The morning glow came from afar, and the weeds on the roadside reflected red light.

The team of Taste pulled far away in front of Li Ji's house. Shen Tianzhan dressed in court clothes and stood there to be watched by the crowd.

Xiao Tudou was standing beside him, wearing warm gold on his head and supporting his forehead. However, there was not much smile on his little face. I will look at Shen Tianzhan for a while, and the crowd for a while.

Don't know when to see you today. Xiao Tudou has completely walked out of this unknown village. It is unknown whether the future will be a long-term dragon, or whether it is densely covered with thorns.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi stood in front of Shen Tianzhan, and they were speechless.

The three of them looked at each other for a long time, remembering what each other looked like. Or Shen Tianzhan first said: "You guys have a good time. I don't know how long you will go for your father. You have the time to take you to Beijing. If you change your residence, you will be able to send me a letter in time."

Shen Tianzhan left most of the servants to serve the two. Although the two of them don't need anyone to wait on them. But if the two of them have problems in the future, they will always be able to help solve them if they are so powerful. With these people taking care of him, Shen Tianzhan can feel relieved even when he leaves.

Li Ji's eyes were red, and he was a little choked in his words: "I thought that after the war, our family would be together forever. People are not as good as the sky, and Er Gouzi and I are two again."

"The two are not good." Shen Tianzhan reluctantly smiled: "Without me interfering with you two little B*stards, you are afraid that you are going to have fun."

Li Ji shook his head: "You said that juniors are going to be fathers when they get married. How can we make it without you?"

Shen Tianzhan laughed in his heart this time. Look at Er Gouzi, reach out and touch Er Gouzi's face. I could vaguely see Li Yan's appearance from Er Gouzi's eyebrows. This is the last trace of Li Yan left in the world, and it is also his only child.

The child who used to think about it day and night now has someone he likes and lives happily. He is a father, so naturally he has nothing else to ask for.

"Chang'an, promise father, don't think of Xiao Ji and forget everything. Sometimes you think about me as a father, maybe you think too much, I can still dream of looking for you."

Er Gouzi knew in his heart that this time, I didn't know when I could see it again. Feeling uncomfortable, nodded.

Er Gouzi didn't answer, and Shen Tianzhan got used to it. The hand slid from his face to his shoulder, pressing on Er Gouzi's sturdy shoulder, he knew that the child in front of him was already an indomitable man. He already doesn't need anyone's protection, and he can live well without anyone.

"If you want to write to me, the subordinates have literate characters, and I can receive them. If I write to you, you can also let the subordinates read to you. I will give you more when I have time. When things come back, even if you can't see each other, you can always get news afterwards. I don't have to worry about you, and you don't have to worry about being your father."

Shen Tianzhan touched the jade pendant on Er Gouzi's neck. In his life, he has come into contact with a lot of rare and exotic treasures, but the most important thing in this life is this poor quality jade pendant. This carried him his youth and future.

The ceremonial officer began to urge Auspicious time. Shen Tianzhan knew that no matter how reluctant to give up, there would be time to leave. Taking a closer look at the two sons, patted the Xiao Tudou beside him, turned around, and walked towards the marquis-sized carriage step by step on the red carpet.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked at Shen Tianzhan's back, knelt down, and kowtow to that back.

"Father. I'll wait for you to come back."

Shen Tianzhan looked back. This return refers to returning home. This is a long-term agreement. Shen Tianzhan looked back and met Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi was surprisingly calm, but his tone was very soft: "My mother is also waiting for you."

At this moment, Li Yan was buried in that mountain not far from the design and construction of the mansion. The building there is big and magnificent. It was a joint burial tomb prepared by Shen Tianzhan for the husband and wife to sleep.

"Yeah." Shen Tianzhan turned his head and continued towards the future. A few drops of water were sprinkled on the red carpet illuminated by the sunrise, and soon disappeared.

Xiao Tudou's eyes cannot be separated from his parents and Yingzi. He didn't speak until he got into the carriage and closed the door of the carriage.

Li Ji's nose was sore, and his eyes were full of tears. Persevering in not crying, he squeezed a smile at Er Gouzi: "Father is a good official for the country and the people. He is still young, how could he stay in the mountains for a lifetime. This is his life, and we should be happy for him."

Er Gouzi stood up, helped Li Ji up, and reached out to touch Li Ji's lower eyelids. The teardrops wet Er Gouzi's fingertips under the pressure, and Er Gouzi's fingertips rubbed his head under his eyes. Let the tears disappear, and then said softly: "Yeah."

The people seeing off chanted to send off Master Hou. Li Ji and Er Gouzi had already returned to the yard where they had lived for more than a year.

There are a total of more than forty servants, almost not enough to stand in the yard. Fortunately, many people have moved out of the village, and many houses have become vacant. There are a few in each household, and they can be divided.

These servants really know the rules too much. When the two woke up early every day, they could see the yard full of servants greeting them.

I won't say if I can't find it a bit, I can't even walk a few steps.

The county magistrate took tens of thousands of taels of silver notes, leaving most of the remaining family properties for them. Li Ji almost fainted when he saw the treasury of the county magistrate for the first time. Jinshan Yinshan is not an exaggeration.

The two paupers made a huge fortune overnight, only to realize that the dozens of taels of silver in their pockets were rich in the past? In such a comparison, it's not as good as asking for food.

If it weren't for the tens of thousands of taels of silver before the war to prepare for the war, the vault should be much larger now.

Li Jiyi had been sitting on the stone at the entrance of the village for several days and wondering about life. Er Gouzi sat with him beside him. A group of people stood by with umbrellas, fruit trays and fans. Never say a word, never disturb the two of them. It just doesn't leave.

Many people in the village watched the excitement from a distance, deliberately asked carefully, and were afraid that a group of servants would not dare to come forward. Li Ji looked at them from a distance, and only felt that they were juggling in the grass stage team. Everyone is curious, but dare not approach.

After insisting on this for a week, Li Jixian's egg hurts. Just packed up with Er Gouzi and ran up the mountain with them.

There were so many rooms in the giant tent but only enough for ten people. The rest of the people who wanted to lay the floor in the giant tent were all sent out by Li Ji and asked them to live in the camp.

Now the Xia Dynasty had already lost most of it, and only some remnants were left to retreat to the south. The situation of the team on the mountain became more and more awkward, and they simply took root on the mountain.

Many people, especially the elderly, are reluctant to leave this uncontested place. Later, every once in a while, soldiers with good fists would pretend to go down the mountain to buy some useful things up the mountain. The things you need can go down the mountain to buy at any time, and the leather from hunting is very valuable. The days on the mountain are worry-free, and the food is good. Although there is no private property, the leather sold is valuable and belongs to public property. Even if it is evenly divided, each person has a few ounces of silver to spend, which is considered wealthy.

And in the future, there will be only a lot more leather. I believe it will not be long before so many people on the mountain will become the richest village within a hundred kilometers.

Backing and eating mountains. Although the mountains are dangerous, they have absolute defenses. Correspondingly, there are more prey and more skins, so naturally there will be more silver.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were on the mountain. People rushed to finish all their jobs on weekdays, and the two of them went into the mountain to pick up the mountain products. With Er Gouzi and wolves escorting, there is basically nothing terrifying in this mountain. Even if there are giants like bears, wolves can smell the scent from afar and escape here.

The mountains are rich in resources, and the two are tiring enough to go out every day, but the harvest is plentiful, and they are all dried, some are reserved for winter eating, and the rest is sent to the post to Shen Tianzhan when they have time.

The first letter from Shen Tianzhan was one month after Shen Tianzhan left.

Shen Tianzhan has a lot of things after he entered Beijing, and it will take some time to wait for the arrangements before and after. Waiting for the emperor to arrange office and residence for him, it will take some time.

This letter has been on the road for many days, and when Li Ji gets his heart, it feels like a long time has passed.

I found someone who was literate to read it. Shen Tianzhan knew that neither Li Ji nor Er Gouzi had ever read a book, and Wen Jianjing couldn't understand it. Therefore, the letters written are all in words that the two of them can understand.

Shen Tianzhan is already in the middle of Beijing, and Xiao Tudou is also used to it. The emperor arranged for some servants to wait on him, plus the twenty-odd servants Shen Tianzhan had brought with him, and it was enough to settle down. I don't know the days to come, at least Shen Tianzhan's days are not bad.

Coincidentally, I saw the former political enemy Commoner on the streets of Beijing. In the letter, Shen Tianzhan was only a brief introduction, but Li Ji could imagine how Shen Tianzhan was defeated and demoted to a barren small county. Now that the scenery returns, what will it be like.

Of course, Li Ji was not happy for Shen Tianzhan. Political opponents are not necessarily mortal enemies that never end. The lips are dead and the teeth are cold. The enemy who once defeated Shen Tianzhan is now a commoner. Whether this is Shen Tianzhan's future is still unknown.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were contented after hearing the letter. On the second day, I took some food, and took Songsong and Taotao to the third giant tent with my little tail.

At that time, the county magistrate prepared a total of three places for the two to live. The first two people have been living, and the second one was faked as a fake camp, which has now been abandoned. No one has been to this third place from start to finish.

The two took the map, looking for the marker and walked over. Wait to see that the yard is full of weeds. When it was built last year, it should have been cleaned up. It was just being left out in the cold, allowing the original owner to regain the territory.

The two were busy for more than an hour, cleaned up all the grass, stuffed a small pot of rice, and fried four dishes. The two sit opposite each other on the table, and time seems to have gone back two years ago.

At that time, the two of them had just got some money and lived the most extravagant life they thought at the time. At that time Er Gouzi had no father, and there were only two people in his life.

The cooking skills of the two are far worse than those of the cooks inside, but they are all familiar to each other. Li Ji likes to eat kimchi fried minced meat, Er Gouzi likes to eat potato stewed chicken. A bit of bacon slices were copied with some greens, a few green onions were washed clean and reserved for dipping sauce to eat.

Li Ji ate three bowls of rice, and then watched Er Gouzi sweep the table, belching contentedly.

"Let's bring some more animals when we have time. Let the eight of them live by themselves. Let's pass ours. When we go down the mountain, we can take a few people with us, so that it can help block the hard to pass."

Li Ji has never had a problem when he speaks. Nodded, put the last piece of potato into his mouth. His stomach is also bulging.

The people under the names of these two are almost crying blind. The people around are all eager to treat one servant as two people, and when they are dissatisfied, they beat and scold at every turn. Forty of them served the two masters individually, but the two masters avoided them like a thief. All rushing to wait and see are hiding. It's good now, just hide away and live by yourself.

You said that the wages are still taken, but people don't have to wait. Substitutions may feel like a pie in the sky, and this group of them feels uncomfortable.

And this group of people are especially maids, most of them are like half a young lady, working as slaves and doing fine work. That is to say, they were sent a messenger to give them water, which really made them unable to do the rough work in the field.

Li Ji thought for a long time, and simply gathered them all at once.

Those cadres who are clumsy and delicate girls arranged for them to weave and embroider. The embroidered things can be bought as a source of income. Then give them start-up money in accordance with the previous monthly rule.

Those small servants who read and read are easy to arrange. After the war, all businesses are waiting to be flourished. Li Ji randomly set up a few stores and let them take care of them, and of course Li Ji still takes the big picture.

Those who didn't know those words were allowed to open up wasteland in the village, plant the land and eat by themselves, and all the excess went to Li Ji. Li Ji still gave them monthly allowances every month.

There were many homeless beggars after the war.

When Li Ji and Er Gouzi went to see the store under their name, they saw a lot of poor people. Arranged a half-empty past residence, where porridge is served once a day. While the other side will arrange for some work, such as building houses the child, farming, firewood, charcoal a kind of living, willing to do, three times a day can drink porridge, there will be a little side dishes.

These ten miles and eight villages have become more and more familiar with the names of Li Ji and the son of the Shen family. Li Ji also has another name, Li Dashan.

As the old saying goes, it is clear that you will be alone, and good will help the world.

Nowadays, Li Jihua is blooming everywhere, and Er Gouzi has a lot of family assets, and the money he earns is also a large sum. Funding for the people, hiring men, opening shops and doing all kinds of businesses, so much money was spent, but the income quickly returned to the original cost. Judging from the current profit, even if there is no silver left by Shen Tianzhan as a foundation, it will be a few years before Li Ji will be the richest man in the county.

For no other reason, the local wealthy households basically fled, and most of those who stayed were also raided when Wu Jun arrived. There are not many people who are really rich, at most those who have spare money at home.

The leather goods store in the street opened again, still the original shopkeeper, but the guy has changed.

Li Ji looked at his own business back and forth and wrote about the days. When I think about it, the weather has cooled down again, because almost people don't plant seeds in the beginning of spring, and when this autumn comes, there is not much harvest. That is to say, there are a lot of harvests on the mountain, but it has nothing to do with the downhill.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were just two, put on comfortable gowns, got up and walked into the familiar leather goods store.

When they came here for the first time that year, the two of them still came out of the mud, holding a variegated white fox skin in their hands, and came over nervously to negotiate the price.

The shopkeeper's cunning, lowering the price, Li Ji tentatively went out and met the purchasing butler in Shen Tianzhan's mansion.

It can be said that it was the beginning of all changes in Li Ji and the beginning of a deep friendship with the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper listened to Li Ji's words, handed in all the family property and followed up the mountain. After going down the mountain, there were only a few taels of silver in his pockets, or a few taels were more divided because of the few members of the family.

After the war, all kinds of business blossomed. After Shen Tianzhan left, Li Ji didn't think he had too much money in his hands, so he opened a lot of shops with the intention of finding a living for his servants, but did not open a leather goods shop alone.

Sponsored more than one hundred taels of silver from the leather goods shopkeeper and asked him to reopen the shop here. From now on, if Li Ji has leather on this side, I will still give it to him. He just managed to find the relationship above, and find the whereabouts of the fur goods. Then there is a steady flow of leather, which is equal to a steady flow of silver.

Since the shopkeeper of the leather goods store opened his business to the present, he couldn't understand how he made these two nobles, because when I saw him at the beginning of the year, he was in the spirit of pitting the two of them.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi got out of the carriage, and the groom ran over and knocked on the door. The new recruit opened the door and looked at the two of them. They didn't know each other, but they looked very decent and looked like a big man.

"Master is here to take care of our family's business. Come in soon! The weather has been colder in the last few days. With a smile, I will make tea to drive the two masters out of the cold."

"You're welcome, I'm an old acquaintance with your shopkeeper, just ask him to come over and chat for me." Li Ji and Er Gouzi entered the house and looked around, they were still familiar.

When I heard that the tone was not like a buyer, the mate's enthusiasm was lower, and the opposite shouted: "The shopkeeper, a distinguished customer is here!"

The shopkeeper raised the curtain and walked here, and saw the two of them stunned: "Yo! This is the distinguished guest! Come and sit down."

Now the treasurer's look at the two people is no longer the God of Fortune at the time. This is simply the kind of lucky stars who dare not look at them with their eyes.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat on the chairs and were not welcome. They looked at the clothes on the shopkeeper and smiled: "Business has been pretty good these days."

"You don't know how the business is? I gave the leather from your side. I sold it and made money like running water. This time I didn't get the money from the top, and the money I earned was all my own pockets. Yes, it has made a fortune."

The shopkeeper also saw that the two of them weren't the ones who liked being polite.

"But then again, my more profits are petty profits on both sides of Boss Li."

Li Ji's pockets can indeed fit into a golden mountain, and he smiled: "No matter how much silver is earned, isn't it also for eating and drinking? I don't like the burden on my body. But when I think about it, now I don't want to do it. Now, it should be running or running. At most, my share will be saved. When will I come out, I will count it again."

The shopkeeper looked at Li Ji with envy. This kid didn't know what great deeds he had done in his previous life, and he had such a good life in this life. Any good things can be found by waiting for yourself at home, but you can't find any bad things.

"By the way, if you really have enough money, it's totally different from staying in such a small county like you are now. The province is still waiting for a lot of business. You used to throw tens of thousands of taels in the past, and you would be able to top it in less than ten years. Hundred times. With such a good opportunity, you have the conditions, just ask if it's a pity." The shopkeeper's business acumen is much better than Li Ji.

Li Ji shook his head: "Not to mention that I am not a business material at all. At most, I have good life and talents. To tell you the truth, if you have a relationship with your father, it is easy for me to go to the capital to do business. It's just this business. The bigger you do it, the more you will endure, and similarly, it's easier to cause trouble for your father."

Li Ji's external identity is Shen Tianzhan's godson, so this daddy call is justified.

"Why see?" The shopkeeper didn't quite understand.

Li Ji thought about what Shen Tianzhan once said, and sighed: "The new emperor now trusts his father, at least from his heart. This first father is indeed true. The second is the former dynasty. Injustice, the new emperor's reuse can win people's hearts. This third…"

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi: "Daddy's family members are thin, Er Gouzi did not marry a wife and have children, and his grandchildren are adopted. The population is simple, Er Gouzi has nothing to do with the world, and he will not be able to enter the officialdom in this life. The more inconspicuous Er Gouzi is, the more at ease he will be at his father. In this small county, we can wave as much as we want, even if we come to a county magistrate in the future, stepping on the head of the county magistrate does not care about the new emperor. If you leave this county, the business will grow bigger and bigger, even involving huge assets. I'm afraid it will make the new emperor feel a knot in his heart."

Companion with a monarch is like a companion with a tiger. This is the most superficial truth. Although Li Ji doesn't understand officialdom, he understands human affection and sophistication. The more suspicious a person is, the easier it is to doubt. Li Ji and Er Gouzi have done so much, one is to save more people displaced by the war, and the other is to give Shen Tianzhan more money.

From now on, they are all from Xiao Tudou. Li Ji and Er Gouzi are destined to have no children.

After listening to these words, the shopkeeper's heart also understood.

Nodded and said: "It turns out that it is, but my eyelids are shallow. You are right, you have to eat and drink Lhasa if you have a wealth of money. If you are satisfied, you will naturally be what you are."

"This is the reason." Li Ji said a lot to the leather goods store manager.

The shopkeeper's insight is more thankful than Li Ji, and his thoughts are more transparent in many aspects.

After hearing what he said, Li Ji had many new ideas. The new dynasty has just risen. Li Ji is in this period and has too many possibilities, and it can also bring too many possibilities to this place.

After drinking two cups of tea, I had a good chat. Quite reluctant when I left. The shopkeeper sent the two to the door, waved his hands and asked to come and sit often.

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