The county magistrate hasn't replied to the letter for a long time, probably this will not happen. The imperial court that had just been established by the State of Wu was still beginning to tentatively. It was concerned about this matter, but it didn't reply, so it began to let go.

It took another half a month for the soldiers of the State of Wu to pass on the news. The last prince of the State of Xia was already like a bereavement dog and went south. Nowadays, the north and south are separated by the Yangtze River, and all the north of the Yangtze River is attributed to Dawu, and it is only a matter of time before the south of the Yangtze River is captured.

When a new dynasty is established, new laws will be promulgated. With the new laws, new officials will begin to be sent. Just waiting for Daxia Jiangshan to be completely returned to the State of Wu. When the time comes, the major masters will worship the kings. I believe this remote place will soon belong to a certain prince's fief.

However, it is worthwhile to relax at the moment because the local station is remote, and Wu has limited officials, and has not yet sent a new county magistrate. It is the soldiers guarding the county seat that are temporarily in charge of the county.

The north is stable, there will be no more wars, and the places of life brought by those wars no longer exist.

After hearing the reports brought by the spies several times, the county magistrate finally made a decision and told the people in the base. The foot of the mountain is safe, if you have any concerns, you can go down the mountain.

When I can't go down the mountain, I will miss my relatives down the mountain for a long time, and I will miss the place where I grew up. When it was really possible to go down the mountain, in fact, everyone hesitated.

Life here is so good. No worries about food and clothing, without closing the house at night. Although they are all crowded together, there is no personal space and it is not easy to conceal personal affairs. But because of the same situation, even more scruples, the relationship between people becomes tighter.

Because everything is public and there is no private property, there is nothing to dispute when there is no worry about food and clothing. Don't be jealous because your neighbor eats an extra piece of meat. There is also no way to eat meat a few times a year, or even hungry and skinny.

Everyone has gained a lot, especially the children, all round faces, full of rich looks.

What a happy day.

At this time, only a few families are willing to go down the mountain. There are family members who don't want to go up the mountain and guard under the mountain. When it is safe, they have to go back and start again.

The county magistrate also began to organize people to find a relatively flat place to build a mansion in the mountains. A large area of ​​land must be enclosed by a high and thick wall. Only a small piece of land is used for planting flowers, which is used to make the county magistrate happy. The rest is used for sowing and harvesting.

A yard with at least three entrances on the ground and an underground palace large enough to hold a huge family property.

Every day, the county magistrate is preparing for the days ahead. In addition to arranging soldiers to escort the people going down the mountain, the county magistrate has been following the craftsmen to design all the details of the courtyard.

Everyone who descends from the mountain will receive one or two silver dollars for the settlement. In a peaceful and prosperous age, a couple of silver is enough for a simple family to live for a year. But during the war, you may not be able to buy a single steamed bun. Now it is the primordial world, and everything is still recovering. The value of these two silvers is still not small.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi stayed in the camp for a few days, and they followed the county magistrate to see their future home. Just looking at the layout sketches, the county magistrate felt that this was the minimum budget based on the topography, and for Li Ji, this was simply a palace.

It's no wonder that Li Ji hasn't seen the market, because apart from the county's Taiyefu and the county's Chengfu, Li Ji hasn't seen many good places.

The amount of money needed to build such a large place may be two or three times that of the flat land under the mountain. However, the county magistrate is not short of silver, as long as the family is enough for him to enjoy his old age, the amount of silver spent is worthwhile.

Both of Li Ji's nephews are planning to leave. Li Chang has heard enough of the gossip in the camp, and now it is too obvious to see the highs and lows. Li Chang wants to go back to the village to buy a family property first, and then think about the way forward.

However, Li Jin and Erying decided to return to the mountain village after discussing. No one knows what the couple said. When leaving with Yingzi, Xiao Tudou almost didn't cry.

Watching them go from a distance. Only then did Xiao Tudou really feel that he had really left his original home.

Li Ji touched Xiao Tudou's head and sighed: "Read hard, even if your surname is Shen, it will be easy to see your biological parents in the future."

"Grandpa Four." Xiao Tudou cried for a while while hugging Li Ji.

There are a lot less people in the camp, and the rest are still hesitating. It's just that the atmosphere is getting sluggish. Without possessions, one feels insecure. But the food and drink here are so good. Even if there will be private property in the future, there will be no such good days.

The money in your pocket is yours. It is difficult for a family with a son to marry a daughter-in-law without the talent. Those who have a family with their children are thinking of saving a family property for their children so that they can be prosperous by passing them on from generation to generation.

Such thoughts have become bigger and bigger with the passage of time. In the beginning, there were only a few households, and after a month of work, half of it had been left.

Li Ji went back to the giant tent for more than half a month. When he came back, he felt that the camp was a lot empty. There were originally three thousand people, but now there are only two thousand, and many tents and houses are vacated.

At this time, no matter what big prey is hunting, only the cheers of the children can be heard. The adults are used to this. The good days have passed a lot, the days that were free and unconstrained before, with the filters in memory, have become a lot nostalgic.

The selective forgot to eat less meat at that time, and the selective forgot to pick it up when the clothes were full of patches. I haven't been out in the camp for nearly a year, and it seems that there is more freedom under the mountain.

"You don't want to go down the mountain and have a look?" the county magistrate asked Li Ji.

Li Ji was thinking, but there is no way to decide when to go down. Li Ji also didn't know what it was like. Obviously miss the home under the mountain, and the house where I have stayed for many years. But when he really wanted to go back, Li Ji couldn't make up his mind.

"If you have time. Now when it comes to weeding, the dealer in the field can't do without people." Li Ji said.

The county magistrate looked at Li Ji for a while, then pointedly said: "Can't bear to go on?"

Li Ji scratched his head: "I can't say that I can't bear it. I don't know why. I want to go down the mountain, but I will pay attention to it whenever I go down. I always feel that there is something to do tomorrow, and it's okay to push it further."

That was the place where I lived with Er Gouzi for two years, how could I not miss it? But it's not just why, it just can't decide when to go back.

The county magistrate helped her pay attention: "I will accompany you down the mountain in half a month. It just so happens to take a good look at what your home is like."

There was a taboo in the past, and the county magistrate never visited the home of two people. From now on, the county magistrate will no longer be an official, so there is no need to keep it secret.

"That's OK. I don't know if there are any fish in the fish ponds in the village. If there are, I dig a fish pond in the back mountain to raise more in my own house. I like to eat fish, and Er Gouzi likes to make fish. Even if you can't eat it, you can share it with the camp."

Even if the people are gone, the soldiers will not leave. Just waiting for the destruction of Xia Kingdom, this team will lose their organization and become a wild army or even a mountain bandit. Staying in the mountains is the best choice.

Er Gouzi like to do it? The county magistrate rolled his eyes, this should be counted as Li Ji likes to eat. Just like Er Gouzi like to eat potato stew with chicken, Li Ji can stew this dish very special.

Li Ji felt the eyes of the county magistrate, and changed to a dogleg smile and asked: "Then what do you like to eat, father? I will learn to cook together with Er Gouzi."

Li Ji's face has become thicker since he heard the drought last time. After calling Dad, and comparing it to Er Gouzi who didn't even call him, the county magistrate began to wonder which was his own son.

"I do a lot of washing, and I don't need to learn one by one. I will pick one or two, and occasionally make it for me. I am also happy in my heart." The county magistrate deliberately squeezed him, and said, "I don't want to say something. Abalone, bird's nest, shark fin and bear's paw are raw, I can wait for your craftsmanship."

Li Ji looked eagerly, and said quietly: "You are not difficult to be a man."

The county magistrate was amused by Li Ji's appearance, patted Li Ji on the shoulder, and said: "Okay, what else can I think of you?"

Weng and son-in-law can also be considered a rare nonsense. Er Gouzi looked at pantothenic acid from the sidelines. As soon as I was about to speak, I heard the rush of running outside.

Er Gouzi's hearing was better, thinking that something had happened, stood up and looked at the door.

The tent curtain opened, holding a piece of paper in his hand, the soldier did not even breathe, and shouted out of breath that it was not good.

The county magistrate frowned and said, "Give me the paper!"

The soldier offered the paper with both hands. The county magistrate opened it and saw it was a wanted order. There are portraits of two people on it. Although the flowers are a bit rough, the grandfather of the county can still vaguely see that they are Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Sure enough, looking at the names written below, it was "Li Ji, Li Ergou". The charge was to falsely accuse the lieutenant next to the general, looking at a wanted order offering a reward of ten taels of silver!

If it is a wanted order issued by the county government, it must be reviewed and stamped with various seals. And this is only the seal of the army.

Before the world is completely stable, the army does have the absolute right to speak.

The county magistrate clenched his fists and crumpled the paper, clenching his teeth, and his eyes seemed to burst into flames.

Li Ji didn't know how to read, and couldn't understand when he looked at it, so he asked what's wrong. The county magistrate closed his eyes and did not answer, but his eyebrows were frowned.

"Who is that lieutenant!"

"My lord! This is also the news that the final general has just received. The lieutenant next to the local Shoucheng general is from the same village as Siye. Back then, he was enlisted into the army along with the prisoners in the prison, and the general was saved by circumstances. Because of various things, he became the current deputy general. The general was just dispatched. The deputy only told the general that he had been framed before he went to jail. The general issued a wanted order and tried to arrest Li Ji and Er Gouzi."

At this moment, the county magistrate regretted that he hadn't been ruthless in the first place to extricate himself from this scourge!

Li Ji's in the same village, as in the case, there is only the Er Chanzi! Those Er Chanzi could go to someone's barn in the middle of the night just because Li Ji said something bad to him. That could also be because of Li Ji's imprisonment, so he hated Li Ji for not being able to kill and then hurry up!

Fortunately, the county magistrate still had some power, and the news reached him in advance. If you go down the mountain and go home without knowing anything, then you don't know how you died!

Scourge! Really a scourge!

"The organizer will protect the village. If anyone dares to move the people in the village, he will take them up the mountain regardless of the consequences!" This was the first order from the county magistrate.

Li Ji reached out and grabbed the sleeve of the county magistrate: "Father! What's the matter?"

The county magistrate looked at Li Ji and organized some remarks before he said: "Er Shanzi is now a lieutenant next to the general. General Qiu has issued a wanted order. You and Er Gouzi are wanted."

Li Ji trembled and said in disbelief, "Er Chanzi? How could it be possible!"

Er Chanzi Li Ji knows too well. How could he be on the battlefield when he didn't work hard on his small limbs and was struggling to carry a bucket of water? Can climb all the way to the position of lieutenant!

"Maybe he has some other adventures. Right now, he has the power, holding his breath to seek revenge from you!"

Li Ji frowned and said, "What should I do?"

Li Ji never dreamed that he would have been wanted one day, but he was still wanted by the scumbag like Er Chanzi! It is always said that heaven is good for reincarnation, and God is fair. Then why should those innocent people suffer from the war, and the shovel is so stubborn that they become officials!

"You don't need to worry about this, there will be no danger if you don't go down the mountain right now." The county magistrate tried to comfort him.

But Li Ji is not a fool. He remembered the order given by the county magistrate just now, and was surprised: "Is he going to use the villagers as a threat? That's why you gave orders to protect them?"

The county magistrate couldn't deny it, so he nodded.

Li Ji opened his mouth, his body already trembling. If it were Li Ji himself, Li Ji would not care so much. If because of his troubled outsiders, Li Ji is afraid of being a ghost and uneasy.

"Li Chang and Li Jin have both returned to the village. The old man and the others are also in the village. With so many people, can you protect it?"

The county magistrate heard despair in Li Ji's tone. For an ordinary person. Not to mention a lieutenant killing him, a soldier, for him, it is also an inevitable disaster.

The county magistrate lowered his gaze, as if he had made some decision: "There is nothing absolute. He uses his position to suppress others, and he only needs to use a higher position to back pressure, and that's it."

Li Ji didn't understand: "Where shall we find someone taller than him to suppress him?"

The county magistrate's head turned sharply, thinking clearly before and after. Sighed and said, "God really doesn't plan to live in peace anymore."

Li Ji just looked at the county magistrate, and when he went on, the county magistrate smiled and said, "Do you remember that I once received a letter from King Wu."

Li Ji directly grabbed the county magistrate's wrist: "How can this work! Aren't you not going!"

The officialdom is not necessarily easy on the battlefield. The grandfather of the county once lost, saying that this remote place is already the grandfather of the county is fortunate. If you go again now, you may be truly dead!

The county magistrate said: "I also thought about it. In this mountain, it may not be a safe and good way. People don't hide, and they can really stay away from right and wrong. I can only really stand in an absolute high position. I have the ability to protect you. What's more, I am not sure whether I am really suitable for a leisurely life."

"What about your preparations?" Li Ji choked, "What other preparations have you made? The mansion in the mountain has already started."

The county magistrate could feel Li Ji's care. Such a wanted order finally made the county magistrate sit down and make a decision. Originally, he was a person who cared about the people. How could such a person stay in the mountains and hide in peace?

As soon as Xia Guo died, he had just lost his status as the county magistrate, when someone bullied him. If you want to protect your children and grandchildren, you must stand at an absolute height. Even if there are some adventures on the road, it is worth it for him.

"I will sue my old man and return home someday. Xiao Ji, you don't have to persuade you. I have already figured it out, maybe this is the fate given to me by the heavens. While I am still here, the three of us, father and son, will treat me well. Right." This is a long way to the mountain, and I don't know when to meet again.

Li Ji's eyes were red, looking at Er Gouzi, wanting Er Gouzi to say something. In fact, Er Gouzi didn't get along well with the county magistrate, and they didn't even communicate much. Li Ji has always been intimacy with the county magistrate, and Er Gouzi is panthenizing.

But when the county magistrate was about to leave, Er Gouzi felt really uncomfortable.

"I hunt and you are an official. We are the same and can't change our habits. You go, I don't advise you. Li Ji and I will wait for you to come back to live."

There is such a sentence, which is more effective than a thousand words.

"You are all good children." The county magistrate stretched out his hand and hugged the two sons in his arms. I thought that when I found my son, I would be accompanied by mountains and rivers and children and grandchildren for the rest of my life. Unexpectedly, he still can't do without that officialdom.

fair enough.

The county magistrate held a pen, wrote down the reply letter by word, and handed it over to those who could trust it, and asked them to hand it over to the general of the local army. Since the Emperor Wu wants to recruit the county magistrate, it is impossible for the high-ranking officers here to know.

As long as this letter is delivered, it will not be long before the county magistrate will enter Beijing as an official. It's hard to say what it will look like in the future.

Taking advantage of the gap ordered by the Emperor Wu, the county magistrate moved into Li Ji's giant tent and brought a few servants and maids.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi have also been decent young masters for a few days. They are in such a big place and there are so many people. There is really no need for them to fight with them.

Xiao Tudou live with them. After all, it is a child with strong plasticity. Just standing there with his back and his hands upright, he looks more young than Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Xiao Tudou has to go with the county magistrate. This is Xiao Tudou's own choice. Since he wanted to study, he wanted to be an official in the court, this time he went directly to Beijing and stayed with the county magistrate, so that he could learn more.

"Come and taste the freshly fried hazelnuts. The heat is just right." Li Ji brought the plate into the house and quickly put it down, touching his ears with hot hands. It was all fried by me and Er Gouzi, dad, try it."

The county magistrate reached out and touched it, it was very hot. Li Ji picked up one in his hand and kept changing hands to blow in. When it got cold, he opened the cracked hole and handed the hazelnut kernels to the county magistrate.

The county magistrate took it and ate it in his mouth: "It's really fragrant."

"Eat more if you like it, and we picked a lot. The vegetables in the ground are basically gone. They are all dried and carried on your back. But you never say what you like to eat. Otherwise, if you know, I can prepare more for you?"

The county magistrate smiled and said, "You can't finish it."

Li Ji continued to peel hazelnuts for the county magistrate: "Is someone hurting you and you are wronged?"

Er Gouzi came in with the fried pine nuts and looked at the hazelnut kernels in Li Ji's hands. He also stretched out his hand to peel one, but instead of directly giving it to the county magistrate, he reached out and replaced the benevolence in Li Ji's hand with his own. Then he stuffed Li Ji's peeled hazelnut kernels into his mouth without changing the color.

Li Ji bit the bullet and delivered Er Gouzi's peeled hazelnut kernels to the hand of the county magistrate. Er Gouzi, who knew how to eat, was reluctant to train him.

The county magistrate is used to it. It's better to have such a heart-wrenching son than nothing.

No one went back to brief things to go. Right now is to live a normal life. Get up and sit at a table for dinner every day. Get together and chat after dinner. Er Gouzi went out hunting, and Weng and Son-in-law went around in the nearby woods and chatted for a while. Er Gouzi came back from hunting, and then studied what to eat.

As if the county magistrate would never leave at all.

Er Chanzi over there had just found his mother, and he was holding her together and told her the "wrongs" she had received these days.

Er Chanzi mother doesn't need to think too much. The woman who officially told the rebel army about the mountain last year. Later, because of a letter from the county magistrate, the rebels were no longer obsessed with the supplies on the mountain, and Er Chanzi Niang was also driven out of the village because of Gao Mi.

In the days that followed, Er Chanzi Niang could be said to have had all the hardships she could endure. In the winter, hiding in an abandoned ruined house and eating grains that others could not take away, barely survived the winter. In the beginning of spring, he wandered again in order to hide from a homeless man with abnormal brains.

After these few months of displacement, I decided to go back. The days outside are too bitter. She thought about going back to the village, even if she was kneeling down and begging, there are not so many incidents in the village anyway. Just happened to encounter Er Chanzi.

Er Chanzi has not been easy this year. He was arrested to be a strong man just as cannon fodder. He didn't plan to let him live, so naturally he didn't give him anything good. He escaped several times and was caught and beaten half to death. In winter, a thin tent made him want to die directly.

Later, when he fought the war, he avoided the collision with all his heart, and was lucky to save the general! Because of the trust of the general and the cleverness of Er Chanzi, he has soared up so that he has been the lieutenant next to the general!

Now that the mother and son are reunited, the two also believe what they have been saying before. Er Chanzi is not incapable, but has no chance.

God is really kind to Er Chanzi. He suffered so many "injustices" in the past. Now I really turned over!

From now on, see who dares to look down on their mother and son!

Er Chanzi Niang just put on a good dress, watching four or five maids take care of her. When she was righteous, there was a commotion outside the courtyard.

Er Chanzi quickly put on his clothes and went out panicked: "But there is another war?"

The door opened, and it was a general who had never seen it before: "But Li Erchan! You are suspected of framing others. You and your mother, come with us!" 

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