Both mother and son panicked. Mother and son had just met again, and just had a few days of free time with the general for a few days to get along well, Er Chanzi didn't even have time to show off with his mother how he is doing well now, why something went wrong?

"Is there any misunderstanding." Er Chanzi trembled a little, but thinking that he is not an ordinary clother now, he tried to stand up and said, "I am the person next to General Gao!"

"Stop talking nonsense! Take it away!"

The two of them were pulled out of the yard, tied up with thick hemp rope and thrown into the prison cart and taken away.

Li Ji's family of four had a small life here. When feeding the wolves every morning, the wolves around the door are very beautiful. Li Ji also brought Xiao Tudou to feed together. At first, the child trembled with fright, but then he caught the little wolf cubs all over the yard to hold and play.

It is precisely because of getting acquainted with people that the wolves have no malicious intent towards people. On the contrary, people who hold cooked meat in their hands are especially close to humans, but they are different from dogs. Because they will not beg for a piece of meat, but because of a piece of meat, they will give a person a very good impression.

The county magistrate's letter has been sent out for more than half a month, and I have also lived here for more than half a month. This is almost the longest time for a family to get along.

Li Ji watched the wolf eat all the meat with a smile on his face. The county magistrate suddenly said: "Let's go down the mountain and have a look."

Li Ji was stunned, and said: "What's the matter?"

"Public trial of Er Chanzi, mother and son." The county magistrate's tone was flat, and the hatred in his heart was relieved with the news. The Er Chanzi and the mother and the daughter were tried, which means that the new emperor has sincerely accepted him into the court. The official position of a deputy general is not low, especially in times of war. It can be handled so simply, at least it now seems that he is worthy of the magistrate's life.

The county magistrate who has been called for so long is mainly because few people know his fate, even if someone knows it, no one dares to call it.

His name is Shen Tianzhan, and he has lost the title of county magistrate since then. I don't know what it is after this.

Li Ji thought of the wanted order before, but felt itchy at all: "He deserves it!"

"Of course." Shen Tianzhan patted Li Ji on the shoulder, "Regardless of the verdict, he deserves it. He was tortured in troubled times, and he would not get better. At the beginning, they wanted you and Er Gouzi's heads, but now we also Take a good look at his fate."

Er Chanzi, perhaps, grew up in a crooked place since he was a child.

Li Ji looked up at Shen Tianzhan, remembering that if it were not for the Er Chanzi, Shen Tianzhan might not have to go back to the fire pit. Those Er Chanzi mothers were even more ill-intentioned, and she wanted to lead the enemy into the mountains.

At that time, if the rebels did find the camp, the three thousand people in the camp would be in danger of life! How vicious it is!

Li Ji and Er Gouzi went into the house to clean up, and brought all the clothes down the mountain. It wasn't until the foot of the mountain that he changed into a brand new dress.

The valuable jade pendant is pressed down on the corners of the clothes, and the hair crown is worn on the head. The longan pearls shine just right under the sun. Which one of the two stand out, it's so glamorous.

Er Chanzi wanted to kill both of them. Li Ji not only had to go out well, but also stood in front of the Er Chanzi glamorously. Tell him that the fate of the Lord was not hurt by a fly like you.

At the same time, it is equivalent to officially reflecting the identities of the two in the sun. They are the father and son. From now on, as long as Shen Tianzhan is still standing, then there is no one who can bully the two of them.

Several maids around him were waiting for them to take care of their outfits. For the first time facing the people, the most basic image is still necessary.

The brocade that Er Chanzi Niang had just put on was stripped off, and she was replaced with coarse linen prison clothes. The rough clothes are worn on the body and it hurts. Although I have been wearing old clothes in the past, at least it is still comfortable to wear, especially old clothes. After decades of passing on, the fabric will fit very well.

At this moment, Er Chanzi didn't see any scenery, and the prison car stopped, and all kinds of rotten vegetables rushed to his face.

After going back a month, he returned to the village to show off his majesty. He also pointed a few pretty girls who had been dismissive of him and took them back to be concubines.

It was only a month of work, and the mother and daughter returned to the village again, and they were already in such embarrassment.

The place to interrogate them was in the village where he grew up. Those in the same village, and even the same clan, all gritted their teeth, wishing to tear him apart and devour him!

Especially the few people whose daughters were snatched from them, they were about to chop them when they were carrying them in their hands. It was not scary.

Er Chanzi Niang was still begging, looking at the gray sky, Er Chanzi Niang only felt that God had been playing with him.

Since childhood, his mother has been telling him that he has great abilities. Those heavy and tiring work shouldn't be done by a big man like him in the future. One day he will rise to the top, when no one will look down on him anymore.

He grew up staring at the contempt of the same village, and used the Er Chanzi mothers to save a lifetime of silver and married a virtuous daughter-in-law. The village said that he was lucky to marry a good wife, but Er Chanzi felt that he was a man of great abilities, but married such an ordinary woman, this woman is not worthy of her.

The more the daughter-in-law retreats, the more his arrogant arrogance grows. Er Chanziniang finally became a daughter-in-law, putting all the family affairs on her own. And Er Chanzi finally found out what it's like to be a master in his wife.

With so much energy now, he escaped from the dead and easily climbed to the position of lieutenant, and he was about to take revenge and walk at the pinnacle of his life. All this night, he became a prisoner again, and also hurt his mother to suffer such a crime together.

The mother and son were pushed out of the prison wagon with thick shackles. Er Chanzi, who has been in jail and served as a soldier, knows clearly. This shackle is no ordinary thing. This is obviously the heaviest one. With this kind of thing, stand there, and within a day, people will be crushed alive.

Come, he will not survive this day.

Kicked and pushed their mother and son onto the clearing at the entrance of the village. In the back is the village, and in the front is the big house built by Li Jixin in the past two years. Not far away is the cattle pen where Er Chanzi was almost lit up.

Surrounded by so many people in the village, none of them had the slightest pity for them. Er Chanzi was too heavy to lift its head under the shackles. He could only kneel on the ground and let the ground help support the shackles before he could barely look up.

He doesn't know the person who came, but since he is someone who can't be influenced by a general, he must be a big man.

"Li Erchan! Li Zhou! You can convict!"

Er Chanzi's maiden name is Zhou, and no one remembers her name.

Er Chanziniang also felt that he was doomed to escape at this time. She had been tried before, what the charges should be, she knew in her heart.

"Master! Master Qingtian! My son was wronged! I did everything, and I did everything! I forced him, and I forced him to do it with filial piety. My son was filial when he was young, what Listen to me. It has nothing to do with my son! Your lord, cut me off! I do everything!"

At this moment, Er Chanzi mother is dedicated to protecting Er Chanzi, only thinking that if the blame is taken, Er Chanzi will be fine.

Er Chanzi was desperate to the extreme, and sneered: "Mother, haven't you seen it yet? They sent us here, and they didn't plan to let us leave alive."

Er Chanzi Niang shook her head with tears in her tears: "No, you are so good, why did you do bad things, why should you kill you!"

The adjudicator's tone became even colder: "The criminal wife Li Zhou! You admitted all the guilt, is it true?"

Er Chanzi Niang only thought that there was a way out for this matter, so she squashed her head and said: "It's true! I committed everything!"

At this time, a servant shouted not far away: "Hou Dao Yongan!"

The county magistrate walked in front, Li Ji and Er Gouzi followed behind them separately, and the servant girl waited behind.

A group of people walked slowly, and there was a commotion among the onlookers. Isn't this the grandfather of this county? How did you become Yonganhou?

Shen Tianzhan also just received the imperial decree and gave him the title of First Marquis, titled Yongan. Shen Changan is the eldest son and will inherit the title in the future.

Although knighthood is only an honor, it is not an official position, nor does it have real power. But here, this identity is enough.

The adjudicator stepped down from his seat and bowed to the two of them.

"Xiaguan has seen Yongan Hou, Yongan Hou Shizi." It stands to reason that Shen Tianzhan still has no official position, but the title still doesn't know how much the emperor loves him. The trial officer did not need to be so polite to Shen Tianzhan. But now is the founding period, and the gold content of every honorable title is extremely high, and there are all figures who will climb to the top in the future. No one will slack off.

"You don't have to be polite, Ben Hou is here to watch. You can judge you."

Someone brought a small stool. Under these conditions, no suitable chair could be found.

Shen Tianzhan and the three sat down, and Li Ji turned his eyes to Er Chanzi, his eyes surprisingly calm.

Seeing that the two missiles were all right, they were still standing beside Yonganhou. Listening to what the trial officer said, one of the two men was Yongan Hou Shizi!

Half a month ago, Er Chanzi was still an adjutant and regarded them as ants. Now, it is completely relieved!

"Li Ji!" Er Chanzi squeezed out two words from between his teeth.

"I'm your fourth uncle." Li Ji said calmly, "even if you don't recognize me as the fourth uncle, then I'm also Yonganhou's godson. It's better to call me the fourth master."

For the first time, Li Ji did this bullying. To be honest, Li Ji really has any thoughts. That's cool.

Previously, Er Chanzi used his identity to confuse the general and placed a wanted order. Now Li Ji is taking advantage of Shen Tianzhan's momentum to show off his power.

Let him know, from beginning to end, whether it is hard work, seniority, or status! His Er Chanzi has never been a dish in Li Ji's eyes.

Er Chanzi Niang also saw that Li Ji's glamorous suit was even more gorgeous than the brocade clothes she wore at that time. She kept kowtow to Li Ji: "Four Lord! Fourth Lord, I will kowtow to you! Er Chanzi is still young, and he is not sensible. I beg you for your elder's sake, forgive him. Come back!"

Er Chanzi is still small? He was six or seven years older than Li Ji, and he even wanted Li Ji to think of him as being incomprehensible. In Er Chanzi Niang's heart, Er Chan is always a happy child who needs her protection and encouragement to live, but she never thought about whether the things she gave Er Chan were right or wrong.

This time Li Ji didn't answer, and after a few days, they won't meet again. Talking more is not helpful.

The trial officer returned to his seat, and a row of gavel asked to be so clean, so that the servants helped Er Chanzi Niang up. At this time, Er Chanzi Niang's forehead had already seen blood, and he kept saying that her son was innocent.

The trial officer said: "Since the criminal woman has pleaded guilty, the government pronounces it! The criminal woman Li Zhou had a bad intention and abetted Li Erchan to frame the Yongan Hou Shizi! Thinking of the new emperor's ascendance to the world, he would avoid the death penalty and hit three rods. Ten, exiled for three thousand li to the northwest border to build the Great Wall! To see the aftereffects!"

Er Chanzi mother who had been sentenced to be heavy was full of joy and kowtowed her head to thank her. She thought that since the judge had already put the crime on her alone, Er Chanzi would be fine.

Er Chanzi did not expect this result. Could it be that the general, thinking of his life-saving grace, helped her buy the trial officer?

The corner of the trial officer's lips was chilly, his eyes fixed on Er Chan, and suddenly he said, "Prisoner Li Er Chan, you are guilty!"

Er Chanzi knew that he would not let him go, and straightened up and sneered, "Caomin is not guilty!"

How could he be guilty! Obviously, God is unfair. Why is it not him to be Yonganhou! Why is he not condescending! He was born to be blessed, so why not give him all this!

Obviously Er Chanzi mother told him since she was a child, why there was nothing left in the end.

The adjudicator didn't listen to him, and only showed witnesses. Soon more than a dozen men in prison uniforms were pulled over.

Er Chanzi turned around and looked at it effortlessly. We all know the people who formally wanted to run away together.

Er Chanzi finally understood why the trial officer would so easily give Er Chanzi Niang the charge alone. The establishment of the new dynasty should not kill too many people. So let Er Chanzi Niang take down all the previous charges and only sentence her to exile, which would give Da Wu a reputation for kindness. It's just a three-thousand-mile road, how could a woman like Er Chanzi Niang stand it? Most of them died before halfway through.

On Er Chanzi's side, the face was fleeing. According to military regulations, no one will be held accountable for a fight and it will pass. If it is investigated deeply, it is a felony decisively executed!

More than a dozen people unanimously recognized that Er Chanzi was the leader of the organization of deserters. Even if Er Chanzi was deliberately rebutting, it was impossible to argue!

Er Shanzi turned his gaze to Li Ji. Although Li Ji said everything, he had heard that deserting was a felony. This is the army's own business, and Li Ji, who is on the sidelines, can't do much.

Er Chanzi gritted his teeth and said: "You are satisfied!"

Li Ji ignored him, but went over him and looked at the villagers. These are familiar faces, and they are also looking at Li Ji and Er Gouzi. Some are envious, some are jealous, and more are doubts. Isn't Er Gouzi the son of a bully?

The trial officer lined up with gavel and said: "Prisoner Li Erchan! To escape the battle and disturb the military's mind, follow the law and make a decision!"

The two government officials were pulling at the Ershanzidao intersection, and a place had already been cleaned up over there. The executioner took a mouthful of wine and sprayed it on the blade. Although the weather was gloomy, you could still see the water droplets on it glowing with cold.

The executioner trembles the flesh on his body, staring at the Er Chanzi with a fierce look, and he doesn't speak, he is cripple enough.

The prerequisite for every executioner is to look strange and ugly. Only in this way can we avoid the evil spirits.

"You can't kill my son!" Er Shan Zi Niang struggled to hug her son, "You can't kill my son! You want to chop me! My old lady doesn't want to live anymore! My son was innocent!"

Li Ji sat on the small stool and did not move, Shen Tianzhan did not move like Er Gouzi. Although they all hate the Er Chanzi in the bone, they have not yet seen him behead his head. Li Ji has never seen what a person with a severed head looks like, but he feels panicked after thinking about it. Glancing over there, it was already full of people.

The three of them sat silently, and finally Er Gouzi spoke first: "He will be gone from now on?"

Shen Tianzhan said: "The head falls, and he is gone. He has had no good things in his life, and now, like this, none of the people present except his mother is uncomfortable. It makes people embarrassed."

Shen Tianzhan stood up and said: "Let's go home." This time he went home to get home with Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Er Chanzi was pulled into the clearing, and the shackles were removed and his hands were tied behind him. A desperate card was inserted on his head. Er Shanzi looked around, spitting on him without discomfort.

At this moment, what else can he say? What can you do?

In a daze, someone called him, and Er Chanzi turned his head and looked around, only to feel a little dim in front of him, and he saw the wife who had been gone for many years approaching.

For some reason, Er Chanzi's eyes suddenly wetted at that moment.


Er Chanzi is correct. His ex-wife Qiaohui really came back. With a basket in his hand, he walked over and nodded to the executioner, and squatted down in front of Er Chanzi: "Long time no see."

Qiaohui is thinner than before, and the clothes on her are half new. After a year of war, I just lost weight. I am already lucky.

"You… why are you back." Er Chanzi didn't expect that when he was dying, he could still see him.

"I heard your letter about beheading your head. Anyway, I'll give you off for a couple, and be a good person in your next life."

Er Chanzi turned his head, gritted his teeth and held back his tears: "What are you doing here! Look at my joke!"

Qiaohui arranged all the wine and food, and said calmly: "I married two years ago, and my husband treated me very well. I gave birth to a brother a few months ago. Come here this time. You tell me to see you jokes. Then do it like this. This is the last time I cook for you. After eating this meal, I will see you in the next life."

Qiaohui turned around and left. Looking at Qiaohui's back, Er Chanzi finally couldn't help crying.

Er Chanzi did not cry after being in prison for so long, and he did not cry when he was about to be beheaded just before being tried. Now, the ex-wife who had been tortured by him for three years and was in despair came back and prepared a decapitation meal for her, which made him cry out because of the breakdown in his heart.

It would be great if everything could go back. Since Qiaohui reunited with him, he has never been better in his entire life.

Untie the rope in his hand and let him pick up his chopsticks to eat. Shaking to deliver the meal into his mouth. The long-lost taste made his tears even more unstoppable. How Xianhui was Qiaohui at that time? Take care of all the housework, but also bear the cold words of their mother and son from time to time. At that time, Qiaohui had all suffered. She even hid in the corner and cried for a while, even her parents refused to tell.

Er Chanzi at that time really felt that Qiaohui could accompany him for the rest of his life. Even if he disliked her, he didn't even regard her as his wife.

Now, nothing can go back.

He was eating decapitation, but there were rotten vegetables, weeds, and even stones and dirt thrown towards him in the crowd.

He heard someone shouting "You return my daughter". Er Chanzi can't hear those anymore. He ate the food mixed with mud and sand, and drank the bowl of wine to see off.

Er Chanzi didn't want to die, he didn't want anything, just wanted to live a good life.

If Qiaohui came back, if he could go back to the village and continue to live with his mother, that would be great.

His hands were tied up again. Er Shanzi heard someone yell a sentence of execution.

His head was clouded, and the desperate card was removed. Er Chanzi couldn't hear anything, and looked around with excitement and expectation.

When the knife disappears, people rise and fall. Er Chanzi, I heard it again. He heard screams, applauses, and cheerful screams. This was the last voice he heard in just over twenty years.

Li Ji, who was watching people clean up the house, heard the sound outside and sighed.

Er Chanzi mother fainted. It was already on the way home, and Qiaohui, who was carrying the basket, wiped the tears from her face, and her pace sped up.

Everything was moved when Li Ji left. The ones that can't be moved are left in proper storage. The yard was clean and tidy again, but many things were gone. It looks like it has been cleaned, and I don't know who came to clean it. When Wu Jun came over, he must have checked. It must be a smashing thing, and it will not leave a good one.

There is nothing left, so it's easy to pack up.

Wipe down the dusty area, and light up both the kang and the stove to bake up the moisture in the room. The overcast clouds accumulated deeper and deeper, and it seemed that it was about to rain.

Li Ji was unwilling to mention Er Chanzi that had just been beheaded, and sat next to Shen Tianzhan, and asked: "How long can you stay, dad?"

This dad's name is too easy, and Shen Tianzhan has become accustomed to it after a long time: "It's only a few days. I can do things so neatly over there, and I definitely don't like me for delaying time."

Li Ji's eyes reddened and said, "I still can't bear you."

"Live your life well. When you have time, Dad will send someone to take you to Beijing for a tour. Beijing is the most prosperous place in the country. It would be nice for you to go and have fun."

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and smiled a little more: "In a blink of an eye, Er Gouzi has become a dignified son."

"It's as if he can inherit my title." Shen Tianzhan scolded with a smile, "You are all worthless, but don't make me worry about it."

"Don't you have Xiao Tudou? Xiao Tudou can read and read, and will not lose your title in the future." Of course, Li Ji knew that Er Gouzi could not really be a knight. Right now, he was just walking sideways in this small remote county with such a title. As long as no one wants to take advantage of their husband and wife, it's just a decoration.

The family has been together for more than half a month, always telling the difference. 

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