While trying to drive the pigs, while carrying some chicken cubs over. Four people are one free at all.

Li Ji and a visitor are responsible for carrying things and driving pigs, and Er Gouzi and another stronger one carry the flock of chickens.

Because the snow has been cleared out of a road, it is quite easy to walk. Some narrow places where the cage is not easy to lift, two pigs can also shovel wide in time. The snow that was produced just stepped under the feet, without delaying walking.

A group of four arrived at the camp and saw two festive red lanterns hung outside the camp. I don't know if it was brought from the bottom of the mountain or it was pasted with red paper.

Li Ji huffed and walked two steps quickly.

The two pigs walked hard along the road. They were born to feed their fat. They ate and slept. They started to tremble when they walked along the way.

Li Ji touched the pig's head, these two goods are also fast on the table. The pig hummed as he walked, and was listened to by the people inside while he was still outside the camp.

The two pigs seemed to have heard the movement, or smelled the smell of feed, and ran ahead faster. The channels dug out are to avoid traps, so you are not afraid to walk in directly.

The two pigs hummed and entered the camp first. The first thing they saw was still strange. Are there still pigs in the old forest in the deep mountains?

Li Ji chased out immediately, and said to the dazed people: "Don't let them run around, save what you eat for the New Year!"

There is no shortage of meat in the camp. Even now it's deep winter, a piece of dried meat can still be used to relieve hunger in two or three days. So if you want to say that the gluttonous meat is not enough, but seeing the pig think of the smell of pork, it can't help but swallow.

I deliberately picked two fat pigs, each weighing three hundred jin. Killing is definitely enough for the entire base to eat a few large pieces of meat.

Several men came out to work together to hold down the two pigs, looking for twine to tie all four hooves. Li Ji asked them to find someone who knows how to kill pigs and kill them. The customs are different in different places. The local is to kill pigs in the young year. First pick the bad places to eat. Then wait until the New Year's Eve dinner to put the best pork on the table and enjoy it together.

However, this custom does not apply to poor families, which are only affordable for rich families. Or someone with more money in the family is willing to buy a piglet to raise it for a year and then kill it in a young year. At most, the rest is waiting for someone else to kill the pig and be willing to sell it. In the past, they sold a catty and a half catty.

Some people are reluctant to buy pork, so they can only eat their own chicken. The last two years have been dry, and there are some unfortunate ones that can't eat two pieces of chicken during the Chinese New Year.

In the war this year, if it weren't for the county magistrate to go up the mountain, it would be a problem to eat enough during the New Year.

Everyone in the whole base of Killing Pig went to see the excitement, and the two places were separated, and neither of them was big enough to watch. Li Ji and Er Gouzi went into the tent of the county magistrate. At this time, the county magistrate was reading Xiao Tudou writing. He looked up and said with a smile: "Come? You can listen to the movements outside in the house. Can you send it? Less stuff."

Li Ji smiled: "There is nothing interesting in the house, the tent is warm, and after a few broods of chicken cubs are stubbornly brought, there are two pigs, just to kill the New Year pig."

"It's not that there is no in the camp. It's hard work for you to keep it there." The county magistrate said that, in fact, he was also happy in his heart. My son is filial, how can he be unhappy when he is a father?

"I can't eat it here. I have more feed at home, and I have to use it thanks to the help here." Li Ji looked at Xiaotudou's writing in the past. He didn't know the words, and his knowledge of the words was good. The difference between not looking good.

Xiao Tudou looked up and smiled at Li Ji, only to be knocked on the head by the county magistrate: "Don't get distracted."

Xiao Tudou sticks out his tongue and continues to practice calligraphy.

After walking in, Li Ji found out that Xiao Tudou was not sitting on a stool at all, but riding a horse. Seeing that the tie is quite stable, the hand writing on it is also very stable.

"Why don't you sit down?" Li Ji said strangely.

"Practicing basic skills. He has only started now, half an hour a day is enough, and wait for a long time to increase." The county magistrate's tone was flat and said he didn't think so.

Li Ji feels distressed: "How tired this is."

"Do you really think that reading and practicing calligraphy is an easy job? You don't have to go to the ground and work hard. It is even more difficult to learn something. This kid is really willing to learn something, and he always has to pay more. Work hard." As soon as he finished speaking, seeing that Xiao Tudou's writing was not standard enough, he pointed out his finger directly.

Fortunately, Xiao Tudou is still considered learning, and hastily rewritten it once.

Li Ji looked at it for a while, only to feel dizzy. If I didn't recognize words, I just looked at the brush and turned around, writing square words one by one. The more I looked at it, the more I felt sleepy. I don't know how this kid got it out of practice, he can even understand and learn this kind of thing.

"How long will it take to learn?" Li Ji couldn't help asking the county magistrate.

The county magistrate shook his head and smiled: "Learning is endless. There is no time for serious learning. Even me, I only dare to say that I have achieved small achievements. I am afraid that few people in the world dare to say such things. With Dingxian's current situation, it would be nice to be able to learn something in three or five years. If you learn more, it is possible to become a bachelor in a few decades."

Li Ji pulled the corners of his lips. He didn't expect it to be so difficult. In the past, I only thought that those who went to school were enjoying the blessing. After reading a few books, writing and painting, I went to get fame and fame. If I got the title of the gold medal list, I would have a lot of scenery in the future. Even if you don't serve as an official for a lifetime, you can eat royal food if you have fame, and you will have no worries about eating and drinking in this life.

Hearing what the county magistrate said, I realized that learning was not as easy as I imagined.

"What about this calligraphy? When should I practice?" Li Ji asked again.

"This is the same. Even if you are a master of calligraphy, you don't dare to relax and work hard for a day, hoping to get to the next level. What Dingxian has to do now is to practice the cursive script well, and then learn the cursive script, the big seal and the small seal. Right now, in calligraphy, he is now touching the threshold of entry."

Li Ji swallowed and began to rejoice that he didn't read when he was a child.

People only see the great scenery of the scholar, but how many people know the hard work behind this? The county magistrate came here in the past, and now he gives it all to Xiao Tudou.

Li Ji only heard such a few words from the county magistrate, and realized that it is not easy to read and read, and the people who asked the university are so good. This Xiao Tudou stays with the county magistrate all day long, and I don't know how much the county magistrate's teachings are in his ears. At this moment, this leather kid has really become a good student.

After chatting for a long time about learning this stuff, the county magistrate asked them about these days.

Li Ji said it interestingly, and went along with his mouth to say that he also said about his birthday. The county magistrate raised his eyebrows, but he remembered it in his heart.

"I just don't know which day Er Gouzi's birthday is, so I set it on the day I first met Er Gouzi. It's just that I was busy going up the mountain that day this year and I didn't even think of it. I had to spend it with me. But we have settled on the mountain, and we will definitely remember it next year."

The county magistrate's eyes dimmed. As a real father, he didn't know the date of his son's birth. Calculated according to when Li Yan was pregnant, the month can be roughly calculated. However, it is not ruled out that Li Yan did not give birth to a premature baby because of lack of food and clothing.

So Li Ji's method is just right, and at any rate he gave Er Gouzi a birthday.

Similarly, the county magistrate did not know Li Yan's memorial day. It can only be counted as her memorial day when the two were separated that year, as a souvenir.

"The pig is about to be killed, and I will kill the pig vegetables for a while. Which piece do you want to eat? So you can leave it alone."

"Er Gouzi and I both like to gnaw pig's feet. Just save two for New Year's Eve dinner. I really don't want to eat the rest. You know, Er Gouzi and I have enough oil and water." Li Jikan Look at Er Gouzi, let him take a word.

Er Gouzi nodded and said: "Xiao Ji still dislikes eating too much, so he ran around the tent without incident, saying that he won't gain weight anymore."

With so much oil and water and so many worries, the county magistrate found it funny.

"It's also fortunate that God is kind to the mountain. There are many prey in this mountain. The snow is too deep now. When it first snowed, the trap could still catch several prey every day. Even now, every day can be a little bit harvested. Most pheasants, sprinkle some corn kernels, and hungry people fly here."

"But it is definitely not enough to provide so many people in the whole camp." Li Ji said.

"It's really not enough. But when there were a lot of prey, I prepared a lot of jerky. It is enough to eat every two or three days. There are more chickens and eggs. Save for two or three days and spread the egg pancakes. Everyone You can eat a piece. Although you can't eat meat every day, it's good enough."

Not to mention eating meat once every two or three days, even if you eat meat once a month, the conditions are better than most people under the mountain.

The two pigs outside have been killed and are beginning to be divided. Pick two good trotters and save them for Li Ji and Er Gouzi, and save the ears and nose for important people to eat during the New Year's Eve dinner. The rest of the fatter, after listening to the advice of the big guy, stay in the New Year's Eve to solve the hunger. The remaining fine meat and the five-flower three-tiered meat, if they were placed in the usual more expensive places, the good meat, nowadays, is relatively ignored.

One portion of boiled white meat and one portion of braised pork became the main course tonight. Adding a plate of kimchi and a plate of dipping pickles made with dried vegetables, a total of four dishes make up the entire base's small new year meal.

It would be too extravagant to eat rice for the entire base, so this day I ate mixed noodles and steamed buns. With some sugar in it, it tastes sweet, especially for children.

That night, Li Jin's current family of three was called together to have a meal in the tent of the county magistrate. Now Xiao Tudou is busy reading and practicing calligraphy every day, and he has less and less contact with his biological parents.

After becoming the grandson of the county's grandfather, his food, clothing, housing and transportation are almost the same as those of the county's grandfather, all exquisite. It's even white and tender. Putting on a satin dress, coupled with the scholar's unique elegance, that is, a month's effort, the overall temperament is a qualitative change.

In fact, the three of Li Jin's family are having a very good life now, and they are also wearing clothes of good fabrics. It's just that the scenery that came out of the crops doesn't look like a blessed person at first glance.

Xiaoyingzi looked at Xiao Tudou again, and only dared to look at it secretly, because the current Xiao Tudou is so beautiful, it looks like the one that came out of the painting. Yingzi was originally an introverted girl. Xiao Tudou has changed so much that she doesn't even have the courage to speak.

Li Ji called Yingzi to her side and asked her if she likes to eat without saying anything. Thinking of the little girl's short arms and fearing that she would be embarrassed to pick up dishes, she asked the maid to help pick up every dish and put it on a plate in front of her.

Xiao Tudou's eating rules are very good, that is, sitting there are rules. When Li Ji looked at him, he felt more decent than himself, not to mention the three Li Jin people who had never seen anything in the world.

Rinse your mouth and eat. Drink good wine without restriction at the dinner table. Li Jin has a little alcohol, Li Ji can do it. Needless to say, the county magistrate, the most can drink. After three rounds of drinking, there is less stalemate, and this can be said.

Now I can still talk together, and if it becomes peaceful and down the mountain in the future, Xiao Tudou will spend the New Year with the county magistrate. At that time, the Li Jin family didn't know where they were, so they must have gone together.

Erying was a chatterbox, and he could keep quiet when he was nervous. After drinking two more glasses of this wine, he couldn't hold his mouth even more.

He took the Xiao Tudou and said a lot, and when he finished speaking, he grabbed the county magistrate and said. At the end, I couldn't understand what it was, but Li Jin took her away.

Xiaotudou and Erying are both children, so they didn't let them drink, they only drank tea as a meaning.

Li Jin and his wife left, Yingzi stayed. Li Ji always took care of Yingzi, and after that, Yingzi also adapted and was full.

When Xiao Tudou is okay, she always looks at Yingzi. When Li Ji and the county magistrate and son-in-law have had enough talk, when Er Gouzi takes the drunk Li Ji home, Yingzi will also follow him. Pulled to go in the dark, bluntly said something to her.

Li Ji heard it, turned his head and looked at the two of them looking towards the dark place, drinking some wine and curious, or Er Gouzi dragged him back.

Lying on the hot Kang, Li Ji was still thinking about Xiaotuo and Yingzi.

"You said, can Xiao Tuo and Er Ying be together in the future? Yingzi is very pitiful. What if you meet someone you like when you grow up?"

Er Gouzi didn't understand this kind of thing, Li Ji cared, and Er Gouzi followed his analysis: "Xiao Tudou likes her very much. It's just that now Xiao Tudou is so good, Yingzi is hiding a little bit."

"I'm afraid of this." Li Ji looked at the roof and felt that the roof was moving. "This kind of thing is what you want. You can't wrong the one you don't like."

Rolled twice on the kang, rubbing against the soft pillow. Li Ji put both hands on the pillow, and looked up at Er Gouzi: "It's better for us to save trouble, and look at each other early."

"I saw you first. You have been with me for a long time."

Li Ji vaguely remembered that Er Gouzi showed his favor to him during that time, but he refused because he was not bound by certain concepts. Now when I think about it, it was quite Coke at that time.

At that time, Li Ji, I was afraid that I could live like this if I didn't think it would be good: "You are good. You are a hero when we are together. If you insist that we are not so good now, can't you?"

Li Ji smiled and squinted his eyes, the corners of his eyes were still blushing with drunkenness, such a smile was extremely reliable.

Seeing his heartbeat, Er Gouzi undressed and put on the kang, stretched out his hand to pick up clothes for Li Ji.

"It would be great if it kept going." Li Ji said suddenly.

"Of course they will always be together." Er Gouzi should have arrived.

"I mean everyone. You and me, your father, Xiao Tudou. Every one of them is here. The war is gone, let's live a good life and go on. No one interferes with us, and no one affects us. Raising livestock and farming , Carefree." Li Ji half-squinted his eyes, just about to fall asleep.

"Isn't it always like this?" Er Gouzi kissed Li Ji's forehead.

"I hope it keeps doing this."

When there was no movement, Er Gouzi took a closer look at Li Ji and fell asleep. Somewhat disappointed, Li Ji took off his clothes and didn't put him on a nightgown. The two lay naked on the bed and hugged each other all night.

On the New Year's Day, the children in the camp went crazy and rioted in groups. It just happens to be the New Year's Eve, and parents are not doing much discipline in order to be lucky.

The grandfather of the county gave Xiao Tudou a candied fruit and asked him to find a way to make the children live in peace. Li Ji thought that Xiao Tudou was going to give the children one to make them quieter.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Tudou was holding a large bag of things, and simply tidying up a large area that had been reclaimed before, and calling all the children over.

The children are a little afraid of Xiao Tudou. Because of the lessons of the parents, they know that the status of Xiao Tudou is very noble now, and it is easy to not provoke. Xiao Tudou called them to go, and they all went.

Standing there, Xiao Tudou first determined a starting point and an end point. Let them be divided into large and small groups and men and women groups, run separately, which one deserves can be divided into a candy or a candied fruit.

The rules are simple and the prizes are attractive. All the children are interested. Soon, the camp was no longer mischievous, but came over and asked for sweets.

However, some children are good at running and some are not good at running. Those who run fast are always hard, and those who run slow can't even lick the dregs. After everyone had passed, many others refused to admit defeat.

Thanks to Xiao Tudou's brain work, he was also more naughty when he was a child, and he knew that he had changed his hair for fun.

I ordered a bowl of red adzuki beans and a bowl of mung beans from the kitchen, and then mixed the red beans with mung beans. Ten people are divided into ten piles at a time, and whoever jumps out all the mung beans first wins. End of the first to pick a piece of candy, as if the last check there are omissions green beans, not the operands. If everyone is missing, the one with the least green beans wins.

When the first game is finished, we will tell who is the fastest, but if Xiao Tudou goes to check the past one by one, it will definitely take a lot of time. Then I found out that it was a kid and asked them to check. If they find mung beans, they put them in their pockets. If they gather ten, they can change to a candy.

In this way, this kind of competition not only attracted the attention of all children, but many adults also came to watch the excitement.

Even some adults watched their hands itching and clamored to play with them.

Finally, Xiao Tudou will have a bowl of red beans and a bowl of mung beans for them to play.

It would have been boring in the winter. On weekdays, it's like playing cards and slings, and because there are too many people and fewer cards, many people are not in the rankings. Now that there is new entertainment, it is naturally fun.

Xiao Tudou watched more and more people, and felt that this game of finding mung beans should soon be bored. I was also afraid that the task given by the county magistrate would not be fulfilled. He went to the county magistrate again and asked if there was any special instructions on how to play in the book. Or a simple pastime game with any props.

The county magistrate introduced him to throwing pots and gave him two jars of wine as rewards and punishments.

In this way, adults are divided into groups and children are divided into groups. Those who want to play and find mung beans can continue to play, and those who want to play the pot-throwing pot, three arrows per person, throw them into the earthen jar not far away. If you throw it correctly, you can have a glass of wine to eat. If you are still not allowed, you must drink a small glass of vinegar.

There is no penalty for the child. There is no one in the line with three arrows. If they miss, they can line up again. It was like this from the morning to the afternoon. The sweets and snacks that almost every child had eaten were still unfulfilled when they knew they were about to start preparing for the New Year's Eve dinner.

Everyone is coming to make dumplings, and marrying is a good sign of reunion. Even a one or two-year-old child was squeezed by an adult to make two dumplings.

Li Ji's family of four packs their own food. The four people gather in a room and sit around a table, talking and laughing.

When the bag is finished, I picked out 20 Xiao Tudou and sent them to Li Jin.

Because it is the night of the fascination, it should be the day of the members of each group. Xiao Tudou's surname is Shen now, and two families of opposite S*x live together for the New Year. So this is the first time Xiao Tudou did not spend the New Year with his biological parents since childhood.

But maybe it's because Xiao Tudou is still young. The definition of the New Year is still in the concept of wearing new clothes, eating delicious food, and getting money for the new year. It doesn't feel like not being together for the New Year.

After sending the dumplings back, I talked for a long time, and when I went back, they started to make dumplings.

New Year's Eve dinner is the most abundant, no matter how frugal it is, this New Year's Eve dinner will be the most abundant meal of the year.

The dumplings are ready, and the firecrackers outside are all lit.

Xiao Tudou opened the door curtain and looked at the elbow, a little envious. It's not that I don't want to play, but I don't want to play.

Because there are few firecrackers, there is no distribution for the children to play after it is finished. The firecrackers will have some small cannons left, but the firecrackers are so fast that it is impossible for the county magistrate to let him play this.

I've seen enough, go back to the dining table and look at the good meals and dishes on this big table. Even if I was eating good food these days with the county magistrate, I felt greedy looking at such a table of good things.

The Xiao Tudou who had just pressed down looked at the food on the table and smiled brightly at the county magistrate.

There is no child who is not greedy, the county magistrate did not trouble him, picked up the chopsticks and ate a dumpling, and the New Year's Eve dinner officially opened.

Inside the tent, you can hear the chatting of every household outside. The dishes from the kitchen have been passed down, and every household has it. The table is set up in the kitchen and the last year of this year has begun.

Compared with the simple firecrackers and sporadic firecrackers on the mountain, the mountain is obviously more lively. Fireworks of all colors are colorful and gorgeous. It's just that the mood is different, and there are a few people who appreciate it. 

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