If you say this over there, you should listen or listen. Because you don't listen or refute on the spot, you will definitely be beaten.

Therefore, every time someone came over and received those "wrongs", the people looked like quail carefully.

Looks like it's useful. But it didn't take long for the rebels to discover something was wrong. The neighboring county heard so many "injustice" incidents, and all of them were driven to curse the court. Why are these people so peaceful? Not even the most basic pity and anger.

Send someone Qiao Zhuang down to inquire, and the answer will soon be available. The local county magistrate is too high among the people, and these prisoners are really well-known evildoers. The person who really deserves the punishment. So no matter how perfect the nonsense is, there is no way to arouse their emotions and make them hate the court for turning to the rebels.

The stiff situation was reported to the lord who was attacking the capital, and the lord felt strange when he heard this. The hundreds of years of the Great Xia Dynasty had already gone from driving out to corruption. At least along the way, no people would not scold corrupt officials. Even if there are honest officials who are willing to do things for the people, once the people hear a little gossip, they will yell at it. Why doesn't it work here?

In fact, the credit is still given to the county magistrate who has been in the county a month in advance to promote the news of the upcoming war to the whole county, so that they can be prepared, or run away, or stay, or go up the mountain. What was left also had time to dig a cellar to hide part of the food. Even if the rebels robbed most of the food on the surface, they actually hid a lot of life-saving food because they knew the situation in advance.

Therefore, the status of the county magistrate in people's hearts is even higher. In this case, how is it possible to be slandered?

After knowing that it won't work, I won't be in vain. When I was okay, I sent things from house to house, and there were not many three melons, and they all smiled when they met.

The face before is still vivid, but now he is beginning to pretend to be a good person. The people are not stupid, knowing that this is not a good heart, but they can't really look down on a good face. The more you start to please the people in this way, the more it proves that their great cause will be accomplished.

Daxia Dynasty, I am afraid it is really over.

The county magistrate heard the information sent by the spies time and time again, even if he didn't get the situation in Kyoto, he could roughly guess it. Starting to prepare for the future yellow robe addition, it means that they have already approached the city and started to attack the big goal of Kyoto. Once Kyoto missed. So most of the country will fall into Da Wu's hands.

Da Wu, State Wu. Compared to the rebels in the past, they now have real names.

Once Kyoto falls, even if they are protected by dead men to escape from another emperor's home in Kyoto, the chance of a comeback is very slim.

And the position of the county magistrate, with Xia Guo, disappeared.

The foundation of hundreds of years collapsed into sand in just a few years.

Of course, more and more land is being reclaimed. But the process of opening up wasteland is time-consuming and laborious.

Cut the bushes and weeds first, and then cut the trees. Then the land must be turned over and the rhizomes will be cut out. It doesn't sound troublesome, but the average adult man can open up wasteland every day less than ten feet of land.

It continued until June, when the mountain was already dormant, and the land in this camp really met expectations. The crops that are being sown have grown tall.

What needs to be busy then is to mow the animals and dry them. There is little sunlight in the mountains, and the open land cut down from wasteland requires crops to be planted, which cannot be used for drying.

Therefore, we can only build a huge dryer, use soil as the main material, put the grass on it, dry the cut grass, and store it.

I'm busy here, and I have also prepared what Li Ji needs for the coming year. Take the words of the county magistrate. Almost all the chickens and rabbits in the base came from Li Ji, and thanks to them, the people in the base can eat eggs every three days. With such credit, why can't we use some easily available fodder?

Li Ji has to clean up the prey sent by the wolf every day, and feed the wolf to the wolf after preparing the meat.

It's almost a wolf den here, and you can see wolves roaming around the giant tent every day.

But there is also a good thing, that is because the smell of wolf is here, and the beasts next to it basically leave when they smell it. Even if there are wolves who can beat wolves heads-up, they don't want to face the headache of wolves. It is best to avoid it.

In this way, people are protected by the wolves, and there is no need to fear the invasion of beasts next to them. The wolves are used to eating cooked food and can't wait to drag them over for meat when they catch prey every day.

When Li Ji was feeding the wolves that day, he saw that there were more little guys in the pack. Looking at the appearance of two or three catties, he walked very smoothly, pestering the she-wolf from time to time, and when the she-wolf was eating meat, she also took two bites.

When did you give birth? Li Ji didn't even know. And it's all grown so big.

The little wolf looked like a pup, not fierce at all, but soft and cute. Li Ji liked this and couldn't help but walk over to take a good look. Fortunately, the wolf had been familiar with Li Ji for a long time, and was not wary of him. Li Ji squatted down to look at the wolf cub, and the mother wolf let him watch.

Li Ji looked different from other wolves, and the big wolf did not attack him. Little Wolf looked at the attitude of his parents and classified Li Ji into the scope of safe creatures. In addition to being curious about this strange-looking creature, he took the initiative to come over and sniff Li Ji's body.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and touched it, and the wolf hair was so soft and unreasonable. The wolf cub stretched out his tongue to lick Li Ji's hand. Li Ji looked at the she wolf carefully and tried to pick up the wolf cub.

After a year, Li Ji finally embraced the wolf cub again. Last time or last year, the wolf he knew best had acted as a father and sneaked a cub to show him, but the wolf was also taken care of by the she-wolf.

Now with the she-wolf's consent, Er Gouzi can hug the wolf in an upright manner.

Little milk wolf is the most curious time. Suddenly he was held high, and looked around curiously. Then he became interested in Li Ji's hands. Maybe I was really curious about why his paws couldn't be so big and so odd, the little milk wolf just bit Li Ji's fingers with his newly teethed teeth to play.

Don't look at the wolf, this bite force is not small. Li Ji hurriedly pulled out his hand and kept rubbing the soft fur of the little wolf, but he was completely satisfied.

After Li Ji's busy day, he added another time-consuming project to play with the little wolf cub.

Feeding the animals, shoveling the ground, and leaving them to work separately, there is nothing to do. When the weather is good, Er Gouzi is on the mountain, so he doesn't need to be depressed and washes well. When it's okay, he put on his armor and took a spear and went into the mountain.

Every time I go into the mountains, I will gain more or less. If you can't eat it at home, you can simply pickle it and send it to the county magistrate, which is not bad at all.

The sow has a baby, and the little piglet looks pretty good. At the beginning, the breastfeeding needed help, Li Ji touched the soft cub and held it in his hand for a while.

The cow gave birth to a cub a year ago, and it is quite big now. But it will take at least half a year to wait for it to be eaten. The cow has brought her cubs again. Be tidy, you don't need to be close to eating beef at home in two years.

There are ten sheep now, and when they are greedy, killing one or two will not affect them.

The days are consummated, and I have more free time. Li Ji and Er Gouzi went back and forth between the camp and the giant tent when they were bored. I intend to go down the mountain to see what is happening at home, but I am afraid that the soldiers of Wu will cause trouble. I can only find more things for myself to transfer time.

Two children ushered in the base, both boys. Let the children's parents look happy and worried. On the one hand, I feel that it is a happy event that the family can inherit the family after giving birth to a boy. On the other hand, there are more boys and fewer girls in the base. If there are fewer girls, what is the use of having a boy? If you beat a bachelor, don't you still cut off your children and grandchildren?

Those who have given birth to a boy and are pregnant start thinking about having a girl. Because if you give birth to a girl at this time, you will definitely be asked for sweet pastry in the future. At that time, the chaos of war was definitely over, and there was one's own fortune, and this gift money must be a lot of money.

Some people with young children have already gone to those who are pregnant and said that if they are a girl, they will make a kiss for their own son, or simply take him to his house as a child bride-in-law, and save her in-laws' help to raise the girl-in-law.

Li Ji felt ridiculous when he heard such words in the camp. When did the child become a business? After giving birth to a son, begging a wife is to earn a profit, but to give birth to a girl is to feed others, is to lose?

Shouldn't the child be bred together by the husband and wife to carry the future of the two? Why treat a piece of meat that fell from your body as a cargo?

Li Ji didn't understand, but he also made up for what he said to them. Because this kind of thing is what Li Ji thinks, and after listening to Li Ji's words, I am afraid that he will feel that he is a fool.

At this time, Li Ji remembered. At this moment, Li Qiao'er's life might not be easy. Those who gather together don't see and see when they lower their heads, and those who live are close. It is inevitable that there will be a long tongue talking about it. This Li Qiaoer is nineteen this year and has not married yet.

At the camp, there were many men and few women who were trying to marry, but they still couldn't get married, so I don't know what they are going to be.

It is not impossible that Li Ji wants to relieve Li Qiaoer. But it has always been a symptom, not a permanent cure. As long as Li Qiao'er is still a girl at home, it will inevitably be talked about behind her back.

Li Ji mentioned it casually while having dinner with the county magistrate. Li Ji also mentioned Li Qiao'er before, and the county magistrate also sighed about Li Qiao'er. Now that Li Ji mentioned it again, the county magistrate thought about it:

"If I remember correctly, in order to relieve her, you asked her to recognize Chang'an. Is it Chang'an's goddess?"

Li Ji nodded: "In fact, this matter is to stop the mouths of the people in the village. You also know that the gossip in this village is so powerful that a careless girl is ruined."

The original thing was just to behave, and the county magistrate should not admit this.

"In that case, it doesn't have to be so troublesome. Just change Minger's time and let her call me a foster father." This kind of thing is just a matter of effort, and the county magistrate will not feel that it is being taken advantage of.

Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief, the county magistrate was willing to take care of this, and Li Qiao'er would not be afraid in the future. Don't say that you won't be talked about. From now on, Li Shuisheng wants to make use of Li Qiao'er's marriage, so he has to think carefully about the county magistrate's side.

The flowers bloom in the mountains just right. In order to pursue girls, some smarter guys stole outside the fence to pick flowers for the girls they like. Because of this, there are a few injured in the trap. Fortunately, these traps were arranged together at the beginning, and I know where the traps are. So even if you are caught in a trap, as long as you don't continue to wait for someone to rescue you, you will at most suffer some skin injuries.

The surrounding walls have been cleared of wasteland, and there is not a single wild flower. The mountains are all dazzling, and they are also most suitable for girls.

The more this kind of time, the more idle and nothing to talk about love. The court is almost gone. It is a sober thing to live. Now that you have enough food and drink, you naturally want to marry a wife and have children while you are in peace.

The county magistrate repeatedly said that he was not allowed to go outside the wall, nor could he stop those half-and-half children who wanted to increase the girl's favor! This one sneaked out to pick flowers and won the girl's favor. The other boys followed suit.

Seeing the injured one by one, the county magistrate thought of a bad idea.

Strictly grabbed the fence and went out to pick flowers. When I met, I came out with the two boxes of rouge, and most of the girls who were painting the temples over the wall walked around the camp and did what they said.

After two lads tried to test the law without believing in evil, the entire base no longer felt a step beyond the thunder pool.

There are a few married couples, and the county magistrate knows how to give snacks. In his opinion, it is nothing but a handy gift, which is a very important event for the common people. Those who received the gifts were also envied, and those who had not planned to get married early were also a little itchy.

The crops are growing slowly, but the growth is not bad, and the harvest will not be too small. Last winter, most people wore old cotton clothes. There was a lot of scalp in the camp. The county magistrate had the heart to gather some women who are good at sewing, and together they made leather into leather jackets to keep out the cold in winter.

The first thing to do is to make a suitable suit for the hunters, then regular patrols, and then the kitchen. The people in the kitchen use the most water, and the water tank is placed outside and covered with quilts in order to save space. If you go out and go in, alternating hot and cold is the easiest to wind and chill.

Then came from. The old man's words are only one or two in the base, and they are made together with the children's.

If the leather is still enough at that time, or if there are more leathers in the future, do it one by one, and strive for a manpower.

This can protect you from the cold when you are on the mountain. In the future, if the world is too peaceful, take it away if you go down the mountain. It is their own business whether they keep the cold from generation to generation, or whether they are pawned for silver and settle down again.

This is also a gift from the county magistrate.

Everyone is tailor-made. Who is there to take a good measure of the size.

Except for winter, the camp is basically idle. The trivial contradiction is gradually hiding. Even the court of this county is almost gone. He is still serving as the official of the people's parents, and this day is busy enough.

At this time, the spies brought a letter. It was said that another team entered the mountain a few days ago and went straight to the fake camp that they had done before, but after leaving a letter there, they went down the mountain. The spies handed the letter to the county magistrate.

The county magistrate opened it and only looked at the beginning, and then retired everyone.

A total of three pieces of paper, to summarize the meaning, it is not so much to call for security, as it is to let the county magistrate enter the Wu Dynasty as an official.

Lord Wu was very optimistic about the county magistrate, and he also learned that the county magistrate used to be the pillar of the country, and only because he was victimized by an adulterer, he would say one, and be a small county magistrate in a small place. Lord Wu is a person who cherishes his talents, plus he was somewhat socialized before. That's why I have the heart to collect.

The county magistrate is not a fledgling boy, so he naturally understands this deeper meaning. If it is said that the onlookers after entering the country skyrocketed. If it is a decade back, no matter what the purpose is, the county magistrate is willing to go for a break. But now the county magistrate hesitated.

He used to be alone. Don't be afraid of how to rush. Now he has a son and a grandson. Some concerns about the future. In fact, right and wrong in this officialdom. It's not important anymore.

Just been an official for many years. It would be unrealistic to say that they were put down all at once.

And if it really enters the front of the new master. Perhaps there is a way to help open a way out for those colleagues who have a clear conscience but are marginalized. Yuci also had the opportunity to learn about the lives of the people after the war. How much effort.

But what about the family?

Both sides are concerned and can't let go. The county magistrate had many thoughts in his heart, and couldn't think of a way to get the best of both worlds. He knows more about officialdom than anyone else. What's more, he didn't know what kind of situation he was like in the previous dynasty.

With this thoughtful effort, Li Ji came to see him again with the wild fruits picked with Er Gouzi.

The county magistrate sorted out his thoughts and began to wonder whether to discuss with Li Ji.

"Are you busy? It's not a coincidence that I came here. It's just that the wild fruits should be eaten fresh." Li Ji came over and put the basket away. Seeing no one in the room. Unless there is something important, the county magistrate stays at any time.

"Why don't I go out with Er Gouzi for a while?" Li Ji said.

"It's okay, you don't let it go. Do it." He also pinched the three letter papers, only feeling extremely heavy.

Li Ji worked with Er Gouzi and looked at the paper in the hands of the county magistrate. He is illiterate, but he knows that it is a wind letter. At this time, who would send a letter to the county magistrate? How did it arrive in the hands of the county magistrate?

"What's the matter?" Li Ji asked in a low voice.

After listening to Li Ji's question, the county magistrate did not hide it, and told Li Ji the whole thing.

Li Ji didn't know much about the officialdom, he said strangely: "Even if you really know your grievances, you should know your loyalty to Xia Dynasty. And even if you are fed up with Xia Dynasty and hate Xia Dynasty, they If you want to overthrow the Xia Dynasty, why use Xia Dynasty officials?"

"When a new dynasty is established, it is not necessary to kill all the officials of the previous dynasty. Because the establishment of the official system takes time. The most lacking of the newly established dynasty is to arrange the time of the ministries. So it is appropriate to leave some previous officials. The officials of the DPRK are normal. It's just that, except for those officials who hold real power, few of them can be re-used. But they need to open the best head. Let all the officials of the former Dynasty see that they are used to it. Fairness, there will be no corruption of party formation and private business. As long as you have the ability, you can definitely become bigger and bigger. I have always been the beginning of what they need." The county magistrate explained.

Li Ji still doesn't quite understand: "Why are you?"

The county magistrate is just the magistrate of a small place. In Kyoto, you can usually hit three five-rank officials when you turn around, which is really not conspicuous.

The county magistrate said: "Do you still remember how the soldiers under the mountain did? Let some original prisoners come over to complain, claiming that they were wronged, how did the Xia Dynasty rush his life. How did the country of Wu change his innocence like a blue sky. I am in. Is similar to the position of a prisoner. I was persecuted and demoted here because I was persecuted by my foreign relatives in politics. My previous position was too high, the better the effect I can bring now. If I enter the country of Wu As an official, if you want to come to those who are marginalized and talented in Xia, they will consider Wu Guo."

Having explained it this way, Li Ji understood it.

"You mean, they want to use what they are good to you to convince more people that they are really good to the officials left behind from the previous dynasty. In order to win people's hearts?"

The county magistrate nodded: "Throw a brick to attract jade, it's roughly the same. One thing is for sure. They will not treat me wrongly. But whether to give me real power or to be a puppet under house arrest or two things."

"In this case, what can you think of? You said before, you want to enjoy a good life with me and Er Gouzi, the officialdom is not peaceful, why do you want to go back?" Li Ji is not stupid. The county magistrate was able to say these things in a long form, mainly because he was still hesitating. If you really think about it, you won't tell Li Ji so carefully.

The county magistrate once again said to the people's uneasiness, and sighed: "Say some selfish words. If the new lord is really for the country and the people, maybe it can be counted as for the people of the world and the wise ministers. A good thing. And I have the heart to witness all of this. I just don't know whether this is my naive fantasy. It's still fortunate to be able to witness it, or it's unknown. What's more, I still have you."

Li Ji has never been an official, so he doesn't understand the entanglement of the county magistrate too much. After thinking about it again and again, he said:

"When I lived by buying skins at the foot of the mountain, I already raised rabbits. Er Gouzi still insisted on going up the mountain. Because that is Er Gouzi's nature. You are father and son. Er Gouzi is so obsessed with preferences. You must be the same. To you, the officialdom is like Er Gouzi's mountain. You know the danger, but you always feel where you should go."

Li Ji paused after speaking, and continued: "Father. I respect your decision. If you go to the capital, Er Gouzi and I will guard our house here and wait for you to come back. If you don't want to go, we will be a family in the future. Together. Er Gouzi and I can honor you for the rest of your life. Er Gouzi thinks so too. So you don't need to be like us. As long as you are willing, we will do everything."

With a burst of dad, the county magistrate was taken aback. Then his eyes became wet. Although this word was not spoken from the innermost part of Er Gouzi. But at this moment, for the county magistrate, the balance in his heart is biased towards his family.

What else can be happier than the filial piety of a father and son. 

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