his wife pestered the Xiao Tudou.

Xiao Tudou talked, the county magistrate knew that he was too young to wipe his face, so he just let it go. If Li Ji speaks in person, the county magistrate is really hard to refuse.

"Now Xiao Tudou's surname is sinking, and Li Jin is one of the few who pass incense. Li Jin means that there will be a child to hold one in the future. Master, look at this matter…"

Li Ji is not without reason. You know, the son of the county magistrate's mansion and the son of an ordinary farmer in Xiaoposhan Village are in the sky and underground.

Not to mention whether it was a child who was wronged by Xiaotudou, even if Xiaotudou is willing, can the county magistrate be willing to go outside as the blood of the Shen family?

The county magistrate looked at Xiao Tudou: "This kind of thing is naturally the father and mother's decision. If Xiao Tudou has discussed it with the wife, I will not interfere. If his wife is unwilling, then don't blame me for helping her daughter-in-law. ."

This may seem unpleasant, but it has actually been relaxed. It's sincere to help my grandson-in-law. The child was born to a grand-daughter-in-law, and it was decided that the power should be placed on the grand-daughter-in-law.

Perhaps it is because Li Yan is a Fuyang Er Gouzi. It is not easy to think about her. The county magistrate loves houses and Wu, and respects all mothers.

Because I love you, I love the whole world more than this.

Xiao Tudou still had some birthright, so he didn't speak, Li Ji smiled and said, "Then you can be ready to confront your grandson."

Er Gouzi is the father and son in name that Er Gouzi is most to Xiaotuo, but Er Gouzi doesn't even know what role his father is, let alone make him a decent father. So Er Gouzi didn't talk to Xiao Tudou from beginning to end. That is, Li Ji mentioned him when he was speaking, and he could agree.

When I left, it was delivered by Xiao Tudou. Standing at the door, Li Ji touched Xiao Tudou's head: "From now on, you will follow the grandfather of the county. I have nothing to do, nor can I teach you anything decent. But you must remember that the grandfather of the county will be yours in the future. My grandfather, he won't harm you, and you have to be in the same mind with him. From now on, you will live in the same place. No matter what you can do, don't share with your grandfather. Remember?"

Xiao Tudou nodded and watched the two leave.

Since then, Xiaotudou has become the eldest son of the county magistrate from the son of an ordinary farmer. This trick flying to the branch will also make a huge difference for Xiao Tudou in the future.

Starting from the servants around the county magistrate, they all began to call Xiao Tuojie brother. When they met, they all greeted him humbly and respectfully.

And those ordinary people were very polite when they met. Some children of the same age, who played well in the past, suddenly saw Xiao Tudou turning over to become the master, and some of them had never lost their identity when they saw Xiao Tudou. They didn't know how to speak.

If you wait a little longer, there will be less talking to Xiao Tudou. Especially those children. Say a few words to Xiao Tudou, and when he turned around, he was reprimanded by his parents. It took a long time for Xiao Tudou to realize that his status was not as comfortable as he had imagined.

Li Ji continued to live after returning home. With constant oil and water every day, there is no work to do, and I gain weight almost at a speed that is visible to the naked eye.

Others didn't think much, Li Ji couldn't stand it anymore. When he was fine, he took Er Gouzi and ran around the giant tent with him, trying to get the meat off.

If you change individuals, especially those who have had a hard time in the past, they will like to gain weight. Because fat represents abundance, eat more and eat well. All fat is also called plump and rich.

But Li Ji is different from them. Looking in the mirror, he only thinks that he can see if he is still a little thinner. If it is really fat, it will be more embarrassing.

In fact, Er Gouzi really doesn't care whether Li Ji is fat or thin, but Li Ji cares so much that he can't see him at all.

Day after day, Li Ji didn't get fat anymore, but he didn't lose much weight. If you miss a bite at the dinner table, Er Gouzi would think that Li Ji was sick, and if he went to feed it himself, he would have to watch Li Ji's fullness.

Eat more and run more. This weight is maintained there, and it doesn't move.

By chance, I asked what day it is today. After hearing the answer from the innermost part of Ge Er, Li Ji was a little broken and remembered that three days have passed since his birthday.

In previous years at the foot of the mountain, Li Ji would still remember the days, even if he did not remember, there were so many juniors in the village. Come over and give gifts on that day. This year, six people live in this giant tent.

Er Gouzi has no idea about the date, and the remaining four do not know when Li Ji's birthday is.

But even if I remember it. Li Ji couldn't offer incense and worship to his parents. As for the junior's birthday, how old he is, in fact, he doesn't like them at all.

Li Ji boiled some eggs and began to make noodles again.

Hearing that Lanben didn't care, he casually asked Li Ji how to think about eating this, and Li Ji casually said: "I think it was my birthday two days ago. Now I make two eggs. It's a pass."

Hearing Lan Wei was stunned, he almost didn't startle.

Whose master's birthday is not a special event? Even if you think that your parents are still there, it's your mother's Good Friday, you have to close the door and find someone close to you to have a good meal. Li Ji said so calmly, it's a blessing to listen to Lan's question, otherwise the matter will really be over.

"How can you just eat eggs and noodles on your birthday? My father, you don't know how to say it earlier. So that we can prepare for life for those of us now. This year will only be a while, how can it pass hastily?"

After hearing the complaints, Li Ji looked rather lightly: "How old am I? It's early when I fancy my birthday. It's our own family together, and eating two eggs means it's all about it."

Tinglan didn't listen this time. The three other servants were called directly, and they were prepared to have a good meal in the evening.

People kindly prepared for it, and Li Ji couldn't really refute their kindness. Sitting there helplessly, watching them busy. Li Ji, the little birthday star, was rushed to stay in the bedroom, and Er Gouzi didn't work at all, and came to accompany Li Ji to relieve his boredom.

After eating melon seeds, Li Ji remembered that he never knew the date of Er Gouzi's birthday. Just about to ask, he swallowed again. How could Er Gouzi remember.

And I said it before. The day Li Ji met Er Gouzi was regarded as Er Gouzi's birthday. The encounter between the two is the rebirth of each other.

"As soon as my birthday is over, the year is not far away. I really want to spend the New Year in the mountains. We still have some firecrackers, except for some of them that keep scaring beasts, and the rest of the New Year has to be fun. I don't know if the master is going to prepare. If we are not prepared, we will send it to your father."

"May I ask?" Er Gouzi said.

In the past few days, there have been two more snowfalls outside. At this time, you can come and go freely, that is, Er Gouzi.

Li Ji hesitated. In fact, Li Ji still let Er Gouzi go out as little as possible, always feeling that the mountains are not safe.

"Let's talk about it a year ago. It just so happens that there are still a lot of skins saved here, and I will treat it as a delivery of last year's goods to your father." Li Ji dialed the melon seeds and stuffed them into Er Gouzi's mouth, smiling, "Look at me What have you been thinking about? Your father is here, why am I planning to celebrate the New Year here again?"

Firecrackers are not needed anymore, they must be celebrated on the side of the county magistrate. If you want to take it, you can take it all over there. If you stay there for a few nights, you will have to discuss it again, depending on what the county magistrate meant.

Chinese New Year must be a family reunion.

"The snow is deep outside." Er Gouzi said.

"Isn't there you? Think more about it, and you will definitely get through. Besides, the dilemma that we can see here, the master must also remember it. The master has many people and is smarter than us. I can definitely figure out a way."

Er Gouzi nodded, and stopped asking about going.

Ge Er came in and sought Li Ji's opinion: "Si Ye, we have a lot of meat in our house, but in addition to rabbit meat and chicken, there are still some animal meats that are the best. Pork is used to eat, and the small one has a long bull. It's big enough, now it's time to slaughter and eat meat. You see…"

Is this going to kill the cow? After thinking about it, Li Ji nodded. He is really greedy for beef. It is also good to make a braised beef to relieve gluttony.

With more oil and water, I naturally prefer to eat rare meat in my heart.

Er Gouzi went out to help slaughter the cows. Li Ji watched the excitement. The cows were cleaned up in the water, and the ones that could not be eaten were cleaned up. They were steamed in a pot that boiled fodder for the animals.

Hairy belly is a good thing, Li Ji doesn't know how to eat it. Half of the hairy belly is left frozen, and the remaining half is made into mixed hairy belly.

The most delicious parts of this cow are cut off and fried, cooked and fried into various dishes, and the hardy dishes grown in the ground look a bit like.

The green onions on the windowsill have grown taller. Pulled out and washed clean and used for dipping sauce to eat, it is also a good thing to clear the mouth.

In the evening, the pot of good wine was blanched. When the county magistrate was preparing, he didn't prepare much for the camp, but for this side. Several jars are placed in the cellar. The two are not greedy for wine. Usually, two bites are enough to drink for a year or two.

The wine prepared by the county magistrate is different from ordinary ones. It's a pity that none of them are good at wine tasting. The concept of wine is similar to that of tea, except for the difference between good taste and better taste.

The supper was great. Six people sat on the kang, talking and laughing.

This is the first time for Li Ji to celebrate his birthday with six people together. The atmosphere is good, and the cooking is relatively light to his taste. Li Ji ate his stomach and drank a few glasses of wine. When he was full and drank, he came down from the dinner table with a full body of alcohol.

The longevity noodles tasted good, and it was a bowl shared by Li Ji and Er Gouzi. It stands to reason that this bowl of noodles was eaten by Xiaoshouxing himself. It's just that Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi, and wanted to share this blessing with Er Gouzi.

"I have said that the day I met you is your birthday. As a result, I was busy going up the mountain and I forgot. Today it is our birthday together, and we will eat longevity noodles together."

Li Ji didn't share the food, just a bowl of noodles, and both of them stuttered when they ate the vegetables.

In the end, he didn't know why Er Gouzi had a bad idea. Grabbing one end of the noodles, motioned to eat with Li Ji.

Li Ji had a bright smile on his face reddened by wine, but he was not shy, grabbed the other end and grabbed a piece of noodles with Er Gouzi.

The result of course is that the two are close together. The four people on the table just watched, all with clear expressions on their faces.

The two masters have a good relationship. Living well without noisy and no noise is actually a blessing for the servants.

There is only one other person, no one takes concubines, and there are no children. The four servants only need to wait for the two to understand. There is no need to stand in line, and no need to help the master to give an idea. For them, that is God gave them a good life.

After eating, Li Ji didn't need to do anything, watching them pick up the bowl and threw on the kang. Li Ji took off his clothes when they were all out.

Seeing that the New Year is approaching, God feels distressed and gives a full half a month of sunny days. The mountains are full of snow, and I am not afraid that there will be no water to eat. It's not snowing anymore, and it's much easier to clean up the snow.

Because it's not very cold inside the giant tent. Li Ji also spared a few hens to incubate the eggs. At this time, the little chicken is half big and it's time for jubilation. Normal windows are opened during the day, and when it's not too cold, the little guy ran around the yard, making it noisy.

At night. Some are not particularly with the hens, running around and hiding by themselves, and these six people have to catch the chicks all over the yard.

Fortunately, the giant tent is closed, otherwise it would be distressing to lose a little guy at this time.

The largest litter of chicken cubs is already more than a catty. The hen doesn't care much anymore.

Li Ji watched the chicken grow up day by day, he should be able to bear the cold, and decided to send it to the county magistrate. Think of it as a New Year gift to the county magistrate. There is nothing left and right about Li Ji and Er Gouzi. This chicken that was hatched from the family can be taken over and it is absolutely practical.

Let's see the rest. When we go to the camp during the Chinese New Year, we will see if we can make it hard. It's also a matter of mind to take more at that time.

The cage for this transportation needs to be prepared. It will be easy to lift it at that time. Because there are no fewer rabbit cages at home, Li Ji and Er Gouzi have quite a lot of experience in making cages. The other four people couldn't catch up on this matter. The two of them worked for two days before weaving a big cage out. Two people carrying it one after the other, it's really decent.

It is not too laborious to go to some chickens and lift them up quickly. However, Li Ji's physical strength is obviously impossible to carry so many things to the county magistrate.

Until the young year, when I was planning to slaughter pigs, I heard movement outside. When Li Ji went out to open the door, he saw the two standing at the door, covering their eyebrows and hats tightly, and they were covered with snow. It's all like this, and bowed to bow.

Li Ji hurriedly let people in, and asked them to bring towels over to sweep the snow well for the two of them.

"Why did you come here?" The snow outside has reached his chest, and the family has the courage to go out at this time.

"Qingxue came here. It's been a month since I have been shifting to clear the snow to clear the road here. Fortunately, the direction is easy to distinguish, the snow shoveled and moved directly back to the camp for use. Until you, nothing was ruined. "He took off his hat and Weibo, and the face of the speaker still had a simple smile.

Li Ji was moved in his heart, knowing that it was all for them.

"Is there so much trouble? I really can't try to make a sledge on the snow. It's too hard to dig it directly, thank you." Li Ji let the people into the house and offered tea.

"Master said, the other convenient methods are not safe. The New Year's Eve is almost here, so you can't ignore safety for the sake of convenience. Although this method of direct digging is a bit stupid, it will be easier for the two masters to come back in the future. As long as there is no strong wind, even if it snows, it will be easier to clear the snow. You will be able to move around more in the future."

This makes sense. Now it's troublesome, but it will be convenient in the future.

This way, it is natural to ask the two of you to pass. The family is inseparable from people, and the four servants want to stay here to celebrate the New Year.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi Shangliang discussed that they would kill a pig first, which is to give four people the meat for the New Year, and then drive the two pigs away to the camp. It can be regarded as delivering last year's goods to the people in the camp.

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