"Four Lord? Is Fourth Lord here?" The curtain can be opened without hooking it. The visitor went directly into the giant tent, carrying a food container in his hand.

Li Ji was shopping for rice in the house, and Er Gouzi and the others were busy sucking seedlings, so that they could harvest a variety of crops earlier this year. In fact, it is to sprinkle seeds on the ground and cover with soil, and then put a layer of heat-preserving corn stalks or straw on top. Seedlings germinate fast and grow fast.

"I'm sending things here again? Every day, there is nothing short of here, and I can't get hungry. I send everything here, it's troublesome."

Welcoming people in, Li Ji wipes her hands, and asks people to sit down and rest for a while. Li Ji is easy-going, and he won't be nervous when he comes.

After taking a few breaths, I opened the food box. There were two sea bowls filled with uncooked Yuanxiao.

"Boiled is afraid that it will be spoiled if you bring it over, so you can bring it raw, and it is easy to cook it. Boil water and just wait for the Lantern Festival to float, then it will be cooked and you can eat it."

Li Ji nodded, and the talent continued: "Master, did you not pay attention? Why did you forget? Today is the Lantern Festival, which was originally a reunion day. The master said that this time and time is far enough, you still have to be busy here. Suck the seedlings in the yard, so you don't have to go. The Lantern Festival is delivered, and the fourth master and the uncle have cooked it, and this wish is received."

Today is the Lantern Festival, so I forget it when I think about it. After the fifth day of the new year, the two of them came back. Ten days passed after that. This Lantern Festival made the county magistrate blind to his son.

"I'm ashamed to say, but the county magistrate wants to send the Lantern Festival."

The visitor laughed and said: "Four masters don't have to think too much. The New Year is spent together, and the Lantern Festival doesn't matter. If it's normal, this hustle and bustle street is the time to go shopping and guess lantern riddles. It's a pity that it's on the mountain , These are all invisible, so only the Yuanxiao is left."

Li Ji felt more comfortable, and when he recovered and continued cooking, the servant who sent the Lantern Festival left.

Sit on the rice, put the washed vegetables in the pot, stir fry with a little water and stew on them before going to the backyard to see the busy four people.

Tinglan needs to sew a curtain and build a shelf at the entrance of the tent. Save the cold wind that comes in when the time comes, and the task of cooking naturally falls on Li Ji.

"The master just brought me the Lantern Festival. It's good to wait for a while to finish the meal and cook it as a snack. Are you almost done? Have a good rest for two days when you are free, and then take something to see the master."

The four of them all responded, moved faster, and spent less time to finish the work at hand as soon as possible.

Li Ji went back and continued to look at the dishes. After eating at noon, Li Ji gave the dumplings to everyone to eat. There are two kinds of fillings, one is black sesame filling and the other is peanut filling, both are sweet. Er Gouzi doesn't like to eat sweets, so he put them down after eating two. In the end, Li Ji helped to digest what he had left.

The yard is still chattering. When the chicken is not idle, sometimes it is noisy, and the livestock next to it will protest with it. Then the whole yard was lively.

Li Ji was annoyed, carrying a fire stick into the circle and making two happily hits, and then he could live a good life for a while.

Waiting for the seedlings in the yard to be ready, it is the seventeenth year of the new year. It's not too tiring, but I have not done these tasks for a long time, and suddenly I have done these tasks, and there are also pains in the back and back.

A curtain was made at the door of the giant tent, and a small compartment was enclosed with cloth. In this way, people enter the compartment first, and then enter the giant tent. When it snows for a while, you are not afraid to bring in the wind and snow. The second is to ensure that nothing gets in when you are not paying attention.

If it was a large beast, it would be easier to handle, there are Er Gouzi, no matter how much money these six people have the ability to hide in the underground ice store. I'm afraid that if a snake comes in, it will kill you if you bite. Or a yellow-skinned chicken spoiling the chicken in the next life, that would be enough to bear.

Ting Lan has been busy these days. These fabrics are basically made of old clothes from Li Ji and Er Gouzi. Said it was old clothes, but I didn't wear them for long. Later, the county magistrate sent clothes that looked like a hill. It was a pity that I had bought them and kept them, but they simply dismantled them to make useful things.

Li Ji stood in the cubicle and looked around very tightly. The button on the far right is remembered, which can be untied from the outside and the inside. The entrance of the original tent inside can be locked inside.

In fact, being able to lock means to put some wild beasts. If it is a human being, a torch will be thrown over and the whole thing will be lost. Where does it take so much trouble to enter through the door?

Seeing satisfaction, Li Ji made some arrangements and went back to her family with Er Gouzi… to the camp to have a look.

Slowly in winter, idleness is actually a bit difficult. Although there are a lot of entertainment projects in the camp after the New Year, it can never be more fulfilling than when you are busy.

More importantly, don't think too much when you are busy. After calming down, I couldn't help thinking about things under the mountain. Relatives under the mountain, home under the mountain, and land under the mountain. These are now in the hands of the rebels. How could it be possible to have no thoughts at all when they were born and grown there?

At this time, the grandfather of Yijiu County also knew this. But homesickness is not something that people really don't want when they say they don't want it. Like the county magistrate, who hates the tribe in the family deeply, he also thinks of the place where he lived when he was a child from time to time. What's more, those who originally loved their hometown deeply.

The county magistrate can dig through his side and Li Ji's giant tent, but he can't dig through the mountain. Because once digging through, it is equivalent to giving the rebels under the mountain a chance to hit Huanglong directly. The group of rebels under the mountain is not completely under the control of the lord at this moment, and they can completely decide whether to go up the mountain to snatch supplies.

Therefore, I would rather not know the situation under the mountain, and have to keep away from the mountain in this way.

When the snow began to melt down the mountain, the mountain was still icy and snowy. Or Er Gouzi keenly felt the difference in the wind, and spring was coming soon.

On February 2nd, the dragon raised his head, Okura was full, and Ogura flowed.

This time Li Ji remembered, and that day took Er Gouzi to see the county magistrate. The children have the biggest hearts and are chasing and playing around. Adults can see the sad faces. No matter how good the life is on the mountain, there will always be concerns at the foot of the mountain.

That is to say, some people can see that they don't feel hungry on the mountain and the children are doing well. It's fine to live like this.

"If you go down the mountain, you should ski at this time. The trees on the mountain block the light, and they are colder than the bottom of the mountain. I don't know when the snow will melt cleanly. We didn't open up wasteland last year. We have to wait for the land to be completely cleared up and open up wasteland. I don't know how long it will be spent." Li Ji was worried for the county magistrate.

"I'm not afraid of starving to death. The mountain is rich in products. If you take the risk of picking wild fruits and vegetables in the mountains, you are not afraid of starving to death. In this way, even if the time is really delayed and the harvest is delayed, you are not afraid of being hungry. Then you don't have to worry about it. ."

The grandfather of the county thought about these things longer than Li Ji. Then he turned his head to look at Er Gouzi, and said, "It looks stronger than it was during the Chinese New Year. It can be seen that it is enjoyable."

It is said to be strong, but in fact it is long fat. Eat big fish and meat, and exercise less, which is strange if you don't gain weight. However, it grows sturdily in winter, and most of it falls off in summer. Because there is a lot of work in summer, people can't afford to eat and consume, so people lose weight.

Er Gouzi looked at the back of his hand, but he was still fatter than ever before. Once on the mountain. It's impossible to get fat in winter, just the worst in winter.

The fattest part of the year should be autumn. Learn from the beasts in the mountains, and eat desperately to make yourself fat in the autumn, so that in the cold winter when food is scarce, it is more possible to survive.

Nowadays, I am not afraid of cold or hungry in winter. It has become the best time to raise people.

Er Gouzi remembered that Li Ji said that he would not look good when he was fat, and couldn't help but turn around and asked Li Ji, "Am I still good-looking?"

"Huh?" Li Ji didn't understand.

"You said that it's not good looking after being fat, do you think I look good?"

This is what Li Ji said when Er Gouzi stopped when he was running to lose weight. He remembered it.

"It's so good to watch! You are also called side? Then there is no one who has lost weight." Li Ji squeezed Er Gouzi's hand. It's more elastic when it is pinched, and it does have flesh. "And just what you look like, you look good in all kinds of fat."

Seeing the show of affection with no one beside them, the county magistrate coughed.

Er Gouzi directly pressed his chin on Li Ji's shoulder, and said, "You said, if you have anything to say in time."

The county magistrate who lifted a rock and smashed him in the foot glanced at him, paused, and laughed directly. In fact, such a son is quite cute.

Such a person who puts all his attention on his lover, although it is delicious to make him a father, isn't this look exactly like him back then?

Er Gouzi suffered a lot when he was young, but now he is much happier than the county magistrate. At least he can unscrupulously be with the person you like, no matter how unpleasant it is.

"Have you figured it out? Even if the war ceases in the future, will you still live on the mountain?" the county magistrate asked.

Li Ji thought about it, and said: "I don't know how many people in the camp are willing to stay. I am quite willing to stay. But it's boring to stay in that tent for a long time. It depends on the mood. It's not bad to live up and down the mountain. The villagers know it, and it's carefree on the mountain."

The premise is that the war ceases. Otherwise, going down the mountain is not at ease, but purgatory.

After Li Ji finished speaking, he asked the county magistrate again: "What about you? Like I said before, live with us?" Li Ji was afraid that the county magistrate would change his mind.

The county magistrate said: "Where can I go? There are only a few of you at home. If the world is peaceful then I will build a mansion in this mountain. Then I will pick the chrysanthemum under the east fence and see Nanshan leisurely. How wonderful is such a leisurely day."

The son is found, and so is the grandson. The county magistrate really doesn't have much thought to earn.

This is also true. If a family of four can keep the wealth and enjoy the blessing in this deep mountain, is it not a kind of happiness?

"You also said that I am looking forward to it. When will you be able to return to our giant tent, my family will really get together and live together." Li Ji smiled.

The county magistrate said unceremoniously: "It's too small. No matter how many people live in such a big place, it will be crowded. When I have time, I will be free, and time will be lush, and I am preparing for a bigger and more spacious place."

The county magistrate had followed the preparations by himself, but now he dislikes it. However, compared with the size of the county's Taiyefu, it is indeed small and powerful. Then think about the county magistrate who used to be a member of the third rank of the imperial court. At that time, the conditions must be much better than when he was the county magistrate.

I really want the snow to melt faster.

So you can farm the land. Planted the land and got busy. You can wait for the autumn harvest and maintain your weight.

The snow gradually melted, and the ground became muddy and it was difficult to go out. The seedlings in Li Ji's yard have grown out and wrote that the first thing every day is to wait for these shoots to grow well, and he doesn't pay much attention to the outside.

Li Jizheng is watering it. I saw Tinglan rushing over with a little trembling, and said, "Four Lord! Fourth Lord is not good! A pack of wolves gathered outside! Looking at weird people! I don't know if you know anyone here. Just in case. I really want to eat people, what can I do!"

Because I am afraid that there are wolves inside, I dare not attack easily.

Li Ji hurriedly walked over there, and Er Gouzi had already looked out.

"How is it?" Li Ji asked Er Gouzi.

"They don't mean to attack." This is what Er Gouzi can see.

Li Ji also went out and took a look. In fact, the pack of wolves looked a little sluggish, and at first glance they didn't eat much food this winter.

For people, move the world to cover three layers of quilt, and sleep with steamed buns in the coming year. But for ferocious beasts like wolves, the greater the snow, the more difficult it is for them to survive. Because Xueshen is inconvenient to move, it is even more difficult to find prey.

So even a vicious animal like a wolf, after a winter, began to weaken. But weakness does not mean good bullying. On the contrary, the extremely hungry wolf is more vicious than usual.

Seeing Li Ji, a wolf became more energetic and ran over quickly.

Li Ji almost didn't recognize him, he was almost skinny. Suddenly, he felt sad. Go straight out and squat down to touch its head.

I'm so familiar with this wolf, and I'm so familiar with Li Ji that he fully believes that even in the pack, as long as this wolf is there, he will not be in danger.

that's the truth. The other wolves raised their heads and paid attention to Li Ji, but because Li Ji was close to the wolf, most of them were on the sidelines.

At this time, a relatively sturdier wolf walked over. Walked in and kept sniffing at Li Ji. Li Ji can also remember the wolf next to him, for the other wolves, in his eyes, they actually look the same. However, it seems that it is not as thin as other wolves, and its status should be very high. It should be a wolf.

Li Ji stretched out his hand, and the wolf sniffed vigilantly and took two steps back.

Li Ji turned his head back to the opposite humanity: "A lot of the meat comes, and then kill the pigs, kill a few rabbits and stew them, wash and stew the internal organs, and the left and right wolves don't pay attention to this."

It is a habit left in the past to insist on making cooked food for convenience. On the other hand, it also lets the wolves know that only cooked meat can be eaten here, and only people can make cooked meat. Raw meat does not exist.

Only in this way can they not remember the taste of raw meat here, and it can also greatly reduce their hunting urge to see people. This is Li Ji's idea. I don't know if it's useful.

After taking out the jerky, Er Gouzi stood beside Li Ji and watched the wolves around him vigilantly. Unlike usual at home, those eyes were cold and stern, as if they could launch an attack at any time.

Li Ji began to give each wolf a bit of dried meat to eat. Obviously, the wolf that Li Ji was familiar with brought them here. Early spring is actually when the wolves are weakest. At this time, there are not many prey, but they have reached the edge of the limit.

Li Ji has meat and food here, and he won't starve to death if he can eat meat. So the wolf brought them over.

Li Ji is actually not a bad heart. It's just that he was rescued by the wolf at the beginning, and the wolf's repayment later gave him a great affection for this victory.

Li Ji believes that even if he bleeds out a lot of meat to entertain them, the meat will not be wasted.

Jerky can only be used to satisfy hunger. Li Ji kept petting the familiar wolf, soothing it and trying not to let them go. If they thought they had only a little dried meat and left, the animals in the yard would be killed for nothing.

Because it is for wolves, it is not too particular. The pigs could not be fed to wolves, meat and intestines, so they were cleaned and stewed in a pot. Adding some seasonings and stewing them, the aroma can spread far away.

In this way, I stewed three big pots, and I couldn't even find anything to use.

It is for people to eat, not to feed wolves. The pots used to feed the wolves before are all placed here. At this time, there is no need to pay attention to those decent. The wolf would not think.

Simply use that pot to bring out the meat again and again, and then put them on the ground in front of the wolf. Everyone has it, so there is no need to fight for it.

Because the meat is still hot when it comes out of the pan, many wolves eagerly want to eat this food to satisfy their hunger, but they can't stand the heat again and again and vomit it out of their mouths.

Later, I could only lick it carefully to relieve the gluttons, wait for a while until it was almost cold, and then gobbled it down.

The one who is most adapted to this kind of cooked meat is the wolf who has been acquainted with Li Ji.

After Xueshen, I haven't seen it come. It was only two or three months before and after, but I didn't expect to lose weight like this.

"Don't worry, there is still meat."

Although it is impossible to feed these dozen wolves, it is enough to let them pad their stomachs and not starve to death.

Li Ji will not know whether a wolf can be a vegetarian. If they can, sitting on a big pot of meat risotto should allow them to eat more.

"Can wolves be vegetarian?" Li Ji asked Er Gouzi.

"I have seen wolves eat grass." Er Gouzi said truthfully.

Many people have the impression that wolves are eating more meat. Li Ji asked this because he wanted to let wolves eat more and raise them well.

Li Ji was rescued by wolves, so he has a good impression of wolves and is good to wolves. The Er Gouzi follow Li Ji's likes.

This pig and a few rabbits were wiped out by more than a dozen wolves in a short time. Obviously not enough to fill the stomach. But for them, it is enough.

Because in most cases, unless you hunt a few prey with one face, you won't be so full at once. Except for pregnant she-wolves and head wolves.

After eating, he didn't leave much, the wolf called and left first, and then all the wolves left. The wolves close to Li Ji looked at the direction where the pack of wolves disappeared, and then looked up at Li Ji.

"Go!" Li Ji patted it on the back. Wolves have their own tribe, just as people gather together.

The wolf ran two steps and turned around until it disappeared.

When the wolf walked far away, Ting Lan said with some regret: "So much meat."

"Don't we have a sow with cubs? Don't feel bad. The wolf is very affectionate. Let's please this mountain tyrant, and life will definitely be better in the future." That's a pack of wolves. Even if the wolves didn't come to protect Li Ji and the others directly, as long as they had a good impression of them and wouldn't actively attack them, they would be less troublesome.

By the end of March, the wolves came again. This time, killing pigs was impossible. I took out most of the jerky at home and made three large pots of risotto. This time, I used a few woods to make a few simple wooden pots, and poured the meat risotto out. They also liked the taste of meat. They waited to cool down and ate them clean.

It can be seen that they may not be unpleasant without meat, they also eat meat-flavored rice.

This time I was full and left.

In April, Li Ji had finished planting the food in the yard and began to open up wasteland around the tent. The campsite has basically completed the land reclamation and began to plant seeds.

Li Ji began to collect prey at the gatehouse every day.

And this time, it was a lot.

The most one time, six or seven prey were opened once the door was opened. The largest is a roe deer, and the smallest is also a pheasant. All of them were bitten off their throats, and at first glance they were asked to come out by the wolf.

There was only one prey in return, but now it is a pack of wolves.

Li Ji only felt dumbfounded.

The meat Li Ji is not greedy, he peels the skin and leaves it, and the rest is stewed and put at the door to feed the wolves.

In this way, there is no need to put meat in it yourself. Every time the wolf eats the cooked meat here and feels like it, he will try his best to catch more prey to repay Li Ji. And Li Ji directly stewed the presents they caught before feeding them. If this cycle continues, Li Ji's position in the eyes of the wolves is equal to that of the wolves.

Anyway, the easiest thing to get along with in the world is foodies.

The spies went down again to find out the news. The news that had been broken for a long time was finally picked up again.

As the rebels succeeded in succession, they also began to pay attention to the arrangements for these subjugated people. If you want to completely dominate them, the first thing to do is to completely break the image of the court they used to rely on.

The top began to distribute supplies to the bottom to relieve the "disaster victims." They gathered everyone together regularly to tell them how bad the court was, and even sent some people who had been in prison to complain about how innocent they were. They were all harmed by corrupt officials of the previous dynasty.

Later, they all said that the imperial court was corrupting officials and the common people, and now the rebels are rebelling for heaven. Nowadays, there are repeated successes, and it is God who cannot tolerate the court to continue to harm the people.

I don't know anywhere else, at least this county. If it is said that the officials next to the fish meat and the people are damned, then the people must be better one by one. But I shouldn't do anything, and send those who were in prison when the county magistrate was there to say bad things about the county magistrate.

In the past few years, the county magistrate's deeds are seen by everyone. He sentenced everyone to be punished. Most of the most annoying are well-known scumbags.

Such a person turned out to be "innocent" after the change of dynasty. How could the people be willing to buy it? 

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